How to Get Free Wifi Tether Mobile Hotspot on Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989]

For those of you who want to get free wifi tethering/mobile hotspot on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (SGH-T989), there’s an easy way to hack the native mobile hotspot app to bypass the tethering manager.

Simply download and install Titanium Backup app off the Market then freeze the “Tethering Manager” app under “Backup/Restore”.  This will allow you to use your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to tether up to 5 (or 8) devices without paying twice for the internet you paid for already.

Still don’t get it?  Watch the video above!

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  • Matt

    Does this also work with the s2 from at&t?

    • admin

      No, AT&T is different, you can use wifi tether app for now.

      • javier

        what is the exact name of the wifi tether app for the att galaxy s2..thanks a lot

      • Gerard

        Hi im new to this stuff.. I download titanium backup but when i start to open it, it always says asking for root rights… What do i have to do..

  • Marc

    I’ve tried to freeze the tether manager but it doesnt work. Is there a way to get Titanium Backup Pro for free?

    • admin

      You have to root your phone first, did you root it?

      • Leo

        Not working for me either and I’m rooted. Says “sorry apps can only be frozen in Donate version only”.

        • Jeff

          It’s the same for me and my phone is rooted too. Perhaps an “uninstall” would work?

          • TOP_SWATTA_SHANE

            That mssg simply means you have to buy the pro version to freeze……..aka support the developer!

            Its a small price to pay for such an important tool

        • dbrooks

          just uninstall tethering manager, will allow tethering. I am using it right now.

          • Spenc34

            Thanks, that comment helped ALOT. way better alternative than buying the pro version.

      • Gerard

        How to root [SGH-T989]…

  • jeff

    i just use the wireless tether app the green one ver 2.0.7 once rooted of course

  • Leif

    I can confirm that this trick works with a rooted AT&T Galaxy S II. I used the free version of titanium backup and installed the tethering manager app.

    Thanks for the great tip!

    • ravi

      can u pls tell me the process how to do it in at& t as u didpls

  • galaxynoob

    the wireless tether for root user app can’t be downloaded for my phone. why? it doesn’t show up in the market even after rooting and when i try to download off web it says its not compatible with t989

    • admin

      don’t need that use the native app as in this post!

    • jeff

      u can just sideload the apk file thats what i did. google it.

  • Darek

    when i click freeze it said “apps ca be frozen/defrosted in the donated version.. and i rooted my phone.. can you help me please?

    • Denissepr

      Same thing here!!! Help

  • Daniel

    Work’s baby … work’s!

  • alex

    says i need the pro one? mine is rooted too.

  • matt

    Pay for the Titanium Pro version, you cant do it in the free version. Simple as that.

  • JR


  • Doug

    I just rooted my T-Mobile Galaxy S2 successfully (that I purchased yesterday 11/30) and then tried this procedure, but I kept getting errors when enabling WiFi Tethering until I rebooted my S2. After the re-boot the tethering worked fine.

  • jesse

    You can do this with the free version of titanium, just uninstall instead of freeze and then tethering will work fine…tested on atat s2 with straight talk sim, $45 a month unlimited talk text and wifi….LOL I get 4 g speeds awesome for the same $45 a month everything plan.

  • randy

    I went looking and dont have the tether manager listed . Can it be missing and what else should be on phone for it to work?

  • Kaleo

    When I tryed freezing its giving me a message saying “Sorry, apps can be frozen/defrosted in teh donated version only” My phone is rooted.

    • Paul

      It’s telling you that you have not paid for Titanium Backup Pro. Don’t be cheap support the people that make great software available to you. Buy the Pro key!!

  • tmo

    I am pretty sure you MUST have the PRO version of Titanium backup for this to work. The free version does NOT allow you to freeze apps. I have not tested the wifi tethering yet, but I can CONFIRM that the paid app DOES allow you to freeze apps, whereas the free one does not………..GET THE PAID VERSION OF TITANIUM to freeze apps.

  • Philster

    Is this available for the Verizon version of the same phone?

  • Dave B

    I use the paid version of backup and when I froze tethering manager, I still have to pay for tethering. Phone IS rooted and I am running domination ROM. Please help!

  • Mindeb

    Yes uninstalling on the free version of titanium backup worked for me. just back up tethering manager before uninstalling and you should be fine regardless. Thanks for the help, 4g soooo fast!!!!

  • Yavuz

    instead of Freeze, just select Uninstall from same toolbar. It works fine.

  • Tony

    honestly i dont remember how i did it, but THERE IS a way to get titanium backup PRO for free without having to pay for the upgrade key. just keep googling ‘titanium keymaker’ and after installing my titanium backup went pro and I was able to freeze the tether manager and get free wifi tethering on my rooted t989 s2

  • beau000

    I have a rooted a tmobile galaxy s 2. I have the Titanium backup the paid verison. I did everything I was suppose to do. I uninstalled the tethering feature in the back up. I have a tablet it shows that I am connected but when I open the browser and or market place either one doesn’t logon. anyone have any ideas????

  • The Don.

    In Regards to the free WiFi tethering with T-mobile’s Galaxy S 2, Install Titanium backup free version. Make a backup of thethering Manager, then uninstall it. Reboot your phone, and walla! Free thethering until T-mobile sends out ICS, when ever that happens, right. I just did this and everything works perfect. Of course your phone needs to be rooted.

  • Jonathan

    Thank you very much. I was afraid to even try and use my wireless hotspot knowing that Tmobile charges $19 a month to use it. But after watching this video I went into my Titanium backup and noticed that with the ROM that I’m using it was already uninstalled. So no I use the hotspot all the time.

  • Alan

    Hey Man, I just rooted my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 and works perfect!!!, I got Titanium Backup and I paid $5.99 as donation. Thank you
    Now I can surf my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 using my data package from my cell phone.
    Just a couple questions:
    -After install the in my MSD card and install this software,can I delete it from my memory card?
    -When the official ICS be available from T-Mobile to upgrade my GS2, I have to delete this software (unroot) and theTitanium Backup as well?
    Please advice,
    Thank you,

  • nick

    I dont get who you people want to even use the app the phone comes with. It kinda sux. Download foxfi for free and use that app instead. It not only allows your unrooted or rooted phone to use wifi, you can also blutooth your data.
    BTW Titanium allowed me to uninstall all the junk Tmobile put on the phone. I had as many as 3 similar programs doing all the same things like the telenav, maps and google maps all on the phone. Ridiculous! After i uninstalled about 30 diff useless apps and even a stupid game Tmobile wanted em to pay for, my phones not only runs better, It runs faster, boots much faster and even turns off faster.

  • SK

    Nick is right! it is so easy to use FOXFI tethering
    Just did TWO T-Mobile Galaxy S2 phone. Smoking fast …. tethering in 4G speed.
    Thank you for you posting Nick 🙂

  • mohnish

    hey i have rooted my galaxy S2 at&t,now using unnamed rom, used titanium backup to uninstall tethering manager
    but my tethering starts for a minute and then my laptop stays connected with the mobile but w/o internet access.i used different wifi tethering app but the same issue. fyi m using this phone out side USA and with proper data plan

  • Pete

    If I use tether and freeze or uninstall the tether manager….will T-Mobile know the bandwith that is used during the tether on other devices? Thanks

  • Dan

    You can also block Tethering Manager with Gemini App Manager, which is free in the Google Play store.

  • Enrique

    Hi, I tried deleting the thetering manager and it worked. But then I updated my t989 with the new firmware by tmobile I had to root my phone again and delete the thetering manager, but this time it didn’t work. I do have my phone rooted but the wifi is not free.

    • mohnish

      Try using barnacle wifi.

      • Enrique

        I tried not only barnacle, but all the other wifi tether apps and the same problem. They all show the tmobile hotspot website

  • Victor

    So is wifi tethering blocked now? I am getting the tmobile message saying I have to add it to the plan now.

    • steelerdynasty

      check the ICS Megamix page. i have posted a workaround to the tethering issue. i’d love to know if it’s able to help you.

      also, are you running GB or ICS?

  • Liz

    Will this work for the Galaxy S2 and S3 on Sprint’s Hotspot?

    I don’t want to download anything that will not work because of the difference in company.

  • Carl

    as regards to the wifi tethering i us FoxFi and also the foxfi proxy addon, it works if you use opera ,firefox and chrome . you can also download the user agent switchers aswell that all so helps.

  • Fr Joseph

    I rooted and installed the Titantium. Worked but a few website I am not able to access like intranet from work saying the proxy. Also from the bank. Then I just got a text message from Tmobile saying: To prevent tethering block in the future… check out for tmobile hotspot plan.

    So, is that mean not working??

  • Carlos Ramos

    Hey man, thanks a lot. I root my Samsung Galaxy S II SGH – T989 4.0.4 version and installed the Titanium Backup app, backed up the TetheringProvision 1.05.09 then uninstalled and right now Im typing this message from my pc connected throw my phone. Its all good. One question, I’m new to Tmobile and all this, how do I now I’m not been charged with the hotspot fee?

  • Abel

    I froze the wifi sharing manager in Titanium and i am still geting the Tmobile tether page when i connect my laptop. should i try a different rom or will that not make a difference. is there another way to get it back. everything i have read states that Tmobile made changes to their APN settings and that no mater what rom you chose it will block the tether. thanks for all your help in advance. KUTGW

  • carl s

    I use T-Mobile s2 and just tether using USB tethering and then opera browser on my laptop works fine.

  • michael sta maria

    can i use this tethering stuff on a non-tmobile network???

  • DGandroid

    tmobile sent me a text warning me of blocking my data while after i rooted the phone. I was using my data in other devices and after a few days of usage the text read ” to prevent future smartphone mobile hotspot tethering access from being blocked. add smartphone mobile hotspot service” this follow by a website link. please advise

  • miguel

    galaxy s2 J B root I don’t found Tethering Manager can you help please android 4.1.2 t-mobile

  • fpippo

    Solved with jTether (root needed).

  • Jerry

    I rooted my phone yesterday, downloaded titanium backup pro and paid for it. Trying to tether to my xbox and in titanium backup I don’t see tethering management, only tethering provisions 4.06.30 and when Iuuninstall orfreeze then try to hotspot, get an error saying, ‘Unfortunately, settings has changed’ and closes. What do I do so I can tether hotspot?

  • Jerry

    I rooted my phone with Shadow Rom, tmobile blocked native tethering. I have the wifi tether app. I try to connect to my xbox 360, can get it to connect, but if I download an update or anything, says something about how it can’t rettieve. How can I fix this so I can ise phone for my 360 and download games or addon still?

  • mark


  • Dacadman

    I have my t mobile s2 t989 hercules that I brought over to metro pcs. I dont see the “tethering manager” button to freeze under titanium’s back up& restore tab. Could it be called something else? Or is there another way? Please help, I really need this.

  • Dacadman

    A follow to my post a few seconds ago, my s2 is rooted and runs android 4.4.+. I use carbon,aokp,dirty unicorn beanstalk.

  • Boricua_1961

    It worked on a G S4 from Metro running on T-mobile network