GalnetMIUI ICS Android 4.0 ROM for Rooted AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-I777]

Want a really fast ROM that runs Android 4.0?  The GalnetMIUI is a ROM based off Android Ice Cream Sandwich running the MIUI.

Of course, the sad part is that although it is running ICS, there’s no ICS features to be found on the ROM. ┬áBut no worries, ICS Android 4.0 does make the phone noticeably faster, there’s no holding back on this one.

The ICS Android 4.0 sources are also out now, it won’t be too long before a slew of ICS ROMs hit the Galaxy S2 series.

In the meanwhile, try out this ROM as it’s really fast.

Download ROM here:

Download GalnetMIUI ROM

Donate to developer and full features here.

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  • jeff

    hate the miui roms cuz they look iphonish

  • Juice

    All that white background is using more battery right?

  • tim

    i flashed with this rom and it wont accept my screen unlock password. has anyone else had this issue?

    • tim

      i reflashed with unnamed rom and removed the password. then reflashed with this one and now its struggling booting. just keeps playing the MI boot logo over and over again and it wont boot into CWM recovery either. has anyone had anything similar to this happen. what can i do about it?

      • Jose

        go into Clockwork Recovery and erase wipe then install again you should be okay..

  • jason

    will this and rooting work for the skyrocket? the model number is I727

  • DAve

    Its the international version of MIUI. The Back and Search buttons do not work. I flashed to this and was unable to use the phone as a phone. Not worth the time.

  • iDangerMouse

    Lame…….. wait for Icecream 4.0 original. thanks for sharing though

  • zachglover1127

    works flawlessly on mine, only problem i have had is sometimes when people call it takes a second to show whos calling. but other then that, this is the perfect rom for me

  • Gavin Olson

    Does this ROM support Android API level 14? I’m attempting to install an app written against the new API and it doesn’t show up as supported.

  • ScorpionHD

    I tried installing the rom, but it keeps crashing on home screen with android.process.acore.

    The phone also crashes, and so does the messaging.

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong?

  • R0gue

    Does this ROM have more than the standard languages that come stock on the I777. I am looking for Arabic in particular. I have Cyanogen 7.1 and it has Arabic, but don’t really care for the ROM. I tried Unnamed and others but not this one.

  • Gain

    Cant use Keis after installing. Scorpion you need to wipe the cache before you flash.

    • ScorpionHD

      Thanks, I found it out the hard way, Use this ROM for a few weeks got tired with the problems it was having, Wouldn’t mount my SD, in the Android Market would crash when swiping the photos on the app screen. Also Android assistant is not compatible with it yet. Its a nice ROM and love the data management plugin but overall still a RC state.

  • DAve

    its international rom. On AT&T phones you cant make calls if you do this. home button wont work

  • Matt

    calling does not work and it loads very slow

  • Barmal

    Is there any root possibility for T mobile Galaxy s2 that is running on 2.3.6 firmware?