AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ

This is AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ that will help you root your phone, backup/install ROMs, backup/install apps, and more.

If you don’t know what rooting means, please watch this video first:

Don’t know what is a custom ROM? See What is An Android Custom ROM.

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Galaxy S2 Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy S2 to install all ROM/kernels.

First time to rooting and custom ROMs?

Please see our FAQ for your Galaxy S2 model FIRST!!!:

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193 Responses to AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ

  1. Alex says:

    Thank you so much! This site is amazing. I just switched to the GSII after having an iPhone since it began. After reading all the helpful info on your site I have sucessfully rooted my ATT GSII and am running the NoName ROM and even overclocked it to 1.6GHz. This phone is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work on this site.


  2. Kent Smith says:

    I rooted my AT&T SGH-I777, and it worked great. I’m seeing one weird thing that may have nothing to do with your kernel. I was seeing some weirdness that I wanted to run by you. I was trying out a Skype video call when I got the message that my battery was low, and I needed to plug in. So I did, and let it charge for 2-3 hours (I really don’t remember how long), and I got the message that the battery was charged and that I should unplug it. When I picked it up the whole phone was surprisingly warm all around the battery.

    When I unplugged the power cable, I noticed that the battery status only showed 22%. I messed with it for 30 minutes or so, then I got the message that the battery was low again, and I should plug in.

    Thinking that the battery didn’t charge because the phone was on with several background processes running, I powered the phone off and plugged it in.

    Here’s the wierdness: After charging for 1-2 minutes with the phone off, the damn thing turned itself on! Thinking maybe I bumped the power button, I powered it off and tried again, and sure enough the phone turned itself back on again after a couple of minutes! Sorry for the long lead-up to my question: Could this behavior have anything to do with your rooted kernel, or is this normal behavior for this phone?

    Thanks so much!!!

    Kent Smith

    • admin says:

      Most likely not, try draining battery all the way out then recharge all the way, sometimes new kernels/roms can cause battery status to function incorrectly until a full drain then full charge. Try that it should solve it.

  3. StumblingAcres says:


    I have been a Apple fan for years, well I ended up getting a Galaxy S2 because to make a long story short Apple upset me. Anyway I am really enjoying this phone and the Droid operating system. I wanted to take time to say since I found your site I have learned a lot, not to mention everything you have shown works just like you say. I can only say THANK YOU so much for the time you have taken to do this. How its just a matter of finding out what all i can do or find since my phone is now rooted, overclocked and has a custom rom on it.

    THANK YOU !!!!!

  4. Gary says:

    Hey there… I wanted to drop by and say thank you for this site… After being an Apple fan boy since the 3G I was a little disenchanted with them and they way that they upgrade their product. So I finally took the plunge and got the GS2 for AT&T… and all I can say is WOW!!! In addition I have been able to root and take advantage of the ROMS that you have. Thank you again.

  5. Alex says:

    Rooted att galaxy sII i777 and can’t access my phone files through my PC anymore. Doubletwist doesn’t see the phone either.


    • admin says:

      Try clearing cache in CWM and reboot couple times, that should fix it.

      • Lazy says:

        I am having a similar problem, just shows removable disk and when I click on it it says please insert disc into drive…

        Please help

      • sid says:

        Hi, i”ve had my att galaxy s2 on 2.3.6 rooted now thanks to your tutorial. everything worked fine,i flashed phone bricker, shostock, and batista. i finally got rom manager premium and planned to switch to cyanogenmod so i tried to make a backup. but it just restarted and now my phone’s been stuck on the galaxy s2 I9100 yellow triangle sign for 8 hours now. how do i fix this? i checked out xda developers forum and heard that i should flash CF-Root-SGS2_XW_NEE_KI8-v4.3-CWM4.tar via odin and it should work. but i found this in the international galaxy s2 section of xda developer forum. should i flash it anyway? what can i do ? please help.

    • Brucie says:

      If you happened to be running gingerbread prior and now ICS, you may need to install new drivers as windows will not be able to interpret under old ones. Windows will consider new os as different device yet the same hardware.
      Hope it helps.

  6. matchris28 says:

    Hi ,

    I have tried to root my att galaxy s2. But to my surprise when I tried to install custom ROM for wifi thering. on the process tried to back up and I was stuck with black screen with a black hat and a gold circle. I even tried to reset my phone to factory restore again I stuck with same screen. Please kindly guide me to restore my phone to factory settings so that samsung will not know that I have rooted my phone. and what is reason for the black screen with the hat. I will try to avoid to next time.


    • learning2liv says:

      Hi, I came into that same frustration a couple days ago. I got the hat and the orange circle by installing Rom Manager. Forgot what I selected after installing it,but when my phone rebooted, the hat was there. I since learned the home key makes selections and the volume bar moves the selection. I rebooted system and was able to use the phone again.
      Hope this helps.

  7. Sol says:

    Can you offer an Odin update to CWM? I’ve been trying to flash through ROM Manager Premium as well as manually, and I cannot get it to stick! It stays at no matter what I do.

    I’d really like to get CM7.1 running on my phone but it won’t install through CWM

    Thanks for all of the hard work, your site is awesome!

  8. Steven says:

    Do you have plans for providing similar roots and overclocking ability to the newest Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket S2 (i727)?

  9. Travis says:

    H/ave you come across any build differences that would cause you to recommend plain jane S2 over a skyocket model?

  10. Brand says:

    Curious if you could explain how to instal and use Boot animations for my Galaxy S2 (AT&T)

  11. Jose Luis says:

    Buenas noches le instale el Cyanogenmod 7.1 android 2.3.7 en mi galaxy s 2 gt 9100 y se me borro el buckup clockworkmod que puedo hacer para poder regresar a android 2.3.4 que es el que vino de fabrica. Gracias.

  12. gacuna says:

    I just want to know if the AT&T GS2 supports video calls without using 3rd party app… I noticed International/Global SG-I9100 version does support it. It has a little button on “contacts” under the personal info which allow you to make this happen, however, AT&T version does not…

    Please advice!

    • ikeyes says:

      If you mean does it have a feature like Facetime then no… but it’s certainly supported with 3rd party app’s.

      Honestly a video call is always going to require that both parties are using the same software, it’s not that standardized yet (at least none that I’ve seen.) Facetime can’t be used to call your friend on Skype… etc. So even if the GS2 had this built in you would likely only be able to call other people who were also using whatever Samsung included with the phone.

      Speaking of Skype… ;)

  13. Marcus says:

    Can i use the same downloads and roms as the sgh-1777 to root my sgh-1727? Thanks!

  14. David says:

    hi i have a problem about phone call. I accidentally erased some apk file in system using root explorer and
    after that, i can’t make a phone call. When i call the other phone, I cant hear what the opponent says or the opponent can’t hear what i say. i made backup file after i rooted, but its erased it too. Is there any way that i can get stock firmware for sgh-i777 uckh7 so the phone can become like the first time i bought it? (I tried factory reset, format usb storage, unroot)

  15. iGuitarGuy says:

    Hello awesome guy. I rooted my phone yesterday using your instructions. Everything went perfectly. I did a backup and started installing a few roms, including the litening one and had a couple issues with the capacitive touch buttons so I switched back to the stock rooted rom that you included.

    Now though, no one hears me on calls and I can’t hear anyone either. BTW my phone is the AT&T i777. Help?? The mic and speaker work though with skype and the cam app.

    I am having the same problems as David.

    • rhino says:

      Hey, just thought I would give you some direction with your problem you are having. I would check out this post in XDA developers forum: I did a lot of reading in there and several people were having similar issues. Check it out and it should be pretty straight forward for you. I think basically the people really had to reflash the modem to get it working again, but I would just use the procedure in the link to go back to stock+root no BL (boot loaders) to get back to a clean slate and go from there. Hope this helps! :-)

  16. Oldfart says:

    After rooting, I can’t access my sd card or my android internal drive. It show as drive: E & drive: F respectively in windows explorer. When I click the drive I get a prompt to insert sd card. I have no choice but to unroot my phone

  17. Alex says:


    I have a question, I have a Galaxy S2 i777 At&t, and I’m using a custom rom, “ICScrewD” and I wanna as if its possible to reset the the product name from GT-i9100 to SGH-i777 in the ODIN MODE? I’ve used the jig but still says i9100..

  18. justin stoll says:

    i mested my gs2 i777. i downloaded android 4.0 from another site but it was the rong one and i didnt notis and now my phone wont get att signal and it wont charg it comes up kernel panic upload mode [ RST_STAT = 0x20000000 ] and i went in to the setings and about phone and everthing is the same exept for the Baseband version is now I9100XXP1 what can i do to get it to work and the baseband verion back to normal?

  19. Ryan S. says:

    I’ve got an AT&T Samsung GS2. I’ve decided to return it to stock rom due to issues I was having with some of the other roms I had flashed it with. However, I wanted to keep it rooted. When I returned it to stock I had to update it to 2.3.6. I then rooted it using Zedomax’s kernel. After a factory reset and a reboot I was unable to get the wifi to work. It would turn on, scan for nearby networks, come up blank (despite being 2 feet from a router) and turn itself off. I then unrooted it and updated it again to 2.3.6 and the wifi now works again. I have kept it unrooted for a week or so and everything seems to be going strong. Is there a seperate kernel to root with for 2.3.6 or is it not rootable at all yet? Or is it that when it’s rooted I have to flash a seperate rom to get wifi functionality (sounds wrong but I figure its a possibility)? Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much for your website and the great detail you use to assist those of us unfamiliar to this platform.

    • Julian says:

      i just figured it out… before you start the rooting of the device, shut off the wifi…. after done rooting turn it on and it should work….i had the same problem but i just did it and it work like a charm

  20. Julian says:

    I rooted mt att galaxy s2. the phone booted normally, but my wifi is not working. It won’t find any of my wifi’s. What should i do

  21. Julian says:

    I was able to root my galaxy s2 on att., now i have no wifi connectivity. What can i do to fix this

  22. Bruno Cram says:

    Please, mas SGS2 stuck on the “kernel panic” and don’t do anything else anymore. Someone know what i can do? Its crashed while i was updating, my usb have gone off and then mey cel had died. Please.

  23. jasmine says:

    hi does anybody know if the i777 is getting the ice cream os update? if so when? also is there a custom rom with ice cream os integrated? thank you jasmine

  24. Charles says:

    I have a Galaxy S 2 from ATT and their service sucks BIGTIME!! Due to the extreme circumstances I may be able to keep my handset after cancelling out my contract so I want to switch over to T-Mobile and use this handset.

    QUESTION: Can I root my ATT Galaxy then install a T-Mobile rom to make the phone compatible in all ways of T-Mobile service?

  25. David Pacheco says:

    Hi! Just found this page and I think its awesome!! Guys I bought an AT&T GSII with ANDROID 2.3.6. and KERNEL I want to root it to be able to install titanium Backup and freeze the tether manager, however, the instructions I found here apparently are only for ANDROID 2.3.4, so my question is, do you have an alternative for 2.3.6 yet or know where to find it?? thanks so much for your fast response and again congrats on your webpage!!

  26. stephen says:

    I followed the guide here and then loaded clock work recovery for Galaxy S2 AT&T and tried to do a rom backup.

    Now I am stuck in clock work recover – if I hit reboot system now I just see the clock work recovery icon with a circular arrow under the hat.

    Need some help

  27. djmisi says:

    I saw you had the BLN app in one of your videos, so I was wondering, if I were to flash a BLN kernel, over this Overclocked 1.6Ghz kernel of yours on my SGS2 i777, I will go back to run at the stock 1.2Ghz?
    Or is there a BLN kernel you know of, that runs on 1.6Ghz, on the SGS2 i777 AT&T?
    Please let me know and maybe email me the link, if posssible
    Much appreciated, my frieend ( I used your instructions to root my device, and it worked like a charm…ur a lifesaver) :)

  28. Alex Loyola says:

    I just got my att samsung skyrocket unlocked and my problem is,
    I cant get 4g data in my from from t-mobile only edge
    Please, Help
    I mean it, HELP!!!

    Thank you So muh!

    • Chris says:

      Sadly, i have the same issue with my Atrix 4G and you’ll have it until you buy a phone from T-mobile. I’ll explain so you know what’s happening. Don’t worry, you didn’t mess-up your phone or anything, this is a hardware issue, not a software one. The reason why you’re getting EDGE, and will ONLY get EDGE, is because AT&T and T-mobile operate on different frequencies and each phone have chips on their boards to make them operate on THAT frequency alone. The only frequency that’s in all chips is the frequency to speeds at 2G as to maintain the global operation of the phone, which is the purpose of having a GSM phone in the first place. Hope this helps you understand the situation better for future phones, do have in mind that there are a FEW (very limited) phones that actually have the chips to process both frequencies, look at the frequencies your phone can handle, then look-up frequencies from a phone from T-mobile and you’ll see the 2 missing frequencies you need for that delicious 4G data speed.

  29. GeeVi says:

    ICS is coming tomorrow…can i update to ICS in my rooted at&t galaxy s2???? (it now has gingerbread 2.3.4)….
    If yes please make a video, how to update it in mac….

  30. LordDom says:

    I am getting a verification error when trying to flash a rom. Its CM9 ICS what do I do

  31. Jon says:

    this website has been very helpful!

    i installed the CM9 ROM and has been looping the boot animation for about 10 minutes now. I dont know how long I should wait before I know it wrong, or what to do if it is wrong. Please Help!

  32. Sebastien says:

    I already enrolled in your email for galaxy note cause thats the phone I have. But my brother has the ATT galaxy s2 skyrocket, do you have a site for that? Can I use the same roms for the regular s2? Love your work keep it up thanks.

  33. Rob says:

    I rooted, unrooted and rooted again but when I get into CWR and select any option it is blank. I can’t even reboot from CWR I have to do a battery pull. Any thoughts?

  34. JONC says:

    I rooted my Galaxy SII, using the non-odin method, running a batch file, everything went smoothly, went straight to Titanium Backup, –that worked fine, everything seemed good until this morning. Plugged it into the wall-charger for the night, discovered at about 4AM that the battery was at 1%, eventually it shut itself off while plugged into the wall-charger.

    Now the only way I can charge the battery is to keep the phone turned off, however when I plug it into the USB of my laptop, the charge % goes up instead of down. Something is chewing my battery fast. I have turned off all the applications I can find, GPS, Bluetooth, does not seem to help. Any suggestions?


  35. Harry Linssen says:

    (I put this msg in the general GS2 faq in error – here goes once more…)

    Hey Max!
    I just installed the leaked I777 UCLC2 ROM, and e’thing appears to work OK, except for some out-of-place notifications.
    Now, of course, we are again standard AT&T/unrooted. Do I need a special ICS 4.0.3 compatible kernel, or can I use your old Zedomax kernel – in .tar format – as was used when rooting 2.3.4?
    All the UCLC2 compatible CF CWM kernels I can find are in a format that I don’t know how to flash…..

  36. Aditya says:

    I tried to unroot the cell, it gave error and said ” FAIL ”
    then i had restarted the phone , when it was in download mode….. now it says
    ” firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode on kies and try again ”

    please help phone is not starting and kies is not helping me out !!!!!

  37. josh says:

    hey, i rooted my sgh i777 using the zetomax method, then flashed the leaked ics to the phone, loved it but phone was overheating, so i unrooted back to 2.3.4 using the method provided, now i cant get kies to connect to my phone fot anything, can anyone help please, i need to update back to 2.3.6. but cant and ota failed for some reason, please help!!

  38. Tristian says:

    I just rooted my SGH-1777 using this method and when it rebooted it just stays at the GT-I9100 screen with the yellow triangle. it wont go past the screen. i can however go into download mode. i need help to get past this screen and have my phone working properly please.

    • jon says:

      I am having the same issue. I have SII att and I think I rooted using superoneclickv2.3.3 is working good for the past few months. My friend bought SII att and I am using zedomax kernel now I am stuck with android word after the triangle. Please help.

      • Foodmaster says:

        I have done the same thing I’m afraid you may have to go into recovery mode then wipe the data from your phone then if should work properly

        • admin says:

          just flash siyah kernel over it, should work fine, I don’t support my kernels anymore as I don’t have time for development.

  39. christian says:

    I am trying to figure out how to use a notification that I have in my files to use a battery low notification.

  40. christian says:

    How to use a music clip to tell me my battery is low? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  41. viky2308 says:

    hi..please help me…i wish to buy samsung galaxy s2 I777 at & t…on ebay ….it clearly mention it is preloaded with ics4.0…so i wish to ask wether it is official or it is custom rom…becoz i think officially ics 4.0 uodate not yet get???

  42. Foodmaster says:

    I have an att galaxy s2. I did the thing that I saw from this site on how to root it with the kernel and all that then I installed a cyanogen mod 7. It will not let me uninstall it in recovery mode that is the main Tom now and I have a different kernel that the original. I NEED to know if it is possible to change my Roman back to the original one then I need to know if I can some how get the original kernel back on her

    Thanks Foodmaster

  43. UC says:

    Please Help,
    Samsung Galaxy S2 I777 (AT&T version)
    I got my phone rooted and Wifi is not working my data consumption is going high.

    Android Version 2.3.6
    Build number Gignerbread.UCKK6

  44. hunter says:

    I rooted my At&t galaxy s II using your method and lost my wifi capability.

  45. pc says:

    i used u r method for rooting…it works well. but after that lost my wifi functionality. not able to detect any wifi spot….
    Looks like big issue to me…please help…

    Android Version 2.3.6
    Build number Gignerbread.UCKK6

    • Native NYer says:

      I have the same issue… no wifi…. and his one solution didn’t work, to flash with the file DD_03072012.tar

  46. Sam says:

    Jan 16th by QUADS

    • QW says:

      Its a kernel issue, i rooted using this kernel and then applied fix from another kernel my Wi-Fi issue was resolved. I had posted the link to kernel to resolve the issue… but i guess the admins deleted my post

      • ctsteve says:

        Can you please repost which kernel you flashed to get the wifi going again?

        I am stuck on my SGH-i777 with Galaxy GT-9100 with – no wi-fi (the wi-fi scans for network connections but does not detect any and goes in to the dim screen mode).

        Please help.

  47. steve says:

    hi, i downloaded the Batista Rom for my Galaxy s2 ATT but now i cant reboot into clockwork recovery mode or whatever,
    i hold down the home and power and volume up keys and i just end up in the lock screen like i rebooted normally. i have an app called cwm that says it will reboot me into clockwork recovery mode, but i cant do anything with that cause it is not the right thing some how. it let me wipe the phone, but when i tried to load the new ics rom, it wouldnt run!
    now my phone is totally non functioning and i dont know why i cant just load the new rom that i loaded on my sd card. please help! how come my cwm looks so different!

  48. Pranesh says:

    Wifi is not working… Please help… it switches on and tries to scan for connections and then does not switch on.

  49. Atul says:

    I just rooted my phone and put ShoStock 2.2.4 on there with the 3.0.30 cherrypicker kernel. I am having issues with connecting my phone to kies. It keeps telling me it is incompatible with it due to the debugging mode being active. When I look at that, it is turned off. When I turn it on, it just takes a long time trying to connect, but never actually does. Is there something I am doing wrong, or are other people having the same issues? I really just want to be able to upload my newer contacts list that I had. Any help is appreciated.

  50. Zues says:

    Was able to successfully root my phone, and unfortunately have issue with the back and search button not working. Also, I am unable to use the calling features, when I call someone (or vice versa), the speaker and mic are not working at all. I am about to unroot and restore to stock.

    If that doesn’t work then I will send it back through warranty. If it does, then it may be some kind of bug or issue with this kernel, I have the same issue with any rom I install. Any advice, tips, or comments on this issue?

  51. Seth Thompson says:

    I rooted my AT&T Galaxy S2 using your .tar file but the wifi stopped working it would turn on and then off and not connect to any of my remembered networks. I unrooted but it didn’t fix the problem so I did a factory data resort which fixed it. I would like to root my phone again but will the wifi not work? my phone is running Android version 2.3.4 Kernel version and Build number GINGERBREAD.UCKH7

  52. Tom says:

    I tried the root and it worked pretty well except for one problem. After the root, when I turn on my camera, it makes some buzzing sound and does not focus well. Is there a solution for this? Thax!

  53. ravi mukala says:

    Hi every one,

    Please go through abvoe link for full details and help me out to which ROM i need to use for i777..i want to use international

  54. Firas says:

    Can any please help me in the following problem:
    After installation the new MIUI v4 (android 4) on my mobile Galaxy S2 (SGH-T989) I can’t connect it to computer and synchronize it copy the contact, because the computer se the mobile as a new hardware and can’t find the new driver, therefore can anyone help me to fix the synchronize problem.
    thanks in advance with appreciation.

    • admin says:

      I don’t think MIUI is compatible with Kies, if you need that feature, stick with ROMs like Omega ICS, which is off TouchWiz base.

  55. Dan says:

    I downloaded and installed the so-called “official” pre-release of ICS for my SGH-i777. It’s now running:
    Android 4.0.3

    I noticed that CWM has a newer version of Android 4.0.4 plus I can take advantage of some of the ROMs. But, the phone now needs to be rooted again and I’ve been searching but can’t seem to find a program to work with this version. Anyone have any suggestions?

  56. Daniel says:

    Hi Dan, I also installed the “official” ICS on my i777 but it doesn’t run very well, now I wanna go back to Gingerbread 2.3.6! Does anyone have the official att 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware??

  57. Nizam says:


    I was just wondering that if I factory reset my S2 (i777) when I do a rom update, will the phone be factory locked. It would be so bad coz I live in Sri Lanka and there is no way that probably I could get a unlock code…


  58. Emmanuel says:

    wow i decided to try out ics again to see if the newer firmware fixes the problem………… nope i cant talk on my phone at all……… im at a complete loss

    • Emmanuel says:

      i seriously think i bricked my phone. now i can barley get past the boot up screen. argh!!!

      • Emmanuel says:

        ok sorry for all the messages im just updatin as i go, so i went into recovory mode and facotry reset from there and all is good accept for the initial problem that i cant recive or call people. now i can call people from skype so that gives me alittle hope that this is fixable and at the same time its weird.

  59. Pablo says:

    I have a problem with my i777 ATT … whenever install a custom rom to turn off the screen due to inactivity, I have to restart by pressing the power button, anyone know how I can fix this?. thanks

    • admin says:

      What custom ROM are you using?

      • Pablo says:

        muim use, ultimate … with either when the phone goes idle, I have to reboot with the power button pressed …. but with the stock rom that does not happen.

        • Pablo says:

          turns off the screen to the 30s and I have to reboot, unresponsive off button. This happens to me all cooked rom.

          • admin says:

            Not sure, it could be the ROM you are using, try another ROM that you haven’t tried.

            • Pablo says:

              I s2 i777 rom download and all the same. could be the kernel with which root, but off the screen due to inactivity, but not responding and I have to reboot with the power button …

  60. Bill says:

    I just got an AT&T SGH-i777. I use Consumer Cellular for a provider. I followed your instructions for rooting without problem. I’ve tried loading task650-aokp-Build-36, miuiandroid_I777-2.5.11, Phone-Bricker-v2.5, and XWLP7-SHOstock2-v2.2.2. They all go into a boot loop. What am I doing wrong?

    • admin says:

      Next time you end up in a bootloop, first try rebooting once, if that doesn’t boot in 3 minutes, go back into CWM and clear cache and dalvik cache then reboot. 99% of time this will fix the bootloop issues.

  61. Paul says:

    Hey i have an AT&T Sumsung galaxy s2- 1777 i guess. I unlocked it online with Onid i guess, And my wifi wont come on for some reason. if i click on it, it just goes off by itself in 10 seconds. Why am i seeing this problem? How can this be solved? Would really appreciate if you could help me out.

    • Harry Linssen says:

      Worth a try:
      I also have an SGH-I777, rooted, ICS 4.0.3, and it was doing the same thing yesterday; but only at home!
      After I rebooted the DSL modem and the router normal behavior was restored.

  62. AP says:

    Wifi not working after rooting from this procedure. Tried different methods suggested in these posts. Rooting using this procedure is not worth.

  63. Pablo says:


    I have a question, I have a Galaxy S2 i777 At&t, and I’m using a custom rom, “ICScrewD” and I wanna as if its possible to reset the the product name from GT-i9100 to SGH-i777 in the ODIN MODE? I’ve used the jig but still says i9100..

  64. David says:

    Hey i try rooting my phone but it said it failed and now its stuck in Firmware updrade encountered an issue, please selest recovery mode in kies & try again but kies cant find it

  65. Nizam says:


    Does any one have a idea why this is happening. As u can see, the left side strip is not responding to touch and I didn’t even drop my phone. The phone is a at&t i777 s2…. plz help…

  66. nattey says:

    hey i have galaxy s ii i777 and i have rooted my phone using StockZedomaxKernel. i try to flash ics rom, but it doesnt work. after i reboot my phone it shows only screen. even if i switched of it and on again it shows the same can any one help me here

  67. Shane says:

    I have an ATT GS2 Skyrocket. it is unlocked and running on T-Mobile. i have Juggernaught 5.0 running and and sky- kernel 010u running and telus sgh t989 antenna software to allow me to access t-mobile’s 4g. I cannot get the hotsopt to work. I have tried everything i can think of. I have tried every version of wifi teather that exsist and every setting for each version. I have tried using quick settings and still the wifi hotsopt will not work. I cannot thing of anything else to try. please help. i am totally at a loss.

  68. Ruff says:

    Awesome site. Flashed with new ice cream per use site.
    At&t galaxy s2 rooted & unlocked using T-Mobile.
    Only able to access edge network data. I see ur site shows how to enable 3g 4g on At&t galaxy note.
    Is there anyway to enable on my At&t gs2?


    • Max says:

      Not on the I777 it has exynos cpu and doesn’t support t-mobile 1700mhz band.

    • Shane says:

      Is it a sky rocket? If so you need to put a TMobile gs2 rom on your Att gs2 I use juggernaught (I know I’m spelling it wrong) then install t mobile antenna software on it. I use telus you also need a kernal that will support the ROM and antenna software. There is a tutorial but it’s a pain to understand it took me a week to get it all right. Before you do anything tho try going to your dial pad and type *#2263# then go to WCDMA band… Then select 1700 that’s t mobiles 4g frequency selecting that should lock the phone to 4g but you will have to change it back to automatic when you are not in a 4g area.

  69. Kefin Sajan says:

    Could do an review of the rom pure look s3? Please

  70. Kefin Sajan says:

    Could you do an review of the rom “pure look s3″?( espically the AT&T s2)

  71. Aayush says:

    I recently bought an at&t sansung s2 (samsung-sgh-i777)…….what i’ve noticed is that after playing some selected games for over apx. 15 min……tha area near the camera gets incredibly hot… this alright???
    It gets normal after laying it aside for 10 mins………….PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  72. Nick says:

    Good day/night
    I have a sgs2 i777at&t with (shostock2 3.0.5) rom and the modem (ucld4) that it cums with sucks I’m trying to install/flash uclc5 modem on my device without bricking my phone can you please help me flash the uclc5 modem on my i777 shostock2. And is it possible to flash it without Doin a full whip?? Thx u in advance.

  73. nick says:

    what is the best modem for i777 shostock2 3.0.5 i currently have modem (ucld4) it sucks midget balls. and i am in Orlando, FL

  74. David Cave says:

    HELP!!! I installed shostock rom that worked well for sometime….however yesterday when I went running, I was listening to audio and at the same time I was using an app called Mapmyrun, The phone then suddenly just died. No matter what I pressed it wouldn’t come on. Eventually it did come back on after I pressed the volume up button along with the power button and the home button together and at the same time putting the battery back in. Since then I can’t make a call without using the speaker and while trying to play audio, the audio sticks. I decided I needed to reinstall rom or even try a new one but discovered the phone will not boot into clock work mod. When I try the phone just goes dead again and I then have to do the whole volume up button along with the power button and the home button together and at the same time putting the battery back in again. How do I get CWM again so I can wipe?

  75. Brian says:

    If I rooted the gs2 from at&t could I use it on a virgin mobile account?…Help please!!!

  76. bryan says:

    Hello I have a sgh-i727 ( att samsung skyrocket) im rooted with 2.3.6 base rom. My problem is i’m trying to change boot animation on my phone I have rom toolbox pro and tried to change the animation there but whenever my phone restarts it still has att logo does anyone kno how I can make the att logo go away. Also im not that tech friendly with phones when it comes to files. I would like a step by step if that would be okay…thanks in the advance

  77. Danny says:

    Why are some of the videos unavailable? I am new to rooting and installing ROMS. But not all the videos are working and this looks like a very good guide?

  78. Danny says:

    Not all the videos are working?

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  80. sahaj says:

    i am using a galaxy s2 i777 at&t. the big problem is the tts. it reads my text msgs. i tried all possible way to stop it but it reads ..and app or permanent solution for this pls help me.

  81. Midknight5000 says:

    I’m not sure if this belongs here but is there a ics rom that has touchwiz (gs2 or gs3 kind) and an ics navigation bar or is it possible to add a navigation bar to the stock rom?

  82. Yaw Nkansah says:

    I rooted my at&t gs2 i777 and flashed foxhound ics rom. My phone now shows gs2 i9100 on boothing/re-boothing. Can i flash a new rom meant for gs2 i9100? Or i must stick roms only meant for at&t gs2 i777? Please, help!

  83. gagan says:

    i root my samsung galaxy s2 (at&t)by kernel siyah-v3.4.2 and i put mystic glory4.1 rom in it .now its not booting or starting .need help urgent plzzzzzzzzzzzzz when i press power key its show samsung galaxy2 GT-I900 WITH yellow triangle after that its show blank screen .. max plzz fix my phone i will pay you also if you want just fix it plzzzzzzzzzzz .i can mail you my galaxy s2 also

  84. jesus says:

    NFC for I777? Available?

  85. Christian says:

    I just did the update and after the initial start up, my screen goes black and nothing happens. I need help ASAP!!! :((

  86. Ramon says:

    I’m using AOKP 7.3.2012. I’m looking for a JellyBean custom rom and I would like to try cMIUI, but i’m afraid to hardbrick my phone due to the emmc bug which affects some Samsung models including mine (sgh-i777). Do you know if the kernel on AOKP 7.3.2012 is safe. If not which one do you recommends me?

    Thanks in advance,

  87. Good stuff, thank you for this. As a contractor this really helps keep me fresh…. Thanks Again…

  88. Bill says:

    I’ve been running an ICS rom for several months. I would like to try some JB roms, but realiize I would lose all the apps and data like texts and call history if I do. Is there a way to transfer those things to a new rom install?

  89. Dywayne says:

    Hey Bro thanks for all you do I have a unique situation i think My GS2 when plugged in will loose data connection i unplug wait a few it works again ive tried all types of stuff and nothing seems to every work. i unrooted and now it will charge but if left on charger long enough to charge completely it will eventually loose data as well. so odd!!!!!! every seen any thing u would do or know to do!

  90. Nataswon says:


    I’m running the AOKP JB (10.28.12) ROM and I noticed two issues:

    1- Contacts crashes whenever a call is made or answered. I can make a call but when done it’ll say Contacts has stopped working.
    2 – wifi won’t connect at all. I know it’s not my router, it’s definitely an issue with the device (ROM) I believe. It worked when I used AOKP’s ICS ROM but not now.

    Any ideas why this may be happening and if so, how to repair it?

    Since I was already using AOKP JB ROM I updated to newer version via OTA download and clearing the cache’s not a full factory reset. I also installed newest GApps file as well.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!


  91. beastyboi591 says:

    Hey, okay so i followed your steps on rooting and it was successful. However, my wifi is not working. i tried to follow the steps on how to fix it and i just dont understand what its talking about. send me a link of a video on it or somthing?


  92. beastyboi591 says:

    Hey, okay so i followed your steps on rooting and it was successful. However, my wifi is not working. i tried to follow the steps on how to fix it and i just dont understand what its talking about. send me a link of a video on it or somthing?


  93. Brian Polkinghorne says:

    Hi Max,

    Is there a way to stop AT&T from trying to update my phone? I am afraid it will cause problems with my rooted phone. Thanks for you instructions on how to root. They worked to perfection.

    Thanks, B…

  94. It is perfect time to make some plans for the long run and it’s time to be happy. I have learn this put up and if I may just I wish to recommend you few fascinating issues or advice. Maybe you can write subsequent articles referring to this article. I wish to read even more things about it!

  95. Harsh Chandarana says:

    I have the Supernexus build 4 on my phone, and had the latest gapps.. Phone was working completely fine, until yesterday when my phone won’t start any applications, so I decided to reboot. But not the phone is stuck on the X for hours. It won’t start. I’m able to go into recovery mode though.. Is there anyway I can get it to work??

    Please reply ASAP


  96. Barry says:

    After rooting my ATT Samsung S2 the camera always has a black screen. It does still take pictures, but I cannot frame it with the black screen.

  97. Alessandro says:

    After all, the mobile launches a black screen flash ABERRATION which comes and goes randomly, and that was that! My mobile was already rooted and I was using AOKP rom.
    Is there some special part that I’m missing?!

  98. Purav says:

    i have rooted my phone but it is not opening nothing is showing….CWM is only showing. what should i do?

  99. Omer says:

    Hey Max, I unrooted my S2 i777 to the original ICS rom.. But when i connected the phone to the charger the phone keeps on restarting.. But luckily i was able to go to download mode.. I rooted it back and tried the Ressuruction remix 4.2.1 version rom.. It worked perfectly..

    But then when i flashed the ShoStock3 JB ROM V1.8.5 the previous problem started again.. It just keeps on restarting… It was the first Touchwiz rom i flashed in ages.. I tried changing the battery n USB cable and still the problem continues.. Any idea whats happening?? ANy idea ow to solve this?? your help would much appreciated..

  100. Nataswon says:

    Greetings –

    I had that issue with the screen flashing and other annoyances. I was on AOKP but moved to Resurrection Remix.

    Similar issue still occurred until I flashed SHOStock 3 JB v1.8.5 just last night. Amazing ROM, and as of yet no more issues when charging. Yes, it hasn’t been a full day yet, but thus far I’d suggest trying SHOStock 3 JB v1.8.5

  101. Scott Simpson says:

    Why are there no Galaxy SII i727 roots?

  102. janzaib222 says:

    hey do we need to install clockwordmod recovery plz reply

  103. ray says:

    Hello, I’m using the rootbox rom v3.6 with ajk 1.21 old mali kernel on my sgh i777 and for some reason everything but the wifi works. I know the wifi is working overall because I’m able to use my laptop and ipod with it. If you have a solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

    P.S. this isn’t the only rom I’ve had this problem with in this day alone I’ve tested just about all kinds of roms all having wifi problems.
    On another side note the problem just occured and wifi was working this morning. I guess I should have stayed on previous roms and not got spoiled with trying new ones 0.o

  104. kushale says:

    do you need an sd card to root?

  105. Gary Shiller says:

    I followed your instructions to Root my AT&T Galaxy S2 i777 (4.0.4 – i777UCLL6) using Odin3 v1.85 and Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777.tar. When I run Odin I get the error message “Odin3 Communicator has stopped working”. I’ve tried on multiple Windows 7 Computers and get the same error. Any idea of how to get around this error? I want to Root and Use a Custom Jelly Bean Rom. I’m tired of waiting for the AT&T Jelly Bean update and also want to get rid of the AT&T bloatware. Has anyone experienced this error and corrected it?

  106. bobkat says:

    I have the Galaxy S2 thru Straight Talk – I think it runs on the AT&T network. The model is SGH S959G with Android version 2.3.6 I have been unable to find any roots, updates, etc to get this to the 4.x Android systems. Do they exist or is that not an option for these phones. Thanks for your help.

  107. LinS says:

    I thought an unlocked phone would be enough to do what I wanted to do. AT&T Galaxy S2, unlocked using T-mobile. I can’t get the hotspot to work. Apparently I have to root. But then what? I haven’t tried it yet because I’m afraid that will lead to a bunch of other stuff that’s beyond my knowledge/skill level. I’m entirely new to all of this and only figured out the root part through lots of research! Should I bother, or just give it up and get a proper phone?

  108. Blake says:

    I have a GS2 att phone that has to run gingerbread for work apps. I did you root with no issues. Your instructions are great. I have noticed an issue where my phone is going into Airplane mode and gets stuck there. Have you heard of anything like that? I have to remove battery and power back on then reenable via settings.

  109. nitesh says:

    hi, for some reason yesterday my phone battery died, so I put it in charging and nothing happened. The battery showing it’s charging isn’t popping up? any reason why?

  110. Eric says:

    I have a Att gs2 sgh-i777 on straight talk. After I rooted phone and installed shostock3 all work fine but I can’t get data. Wifi receiving calls and texts works fine, just no data. Can someone please help me fix this issue.

  111. Mara says:

    I have a S2 SGH-I777 and I was trying to download Jelly Bean 4.1.2 but I dont know how to download it. I tried google it and trying to find a downloadable source but i could not. Do i have to download it on a computer and then copy it onto my device, or do i have to download it straight onto my phone?
    Please I need help.
    Thank you.

  112. Frank Macchione says:

    Hi Max,
    Since AT&T just released JB 4.1.2 for the Galaxy S2 I777 will you be making a root available for it.

  113. $hivrazz... says:

    how to root unlocked at&t s2 with jb 4.1.2?

  114. Everett J. says:

    I installed JB 4.1.2 on my i777 and it was the worst thing i could have done to my phone. It is sooo slow its unbearable, simple tasks like texting have become a chore. I went to an att store location and the basically said that i’m stuck with it. So, I think that rooting my phone and installing a new rom may be a possible solution to my issue. So I have two questions:

    1. Do you think that installing a new rom could undo some of the damage jb has done?
    2. Is there a way to root JB 4.1.2 on an i777, I have been looking but not finding any kernels for that version/model although i have found roms are compatible with 4.1.2 i777.

  115. rolando perez says:

    hi there.
    i am new at rooting n i was succesful rooting my s2 from at&t n after irooted i wasnt able to use the video player the bluetooth and i cannt even hear when i make i call i dont know what’s going on plz help me

  116. invertedknife says:

    How can i root it on Jelly bean 4.1.2?

  117. Blake says:

    Will you be adding a root for JB so we can run touchwiz and JB?

  118. stefire says:

    I have the sgh-1777 with jelly bean 4.1.2 and I’m not able to do multi-screen. Is it the phone or do I need to do additional things?

  119. Nelly says:

    How can I update my At&t Galaxy s2 to the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 software? I’ve been watching videos on Youtube but I don’t understand how to do it, or how to download it. Help please?

  120. chris says:

    when I download siyah file and unzip it the only file in there is a zimage

  121. Tiana says:

    Can you boot the Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrocket for Straight talk???

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  123. vikas says:

    Recently, I noticed that my phone shuts off while in sleep mode. This just happens when I don’t check it for a while and the display is turned off. When I do go to check my phone, it’s unresponsive, even if I hold down the power button. So far, I’ve had to remove the batter every time this has happened in order to reboot it.

    I just don’t get what the issue is. I’m probably missing phone calls because I’m not even aware that my phone is turning off. I feel like after the ICS update my phone has had issues. I already performed a factory reset last week since I was having a problem with the notifications not ringing and vibrating, and now, this is happening on top of that.

    If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 i777.

    Oh, and another thing, I noticed that my batter is at 95-100% before it shuts off by itself, and once it boots up again it’s down to 12-25%. I also feel like it might be an issue with overheating: I noticed that my phone feels hot after I’ve been using it for a while, like texting or using the internet, and then I set it down to do other stuff when I notice that it’s turned off. My phone usually feels really hot too, and the case I have for my phone probably does not help either.

    plz……. reply me to my email id

    i from india pls tell me

  124. vikas says:

    i installed superuser den also it’s same prombal

  125. kiran kumar says:

    hi, i have tmobile samsung galaxy s2 t989…my cell isn’t getting started. its completely dead, i’ve tried everything, a hard reset didnt worked, and even recovery too…..all in the process of rooting…PLZ help needed.

    • kiran kumar says:

      someone who had this above problem, pls help me…my samsung galaxy s2 t989 doesnt start, its completely dead, in the process of root, it had jellybean on it ,while root

  126. Micky says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve just got Galaxy SII from Ebay.
    The phone is amazing but there’re a couple of things that spoil the celebration…
    First one is the battery life. The device drains the battery in a scary pace: about a half of the charge during the night, while beeing idle. It looks like the Android system consumes the most share of the charge.
    The second issue is that after loosing WiFi signal phone doesn’t catch it back automatically and I need to turn it off and on to connect back. Otherwise it just doesn’t see the network.
    I believe the problem is the ROM: so called “leaked official” ICS 4.0.3 UCLC2. My question is if it’s Ok to flash official AT&T 4.1.2 ROM instead of the current one and it will not “brick” my device/affect the operator unlock.

    Thanks ahead of time for your help, guys!


    • Junior Shepherd says:

      Trying flashing back the original 2.3.6 gingerbread, download the latest samsung kies, and update to 4.1.2 jelly bean from AT&T with your battery at least at 85%. I did mine today and it works great!!

  127. Jeremy says:

    Hi, I have the AT&T I727 version of the S2 but not seem to find many Roms for it. The Revolution ROM w/ Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz seem a good choice (post on Sept 19th by Max), but it’s not for this version of S2 as well. Any suggestion? Thanks

  128. I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content.
    The article has truly peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new
    information about once per week. I subscribed to your
    Feed as well.

  129. ibrahim says:

    hello. i started visiting this site today and am really impressed. keep it up. i recently updated my galaxy s2 SGH-i777 (at&t) from version 4.2.1 to version 4.2.2. after the update, the phone start misbehaving and coming up with an error message “unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” and “keyboard has stooped.” please how can i fix it. thanks.

  130. LionFromZion says:

    I installed the Shostock 3 Rom for SGH-I777 about 4 months ago and a couple weeks after installing it my phone randomly turned off and back on and froze to the boot screen. Even after pulling out the battery the phone wouldn’t move past the boot screen. I managed to get to recovery and eventually power up from there ( I don’t really remember what i did but it worked although it erased everything that I had on internal memory). Once again this week, my phone randomly got stuck to the boot screen. So, just as last time I went straight to recovery to take care of the issue. Only this time after choosing “reboot system now” my phone went to a screen that i’ve never seen before, its basically the green android robot made of binary code with the word SAMSUNG in blue blended into it and at the bottom of the screen it says “CWM- based Recovery v6.0.2,7″ and after a few minutes it goes back to the boot screen. I don’t really know what to do from here…

  131. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!

    Extremely helpful info particularly the last
    part :) I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  132. ThinkTank says:

    I tried updating my gs2 to official ICS released by AT&T. But since i am using it outside of US, network was blocked
    i could do all the basic func expect calling and sms.
    will i be facing same issue if I Install a custom ROM with newer android?

  133. Thanks for finally talking about > AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ | Galaxy S2 Root
    < Loved it!

  134. Junior Shepherd says:

    Hey i don’t know if anyone realized, but AT&T has released a Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update for the SGH-I777. I have updated mine as of yesterday and it works great. However i would like to put Revolution Note 3 rom on it but i am having trouble rooting the device. Has anyone been able to root the device after updating to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean? If so please explain. Thanks.

  135. Dubuisson Wilder says:

    I have problem with my galaxy s2 provide by att. My girl blocked it by trying too many model for unlock screen.
    I don’t want to reinitialize my phone. please help me.

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