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  • safyan

    hi i have a Galaxy S2 on Range but i want to take the orange software off the phone to recieve the latest android updates, plz help thank you

  • Ole

    Hey, I rooted my galaxy s 2 and it worked for a couple of days. Then it showed up on the phone that unexpected process stoped and i coundn’t do anything. took out the battery, and it freezed when i turned it on again. When i tryed to use the recovery menu by holding down home + volume + on buttons it just came to downloading… What can i do???
    i have been using odin program.

    nice website:)

    • admin

      Try Volume down or up.

      • jolo

        do i need an sd card to download rom??

      • haywhy

        i tried rooting mine and it showed pass on the computer but my phone is always rebooting and never passed the stage that says galaxy s11 with a triangle and reboots again. what can i do?

  • chris

    I’m having issues with the mobile hot spot tethering USB works fine, running the unnamed rom with zedomax kernel…anyone else having this issue? Please HELP

  • chris

    Sorry correction: currently running unnamed rom, had same issue with zedomax kernel with stock rom thanks

  • ohmz

    Need a root for s2 uk letters are BOKF3
    not shown on mda link posted
    closest to it was a BOKE3

    Thank you

  • James

    Hi . I have a galaxy s2 from the UK on the vodafone network and I would like to root my phone but can’t find the following kernels GT-I9100_BUKJ3_insecure and GT-I9100_BUKJ3_secure. Could you please point me to where I could get them?

    • Jay

      Have you looked on sammfirmware i think thats how it is spelt or samfirmware

  • Patrick Lim

    Hi..would you update a method to overclock and unroot GT-I9100?
    Thank you..

  • Yoon

    SKYROCKET ROOT and ROM needed! Sorry for yelling….haha.

  • Shine Mathew

    I need insecure and original kernel for my new s2 (middle east version).

    PDA: JPKG2
    Phone : XXKF1

    Thanks in advance.

  • Arti Singh


    I lost all my contacts when i removed a mail account from my galaxy s2 i900.
    Is there a way out to recover them? Tried so many things. It didn’t work. Please help me out. 🙁

  • Steve Kochie

    Hi Max, I also need the files to root my new sprint galaxy s2- Kernel Version is :

  • fanta182

    Hi, Thanks …I hv rooted my s2 with ur video and pdf help guide. I m happy to let go all pre loaded crap.

    After doing all this still i m not happy with the battery life. it dies by evening with push exchange mail, calls , wifi, sms, gmail. no game play or music. I m using watchdog, autostart, titanium for freezing unwanted stuff.

    I hv noticed that in task manager my email app shows ram usage of upto 28 mb and cpu @ 15% and it turns red in color. is there something i need to do.

    Any more suggestions.

  • guri

    I want to change my custom rom and get back to orignal factory rom.

    1. I am having Galaxy i9100 (india) model running 2.3.3
    2. I have instaled insecure kernal and rooted it by your given instructions.
    3. I am running cyanogenmod 7.1
    4. I want to get back to orignal factory settings and orignal factory rom.

    What i have to do to set back my orignal factory stock rom.
    Plz help me.
    regards guri.

    • sujay

      dude…i need to ask u a question….from where did u downloaded th rom…i downloaded it from th official website, but th phone frezees when it is restarted…pls help…i cant find any custom rom acceptable…even th miui 1.12.23 i idownloaded,has some issues…can u lend me a hand

    • Jay

      Getting back to stock ROM is easy but will remove root on you but all have you need do is download your country and carrier firmware from samfirmware ( you will need to register) and flash it via odin

  • guri

    I want to change my custom rom and get back to orignal factory rom.

    1. I am having Galaxy i9100 (india) model running 2.3.3
    2. I have instaled insecure kernal and rooted it by your given instructions.
    3. I am running cyanogenmod 7.1
    4. I want to get back to orignal factory settings and orignal factory rom.

    What i have to do to set back my orignal factory stock rom.
    Plz help me.
    regards guri.

    And which rom the best rom for galaxy s2 i9100 indian model 2.3.3 ?

  • mark

    is there an international version dont have at&t or Tmobil

  • dripen

    i live in dubai, n my kernel is I9100JPKJ2
    please, help, i wanna root so bad

  • zzz

    Hi.. How do i root galaxy s2 i9100g?
    Kernel version

  • Otterbox

    How Can i root my galaxy S2 for Sprint D710 is it the same at ATT.

  • Mark Newell

    I tried to root a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 2.3.6 firmware installed, to no avail. Please advise on how to proceed. Thanks.

    • Nilson

      I need help also

  • Kenneth

    my s2 is but in Hong Kong
    and android version is 2.3.5
    Baseband version s I9100XXKI3
    Kernel version is I9100ZSKI3
    what Insecure Kernels and Original Kernels should i download??
    thanks a lot!!

  • Guillermo

    Rooted yesterday. (At&t SGS2 I777)
    Has anyone figured out the problem w/ the WIFI?

    • Juan Carlos

      I have one too. I rooted with no particular poblems. Only detail is that sometimes appear the standby screen for as second. Is my second time with the SGS2 rooted. Last time, feel the same details and unrooted the phone and the detail desapear. Actuallky I intentes twice to install a Batista or Turbey ROM but when I start in Recovery mode the process is aborted due to a “verification process problem” that I intent to solve.

  • Jensen Mathews

    Hi Max,

    Great website dude! I have to ask what is the best ROM for a galaxy s2 I am a newb my Galaxy s2 3 days old. My Galaxy s2 I think is the international version because its from the UK. So I am looking for a ROM that improves battery life and performance and has no bloatware…can’t get rid of the bloatware as easily as in your AT&T vids as there is no option to uninstall.

    Also should look out for anything specific when installing a ROM for the phone like the current kernel and OS version I have heard in other videos that modem version is important…any advise. – J

  • Renny Summer

    hey max i ran to dead end here
    i use clockworkmod install a rom CyanogenMod but it say.
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification aborted.

  • ade

    hi i have galaxy s2 i need files to root
    pda :I9100XWKF3
    phone :I9100XXKE7
    csc: I910002UKG
    plz help as i need to root it urgently cheers ade

  • Robert

    Will you have anything for the At&t Galaxy S2 Skyrocket?

  • Taj Tanveer

    Will the official ICS release for galaxy s2 have touchwiz UI or the stock ICS UI?

  • zack

    hi ive just bought a new s2 and i wanna root it my kernel is root@DELL137 #2. what i want to know is what kernel should i download because the one i have is not available. can i download something close to it the one close to it is JPKF3.
    baseband version- I9100XXKG1

  • ole

    Hey. I have the samsung galaxy s2. I’ve Cf-rooted so i could get CWM (blue) because the the orange one dosnt work on my phone. My problem is that everytime i install a custom rom, the marked wont work or i cant find it. it also start rebooting after my first turn off with this rom. How can I fix this?

    • ALF DEV

      GO Back to CWM Clear cache and then go in Advance Clear Batt stacs and dalvick cache if still there is probs then do factry data reset and then do above steps again….

  • MS

    Nice website..

    i would like to know how to unroot galaxy s2 and where can i get stock os for international version of s2

  • Haider

    can anyone tell me why its a good idea to root the SGS2 i am new to this coz im used to iphone n i knw so much about them but nothing about SGS2. i need alot of information on this can someone help.

  • TMN

    Hey 🙂
    Thanks for this awesome website on rooting. Im new to this and before I did root my phone, Is there a way to unroot it? I couldn’t really find anything on unrooting the international version galaxy s ii on this website.
    And also, when I do root it, will I lose any/all data, such as contacts/messages/video/music/documents/applications?
    And also the same for installing the ROMs. Would I lose any/all data when I install a ROM, after I root the device?

  • Sickin

    Wondering if you could help me out. I have a new galaxy s 2, from us cellular the r760. I tried your root method and it does not work for my phone. I am new to development but doing what I can to learn what I can. Any chance you could help point me in the right direction to get started on figuring out how to root this thing.


    • nograce

      Did you ever get this cleared up? I would like to root my 760.
      But would really like to do it without computer.

  • jolo

    hey what is the disadvantage of new rooting method?

  • Lun

    Hi advisers,
    1). Could you pls recommend where I can find Kernel Version GT-I9100TDCKH2 insecure and original?
    2). Can GxS2 with Kernel Version GT-I9100TDCKH2 be rooted with other Kernel Versions?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • ella

    hey, i had use the incorrect root file to unroot my s2, so now my device cannot be on, can u help to solve?

  • Bankai

    Hi zedomax. See i had downloaded the latest resurrection rom v9.6 for samsung galaxy s2 i9100 and stored in my sd card. When i was in the recovery mode(the default one),there was an error and it couldnt install the rom.Then i installed clockworkmod recovery v4.0.0.2 through odin3 v1.83.After that my galaxy s2 started with a yellow triangle and automatically entered the recovery mode (clockworkmod recovery v4.0.0.2 one). I selected “wipe cache partition” and “wipe data/factory reset”. After that i selected “install zip from sdcard and i saw the options
    _apply /sdcard/
    _choose zip from sdcard
    _toggle signature verification
    -toggle script assets
    _ +++++Go Back+++++
    But I’m left with the statements
    E:Can’t mount /sdcard
    E:Can’t mount /sdcard/
    Nothing worked and when i selected “reboot system now” the galaxy s2 logo screen logo appeared with the yellow triangle and i was once again taken to recovery mode.Please help me because I’m helpless right now and I want to fix my phone as soon as possible

    • Bankai

      Hi Zedomax. I forgot to tell you something.In this situation i can go into both recovery and download mode.Please help me as soon as possible.

  • Subramanyam Mishra

    Could u please provide me the links for downloading nearest kernel insecure and secure kernel both

  • Igor Ossaille


    first of all thanks for all your hard work, your site is amazing.

    I rooted my Samsung galaxy s2 i9100 by your method last week and now Im trying to install the Clockworkmod, the thing is: when you tell us to run Odin3 1.85 it pops up that window but in my case its COM7 and not COM18, can I continue to do it?

  • Guijeta

    Hello Max,
    Currently i’m running the 2.3.4 version of Android and really want to try the new ICS ROMs, but none of the ROMs i’ve dowloaded worked. Do I have to update for a specifc Gingerbread version before being able to change for ICS?
    Also, after rooted my phone, Kernel version was modified to – 2.6.357-01045-g551a073-dirtycodeworkx@cyanogemmod#4″ , but I am not on Cyanogenmod ROM, is that correct?

    Thank you very much!

  • grant fleming

    Ok I have a problem. I flashed in my insecure kernel, and my computer stopped recognising my phone. So I shut my phone off. And instead of going off it showed the battery charging logo, followed my an empty battery, exclaimation mark and thermometre!. (My phone was not connected to anything at this point) and it wouldn’t turn back on. so I got it back into download mode, flashed in the original kernal, hey ho works connects to my pc however if I turn it off same thing, same logos and won’t switch on. So ever time my phone dies I need to reflash the kernal to get itto start upagain!

  • John

    Hey max, cungrats on the website, it really took me out of the dark…hehehehe.
    I was wondering….in your opinion, what´s the best ICS rom for i9100 that you´ve found so far?

    Big sheers, and keep up the good work.

  • Plays54

    Thinking of buying an unlocked Galaxy S2 while in the USA. But which one? I have seen one’s advertised with a designation SA-i9100 against the model number and also seen other designations like GT-i9100. The phone should be capable of operating in Europe and Australia and accepting any sim card when used in either country. As a previous Omnia (original) owner I had numerous problems getting the phone switched over from Dutch language base to English and the phone was forever having problems. I’m sure Samsungs have improved considerably since then but I don’t want to exoerience the same problems. Thanks

  • Jero Paulo T. Centeno

    Hello Max

    Good Day,

    i have a GT-I9100 with ICS XXLPQ and im a mac-pc user,
    do you have a tutorial for root and installing Resurrection Remix ICS PRO using Heimdall?
    i really want to try it. like you said it is the best ROM for the I9100 and i really want to flash it.


    More power.

  • Llewellyn

    Hey, I need a ICS rom with FULL USB HOST OTG support. is there anything out there that supports it or do I have to learn how to mod it myself? please im desperata

  • anikas

    Before I explain the pickle I’m in, I’d like to say your site is awesome. You provided me with a fool-proof way of rooting my phone, and exposing me to the full capabilities of my phone! 🙂

    So, I’ve been interested in the Resurection Remix ROM. I was running Clockwork v4.0 on my Galaxy S2 I-900M.
    Because this ROM req’s the ICS-based CWM, I flashed it using Odin without any issues.
    So now with the proper clockwork version, I though I was okay flashing Resurrection Remix.

    Problem 1 – I’m installing from zip, and clockwork aborts the installation. I get a message saying its “(bad)” and nothing goes through. (note: I wipped, and also wipped davlik right before trying to flash the .zip)

    Problem 2 – Because I’m on a different kernel now, any backups I try to use aren’t working on my phone. So I can’t turn the phone on. (I know I’m not bricked cause I can access clockwork! Phew.)

    Problem 3- I wanted to perhaps find another ROM, copy it into my SD and just flash using external storage buuut, I get a “can’t mount SD” message.

    In this case, do I format my SD card, then put the zip files back on it and try flashing again? How would I go about formatting my SD?

  • Harry Linssen

    Hey Max!
    I just installed the leaked I777 UCLC2 ROM, and e’thing appears to work OK, except for some out-of-place notifications.
    Now, of course, we are again standard AT&T/unrooted. Do I need a special ICS 4.0.3 compatible kernel, or can I use your old Zedomax kernel – in .tar format – as was used when rooting 2.3.4?
    All the UCLC2 compatible CF CWM kernels I can find are in a format that I don’t know how to flash…..

  • rob

    after installing a rom my phone now keeps on turning off randomly now. can anyone help. why does it keep doing it it was fine a week a go now its a couple of times a day

  • SuzukiKev

    Hi I’m totally new to the rooting, I really want to do it but not to sure on everything. I have just read that I can root it safely so that’s good news. But I have a few questions:

    1) If I root it using the safe way on here and I get to “superuser” will the phone still have everything I have on it now just I can access more things?

    2) What happens if I plug my phone into kies once rooted?

    3) Using the unrooting method can i get it back to Vodafone UK?

    Thanks in advance

  • extra

    when I try to root , it says make sure you flashed insecure kernel ,, well I did , and I got the yellow triangle..
    what does that mean? my device is GT i9100jpkj2 samsung galaxy s 2…. please NEED A REPLY

  • jahanz3b

    hey!! need help, its out of context of this article bt iam having issues with my s2 !!! it is getting heat-up real badly during calls within moments as if its going to melt down in a while, while its working fine even with 3d gaming … can u help me out is a software issue or a hardware and i have to get it repaired ???

  • NeXt

    hi, iam new to rooting. I installed beta ics LPH through ODIN, and now i want to root this beta version to install other ROMS.

    1. How to root beta ics LPH

    Thx in advance 🙂

  • bogdiani

    I have an I9100 Galaxy S2
    I used it in Europe and I had 3G connection but when I moved to US my phone only has EDGE on T-MOBILE, will this ROM work with 3G on T-MOBILE ?

  • Juan Carlos

    I have an AT&T SGS2. Actually I intented twice to install a Batista or Turbey ROM in my rooted phone but when start in Recovery mode the process is aborted due to a “verification process bla.bla.bla..” . XDA guys suggest, start process under Clockworkmod Recovery and activate “NO VERIFICATION…”.
    Someone feel the same problem?? As I investigate, CWMR is not and App. I saw inside Rom Manager, an option to work under this procedure.
    I someone feel as an expert, I full appreciatte its help..

  • ashwin

    Hey max
    I hav just bought a galaxy s2 i1900G .can i follow the same procedure to root as on the i1900.
    Can i install all rom which are made for i1900 on my i1900G

  • jasjeet

    hello i have root my phone and installed rom remix v1.3 now i am not able to connect it to odin … plz help

  • Vasilis

    Hi max..You videos are absolutely life-saving..You explain in full detail everything! So, thank you for those…

    Can you please answer a question? I have recently flashed the resurrection pro 1.2 and i was wondering how i could update it in case there is a new version..I wouldn’t do it but i have noticed some problems i am having which could be bugs.

    If you like to check them out:
    1. The wifi direct is not working when i enable it!
    2. In Rom control when i choose the honeycomb lockscreen and lock the phone there is no ring for me to drag and unlock it!!!!! Thank god the notification bar can be used and again thank god i had zdbox in it so by clicking it it unlocked and got me to the desktop!!!
    3. Another thing i noticed is when receiving a call and the contact has a picture then the ring to answer or hang up is chopped off in the bottom of the screen..
    Have you noticed those as well??

    So, as i understand a rom can be updated if a new version is installed WITHOUT doing a factory reset… In this case the /data partition is not deleted so all user apps and settings are left intact..
    Or is there another way for me to do an update?
    I just dont want to set up my apps even thought contacts and all apps are downloaded automatically it is kind of frustrating for me to restore app settings and sms etc…

    Thanks in advance!


  • Wolfie

    Good Day Mr. Max

    I have run into a bit of a problem. I rooted my gs2 (Insane phone by the way) and I have gone trough a bunch of roms but then one day i noticed that my notification bar doesn’t slide all the way down it freezes at the last bit so I wen’t back to the stock rom. I have since flashed official rom via odin aswell as cmw but nothing fixes this bug oja when I want to dial a number an ring it the bottom part of the screen does’nt want to respond.

    So if you might know of a solution that would be great


  • NEW and easy galaxy s2 ROOTing method

    Hi Admin

    can you please put this on your website as it is much easier and safer

    “An easier way of rooting SGS2 (I9100) on ICS is by holding Vol up, Menu & Power buttons and flash Busybox installer then CWM through the update from zip from your SD card. Odin not needed.”

    Advantages over traditional method:
    this method WILL NOT increase your flash counter or give you an exclamation mark.
    it is all done on the phone
    it is much safer if you dont know how to use ODIN

  • Andy

    I currrently have the second latest nightly build of Cyanogenmod 9 and it is very stable in my opinion. No real problems i have run into yet. I was wondering if, when i download the latest version of the cyanogenmod 9 ROM, i will still need to do a factory reset and partition wipe, even when i am just going from an older version of CM9 to a newer version. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dave B

    Hi ,just wanted to check if you had anything setup to unroot the Australian galaxy s2 its the 19100T, back to its original settings


  • Platypus

    Hi, I’m running stock ICS on my SGS2. But want 2 try out Lite’ning Rom v2.8.

    Rooted SGS2, installed CWM and Titaniumbackup. Backed up everything via CWM an Tbu and copied to PC.

    I want to be absolutely sure to be able to restore original ICS. If I install Lite’ning ROM and change kernel, will the restore option of CWM take me completly back to starting point with rooted stock ICS??? I don’t mind losing data, contacts or other. But being able to get back to stock ICS is crucial.

    Has anyone tried this procedure???

    Thanx in advance

    • Vasilis

      When you do a nandroid backup in CWM recovery then ALL partitions are backed up exactly the way they are (kernel, user data, system, cache).. This means that you can flash whatever rom kernel etc and then when you do a nandroid restore and your mobile will be exactly the way it was..It will be like you just restarted it..
      That’s why before any big changes it is necessary to do a nandroid backup!

      NOTE: If you flash a new radio for the device it will not be backed up, so when you restore you will have the new radio..

  • Ebadullah

    I have galaxy s2 with baseband I9100UHKI1 and is still running android 2.3.4. Can you tell me which country’s baseband it is and when will I get the update for further versions?

  • Kevin

    Hi… great work btw. i dont have baseband before install the ROM and i can get signal from my phone, what i should do.?? what im doing wrong??

  • René


    • admin

      Just reflash the correct kernel in ODIN, that’s same as ODIN mode, for i9100G you will need a kernel specifically for i9100G, it’s the only version not supported on this site.

  • pervez

    how to install Pitchblack themed apps for 1.8

    • admin

      just flash it in CWM.

  • Mittens84

    Hey guys!!

    I think I have messed up my phone.. I can install a kernel.. when I launch.. my phone just has the start screen and then nothing happens.. How can I fully recover my phone to factory settings without turning my phone on.. i can view ODIN mode.. that is about it.. i tried siyah and CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5.. but I can not get my phone to start.. what should I do? please someone help me..

    • admin

      Try installing a new ROM or restore your stock ROM/custom ROM.

  • ryan

    i am using s2
    i rooted my phone without noting down the kernel of the phone.
    I dont remember how i dit it and from which site i did it from.
    Now the phone is givin problems.
    Not able to update the phone
    I want the phone to be as it was.
    pls help.

  • ravi mukala

    i m using Resurrection_remix_ics_V1.2_AOKP-B31_4.0.4. i cant enable MASS STORAGE on my phone and can neither find USB UTILITIES in the wireless & network settings. Please help.

  • Daniel

    I updated my phone to ICS via ur odin method, i previously used the odin method to root my gingerbread version too, now i find that the superuser is still there, should i delete it? What is the use of CWM? How do i update my S2 to ICS 4.0.5? I cant update my phone via the software update, it says theres no update, can u provide me with a manual update with instructions?My phone is now ICS 4.0.3, baseband version:I9100DXLP9.

    • admin

      Did you try over the air update? Make sure you are on wifi and try during the week as sometimes servers are down during the weekend.

  • daniel

    i did not try the air update yet, i will do it when i am free. How do i delete titanium backup’s backup files? I need more space in my phone and do i need to delete superuser?

    • admin

      You can find TitaniumBackup folder in your SD or internal. You can try unroot in Superuser app.

  • vasu

    Who to flash a ROM

    • vasu

      I mean to say how to flash a ROM…

  • Subhash Mishra

    i tried to root my galaxy s2(xwkf3 gingerbread) but wasn’t able to do so.
    i was stuck after the rooting, it was not successful n i was not able to see superuser in that screen..
    i tried it 3-4 times, n before that step 11 , everything was going good but then later i couldn’t root it and now i am gettin that yellow triange on start screen..
    plz help to root as well as to get rid of that yellow triangle.
    Thanks in advance

  • Killi

    Need help please. Im following up on your site. Nice walk through S2 ROMs.
    Tried to flash remix 2.0 but Im gettin stuck on booting logo. Tried to install several times. Once with success but not for long. After aprox 1 hour switched to KERNEL PANIC UPLOAD MODE. I tried to follow all the steps:
    Reboot into recovery
    Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    Wipe Cache Partition
    Install the Main ROM
    In recovery go to Advanced
    Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Fix Permissions
    Wipe Cache Partition
    Im coming from:
    PIT –—> u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit
    PDA –—> I9100_CODE_I9100XXKPA_CL51925_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5
    Phone –—> MODEM_I9100XXKPA_REV_02_CL1094591.tar.md5
    CSC –—> GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXAKPA.tar.md5
    and CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KPA-v5.2-CWM5.tar

    I flashed partition table above as well. Can this be a problem?
    Flashing RR 1.9.1 same results: KERNEL PANIC UPLOAD MODE
    What shall I do make this work?
    PLS help to get it up and running. Appreciate.

    • Max

      I believe that’s same as ODIN download mode, you can try flashing a kernel using ODIN.

      • killi

        That’s correct. I can flash another KERNEL via ODIN its just the matter what KERNEL should I flash. RR comes with KERNEL already right?
        Today I took a chance and had RR 2.0 running all morning. About every 1/2 an hour is crashing and restart goes to that panic mode, then I have to press and hold switch button for about 10s to get it restarted. Now I end up with dry battery :/
        Where is the bug? What KERNEL or steps to follow you propose?

  • Adam

    Hey, Max
    First .. good work 😉
    actually i’m new in rooting! and want ask u abt somethings
    I want to root my international GS2 i9100. so, should i follow the steps on that video “How to Root Galaxy S2! [NEW][Works on All Galaxy S2 Variants]”

    – After rooting should i follow that video “Resurrection ICS ROM v2.0 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ICS ROM]” to update my ROM ?

    – when i connected my S2 with Kies i saw this message:
    Your device does not support software upgrading via kies.
    Current Firmware Version: PDA:KF1 / Phone:KE1 / CSC:KE1 (XEU)
    so why my s2 doesn’t support update!? and does this ICS ROM V2 will upgrade my Android Firmware and Android version ?
    I hope you to answer me as soon as possible to start rooting.


    • Max

      tty the othet root method on faq then install new rom because its simpler process.

  • Kevin

    I just rooted my Galaxy S2 (Gt-I9100) by following your steps !!
    and i also did install the Batista FoxHound ICS [TouchWiz UX].
    It is absolutely wonderfully freaking awesome!!
    But i really just want to change 2 things for my phone..

    1. how to reduce battery? this rom has better battery time than before when it was natural phone, but still a bit more want. Any overclerking or others?
    2. I want to change my bettery icon on my notification bar into ICS battery icon (the blue one) with the percentage shows next to it. Is it possible to fix that?

    • Max

      Try setting max cpu at 800mhz that will underclock and save u battery.

  • visthu

    will it take much time for resurrection remix to load?
    ii got my mob struck in the last step.the screen with ICS symbol last for long time?
    could any one help me?

    • visthu

      how much time it ll take for resurrection remix to load?

  • Rafay

    Hey!! I want to know what is the difference between download mode and recovery mode?? And does the recovery version or anything related to the recovery has any effect on the rom installation???

  • Robin

    Hai Max
    Ik like your work very much, keep it up!!
    I want to buy a galaxy s2 but witch is better (also for rooting) the i9100 or the i9100G .
    And if i only can get the i9100G do i have a lot of Roms i can flash?

    • Robin

      No One? Can anyone give me some info on this?

  • victor

    I have a Samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100 and i don’t really know where to start. I want to root my phone, new rom, etc.
    Maybe i still don’t get the root, kernel and rom concept. Please help me and put me in the right direction, how to start.

    • Max

      Root first then make a backup of your Rom then install a new Rom.

  • Jay

    need help i need to check if my s2 has been rooted and if it has been rooted how can i unroot it.

  • victor

    hello again,
    Managed to root and install a new Rom, but after that i tried to run some .avi files, doesn’t work. So is this a normal bug issue or i need some new players to install?

  • Tony S

    Hi Max,

    Here’s one Galaxy2 tmobile ICS rooted using Google voice leaves the old voice mail icon on the top bar and it doesn’t matter what if you change back, call yourself, wipe data, it doesn’t want to leave. Maybe someone has the fix I can’t find it.

    BTW: Thanks for all your help.

    • Tony S

      and the fix is……

      1: To fix this all you need to do is call your voicemail and leave a new voicemail, check it, and delete it.

      2: If you have call forwarding such as youmail, google voicemail, etc. Unforward your calls to the service by looking at your service’s FAQ’s once you have un forwarded the calls repeat step 1 above!

  • Balu


    I am using galaxy S2 with ICS(4.0.3), recently purchased,

    In my mobile there is no Contacts tab in my Call feature, can you please help me how to get the Contacts tab.

    Explanation- If i click on call button there is no contacts tab on top of the bar.If i want to go for contacts its not possible directly from the call feature, i have to come back and again have to go contacts. If my question is not clear, please share your mail i wil send screenshot across.

    Please guide me to fix this, thanks in advance.

  • ekus anand

    i have rooted my s2 i have a rom named Resurrection Remix running how to set faceunlock on it it is not available
    in security setting plzzzzzzzzzz help

  • ekus anand

    how to get facebook contact as it was in 2.3 in ics plzzzzz help

  • jonathan

    hi max . do u knw how to xhange the imei nmbr Gt i9100? or unlock it. um on ressurecction remix 2.2

    • Max

      I don’t know but I will look into this.

  • srinivasan,R.

    I have already rooted my Galaxy S2 i9100G with XXLPQ Firmware and installed CUstom Rom CM9 on it But iam not able to find MY FILES FOLDER in the applications please guide me or help me with the problem

    Thanks an Regards.

  • Nivi

    Hi zedo,
    I need ur help. My S2 stop going into usb mode when i connect my s2 with cable. the msg in notification dont come. and i m unable to transfer data into my phone. kindly help me in this matter.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Max

      on custom ROM? Try another ROM.

    • Ed

      I recall encounter this kind of problem when phone just out of box.
      Phone appear charging but don’t pop up box with usb connected.
      Try other port or check the debug box in setting whether choose or not.
      That may not a problem with rooting.

  • Jay

    Hi MAX!
    i have a s2 international model locked on vodafone uk. when ever i put other sim card the pop up window does not shows. you know the window saying put unlock code and bla bla. um on RR 2.4.1. i really want to sim unlock it. please help me max :(. is there any other method i could try??

    • Max

      Theres sim unlock on play store for rooted phones try that.

  • Alestair

    Hi Max I am new to this, i have rooted my S2, installed ICS etc.. I tried the Remix ROM however it is stuck on the boot screen, secondly i had installed CWM 5.3 and whenever i tried to update it its stuck on the boot screen as well.
    I have to revert to stock ICS to get it working, any ideas?

  • Soldier

    How much time it ll take for resurrection remix to load?
    because I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes and is still the logo of resurrection remix :/

  • gloria knight

    Hi, I rooted my galaxy ok becasue its working with the yellow triangle warning mark.. I thought I purchased Titanium backup and can see titanium pro in my applications but I only seem to have the option to uninstall and nothing else. I have a problem that I can’t remember what I had originally on the phone in software and kernel as I cannot find the list I wrote it on. Can I install any newer version on the GTi9100 which I got around January of this year if I need to. My kernel version is now -i9100XWKF3-CL276555 root@DELL101 #2 with build gingerbread.XWKF3 Android version 2.3.3. When I check for update it states there is on. Is this for the original version or the current version.. I am so new to root I don’t really know where to start. Any help appreciated.

    • Max

      Make sure u r rooted and titanium will work correctly.

      • gloria knight

        well i hhave superuser and yellow warning triangle so I can only assume I am rooted properly. However whenever I try to do anything on titanium there is no option. If I go back to the recovery menue everything I try fails. How else can I tell I’m rooted then? Failing that how can I get back to the original if I can’t remember what I had originally. Can I choose anyone that fits my model and upgrade from there. I’m not sure of the significance to the workings of the phone in the different version numbers.

  • Rafay

    Hey MAX can u provide resurrection remix rom for gt-i9100G…??? Or any other good rom for the ‘G’ variant which has no issues!! Waiting for ur reply!!! Thanks in advance!!

  • D’Jnr

    Hi, i am using samsung galsxy s2 shw-250k and i want to kne if u could help me out with the ics salman ROm also. i really admire your works with the salmon is and i would really be glad if you could provide a rom fr the korean versions.thank you

    • Max

      Sorry korean version is not really great for roms recommend staying with stock.

  • Jose Raul

    Viejo la version 2.5.2 para Resurrection Remix ya fue liverado y no lo has publicado, esta actualización esta mucho mejor y arregla varios problemas que presenta con GPS el RR 2.4.1, el manejo de la pila sigue decreciendo en su eficiencia pero igual es mucho mas veloz y la interacción de la rom es aceptable…

  • Martin

    I couldn’t understand the last question, however I have one of my own. I have now downloaded thee versions of R.Remix including the last 2.3.5 and every time I try to flash the rom using cwm Iget the message “installation failed zimage not found” why?

    • Max

      Do not unzip the files after downloading, use the zip files I think you are unzipping them.

      • Martin

        I have tried both ways , I managed to flash other roms eg “salman” no problem

  • nick

    I want my Facebook contacts to sync with number and birthdate plzzzz help

  • Shubham gupta

    Hey Max,
    First of all thanks as u share such beautiful roms with us.
    When can we expect jelly bean rom for s2?
    Thanks and reply………

  • flynn rider

    hi Max…how to install resurrection ICS ROM via odin??? tnx……

  • flynn rider

    hi Max…plz can u tell me how to install resurrection ICS ROM via odin??? tnx……

  • flynn rider

    hi Max… can u plz tell me how to install resurrection ICS ROM via odin??? tnx……

  • voltaire

    hi max..please i need help…i recently install the rr 2.5.3 rom on my S2 gt i9100 which has a 32 gb usb after i do some setting up on my fon,i dont know what i did it shows now that i have only a 4 gb usb storage..please reply..the rr 2.5.3 is great anyway!i love it but the problem is my 32 gb storage i dont know what happen..THANKS!

  • Pratibh

    Hey, So i rooted my phone( running ics 4.0.3.) via the method you have given,everything went smooth and nice,superuser came up and i allowed it and all, i can also flash roms,as i tried with the Resurrection remix 2.3.5, also step by step as you had told. The problem is, i cannot use titanium backup,as it says i have no root access,even after giving it superuser access. Then i got root checker from the market and it says i have NO root access,which can’t be cause i did flash a rom. Apparently, i have no busybox either. Please help me out here,this is the first time i am rooting and stuff,any help would be really really appreciated
    Thanks !

  • abdullah

    is this rom is compatible with galaxy s2 gt-i9100G please tell me fast please

    • CaptainOfMoo

      just try flashing it and see what happens

  • flixblixclix

    galaxy s2 with stock kernel XWLP7-ICS
    used cf-root-specific to my phone
    using clockworkmod , flashed cm9 latest,
    in cm9, s2 doesnt mount my memory card,,,,,, y y y y y ……. but internal storage of 2 gb and 11gb s accessible which comes with phone….. pls help me ya…..

  • Jaco

    Hi Max,
    i have rooted my s2 a while back. Every thing is working fine except i can not send an sms. I am on Vodacom RSA network. I can receive sms but can not send. If i insert a Mtn RSA simcard i can send and receive sms. can you help?

  • zun0008

    hi guys i recently flashed JB 4.1 and I think something went wrong and my s2 could not reboot it always stuck at Samsung logo with yellow triangle it does not go further. I tried to flash another rom from odin but odin seems terminate the setup when it gets to “SetupConnection” stage.
    Help me guys please


    link to my post with pictures

  • Neutrino7

    I have just updated my S2 from XWLP7 to XXPQ6 and I found that the phone was no longer rooted. Still worked fine although I now had some useless rooted apps on my phone. I had rootbox on the sd card so I tied to install that but message came up not recognised , I started odin and tried to root with a cf root that I had used successfully before but that failed . I then in pda tried to install “19100xwlp7 19100DDLP INU which I had used before when soft bricked but again failed. I was now desperate and in my haste in pda I put XWKDD which sadly odin passed and to my cost I now have a semi hard bricked S2. Is there any thing any body can do to fix the situation?

  • Aung Than Tun

    I have already upgraded my mobile to ICS but I cannot download from google play. So how can I downgrade gingerbread 2.3.5(origenal version)?

    • Neutrino7

      Go to settings – application google play and uninstall updates and if you already have an account then it should work

  • tommy

    i have tmobile galaxy s blaze which custom rom would be good to install

  • Mike

    Well i rooted my phone and tried to install a new rom on it but accidetly put the saved a different file instead of the rom, not thinking i then deleted my custom rom without making a backup now unfrtunatly my phone will not connect via USB to the computer anymore i have spent over a month trying to fix my phone please help would be AMAZINGLY APPRECIATED. also when i start my phone it loopboots and i have a yellow triangle with an xclamtion mark at the beggining if ANYONE can tell me how to fix its free blowjobs all aroun 😛

  • yiren1

    Hi, i am new to Android OS. I do not know what happens to my phone(Black screen) after trying to backup my Rom using CWM (Cm9 nightly). And now my Samsung Galaxy S2 unable to boot up, cant enter Recovery mode either but was able to enter Download Mode. May i know what can i do to save my device? Your help will be appreciated!!!

  • Eddy

    Dear all pro, I have a major problem and tried to solved with Tmobile tech support but they stay away of this issue. My new galaxy t989 bought from Craiglist is not working after a message sent by tmobile for Update my phone. My new phone was working perfectly in two days but now is freeze. I got a message from tmoblie this morning said “congrat, you have an update for your phone, please click Yes”, then I click YES and it said “new update will take up to 10 minutes, click OK to start”, then I press OK. The screen become White color with blue words ” Software Update” and ” Loading..” below it. After 40 minutes, it remain a same picture “White color with blue words ” Software Update” and ” Loading..” below it.” I called tmobile for trouble shoot for 1 hour, end up they said this phone is not purchased from their store and it cannot be repair. Please help me to solve this problem, I do not have phone to use it now. Every time when I remove the battery, turn it back on it will show “White color with blue words ” Software Update” and ” Loading..” below it.” Can someone help me please………………..

  • visthu

    should i ve to root my s2 b4 i install JB???

    • Ed

      Yes, you had to rooted it first in order to get super user and do whatever you want to be.

  • chullian

    can i install JB on my s2 GTI9100 rooted?

  • Sadman

    i am having galaxy s2 korean version SHW M250S bought from China..i am having problem with sending sms because of the size..its only 80bytes…i want to get rid of this problem & want the usual 160 characters of sms..

    hoping to get ur reply soon…thanx in advanced

  • Sadman

    i am having galaxy s2 korean version SHW M250S bought from China..i am having problem with sending sms because of the size..its only 80bytes…i want to get rid of this problem & want the usual 160 characters of sms..

    hoping to get ur reply soon…thanx in advanced

  • john lopez

    hi Max I have a question for you I was used jedi mind trick but last night get mess up I don’t why its get stock on reboot after reboot if some way I can put on odin mode, my computer don’t recognize the phone if some way I can put the on download mode or my phone just die

    • Max

      try reinstalling rom.

  • John Lopez

    Hi max I think the phone is dead,I can’t put the phone in download mode its just reboot after reboot thanks anyway

  • Noushad Chullian

    Can i use nfc file sharing for my GTI9100 working on siyah kernal jb rom

  • Neosourabh

    max my s2s vibrator seems to have a problem…the vibrations seem to be extended and kind of weak..not that diatinct short pulse of vibration…i had previously installed rr2 in which the vibration intensity had some problem…do u know as to what the problem may be??

  • steve


    I have a SGS2 I9100 on Movistar in Spain, can I just follow the instructions above to root it or does this only work for US phones?

    • Max

      works, everything on this site that says Galaxy S2 is for i9100 unless it specifically says for AT&T or Tmobile.

      • steve

        cheers, thanks for the confirmation, time to play!!! 🙂

  • Neal

    Hi max, 1st – Great work with ur tutorials!
    Im a beginner with a fair idea of it all.

    I want to know for someone like you, who switches roms day in and day out,
    whats the best way to keep flashing to try out new/custom roms and still keep(or restore) apps and data(settings,contacts,sms,pics,etc.)
    I recently got my phone restored(by samsung due to software issues) and i had done a backup on SD card from ClockWorkMod but when now i went into recovery and installed and then tiered to restore it said no backup found. So lost everything.

    So whats the best method to flash? To Backup?

    And can i root & unroot without loosing data?


    • Max

      I use GMail for contacts and Titanium Backup app for apps/data, that’s about it. Also I do make a backup ROM if my current setup is good which backs up all my apps, settings, contacts, everything so I can go back to it if a new ROM doesn’t work out for me.

  • Tashbeeb

    Does it work on android version 4.0.4?

    • Max

      yes ICS = 4.0.3/4.0.4

  • Hanzala

    I’m planning to root my S2 which is not upgraded to ICS yet
    Which means it’s still gingerbread 2.3.3
    As I want to recover my data which is important and data recovery app is only for root user so I need to ask that is it possible for me to root my samsung galaxy s2 with gingerbread version 2.3.3 without upgrading it first to ICS ? A step by step guide link would be appreciated though!
    Secondly I want to ask that after a root process, do it requires you to factory reset? Or any thing like that which may cause to effect your Internal storage data or deleted files?
    Kindly Reply me as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Max

      You can use this method to root on Gingerbread:

      That root process does not erase anything no but if this is your first time rooting, make a backup of your internal before doing anything, just in case.

  • ron

    hey just rooted my phone galaxy s2 try to cuztomize it then it asked me if i want it to reboot i said yes but its now taking ages to reboot why does it reboot for ages???

    • Max

      you mean installing a new ROM? Sometimes that may happen.

      1. Doing a fresh re-install.
      2. If that doesn’t work, try another ROM.

  • ron

    how can i fix it to get it back on thanks

  • bernard


    • Max

      It’s usually normal, should go away after couple hours.

  • bernard

    pls max help me bout the temperature of my phone.custom roms is really nice but im concern that it might ruin my fon because of that.pls help……..

  • Irfan Raghib

    Hello Max,

    Come to Pakistan and you will have good food here……. r when I will visit USA again in FEB 2013 will try to see you…

    I need your help. I bought fresh factory unlocked Galaxy S2 White……. Used it for about 9 months…… Suddenly one morning it popped up “Enter Network Security Code”……… Why???


    I tried to root it……….and……when installing new ROM in the middle……… phone went off like it never gets on……….now…………completely off black screen………no signs………….seems it is hard bricked………..

    ROM that I was installing is for Galaxy S2 i9100 and this is my model no.

    Pls. help what to do?????


    • Max

      not sure why that’s happening if you didn’t install a new ROM. Did someone steal your phone and add SIM lock perhaps????

      • Irfan Raghib

        I was installing new ROM and when the phone was in the middle, it bricked and went off…. after that it never showed anything on its screen…… I am unable to on it……. Just black screen…..

        I think it is hard bricked…………can this become on in ODIN mode with USB Jig???


        • Max

          I don’t think so. You might need JTAG repair, try mobiletechvideos.

  • vaishali

    Hi max,

    Great website ! I have to ask what is the best ROM for a galaxy s2 GT-i9100 I am a newb all this i hv just recently Update my Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Official ICS 4.0.4 XWLPX Firmware using odin 🙂 So I am looking for a ROM that improves battery life and performance and has no bloatware…
    will Resurrection ICS ROM v.2.5.3 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Jelly Bean Transitions][Best ROM] work for me? how do i do that my device is not rooted.
    Thank you.

    • Max

      root your phone first, then try couple custom ROMs, they all do have battery life/performance improvements over stock.

  • cyiam40


    is there a good ICS and/or JB rom for US Cellulars SCH-R760?

  • Simon H


    Followed your steps on ODIN and all seemed to go ok.
    Only issue is when I try and use Superuser to update binaries I get to the point where it tries to look for root permission but it never gets it no matter how many times i try.
    I’ve gone into CWM mode from boot so that is working.
    Any reason why it wouldn’t have rooted corrctly and how can I resolve this?


    • Max

      You don’t have to update the binaries that’s just optional but if you have root that’s all you need.

  • abdul

    hi max,
    i have rooted my s2 (ICS) according to ur web. Everything was ok but, my s2 can’t read the usb storage. all apps, pic and etc.. are gone (empty)… I tried searching thru file manager the apps and other were still there… so please help me to soft these problem… tq

  • saifoddin

    Hi max. i have issue with may galaxy s2 i9100. I use to flash lot of roms and kernels on it . i started to have this strange issue with my wifi now days . It will not turn on wifi all sort of custom and stock Rom still no go . So i flashed stock ICS for my country India. Kept 3g network kept my phone some time without touching any thing . After some time it start showing my wifi connection asking me to sign in . I can’t take it to service center coz it oow warranty and cost or repair is 200$ . Now its working but i don’t know what happened and when wifi will go down again i tried searching on xda their are many thread on xda suggesting its broad issue . can you help me what could be possible cause of this Thanks in advance

  • deibbakchi

    Hi I have a rooted galaxy s2 and it’s still gingerbread 2.3.5. Can I just install the CM10 ROM? Thanks in advance.

  • colin

    hi i rooted my samsung galaxy s2 to try a get jelly bean on it but cant get it to i just want to unroot back to normal again.i followed the guide on here but it fails on odin plz any help be great thanks

  • M0RF3R

    hello there …. i hope dis msg reaches u …..
    i just got cm version 9.0.0 stable … and i wasn’t having any google play….. so i downloaded it from from where i downloaded gapp packages ……. flashed them…… but didnt work…… flashed the gapp fixer on it….. it started working …. but it was very slow…. i mean the google play only….. though i have 6mbps connection on wifi still it loads very slow….. ,
    can u please tell me a resurrection remix version on jelly bean which is stable and has good battery life too, and has google play in it working fine…..and plz give me some pros and con between the cm 9 ics and the jb rr rom you are suggesting. (btw my model is s2 gt-i9100 international….. bought from india)

  • john laker

    hi i see you’ve put up an program for uninstalling a root for t-mobile could you please tell me can this be used for a orange orignal phone i rooted via the site
    thank you in advance


    Hi max, i have a samsung galaxy s2x from telus(Canada) and i was wondering if this root could work on it although it says in the settings,model number is SGH-T989D and both the american version and the canadian version of the galaxy t989 look exactly the same and have the same internal hardware too so would you recommend me to do the root on my phone.

  • Harsh Chandarana

    I have a couple of questions here.. If the Admin could reply that would be great, Any help appreciated..

    1) My power button seems to be acting weird, it just restarts the phone when want to use my phone and keeps on restarting over and over again. Is there any fix to this problem?

    2) My screen is cracked.. The digitizer is completely okay.. Is there anyway that I can replace the screen? I have the replacement screen too..

    Thanking in advance

  • arturo

    I just intaled the jelly bean rainbox rom in my S2. It looks like i lost my root, ¿is this normal?

  • james

    Hi Max! referring to your “Unroot Your Galaxy s2” Tutorial I wanna give You A Big Sloppy Kiss, You Saved My Ass!
    Many, Many Thanks for the tut and especially the Link to the Samsung Firmware Archive of which Really Helped.
    Two days ago I rooted my phone, (WXLPW-Siyah-s2-V4 Rom), all went well until after using the Rom Toolbox Pro, (after changing the Boot Animation), my phone got stuck in boot mode. Please could You suggest a stable custom rom for version 4.0.4 ICS, kernel version 3.0.15-1068762, build No IMM76D.XWLPW.
    Again, Thank You!
    Kind Regards & NEW YEAR Wishes.

  • Adi

    how cani flash rom without sd card ?

  • abhishek

    hii, i recently rooted my s2 and installed resurrection remix ICS V2.2 and now m facing problems like …unable to delete multiple contacts,not able to share contacts via message ,not able to send msgs to multiple people at once also the phone stops responding many times and apps close . plz help..

  • donne jerico

    hi i have galaxy s2 i need files to root
    pda :I9100XWLQ2
    phone :I9100XXLQ6
    csc: I9100DBTLPO

    plz help as i need to root it


  • donne jerico


    pda :I9100XWLQ2
    phone :I9100XXLQ6
    csc: I9100DBTLPO


  • Prasad

    I have shw m250k Samsun S2 phone (Korean Version).Can I root this ??
    I am facing problem in network detection. Its olleh phone purchased from Korea.

  • Rayno

    So I rooted my phone and installed rom yesterday morning – everyting worked great – loving this build – plugged the phone in on charge last night and this morning it is not switching on at all!??


  • BgDjape

    Hi Max!
    I think that more and more people have a same problem with custom roms, becouse of ”sim lock” issue. I have a Galaxy S2 gt-i9100 from a diferent network and it works awesome with resurrection remix rom 3.1.2, but when i try to install a newer rom i constantly having the ”sim lock”. If anyone can find solution for this problem, it’s you! Please respond!
    Best regards!

    • BgDjape

      I forgot this – Galaxy unlock or anything else that i can find on Google Play Store, doesn’t work for newer roms.

  • scott

    hello new to this so if anyone can help .
    i have a s2 from bt busines mobile cannot update via kies ota update says no update running gb 2.3.4
    been tod by samsung helpline that imei relates to vodaphone but phone came network unlocked.
    Is this phone rootable or even updateable many thanks

  • Saad

    Hii, i live in the middle east and i have no idea about the region and im new to android OS. I rooted my phone with speedmod via. odin and now i dont know what i should do. I still have my stock rom

  • vetteengr

    Need help. I rooted my GT-I9100 4.0+ yesterday and after a bit of issues (won’t boot) – it’s up and running. However, I have couple issues and need some help.
    1. My bluetooth has quit working?
    2. I cannot connect to Kies anymore – keeps failing for MTP usb driver failure.

    Any help will be appreciated. Have searched and tried several recommendations from google.


  • damon n

    i want to install the new jelly bam rom. what i need to know is how do i find the correct kernel for it.

    i rooted my s2 i9100 last year to the f1 version [galaxy nexus – 12-06-05] with the kernel 3.0.32-cm gb256552
    from the ics stock that i had.

    what i want to know is how do i find the stuff to go from my current rom and kernel to the one i want. to scared incase i brick it


  • Tom

    Hi, i have a rooted S2 on 4.0.3 but want to update it. I have no clue how to go about this, do i need to unroot it, officially update it and then root it again??? Any help would be good!


    • vetteengr

      I believe all you need to do is burn one of the newer ROMs that are posted that match your phone and you should be good to go – shouldn’t have to unroot it.

  • Angshuman Dey

    Hi Max!

    Can you suggest the best ROM in terms of latest looks and battery backup.

    Currently I am with Resurrection Remix. Bored of it!!! 🙂

    • Angshuman Dey

      I have switched to Biftor ROM after reading your post about it.

      It’s pretty cool.

      Good Battery Life and customization.

      Thanks again for helping.

  • Patel Minal

    it will work on indian samsung galaxy GT-I9100G model..??? plzzz tell me

    • Angshuman Dey

      hi Minal.

      What is it in ur question?

  • Patel Minal

    its means i have samsung s2 GT-i9100G number was .XXLPZ to root plzz tell me..????

  • Angshuman Dey

    Hi Minal,

    This phone can be rooted.

    Just follow one of the method mentioned above based on which stock rom you have – gingerbread or ics?

    • Patel Minal

      ics 4.0.4 dud…

    • Patel Minal

      hey plzz give me a good link ane ans for this..

  • Angshuman Dey

    Just scroll up and click the link “How to Root Galaxy S2 on ICS!”

  • Michael

    Thanks Max
    but what is the meaning of mr1

  • Sachin

    my phone Galaxy SII I9100 i want the official jelly bean ROM India 2013 March 4.1.2 I9100XWLSK I9100ODDLSA but not from its speed is too slow so give me download link or upload it……….


    • Sachin

      ANYONE know site so reply………

  • jb. blaze

    I have a galaxy s2 sph-d710. I did an update through kies to 4.1.2 and lost root. I need help with getting root back. Thanx…

  • César Noboru Iano Lira

    Hi max,

    I’m having trouble with people installing and unninstalling apps from my phone! Do you know any method to block those actions?

    And what about blocking the hard reset?


  • Neutrino7

    I have installed many different roms in the past but none as awkward as mr1 milstone. I installed it the way I alwys do ,wipe cash+ dalvic cash and then flash zip .when rebooted no apps no play store therefore no titanium backup .So download play store via pc because phone will not now download anything. but the launcher will not work. the phone is now a very primative device. I came from mr1 v6 Do you have any idea what has gone wrong?

  • Mark

    just now i root my samsung galaxy s2..all pretty well when i upgrade karnel..when reboot..i just notice that my reboot take sooo long it should be..almost 1 hour..i dont know what triangle warning..only black and white samsung logo..dont say i just break my own phone -_-..please all..who have solution..reply me..just buy it 3 month dad will kill me if my phone break

  • chris rolo

    @neutrion7 dont you need to install g app aftrer flashing the rom ? I have on a few rom. check under the link to the rom.normaly there is a link to g apps if you need to install it.


    I Have Recently update my S2 GB to ICS but you know that ICS on s2 is completely flop.. I want to downgrade my s2 to GingerBread. would u please Help me …!!!


    On ICS em getting these Problems …!!! My device not Locking.. THe POwer BUtton prblm.. on LOng press it turn off…!!

    PLZ tell me how to back on GB..!! 🙁

    • Max

      Download GB firmware from and install with ODIN using PDA option.

  • Jimesh

    Hi. I am having S2 and my android version is 4.0.4.
    I would like to upgrade it to android jelly bean 4.2.2 and I would like to know the process or steps that i need to follow to upgrade.

    Can you please share the steps and can I perform a direct upgrade.
    Please update me on this.


  • Shabs

    Hey max
    Could u please help me when i try s2 rom from sd card for installation it keep failing with error
    E:error in /tmp/sideload/
    (status 7)
    Thats what i get please help and explain me how to install properly
    i havegalaxy s2 rooted gt-i19100 4.1.2 jelly bean

  • Balaji


    Last week i have updated my S2 with Jellybean and currently running on JB. But battery drying a lot, i want to do the factory re set, if i did what will happen? is i will get JB or ICS?

    After reset again have to update the Jellybean?

  • Andy

    I have root my phone and now my phone can’t on… my phone just blank and won’t on.. please the instruction?

  • Luka

    Hello, can i simply load a 4.1.2 rom into odin instead of ice cream sandwitch rom?
    Will it work? I want to speed up my update to jelly bean from a rooted ics..(I9100XXLPS / 3.0.15-I9100XXLPQ-CL223505se.infra@SEP-94#3 / IML74K.XWLP7)
    And which 4.1.2 rom version to download? I’m from Slovenia and i have a gt-i9100 that i got from a stoagehouse that was only importing the phones from Hungary and forwarding the phones to another country…Also the language was hungarian when i bought it, that i changed to slovenian and could be changed to any other language… On SamMobile I was checking out firmwares: There are 2 firmware versions avalible in Slovenia; 2 carriers: Simobil and Mobitel. I currently use Mobitel’s sim card!
    Simobil’s version is I9100XWLSD(4.1.2) and Mobitel’s version is I9100XWLPD(4.0.3). I think that is correct, check it out just to be sure. My question is: so will i be able to make calls, text and use data transfer on both versions, what is the diference(besides the version) and should i download Simobil’s version version from this tutorial:
    I Thank you very much!!!

  • Milky

    Hi, can i use an insecure BUKG2 instead of BUKJ3 as i can’t find BUKJ3?

    can Gingerbread.Bukj3 be easily upgraded to android jellybean


  • Robert Horvat

    Hi ! I was wondering about the GT I9100 G ,is it the same to the GT I9100 when you flash roms,i mean do all the roms from the normal galaxy s2 work on the G version .By the way is it worth to buy a s2 G rather than the normal galaxy s2.Please answer ! Thanks 😀

  • RAY


    • RAY


  • Victor

    Hi, I watched the video on rooting 4.1.2 and I have a few newbie questions. Sorry if they seem basic. I just can’t find the answers.
    1) Why must you install a new kernel to replace the stock JB kernel in order to put on CWM and then root? Is there a problem with the stock kernel’s ability to support CWM?
    2) Does the jeboo kernel leave touchwiz intact or replace it with something else?
    3) What is the difference between a kernel and a ROM? You have videos for installing both, so I am confused. It appears you must put in a new kernel to root with CWM, then use CWM to put on a custom ROM. What happens to the kernel you previously put in when rooting? No longer necessary?
    4) If you get an Android update, say 4.3, and you have to unroot, do you have to go through the steps again to 1) replace the kernel, 2) install CWM, 3) root, 4) and then add a custom ROM?

  • nigel0909

    im trying to root my galaxy s2 4.1.2 but i get zimage what can do to fix this please

  • menace

    How can i restore my i9100 back to original for warrranty purpose? I took a backup after i rooted it, does this help?

    Or do I just “How to Unroot Galaxy S2 i9100 to Gingerbread! – You can unroot/unbrick your Galaxy S2 i9100 back to completely stock Gingerbread.”

  • Juan Castro


    I need your assistance. I have a Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 GSM, I rooted using your method, great tutorial by the way, but I unrooted to a stock rom as well using one of your tutorials. After I root it the first time and before I flashed a different rom I saved the rooted original rom, the one with the provider stuff on it. Can I go back to that rom again? I am unrooted right now.
    Thank you, I hope I made myself clear.

  • Juan Castro

    Hi Max,

    Its me again, I was able to root my SGSII GT-i9100 GSM again, but I am having a lot of problems with it specially with the battery, it turn off by it self and shown as no battery, when I finally able to turn it on I have more than 50% of power. I wanted to restored it to the original rooted stock rom that I saved the first times but seems like it is not doing it. If I connect the phone to Kies it saids my current firmware version is not compatible with an update through kies. I don’t mind to be rooted but this problem with the battery is driving me crazy. Any help you can bring me will be highly appreciated.

    Juan Castro

  • Hamza

    i installed cm 10.2 on my gti9100 and after installing that now i m not able to enter CWM mode. cm10.2 is also not working. tell me how to enter in cwm mode to install any other rom.

  • shivajishekar

    My new samsung galaxy s2 is stuck in yellow triangle screen and doesn.t enter into recovery or download mode.pls help

  • Vineet


    Want to know what is the most stable(best) 4.1 or higher Andriod ROM for I1900. I seem to having some problem with my Samsung 4.1 ROM with my device getting heated up or hanging occasionally. Not sure if this is due to some apps that I. Is there a way of checking this?

  • yash

    I have galaxy s2 i9100g not i9100 is their any difference between them

  • abid

    i have a problem . when i on the phone the sorry messaging come on the screen like messaging app is close and google server is close and it repeated i cant go any further and it cant read the usb storage . please help i have galaxy s2 i9100

  • Miriam

    I just got a new unlocked samsung galaxys2gti9100 but my AT&T sim isn’t working on it…

  • philj

    Hi I’m a noon with i9100t that I rooted and flashed with cm10 Extreme 4.1.1 beta ROM unlocked from VAU using heindall. It has been glitching a fair bit, and sometimes gets pretty hot and high battery drain at the same time. I have tried milestone mr2, chameleon, avatar, and recently extreme 4.2.2 stable, but none of these would unlock using busy box

    and galaxy s unlock from helroz. Over the weekend I flashed jellyam, which was great at first, but started locking 2-3 times a day, and internet was problematic. Have restored extreme beta, but now having net problems and modem is xxls6. Im sure it was dulp4 prior to flashing jellybam.
    I am normally fairly tech savvy, but recently got dercums syndrome which gives me massive headaches, mobility probes, and goldfish memory, so m struggling somewhat and highly dependant on my phone and net.Any suggestions for fixing this? p.s. if I don’t thank for helping it is memory not lack of gratitude. Thanks in advance

  • akhtar

    i have samsung galaxy s2 i try to rest by option vol up+menu+pwr but cant process plzzz help me my phone lock with too mny attmps. thanks

    • xxvxx

      Switch off ur mob and then try it.

  • Mohamed Sayyaf

    Hi Max…
    I am in a problem.i have rooted my SGS2 abd i installed NeatROM Lite…it workes nicely..but when when i tried to add anothef cCustom ROM after installing it continuasly Bootloops i tried Unrooting by using your method but the same thing hallens and unfortunately i had not created any back up before rooting and i have kept a back up for NeatRom…i donno why this happens these are my details..
    SGS2 GT-i9100
    Baseband V. : i9100XXMS2
    Kernal V :
    3.031 – 1211311
    dpi@DELL251 #3
    SMP PREEMPT Thu May 16 10 : 05 : 20
    KST 2013
    Build No : XWLSW NeatROM Lite v4.8
    Please help me.. I trust you please. Help me….

  • Filip

    Hey, I have installed CyanFox ROM (Android 4.4) recently but it’s not what I have expected. Before that, I have used Carbon ROM (Android 4.3.1) for just one day before the battery went empty and the phone has then frozen when booting at the screen with orange triangle. And before that, I have used AOKP ROM (MR1 milestone 1) for quite a long time. That’s the facts. Now the problem is that when I have tried to reinstall Carbon ROM today (this time with /system format), it gave me Status 7 error, then after following some guides it gave me Satus 6 error and now I’m really frustrated because the only ROM working is CyanFox and even the restore for the AOKP backup that I have made doesn’t work. Is there some issue with downgrading to older Android versions I have not heard before? And could you please help me out of this deeeeeep shit? :-/

    Thanks in advance!


  • Ioan

    It’s not booting up after unroot (model GT-I9100), it just re-runs the logo over and over again…HELP ME PLEASE!!!

    • Ioan

      Nevermind, had to do the user cleanup thingy

  • ThinkTank

    I tried updating my gs2 to official ICS released by AT&T. But since i am using it outside of US, network was blocked
    i could do all the basic func expect calling and sms.
    will i be facing same issue if I Install a custom ROM with newer android?

  • kudah

    hello.i have been having memory problems with MIUI rom on my phone.after i install it i can only install about 8 apps and then all of a sudden i see notifications telling me that im out of phone memory.from there i wont be able to install apps,update them or even receive SMSs.i first thought it was a problem with my phone memory but i soon discovered that when i install other touchwiz ui ROMs for instance, SIV series rom or Revolution rom i never face memory problems.i will be able to install apps as far as my memory can go.please help me out i dont know what to do.i love MIUI rom i want to stick to it but this memory problem is really annoying.

  • Balaguru

    I rooted my Samsung galaxy s2 international version & using omega latest version… Whn i put my phone in charge in night means, in morning i see my phobe switched off.. It happened many times.. Whn i reboot the charge is 100‰..sum times i put ttorrent in night & connect in charge in night..

  • Oscar

    I rooted my phone sometime ago and I added the call forwarding option to it. but since then I changed jobs and now all my old contacts keep calling me and I am unable to find the calling settings so my question is where do I find the call settings? or how do I end the call forwarding. I used the *73 but thats still not working.

  • sampie

    I just rooted my samsung galaxy s2 i9100 running on jellybean 4.1.2 yesterday and today i updated super su and now my phone wont restart its stuck on the screen with the yellow triangle i cant even go into the recovery screen ( holding v-up home and lock button) please help!!!

  • Chirag Parikh


    I have installed Kitkat 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy s2 and now would like to root the phone. Please guide

  • xxvxx

    Hey max can u put sum articles on How to Backup and Restore EFS / IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S2 gt i9100.

    Thx 😉

  • VenHeelun

    I installed the BeanStalk-4.4.200 rom and now i cannot run TomTom anymore. TomTom can not find maps anymore. I beleve the drivename of the internal memory (sdcard0) and memorycard (sdcard1) is changed since i installed a custom rom but i don’t know for sure.
    I tryed the CyanogyMod and it does NOT run TomTom also.
    Has anyone got a solution for this?

    Thank you very mutch.

  • John

    Does anyone know where to find recent roms for sprint GS2 R760

  • StIsidore

    Thank you for some very good step by step guides.

  • Zeyad

    Please Help Me !!! I was making root to my mobile samsung galaxy s2 gt i9100 Then after i made the odin mode and open the odin in computer and check pda and use kernel it say pass But after that my mobile Wouldn’t reboot and a yellow triangle appear and stuck the and mobile close !! So please Help me How to open my mobile

  • The Knight Rider

    Guys I need a kitkat 4.4 rom that supports call line to line recording please!

  • Steven Lin

    Hi, I’ve a great website that served any official & rooted ROM. That is
    Guys, I’ve a problem still doesn’t have the answer. How to make galaxy s2 screen to be greymode scale or we call no color on my screen because it could help me saving my battery. Please the answer. Thank you.

  • Ahmed

    Hi, i have a samsung galaxy s2 and it have the grey battery icon, it cant acces to recovery, but i have access to mode download, I can enter Odin download mode, and ive tried installing several different both stock, original and CMW roms, and nothing changes. (except if i use gingerbread, then the grey battery icon just keeps flashing off and on in 5 second intervals when plugged into the charger.) Please help me :(.

  • waleed

    hey sir can u tell me how i can use 3g or video call from samsung sghi777 there is no option of video call in dailer of phone i m using stock version of jelly bean

  • Sojo

    Thanks for the instructions on how to unroot my SG SII was successful. However not in the way I expected.

    I loaded the UK 4.1.2 Jellybean stock (as was my previous ROM) in the hopes that I could get a Banking App (Barclays Mobile Banking) to run as previously before I rooted my device. This app will not run if it “senses” the device is rooted. I came to reinstall the app and run it. Unfortunately it says the phone is rooted.??

    Also none of my installed apps or configurations where changed on reboot after “unrooting” with stock ROM per your instructions with Odin. I know the update was successful because the boot splash image is no longer the original carrier image.

    How can I be sure this phone is really unrooted and if it is could you advise why the banking app still thinks the phone is rooted… would appreciate your help I really want this app to work.


  • yardan

    I have old Samsung s2 – model GT-I9100T running Android version 2.3.5.

    What is needed to upgrade this phone to kitkat 4.4 version ?
    Does this models is supprtoed , since i saw there are I91000 / I91000G models downloads.
    Please advise…

    Please assume i never update the ROM – so i will need instructions for dummies …:)

  • indiana

    tried switching on my galaxy s2 but it wont start, its stuck on the logo. keps showing the samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100 . what should i do

  • vikas

    i have galaxy s2 gti9100 its rooted and i was using biftor rom from many days .today it suddenly stuck on samsung galaxy sII logo and i am not also able to get into recovery mode. however it can enter into download mode but till now i havn’t used odin neither i have files to flash it through odin. kindly guide me with files i should download and from where so that i can flash it again to unbrick it. please help……………. i am a great admirer of thisj site and optimistic that i will b helped soon

  • CS Banagar

    I keep on getting system broadcast messages which contain nothing but random sets of letters and alphabets. I tried to disable it from system settings but I’m still getting those messages.
    How should I disable this?

  • jagman

    October 9, 2014 at 10:02 am

    Hi, many thanks for your great site and very informative FAQ’s…I have succesfully unbricked my Galaxy S2 i9100 thanks to your site….However I would have thought that going back to stock rom (4.1.2 jellybean from gingerbread) I would have unlocked my phone from Orange (EE) as I had put a new sw and rom on to it?? Is there a way I can check the unlock code from the phone?? (when in recovery mode etc) or do I have to visit an EE shop and give my IMEI number in order to unlock the phone….I wish to go onto vodafone sim (PAYG)
    Any info or suggestions would be very much appreciated,
    many thanks,

    • jagman

      Hi, reference my last posting…don’t know if it makes any difference but I am in UK and would like to unlock my i9100 from EE to vodafone,
      Many thanks again for a great site with so much informative and knowledgeable explanations from so many experienced, professional and dedicated people,
      many thanks again,
      Really appreciate the postings,

  • Jayant

    I have an s2 and i want to root it and put a kitkat rom on it, but i am afraid that i will not be able to watch hd videos on it anymore.
    Will i still be able to watch hd videos on it once i have the new rom on it?

    • summerguy

      yes u can watch.

      • Jayant

        Thank you so much, whats the easiest way to root?

  • summerguy

    does anyone answer here anymore?

  • Frank Carlos

    – Hello I installed the 4.4.4 on my S2 and it works very good, sadly I can not move apps on the SD Card, why? Please help me, thanks.
    15. Juli um 02:52 on Facebook (Check out C-ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 &… –
    – Your answer: i should post a solution for sd soon
    15. Juli um 11:26
    – Hello Max did you solve the problem with the sd card? (your post from 15th july 2014) I need to moove many apps to the sd card, please help me, thanks…
    – Please give me an answer, thank you

  • nick

    i hav installed 5.0.2 on my gt i9100 but when i cant install gapps on it
    pls help

    • Allen Kimai

      are the gapps youre using , lollipop gapps .try using micro gapps
      if failure persists , you need to repartition your internal storage by flashing a custom pit file

  • moe

    hello i have question about a application (genuine galaxy) at the play store to determine if my galaxy is original or not , i want to know if it reliable application and i can count on it or its a fake app?
    thank you

  • Prithwiraj Ghosh

    Hello Max, I need help please.
    My GalaxyS2 got soft bricked, I unbricked it using the stock ROM. After that I rooted again, and then I installed a custom ROM. Since then when I reboot my phone, it stops showing the cyanogenmod logo and the phone doesn’t opens. Please help me mate 🙁

    • Allen Kimai

      enter recovery mode and wipe cache ,if your phone is still not booting up wipe data

  • micha

    hello what is the fastest rom for galaxy 2?

  • Любомир Ковалик

    hellow. How to install win10 on galaxy S2?

  • Michel Lopes

    hello I have ressurectiom remix 5.1.1(5.4.7optimized) and I tried to to flash xposed like you said on my s2 i-9100 and I have got the message not enough space! but i have increased my internal storage(apps) to 4gb and I still have 2gb left, 9gb of internal…why it is showing this message?

  • Timothy Boland

    I have been trying to flash my s2 the last 2 days with
    nothing but boot loops on about 8 difference roms, the only one that
    works is stock ICS, tried your /format system still no luck 🙁 any idea
    what i might do?