CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100! [BREAKING][Fully Working]

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WHAT? Jelly Bean ROM for rooted Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 users?

Yes, a “fully-working” “X-TremE” CM10 Jelly Bean ROM is now available for your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, with camera/camcorder/Netflix/Hulu working!

This is the “best” Jelly Bean ROM I’ve seen on Android smartphones other than the Nexus devices so far. You do get a fully-working Jelly Bean ROM so this can be a daily driver.

What are you waiting for!!!

UPDATE (7/26): I found out that Bluetooth works, connects, but actually the sound isn’t working so, just know that Bluetooth is buggy before you install this.


Download X-TremE CM10 Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – XDA

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  • selw0nk

    Waiting for the SGH-I777 version.

    • andydam

      check the i777 forums at xda-developers, its hell raised and works fine

      • Midknight5000

        Could you post a link, I can’t seem to find it on the forums.

      • Melissa

        Link please? 😉 I can’t find it either……..

        • Carlos

          The link is there, just above the publicity banner.

  • JMac

    Man you are working fast Max. Still loving the 2.6 RR release but I have to give this a test run too I guess. Thank you!

  • dgi

    Which kernel should I use (do you use)?

  • André Font

    Hi and thanks for the “heads up”.

    Is it possible to have this as a secondary rom together with Resurrection rom, using the Siyah kernel?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Michael

      you CAN NOT use ICS based kernels with a JB based rom !
      Different “languages”

      • André Font

        I see. Thanks. I just had to be sure.

    • Inigo

      No, its not possible right now. the reason is that for Dual booting you need to use the same kernel for both roms. JB doesnt support syiah kernel right now so you will not be able to get dual booting. hope that helps

      • André Font

        Help is appreciated. I made backups of the roms I had and tryed it out. I must say this rom is really snappy and works very well. 3G and MMS didn’t work but I guess that has to do with the carrier settings. Fixing it asap.

  • addy

    do i install this using odin or what?
    i remember once installing using my memory but i don’t remember how i did it.

    • SmithyJ73

      No, you don’t need to use ODIN for this, (if rooted, copy this download to internal/external SD (your choice) and reboot into recovery using CWM, create back-up (just incase) and then install .zip from internal/external, wherever you placed it and WHAM, BAM, THANKYOU MAM. Sorted. 🙂

      • gabriel

        Hi. I just did everything exactly like you said but after installation complete, after the reboot it stopped on android logo and nothing more. I restarted again and now I can’t even reach the logo. What can I do now ?
        Thank you .

  • Gustavo

    which room for galaxy s2 takes the pictures faster ????

  • arcaneck

    great post, i already installed it and is working great, everything seems by excelent, just one question, any body know how to enable sd card storage in the camera, because is using the internal memory and i dont like it.


  • Ian

    before i install what are the steps and also will this rom work with siyah kernel or will i have to flash a jellybean rom

  • -Magic Man-

    Hi Max,

    I flashed the ROM but it gets stuck on the boot page. It doesn’t move into the home screen. Please help 🙂

    • Jaseem Abbas

      I had the same problem when I flashed my Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 with CM9. Booting your phone into CWM and wiping the cache and dalvik should help!

  • Ken

    This ROM does not seem to work when installing as 2nd rom using siyah kernal. It goes through the installation ok but the screen is blank when I try to reboot. The 1st ROM RR2.6 works fine. Is it compatible with siyah kernal and has anyone loaded it as a 2nd rom. Does anyone know what kernal is with this ROM and do you have to flash a cutom type rom first.

    • Michael

      you CAN NOT use ICS based kernels with a JB based rom !
      Different “languages”… just use the CM kernel

      • mads kaae

        It’s funny that people doesn’t seem to get it huh. It has only been mentioned three times lol

        • Jamil

          so which kernel must we use?
          Its all well and good saying what cannot be done, but without directing us to the correct path (kernel) ppl will be confused.
          So whixh kernel must we use?

  • Olivr Palr

    Hi Max, this ROM works with my international version of GS2, right? (I should disregard the warning just before the comment section: NOTE: PLEASE ONLY INSTALL ROMS INTENDED FOR YOUR VERSION OF Galaxy S2! Otherwise you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE and I will not be responsible! ALL ROMs on this site are ONLY for Verizon Galaxy S2!) Thanks.

    BTW, what happened to the Youtube acc. petition?

    • kwesi yasay

      the international version is the i9100, so it will work. For the youtube account he got so many conflicts from being a partnership(videos about apple).

      • Olivr Palr

        thanks for the reply. I falshed the rom yesterday, but most of my videos, yo gabba gabba, that my kids watch in bed don’t work, either no sound or no video. I’m back with RR ICS 2.6.1. I’ll just sit on the fence on this one, till a more stable version comes out.

  • parth walikhindi

    flashing now!!!!!!!! lets hope so its good!!

  • Ovidiu

    Try Alliance ICS HD v.2 rom. It is the best rom ever. Great battery life. I also used Ressurection roms for 4 months so I can easily make a comparison between those two.

  • Inigo

    Keep up the good work man. been following your videos for a while now. This video could have been longer (its just nice to get a full review). what happened to your YouTube channel btw? This videos take a LONG time to stream.

  • fiifi

    thanks max. its working really cool

    • fiifi

      but i cant get my apn to work

      • Haider

        manually input the apn settings., press the menu option n save…now restart yuur fone..

        • fiifi

          it worked bro .thanks very much .i am definately sticking to this rom

        • Inigo

          you can actually hit restore default APN settings, then restart the phone, and activate Airplane mode. when you then deactivate airplane mode you will have it working. Works a treat

  • Carlos

    Is just for Verizon prones?

  • parth walikhindi

    Flashed in the morning!! N i feel
    1. A big battery drainer
    2. Doesnt have option to save images from cam to sd card
    3. Doesnt work on siyah kernel (i tried two times n it hangs at the boot scteen logo)
    4. Doesnt play some of the videos or !!
    5. Is not smooth like other roms and is a bit slow!

    I would prefer to wait for a better version of this rom!!

    • Juan k

      Indeed this rom looks nice and everything but yeah it seems like a huge battery drainer

      One quick thing if you leave the clock governor ”on demand” might give u some issues when the screen goes off like freezing so just change that and everything will be A OK!.

      Once again thanks for the great rom!

  • Gabo Carreón

    Jelly Bean is great but i’ve noticed some bugs on this ROM:

    1.- Viber App doesn’t work.
    2.- Transitions experiencie is a way better on RR.
    3.- Poor battery life.
    4.- A bit slow.

    I re-flashed my RR Rom cause right now is the best rom for me.
    I hope we can get a stable Jelly Bean ROM soon.

  • -Magic Man-

    Hey Max
    How do I enable Mass storage on this ROM?? MTP file transfer is really slow…PLEASE help 🙂

  • yorick

    thanks for sharing first.Can i use this ROM to T-Mobile Glalaxy S2

  • Damion Miller

    Yo max! what about the Sprint E4GT?!?! I NEED JELLY BEANS ON MY PHONE!!!

  • Songyan Hou

    Camera Doesn’t Work for Me. Please help!

  • ken

    guys this is a “experimental” rom- you should be lucky if your phone boots never mind the little bugs

  • Kevin

    Used the rom for a couple hours, pretty good rom realy fast but some bugs.
    Only thing is the battery life sucks

    • jec

      agree. everything seems to be working and just a little bit bugs. The main problem is battery. Too slow when charging but too fast when draining.Hope developer can find a way for the battery. I even used the battery calibrator of the RR which works great in RR but not to this one.

  • moe

    hey max where did the youtube videos go this one pretty slow :S

  • brabourn

    Tried it today and ok,,,,, BUT installed LBE and as soon as I clicked on protect ,crashed, black screen ,rebooted , same again. Still its only a Beta version so these bugs will soon be fixed, other than that ..Great ROM. Keep up the good work Max. We need YOU

  • flies

    Hi Max!

    Could you please post some tutorial on installing dual boot resurrection remix and this mod on GT-I9100? I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance,

    • flies

      My problem is that installed Jelly Bean on 2nd ROM but it won’t boot – freezes on green android creature with light in his belly 😉

      • Sadesh Abeysinghe

        Hey 🙂 that is because this is a jelly bean ROM…but RR is an ICS ROM. So they are incompatible.. because they are written in different languages… plus siyah kernel is an ICS kernel….so it will dual boot only for two ICS ROMs….:) if you flash this ROM…you won’t be able to access RR…. hope this was helpful 🙂

        • Bjorn

          Incompatible, at least until now. Do you think the new Siyah kernel version, which will have jelly bean support, will permit dual booting this ROM with the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM?

          • Sadesh Abeysinghe

            I don’t think its possible ….cause they are different systems…but who knows? The future looks promising 😉 I really wanna over clock this ROM 😉

  • nathan clarke

    I have cm10 jelly bean ROM on s2gt19100 thanks guys but abode flash player does’nt do any updates for android 4.1.1 on s2.please help I have searched Google but methods are not around for s2 just ace,nexus etc.

  • Dave

    Hi Max… Are u running dual boot… Why i can’t dual boot… thanks… my current rom is resurrection lastest version.

    • Sadesh Abeysinghe

      Hey man 🙂 that is because this is a jelly bean ROM…but RR is an ICS ROM. So they are incompatible.. because they are written in different languages… plus siyah kernel is an ICS kernel….so it will dual boot only for two ICS ROMs….:) if you flash this ROM…you won’t be able to access RR…. hope this was helpful 🙂

  • ryan martin

    Great rom but the file explorer keeps saying my 32gb sd card is empty when i know its not .
    Any way around this please.
    Also tried the 2.61 but found lots not working quite right just yet

    • Sadesh Abeysinghe

      If you go into solid explorer….you will see your internal SD card….press the back key once…then it will show you all the different memory devices stored on the phone…select SD card from that…its your memory card 🙂 hope it works

  • EdGe

    I don’t need to erase the contents of my entire SD card and phone right? All I have to do is do a clean wipe and install?

    • Sadesh Abeysinghe

      Yeah…just do a data wipe 🙂

      • EdGe

        Thanks. Just finished flashing my phone and all I can say is it’s AWESOME. Thank you zedomax!

  • geoff

    i just downloaded this straight to my s2 and it says that it cannot open file what am i doin wrong

  • Neeraj

    Thank you Max Just flashed and working superb

  • Vykintas Kazdailis

    WARNING- Is it possible that a Rom could somehow kill my S2 trough the night? Worked like a charm yesterday, woke up this morning to no signs of life- no button combination or charging or battery replacement is bringing it back. For others better safe than sorry- do not install this room.

    • h4ri

      Woke up this morning at 2:39am, you just try to scare off people.

  • Brad

    Nice Rom u found there Max!
    having a couple problems/bugs though … u might know a fix for them

    1) Cant Install Adobe Flash Player 11 – Just Doesnt Come Up On The Google Play Store At all …

    2) Cant Install BBC iPlayer – It Says Your Device Isnt Compatible With This Version ( plus when i read the reviews it says Samsung Galaxy S2 For and Older version)

    Very Nice Rom and Im Liking the new Google Now Feature … been trying to get hold of that for quite a while now

    Any One Know any fixes Please reply if u can get either Flash Player Or BBC iPlayer on Your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

    Device : Samsung Galaxy S2 i1900

    Many Thanks

    • ken

      orrect me if im wrong but adobe have dropped flash support for jellybean and upwards

      they released a statement, google the article

  • K

    you have to download the apk file for de flash player and install it.
    you will find it on google.

  • Juan k

    Hi Max.

    I just want to say thanks to keep us up to date with all the juicy rom updates! “that sounded nasty” anyway after using this rom a couple of days I have to say that is a great rom and here’s a couple of things that I want to report.

    1- Mas Storage seems to be disabled u don’t have the USB settings feature.
    2- The battery drains real fast under heavy usage but with regular usage it last up 17 hours with no charge (just sms, occasional FB and tweets.
    3-SD it’s not being recognized, but u are able to reach the files through the gallery so is not a big deal for an experimental rom. (BTW if you have a fix for this it would be great.)

    Well so far so good gonna keep using this rom until a new release shows up! thanks again Max!

    • Sadesh Abeysinghe

      Hey Juan

      If you go into solid explorer….you will see your internal SD card….press the back key once…then it will show you all the different memory devices stored on the phone…select SD card from that…its your memory card hope it works

      • Juan K

        Hey Sadash.

        Thanks a lot for the tip really useful..but the thing is that I have some videos in my EXSD and when Install the MX player from the Playstore it only reads the internal memory and not the external since its not being recognized by the OS…like I said is not a big deal I know I can get them from the gallery or now that you mentioned the Solid explorer…but it will be nice if they come up with a big fix in order for the EXTSD to be its kind of annoying to know that they are there but not being read by the MX player but thanks a lot for the tip ;)….like Kanye says….just saying lol

        • -Magic Man-


          You are most welcome…and I had the same problem…..all you have to do is go to MX player…..settings…..list…….video folders….and ADD whatever memory you want…..but make sure you updated MX player to the latest update……and I think it should work….but after installing B …MX player didnt work very well on playing HD files (AVI and MKV) so i downloaded dice player….that seems to be really good 🙂 Hope this helps

          • -Magic Man-

            After installing *JB

            • -Magic Man-

              Oh btw its still Sadesh….-Magic Man- is my other name 😉

  • Kash

    Does this rom include the full Project Butter experience?

    • lucky

      yes it does!! install and feel the difference

  • Rey

    i installed the rom on my galaxy s2 i9100 everything working fine except that it wont take my internet data. i have internet data included on my plan but for some reason it says that there is no data. i checked the data option in setting and its turned on, the phone has signal can make calls but doesnt read data. can anyone please help me with the data problem. im in puerto rico and the company i have is claro.

    • Juan K

      Hello Rey.

      First after install reboot the phone, then go to.
      seetings> More> Mobile Networks> Acces point names>( most likely will be all clean so hit the menu button then choose ”New Apn” at this point you need to call you carrier and ask for the Acces Point Name information…fill everything with the information from your carrier then once again hit menu and select save…then you will be back to the APN screen just put the little dot in the APN that you just created and presto baby!.

      Hope it helps.

      • Rey

        i tried what you said but once i fill in all the apn info i hit menu click on save and it takes me back to the apn screen but appears empty. i tried adding it various times but it doesnt seem to save on the apn screen.

        • Haider

          restart yuur phone…shud work

        • Rey

          nevermind i got it working with the tweakker app from googleplay. it automatically detects your carrier and does all the configurations for apn.

          • c3pe22

            I was havin the same problem and it worked with tweakker !

            • Lithuania

              Tweakker is awesome. Works perfectly

    • Haider

      find the appropate setting for yuur network and go into setting > wireless and networks ( MORE) > mobile networks > access point names > menu button n then reset to default..
      if that does work then NEW APN n manually input the details.. hope this helps,,,

  • Haider

    Hey Max, keep up the good work on informing us on new ROMS..

    got a quick question on the new release 1.0 which is the best MODEM to choose on the AROMA INSTALLER ??

    – > Modems
    – – – – LPX Modem
    – – – – LPW Modem
    – – – – LPS Modem
    – – – – LPR Modem
    – – – – LPQ Modem
    – – – – KI4 Modem

  • Zaki Sharif

    Hi, just installed this ROM don’t seem to have come across many problems except the fact that I am unable to download off the Play Store or even

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem or is the a solution?

  • Kanishk

    Hey, I love this rom, but I can’t get the internet to work for some reason :S The wifi works fine, but H or 3G doesn’t work 🙁 any help maybe?

    • Haider

      find the appropate setting for yuur network and go into setting > wireless and networks ( MORE) > mobile networks > access point names > menu button n then reset to default..
      if that does work then NEW APN n manually input the details.. hope this helps

      • Haider

        and also restart yuur phone …itll work….

  • Anthony

    I installed this rom on my phone, works perfectly fine except when using Data. What can I do to have Data in the phone?

    • Haider

      find the appropate setting for yuur network and go into setting > wireless and networks ( MORE) > mobile networks > access point names > menu button n then reset to default..
      if that does work then NEW APN n manually input the details.. hope this helps……..

      • Haider

        and also restart yuur phone …itll work

        • Junebug

          it took me two reinstallations to figure out but yeah i can confirm that rebooting does make mobile data work. If it does not, just remove battery and stuff and try again. it should work..

  • teslax

    HI People. I have the orig. ICS 4.0.3 on my SGS2. Is these root good without any problems? What is the best way to roor the sgs2?

  • mark clements

    Hi Max, hope you are well, quick question, ive been testing alot of roms, on a few CM10 jellybean / Salman 3.4 there is no google navigation and as i use that most of the time can you suggest how i can get it as i cant seem to find it on the play store


    • Roderick

      google it man 😀

  • Werries


    This is a very good and stable ROM so far. One bug that I have encounter is, when you send a short message service (SMS) the network icon in the right top corner, bars empty(no coverage) and a small cross on the network icon appears. Only when I delete the SMS and sometimes have to restart the phone, then the coverage is back and working in full again.


    Thanks for your reviews and posts on all ROM!

    • Mark

      having exactly the same issue.

  • najiskani

    I bricked my sgs2 afetr installing ‘CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100 and my phone is even not showing signs of life, not even booting just like dead,,,, I was using ICS 4.0.4 rooted,
    Any help from you guys,,

    • Jeanbite

      I had the same problem…. Did u find any solutions ??

  • najiskani

    Bricked the sgs2 after installing CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100, phone is dead..not even booting,,,,,

    • John

      You should re-flash via odin the stock rom.. check this @ xda developers forum. Few minutes ago i’ve seen a topic about bricked phones..

  • wissam

    thanks for the latest jelly bean os 🙂
    still have an issue, cannot connetct to kies so i can restore all my contacts! please help

    • jec

      I never used skies to restore my contact. I only used my google account and I can use it on any android phones. simply add your google account and sync the contacts.

      • wissam

        thanks jec 🙂
        at the moment im facing lots of bugs from this rom. and as i noticed its consuming 90% of the Ram and it gets slower with time and you should always reboot it. this is not cool about it

  • FunnyMann

    Does the sound don’t work only with bluetooth


    i ugraded to 3.0.1 from 2.6.1 and dont like it now i cannot go back to 2.6.1 why is that?

  • marcusmichelsen

    hey all did the kernal update recommended for this rom and lost my wlan… ugh very important you back up your current driver in cwm so you can go back in time.. unless you have the working tar file and put your phone in odin mode and go that route to restore your phone to working order.. i have been doing this stuff for awhile and have tried these roms max is pretty tight with xda and when we [samsung users] get the over the air update.. these guys are all over it in getting us a solid working rom… my best advice backup backup backup before these roms are attempted.. but there is a bug in the latest siyah kernal ver 3.5.2 like i said that took out my wlan…
    hey humbal if you didnt save a backup on your internal and your external isnt recognizing in cwm. you probley need to download a working rom and use odin to recover you phone..

  • IgNA

    hey max!!! i just installed this superb rom and everything is ok….but i get crash! When i am trying to see my call log
    and rolling it down it stop and pops a window that says the application contacts stopped…is there any solution about that? thnx in advance!

  • Dreik

    Works HDmi on this rom ?

  • jec

    I installed it last night. Everything seems to be working except that the battery only last for 2 hours with only 1 application and 4 system apps running. Also, how will I get the netflix. I cannot find it on the market.

  • Galo

    Hi, It´s been like 5 days that i´m using this room and it´s working fine, everything works (wifi, 3g, netflix, mx player, any kind of app) and the battery lasts more than my previous rom (4.0.3 root), no crashes and for the 3g i had to reset apn settings and restart , but other than that working fine..

  • vincent

    Camcorder no working…….( Gallery not responding) idk…HELP PLZ…….

  • John

    Hi galaxians!!
    I’ve installed this rom and i’m using it for about 3 days. It’s really fast and smooth, but i noticed that battery life sucks. I have one battery of 2400 mAh and it drains at about 12 to 14 hours, with normal use of the phone. Also on prefrences in battery option, i figured that the battery usage of the operating system was at 58 precent.

  • Farhad

    Hello Max,
    Can you please post a video on how to upgrade it to android 4.1?
    PLZ reply.

    • lucky

      Hi Farhad, you cannot upgrade to 4.1 yet on S2 yet because this has not been officially launched for S2 yet. On the other hand you can manually flash this custom Rom on your device with CMW and if you have root access.

  • ken

    whats the best jb rom for s2 at the mo? in respect of stability and battery life

    • lucky

      this ROM is very fast and battery life is ok as well, when you first install this rom you might feel its draining battery quickly, but it gets ok with time.

  • chris

    hey man

    i just installed jelly bean on my S2 and i think i bricked it… it starts normally but it just doing nothing, this green android, doing nothing? please advise in what i can do and if it is bricked..


    • chris

      nevermind… all works perfectly… jellybean rocks on my S2

  • syafrilsaufi

    im using GT-1900G.i can install it right?

    • lucky

      yes you can install if you are rooted

  • lucky

    I installed this ROM with CWM successfully and its working perfectly!! I am loving jellybean features like Google Now and Phone is amazingly fast, I love Android 🙂 Thanks to developer and this website a lot.

  • Gavin Pohlen

    Is Anyone Else Having Issues With Bluetooth? Well Connect But Audio For Music Comes Though The Phone Speaker. Phone Audio Works, Just Not Music

    • Ash

      Even i am having bluetooh issues, infact my default browser and mail app does not work either and i also keep getting this message saying “Exchange service has stopped working” and a lot of apps stop working in middle my s2 even hangs at times… plz help asap…

  • Kyle N

    You really need to show the new versions of Paranoid Android, switched to it again last week from RRemix. Its the best rom ive used thus far!

  • Ash

    Even i am having bluetooh issues, infact my default browser and mail app does not work either and i also keep getting this message saying “Exchange service has stopped working” and a lot of apps stop working in middle my s2 even hangs at times… plz help asap…

  • lucky

    Where has CWM application gone after installing this rom? i wanted to flash a kernel with that application but i cant find it now? any suggestions please… and now i am unable to transfer media to my pc with usb cable?

  • Avaish D

    Hi guys have the international version of GS2 1900.I have it rooted and from gingerbread i went to this rom.It installed completely now i rebooted it and its just stuck at the samsung logo? help pls.

    • Liam

      install it again with a complete wipe/factory reset.

  • aziz

    Hello everyone
    I’m using the ROM since yesterday and its awesome but I’ve noticed one problem and its that I COULD NOT open the downloads closer at all. Tried all the file browsing apps non of them worked even WinZip. The moment I tap on the folder it just exit to the minute. Help please . Other than that the ROM rocks

  • aziz

    Guys it seems the battery consumption is fast as I turn 3g on . And I can’t open the downloads folder from all file managing apps. What to do? And also I can not delete songs from Apollo music player. And Bluetooth is not connecting all the time .

  • Aidan

    Hey i love the design of this ROM and when i first installed it was great but i am having troubles in day 2 with the phone signal dropping out forcing me to reboot to re-connect the signal.

    used to work now everytime i reboot it really doesnt give me any phone signal at all now. everything else works fine it just seems to have issues connecting to my service provider, and it doesnt have anything do to with them because my sim works fine in another phone.

    Would be great to get some help with this as i love the ROM and would like to continue using it. might need to reflash it due to me not having a SGS2 anymore but an mp3 player lol

    Cheers in advance for the help 🙂

  • jPc

    Best daily driver out there. Battery life ain’t all that but the Jelly Bean experience is well worth it. Thanks for the review man.

  • Vivek

    after reeboting my fone the gallery and music player says no files are added and i already have 8 gb of it……. plz help me…. not able to play music or see any fotos… plz help !!!!!!!!!

    • Max

      remove .nomedia file in sd card.

  • Vivek

    after reeboting my fone the gallery and music player says no files are added and i already have 8 gb of it. plz help me.

  • Vivek

    and how to install new themes?????????

  • Vivek

    I am not able to find the .no media file :-(…plz help max sir

  • Chaser1403

    Hi, great rom i’ve been using it since August and it has been quite stable. however ive notice when i leave wifi area and return when it reconnects to the wifi, it knows out the network until i reboot. this seems to happen quite often. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • artur k.

    hey, can somebody please help me. I flashed CM10 ROM on my gt i9100 but I think I didn’t make backup of internal memory and now when I’m entering gallery it says me to insert external sd but it is on my phone. And before I flashed when I connected to PC with USB, it showed me SDCARD folder and PHONE folder. But now it doesn’t show phone. Please help.

    • marcusmichelsen

      Backup of internal memory?? Do you mean
      A nandroid backup? If you root explorer file manager
      You should be able to see all your files

  • Arturo

    Can I install this ROM in my GT-9100 With 4.0.3 as Android Version?

    • Vivek

      Yes you can but your phone should be rooted

  • mathew


    I updated my galaxys2 to jellybean. But the problem i am facing is

    1. It is not detecting my mobile network.
    2. battery is draining up very fast.

    Have anyone faced this issue? Is ther any solution for this??

    Thanks in advance


  • Dhruv

    I installed this ROM and everything was working perfectly fine..until I noticed 1 issue.I could not use any chat clients when using Mobile packet data..On Wifi everything works smooth but as soon as I switch to packet data…I am not able to use Whats app,Gtalk etc…It is strange.I tried a lot of things and 3rd party messengers none worked.Am I missing something?Infact the browser works fine with packet data.I am able to open Playstore as well as my mails but not the chat clients.I tried other jellybean roms as well and found the same issue.when i switched back to ICS its resolved.Is there any setting for Jellybean I need to change???

  • Uday Bhat

    I am struggling to locate/install fm radio in it. Could you please help me.

    • Max

      Missing FM radio? You can re-install it by downloading this FM Radio APK, then set Method to “Galaxy S2 Test” under Settings->Audio in the app.

      • Uday Bhat

        oh man .. u r truly genius .. heads off to you … its working perfectly fine for me now .. thanks a lot.

      • the man

        You the best man. been bugged with problem for years.