How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-i777]

If for some reason you need to return your AT&T Galaxy S2 back to the store for warranty or you just itch to get back to a completely stock phone, you can unroot/unbrick your phone using methods outlined here, which will completely unroot your phone with stock ROM.

Step 1. Plug in your microUSB cable to your AT&T Galaxy S2 to your computer.  Then hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power button together.

Step 2. When you see the warning sign, hit the Volume Up button to enter Download Mode.

Step 3. Download unrooting files here and unzip, then run odin3 v1.85.exe.


Step 4. Make sure you can see a yellow highlighted COM box. (the number doesn’t matter)

If you don’t see it, you need to install the correct drivers, simply download and install Samsung Kies software.  (Download Samsung Kies)

Step 5. Click on “PDA” then choose ATTGalaxyS2Unroot_SGH-i777.tar file in the unzipped folder then hit “Start”.  Your unrooting process should begin.

Step 6. Once unrooting has been complete, your phone will reboot.

Step 7. You will see that your AT&T Galaxy S2 has been unrooted to stock 2.3.4 ROM.  If your phone gets stuck on boot loop, don’t worry follow Step 8.

Step 8. You will want to do a factory reset your device completely so take the microUSB cable OUT then reboot into stock recovery by holding down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power button together until you see stock recovery.

Step 9. Once in stock recovery, choose “wipe data/factory reset” and hit Power button.

Step 10. When it’s complete, choose “Reboot system now” and hit Power button to reboot.

Step 11. Your phone should reboot and you will be completely back to stock ROM.

Now, from here you might want to backup your AT&T Galaxy S2’s internal storage if you have any personal files/media there then erase them before you return your phone.

That’s about it, you can unroot your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 model any time back to stock Android 2.3.4.  You can always upgrade to future version after unrooting using its system update feature.

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  • James

    Hi there I am from UK and rooted my phone to see if i was able to do it, I was successful by following your guide.

    My phone is unbranded so if i wanted to unroot will your AT&T guide work the exact same ?

    I have done everything, backed up my stock ROM, put on clockwork recovery but I have done nothing else…I havnt put any other ROMs on yet…

    Just wondering if this AT&T guide will affect the unbranded phone i have

  • James

    or should i just do the same process i used while rooting and click unroot instead of root and then flash the secure kernal back ?

    • admin

      Don’t use AT&T unroot method here for international/UK version, just flash the secure kernel back.

  • Matt

    I followed your instructions and successfully rooted my s2, now the back button and search button don’t work anymore, is this expected?

    • admin

      do u have at&t s2? this is only for att version, but there’s a way if you have the original, not a bad mistake at all.

      • Matt

        Thanks for your reply, I figured out what was causing it to happen.
        I downloaded several kernels and accidentally picked one for the european s2. With yours though these two keys work just like before.


      • Jamie

        im having the same problem but now cant hear anyone.

  • Nisssmo

    Got it up and running. Thank you very much for making this easy. I am a BIG android noob and this was a great tutorial. But I still can’t get the wifi tethering. I got titanium backup but you can’t freeze hotspot manager with the free version. Is there an alternate route ? Once again thank you.

    • admin

      You can erase the app under /system/app I believe using ES File Explorer with root access.

  • mmtrago

    any mac unrooting instructions for att galaxy s2?

    • Aaron


      • Thomas Amsler

        Here is what I did on Linux, which should also work on the Mac as well.

        1. Download the above
        2. Unzip the file
        3. tar xvf ATTGalaxyS2Unroot_SGH-i777.tar
        3.1 In the untarred directory, you should see the following files:
        – Odin3.ini
        – odin3 v1.85.exe
        – zImage
        – factoryfs.img
        4. Use heimdall to flash the kernel and factory files
        heimdall flash –kernel zImage –factoryfs factoryfs.img

        This worked perfectly on my SGH-I777 (AT&T).

  • Sol

    What do you know about Samsung’s system for tracking how many times a ROM has been flashed, even after returning to stock? Any way to get around that aside from jamming a jumped USB jig into my phone?

  • ali

    Hi ,

    First, thank you very much

    I followed your instructions and I did unroote my galaxy s2 successfully but there is a problem the baseband version has not change.

    Thank you

  • Serene

    Hi! Thanks for your hard work.
    I am newbie with andriod phone here and want to be able to use it with T-mobile too. I have questions. Can I use your unroot method to unroot my phone.

    This is how I rooted it and I have the following problems now.

    Rooting & unlock method
    1. Root with ordin 1.85 with this file CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KH3-v4.1-CWM4.tar
    3. Unlock with (apps) SGS unlock

    1. When I inserted AT&T sim card back. I can’t hear anything with both incoming and outgoing call (the phone
    2. back button and search button don’t work anymore

    need help please. Thanks in advance

  • Yoon

    I’m trading this gs2 for the gs2 skyrocket. Can I still use this rom and root for the skyrocket?

  • Yoon

    I’m trading this gs2 for the gs2 skyrocket. Can I still use this rom and root for the skyrocket?

    • MasterCheif

      Hey yoon. Yes after following this procedure, you can exchange this phone for the skyrocket. The yellow triangle goes away

  • Julespilot

    Hi Max, hoping you can help. Earlier today I downloaded this and it worked great, took me back to stock. I was thinking that I wanted a rooted android version 2.3.5, so I flashed this kernel:
    This full Wipe package has: PDA: XXKI3| Modem/phone: XXKI3| CSC: OXAKI3
    … unfortunately it changed the way the buttons work (back button no longer worked, had to keep hitting home to go back) and I didn’t like it (I didn’t realise that this was not for the AT&T version) … anyway, I tried to go back to stock AT&T version using your kernel in this post, figured I’d stick with 2.3.4 and then use your root version to root and put CWM back , had to use my jig to get into download mode as the up/down/on buttons now just re-boot the phone. I managed to get the stock version on there, the back button now works, but the up/down/on buttons still don’t work properly, they still re-boot the phone instead of putting it into download mode or CWM … any chance you have a fix for this? … also, I keep getting forced shutdown notices for google and sync … would love to just get back to stock and just have your root solution … please help. thanks.

    • Julespilot

      update: since I couldn’t get into CWM or factory menus (no matter whether the phone is off, on or plugged into usb, up/down/on-off always re-boots the phone), I found a ‘factory reset’ option under privacy settings, tried that and it seems to have fixed the forced shutdown notices … just need help please to get the combo of hard buttons fixed back to AT&T/SGH-I777 factory settings (soft buttons all work ok, i.e. back button has returned, after flashing your stock rom above) … so that they take me to CWM (from phone on), factory menus (from phone off) or download mode (with usb plugged in and phone on) as they did before I messed up downloading the wrong version of 2.3.5. thanks.

      • Julespilot

        … it gets worse … another problem, phone rings, dials and connects but I can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear me … guess I really did a number on it.

        • Mike

          I am having the same problem. It does not matter what rom I install, the phone has no sound. I cannot hear nor can the caller or callee

          • Sean

            Did you find a solution to this problem. I’m having the same problem

  • Joe

    I wish to simply get my kernel back to factory but not delete my existing programs/settings. Can I apply ATTGalaxyS2Unroot_SGH-i777.tar and simply not erase all of the files? Basically skipping the second step above to erase all of the files?

  • GP

    Worked as described

  • Aaron

    Please make an unroot for mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iGuitarGuy

    Hello awesome guy. I rooted my phone yesterday using your instructions on Everything went perfectly. I did a backup and started installing a few roms, including the litening one and had a couple issues with the capacitive touch buttons so I switched back to the stock rooted rom that you included.

    Now though, no one hears me on calls and I can’t hear anyone either. BTW my phone is the AT&T i777. Help?? The mic and speaker work though with skype and the cam app.

    • Sean

      Did you find a solution for this

  • Daniel

    Hey man, any chance of Mac directions for the unrooting? You mentioned that you’d have them up in the video but I don’t see them here in the article. Thank you!!

  • Adam

    I have the ATT galaxy s2 rooted the way you showed and i want to unroot.

    Well my phone wont recognize any usb cables i put in it.
    so even when i charge it it wont recognize it, but if i restart my phone with it plugged in itll charge.
    not the same with it plugged into the computer.

    also i cant find the unroot files anywhere(maybe im not looking right or im passing them up?)

  • Melissa_smalls

    Hey where is the unrooting files? Can someone link me ?

  • Frank

    I have samsung Galaxy S2, att version SGH-1777. I rooted this phone no problems. when trying to un-root after downloading unroot file, odin works meaning the box comes up with yellow box, I chek the PDA box and click on PDA but when the the box with the file to click on prompts up, it’s not the un-root file it’s suppose to be. I keep getting the GalaxyS2 AT&TRootZedomax file coming up so I’m stuck. can’t un-root back to factory……If anyone can help I would appreciate it. thx

  • rick

    hi…i did the unroot then did the factory reset. when all was said and done when i made or received calls i couldn’t hear anything nor could the other person hear me…the only thing i seen that may be wrong is the baseband which is I9100XXKH3…from your video it looks like it is suppose to be I777UCKH7…i have a at&t galaxy s2….what should i do…thanks for any help

  • rick

    hi…i unrooted then did a factory reset but now phone rings, dials and connects but I can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear me…the baseband is I9100XXKH3 but in your video it is I777UCKH7…what should i do…thanks for any help you can give…not sure my other post made it…

    • Sean

      Did you find a solution for this. I’m having the same problem

  • Aadesh

    Does this work for Non-Rooted Phone? I updated OTA from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 and want to go back to 2.3.4. Will the above steps solve my problem?

    • Charlse

      I also did the OTA update from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 on my Samsung Galaxy S II.

      I used this method to take it back to 2.3.4 and everything is great now.

      • Aadesh Chordia

        I tried this I was successful in getting back to 2.3.4 from 2.3.6 but my wi-fi turns off automatically. Please help!

        • Patrick

          Mine too! I feel like a slayed a unicorn…

          • JumboBob

            same here. turn on wi-fi and it turns back off after 20 seconds.

  • WiFied

    If you want to return to 2.3.4 this is the best way to do it:

    Note that if you updated your phone by downloading the update over-the-air, your bootloader did not get changed. So don’t touch the bootloader that’s on your phone.

  • Greg

    I updated and than followed these steps to go back to 2.3.4 and everything seems to be working fine for me so far =)

  • cancer66

    To Admin,

    I too have updated my “STOCK & NOT ROOTED At&t Samsung Galaxy S2 to 2.3.6 OTA last week and wanted to go back to 2.3.4, however I see that few people here are having trouble after doing so like wifi automatically turns off, caller can’t hear etc. and see no posted solutions to it.
    Do you by any chance have any suggestions how to fix these problems for people that are already having trouble and for us that wanted to to the above steps to go back on 2.3.4?
    Very much appreciate your help.

  • cancer66

    To Admin,

    Please disregard the earlier message posted above, I’ve decided to just follow your instructions and now my phone is back to 2.3.4 stock.
    There was only one hiccup after the rolling back to 2.3.4 where I encountered wifi kept on turning off by itself which I thought you might have accidentally left out to mention on your video that wifi will be messed up after the procedure and that only doing a factory reset will fix the wifi issue.
    Nonetheless, I am glad that ran into this website and able to get back on 2.3.4 stock to get rid that horrible battery draining issue on 2.3.6 stock.

    You Rock!!!!


  • Willy

    before I got to this site, and reading all this good information, I rooted mi Galaxy S2, with a kernel that I found online, which was not the same it had when it was unrooted. is there any way I can look up the original kernel, so I can do it the right way? Thanks for your help!

  • dayr14

    hi,i root my phone galaxy s2 sgh i777 with you guys its all perfect but when i put the phone to charge OFF he turned by himself in about 5 minutes . why it happen that? and i question my self if I wipe the phone ? i loose my root? or my sim unlock? i unlock the sim with galaxy_s unlock app from the store PLEASE HELP ME

  • dayr14

    hi,i root my phone galaxy s2 sgh i777 with you guys its all perfect but when i put the phone to charge OFF he turned ON by himself in about 5 minutes . why it happen that? and i question my self if I wipe the phone ? i loose my root? or my sim unlock? i unlock the sim with galaxy_s unlock app from the store PLEASE HELP ME

  • Matt

    Just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Randy

    If need be, I will be using this guide to set my refurbed ATT Galaxy s2 i777 from 2.3.6 to 2.3.4 when it arrives new to me in the box. Thanks for all that you smart guys do for us newbies.

  • Vester

    the ‘download files here’ link is no longer a link…. is there any other place i can get the ATTGalaxyS2Unroot_SGH-i777.tar file?

    • zac

      did you find one?

  • Sam

    I got my Galaxy s2 i777 (2.3.6) a few days ago and i rooted it and my wifi stopped working so i unrooted using this and it put me on 2.3.4 and my wifi still is not working? How can I get my wifi to work again? Please reply soon so I dont go over my Data limit!!!

  • Vester

    After using this unroot guide, the MODEM file is screwed up on my phone. Anywhere I could get a new MODEM?

  • zac

    I am trying to download the unroot file from the link, and when i try to extract it tells me the compressed zip folder is invalid and I cannot access the ATTGalaxyS2Unroot_SGH-i777.tar file. Is there another link?

  • Bill

    Awesome guides, one problem tho, it takes me about 1hr 10min to download this file. I’m runnign about 82kb/sec. Never experienced speeds like this before. Usually anywhere from 1mb to 5mb/sec.

  • UV

    Used this to move from 2.3.6 to 2.3.4…everything works except wifi! it cannot detect any network and turns off the wifi…any pointers on how to fix this? thanks!

  • Mic

    So I want to try this out but I hate how there are always conflicting comments. My phone is not rooted, I just updated to 2.3.6 OTA and regret it because of the really annoying blue over scroll glow. It seems above some people say the followed your instructions and everything is peachy, where as some say there wifi doesn’t work anymore. Can those of you who said it doesn’t work anymore follow the instructions to the T?

  • Martin

    I’ve had this running for over 20mins now on a fresh installed system windows 7 ultimate 64bit … drivers are properly installed as ODIN recognizes it perfectly and i was able to attach usb storage before attempting this.. This is what i get from ODIN

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    there has been no change in odin or on my phone for 25mins HELPPPP

  • Carlos

    Hi there, I tried to root my I-777 with a file meant to another model, now it got stuck on boot loop. I tried to follow the steps here, but the buttons aren’t responding, When I hit power to make a data/factory reset it doesn’t do a thing, I’m getting a bit scared here, please help me get my phone back.

  • junkyardknight

    how can i unroot my i9100… i rooted using ur new method..

  • tuhmaytow

    I just unrooted my phone because i couldn’t receive and make a phone call and even listen to my voicemail thinking it was caused by rooting it. Whats wrong with my phone? how can i get it back to normal?

  • junkyardknight

    can anyone help me

  • mike

    I recently unrooted my at&t galaxy s2 and tried to update from 2.3.4. It will download but not install. It does not go past 34% preparing before it says update failed. Any ideas?

    Thanks for all you do.

  • arnold

    I have a question, the counter from samsung again at zero

    gr arnold

  • arnold

    I have a question, the counter from samsung again at zero

    and can updat the original update`s with kies

    gr arnold

  • mario

    im having the wifi problems i flashed back to stock and wifi still wont work

  • Megan

    This article was a lifesaver. I completely panicked when it entered the boot loop, but you had that covered! Thanks so much!

  • cameron

    I followed your steps and got back to 2.3.4 but my baseband is i77uclc2.. the build number is uckh7.. i cannot ota update to 2.3.6 and wondering is the different baseband is the reason? can you please email me back with help! thx

  • Anshul

    Thank you so much for your brilliant tutorials . I have a few questions though.

    I rooted my AT&T galaxy s2 using your one click method and was able to do so successfully.Does this process changes the boot loaders and risks to brisk. I got this mobile sealed packed and factory unlocked now if I unroot the phone using method in your tutorial and use the the unroot file mentioned in the post ,will my phone remain unlocked?


  • Aditya

    I tried to unroot the cell, it gave error and said ” FAIL ”
    then i had restarted the phone , when it was in download mode….. now it says
    ” firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode on kies and try again ”

    please help phone is not starting and kies is not helping me out !!!!!

  • Nils Jad

    Thanks friend..
    It was really simple.. took me some time to work my way, as I was doing something like this for the first time with my phone.
    Just one question, is it possible for you to post Android 2.3.6 Stoke for AT&T.. or a way to select it as PDA with ODIN…?
    Anyways… It was working perfectly for me!!!!!

  • Aditya

    it helped me out 🙂 🙂 🙂 love this site 🙂

    • Patrice

      this is for an i727 tho. not the i777

  • Elfego

    After unrooting. Is there any reason why the OTA Over the air updates doesn’t find any updates? Android 2.3.4 is stock and I know for a fact there is an update that brings it to 2.3.6.Would Custom ROM Count have anything to do with this not working, or is AT&T just selective on when they allow the updates to be pushed. I just ordered a jig to be safe. Any help would be appreciated.

    • iRecycleWomen

      Same here bro. I unrooted but now I can’t update through OTA

      • ZhinGket

        Same here, did you find any solutions? and also when I did unroot my SGS2 using the instructions above, my phone keeps on rebooting every 30 mins or so.

        • Chris

          I’m experiencing similar problems as well. After unrooting my phone, I’m stuck on 2.3.4. My phone does detect the 2.3.6. update and will download the update. However when it reboots it keeps saying installation interrupted. Any ideas as to why I can’t update my phone? and if future updates such as the official ICS update from at&t comes out, will I also not be able to install that as well?

          • randale thompson

            I am having the same issue, and my network data connection keeps dropping as well and I have to reboot the phone to get it back.

            • Marshall

              I have the same problem, OTA interupts, and data and wifi drop out. Have to reboot to get wifi or data network back on. Any solutions to this yet?

              • Deanna

                sounds like a modem problem…XDA has a good section on flashable modems that helped me.. i was having the wifi, signal, network issue as well but used this sites method to unroot to ICS. working great now.

    • Elfego

      Mine did eventually update. It would seem AT&T may not push updates on the weekends or certain hours of the day. My only advice is to be patient and keep trying.

  • abdul

    if i done this will it unviod my warranty?

  • abdul

    if i done this will it unviod my warranty??

  • Gillio Francesa

    Thank You!! It saved the day!! Greetings from Costa Rica!!

  • harsh

    i have 4.0.3 on my at&t device
    if i do this method will i be able to get back on 2.3.4
    plz plz help me

  • Threnody13

    How would I go about using Odin on a device that has Clockwork Mod Recovery installed? Whenever I press down both volume buttons and the power button, I don’t enter download mode: I enter Clockwork Mod Recovery.
    How can I enter download mode?
    Is there a way to install this using Clockwork Mod Recovery instead of Odin?

    • admin

      Plug in a USB cable and do the same thing, it will get you in download mode.

  • Jordan

    Will this work if I want to unroot my Skyrocket?

    • Max

      no will not but i thinm theres an unroot for skyrocket on xda somewhere.

  • Paco

    I unrooted mine but cant update stock firmware, how can update it?

    • Max

      will have tutorial posted tomorrow.

  • sean

    I unrooted my gs2 i777 and everything seems to be fine except the baseband version is i777ucplc5. how do i get it to stock baseband? also I cant update it with kies or ota can you please help me?

    • robby

      having same issue cant update keeps telling me that its interrupted and can not do the new ics update at all…have the same baseband vewrsion i777ucplc5….can anybody help. kies will not let me update is it due to the baseband version????

      • Max

        Make sure u r not using usb hub if not then try another computer.

  • Jordan

    Max I rooted my phone that turned my i777 into the I9000 load screen. I downloaded ROM manager. Clicked backup, and it insta-soft bricked my phone. I am following the steps you outlined to unbrick. I would like to re-root my phone and download other roms. How can I avoid bricking it again? What did I do wrong?

    • Max

      You can always use cwm recovery to install new rom when in soft brick.

  • Randy van Vliet

    I went from sikia ICS back to stock 2.3.4 ATT here, then went to root stock 2.3.4 and upon doing so, everything android related is wrecked, no phone, no Gmail, no google search, nothing Android or google works… I tried going back to sotck 2.3.4 ATT return to factory gingerbread, and that has not fixed the problem either. says the android.providers. calandar ahs stopped unexpectedly” also something .gapps has shut down unexpectedly” force close.

    What has happened Max, and how do I fix it?

    • Max

      Do a factory reset.

  • Randy van Vliet

    android processes acore too is down.

  • Randy van Vliet

    My smartphone is screwed, is it soft bricked?

  • Billy


    I have never rooted my phone. I upgraded to ICS 4.0.3 via Kies for the official update. I absolutely hate ICS. It has made my phone laggy! I understand that I can use the above procedure to go back to gingerbread. What I’m wondering is why it’s necessary to do the factory reset procedure after I do. Seems like I could save a lot of trouble if I just skipped that step so I didn’t have to restore all my apps and info on my phone. Thanks.

  • Jon-GZ

    Hey there,

    I’m using Galaxy Sii, model # I9108. After unrooting the phone gets stuck while booting and does not turn on.
    It shows a yellow triangle also. And I’m not able to goto boot/factory mode. I tried volume up + home + power, does not work. I am able to goto download mode by pressing volume down + home + power. I need to find the correct unroot .tar file for this model which I could use with ODIN to unroot again.

    I’m in deep trouble, as this is my brand new phone purchased in China and now it does not work after unrooting.

    Please help.


  • william

    hey i have installed the resurection ics v2.5 and wanted to know if i can still unroot it it?

    • Max

      Yes you can anytime!

      • william

        ok thnx! by the way my phone doesnt connect to the mobile data. what would the problem be? i can only use wifi…

        • Max

          Most like APN settings, try manually updating APN settings, google “APN settings AT&T” and input into APN settings under Mobile Network Settings and voila u should get HSPA+.

  • Omer

    I got bought a second hand AT&T Galaxy S2 and it was rooted with the Serendipity 9.4 ROM.
    So i wanted to unroot it to the normal Gingerbread version again.
    I tried your method, but the Step 5 fails. Which means the unrooting process does not happen.
    I’d b really helpful if i can know how to solve this 🙂

    • Max

      Do it again make sure u don’t use a usb hub or try another usb port.

      • Omer

        I have another issue as well. I am unable to connect the S2 to Kies. It just says connecting but nothing further happens. Do you think cz f this i am to unable to unroot the phone??

        • Max

          So did you get it unrooted first?

  • Ryan

    Hey Max,

    So I am kinda screwed right now because my phone won’t update because someone odin got on my phone from something I downloaded in the past. If I can’t fix it myself I might have to buy a new phone or figure out a way to destroy it without water or physical damage.

    Anyway, I am trying your method and I am having a issue with the connection part. I have my phone connected via usb to my windows 7 computer and I downloaded and updated Kies, but when I start up the program in the zip file, I still don’t see the numbers. I have tried re install kies and reconnect many times and I still can’t get it to work.

    Btw, this is on an ATT Galaxy s2 SGH-1777.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Max

      try turning off Kies and try again.

      • Ryan

        I did and restarted my comp to.

        Will the kies still connect even if my phone is only the in factory mode (or what ever you call it)? As I said below, my phone is stuck in limbo and I can only get to the screen that has the odin mode at the top and all that stuff.

        • Max

          yes will connect bud, just gotta get the yellowbox workin!

          • Ryan

            Still can’t get it working.. Does it matter if I am in win 7 64 bit?

  • Ryan

    I should mention that my phone won’t even turn on, it is stuck in some type of limbo where it keep showing the galaxy s2 logo and then reboots. This is why I had to take it in to the store in the first place.

  • Al G

    I did exactly as this says, downloaded the file from here, for my ATT Samsung Galaxy S2 i777 running 4.0.3, and after it succefully went from ODIN to my phone, I now get the error (process has stopped and need to froce close. I cannot even get past the Touch the android icon to begin. My phone is useless now

  • azim

    hey i bought gs2 atnt accidentally n i’m a Maldivian so i got unlock code in unlock .com n i unlocked for our network
    but i’m having a problem of calling sometimes specially in receiving says it is switched off or out of range when someone calls me later it comes missed call massages from network provider can someone tell me how to solve this problem pls

  • Jeffrey Colin

    I flashed this rom so that my SGH-i777 would be back to stock condition but now my phone wont update via kies or OTA.

    P.S. After the phone rebooted it froze so I had to wipe data and bring back to stock

  • Roger

    My s2 i777 is stuck on a screen that says I9100 and I don’t know what to do. If possible, may you help me with this issue?

    • Max

      Did you unroot?

      • Roget

        Yes but still shows up as I9100 when it boots. Also has a yellow triangle sign

        • Max

          Re-root then use Triangle-Away app to get rid of it before unrooting.

  • Phillip

    I rooted using your method. Works well. After now I did a reset and Backup. and upgraded to Jellybean but did a backup and reset now cannot start It shows the exclamation and then goes blank. It cannot pass boot screen. What can I do.. any site for me to start up this thing? Please help. Thanks and please help and seriously I need help. Someone told me to buy a USB Jig. Is that what I need? I will continue to tell my friends about your site and your youtube site.. just need help this once. I have never asked for help..but please help.

    (615) 431-9532

  • Joao Thomazini Neto

    Hi Max, wonderfull site, good work.

    The downloaded file is damaged and cannot be opened or extracted. I have downloaded it already twice with 2 different computers with the same damaged zip file. Where can i download a good one?

    • Rho

      Did you eve get a response? I need the file too.

  • Carlos

    does anyone know where to find root/unroot instructions AT&T GS2 but the SGH-I727??

  • Geoff

    Used this to unroot my phone and now I’m trying to use stock ICS update but Kies wont connect to the phone. Any suggestions? I’ve already unistalled/reinstalled the drivers.

  • Dmitry

    I used this to unroot my i777, because I wanted to return it for warranty for my microUSB connector (phone always thinks it’s charging, even when it’s not connected).
    Odin flash went well, but now I’m stuck on “Rethink possible” animation. I didn’t do the factory reset before the flash, and I tried to do it after the flash, but I just can’t go to the recovery and reset it. I can only go to Download mode. I’ve tried all the combinations of keys, and I tried flashing several other stock roms thru Odin, but it’s the same thing: “Rethink possible” and no recovery.
    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME !! What am I doing wrong. I believe it’s just a soft brick and there must be a way out of it!

    • Dmitry

      Btw, If that matters at all, I was coming from AOKP JellyBean rom, one of the last November roms that Max sends around (amazing roms btw, I enjoyed them, thank you Max!)

  • Patrice

    please help. i got as far as wipe data and now my phone just will not reboot and i do not know what to do.

  • Rho

    Hi I followed your instructions and downloaded the zip files however, there was not unroot folder included in the download. I tried downloading it twice. Is there anyway I can get the file another way because I’m halfway through the process.

  • dec0der

    Can we get the stock 2.3.6 ROM?

    It seems Kies wont recognize the device using 2.3.4 and updating the firmware via the phone software update is resulting in Error. I’d like to get stock 2.3.6 so I can update to 4.0.5 ICS.


  • mistaks

    Hey so i rooted my phone and installed a custom rom from this page and my messaging didnt want to work so i tried to go back to stock but it still doenst work, i forgot to make a backup and im stuck! Do you have any tips of what i can do? Or do you have a clockworkmod backup of a working i777 for at&t i could use to return my phone back to normal? I would really appreciate it

  • Lauren

    HELP!!!! Tried to unroot from 4.0.4 and now Odin seems to be stuck. This is all it says:
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:9)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    what do I do to get out of this? please help …. anyone

    • Lauren

      Just realized that I’m using the wrong unroot. How do I get out of this now that I’ve found the correct unroot to official 4.0.4?

  • pop

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  • Jesse R

    I can’t get the zip file to unzip and show the”ATTGalaxyS2Unroot_SGH-i777.tar” file. Am I missing a step? I tried the process using just the zipped file. It came back with a big red “FAIL!”. Please help. Thank you.

  • Jason

    Anyone else having trouble downloading files recently ? please help me

  • Deborah

    mine said failed help please

  • aliioosh

    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tried unrooting my phone today 3 times and it did not work i unrooted it 4 months ago and it worked

    Info on phone: SGH-i777, is running ShoStock3

  • aliioosh

    By the way it starts loading and then a red fail sign comes up

  • aliioosh

    my galaxy s2 will not unroot it comes up with red fail sign
    PLEASE HELP i tried in july and it didn’t work and forgot about it today i tried and it still doesn’t work
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Max (Mohit)

      umm flash stock firmware via mobile odin.. all the best 😉

  • shaheer

    when i plug charger pin,the charging continuously stop and start……charging ,discharging loop runs….
    plz help……

    • shaheer

      plz plz reply me

  • UJ

    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2 I777 phone. I successfully installed CWM and made a complete backup of the phone. When I tried to insall AOCP Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM, it failed midway. I restore my phone back but then it has no connection with my provider. I see that my IMEI is null now. I tried to install stock rom ATTGalaxyS2Unroot_SGH-i777 but samething. IMEI is null. How to recover now? I assume that full backup from CWM has covered me. It seems that EFS is messed up. Is there a way I can get the original settings back so that mobile can connect to ATT again?

    Can you please help?



  • Rae4412

    thank u very much. ur video was very helpful

  • lucas

    When I insert sim it dosent show network on my s 2 sgh-i777 please
    help me