Batista FoxHound ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [TouchWiz UX]

Batista Gingerbread ROM was probably one of the best custom ROMs when Galaxy S2 first came out last year. Well, I know there’s been a ton of new great ROMs out since then but let’s take a look at the latest updated Batista FoxHound ICS ROM for your Galaxy S2 i9100, still one of the best ROMs for your i9100.

The new “Sniper Wolf” version is fully stable and features cool things like TouchWiz UX, overclocking, and more.

For those of you who want TouchWiz UX (from Galaxy S3), great performance and battery life, give this ROM a go and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

Download Batista FoxHound ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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  • Technowolf


    Is the Rom Better than resurrection rom

    • admin

      Just different. Both are great ROMs.

  • Nightvave

    ,,,,,,,,,nice rom

  • TheStuf

    FoxHound and SniperWolf? The creator of this rom must be a real Metal Gear Solid fan!

  • littlecrazywolf

    i dont c much difference with the foxhound, sum new features ok, but my question is max, does this rom also make your phone hot like the foxhound, i luv foxhound and criskelo v10, normaly i like to flash roms but this time ill wait for sum more comments, and for your belly, take sum androids 🙂

  • Amunarjoh

    I’ve been trying to install this ROM, but keep facing problems. Wiping all there is to wipe, and reinstalling over and over again. Result is the same; Android process stops, and limps on. Impossible to make it run properly.
    Anybody else experiencing this?

  • yoshimura

    Hi. It was a nice rom to explore. I notice one problem here. This rom cant do a screen capture. Try press volume down+ power button and noting appear. Help how to fix scrren capture

    • maher

      did u try power button + the home button? it should work 😉

  • Jagjit

    the link to the ROM is not working.

  • hawk

    yup i need a galaxy s3 rom with all the cool features…………………………………..

  • moussa

    hey,great rom,but i noticed that my lock sreen doesnt to fix it please

  • fitzy

    I also do not have a lock screen. Great mod besides this problem though. Any ideas on a fix?

  • daniel

    i like this rom and the fact it has s voice and gs3 launcher but when im texting the input box is white and so is the text so i cant read what people send me or what i type, is there anyway to fix this?

  • daniel

    oh an also s voice does not work right, when i give it sertain commands or tell it to do certain things it will crash

  • daniel

    im finding that wifi keeps cutting in and out to, i think this rom has some great potential to be better than alot of the other roms out there but only if these bugs are fixed. anyone els have the same problems im having? if so how do i fix them

  • Jason

    Hey Zeedomax, awesome work there. Just had a question.
    I have gone back to stock ICS on my I9100, wanna know if TouchWiz UX is gonna be updated to this ? or its gonna be a official update?
    Thank you for all you help.

  • Jagjit

    Great ROM… very fluid… using it as my primary ROM… but the message thread colors are terrible… white text on grey background!!!

    • ollie

      There is an update/fix in the OTA updater under extras, called, [EX] MMS Fix Sniperwolf..

      • Ned

        Hi ollie!
        I have tried to update OTA, but i cant find tje [EX] MMS Fix Sniperwolf? Nothing is coming up?

  • … micha

    This rom nearly bricked my phone…

  • crypto

    this is the best rom i ever had………i got 4999 in quadrant……well done dude.keep it up

  • samri89

    did anyone have the fix to the no lock screen?i also install the widget locker but my phone when the widget activated make a sound “teeet” like the rom not working with the widget..did anyone also have this problem?

  • Chris

    Brilliant Rom, but the sms messaging is awful, i can’t read any of the writing. Is there any way to fix this?

    • ollie

      There is an update/fix in the OTA updater under extras, called, [EX] MMS Fix Sniperwolf.

  • maddy

    yeah its awesome ROM with some stock features… this is the best rom i ever had but the sms bg n txt colour is same thats the major problems found so far… i use go sms instead 😀

    • Chris

      Great stuff, this makes it all perfect!

  • Daniel

    Hi.. I’m kinda new to all this root thing on the galaxy s2.where can I get some help to install this rom?

  • ollie

    For those needing a fix for MMS color, There is an update/fix in the OTA updater under extras, called, [EX] MMS Fix Sniperwolf. Peace

    • Nitish

      hey ollie. Well its really nice there is a fix to the sms color scheme, but can you please help me out here. under the extras tab in ota updater it says “no extra update server configured.” i need help in configuring the extra update server. i love the stock messaging app and dont want to use any other messaging app.

  • AHmed

    Hey Can This Installed on S2 i9100G the “G” version

  • Vyash

    Hey there, ive tried the recuruction remix rom but very bad battery life !! those who used it, how is the battery life of zis batista rom ??

  • Adi

    really best rom eveeeeeeeeeer ^_^

  • Yee

    Hi…..i cant find extras in the ota updater…i need to add some extra serversomethinlike ..that…?
    Because…i try fix the mms…i cant read my mms

  • daniel

    Go to extras and click on menu than click on configuration than click on extra settings than manage extra sever than click menue than click update featured extra server. You should get something that shows up in that list. Now go back to the main extras screen and click menu and check now. That should do it. I had to do the same thing.

    • Nitish

      i did exactly the same and found the update download options. but it is just not downloading. its says download error. md5 verification failed.

  • Dardan

    Hey thnx, but is it just me or the calendar is missing ?

  • Craig

    After installing this rom the phone just boots in to recovery mode.
    I have tried factory reset/wipe cache/wipe dalvik but when i boot the hone its goes into recovery.

    any advice?


  • daniel

    Look in the extras there should be a calender

  • moussa

    hey thx for this awesome rom.can you please fix the lock screen.keep up the good work

    • deandre

      can anyone help me please?!!!!! I accidently flashed my sprint galaxy s2 to the at&t version and cant get it back to normal.If anyone can help PLEASE send all info to 2404227290 as a text.Thanks

      • Max

        Install att custom Rom over it to fix.

  • Jay

    awesome rom!!!!everything works perfectly!! especially, for battery life i think its better than resurrection version

    • JellyW

      Agree 100%! This ROM is in another league when compared to Resurrection ROM. Without doubt currently the best ever ICS ROM – end of!

  • daniel

    Hey just a heds up to everyone i foun a new rom that if ublike the new foxhound rim u should download this rom. its just like yhe new foxhound its got the gs3 touchwiz and everything exept this one is way faster and more stable. U can download it here than once u download it u can search google for s and than u can get the full gs3 expierence. and fir those of u that dnt know what s voice is its samsungs version of siri and its on the gs3 but if u google s u should be able to downlod it. i did

  • Adi

    i installed the calender from OTA update and nothing happens ..any help??

  • Rocky

    Can any please tel me the baseband version of this Rom..”???…I mean on which firmware version is this based on..??..Currently i got XXLPS 4.0.4 on my S2….can i directly falsh dis Rom on this firmware..??…thanx…!!!

  • Adi

    when i connect the phone on samsung kies its shows a firmware update..can i update it??…thxxxxx

  • Rocky

    Can any please tel me the baseband version of this Rom..”???…I mean on which firmware version is this based on..??..Currently i got XXLPS 4.0.4 on my S2….can i directly falsh dis Rom on this firmware..??…



    • Max

      So long as you have I9100 you can install this Rom regardless of ur kernel version.

      • Rocky

        Thnx a lot broda.!!

        • Rocky

          So that means i can proceed flashing this ROM on XXLPS 4.0.4 firmware..???..

          • Nav

            1st-wipe data/ factory reset
            2nd-install this rom…

  • Ned

    Hi guys!
    I have rooted my s2 and when i flash the Batista firefox it goes back to version 2.0.3. This is weird, and i dont know how to get the same version as Max is using. 🙂
    I could use an answer because i want this ROM 😀
    Thanks guys! 🙂

  • Nav

    Damn! I can”t transfer songs from Play music….

    • Max

      Try clearing cache in recovery.

  • john

    Hey I’m trying to update the calendar and mms. I downloaded both successfully but when i try to install it, I get “No md5 file according to the update was found” what does this mean and what do i do? I installed anyways but nothing changes. thankyou.

    • Max

      try redownloading the ROM file.

  • Max

    I am using ClockworkMod Recovery v4.0.1.4, my phone is also rooted. I can’t install this rom! E: Can’t open /d
    sdcard/… (bad) Instalation aborted.

    Any help??? I tried everything. Please reply

    • Max

      redownload file.

      • Max

        Done that. Now it says that I have to mount the sd card and I tried but I get an error and I can’t do it. Any suggestions??

  • Nick

    Sensational ROM but the following needs fixing then it will be kick ass….

    – Vibrate on touch throughout menu system would be awesome.
    -SMS and MMS text is still crappy. Better but needs work with better colouring system.
    – Text in search results for contacts is way too dark.

    Best rom but the text needs to be fixed… fix text and u got a hands down winner.

  • James Tan

    what files do i need to install from the foxhound file?

  • Zenar

    Is it more stable than the official one? Since i’ve installed the official android 4.0.3 some various apps started to crash and my s2 became slower when i’m doing some stuff like going through contacts. Oh and one more question does it retain the functionality of “slide right to call & slide left to message” of the original rom ? Thanks a lot

  • tarifiq

    i must say this is a luvly looking ROM, nice 1, but i have got an issue, i keep gettin a ”could not be downlaoded due to an error. (921)” error each time i install an app from google play. any suggested fix. (y)

    • tarifiq

      cleared all my cache and am good to go, i must say this is a killer ROM, best of both worlds, IceCreamSam!!!!

  • Shaantanu Nevgi

    I cannot use mobile net on my galaxy s2….. Only wifi.. Please help me…. I have tried searching fr a solution on Google bt I don’t find any which cud solve the problem….. I also changed the apn settings according to the instructions good ven to me by the service provider

  • bilal jamil

    very good and seamless n fast rom but i need to fix the msgnf color issue, didnt get any update in extra at ota update. have updated the servers but no updat.

    after flashing i did a resert and all data wipe bco s voice was haning, after reset s voice also gone.

  • Maynard

    Hey! im using a rooted gingerbread (dxkl3) and i want to install this custom rom… the install guide on xda is different.. am i missing something? like dalvik cache.. i dont know what that thing is… please help… :/

    • Maynard

      i installed it using cwm based on your faq guides.. and its working pretty well… my problems so far is i cant get those extra updates and cant transfer files…help?

  • criss

    how can i install this rom is not like the others ones im doin the same thing , should i have to root the phone again or what ?

  • cristi

    can any1 help me when im instaling it it saz signature verification failed what should i do ?