How to Install CM13/Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow ROM on Galaxy S2! [RePartition]


For those of you who want to upgrade your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 to CM13 or any Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow ROM, you will need to repartition your system partition so you can install it correctly.

Marshmallow ROMs require minimum of 1GB of system partition while the Galaxy S2 defaults to 500MB.  To do this, it’s pretty simple to do, you just need to install repartitioning zip file using latest TWRP recovery.

First, make sure you have a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP recovery.

Second, boot into your current CWM or TWRP recovery and flash the ISO Rec TWRP recovery.  Then reboot into recovery.

Third, flash the repartitioning zip file.  Make sure you have backed up everything on your phone beforehand as there is a chance you may lose some of your data during repartitioning!  Once that’s done, reboot back into recovery.

Fourth, once rebooted into TWRP, you can now do a standard installation of the ROM, see our universal failproof guide on how to install Marshmallow ROMs (or see the video tutorial above).

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  • Seghier Mohamed Abdelaziz

    Repartitioning ZIP didn’t make ant change
    the same size always

    • Renushan Ranasinghe

      use odin, select the pit file what u needed 2GB,5GB, or pit file then select os .then start .first time you wont see the change then restart the phone .then it will asked to format the SD card then it will be ok.

      • Duplicata

        What do you mean? What is the “pit file”? Where can i find that?

        • Renushan Ranasinghe

          Its some thing about partition of your phone. if u install a jellybean rom , i can send u a link. but i didnt test with custom roms.

  • Dario Tocci

    I tried to install TWRP but doesn´t get installed (Philz touch).

    • Renushan Ranasinghe

      First install farm root apk. then open it ,select argon, reboot, install rom manager apk. now you can install cwm recovery using rom manager.

      • Eliran Gonen

        he asked how to install TWRP not CWM

  • Taha Benashur

    best way to repartition is to flash pit file with odin while your phone is on download mode

    • Duplicata

      What is the “pit file”? Where can i find that?

    • Eliran Gonen

      unfortunately , this didnt work for me
      used both Odin & Heimdall on both Linux & Windows 7
      when rebooting results in CWM still there

      • Taha Benashur

        what do you mean by “results in CWM still there” ?

  • Nishfaan

    hey I have a problem while installing TWRP… as you mentioned I have CWM. I have the zip file of TWRP on the sd card and installed it from CWM recovery and after rebooting Im still going to CWM recovery how do i fix this

    • Renushan Ranasinghe

      u just install it or format the system ?. try to reboot the phone using recovery mode

      • Nishfaan

        Well I found the solution myself. if anyone else cant install TWRP over CWM, check the youtube comments for the video.
        Someone gave this link
        Install it before installing the IsoRecTWRP ROM

        • Eliran Gonen

          which file did you install?
          did you use Odin/Heimdall when the phone is in Download Mode to install it then?

  • Haseeb Jan Hamraz
  • trAnwhiz

    Thanks so much for this. BTW, just repartitioning doesn’t seem to delete anything. Rebooting the system after the repartition booted me to my previously-installed CM ROM.

  • Wow… There is Android 6 on S2. Mine already long gone… 😛

  • Татьяна Березовая

    how to download?