How to Dual-Boot ROMs on Galaxy S2 i9100!

Here’s some great news for flasholics who want to run two ROMs side-by-side. With the Siyah ICS kernel, now you can dual-boot two different ROMs easily than ever before.

Basically your second ROM with get stored in secondary file system and the user will have the choice to boot into primary or secondary ROM.

This is probably a great way to test out two ROMs on the go, so give it a whirl and let me know how it works for you.

You will need ICS ROM and also Siyah kernel, you can see How to Install Kernel.

Also, use the latest Siyah to dual-boot ICS and Jelly Bean ROMs at the same time!

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  • Billy

    hey thanks for the great tip on how to dual boot a i9100. I just wanted to know how much internal memory space i need in order to properly execute dual booting.
    hope to hear from you soon.

  • Marcel

    Hi Max,
    Great job by you to provide us all these interesting information on the www.
    I have just installed the dual booth with the standard rom (as secundary booth) and Resurrection as first (Love that rom!!!)
    But I have a question about my apps which I had installed in the primary booth.
    When I choose recovery it wipes the Resurrection and when I choose Back Up it ask me if
    I want to back up to the external SD.
    Is there a possibility to get my apps to Ressurection from the Standard Rom

    Thank you in advance and best regards,
    Marcel Ackema
    The Netherlands

  • Pete

    Hi max im trying to install a second rom on my galaxy s2 but i have a problem when i boot into clockwork recovery mode and select dual boot option then CLONE PRIMARY ROM to secondary its saying its not implemented yet i all ready have the amazing ressurection rom installed but i wanted the F1 GALAXY NEXUS ROM also

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  • extreme4123

    Hi o buddy, I like your this starting style, I am running the latest. Resurrection 1.8.1
    and it works like charm, I wanted to go for the otg thing, you did with zedomax kernel
    Will it be possible with the above, siyah kernel,

  • robagp

    I use the dual boot with i9100 and on the secound rom not working the menu button, nad the back!
    I change othre two roms, but the secound rom is not working the button and the back too.
    I swap primary and secoundary, but now the primary isn’t work the menu button and the back.
    How can i fix it?
    Thank you wery much!

    • admin

      Might be an issue with gapps, some roms you have to flash gapps otherwise the buttons won’t work.

  • Nicholas

    Is it possible to dual boot with stock ROM?
    i.e Primary: Resurrection Remix
    Secondary: Stock ROM

    • admin


  • Nag

    Is it possible to dual boot with MIUI ROM?
    i.e Primary: Resurrection Remix
    Secondary: MIUI ROM
    I want to try both
    I am currently using Resurrection Remix 1.8.1
    and want to try MIUI on secondary
    please give me reply

  • Eduardo

    Max, please help me!! I had dual-boot working perfectly I flashed a new ROM and the Syiah counter, disappeared and I can’t access the 2nd ROM.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Max

      re-install siyah in CWM and your 2nd rom should be still there.

      • Eduardo

        Thank you, Max!

  • mindfreak

    is it possible to dual boot wid my stock rom wich is xwla4 checkrom hd and i want ics resurection secondry plzz explain me

    • Max

      Yes if they are both ics roms.

      • mindfreak

        thnkxx max i want to work wid u :)…………

  • Johnny Eng

    Max.. how about Galaxy Note? Can dual boot two ICS rom too?

    • Max

      Not yet but soon.

  • Said Milza

    Hi o max..
    I want to clone 1stROM to 2ndROM but it said “not enough space on sd”
    but Its a lot of space on my sd
    how to solve this??

    • Max

      You have microSD right?

  • Paul

    I’ve just watched your video. Im gonna make dual boot on my sgs2. I will make CM9+Stock XXLPW. Can I install CM9 as first rom? How many mb I need for both partitions?
    Clone= all apps, games, saves will be moved on secondary rom?
    Why do u have this awful yellow triangle? You know how to dualboot, so ereasing it should be easy for you.

    • Aidan

      That came up when he rooted his phone

  • Aidan

    The yellow triangle

  • Jeff

    Hi Max! I dual booted successfully, but now i wanna remove my primary rom and install another one, how can i do that?

    • Max

      just wipe and install over it.

  • Jehan

    Hey Max how do you suggest that i try out a new ROM while keeping the data in the ROM i’m already using? ie: Without backing up or restoring

    • Max

      Clone 1st rom to second then install.

  • Angabow

    Hi my friend Max, can i use two different kernels in daulbooting? thats to use Siyah kernel for primary rom and speedmod kernel for the secondary rom

    • Max

      No, you can only use one kernel Siyah for dual-booting.

  • Angabow

    Hi my friend Max, can i use two different kernels in dualbooting? thats to use Siyah kernel for primary rom and speedmod kernel for the secondary rom

  • khalidduder

    hey max. do i need to flash the Siyah kernel if im installing stock ICS?

  • utsav

    i just tried to dual boot with Resurrection Remix as primary and the new jellybean rom X-TremE-CM10-Beta but then my phone didnt boot… i just got a black screen pls help..

    • utsav

      is it that ics and jellybean cant be put together…

  • creazyandroid

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for posting video on dual boot. I have couple of queries.
    Mobile details : Samsung Galaxy SII(XWLP3) O2 UK, rooted, updated with Siyah Kernel v4.0.1(which accepts dual OS ICS and JB)

    1.How much space do i need for dual boot Android OS.
    (currently my phone has left with < 1GB on Phone Memory(internal_sd) and 25GB on external_sd.

    2.Is it possible to install dual boot with < 1GB on Phone Memory(internal_sd)?


  • Akshay

    Hi Max,

    I have successfully dual booted by SG2,
    Im using RR 3.0.6 as secondary rom and cMIUI 2.8.31 as primary rom.
    but when i tried to install my Stock firmaware “XWLP7 india version” as primary rom,
    Siyah aborted the installation saying “bad” (sorry, i dont remember the exact message).
    What could be reason behind this?, can you please guide me about this,

    Following are some specifications.

    Phone : Samsung GS2 GT I9100 (carrier free, India )
    Kernel : Siyah 4.1.1+
    Stock firmware: (downloaded from samMobile).

    Please suggest me the required steps to accomplish this as I want to use my stock firmware as primary rom.
    I had flashed this stock firmware via Odin and it was working fine. But not able to flash it using CWM

    • Max

      Stock ROMs can only be installed via ODIN, try installing it first then use Siyah to clone your stock rom to 2nd or use it as primary ROM.

  • ionutzsk

    Hi Max, i want to make a dual boot on my phone. Now i have Omega ICS v15, and i want to install Revolt JB 2.3 as primary after i’ll make Omega secondary. I have Siyah kernel 4.1.5. It is possible if one is ICS and another is JB if i’ll follow your instructions above ?

    • Max

      Yes, with latest one you can boot both ICS and JB at same time.

  • Sakthi

    Max Please please please make a video how to Dual boot paranoid android and rocketRom on galaxy note N-7000
    I cannot understand on Xda

    Please Don’t forget us juz bcz u got a note 2

    Please Please ….. I beg u !

  • kermus


    videos aren’t working
    please fix!

  • noob

    What exactly is daul booting, does that mean you can run 2 ROMs at the same time or just switch from one ROM to another??

  • Sandeep

    Hi max , how can I dual boot resurruction remix jellybean n rainbox rom .
    I tried but it did not boot …..plz tel me how to do it .
    How can I install siyah kernal to rainbox rom ?

    • ashik

      buddy try some other can get in xda developers

  • Tamir

    Sorry for my bad English.
    I have Samsung i9100 and according to the tutorial video i done everything.
    I flashed the lasts Siyah kernel (5.0.1) and i moved my CM10 (4.1.2) to the second partition.
    after this, i flashed on the primary partition the “RainBox” Rom and flashed the Siyah kernel for it too.
    My status is :
    i have on the primary and secondary partitions JellyBean Roms.
    When i reboot my device The kernel let me choose what rom i want to load, this is not matter what load I’ve chosen ,my device shows me a Black screen and do NOTHING.

    Please Help me with this.
    Thank you & have a great day.

    • Sandeep

      Hi Tamir,

      Dont know abt dual boot, but i can give the suggestion to run rainbox rom on ur device,

      have the rom what u had ie, CM10 in ur sd card ,
      wipe the data in 2nd rom ,
      wipe the data from main screen,
      from CWM re install CM10,
      then have the rainbox rom in ur sd card,
      wipe the data again from main screen
      install zip rainbox rom

      • Tamir

        First, Thanks A lot.
        I tried to install RainBox and CM10 One by one and both worked on my device.
        Now i want to find a way to run them together on my device.

        Thanks Anyway 🙂

  • danielK

    Great Videos….question…..if i am using dual boot and whanted to remove 1 of the ROMS how do i do it 😕

    • ashik

      simple…delete a rom by installing a custom one 😉

  • Benjy

    I’m on space and time 4.1.2 ROM and I want a second one but will it work with jelly bean as well?

    • ashik

      yup..but select the correct kernal.. 🙂

  • Tani

    Hello Max, Does Dual-Boot can be done on GT-I9100 ?

    • ashik

      it worked..give a try 🙂

  • Nick

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for all of you’re work, it’s been a great help!
    Got a quick question for you.
    I’m using RR JB v3.1.3 with Siyah v6.0.b5.cwm and want
    to use the 1st back up I did after gaining root with the stock ROM (ICS 4.0.4) as my second ROM.
    Will I be able to flash this kernel over the stock ROM?

  • ashik

    wow that was helped me great..Now im using two roms..One is Super Nexus and another is MIUI latest one..Thank you bro..Love ya <3 <3 <3 :*:*:*:*