How to Unroot to Official ICS on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

For those of you who want to unroot to official ICS on your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, here’s how to do that using ODIN.  This will get everything back to stock including your recovery but you can always re-root it easily.

If you don’t want to lose ClockworkMod Recovery and Root, you can also flash the CWM-zippable official ICS update in ClockworkMod Recovery.

Step 1. Plug in a micro-USB cable from your computer to your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. Then hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. When you see the warning sign hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download mode.

Step 3. Download ODIN and AT&T official tar file:


Download ODIN
Download official ICS tar

Mirror for ICS tar

Unzip the ODIN zip file and also the ICS tar file.  Run the ODIN program.

Step 4. Choose “PDA” and select the file I777UCLE5_I777ATTLE5_I777UCLE5_HOME.tar.md5 and hit “Start”.  DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE!

Step 5. In about 5 minutes, your phone should reboot into bootloader once, then into system.

Step 6. You should now find yourself with a fully unrooted AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 with I777UCLE5 version.  Congrats, you are now on official AT&T ICS completely unrooted.

Step 7. If you get any errors like force closes or bootloops, you can do a factory reset.  Hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons together for 10 seconds.

Step 8. Choose “Wipe data/factory reset”.

Step 9. Choose “Yes — delete all user data”.

Step 10. Reboot and you should be all good to go!


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  • newbofnewbs

    is this the same kernel that had the brick bug????

    • Max

      I don’t think so but for those of you paranoid, you can flash this one in CWM with root:

      This one comes with another kernel for paranoids.

      • Vinny

        Hey Zedo,
        I have 2.3.6 stock without root, can I still flash the new How to unroot and flash the official ICS for AT&T SGH 1777 with Odin or should I root it first then run it thru Odin?? You are the man.

      • Vinny

        Can I run that (CWM-zip-ucle5-ics-with-root-for-att-galaxy-s2-sgh-1777/) from a rooted stock Gingerbread on 2.3.6 running your original rooted zedo kernel? I was going to try it this way or just run odin and flash the official ics .tar file and then root it.

        Thank you for all your help, I have steered many android users towards your site.

        • Max

          yes you can run this from any rom.

  • Deanna

    Runs great, but seems like it’s missing some features (new camera, screen transition effects etc.). Am I missing something or is this just incomplete for now? Otherwise really great tutorial and fast, smooth software. Thanks!

  • Juan Carlos

    Hey Max…I understand, we have to unroot to have access to an AT&T ICS update???? Too late feel soo. Do you lookat a flashable official update and tray to install on Dual Boot Kernel to testing??? Coould be a possibility t handle. You know several “cocked” Roms can be used tham Later Official AT&T Rom.

  • Dionys

    I hey man i got stock in the Rethink Possible Screen, what can i do?

    • Max

      Try a factory reset in stock recovery.

      • Smokey

        I am also having the same problem. I got stuck at the ATT “Rethink Possible” screen. I can’t get to CWM to restore my AOKP ROM. The only thing I am able to load is ODIN. How do i do a factory reset from this point?

      • Connor

        I also get stuck at this screen. only option is Download Mode , no Recovery.

        • Max

          You should still be able to get into recovery, make sure you are using the right buttons, Volume Up, Center Home, and Power, not Volume down.

  • Jason

    is it possible to install touchwiz 5.0 and s voice on this official update if so how can i
    thank you

  • Steve

    Thank goodness i did a backup of my AOKP before I ran this crappy stock ICS for SGS II. This version of ICS is terrible. It’s missing a TON of features that the AOKP has. ROM control, tweaks etc. It was so lame I had to check to see if I was actually on ICS instead of Gingerbread because it looks exactly the same. It got slightly better when I switched to Nova Launcher but even then because the Kernel is so lame it was still limited. So I’m switched back to AOKP. Thanks for putting it up there though.

    • Brandon

      You do realize there is a major difference between AOKP and this right? AOKP is a CUSTOM rom, while this is the stock straight from samsung firmware.

    • Turgo

      Stock runs smoother with less bugs. Most ICS custom rom releases still have horrid touch screen delay and lag. Modded stock is where its at if you ask me. 🙂

  • christian

    Can I use or flash this Att official ICS ROM with my T-mobile Galaxy S2?

  • daniel

    hi .. I have this problem at the time that ODIN is installing the rom to the latest I get a red box telling me the installation failed, and I left the phone with a notice that tells me this: FIRMWARE UPGRADE AN Encountered ISSUE. PLEASE SELECT IN RECOVERY MODE KIES & TRY AGAIN. to happen? I do? please help me.!!!

  • james

    so im stuck in odin mode or download mode and i tried flashing this exactly as it says on here and it does not work it always says failed….please help its been 2 days and i cant get it out of download mode…and if i turn it off it goes to firmware upgrade issue encountered connect to kies and do a recovery….but kies does not connect to it…im losing it here =/

    • Ambiance00s

      Make sure your phone is in Debug mode in settings under developer options(or different considering I’m looking a my settings on ICS). I accidentally forgot to set it on that before updating and got a fail, swapped it around and works 100% as it ought to. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for reading.

  • mike

    I just got the kies update to 4.0.3 on my i777. I followed your tutorial on how to root (as well as get rid of the triangle). All’s well except it seems that I can’t turn on the portable hotspot. I’ve removed “tetheringmanager2.apk” like before when i was on gingerbread, but this doesn’t seem to work on ics. Any insight you could help with??


    • mike

      I also followed your tutorial on how to root the phone, which went smoothy.

  • Ryan

    This might be a stupid question but why does this not look like ICS!?!

    • mike

      because this is samsung’s touchwiz skinned version of ICS

      • ryan

        ahhh ok thanks man, im going to update today.. anyone notice better cell phone reception on att with the update?

        • Matt

          I get better reception and wifi signals with this, missing some important features tho.

  • Carlos

    thanks a lot. worked just fine here

  • Morkin

    Been running this for about 2 days. The battery life on ICS is amazing. Heavey use and still on 2 days with a charge. Never even got close to this with AOKP or CM9. You do miss out of some features, but the modems have been updated to relieve the echo problems, email apps updated, and face unlock all work better with the offical rom than they do with AOKP or CM9.

  • Welch

    First question is, are there different versions of I777UCLE5?

    Does this rooted ICS have the full features of the unrooted ICS like new camera, screen transition effects etc.?

    I was thinking of unrooting my existing SGHi777 that is running Gingerbread, then upgrade to ICS through the official Samsung ATT ICS upgrade site through KIES, then unroot with the instructions above, but was wondering if there will be a difference between the official Samsung ATT KIES ICS update and the above rooting process other than obtaining root. Worried about losing the new features of ICS.

    Your thoughts?

    • Max

      You can use the CWM-zippable version, which is rooted. I think it’s the same features.

  • rick

    Hey Maxx…I had just gotten a text from AT&T to update to ICS. should I unroot and install update and if i do how do I root again. I have GS2 with AOPK ICS. Thank you for any advise you can give me.I don’t want to mess up my phone…

    • Devon

      Does your AOPK have that stupid pink unicorn loading screen? haha, I wanna figure out how to get rid of that.

      • rick

        yea..u can get rid of it in rom settings

  • Devon

    Hello. I am new to flashing roms ect and completed my first one today. Anyways, I was wondering how do I add different apps to the lockscreen, so that I can go directly to that app – similar to the AOPK video. Also, I am going to test this for a bit then move to AOPK and see which I like better. I noticed this looks nothing like the ICS I have seen, however, it does say 4.0.3. Any tips to make this look more like the AOPK version? And will I have any problems backing up my Gingerbread backup from this?

    Thanks everyone in advance.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the walk-through, it worked great!

  • Matt

    I followed this word for word and now I don’t have a lock screen, and when I hold the power button on the side it just powers off my phone, it doesn’t bring up the menu to put my phone in silent or restart my phone. I’m more worrie about the lock screen not coming up at all please advise

  • Nathan Tran

    Is it safe to be on the Official ICS provided here, andthen root via the Rooting on ICS guide found on this website (with the Siyah kernal) and if so, how would one do that? When I try to go into download mode it brings me to some recovery screen, and not the Android download mode screen.

    • Max

      Make sure microUSB is plugged in.

  • logan

    i loaded this rom on and really love it thought there would be more features but still happy im having trouble tho my phone never vibrates when i get a text not only on vibrate but also on sound, calls work with a ringtone and vibrate, i did a reset and it work for acouple hours but stoped is anyone els having this issue

  • Jim

    After rooting an S2 SGHi777 and installing one of the 4.0.4 ROMs, I have to say this has been an overwhelmingly frustrating experience. Your instructions are somewhat incomplete and wildly assumptive on technical understanding of the concepts.

    My timeline:
    *Rooted SGHi777 to Siyah kermel.
    *Phone almost bricked during Clockwork Mod recovery tool installation.
    *Found ICS 4.0.4 ROM file on another site that was in .tar format and available to install via ODIN.
    *ROM was great, except no one could hear me and vica versa, on phone.
    *Installed your AT&T stock ROM and it is slow, and getting multiple errors.

    So, an exercise to upgrade the ICS version to 4.0.4 to solve some MS Exchange issues with 4.0.3 has left me with a virtually unusable supposedly unrooted (although it does not say SGHi777 on the boot screen) phone.

    Am I missing something? As I sit here now, a have a tremendous distain for your frankly irresponsible posting of suspect/incomplete instructions and ROM’s. Prove me wrong.

    • Max

      Did you try doing a factory reset after unrooting? Your problems may be from apps that may be crashing with ICS, I would try doing factory reset then reinstalling apps one by one until you find what is causing the error.

  • Ram

    Hi All,

    Last week i had chance to upgrade my S2 -I777 to ICS update. This is awesome , i like it very much

    when compared to other ROMs

    – Battery Efficient
    – Fast
    – Good Touch Response

  • Corey

    I have having difficulties unrooting my i777, does not show up in the Odin, tried the link to download kies, just sends me to pay for download sites, are there any free downloads for kies and the tar file, please help



    • Max

      All the files are free see the download link between the ads.

  • Ric

    I have the Serendipity ROM installed, so I have some experience in this downloading/installing stuff. However, I can’t get the .md5 file to show up in Odin so that I can install it. Any advice?

  • Gary

    If I download .tar file with dolphin browser on my mobile, will I be able to install it properly??

  • David

    First of all thanks for what you do! My History, then 2 questions.

    NEW Root Unroot
    I777 I777 I777
    2.3.6 2.3.6 2.3.4
    1. Can I get back from Unroot to NEW and reset my flash counter (so that the at&t website version of ICS will load on my phone). I unrooted to get ICS from at&t’s website but I got a message saying my phone was unsupported.
    2. Or can I use the procedure above (How to unroot to Official ICS on at&t Galaxy S2 SGH i777) from where my phone is now (the Unroot condition).

    If I’m not making any sence at all please ask questions!!

  • Vinicius

    I have version 2.4 on my SGH i777 … I Can I install this version? will update to android 4? And I can install without having the phone rooted ? Thanks

  • Ramon

    After trying to Unroot to Official ICS using odin3, a power shutdown occur on the area and after electricity can up I tried to restart to unroot, but now my SGH-I777 powers up showing “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery modeinKies and try again”. Kies does not recognize the device.
    What Can I do? How can I recover my SGH-I777?
    Thanks in advance, Ramon

    • Max

      try it again in that mode, that’s same as ODIN download mode.

  • Ramon

    I tried as told, but received the following message…”Firmware emergency recovery stopped due to SGH-I777 error. If the problem persists, please contact the Samsung Service Centre”.
    Please help!!!!

    • Max

      just reflash using ODIN in that mode, that’s same as download mode.

  • Nelson Chavez

    after doing this my phone doesn’t connect to kies. What should I do?

    • Max

      It should, no other errors?

  • Paul

    Hi, Have a small problem with my Galaxy SGH- i777 UCLE5 I’m rooted and wanted to try out a different rom.
    Didn’t like it so I went back to stock rom ICS from Samobile. Then I see I download wrong one, got the 19100 international that I load on phone.
    Went back to Samobile got the i777 rom and load that on with out wiping first. Now I’m having problems with a black screen when I use the web App.
    So I was going to wipe phone and reflash rom, but can’t get it to flash screen. Do you have any advice for this newbe.

  • dan

    i am new to flashing and all that…i am using a custom rom(shostock) and i want to use the offficial ics like the way i got it from at&t….can anyone help me?

    • Max

      You can flash this.

  • Lesley

    I believe this bricked my phone……anyway to get is back? I can turn it on and get the yellow triangle, then the purple swirl….then it shuts off. Not a happy camper!!!

    • Max

      Try doing a factory reset.

  • richard

    So, i tried to unroot my phone, cause when i rooted it wont start after the ICS logo, so im trying to unroot it to see if it starts, but now im stuck in the odin thing, its stucked at the “Setup Conection…”, what should i do?

    • Max

      Try another USB port.

  • ryan

    Right now Odin is stuck in downloading mode, the message says this:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I777UCLE5_I777ATTLE5_I777UCLE5_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

    and with ID:COM it says 0:[COM5]

    it’s been about 10-15 minutes, I’m getting worried that it may be messed up. I’m trying to fix a friend’s phone that is a Custom GB rom that was stuck in a bootloop. That’s all of the information I was given

  • ray

    Can i get to ics 4.0.4 from this?

    • ray

      nevermind, I did it

  • uttaradhaka

    Wow, all your tutorials worked flawlessly for me on the AT&T Galaxy S II. First I rooted the phone which was on android 4.0.4. That broke my unlock for the sim card (I’m using another operator). Then I unrooted using this tutorial and the unlock for the sim started working again. Then I went ahead and rooted it again. It turns out my sim unlock (i used galaxy s unlock from the play store for this) only works until version 4.0.3.

    I have a question in that does your “official ICS tar” linked in this tutorial contain clockwork recovery in it because I see an app with the name and it boots into it as well. Is this the real thing because installing CWM is quite a hassle and this would be a huge advantage if I wanted to flash cyanogenmod on it later.. Thanks.

  • Lauren

    Thanks Max 🙂 worked great. I like my phone again 🙂

  • Kyle Long

    I have been trying to download the zip files and each page i go to looks to be nothing but ads. I just want the odin and tar files?
    PLease eput a link for just these, or explain better as to which link to use to get them with out downloading unwanted adware.

  • jose

    Hi i have a problem with my cel phone a put the ROM of I9100 into my sghI777.
    Model version changed to I9100 but cel phone is a sghi777.
    Could you tell me in few steps how I can put the correct kernel and rom again??
    or if you have any link to follow.
    Sorry for my english
    Thanks a lot.

    • uttaradhaka

      It’s not a problem. I have Cyanogenmod 9.1 installed on my Samsung Galaxy S II i777 (AT&T). At startup it thinks its the i9100 (international version) with an exclamation mark at the bottom. This is completely normal.

      Hope this puts your fears to rest.

  • tico

    I can solved. I have to put ROM 2.3.6 again after that I can put Jelly Bam 5.1.
    My phone is working great.
    Thanks for helping me.

  • Timmy

    How do I download the file? It keeps refreshing the page.

  • gabriel

    hola soy de argentina, y cuando el kies me actualizo al android 4.0.4 no reconoce sim, y ahora cuando realizo este unroot, odin me aparece con ANDROID+SLP y no como en el tutorial en EPIC 4G, ademas se queda sin realizar ninguna operacion….HELP!!!!!

  • Roy


    I recently installed AllianceRom from this website. my Sgh i777 ran very well, and I never had any problems until I wanted to install Shostock with the Siyah 3.4.2 kernal. It ran fine for a little while, until I went to rom toolbox to boot into recovery mode. my phone never made it ino recovery, it went to the I9100 startup screen and stayed there. I tried to boot into either download or recovery mode, and had no success. I have been rooting for a while, and i am no pro, but this isnt supposed to happen. I am able to get odin to recognize my device, although i tried your unrooting process and it didnt work. some advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Vikram

    I would sincerely like to thank this post for saving my day. I had rooted my galaxy s2 (at&t) and then I installed siyah kernel. It was fine up to this point. Then I wanted to install another ROM but since i didnt have external sdcard, I couldnt create a backup. Since data was not very important I just went ahead with factory reset. Boy, that killed my S2. I couldnt boot or get into recovery/download mode.
    The tip here is to wait for 15 mins by plugging out battery. Then get into download mode(volup and down keys + power button) and connect phone to computer. Run the same steps mentioned in this blog and my phone was back to where it was.
    By the way, the link pointed here has a zip file. ODIN expects a tar or a md5 file. You just have to download the zip and extract it. (The zip contains the tar damn it!, i wasted so much time on not finding the tar file first).
    After i got my phone working there were frequent crashes with errors like “android.process.acore” has stopped working and some log error. The solution to the first is to clear your contacts ( Settings->applications->all->contacts->clear data. and Settings->applications->all->contacts storage->clear data )
    The solution to second is a factor reset.
    Thanks again to this post.

  • Kushal

    stuck on the at&t boot logo

  • Krishna

    When we install this rom, Will we be able to update the phone to latest OS version from the Samsung,…I installed the Gingerbread from the custom rom.. it fails to upgrade and says failed at 34%…

    Also Kies does not recognize my phone..

  • scott

    Flawless. thanks!

  • koby

    buddy ur the man. i thougth i had lose the wifi on my phone, i tried several custom rom to get it back on and none of them seems to work, so i just read ur tutorial and i got my phone succesfully unrooted and back to the original ics version and know it is working perfectly.
    thanks again

  • Řãp Elle

    my i777 is stuck on start menu with yellow tringle.
    its not flashing cwm as well what to do now? can anybody help?