Alliance ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777][Multi-Window]

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For this week’s ROM of the week for the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and AT&T SGH-i777, check out the latest version of Alliance ROM.

Based on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware, the Alliance ROM brings you cool stuff like Hold-Back-To-Kill-Apps, multi-window with all apps enabled, and UI customization through Alliance settings.

You can fully customize your lockscreen (choose from 6 different lockscreens) and Alliance ROM comes with vital features like Lock Screen Torch (which I find handy in my dark garage, use it ALL the time). Also, auto call-recording settings are on-board so you can record every incoming/outgoing call with ease.

For UI, you can fully customize your clock, status bar, and toggles along with the ability to change colors for all of them.

If you are looking for stability of stock firmware plus many enhancements, definitely check out Alliance ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Alliance ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download Alliance ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777

Credits – i9100, i777 <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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  • julio

    what kerner use?

  • julio

    what kernel use?

    • rfb813

      The ROM comes with Jeboo 2.1. Some have used the AJK 1.51S.

      • rfb813

        The Jeboo and AJK kernels are for the I777

  • tazz

    i like this rom but im having trouble changing the lock screen wallpaper ive changed the home screen easy enough but stumped on the lock screen..thanks

    • tazz

      never mind i changed it lol

  • rfb813

    After you have flashed and installed this ROM for the I777 and go to backup you will find that you go into TWRP not CWM. To get back to a CWM backup you will have to flash the ROM you want to restore and then get into CWM. An extra step but it works. To get back into TWRP to restore your backup form another ROM you do the reverse, flash the Alliance ROM and then enter the recovery which will be TWRP and then restore the backup. While I like TWRP it is not supported if you want to download TWRP with goo manager or go to the TWRP website. Max you should explain this in the review so people flashing know how to recoup their other backups.

    • rfb813

      Forgot to say this is a very nice ROM.

  • James

    What about GApps? Not required?

  • george

    The rom and all is good, 2major butts!!!

    –with the stock youtube app I cant log in

    — screen rotation isnt always persistent. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.

    PLs fix this issues cause I lile this rom

    • benjy

      I also cant sign in to youtube

    • stev

      Hi george, may I know what your problem about not persistent screen rotation? It’s not responding suddenly/freeze (need restart requirement) or it’s slow reaction to rotate the screen??? Thanks 🙂

  • george

    Max, someone got a solution for the fact that i cant log in to youtube and the google plus app also doenst work.


    Hi. I am new in flashing and tweaks S2 or other handphone. However I manage to root my phone long time ago. It run on 4.0.4 with all stock. Can I simply flash it?

  • pranav

    i need help i install alliance rom its install complete n then ask for sim network unlock pin before this never ask for sim unlock please help me what can i do

  • bee

    Need help dot know how to install this one pls help me out . Now im using JB 4.1.2 .

    • sherif gamal

      1- send the zip file to internal memory
      2- recovery mod- wipe/reset-cache partition -delvik
      3- install zip file (Alliance ROM) and yes

  • shimron

    i jus install this rom and its not moving from the boot screen and i dont understand how to boot menu… plz help

    • Feras

      Man its usually happens when you are not running the same rom so all you have to do is flashing your official jelly bean update it happed to me

      • shimron

        which one of the s2 r u running? the i777 or I9100

  • alfred

    el mejor de todos los software… the best one

  • patrick

    Was wondering.if I could get some help.. so I had flashed this Rom loved it but I wanted to flash a fixte Rom had offered I tried to go.into recovery but didn’t understand how to use it. I thought I could flash clockworkmod an it said it succeed my phone now is stuck on a boot it looks like it wants to Tue on but its stuck… Have I bricked my device… I777……:(

  • VGS

    1. Flash this ROM over the clockworkmod.. Flash Gapps.
    2. Version V7.01 unstable. Some minor bugs for downloading apps. You need to change kernal.
    3. Go to ‘Play Store’, find ‘ROM customizer’. Uninstall amd reinstall. Click on kernel, download siyah’s kernel. Flash it with the ROM customizer.
    4. Then download ROM V7.02 in the ‘ROM Customizer’. Flash.
    5. Done! ENJOY!

    • DHS

      u recommend siyah? Compared to Siyah-Dorimanx and JEboo, can u give any information of each difference?

  • Dr Atif

    Hi Max
    i have a problem my lockscreen is not working ….help??

    • VGS

      You run V7.01 or V7.02?

      • sherif gamal

        Version of what ???

      • Dr Atif

        thanks for responding i installed 7.02
        but later on i installed Mini rom touchwiz based the problem persisted on that my lockscreen didnt turn on …but the lockscreen is working on aokp based roms ..i really love the ripple lockscreen pls help

  • adrianjp16

    this rom is good but when you check in titanium backup leaves you occupying almost the entire capacity of the system rom and would like to know if it is bad or the phone lags when installing apps

  • slasher

    not a bad rom. not as fast as sum of the other roms I use but not to slow. alliance setting not working fully. only the custom setting’s is working. the alliance ota and rom customiser fuls closes every time and dus not run. overall a stable rom with a few things to iron out.

  • slasher

    flashed V7.02 update and siyah kernel and now its all woeking well : )

    • VGS

      Well Done! Enjoy!

    • VGS

      Still slow compare to other ROM? I tried power saving mode, it still working fine compare to stock. Stock real lag.

      • DHS

        Still slow compared to other ROM? Which ROM u mean? Does it mean there’s currently a better ROM out there than this one? 🙂

        • slasher

          there is always a better rom. it just depends on what you are looking for. I love touch wise so I only go for roms with touch wise. im curantly useing omega rom witch is very fast.

  • sherif gamal

    MMC_CAP_ERASE removed for safe wipes ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ please answer me

  • Raymz

    Please help, I can’t find my files on phone and can’t go into sdcard. I want to restore my apps with Titanium but can’t find the my files folder.
    Thanks in avd.

    • sherif gamal

      Just restart , and wait checking sdcard erorr and will be able to open sdcard

  • Feras

    Man blmy build number is xwls8 in its rooted but in the liknk the alliance mod needs xwlsd can flash it but I dont know how to root it with cwm help plz

  • adrianjp16

    alguien me diga si cuando entran en opciones de sistem UI en los togles les da error y no deja cambiar

  • Mat

    Hello all, I just want to know if I can flash this ROM without change Kernel! Kernel : GT-I9100 JPKJ2.
    Thank you for advance.

    • Mat

      Thank you in advance*

  • dude

    i installed this rom……but i now want to install a another 1…….i tried to start to start CWM….its not comming somethin else is comming in the recovery screem. How do i flash a new rom??

    • Android Help

      Well, go to the recovery mod, press install or flash. Select directory to find your CWM. Flash it, you will find CWM back.

  • JD

    is their multi window for galaxy s2 d710 ???

  • Rory

    Great ROM, but just 1 thing. I have GT-I9100, each time I reboot the settings go back to the way it was. for example the simple thing battery % I click on the “display battery %” it show it but later on when I reboot, it doesn’t show the % and when I go to settings display … the “display battery %” is checked, I need to recheck it and thn check. But never save the settings. And as well when I install a font. and reboot, the font doesn’t show it just show the old settings just the way the ROM flashed, like the % thing for example. Any help ? Do I reinstall the ROM again or… ?

  • dyepoi

    im a noob..and want to root my phone and using galaxy s2plus GTi9105 would all this work with my kind of s2???

  • D

    Alliance AND the Biftor BOTH require a sim pin upon startup or else I cannot access my mobile network! What’s going on? My phone company says it’s not them. In the security menu, there is a sim lock function and it’s default on activated, but requires the same pin to unlock it!

    • D

      what a drag. for some reason, my phone reverted back to being locked to the carrier that it came from, NTT. I spent all day without a phone and finally found Galaxy S unlock from Play store to deal with that. It was so efficient, I could not believe it. (after going through GS2 SIM unlock and GalaxSim unlock [didn’t wanna pay] first tho). THEN I had to go through the PC to get to gmail to disable 2 factor security in order just to log into Play store so I could get the app onto my phone! Now it works with about any GSM network again.

  • Oli Laban

    When I try use multi window, I get ‘App terminated by The Alliance’ :s

  • Rayner

    Really bad, mobile data never working on v7.3 and v8 please fix. !

  • Nir

    I have i777 and happy with the latest JB upgrade but still want to root it (just root). Can you please instruct. Tnx

  • sergio

    why back button not work?? pls halp!!

  • marshallmather

    i get boot loop with ……my code is (XWLSW) is this the cause ?