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  • Sumit Kumar

    Hi…I just want to know that is it good to root android devices like a GS2 ?…m actually looking forward to buy this device after a long wait and thus want to be rest assured before playing with it…i just want to know about the disadvantages of rooting GS2

    • admin

      OH yeah, GS2 is the best smartphone on earth right now.

      • Adam


        I tried to follow your video and instructions for rooting my S2 with a MAC and got the same errors almost everyone talked about in the comments below but it appears no one is answering any of the problems. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I followed your instructions exactly, including using two “–” instead of one as your tutorial says to use but your video uses two. Both ways do not work for me anyway. Here’s what I get;

        Initialising connection…
        Detecting device…
        Claiming interface…
        ERROR: Claiming interface failed!

        Please help.

        • Luis

          got any help with this, i am stuck in this step

      • dshoe

        for some reason after i rooted my galaxy s2 the wifi wont work can you help me and sorry that im posting on this i just need help asap

      • Achyuth

        Hi MAX, I really appreciate your help. I was so impressed with the effort as well.

        recently i have rooted my galaxy SII as you said in your blog, but I forgot to back up the original one. every thing is fine, but its keep on saying “process.google.com” didn’t respond properly when ever i restart. also I got recent update to ICS from vodafone (Australia). i am able to download, but not able to install it, its always getting failed. also not able to connect kies in computer using USB. My question is how to upgrade to ICS now. is it possible to upgrade now as it is rooted. do you have any BEST kernel for ICS. please reply me. I really appreciate your help.

        also i have rooted as you said in the new method just using the “GalaxyS2RootNew” and runme file. I dont know whether that kernel is the right for me or not.
        Thank you.

      • Big Easy

        Absolutely a must to root this phone. I have had no issues and got mine to score a 4600 on quadrant. And galaxy S2 root.com is without a doubt the place to find anything you need.

      • John

        yo Z, what the hell happened to your youtube channel?

      • Harsh

        Hey Admin,

        I have a problem with the AOKP Rom, My settings always crashes! Can you please help me out with the problem?

        • Max

          did you do factory reset?

          • Harsh

            Yes I did! Now the Rom works fine, but I still have issues with my email and exchange services! Also, there is no inbuilt Music Player! Idk what to do now! I also flashed Gapps

            • Max

              are you using latest version? Try AOKP Build 4.

      • bob andrews

        just got a Samsung GS2 from Straight talk. It is running Android 2.3.6 and I want to upgrade to Android 4.x. I assume this is possible. Can you point me in the right direction. I think my phone is operating on the AT&T system. Thanks in advance

        • Patti

          You can update your phone only if you do it manually. Which voids your warranty. Straight Talk has removed the kies software from these phones and does not do OTA updates. They told me that they do not upgrade their phones and if I did it my services wouldn’t work. I did do it and everything works fine. You can find step by step instructions on XDA developers website. It was my first time doing this and I had no problems.

  • hynos

    can you tell me about WiFi tether, how does it work

  • levelfamily

    make a google+ account so i can follow you there.

  • joe crooker

    do you have instructions on unrooting att g2 for mac?

  • sking

    Is the miui rom available for the AT&T version of the gs2?

    I’ve been looking all over the place for it!

  • Jake

    I am very new to android. how does rom and root fastens the galaxy s2?

  • Yoon

    Do you have a root and rom for GS2 Skyrocket? Been debating if I should switch my GS2 for skyrocket. I love the og GS2 but the 4G is calling my name. I know it’s snap dragon vs. exynos….but will I really see a difference?


  • Amir

    I wonder how I can add to the language of Brazil portugues.Pois morelocale2 the device does not accept.
    samsung model sgh T989 T-Mobile

  • Jaime

    I’m new to the whole rooting and modding my droid. I have a AT&T galaxy S2 and with your tutorial i was able to root my phone. I been looking around on how to change the boot animation. I downloaded root explorer, i downloaded a animation i found on png format. when i went into my system/media section there was a no bootanimation.zip but i found ODEAnim.zip and sanim.zip. i tried moving the bootanimation.zip file from the sdcard to the system/media section and animation didn’t work, i tried replacing the ODEAnim and sanim zips by renaming bootanimation.zip into those and still nothing. i tried unzipping the bootanimation.zip first in the sdcard then moving it to the system/media and still get the boot animation i got with your kernel. is there a way i can change it, maybe since im new im omitting something. can i delete ODEAnim and sanim zips? . any help will be appreciated.
    thank you


  • ido

    Hi guys,
    Thank you for you help and good advice. great site!

  • daddyyankee1

    hello i need some help wit my sgs2 for att my modem version says is unknown and i try just abou everithing
    went back to stock like usay on your page but still dont work please need help i dont know much about efs

  • md

    hello ZedoMax. Can you share a basic outline of what you needed to do to build the zedomax kernel from source?

    You indicated that you spent a lot of late nights, etc. Can you share your learnings.

    (I have downloaded the source from samsung open source)

    What linux distribution did you build it on?

    What version of GCC? etc.

    I want to learn a little more about the internals of the building of kernel images for this device I777

    Any response,


  • Vince

    Do you know why any of the roms I install none of the data services work wifi or 3g?

  • Mohamed

    i have T-Mobile SGH T 989 wanna asked about nomination from you for the best kernel in your opinion (which you prefer to use always )

  • Lazy

    Everything appears to be working just like the video for my new AT&T Galaxy S II, but my computer does not recognize my phone now? HELP!

  • Mik

    i was wondering if your root works on Telus Mobility from Canada.

  • Tony S

    Thank you for all your efforts I just want bring up about Samsung Kies offering latest upgrade firmware which is fine but for some reason is very hard to root the Galaxy S2 T-Mobile again.

  • gress

    Hey guys, love the website.
    I successfully rooted 2 t-mobile sgs2 t989 and flashed the beastmod rom that you recommended, really good stuff.

    Has anyone got the OTA 2.3.6 update sent by t-mobile? I have tried looking online for any tips on how to install it without losing the root or disabling the auto-update function. Is my only option to unroot and install and then re-root the device?


  • Derek

    Any ideas on hot to root Verizon charge?

  • wayne

    Will this rooting work on my samsung Galaxy S 4G smart phone?
    According to the directions: When I hold down the volume and power buttons, nothing new seems to take place??

  • Zimoxaty

    Always update me with new SII issues, Thanks.

  • Danny

    Hi i just rooted my Tmobile GS2 and i got a notice that a new update was available form Samsung. Upon trying to update, the system reboots and it cannot continue as it seems to enter “revocery mode” (unsure if that’s what you call it when it’s DOS lookinig). Anyway, how do i proceed. I currently run 2.3.5.

  • Pat

    I have not start to root and flash any rom into my Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S2 – T989 , but this site gave me all the information I needed.

    However, I read many T989 IMEI got corrupted because of too many flashing. Did this happened to yours at all?
    I read many site, saying backup restore of efs folder only work for ATT Version but doesn’t work on restoring IMEI on Tmobile T989.

    Care to make a video that discuss this in the near future?

    Thanks a million

  • Bernard

    Thank you for your website!!
    One question: i have rooted galaxy s2, change 15 custom roms, and still there’s one thing on every rom seam to appears: when i try to connect bluetooth on main screen, with scroll down options, there’s icons of: wi-fi, bluetooth, gps, auto totation; when i choose bluetooth first appears sound and then icon of bluetooth with this sign ”?”, despite of that, bluetooth works, but that’s really annoying! What is that, how can i fix it?

  • Bernard

    Now i am on VK ROm, is excellent, but still problem like i said: bluetooth with sign ? beside.

  • Bernard

    and one thing: beside icon of bluetooth appears these words: ”bluetooth available”

  • Sherif

    Ever since i rooted my tmobile galaxy s2, every time i reboot the icon layout resets and my background resets. Why does this keep happening?

  • Matt

    I have the t mobile galaxy s2 and cannot figure out how to successfully change the boot animation. I have tried multiple ways and can’t get it. I’m on the Juggernaut 4.1 ROM with the new Darkside kernel.

  • GrimmJack

    I have the U+ S2 from when I lived in Korea. It is a CDMA phone and doesn’t have a sim card.
    I am wondering if I can root the phone using your site or if I am out of luck.

    Any and all help will be appreciated.

  • chris

    hi i am in need of the telus t989d stock kj3 radio modem, i cant find any live download links. i would appreciate it if you could post one or send me somewhere where i can download thanks chris

  • Edward

    Hey Max, can you do a review on the T-989 Samsung Galaxy S II “Revenge of Macnut”?

    Its really cool!

  • James

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2 LTE from NTT Docomo. I used your “How to Root Galaxy S2!” before and it worked flawlessly. There was a recent update on the Gingerbread to SC03DOMLB2. I need to re-root my phone now, but your directions no longer work. I re-downloaded GalaxyS2RootNew.zip and tried again, but it still wouldn’t work. Can you give me any advice?

  • Dushyanthan

    Hi friend

    I tried root my galaxy s2 att but i lost my wifi after the root i don’t what i wana do i am stuck please help me

    waiting for your replay

  • Aakash Talreja

    hey i hv rooted ma I9100G succesfully from your site but after installing clockworkmod recovery ma phone is stuck in d boot screen wid an yellow triangle….plz help !!!!

  • jesse

    i have the galaxy s2 t989 and i was wondering if there is a way to unlock it without a unlock code?

  • Devin Johnson

    You guys ROCK! Your site and videos are excellent. Where do I sign up for the weekly newsletter?

  • jorgen hansen


    Thanks for your marvellous website and You Tube demos.
    I have rooted my Galaxy SII 9001T according you your instructions and, as far as I can tell, the phone has been rooted (i.e. I can use Titanium Back-up, CWM and Rom Manager). I also get the Yellow Triangle. However…

    1.The Superuser Icon has NOT turned into a scull as most sites suggest (but it does shows the above mentioned apps have been opened)

    2. When I now try to boot into download mode, it seems to boot to CWM mode instead, preceeded by some (yellow text) saying —Copying Media files etc, updating application etc, successfully applied multi-CSC. Eventually, blue text is added, allowing me to choose to reboot, wipesata/factory set, wipe cache or download from SD card. (I can also boot to a download sceen via ROM Manager or CWM, but that shows a screen different from the original). It has a large Android symbol in the middle of the screen with the words “Downloading… Do not turn off target!!”. No other text on the screen.

    3. when I navigate to the download menu (in the CWM screen) and try to flash a ROM (I have tried both the Resurrection Remix or MIUI ICS) it starts with the word “installation..”, but soon after it reverts back to the menu saying that the “E:Signature verification failed”.

    Some advise will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    Best regards
    Jorgen Hansen

  • jorgen hansen


    Further to my previous post, disaster struck! As I wasn’t sure if CWM had been installed properly, I followed the instructions herein and it SEEMED to go through ok. However, the phone now only boots to the yellow triangle stage and then hangs!

    I’m able to boot into the CWM (which now seems to be installed correctly!) (but NOT into the Download screen), but it tells me that it is unable to mount anything in the Cache. Attempts to mount the different items in the “Mounts” menu, all results in error messages.

    Can anyone help, PLEASE!!!!

  • Laurence Talavera

    Do you have a video on how to install theesurrection Remix ICS ROM v9.7


  • Travis

    Hi i updated to clockwork rec mod and now my phone won’t power on. Have you experienced this at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • jeff

    do the comments and mods also apply to the Note?

  • Antonio III Bitanas

    Nice Videos, learning a lot… Waiting for your updates… have a good day.

  • Steve

    Newbie here with my first S2 that could use some advice. I see there is different S2’s and would like to know which root will work on my S2 here are some specs from the about section of my phone.
    Android Version
    Baseband Version
    Build Number

    Thanks in advance

  • spyphon

    Anything i can do using mac, with Phone Spec’s:
    Model#- GT_I9100

    Android Version- 2.3.4

    Baseband Version-I9100XXKI1

    Kernel Version- root@DELL143 #2

    Build Number-GINGERBREAD.XWKI4

    your new way of rooting looks great using the .bat file but can not be used with mac heard you were going to do a mac version?? have you done this, could not find it? not sure about the whole rooting thing so when i saw your new way of rooting i was very interested because of the easy (idiot proof) for people like me. thank you

  • Paul

    Max, your videos and tutorials are all great, but if you read through the comments you’ll see that many people who try to install the custom roms have a terrible time with the phone looping at startup. This happened to me even though I followed your directions step-by-step with the video. Can you please address this problem, or perhaps even make a video showing us what to do if this happens and how to resolve the problem? Thank you.

  • vim

    hi max. i own a gs2 i9100. i installed the resurrection remix 9.6 rom. but then i couldn’t get to the clockworkmod recovery for backing up my rom. So i watched your video on how to install clockworkmod on s2. i didn’t know it was for gingerbread so accidentally flashed the .tar file. now i cannot start my phone. I haven’t backed up my files or roms. what should i do. please help. thanks

  • joshua

    i have an international galaxy s2…works great but i cannot get on tmobile’s 4g network…clearly the s2 works on their network. my question is, if i install a tmobile rom, will i be able to get access to the 4g network at that point? if so, how? which video ?

  • Daren

    Everytime i open s2 Root.. it hangs, and i dont know what do do with it anymore..

  • Graham

    I watched your video on how to install ClockworkMod Recovery and did that successfully, i then bought a USB jig off Amazon for Samsung galaxy s2 i9100. Plugged it in the bottom and it entered download mode but didnt reset the download counter just sat there like i had entered download mode without any jig.

    So any idea where i have gone wrong?

    Samsung s2 i9100
    version 2.3.4
    kernel #4
    build number GINGERBREAD.XWKI4

  • iveliz flors

    how can i get cyanogenmod 7 on galaxy s11 t989?

  • jorgen hansen

    How about a review on the TURKBEY v5 Rom (ICS)? It seems to be as stable as the Resurrection Remix rom and it is very good looking.

  • Shamala Reddy

    First off, I coundn’t thank you enough for all the information you have on this website. I travel a lot and rooting my phone has helped with the tethering option that ATT had blocked. I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy S2 from ATT as in your video. I also installed Titanium Backup and uninstalled the tetheringmanager. When I use the tether hotspot it works fine with my laptop but somehow it does not work with my ipad. It says connected to WIFI but when I try to surf I get a message stating “unable to receive response from server” and advise.

  • Oscar

    First thank you for your services. I am wondering how to use galaxy2newroot using a MAC. Could you assist? I can not seem to locate a MAC procedure/downloads for the Galaxy S II international phone I9100 (I9100XWKE1)

  • Tanya

    I don’t know if you can help me on this issue but I am just going to ask
    My galaxy s2 model-GT-I9100 has gone to a black screen i cant do anything it charges and you can hear it turning on but stays on black screen. I have tried soft reset and Samsung people don’t know what to do.
    I am hoping one of you know how to resolve the display issue.

  • Jose Jiimnz

    i have a question?can i install sgs2 at&t rooms on sgs2 tmobile …i have a sgs2 from tmobile….

  • Dennis

    I have stock ICS on my i777, installed through the method on this site. How can I root now that I have ICS? I can’t use that same kernel that’s for gingerbread, right?

  • Abe

    How do I subscribe here?

  • roberto

    Is there a way i can unroot my i9100 to stock gingerbread? and by stock ics, do you mean the one that google made and launched for specific countries?

  • Juan CArlos Omana G.

    Hi friendsd. I am a fanatic of your web site. I have a AT&T SGS2 and today finally intent to “open” my phone to install one of your recomended ROM. I use de CM method to chance the Recovery Bootloader due to the original, all the time request a permission to open any zip files, and no access to a System/csc/…
    All the issues doing well and install the ClockworkMod Recovery as well. Later installed a Zedomax Kernel to test if I can install a ROM and appear the Yellow Triangle in the screen without any action…It is dead.. Any recomendation…Help please

  • BugsDroid

    You should really evaluate the Dragon ROM for the s2. The release today is based on milestone5 and the roms seem to be as good if not better than resurrection… http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1457061
    Downloading to test this latest release myself. Love your reviews but think this ROM deserves a place on your site…

  • shubham

    ics 9.6 have no fm radio.Please provide radio 🙁

  • Jay Morehouse

    I am trying to root and possibly upgrade from 2.3.6 to ICS on my galaxy S2 GT9100G, but all information I can find are only for 9100. I have attempted to root using the safe method you mentioned but does not work. Anyone have any idea? Hope you guys can post some videos with the GT9100G version

  • Abubaker Alsagaf

    [Q] Please Help me!!

    I tried to wipe everything off my phone. I booted into Clock recovery. This is what I did: Wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    Wipe Dalvik cache
    Format /data
    format /system
    format /cache
    format /emmc
    format /sdcard

    Because I want to get rid of everything inside my phone and then I sell it to someone.

    I downloaded some roms and put it into my sd card. But obviously, what I get is “Couldn’t open directory. No files found”

    I tried backup and restore and install zip from sdcard. But the result is the same.
    My phone(Galaxy s2 t989) is rooted

    I think I screw everything up

    Please help I would really appreciate it.

  • Johan

    Hi my friend:

    I’m new to this of rooting, but I have a doubt, I have already rooted my t989, and I wondered, if I have my phone rooted will I be able to install 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich when is available?? Or I have to unroot and root again???

    Thank you very much!!!

  • dino

    Hi, I was just wondering how come you don’t post any roms for the att sgs2 skyrocket?
    I’ve heard that you could sometimes use T-mobiles roms and if so how do go about doing that?
    Thanks in advance

  • mr.ifi

    Great job ! I’d love to see u on Play Store with an app, it would be great :)…

  • Steph

    Hi ! I’d like to subscribe but I don’t know how.

  • Gal Nagar


    I had gs2 with gingearbread, but then i rooted it, using the zyrgeling method, installed clockwork recovery and ics. It worked fine, but not great, so i changed the rom to one that was not compatible, and then, instead off changing it back, i rooted it again but using the way for ics, the device rebooted, but didn’t load, and it’s not loading since.
    The worst part is that i didn’t back it up. I really hope you can help me.

  • dino

    What’s the point of this page if your not going to respond to anyone’s post??

  • Diego vargas

    Hello friend, I want to ask a huge favor from come grab one month on reading and reading updates to ICS and last week I dared, I do with Odin but not if it does one good my team is a sansung IBS, now my machine hangs or turns itself off and marks in most applications: fault, I would appreciate if you help me know what happened do wrong and if I can solve.

  • CARY

    Hey I have been using your website for a while now with great success as far a rooting goes. recently I took things a step further and seemed to have done some damage to my phone in the process. I was wondering if there is any way that you could tell me how to get it working again, if of course I told you the symptomology. Im a total newb at all of this and should not have been playing around with the custom ROM stuff. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Tom


    I would like to know how do you update / upgrade you Samsung Galaxy S2 from gingerbread to Ice Cream sandwich?

    Current Android version: 2.3.5
    Baseband Version: I9100XXKI4
    Kernel version: root@DELL43 #2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.JPKJ2
    Please help me… Thanks.

    • admin

      Just install a kernel then install custom ICS ROM!

      • Tom

        Can you please give me an kernel to use so that I can upgrade to ICS ROM?

        • admin

          If you follow this root method, it will give you auto root and custom recovery so you can install new ICS ROM:

          • Tom

            Thanks. I have already upgraded my phone to the ICS v.1.8.1. Problem now is that i backed up my phone contacts using samsung kies. Phone is not anymore recognized by Samsung kies. What can I do to restore my contacts? Any suggestions?

  • Rahul Gupta

    Thanks for the amazing work. I tried to root my S2 some months back but gave up because the XDA forums seemed greek to me. But now with your helpful videos, I am even able to understand some of the jargon there.

    It may seem like a noob question, but how do I sign up for the email newsletter ? I couldn’t find the option anywhere on the website.

    Thanks again for the great work reviewing ROMs every week for my i777.

  • Peter Ng

    Hi, Max,

    THanks for your informative resource! I have been following your update closely since i’m using SGS2 SGHI777 last year.

    I have question to ask. Before this, My SGS2 (SGH-I777) was GGB 2.3.5 and it had Play Store installed and i could simply download any apps from the Google Play website. Right now, SGS2 is flashed and upgraded to ICS 4.0.4. i cannot install Google Play, even though i download apk (v3.5.16mod/unmod) from PC and run & install it in cellphone, it show “Loading” and instantly the program is terminated.

    In my PC, when i check the website Google Play and look into “My Google Apps” tab, all the apps i previously installed in GGB 2.3.5 are indicated as “Installed”.

    I want to re-install the same apps into ICS4.0.4, but it seems like it doesnt work.

    Any idea to share? Thanks!

  • Jones

    Could someone please tell me how I would be able to use the tmobile roms on my sgs2 skyrocket i727??

    • admin

      flash tmo modem on skyrocket.

  • Ernie

    Hey Max,

    You are the best. i appreciate all that you do to help us out. i have only one question. I just recieved a message for an update i can put on my phone from tmobile, should i unroot and download it or not worry about it? and if i dont want to worry about it how should i get rid of the annoying notification? by removing that app through Titanium backup.

    Thank Again,


    • admin

      Don’t do the update if you are rooted, just install a custom ROM with the OTA update. Not sure on how to remove it let me look into it.

      • Ernie

        Thanks for the quick response


        • admin


  • Parth Walikhindi

    hi, I’m not a geeky guy and i am from a commercial background, but still i love playing around with my Galaxy S2 GT I9100. In these previous 2 months i have learnt a lot from ur videos! nd finally i have managed to root my phone and install ressurection remix v.1.8.1 and its awesome. then i got exited and installed d new version of RR v1.9.1 it coz i wantd to use dual ROMS. but then a lotta shit happnd and now i was able bring my phone bck to the old version 1.8.1. but now m facing a problem my Internal storage is almost full(even after deleting the ROM packages) and m not able to acess music files in music player which r in my SD card. firstly i wanna ask u
    “how should I relieve my internal storage”
    secondly i love good UI ROMS so can u suggest me a good ROM other than MUI (jus coz i dint like this one much) which r different than stock ROM?
    thirdly CAN U PLEASE GIMME UR EMAIL ID?? ( i wud really need some expert advice always)
    Fourthly i like to change my ROMS from time to time so can u tell me any way of changing them without making any effect on my INTERNAL STORAGE???

    sorry for lotta questions……..please help me out!!! m confused like hell!!

    • admin

      Do you have a micro SD card? First I would suggest getting one to extend your storage. You can email me at zedomax gmail.

  • Tom

    Is there video call on ICS using the 3G feature?

    • Tom

      IS there a way to activate the video call on ICS

    • admin

      There’s is a ROM I believe but I can’t recall. Try searching on XDA.

  • Nishit Maliya

    I rooted my I9100 Gingerbread using the ‘new method’ and then installed the recovery as well. I then downloaded the ‘Resurrection-remix_ics_V1.9.1_AOKP-B35-4.0.4.zip’ from the same site. Now I have the ICS ROM installed and running on my phone. It looks awesome and works just fine. There are some issues I am facing though with it:
    1. I can’t seem to connect to Kies even after unchecking the ‘USB Debugging’ option
    2. I can’t get to connect the phone to the computer in any other way for any kind of data transfer
    3. My phone won’t download updates for some Google apps like Maps and Street view

    Since I got confused at this stage, I went ahead and factory reset the phone and got to the stock ROM again, which I had backed up before I experimented with the ICS. Now the phone still won’t connect to the computer in any way (Kies or data transfer) and I cannot download any apps from the market since it shows some kind of an error.
    Please, I feel I am in deep trouble. I need your help for the above concerns with my phone.


    Note: I am using Windows.

  • Lucky Kobla Ahiable

    I am very much amazed with you RRM 2.0 Rom. My only problem is the screen goes into sleep mode while am watching a movie is there any way to go around it. Also I love inserting a signature in my text messages. I realise this function is not in the remix roms. Could you help me out. I am using galaxy s2

  • Lucky Kobla Ahiable

    Thank You. It has really solved my problem. but has anyone got a solution to my next problem? I mean auto-inserting signature into text messages.

  • Mindeb

    ‘admin’ or someone else please help:
    “running a rooted version of sgs2 tmobile”

    Today I received a notification from device management saying I have a new software update. I’m assuming it’s the official ICS release from tmobile themselves. I postponed it for a day because I don’t know if it is safe to run this update on a rooted sgs2. Can someone help me with this? And the notification does not disappear and it prolly won’t until I actually run this update and I really don’t want to have it in my notifications indefinitely. Someone please help me out what I should do, I’m running the latest juggernaut ROM, currently.
    Thank you

  • Ernest

    Hi there
    I have a SGS2 i777, with the official ROM of AT&T (2.3.4) and I want to upgrade to ICS with other ROM.
    Can you recommend to me a stable ICS ROM for my SGH-i777 ?? I want to connect to Ad Hoc networks too…
    Thanks for the help

  • Morgan Jackson

    would like some updates pls, also would like to ask some questions in regards to these new ICS roms for the SGSII.

    awesome site.



  • Nikhil

    hi max,
    i amfrom india, i had updated my S2 using kies to ICS 4.0.3…. yesterday i was installing CWR using odin on my rooted s2… but after completion of the process the phone was not booting up….i want to samsung service center and installed a freash setup of gingerbrid 2.3.6 and unrooted my phone..

    now when i am connecting my phone to kies it is showing the msg as your device does not support software upgrading via kies and another msg as your device does not support initializing.

    please help me with this

    • admin

      You need to unroot, don’t use kies.

      • Morgan Jackson

        Hi Max, just a question in regards to my S2. when it boots up with the galaxy logo, at the bottom it has a yellow triangle and a ! mark in the middle.
        appreciate your inputs.


        Niue Island

        • Max

          Thats normal u can use triangle away app to remove.

  • Bailey

    hey guys can anyone tell me how to get my SD card to work in my Samsung galaxy s2 it is rooted and works fine apart from i cant get my music or apps from my SD card on to the phone. its not new i got the SD card with it and the video i watch on how to root it said i should take the SD card out so i did and then root it. also if i go to storage i can see my phones memory and what percent is app and music and the rest but with the SD Card it just say you have just 1.2 GB and you have 3.4GB what is wrong with it i have also changed SD Cards none work in my S2 but all work in other phones.

    any help on getting my SD Card to work will be good help.

    • Max

      reformat sd as fat32

      • Bailey

        how do i do that? sorry bit new to this

      • Bailey

        how can i reformat my SD card?

        • Max

          use microsd to sd converter format in fat32 right click format

  • Daemein

    hi, can you help me plz, i followed the how to root a galaxy s2 using the zerglings method, when i checked the su prefs to see if it was rooted it comes up with a permission error saying it can not access or find the su binary, when i cheked the install program this is what it said ” /dev/block/mmcblk0p5: cannot open for write: permission denied” can you help me to get su to work so i can remove the bloatware from my phone.
    i cant understand why it doing this considering i rooted my first galaxy s and my note and the both worked.

  • Dharmik

    Hey max , can we do something about the broken internal sd, its galaxy i9003 and stucked in bootloop from ages .
    i hope you you will reply…..:(

    • Max

      Not sure on that.

  • Bailey

    if i didnt back up my phone before rooting am i in trouble if i want to unroot?
    or how can i check to to see if i did back it up?

  • Abe

    So I’m getting all these emails whenever someone posts a comment on here and it’s been annoying. How do I stop it from happening! I no longer want to be notified each time someone posts something on here. Please….make it stop lol

    • Max

      There’s a subscription button to stop the emails.

  • Bailey

    i downloaded the lite ning rom and i cant install it on my phone. its a RAR file not a TAR file will this make a difference?

  • Chris

    i had the CM7 rom on my phone and somehow my backups for my stock rom got deleted….. i tired to unroot my phone without knowing this and now when i start it up the CM7 screen still pops up and when my stock settings pop up it keeps saying process not working and ask to force close or wait…..i tired re rooting but i cant even get ODIN or anything to work……PLEASE HELP

  • Parker Twede

    Hey Max! First of all, thank you so much for all the work you do on this site and others. You are so helpful!

    So I just updated my T-Mobile GS2 T-989 via KIES to the official T-Mobile ICS 4.0.3 rom (T989UVLE1). In doing so, I lost root access. I tried flashing the same superuser .zip that I used in gingerbread. It places the superuser app on the phone, but root access is not available. It is very strange. Do you have any ideas of how I can regain root access in stock T-mobile ICS? I greatly appreciate any info or ideas you have. Thanks!


  • Charles

    Hi Max, There is an open source zip file for TMobile galaxy s2 t989 ics on Samsung’s open source page.
    Go to http://opensource.samsung.com/index.jsp
    And search for t989 ics
    What do you make of this file. Do you have any idea what this file might be?

    • Max

      Yes that’s the kernel/stock open source code.

  • Christian burgos

    I would like to know if theres a way to downgrade from the recent Offical Tmobile ICS upgrade back to the last Gingerbread OS of the Galaxy s2 for t-mobile.

    • AbE

      Y in the hell would u want to do that? Makes no dam sense…

      • Christian burgos

        It just isn’t working well with me, the Hotmail app doesn’t sync my mails, when I turn off the phone and turn it back on or restart the phone, the clock from the correct time goes on to a different time and I have to go back to setting and correct the time zone again or do it manually every time. I already did a factory reset and same problem, contacted samsung and a rebooting the system, removed the battery and sim and still the same problem. I’ll re-upgrade when they fix these bugs or if you know how to fix please HELP !!!!. thanks

        • Christian burgos

          It also laggs too much, the keyboard is slow to react, it freezes, etc.

    • Max

      Yes follow unroot method for gb in faq.

  • Don

    Hey Max!

    I own an AT&T SG2 i727 Skyrocket and am wondering if you have a section for this unit or any ideas as to where to get custom ROMS for it? I enjoy your reviews and would appreciate any info/advice you have!

  • Heyrman Pascal

    Hi Max
    My Samsung Galaxy S 2
    Android version
    Baseband version

    Can i be safe install Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM .. our maybe some else i waiting your advice

    Greetings from Europe/Belgium

    • Max

      yes safe!

      • Heyrman Pascal

        Hi Max i be a newbie so sorry for that .. i know now that Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM be good for my phone .. but what be the first step I need to do … install Siyah-v3.3.2-CWM.zip and how ?? can i be put this zip file on my SD-cart .. if i going into the reboot system i see only
        reboot system now
        apply update from external storage ( i think this be my SD card )
        wipe data/ factory reset
        wipe cache partition
        apply update from chache
        test redbend [FS]
        @your movies how to do .. i see you have on your galaxy s2 CWM-Based Recovery v5.5.0.4 .. this i need to install after Siyah-v3.3.2-CWM.zip ?? .. I hope i don boring you …

        Greetings from Belgium

        • Heyrman Pascal

          Hi Max

          I install first Siyah-v3.2b8 and it works great
          after that i install Resurrection-rem ix_ics_V2.4.1-AOKP-B39-4.0.4 i follow all the step and again oke ..only after the reboot the phone start up but he “hangs” our freeze and on my display i see only the word Resurrection remix if i touch the buttons left and right off the phone they light up HELP PLEASE I NEED MY PHONE FOR MY JOB

          • Max

            did you wipe your phone when installing?

            • Heyrman Pascal

              Hi max i forgot that to do what can i do ..

              • Heyrman Pascal

                i wipe the phone and install it again it works GREAT THANK YOU SO MUCH

                • Heyrman Pascal

                  Hi Max

                  A friend of me he follow your instructions for to have the same as me … install first Siyah-v3.2b8after that install Resurrection-rem ix_ics_V2.4.1-AOKP-B39-4.0.4 .. only he find it to difficult the only thing is he don make a backup from the original from his Galaxy Samsung S2 .. Where i can find for him @here to going back to the original like he coming out off the store .. ..

  • Bailey

    hey Max could you tell me how i can run a RAR file (litening rom 3.6) on my samsung galaxy s2? i tried using Odin and it didnt work is there another way i can run this rom?

    • Max

      You can’t you have to unRAR then use the zip file inside to flash using ClockworkMod Recovery not ODIN.

      • Bailey

        could you post a link to youtube that shows me how to to do this?

  • Julian

    Hi I was looking through your website and I could not find a how to update gingerbread to ics for att galaxy s2 manually. I am running gb 2.3.6 all stock. I am unable to update to ics via kies because at one point I was rooted. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • JaimePR

    I’m completely new about the root world. I even scared in doing it..
    I have the sgs2 GT-I9100 and all I want to do is to migrate to ice cream sandwich and get rid of the provider’s crap installed by default.
    Is there a tutorial of how to do this? is rooting the right choice?

    Hope you could point me in the right direction!

    • Max

      Yes root then try a custom ROM. Try the FAQ at top!

      • Anupom

        Hay….Max….. i send smg to fb, u didn’t respond…
        Bro, I’m going to buy(1 July) Galaxy S2 (i9100). And i need some advice from u……
        1. How can i recognize if it is fake?
        2. What should be inside battery-“Made by Samsung” or “Made in China by Samsung” —–what should i choose?
        3. Any other thing that i should check b4 buy to verify best product….
        4. If i install ClockworkMod Recovery on Rooted Galaxy S2! [i9100] how can i remove yellow triangle without USB jig?

        • Max

          Gs2 can be made in korea or china probably not fake yes u can unroot ug mobile odin and triangle away app to get rid of it.

  • Luis Javier Reyes

    Great step by step guides!!! Hey Max your’e the max. Thanks!!!

  • beau

    hello max
    I’m sorta new, i got my samsung rooted but i cant get ClockworkMod Recovery on my phone my build is
    samsung galaxy s2 4g
    model: GT-i9210T
    andriod version: 2.3.6
    base ver: I9210TDVLD1

    I have looked everywhere but i can only find galaxy s2 i9100 and galaxy 3 i9300 in your forms but not i9210t if you could help that would be great.
    and i was wondering as well does any ROM work or does it have to be your build? because im trying to do what you say and first get ClockworkMod Recovery to back up in case.

    regards beau

  • Leo

    I just rooted my S2 from Bell and your instructions were easy and to the point.

    I had no problems with it and looking forward to using my phone to its full potential.

    If I need it unrooted I will be looking for your directions on how to do that.

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Max

      Check faq for unroot its there!

  • Liam Rothwell


    just wondering whats better in your opinions the ressurction-remix v2.4.1 Rom or the Salman S2>S3 Rom??

    im going to flash my phone but dont know which one too choose for best performance and battery..


  • Karam


    I need an urgent help i have an unlocked samsung galaxy sii and today i bought a T-mobile simcard and because the phone is unlocked it dose not support the 3g or 4g connection of t-mobile is there any way of fixing this or forcing the phone to use 3g connection like your video on galaxy note?

    • Max

      Sell it and get a tmo gs2 or a phone att gnote.

  • Layman

    Max, you are the man!

    I have been rooting my S2 I777 through your website and it is simple as pie. Just wanted to say keep up the good hard work. It really helps those that lack pc comprehension.(myself) The instructions are clear and easy to understand. I have been enlighten in the ways of the droid. Iphone SUCKS!

    Thanks for all your work dude.

    P.S. How did you get your S2 half front white and half back black? Looks like a Yin Yang theme.

  • Akshay

    Hello Admin,
    I know this website is all about galaxy s 2 rooting. But i am in trouble. My ICS upgrade on S2 now shows “High voltage battery cannot charge error”. I cannot use it smoothly anymore. This message pops out every 10 sec. If this is ROM problem then i would like to change it. My handset is new, not rooted but upgraded by KIES once. The worse part, i cannot connect handset to laptop via USB. Laptop does not allow. It shows error on connection so i cannot use ODIN. Is there anyway that i can restore my firmware to gingerbread or other ROM by transferring files to handset memory or external sd card? Please help.

    • Max

      Yes you can unroot, try ODIN again and connect, if should work.

  • Chris Covell

    Max- I am going to SF again to visit my daughter again and I am committed to “tracking you down”- LOL Chris

  • Bishesh

    Hey Max.
    I love your site and its really helpful for me in finding new things for my phone SGS 2 (GT- I9100).
    I recently downloaded the CM10 JB ROM for my phone and everything seemed to be perfectly working when i found out that the gallery doesn’t show the pictures in the internal or external SD card. What should i do?
    Is there any solution?
    Thank you.

  • Scott

    Hey Max, cyanogenmod 9 is now stable on the i777 AT&T galaxyS2. Its been released very recently. I was wondering, could you do a review on that? I’m running the latest AOKP ROM and I like it, but I would like to try out the famous Cyanogenmod and it would be awesome if you could review it and make a video about it since I trust you when it comes down to this kind fo stuff. Thanks!

  • Jackie

    How could I download the stuff here? It doesn’t work when i clicked it and it said there was an error page. How to deal with it??

  • Mohamed Selim

    Hi Max, I do love your stuff and i appreciate it so much.

    I have a question i just found your new Rooted for S2 GT-I900, it is quite easy and great.
    do you have such a similar method to Unroot ?

    I didnt root my phone yet, but after rooting it my apps will be gone ? or everything will stay the same and what to do to backup the apps and everything ?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Mohamed Selim.

    • anupom

      No data or apps will be lost because of root. But if u install roms it will erase apps.

      • Mohamed Selim

        no i dont want to install roms, but what if i want to unroot do i need to install roms and this point or no ?

  • Freddie

    i love your revies and wanted to know if you can give me some help. ive rooted my S2 (I9100)and wanted to load Resurrection Remix onto it but when i go to install from teh SD card it says there is a fail for verifiying somethine?? anyidas to why?? its new never used it before i did all the deletes like the HOW TO says

    • Max

      Looks like you are seeing the stock recovery, you need ClockworkMod Recovery to install ROMs, if you install a kernel you will get that so I would try re-rooting, make sure you have a custom kernel.

  • AJ

    I’m hoping you can help me. I moved to Germany in January for a job, and took at T-Mobile phone and SIM card that could handle WiFi calling so I could keep in touch with friends and family using my old US number. 2 weeks ago, my phone died mid use. I bought an S2 because I saw on T-Mobile’s website that it can do WiFi calling. However, I found out after buying it that this S2 is the I9100 which is different from the T989 that T-Mobile sells. I’ve been trying to find a Rom with the T-Mobile WiFi calling app, but have been unsuccessful. Do you know of a ROM or know how I can get the app on my I9100? Any help is much appreciated.

    • Max

      You do need a Tmo phone, try getting a T989. Huh, that’s a neat feature!

      • AJ

        I have a t-mobile phone from Germany, but its the I9100. Unfortunately, I do know where, if at all, I could find a T-Mobile phone from the US in Germany.

        • Max

          Try ebay.

          • AJ

            All I could find on German ebay was accessories that also worked with T-Mobile USA phones. I guess I’m just going to have to wait until I go back to the US in spring or someone ports it over for a I9100 ROM

            • Max

              You can try USA Ebay and ship it to Germany I guess.

  • Mohamed Selim

    Max Please I have a question?
    do you have an easy way to unroot the SII as the one you do have already for rooting?

  • Param

    Hey Max,

    I am moving back to Stock ROM for now. Can you please advise the best ROM that has BT working. I need JB transitions with good battery life (the only thing is I can’t stay without BT, since I need to connect to my car stereo for calls). Thanks in advance for your assistance.


    • Param

      forgot to check notifications.

      +notifications. Thanks!

  • Kenny

    Hey max, I believe I accidentally unrooted my sgh-i777 incorrectly. I had it rooted on AOKP rom and I wanted to unrooted back to factory, but i used the wrong tar file and now my phone is on UCLE5 with gingerbread instead of the ICS that i wanted. is there a way to fix this? Thanks…

  • Johnny Utah

    Hey Max,

    Firstly, thank you, your site and channels have helped me immensely. I have a question that may incite flames, but try to bear with me. I have T-Mobile Galaxy S2 and I’ve rooted it. Currently, I’m using stock Gingerbread. Is this whole scenario possible: Unroot, get the ICS update, then root again to stock ICS until I find a ROM that fully suits me? Would that restore all the bloat that I previously deleted? Thank you for all your help.


    • Max

      yes, that would also restore your bloatware also.

  • Joe

    Sam, do you know of any customer kernels available yet for the latest update of ics on gs2 t989? im running DARTH STALKER VERSION 3. THANKS!!

  • Joe

    MAX**, do you know of any customer kernels available yet for the latest update of ics on gs2 t989? im running DARTH STALKER VERSION 3. THANKS!!

  • Lambo

    Hi there,
    I got samsung Galaxy SII & Tab2 10.1,I just root the phone only.Would you have a soft ware to root the Tab2 as well.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Nilesh

    Hii.. thanks for all the usefull info out here..

    i have a major prblem since i bought my mobile. ever since i play HD games my phone gets overheated near the camera. Any advise please?

    Any sometimes it freezes.


    • Nilesh

      i forgot to mention – i have a GALAXY S2 I9100

  • jj

    Hi, I need some help. I have a Samsung S2 4.0.3 and I want to get rid of the pre installed apps. Im in Singapore by the way and it’s quite hard to find help here with these kinda things…where can i download the xlpb kernel so I can root my phone?

    I really have no idea how to do this shit… pls. help..tnx!

    • Max

      Just use siyah kernel its compatible with all.

  • Adam

    i am trying to root a SGS2 i9100 running ICS 4.0 using a mac with heimdall i cant find instructions on the website or any files e.g pit or tar files. could you help me please?
    have you got a tutorial for this?

  • Nebojsha Ilievski

    Hi Max. I’m from Macedonia, so no Black Friday for me. I have a LG KP500. It’s the only phone I could afford. It’s a nice phone. I would love to buy a Samsung Galaxy SIII, but they are very expensive on contract where I live (http://www.t-mobile.mk/public/phone-details.nspx?phoneid=11439&tabid=1&tn=Relax%20S&ti=426&eg=002;102&et=168;199;221;173;171;177;175&ust=1). From 350-700 $ on contract. And the salary is arround 250$. I know I might sound like a jerk for asking this, but would you consider donating a phone to me. Any Android phone. I have never experienced Android and would love to try it out. Sorry if I offended someone.

  • kay

    Hi Max. I having problem with JMT roms.
    From V9 when I flashed them my soft keys
    stop working . I tried going back to stock
    and rerooted but it did not work. Any other
    Roms work fine. What could be the problem?

  • Steven

    I really want to root and install custom roms on my S2 sgh-t989, but I am having trouble finding a good how to guide or a good video on how to do it. I have been unable to find a guide that isn’t confusing and quite frankly you guys go too damn fast in your videos and I feel that you are skipping steps. It could just be as I am not the smartest pup of the liter.

  • Kash

    Hey max could you please help me out. i dled the cm 10 rom and it worked great and a day later i kept losing my 4g connection. so i reflashed back to jedi mindtrick x1 and still was having the same problem. I decided to unroot/unbrick back to ics stock and when i did odin says pass and it reboots my phone but its still looks just like jedi mind trick but unrooted and everytime i reboot everything crashes once and works like a mixture of stock ics and jedi mind trick. Also i still have the 4g keeps disappearing problem. i tried going back to ics stock multiple times but it still looks like jedimind trick and crashes.
    Please give me some advice

    • Kash

      i think i got it to go back to stock after going to recovery and wiping dalvik, factory reset, fix permissions, and format system. and 4g seems to be connected

      • Kash

        nevermind… got back to ics stock but 4g still disconnecting…….. is this a radio problem?

  • hasan yeniceli

    Where can ı download required files such as odin and galaxys2root.zıi file

  • raviraj

    Im using jelly bean 4.1.2 on ma galaxy s2 and there is no clockworkrecovery mod on it nor am I able to find it anywhere for ma rom.
    I wanna upgrade ma phone to new rainbox V7 rom which is only possible through cwm …
    Please tell me how do I updrade ma phone without cwm… or how do I install cwm on ma phone.


  • sgs2

    I have tried searching for this but no luck. I am currently running CM9 on my sgs2. I made a full backup via recovery. I have root access, etc.

    If I flash with the leaked official JB update for the sgs2 then I will be on stock with no root, etc.

    So if i decide that Official JB is not my thing and want to go back to my current setup of CM9, would I just boot to the default recovery and Install the backup I previously made? Or will I have to find a root for the JB, flash cwm recovery and then install the backup?

  • Zimar

    I have the galaxy S2 on boost Mobile. I just rooted my phone to acess the hotspot, however I can not find a app that will let me acess the free hotspot. Any help?? Also I don’t see anything in the forums about the prepaid Galaxy S2 rood devices..

  • Henrik Thomsen

    Hello sirs
    Thanks for a good website.
    I have a problem that i hope that you can help me out off.
    I have rooted my S2 i9100 like described on yopur site, after updatet to 4.1.2. Everithing worket out good.
    That gave me the interest to try out more, and install the BitforRom afterwords.
    But because i thought that there was so much garbitch om my phone, i first tried to reset my phone! I should never have done that!!! now it cant start up!

    I have tried to, via Odin 1.85, to install jebo_kernel again, in the hope that i then could come th the clockworkmod. Odin said PASS and the phone rebooted..But no changes is to se. It still cant start up

    I hope that you can come with some good adwise to bring me back in my phone.

    Henrik Thomsen

  • jc

    This website looks like the best resource on the S2 — thanks a bunch! Any chance you know how to bypass the activation screen on an ATT I777? The few methods I’ve seen on the web don’t appear to work…..

  • Gary Shiller

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 I777 with 4.04 and I777UCLL6 (the latest update from last week). Can I root my phone by following the “How to Root ICS on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!” video with the Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777 kernel?

  • Abner

    I have Jedi jelly and sometimes my gallery crashes and when I reboot the phone vibrate or change the battery is vibrates around four times and it stop..

    Is there any update for Jedi jelly…

  • Sachin

    my phone Galaxy SII I9100 i want the official jelly bean ROM India 2013 March 4.1.2 I9100XWLSK I9100ODDLSA but not from hotfile.com its speed is too slow so give me download link or upload it……….


  • HTTP://Tinyurl.com/nikespeed50937

    “About | Galaxy S2 Root” in fact got myself simply addicted
    with your web page! Iwill probably wind up being back far more frequently.
    Many thanks ,Byron

  • Tani

    Hello Max, I am wondering if they are any ROM on the way that will be like the s4?
    sgs2 GT-I9100.
    Thank you and very nice web it is the best!

  • Yessika

    Hey Max, any plan for the s4 ROM for the s2? specially to the GT-I9100 ?
    Or it wont happen? I heard some rumors, but you are the best 1 to ask and get the real answer.
    I know you are very busy, but try to reply please

  • John


    I have a Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 (AT&T). It was (not factory) unlocked, rooted and flashed to CM 9 (ICS).
    I’ve upgraded it to the latest nightly of CM 10, after which it re-locked to carrier and lost root.
    (happened to others: http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Help-Support/SIM-network-unlock-PIN/td-p/8077540).

    How to root an unrooted SGH-I777 with CM10 (Jelly Bean) ? Does firmware matter?
    (Your guides currently only cover Gingerbread and ICS variants)

    Also, does carrier locking affect rooting?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Max

      I should have an updated guide for JB soon.

      Not sure on the SIM issue, I’ve never actually seen it happen, could be an issue with something else.

  • Gary Shiller

    I was unsuccessful in rooting a Galaxy S2 i777 with 4.0.4 and Baseband Version UCLL6 using Odin 3 V185 with the Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777.tar kernel. When I run Odin I get an error “Odin3 not working”. Has anyone been able to get this to work?

  • Lama

    Hey Max, I am a big fan of this web I always check in everyday. I want to thank you for the effort and this amazing web, and keep up the great work you do and all those who hard work to give us great ROMs.
    I was checking over the internet and something got my attention, they are some webs talking about the s4 ROM for the s2. I want to ask about your professional opinion if it is true or if it is just a rumor and gossip.
    Again thank you so much for all help that you offer in this web and more!

  • joe gross

    Hi Max. I followed your guide and rooted my ATT S2 i-7777 and it worked perfectly. Great guide! The only problem is that bluetooth no longer functions. It won’t enable. Can you help me with this problem? Thanks. You can email me or just post here. Thanks again.

  • prateek

    hey Max,
    I want to root my GTI9100 an install supernexus ROM. one problem i see is that camera app in supernexus is not as good as the one in samsung stock rom. so is there any way to install the same camera app on rooted S2. and please tell me about the battery life of S2 with supernexus .

  • rajesh

    Hi, i have installed note 2 mini rom for galaxy s2 i9100 the problem is now iam not able to use turn over mute option which i was able to use earlier , help me plz ..

  • Paven

    Hi, I have a problem with my Samsung GT-i9100. The phone is working perfectly fine but the screen has turned to black, so I cannot see anything including the settings and apps. As well this I wanted to transfer my pictures onto my computer but are stored on the phone. is there anything that I can do in order to see the screen again? and transfer my pictures?

  • Gaiko

    Thank you. I see you are getting alot of requests for assistance (I will save my questions for XDA) but wanted to say thank you for the ROM reviews. Even though places like XDA is phenomenal source of information it doesn’t really give sgs2 rom reviews so your site is a staple for me. Please keep up the great work!

  • Michael Molnar

    I am trying to update my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 on AT&T’s network here in LA to the latest firmware. Please send your recommendation since I trust your expertise. I have been unable to find the information online. I found the following but none of the country codes are correct for AT&T in the USA. Thanks for our expertise.

    Device Name
    OS Version
    Build Date
    Galaxy S 2 GT-I9100 XFE I9100XWLSS Android 4.1.2 22.04.2013 1156082 Unlock Download File

  • Fares78

    I just root my s2 with the original rom, and I want to do factory reset my phone since I want to clean up my phone and install new applications.
    Can I do it? Did this affect the root? And should I follow a procedure to do this?
    Thanks for your support.

  • Kai

    Hey, Max, Great website! I have a Samsung Galaxy S G4. I was able to upgrade it to Gingerbread using Samsung Kies. Will everything you described for rooting Galaxy S2 work on my granddaddy smartphone? Love your stuff!

  • Vijay Bhaskar

    Can you please show the procedure to flash i9100 touch wiz 4.2.2 roms for sgh i777?

  • slasher1986

    hay max slasher1986 hear : ) love your site ! tried out every i9100 rom on hear : ) can you pleas try out the XWMS1 JellySnap V5.0. I hear it is a grait ROM and I think everyone should see it and have the chance to try it out : )

  • peshang

    Ihave a problem in MIUI rom …. when i install it on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 … after restarted dont be turnon … when iwant to turn on just show Galaxy Logo after that phone will be turnoff 🙁
    how i solve this ?

  • cock_e


    Superb site, compliments to the “chef”,
    really explains whole rooting process to the idiot proof level,
    so it convinced me finally to took a courage and root my S2 🙂

    But still got some doubts, cause I don’t wanna brick it.

    Here are my details:
    Android version: 4.1.2
    Baseband: I9100BULS1
    Kernel: 3.0.31-889555dpi@DELL228 #3SMP PREEMPT
    Build number: JZO54K.I9100XWLDSD
    Operator: VIP Croatia

    So…since I couldn’t find anybody from Croatia that done it with same details;
    and my Kernel looks very odd compared to what other people wrote;
    my ultimate question is:
    does “jeboo_kernel_i9100_v1-2a.tar” works for me?

    If somebody could please clear this out for me ,
    cause obviously I’m total dork for Android OS,
    and I’m more idiot than this is “idiot proof” 🙁

    Thnx in advance!

  • Benjamin

    Hey, I have a rooted T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100, but I have a Vodafone simcard in it. I’m able to use this Vodafone simcard so does this mean my S2 is simlock free? So can I use the unroot guide for the international version? Or do I need special files since it is still a T-Mobile phone? Please help me I just got this phone from a friend but don’t like the whole root thing so I want to unroot my phone asap! (PS I’m from Holland so my English may be a little off sometimes)

  • Vinay

    this is question is not related to rooting but just about GS2. few days ago I noticed that my rear 8MP camera stopped focusing long distance object. Focus mode is on “Auto focus”. I can take macro images neatly but other images are blurry. I did not do anything un usual during those days. I tried doing factory reset for gingerbread, nothing happned, then i installed cynogenmode jelly bean (after installing cwm 6.0.5) but still problem is not resolved. My camera lanse also looks clean.
    any idea what is the issue? i have seen many user has posted the questions but no one has posted answer. is this a hardware issue?