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Super Nexus Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 i777!

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Looking for a good Jelly Bean ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777?

Well, your wait is finally over. The Super Nexus Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 is HERE, bringing you the best of Jelly Bean experience.

The only thing missing? Bluetooth sound isn’t working but if you don’t use bluetooth much, this is a very good daily driver ROM. Of course, don’t forget the fact that most Jelly Bean ROMs are still “beta”. In case if you find any bugs, make sure to backup your current ROM before preceding.

Installation is same as any other ROM, flash it and let me know how it goes for you!


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Download Super Nexus Jelly Bean ROM
Credits – XDA

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Rating: 6.0/10 (2 votes cast)
Super Nexus Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 i777!, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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50 Responses to Super Nexus Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 i777!

  1. Eric says:

    Does this have Google now?
    And just factory reset and install zip? Correct

  2. Rick says:

    Wups my Freuidian slip, I thought that said i727.

  3. Juan Carlos says:

    I installed yesterday early in the morning, and have to remove. I did not listen and other side didnĀ“t listen me. I am not sure have to be something with the Fix Permissions. I installed Fusion CM10 to test. When I read more coments, I will test it.

  4. Mariano Rodriguez says:

    I found a very stable cm 10 build. Everything so far works flawlessly

  5. eric says:

    Everything good, but I seem to be missing the voice search like in the video. I only seem to have ICS Google search. o.O

  6. Been using this ROM for a few days, it is fantastic! Super fast and has Google Now working properly. Be sure to follow the development thread over at XDA:

  7. Brian says:

    everything seems to be going fine after install , but now im noticing my camera app isnt installed ? ?

  8. eric says:

    has anyone got google now to work?

  9. markbc says:

    I tried this ROM and ran it for about a week.
    I loved many features and the look-feel is quite nice. It is a bit more polished and refined than ICS.

    The ROM worked well overall -I used this phone as my daily driver for that week with it. When I flashed it, however, I had to flash ktoonez’s Siyah4.1 beta (5?) kernel to make the back button and search work for me.
    This was two weeks ago -maybe there is a newer version out now that did not have that issue -but even with it there was a quick fix with the different kernel.

    All the features worked and I liked the JB experience. Did not really use the new Google search/pages thing much -once or twice for real, a couple of times for fun. It was pretty accurate but not perfect. Max is right in that some features seem to lag the first time you use them, then rebooting or trying them again makes them perfect from that point forward. There was no show-stopper for me in using it.

    I did give it up (for now) even though it is nice and stable. Two things made me switch back to ICS. #1 was that suddenly one day I seemed to lose the notification bar after a while and rebooting did not help ;-( Don’t know why -perhaps it was loading the Nova launcher on it made this happen, but I am not sure. I could have reflashed and started again, but I just continued to use the phone without the notification bar (yes I checked to see if I had disabled it, and no I had not!)

    Anyway, there was one more issue that I experienced: every once in a while -when pressing the home button, or even when inside an app and pressing some response button (and once when dialing a phone number) the phone froze and I had to reboot to get back to operating condition.

    That was not common, but occurred perhaps once each three days or so.

    So i went back to ICE. I loaded the Serendipity 9.4 (with stock kernel) that is my latest ICE “test” ROM and it is really nice. (Serendipity is actually VERY nice, but I also use/flash between that and Task360/Ktoonez’s AOSP ROM (7.3.12), which is a super ICE ROM: stable, flexible and has more options than a Swiss Army Knife.

    Between these two ICE ROMs, Task’s is more full-featured, but also seems to eat my battery just a bit more quickly than this new Serendipity I am running now (no I did not use the under-volting options in Task’s to adjust or compensate -but I could have!).

    However, Serendipity is kind of “vanilla,” so this week I sometimes been just a bit frustrated with looking for a feature that I ran in Task’s, but is not found in this new ROM.

    But this thead is about the Nexus JB ROM for SGH-I777 and I do agree that it is a very smooth, fast, complete ROM. There are the two issues for me that I mentioned, but other than that all things worked nicely.

    The google search app/ pages is the new one (but S voice did not work on this for me ;-( and the new JB menus are nicely updated and more elegant than the ICS ones.

    If you are curious about what JB will be like –or **IS** like now, do a nano backup and try this one out for a while, it certainly is stable enough to run for a while and experience all of JB without missing out. (And then flash back to avoid any of the surprise hiccups that may pop out from this early version ;-)

  10. markbc says:

    OOPS . . .I notice that some people did not flash the Jelly Bean GAAPS when the flashed this ROM. You need to do that and the orginal post has the link for that version of gaaps as well. (and if you go back to other ROMs, some need gaaps (AOSP) some don’t (Shostock). . . .
    look at the bottom of the first (original post/ OP) there are two links, one for the ROM, below it is for the JB GAAPS

  11. pun555 says:

    I have installed on S2 i777, this 2nd day and working fine. Google now is awesome.

  12. michael says:

    Installed it yesterday but had to remove it because it would only pickup my home wifi and no phone network what am I doing wrong. The only other thing I did was to add the Google app

    • Eric says:

      go to settings, more, mobile network, then access point names and make sure your on the correct one. mine disapeared and had to add it again but im using straight talk for my i777

  13. bggopal says:

    I love it. Please enable the Toggle menu.
    Thanks max, this is my daily driver now..

  14. Matt says:

    I’ve just flashed this ROM, I think. But either I messed up, or it takes longer than 10 minutes to turn on past the Nexus logo. Does it always take a long time? I still haven’t even got to use it, it’s still turning on. Did I mess up somewhere??

  15. Francilio says:

    Flashed the great rom. I’m impressed with it so far however, my external SD card was not mounted. I could only access the files using the File manager app. As a result customizing my ringtone was a chore. So I reverted to my previous ICS rom to determine if it was the JEllybean and it was. Max thanks for great rom. Tweaking said Jellybean rom to read external memory would be a definite plus. Great job developers

  16. Joe says:

    Works great so far, except I am missing the Play Store App…Any Thoughts? Thanks in advance

  17. Sean says:

    I have been running this ROM since this article was posted and I have loved it. I haven’t had any problems with it at all. It has by far been my favorite.

    The fact that bluetooth audio doesn’t work does not bother me because I never use it.

    The only other issue I found is with the camera. The normal camera and video and panorama work fine, but under video, whenever I try to use those features that make your eyes big and whatnot, the camera force closes. Anybody else with this issue?

  18. Z0MBi3 says:

    Did anyone else have sensor issues and problems downloading multimedia messages? I went back to my old rom because of these issues. The sensors wouldn’t respond when using sensor music player app, a favorite of mine to use while driving… and I could never download picture messages. Overall however, I loved it, just going to wait for a few more bugs to be sorted out.

    • Shawn says:

      I have had this rom installed and running as daily driver for about 2 weeks now… the problem i have found is that when using wifi and data connection, sometimes when switching from wifi to data the data shows connected but there is NO traffic stuff does not connect….but

      if i just use the data without wifi the data looks like it stays on and does not disconnect… meaning i always have data connection…

  19. Sunil Agham says:

    I am using this ROM from almost a week, and have to say it looks and feels awesome. Works without many hiccups, its gets slow at times and once hunged badly enough that for rebooting I had to remove battery; but other times it was fine (given its an experimental ROM). Bluetooth audio does not work, as mentioned before. Also cannot mount to laptop using usb. Also when I installed gapps after ROM, I had an issue with android keyboard. It crashed everytime there was need to type and type box popped up. Googling revealed that it meant some apps are not compatible and resetting phone (which removes all apps) worked fine.

  20. Eugenio says:

    can it be installed via odin?

  21. erik says:

    Can someone help every time i install this i get boot loops

  22. LL says:

    I’ve been running this for a week or so and for the most part I like it. BUT there’s no camera app. I downloaded camera launcher for Nexus 7 (as recommended somewhere) but that doesn’t work. I can use Instagram but don’t always want to use those settings. Any ideas?

  23. Rednine says:

    Has anyone tried the new build? Have the issues been addressed? Bluetooth etc, any new issues? I would like to know before flashing.

  24. Fang says:

    Can you use 4g connection with this rom?

  25. HomerJ says:

    Loving build 5. Battery life isn’t as good as my previous ICS mod. Just flashed Siyah v4 for the I777 kernel. We’ll see if it helps battery life. I had issues with the external SD card, but after clearing cache & installing the new kernel, it sees the SD card w/no issues.

  26. Joe Hennessy says:

    I wanna update to super nexus from at&t gs2 . Do I have to root my phone first or do I just follow the directions to use super nexus. Can someone please help

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