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Batista70 FOXHOUND Otacon Edition ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100!

Batista70 Foxhound ICS ROM is here again for your Galaxy S2 i9100, this time with “Otacon Edition”. I think this ROM and Resurrection ICS ROM are the two best ICS ROMs out for the Galaxy S2 i9100 series.

I’d say try both and go with which one you feel works best for you. Let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

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Download Batista70 Otacon Edition ICS ROM

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Credits – XDA

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Rating: 8.0/10 (5 votes cast)
Batista70 FOXHOUND Otacon Edition ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100!, 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
Categories: Galaxy S2 ROMs.

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44 Responses to Batista70 FOXHOUND Otacon Edition ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100!

  1. Tyler S says:

    my messaging wasnt working after install lol any ideas or should i just flash gosms?

    • mahesh says:

      gosms will work for u….
      it basically has all reqd. functions except for split view…
      also chk if calendar is working..

  2. sujay says:

    how to install this ROM

    • Michael says:

      The full set of instructions on how to install are on the xda

    • Bernardso far says:

      For other FoxHound ROM

      1. Boot into recovery mode
      2. Format System / Factory Data Wipe
      3. Wipe cache and also wipe dalvik cache
      4. Install Part 1 until you get the CWM install completed message.
      5. Select Reboot Now and let the phone boot up and you should get to an Android setup screen.
      Don’t use advanced CWM mode or reboot into recovery
      6. Setup the phone as requested and then reboot the phone into recovery mode again
      7. Wipe cache and dalvik cache again
      8. Install Part 2
      9. Reboot phone and everything should be working…
      10. If you get any error msgs, try removing your external SD card and start again.[/COLOR]
      4) After the installation select the “reboot system now”

      • Superpow101 says:

        so do i flash the big file or the small one first. no major issue but ive just installed the big one and left the 5mb file…. do i need it because everything seems to be running fine, or am i missing out on some goodness?

  3. Joe says:

    stupid but i cant seem to make a folder. can someone help? :/

  4. Joe says:

    can someone explain what a ‘tweak’ is?

  5. Josuhu says:

    This is the best ROM I ever had. The second best is resurrection remix V1.0. Both are stable, but Foxhound is superior. No problems at all.

  6. Artur says:

    No probs. Better rom than Ressusrection v.1.3 (however the second one has more things that can be configurate). Stable and has no probbs than resuretion – it sees sd card, has task manager (!!!), samsung aps and kier air. I think its a bit slower than ressurection, even after unninstaling some soft. But tell me; I installed this by the instruction from xda; wide data/factory, wipe cache, wipe dalvik. Even that, after installing this rom it was installing all my previous aps which were in data folder. Why ?

  7. roberto says:

    from the startup it keeps saying the program isn’t working and it force closes. dont know why

  8. Artur says:

    Somebody has tried PsychoMantis update ?

  9. adit says:

    i dun like the fact that these roms use ui softwares to bring d ics feel….this is whr i love the remix 9.6 and 7 versions…they had the true ics feel to it….the andy x rom had kies air and task manager….it ws brilliant too but remix is really fast n fluid….cant find that perfect rom which i can settle with till the next update from google

  10. satyen says:

    I have a S2 baseband version XXLPQ and is not rooted at the moment, do i need to install the XWLP3 4.0.3 Firmware before I can install fox hound. is it also completely stable? Also whats the best way to root my s2?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Rahul says:

      No. You don’t need to update to official 4.0.3 if you want to update to this ROM. You just need a CF-ROOT kernel for your current ROM using Odin. Head over to androidadvices website for all needed files and a step-by-step video tutorial. Once you’ve flashed that CF-ROOT kernel, you should have ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery. You can then install this ROM or any other ROM from Xda using CWM.

      Hope that helps. Feel free to drop a line at :: droidowl[at]gmail
      Have a nice day! :)

  11. Ali-Ahmed says:

    Dose it have Arabic writing and reading?

  12. Ali-Ahmed says:

    I mean writing, not the instruction

  13. Ali-Ahmed says:

    Please all, is there in this rom Arabic writing and reading please anyone answer me

  14. Kyozaki says:

    Cheers for this video review, the rom looks interesting I may check it out. It would be great if your reviews covered the video and camera apps in a bit more depth, I tried the ressurection ROM after watching your review but found the camera and video did not work on all settings. Overall it was nice though, but I take a lot of pictures and video on my phone so that’s a rea deal breaker.

    Btw Otacon is a character in a video game series called Metal Gear Solid. He assists the main character Solid Snake, who is the figure holding a gun on the boot up screen. Also Fox Hound is the name of snakes old Soldier Unit. I think the makers of this rom are clear metal gear solid fans, like me :)

  15. kishan says:

    i cant connect to kies to copy my contacts,using this rom…!

  16. Quoc says:

    Can I use this ROM for S2 i9100G?

  17. FireFist Tisat says:

    Msg stoped . Music FX stoped . what the hell ? Pls update FOXhound . :(

  18. cliff says:

    it obtaining ip forever, to connect my home wifi

  19. gearo says:

    Great rom HOWEVER could not use for general use due to the “dark text” when typing up a contact name when in the phone call menu. Impossible in any sort of light. Hopefully will get fixed and i can come back from D4 4.0.4 . (my best to date for daily uses)

  20. caloyzki says:

    soft key doesnt work! how to enable soft keys? and wifi always disconnects by it self! a lot of bugs!

  21. brent jacques says:

    im on the batista70 otacon rom and wen i try to download an app from the market over 10mb it says PACKAGE FILE IS INVALID anything under 10mb is fine and if use any other rom is fine can u plz help to fix this as i love this rom

  22. mahmoud says:

    how to flash this tomorrow as secondary tomorrow using siyah kernel and to have a dual boot

  23. bjorn says:

    on startup i get the fox hound logo and it stuks there i cant startup my phone anymore
    can anyone help me

  24. ss says:

    on startup i get the fox hound logo and the screen is stuck there…i tried clearing cache, dalvik cache nd wiped the data..also i tried installing the rom again…no use!plz help..

  25. Tino117 says:

    Hey gusy i need a little help here i have the S2 I9100 AT&T version that has 4 capacitive keys, after installing foxhound only the home and settings keys work the return and search keys dont respond and i dont know how to fix this! help please!!!

  26. Dardan says:

    Hey anyone can find the calendar? i can’t find it?

  27. tinek says:

    Battery draining too fast,message app has funny colours,sometimes phone went dead and reebot…please fix,otherwize it’s a great ROM…

  28. tinek says:

    Battery is draining too fast(CPU settings on conservative),lasts on moderate use just half a day…messages in message app has very funny background colours:please,fix it,I don,t want to use GOSMS…and phone sometimes just go dead and restart…otherwize,it’s a great ROM,I recommend it!

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