AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/i9100G/SGH-T989/SGH-i777]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the latest AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for your Galaxy S2.


Available for international GT-i9100, GT-i9100G, T-Mobile SGH-T989, and AT&T SGH-i777 (ported version), AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 marks a milestone as its version name suggest.

Inside the latest version you will find revamped Power menu and additional “custom” toggle you can add that allows you to add up to 4 shortcuts (plus 4 long-presses) within a single toggle.

Other than that, this version “Milestone 1” gives it the first stable Android 4.2.2 that AOKP Team has released.

If you love AOSP ROMs (What is AOSP?), you can’t go wrong with the latest AOKP ROM, which brings you all the stock goodness of AOSP Android 4.2.2 plus AOKP ROM Control customization.

Definitely give it a test drive over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!

You can read up on full AOKP ROM Control settings here or watch video tutorial below:


Download AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 (Exynos)

Download AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G (OMAP)

Download AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for Galaxy S2 T-Mobile SGH-T989

Download AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-i777 (ported version)

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from AOKP ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot!

If Google Now search broken, simply update “Google Search” app on Play Store for fix!

Credits – AOKP, Task650 for SGH-i777 version

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  • Nitesh

    i have installed it through AOKP OTA updater because i was using earlier version of aokp, after this update i am in love with my phone as this is the best Rom i have ever found best part of this rom is battery life. my phone right now @6:30pm its 55% and i did unplug charger @ 8am. whole day I am using it. its very stable Rom. i can say every i777 should have this Rom…

    • crashidaho

      ok so i am still new to this, but i have been able to use other roms, starting with darkside-jediv5 to othe ones just trying them out- i was using the slimbeen one mr1 v5 and liked it- think this is where i messed up- i installed this rom and no file explorer and not sure how to install gapps or other from sd with no file explorer. so i then tried to install st0kes-v1.5.1-MT3G-LE— failed—–i messed up- i then tryed this rom again and others, my phone acts like a old p4 or a 486 cpu, it is so slow and i have no sound no more, on any roms—– i have removed sd card and formatted it and install only what i knew was working- i then in boot mode? i went to advanced and mont-storage with sd out i format all i could, put sd in and reinstall my slimbeen with a restore after i get all my stuff back but phone still acts like a 486 cpu… help plz what can i do— can i get a new cwm? what do i have to do, before letting my blender have this phone…

      • cross80

        Do yourself a favor, follow steps on how to bring your phone to stock, you know to new state, unroot phone, than root all over again, that way you have a clean phone and system to start with, than make sure you wipe data and cache i always use darkside wipe and data wipe zip, that make sure after you done installing rom you dont reboot phone yet! Go back and clean cache and clean data ones more, than install the latest gapps, now you can reboot phone, and you should be fine, i had same issues before and this method saved my phone, goodluck budd

  • Eric

    the GApps you have is old, theres the newer one that AOKP put on their blog:

    Can’t wait to flash this rom, been loving build 6.

  • Robert

    Is this better then the Resurrection Remix?

    • Katelyn

      I came from Resurrection Remix to this ROM because RR was crashing/freezing on me multiple times in a day. This one is way more stable. Haven’t had any problems yet.

  • Ola

    Does it has Wifi Calling?

    • Max

      Nope, no AOSP Roms have wifi calling.


    I performed factory wipe.
    Installed aokp_4.2.2 room with CWM but forgot to install gapps zip.

    Now phone doesn’t boot 🙁

    Any help?

    • Max

      Try a fresh reinstall if using Tmo GS2, try running Darkside wipe beforehand.

      • harshdeep bhatia

        max can u pls tell why doesnt wifi direct work in jellybam and aokp????

  • Jasper

    My phone got really hot and didn’t charge eventough showing the animation. It’s a new battery and the USB port isn’t broken, can anyone help?

  • alex

    Tried this ROM but compared to jmtxJb 2.1 its got nothing

  • Kevin

    I installed AOKP MR1 milestone 1 today, coming from Build 6, but now I’ve lost my Performance Control menu. How can I get it back??

    • Max

      Click on Build Number under About page like 5 times until it says u r a developer.

      • Kevin

        Thanks, I did that, but still nothing! 🙁

        • Kevin

          Nevermind. On the AOKP forum I found out they removed the performance controls, because there are so many apps out there which do the same thing.

  • Ken

    Anyone having issues when connecting to a computer as mass storage? Every time I connect mine, the PC detects the drive(s) ok but, if I try to actually copy any files to it the phone locks up and drives disappear. Aside from this, it’s working perfectly.

    • Mike

      Reboot into TWRP Recovery mode and go into the Mount menu choose either internal or external memory cards and I assure your phone will be detected correctly by your computer and USB file transfers are flawless and fast!

  • matt

    Is the battery life better on this than build 6? Is it worth the upgrade? I am on i9100. Love AOKP but the battery life is awful. Also battery gets hot when charging if off (and animation stays on when unpluging.) Its fine if charging when on.

    • Nitesh

      I am using on I777 and i can see the battery life is improved earlier I was using AOKP 4.1.2. Build 5.
      my animation or screen is always off either its charging or not.

    • praagna

      I am on the I9100. The battery life is not better than the one on Build 6 but it is very stable,smooth and fast.for me it was worth the upgrade.

  • Philippe

    Installed this ROM yesterday, it is one of the best I’ve tried, and by far the most stable. Only minor changes compared to build 6. The battery is even better now. Totally recommend it!

  • Wayne W.

    This Rom is great. Very stable and customizable. I have noticed no problems. Since I came from build 6 NO WIPING NEEDED.
    Thanks Max for all your work!
    Samsung galaxy S2

  • Kevin S.

    This rom works perfectly except for day dream or is it just me? O.o the day dream only works when it’s left on till it goes to sleep while charging. When it’s not charging, my screen just turns off and doesnt day dream. Installes this rom on GT-I900G. Help?

  • cross80

    If coming from aokp rom do i have to do a factory wipe or can i dirty flash?

    • Kevin S.

      No you don’t have to

      • cross80

        So just clear cache? And good to go?

  • Kevin S.

    What i used to do during the previous builds was just flash the new rom and the gapps. It works fine. Note:only do this when coming from the same rom, just different build number. Eg. Aokp build 4>aokp build 5. In my opinion, i factory reset everything/wipe cache/dalvik cause it feels more refreshed and new :D. Do a titanium backup for the apps you dont wanna lose after wiping everything. All in all, yes you can wipe or forget wiping and just flash the rom and gapps.

    • cross80

      Thanx bro, i know what you mean about feeling New and all but really don’t want to go thought the process of setting everything up again

      • Kevin S.

        Sure man. Titanium back up’s the key to speeding the process! Anyway, have it your way. Enjoyy

        • cross80

          I dirty flash, thanx dude running nice

  • Nazree

    Anyone knows of a working siyah kernel with this ROM? I tried flashing siyah kernel 5vsync from the kernel_updater2.6 beta but it didn’t work.

    • Eric

      no, but I’m running the cerux one, and it seems to be working great. playing around with the governors, and trying to find a good balance between battery and performance. I think the smartassV2 is doing that fairly well, while I’m underclocked to 1.28 GHz.

    • Otto

      I’m using siyah version 4.0.1 with this rom.

  • Tonyxx

    Is there by chance call blocker or call reject in this rom, i am on sons of android rom and it does not have one,

    • cross80

      I don’t think they’re is sorry

    • Katelyn

      You just have to add the number you want to block as a contact and then when you’re viewing the contact, bring up the context menu and say “send to voicemail”. I have a general “spam” contact that I send all calls to voicemail from.

  • Kostas Z.

    Does mhl and otg work with this rom? Cause they didn’t work with previous version. If somebody could try this out and give me an answer I would appreciate

    • cross80

      No it doesn’t with any aokp rom use a media app i use media server, its free and works great, goodluck

      • Kostas Z.

        Thank you very much for your quick response

        • jeik

          But otg with a normal USB memory(8Gb) works.
          i don’t know if a mouse or a keyboard works too.

  • e.Rye

    I am booting into recovery to do backups and seeing up to 12 files including:
    data.ext4.tar (0.0 B)
    data.ext4.tar.a (157MB)
    I don’t believe this backup would work if needed and not sure how to fix.

    Also, seeing error messages:
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log

    Please advise and thanks in advance.

    (ROM working fine otherwise)

    • e.Rye

      ***getting up to 12 files in the backup folder including:
      data.ext4.tar (0.0 B)
      data.ext4.tar.a (157MB)

    • cross80

      Go ahead and bring phone vack to stock, u know unroot phone than root again, you should be fine afterwards, goodluck

      • e.Rye

        I flashed darkside wipes for good measure as well (not sure if necessary) backups are fine and all is well

  • dick

    phone black-out after taking picture with flash…help!!

    • cross80

      Yea happens to me too, don’t know why but it has to do with the rom

      • dick

        Batch restore in titanium backup cause the phone to crash…I wiped clean, re-installed, and do individual restore in titanium will fix it.

        • matt

          Dick…can you please give a little more detail I have had the same issue and under settings, batch actions, restore. I can’t find anywhere to wipe clean…. please help

  • Jose

    The gapps here is 4.2.1 or 4.2.2 cause when i was flashing gapps it says 4.2.1

  • Hanis

    My phone is stuck in the X (with the 4 diff colours) when i downloaded it. someone help. It’s been like this for an hour or so…


    hanis. after you flash the rom and install gaaps do darkside cache wipe and after that, reboot . that should do can find the link to darkside cache wipe on xda developers. hope it helps.

  • julio

    como se instala? yo tengo Shostock3 con kerel de jaboo, como instalo esta rom AOKP??

  • Jon

    I went from v6 to this one and now my camera is uninstalled. Any ideas? My other apps seems fine.

  • Tommy

    I’ve been trying out different roms lately, including the latest stable versions of cm, pacman, jedi mind trick, and although AOKP MR Milestone 1 doesn’t come with as many extra functions (overclocking, pie control, etc), it is still by far the fastest and smoothest rom so far.

  • Andray

    Is there a way to block ads on this rom? Alot of the ad blocking apps were removed from gapps

    • Philippe

      You can use lucky patcher, a bit illegal but…

  • Erskine

    I installed Milestone and i keep getting a pop up message that says “the android process acore has stopped working and i can’t use my mobile network. Nothing works unless I’m on wifi! Other than that, ROM is fine Plz help! SGH-T989

    • Spandexking

      Same here, could really use some help asap!

  • Sam

    i am not getting sp many apps like file browser, music player, video player from where i can get the missing apps ???

    • Philippe

      There are equivalents of these apps in the playstore. Unfortunately, AOKP didn’t include these apps in the ROM since not everybody wants to have them in their system apps.

      • Sam

        is there any link to get the missing apps for download?

        • Philippe

          As I said, these apps are not “missing” since they are just not part of the rom. If you are looking for replacement apps in the playstore, I can suggest you the ones I use. For the video player well it is already included in the gallery but you can still download another one. For the file manager, I use Airdroid (there is a file manager included within the app) and for the music player I use either google play music or sensor music player. Hope this helps!

  • zaid

    Everything is working fine except for time. It shows wrong time when it is on network time zone. I had to fix it manually. Is this normal?

    • Philippe

      Yes and no. In my case, I had this problem with every ROM. Not a big thing, just fix it manually.

      • zaid

        I never had this issue with previous roms.

  • Risspartan117

    I’m getting serious battery and overheating issues….. While charging, the phone heats up so bad that it could burn someone. After charging for hours, it just goes up by around 5-10%. Battery hardly lasts for two hours (under almost no use at all!)….. What’s going on?! :/

    • Tommy

      Are you running a specific governor? Since this rom version took out the performance option, you can download the rom toolbox app, go to performance, cpu control, and change the governor to something less demanding like “interactive”

      • Risspartan117

        Yeah, I did that…. Also changed the voltage demand. Still the same… :/

  • Johannes

    i got a problem: when people try to call me, my phone automatically refuses the incoming call. Does anyone else have this problem? and how can i solve this

    • Philippe

      Do the calls go to the voicemail? that may be the problem since there is an option to automatically transfer calls to voicemail

  • Jason

    hi, i tried installing this rom coming from rainbox rom v7, but it cant install.
    it keeps giving me and error then says install aborted.

    any help on this?

    • Jason

      please can someone help with this?

      • Philippe

        It could be anything. Your previous rom shouldnt make a difference so it is probably not the cause. Make sure you follow adequatly the steps (back up, wipe data, install rom, install gapps, reboot). Also, make sure you installed the proper version of the rom for your device. Just retry the whole process… other than that it is hard to help you

        • Jason

          I tried everything already. literally done it like 10 times. even tried installing build 6 instead to see if the download of the milestone was corrupt but i got the same error. I guess my situation is totally helpless at this point.

  • Jose

    The only thing it’s i believe a bug it’s that after a shutdown of my galaxy s2 sgh-t989 the network it’s not functioning and after a reboot the network works. I believe it’s a bug.

  • bob

    Does this rom compatible with HD games such as Pes 2012, Frontline Commando, Real Racing and others? I am a custom ROm lover but one of my problem is that the custom rom will make my HD games freezing. those who have the same problem are welcomed to share the solution.(G I9100 user) used rom: slim bean, jelly bam and bitfor. now i am using the stock rom+syiah kernel.

  • Sanes10

    I had official Samsung JB 4.1.2 with Siyah Kernel, I updated to AOKO JB-MR1 build 6 and the kernel changed and also the recovery passed from siyah to CWM v6.0.3.0, it is better, or there’s a way to get Siyah Kernel again.

  • harshdeep bhatia

    can u suggest roms with working wifi direct.i currently have jellybam rom installed on my galaxy i9100

  • Trishal

    One thing that I have noticed with AOKP ROMs is that I end up losing my Web albums that are posted on my Google+ (what used to be PicassaWeb). Is there any workaround to that?

  • Tommy

    Coming from Sons of Android, Do I need a full wipe?

    • Trishal

      Yes. It is recommended that you get a full wipe if coming from ANYTHING other than another AOKP ROM. I was coming from AOKP Build 6 so I did NOT need a full wipe, but if I go ahead and test the new Jedi Mind Trick and don’t like it and want to come back to AOKP, I will either need to do a full wipe, or restore my nandroid backup.

  • pallav

    MAX i want to ask a question that whether pacman rom is better than vanilla rootbox in terms of stability and battry life.

    PLZZZZZZ reply

  • Andray

    Anyone try usb to hdmi out on this rom? If so, what’s the settings for it to work?

  • Jayson

    I think you”re doing a great job showing all these roms, tips and ways to use them. I appreciate all the work u put in. I was wondering if you could post the ajk kernel 1.52 I can’t find it on xda for.some reason I’m probably staring right at it but end up using 1.51 and 1.48s. thank you for the great work I didn’t know where to post so just put it here.

  • nanking

    very nice cusrom.stable enough and fast.better battery life.and its simple modding.i install it with inverted gapps by team BAKED and works perfectly.recomended cusrom 4.2.2

  • Hasse

    How do i install this if i’m coming from AOKP rom build 6? Do i wipe cache and dalvik? Will this make me lose data/apps installed? And do i need to install gapps again when updating to AOKP milestone?

    /Thanks in advance!

    • Wayne W.

      If from build 6 no wipe or reset needed

  • kenji


  • Koontz

    When I installed this it said I had no service, so I rebooted it and now it won’t turn on.

  • 404TillThisDay

    After A While, Gapps Keeps Crashing And My SMS/MMS App Automatically Disappears!! Please Help!
    Its Getting Annoying!! I Ahve To constantly Keep Re-installing! Ugh!

  • matt

    What happened to performance control in settings.. I can’t seem to find it

    • Max

      Try hitting Build Number in Settings->About like 20 times.

      • jeik

        i cant see the performance control in settings…. 😮

      • matt

        Yes I have I still don’t see it

      • matt

        I still don’t see performance control after hitting the build number it says iam now a developer and thats it… no performance control setting please. Help

  • jeik

    Hi, i already installed the milestone 1 in my i9100.
    i had to instal the zip two times the first time, but it works.
    (i came from a stock rom, i root the device by flashing a zip, it works well, but i don’t know if its relevant)
    >I experimented some little bugs:
    1.when i turn on the device, the toggle button “2G” does not appear, but if you change the toggle style or simple “reload it” (put “Titles” again), the toggle button appear.

    2 When i connect the device by usb, the usb menu does not appear, in notification bar( MTP, Cam or USB Massive storage ). It seems to be stuck in usb massive storage.

    If someone coud help….


    • Zurueckwinker

      Referring to 2: This worked for me: go to settings, storage, hit the menue button, choose USB computer connection – choose between MTP, Cam or Mass storage 🙂

      • jeik

        >.< ….. you are the **** boss


      • Daniel


        i´m trying to get rid of the AOKP software my i9100 is using and i can´t find a possibility to switch from mass storage to mtp. Could you shed some light on how to exactly do that? If i hit the menue button within the sorage it doesn´t do nothing at all 🙁

  • nick

    is the Aokp MR1 milestone 1 the final version… we have to expect anymore or its the last

  • immo

    I have used plenty of custom rom and after lots of googling install this version and love it.smooth running.battery is not as good as i expect but ok.I have faced just a little problem with voice search, its not working,when i am going to start, its just flash and close. How do i fix it? ya,I also cant see the performance control in setting.

  • vedar

    ROM is great but it lacks applications like default file manager

  • Adam

    With this ROM, I have cell service but no data connection. I’ve flashed it twice with the same result.

    In mobile network settings I have data enabled.

    • Adam

      Anyone with this issue should change the network mode and reboot.

      Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks>Network mode>Preferred network mode>LTE/WCDMA

      Reboot and you should have data.

  • filip

    Sometimes on this rom the auto rotate dosent work , i need to restart the device to turn it on again .

  • Rez

    People I call say it sounds like im underwater, or hard to hear .. Any solutions for this problem? Otherwise I love this rom, fast ,stable.

  • louchi

    hey i need your help pls i have s2 i9100 when i installed the aokp and the gaap then i reboot my phone and then it stucked on x colored with blue and and yellow and green can you help me pls?

    • Jeik

      Hi louchi.
      I experimented the same situation. Just go to recovery mode. You will see the cwm 6.x.x recovery. Flash again the AOKP zip and gapps. And it will work.

      • louchi

        thx alot but another probllem :X
        unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped

        • louchi

          also can’t connect to the kies to restore my backup 🙁

          • Jeik

            Kies is not working properly in this ROM. And Kies android client is not installed.
            Use Titanium backup and ESexplorer FTP service. Its similar to kies air.

            And make a full wipe data. Wipe cache. And wipe dalvin cache. The Sdcars0 folder will not be erased.

            • louchi

              thx alot bro <3

  • louchi

    unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped. help pls

    • jilesperry

      I had the same problem when updating from AOKP build 5. I ended up flashing darkside super wipe followed by MR1 and Gapps and it seems to work great now!

  • mike

    I installed this rom fine but when i try to transfer files over usb,the phone locks up and i have to reset it.I read the comment about using TWRP, but i believe i have clockwork recovery mod installed.Any idea on how i go about fixing that problem?thanks

  • filip

    Sometimes on this rom sensors stop working .Any idea how can i fix this problem ? thanks

    • MikeG

      Have you tried calibrating your sensors?

      • filip

        Yes i did and still nothing. I need to restart the phone to turn on the sensors again .

  • Zachary Kew-Denniss

    My phone isn’t rooted and I’ve never flashed a ROM before but this one looks good. Could you please tell me what to do

  • louchi

    hey thx alot but if i want to downgrade my s2 back to the official rom 4.1.2 jellybean is it okay to make it via odin with the same rom which i used it before when i update it from gingerbread or it will brick my s2?

  • Mitch

    Please can someone help. My phone is stuck on the 4 coloured bars, i’m running Siyah kernel 6 beta 5. What is your suggestion to fix this?


  • Arnab Barua

    I was using samsung stock rom of 4.1.1 which was rooted using siyah kernel. But the ROM was unstable and battery lyf screwed. With this ROM my S2 is up and running without any glitch

  • Michael Bence-Lyons

    I have finally settled on this ROM came from SuperNexus Milestone build.
    I really like the zero bloatware no Samsung anything!
    There is a vast amount of customization that the SuperNexus does not have.
    With the Milestone builds photos / videos can now be saved to an external SD card which is very handy.
    Android 4.2.2 is the winner for me over 4.1.2 Touchwiz based ROMS..

  • Josh Cornelio

    I cannot downllad roms for T989 since it remains to 94% and it gives
    mistake when unloading! Maxxxxxx helps me please

  • kailesh

    I installed this last night and everything is working fine, only thing that dosent work is my mobile date, wifi signal is great phone signal is great but my data is unknown? i even used one of my 3rd party apps (widgetsoid) to toggle my data on and off but still no luck, first time i rooted my phone and applied a custom rom i was running stock 4.1.2 on my t989 before that also just to mention im in Canada and use Koodo as my service provider

  • AJ

    Is this the latest version of AOKP milestone?

  • YY Ng

    I have been using this ROM for 2 days. The performance improvement is superb!

    I just has one minor problem where i couldnt get my facebook contacts even after i successfully synced the Fb contact in Settings-Accounts-Facebook.

    My google contacts are created to be the same as the Facebook name so that after i synced both, my contact will show their facebook profile pictures. Now i couldnt get it anymore.

    Can you help? Ive tried to uninstall and reinstall Facebook but to no avail.

    Thanks !

  • YY Ng

    UberSync solved my problem. WoohooWoohoo!

  • praagna

    i tried changing the dpi setting in developers option on my

    • praagna

      PLEASE HELP !!
      i tried changing the dpi setting in developers option on my now it keeps rebooting. what should i do to solve this problem.

  • Darren Loh

    Everything works except for GPS. It says “Searching for GPS” and it never gets locked to GPS even after 30 mins. Any idea?

  • Alee Don

    Can anyone suggest a kernel for this rom. Im using dorimanx siyah v8. Is that the best compatible for this rom?