Batista ROM for Galaxy S2! [4500+ Quadrant][1.6Ghz Dual Core Overclock]

One of the most popular and better aftermarket ROMs for the Galaxy S2 right now in my opinion is the Batista ROM for the Galaxy S2, it comes with minor tweaks to the UI (although still pretty much Samsung TouchWiz UI), 1.6Ghz overclockable kernel, and other goodies. I think this is the best Galaxy S2 ROM out there right now.

At 1.6Ghz overclocked (use free app CPU Master off Market), I am getting near 120 on Linpack multi-thread test and also near 4500+ on Quadrant.

For those of you who don’t know what Linpack and Quadrant is, Linpack basically tests your CPU’s raw processing power.  120 on Linpack is comparable to a dual-core 1.6Ghz smartphone, which there isn’t one yet!

For Quadrant, 4400 is a very high number, which tests CPU, file read write speeds, and 3D graphic processing power.  That is very high number again.

Other than than you will enjoy this Batista ROM, try it out and let me know what you think.

Download ROM here:

Download Batista ROM


Donate to original developer here.


Don’t know how to install a new ROM?  Read up on How to install a ROM on Galaxy S2.

You will need to root your Galaxy S2 first, make sure you make at least one backup of your ROM, and also backup your apps using Titanium backup so you can restore them after installing new ROM.


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  • MarcusJT

    Looks good!

    However, your download is for 3.7.4 but 3.7.5 is now available:

    • Alex

      Will this work on the AT&T version?

      • tim

        do dont it. i loaded it and it screwed my phone. it is for international version and because that has different buttons the back and search buttons dont work. now i cant hear and people cant hear me when a call in in progress. also it constantly loses signal and goes into airplane mode. i have re-flashed with other roms and cant get rid of this issue

  • Nounce

    I got to 4600+ on quadrant, 127.466Mflops and 2332 in devicemark ( rank 2 model, rank 18 overall ) Still going up in this last one. All with this mod and cocked to 1.6

    TY 🙂

    • Kyle777

      Heya… Just wondering what kernel are you using with the Batista ROM???

      Thanks 🙂

  • crazyeyez

    For Quadrant, 4400 is a very high number, which tests CPU, file read write speeds, and 3D graphic processing power. That is very high number again.

    Stock XWKI8
    Frozen all stock apps
    Startup Manager (Disable “Media Storage”)
    OC 1.6MHz 1375mV (SetCPU)

    No other tweaks ..

    No reason to run an unknown and potentially unsecure ROM.

  • James

    Yeah what kernal is it you have, when i installed this rom the kernal was the same as the alien rom ?

    is that right ?

    • admin

      Might be, a lot of ROMs use the same kernel.

  • Rohan Lokesh Sharma

    Hey mate… i noticed that the batista rom gulps in more battery.I always have to keep my s2 no lower brightness but that does not unleashes the full AMOLED+ dispaly. Any advice for that and is this same for the mad mack rom too…….

  • robert

    need help flased Batista ROM seemed to work fine but having trouble placing phones ,, dials and connect but i no sound either in phone speaker ,,have unrooted and still have the same problem

    • Rohan Sharma

      Reflash your s2………..and keep it rooted of course

      • tim

        i have the same issue. i have reflashed with many different roms and its still screwed

        • tim

          i figured out how to fix this and how to get it to work on the sgh 777 you need to “hellraise” the rom you can get the hellraise program here.

          you flash the rom from cwm-recovery and DONT REBOOT, then you flash with the hellraiser…

          this fixed the audio issue i had after flashing the batista

  • robert

    thanks for the fast follow up but i have done that ,,the baseband says I9100XXKHS is this promblem

  • laz

    yo what up i have a rooted tmobile s2 using beast mod rom everything was great until i tried to flash batista rom first installed ok then rebooted and completely bricked my phone! no recovery no nothing phone was completely dead had to return to tmobile and get a new one that sucked man!

  • Luis

    i can not find the Batista version 3.7.7 🙁 anyone ) and which one is the best rom out there

  • Roberta

    Phone will not turn on after installing batisa!! How do I fix this?


  • mark maharaj

    flashed my galaxy s2 rooted phone with the batista rom did a few tweaks/bug fix fully tested it for 3 days – game play, texting, phone dials etc and works perfect i rate this ROM a 4 out of 5 have also tied before the madmack and miui ROM not stable hope this comment helps the peeps makeup their minds.

  • aditya anchan

    i didnt find any changes it is stable and also over clock able and the next version is pretty nice