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How to Disassemble/Assemble Galaxy S2! [Dissect TEARDOWN]

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If you ever need to replace a broken screen or other parts on your Galaxy S2, it’s very easy to disassemble and assemble your Galaxy S2.

For a whole month, my screen on my Galaxy S2 i9100 was flickering a bit and I took my Galaxy S2 apart to fix the issue. It turns out one of the LCD cables became loose and upon re-connecting them, my phone was back to 100%.

And while I was at it, I took a video of me disassembling and assembling the Galaxy S2 i9100. But the process is nearly identical for all Galaxy S2 series including the SGH-i777, SGH-T989, and the Epic 4G Touch.

Anyways, this video could help you so keep in mind. All you need is a screwdriver and about 20 minutes of your time, very safe to do.

While I was at it, I switched the back casing on my white i9100 and black SGH-i777, now I have two “black and white” phones, looks pretty cool and customized:

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You will need a rooted Galaxy S2 to install all ROM/kernels.

First time to rooting and custom ROMs?

Please see our FAQ for your Galaxy S2 model FIRST!!!:

Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 FAQ
Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 (AT&T) FAQ
Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 (T-mobile) FAQ
Galaxy S2 SPH-D710 (Sprint) FAQ
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How to Disassemble/Assemble Galaxy S2! [Dissect TEARDOWN], 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
Categories: Galaxy S2 Hacks.

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19 Responses to How to Disassemble/Assemble Galaxy S2! [Dissect TEARDOWN]

  1. Steph says:

    Do you know how to repace the home button ?

  2. Jurriƫn Hillen says:

    Great site you have here bro! I’m from Holland so you can say it reaches people all over the world!
    I do have a question for ya, hope you can and are willing to help me out here…
    When i touch my touchscreen and hold my finger down at the same place, the screen is “shaking” It’s like the phone can’t really tell where exactly i’m touching the screen. A couple of months ago my phone was repaired due to a fall, and the touchscreen was replaced. I had this problem before, right out of the box, and after the repair it was still there, so I figured it’s not the screen itself.

    Is there a part in the phone I could try to fix? replace?

    Hope my english is good enough for you to understand what I mean :) thnx man, appreciate your help!

  3. Clif says:

    Does anyone know where can I by a replacement screen for my sgh i777?

  4. Calvin says:

    This guy is badass :D

  5. Pingback: Galaxy S2's 3.5mm jack not accepting connections...

  6. Miguel says:

    What’s the size of the screw that you used? Can I switch the housing of the sgh-i777 and the sgh-i9100?

  7. Tammam says:

    The same shaking problem !
    Please heeeeeelp

  8. dimi says:

    Is it possible to replace a broken screen of the SGS 2 (GT-i9100 – EU model) with 3 buttons with the screen of the SGS 2 (Epic 4G Touch D710 – US model) with 4! buttons?

  9. Miguel says:

    Would my sgh-i777 work the same as a gt-i9100 if I switched out the digitizer and added an i9100 ROM and kernel?

  10. I am in need of advise. I have 2 galaxy T989 new. One of them is in a bootloop the very first day i received it. I can’t get to recovery or download. Now the second one is fine but i really want to root it. My problem is that i don’t have s computer do to it being stolen. I tried to flash a recovery into it but i keep getting rejected with signature fail. I am frustrated about this. Please help me. I am by no means a wizard when it comes to electronics. Is there a way to root my phone without a computer? As far as i see this android recovery will not let me install anything. And if there is a way to root than can you recommend one of your Rom packages to me. Thank you, i am starting to feel my age.

  11. Roger Ham says:

    I have an i777 and I have bad the rear camera.

    I like to know if I can use the rear camera from i9100?


  12. Philippines says:

    Hello, i just want to ask if my samsung galaxy sii model (ISW11SC) can be unbrick?? i think it’s brick
    because when i press the HOME + VOLUME DOWN + POWER. it’s not responding, it’s totally BLACK SCREEN. Before it’s just HANG on the AU logo, then i use ODIN then i recover the Galaxy but when i update the software of the SII, then reboot then get’s black.

    i try to remove the battery for a while, then bring it back. then remove battery for 12 hours then bring it back. But no response from the UNIT. but i feel it’s warm at the back.

    what can you suggest to my unit??

    thank you and more power..

  13. random says:

    The part where he forgets to connect the antenna and puts the back case back in, I screamed WiFi!!!!!!!

  14. sejongsj hong says:

    I vaguely remember a video from your website that showed glass replacement of a T-989 Galaxy S2. Do you still have the video?

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