How to Enable OTG USB Host on Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989][Zedomax T989 Kernel]

Well, it took me awhile but I did get OTG USB Host mode to work on my T-Mobile Galaxy S2, you can now connect USB peripherals such as your USB Flash drive, hard disk (powered independently), USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, and much more.   Or you can even charge your other USB devices off your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 in an emergency.

To get it working, simply download the kernel zip file below and flash in ClockworkMod Recovery(CWM) just like a ROM except no wiping needed (just flash).

You will need an OTG USB host cable, you can buy one on Amazon or make your own OTG USB Cable.

Download Kernel:

Download Zedomax T989 Kernel

(USB Mouse working on my T989)

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  • jeff


    please work on a kernel to do like 2 ghz

    • Jammy

      If installing this kernel will i be able to revert back to stock kernel if yes how?

  • Bogardt

    Can you brouse the thumbdrive? because i did’nt flash my phone yet its using Build: GINGERBREAD.UVKID and it detects a drive but cant browse plus mouse works too… so im not sure if i should install your kenel if there is a difference. Thanks

  • Chris

    I’m running completely stock and otg works perfect, mouse keyboard and 2GB alienware thumb drive. Still haven’t found a”need for root”.

  • Ender

    It’s working with SGH T989D Telus version ?
    It’s working with Juggernaut_41_1227 ?

  • PhilMik

    It enables USB OTG on Galaxy s I9100 but disables phone. USB storage do work but phone can’t find a cellular network and you won’t be able to call any number. I tried it on my Galaxy I9100 with MIUI Rom. If somebody understands how to make it work with I9100 with MIUI please help! Thanks!

    • Caxton

      You are right. I am not getting network now. Can anyone let me know the steps to restore things back.
      Thanks in advance.

  • mnewman

    Love it… works good. Ability to overclock coming soon? Thanks.


    I bought the cable at Amazon the link below
    I connected it to my 32GB flash drive – works great
    connected it to external drive Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1.5 TB ( ) – works great

    what about new ROMs ??? 🙂

    • TOMER

      I forgot to mention it works on SGH-T989 2.3.6 ROM Juggernaut-v4.1

  • steve

    Doesn’t work with Telus galaxy s2 T989D.

  • daniel.r

    hey, here is an interesting tidbit of info someone might find usefull, i have a prepaid tmobile sim laying around, well it was from the very phone that i traded in to help me get my s2 lol. anyway, i put it into my s2 and now it is a prepay phone. same phone number as my old phone and everything. in phone info under settings it still said i had my phone number that the phone came with so i sent myself a txt using an app and sure enough it was my old number. so i guess all a person needs is a tmobile prepay sim and a prepay plan to switch. btw im running the malice rom and found a few bugs and would like an email address or something to report my findings.

  • NJT

    Does it work on Darkside ICS for Tmobile (4.0.3)??

    • admin

      Not on ICS kernels, this kernel is for Gingerbread only.

      • Bob D.

        Is there a way to enable OTG USB for ICS?

        • mnewman

          All the ICS roms that I have tried, it works on.

          • mnewman

            NOT THE KERNEL, but OTG does without doing anything extra. I bought an adapter from Amazon, and have used to numerous times with ICS.

            • Bob D.

              Great! Thanks for the help!

      • crz6662

        Would be nice to know that ahead of time. Don’t see that remark anywhere in the article.

  • crz6662

    Bootloop after installing. Rooted, overclocked stock T-Mobile ICS Rom. Had to flash backup. Would be nice, if it worked….

  • streaker

    does it work on simple version of samsung galaxy s2 i.e. i9100 plz reply fast???

  • ELie

    can it work with a different rom, i installed jedi knight to my phone

  • Madeoflife

    Can help me with my Rogers infuse 4G
    I want to install USB otg in it

  • waqas

    Help i was try to downgrade my s2 and it was off and after that nand write stuck then i just do reparation with .pit file and cell off and incomplete now its not going on download mod and just showing black screen what was happen