D4 ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Android 4.0.4]

For those of you flasholics out there, here’s another great Android 4.0.4 ICS ROM, based off the IMM76D. The D4 ICS ROM comes with a ton of nifty features like its own D4 settings that let you customize stuff like camera and UI sounds (turn them off or on, or change them), video recording in 3GP or MP4 file format, YouTube HD mode, and a whole lot more with UI customizations.

It also runs Siyah kernel, my suggestion is to run at 1.4Ghz overclocked using LulzActive governor for best performance and battery life.

This is definitely one of the newer ROMs for your i9100 you should try out and let me know how it works for you!

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Download ROM:

Download D4 ICS ROM

To install, wipe, flash ROM, flash Gapps, reboot. That’s it!

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Credits – XDA

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  • mhd

    Does they seen the ad hoc network ?

  • Marcotagudelo

    This rom is good for a daily driver v10.0 is out!!!!!!

    • Yabet

      Where can we download the v10.0 ???

      Thanks in advance …

  • yngwie

    Messages delivery report doesn’t work; everything is okey, but always something missing

    • yngwie

      message delivery works, but without sound, only short text displayed

  • Amit

    I tried this one (including v10) but i had constant Google Play Store crashes. Also, no Google Maps. 3G network takes a lot of time to work, when it does, it works fine. When it doesn’t, no data connection works what so ever.

    I hope this one gets a fix soon, i’m definitely going to try it more to make it work

    • marcotagudelo

      Reflash i have 0 issues fast and very stable

  • daniel

    just now downloading this rom and so far i love the instalation prosses, lets just hope everything works, cuz apn settings did not work on resurection rom

  • ├ôscar


    I have a little problem. Installed recently the D4 rom and it seems gr8 until now. But there’s one little question, it is always showing me one message. If i open the gallery it say’s something like ” you can’t access it because there is no Memory card inserted”. I have identified the same problem as i tried to access “Dungeon Hunter”. Can someone help me?

  • daniel

    i flashed this rom and in the instalation process it asked me what theme i wanted and i said that i wanted the sence theme but when the instalation process fineshed and loded the main screen it just looked like stock ics. even when i go to settings and choose the theme nothing happens. please help, looks like it would be a great rom if the theme on the instalation process worked. thanks in advanced

    • marcotagudelo

      This sense theme is only for the aroma installer.
      Remember this is a ics rom.
      Remember to do factory wipe and clear cache and dalvik

  • daniel

    thanks marcotagudelo. what is aroma installer and is there a way that i can use the sense theme? cuz if this is supposed to be a stock rom than y have the option in the installation process? doesnt make sense to me

  • mr.ifi

    download link or xda link for the v10????

  • Umair

    i mean to say and well to keep the respect preserved for you……. what the heck have i done to my phone, more than half of the media inside my phone has stopped working (not supported). the camera is more like hell, the video feature has lost self focus, whats faint is faint until you move close or farther to the spot…… cant find no where the dlna or driving mode feature……. what else to mention and what not to im surely reversing to my normal firmware!

  • gaurav

    thiis is suprbb os …now this is running ok