Illusion ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777][Key Lime Pie THEME]

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and AT&T SGH-i777, check out Illusion ROM that comes with Key Lime Pie Theme from the future Android 5.0.

Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) based on Android 4.2.2 with some great stuff like transition animations, UI customization similar to AOKP ROM Control Settings, HALO floating notifications ported from ParanoidAndroid ROMs, and some more.

Performance is pretty good on the Illusion ROM along with some great battery life. It is certainly one of the “hottest” ROM right now. If you are looking to experience the latest and coolest features on Android 4.2.2 along with some Key Lime Pie theme from the future, flash this over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S2 SGH-i777

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM (just in case), wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from Illusion ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

To fix broken Google Search, just update “Google Search” app from Play Store.

Credits – GT-i9100, SGH-i777 <— Please donate to the developers or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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  • Risspartan117

    Anybody used it yet? Is this a beta? How’s the battery life?

    • amir

      Battery pretty good speed is fast but u need to install the google apps gapps and there is at the app manger when u remove a app it force need a bit of work but it ok stiil

  • Arnold

    Pretty good, actually… Only thing is: I couldn’t find the stock email client, and am unable to add an Exchange account. Any help with that?

    • Arnold

      Anyone? I’d like the stock email client, simply because it syncs the calendar with the stock one (as does Gmail, so I have both calendars in the same app…)
      I don’t want Touchdown, precisely for that reason.

      Any thoughts?

      • driodmaster92

        Guys use slim gapps and for email and exchange use the Slim AIO_addons

        • Riz

          Pls let me know how to install slim gapps and Slim AIO_addons, i want to add accounts and that option is not opening???

          • Riz

            Thank you problem solved, only please let me know is there any option to enhance volume, like Stweaks. Is this rom has also its own Stweaks or any other option to enhance volume, please confirm. thank you. Rest rom is one of the best rom so far.

  • Rickelle

    Works great 🙂 I love it!

  • Nightvave

    while using this ROM, how to connect i9100 as mass storage to pc

    • Nightvave

      and one more thing, i can’t play and audio recorded by any of the call recording app in play( when the Audio source is set to : MIC),,, pls help

  • Aziz

    Hi, I cant seem to connect my phone to wifi. my samsung tab is connecting just fine. please tell me if there’s any settings. it gives me a “no connection” error??

  • Manuela


    is anyone who installed this rom is having problem with the connectivity bands of my phone.. it’s working on EDGE band and not on HSPA (Plus) as usual.

    sorry for my english and thanks for any information!

    • Alakh Niranjan

      uncheck the use only 2G networks in Settings>wireless>Mobile Might help you

      • Manuela

        yeah thanks I thought about that later, I didn’t realize it was checked automatically. But thanks anyway!

  • Bruce Gordon

    The rom is fast, nice animations, smooth and lite,
    however when i connect my usb cable and activate usb mode it restarts by itself.

    not sure if i did anything wrong.

    awesome rom nonetheless.

  • George B.

    This rom is really good and highly interactive. However, when choosing Live Wallpapers the app crashes every time. When I play my games the phone and sound freezes forcing me to restart. I’ve been using AOKP JB as my daily driver and it is THE most reliable ROM I’ve used to date

  • Alakh Niranjan

    mobile does not charge..aftr installing this rom,I hav put the mobile for charging for an hour CHARGING 0%¿¿Help me out!!!

  • Abhishek

    The phone becomes too hot while listening to music.. Did anyone face this issue ?? Any solution?
    Everything else is fine.

  • Jon

    Hey Max,
    Just installed this ROM, I like it so far!
    I have some.apk files on external SD Card which I don’t know how to get access to. Can you help?

    • Shrini

      install FX file explorer, or ES file explorer or OI file explores, u can find all files, as earlier we used to have My Files App or icon, now we dont find..else connect ur mobile to PC through Airdroid.(on same wifi).
      ur problems will be resolved

      • JOn

        Thanks very much mate, worked a treat. I have one final question if I may? The GPS on my phone can not pick up a signal and I use my phone to drive and find things quite regularly. Any suggestions on how to get it working? thanks 🙂

        • Shrini

          i guess u might be using the regular Maps app..did u try sygic, google it else search it in mentioning ur country like Sygic for UK etc..u will find out the same is expensive in playstore..else serch out Navigon too..this might hepl u.

          • Shrini

            well! now u help me out, i was on AOKP long back nd shifted to slim roms for past few months..gets updated regularly to latest slim rom, i didnt yet try this one, how is this working..

  • Jon

    P.S, How can I boot into recovery mode? that options seem to have disappeared now for me.

    • Shrini

      if u r on i777, ur phone should be ON, select power key+home key+both volume keys simultaneously..the phone sw offs and starts to recovery..

  • Parthasarathy


    After changing few roms i finally settled with this really very good rom. I have one small problem, when i am trying to connect the phone through usb to my computer i am able to see only the internal sd card and not the external sd card.I am using galaxy s2. Can any one suggest how to fix it.

    V Paartha

    • John

      I have a similar problem in that the phone will no longer recognizes my external sdcard. It acts like it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter if the phone is connected to my computer, charging, unplugged. As far the phone is concerned, there is no sdcard inserted.

  • Andy

    This Rom has almost broke my phone it messed up all my music videos photos and deleted all my apps and Titanium backup couldn’t rcognise my phone so I couldn’t restore any. Even google didn’t remember any of the apps. It also deleted all my backups of the previous rom. I didnt like it at all and I rate it 0.

    • Shrini

      when u went into recovery, u shouldnt have selected advanced/format data etc..this deletes files in ur internal storage..
      Secondly install All in One Toolbox..go to tools/package manager/back up and restore.. Do a back whenever u install a new rom..After installing a new rom, ignore or cancel google auto update or auto recovery of ur apps..just search All in One toolbox and install..then from backup restore option, select gives u all ur previous apps in .apk files and install them..bye
      i do this whenever i install a rom and even save my time a lot..

  • truongdt

    Can i install this Rom for gt-i9100g ?
    Do u have the newest Rom for i9100g ?

  • DrJonNZ

    In general a great ROM with nice, slick, smooth transitions, however after using for only one day on my gt-i9100 I have found a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out.
    (1) The compass appear to be disabled.
    (2) Autorotate doesn’t seem to work (despite enabling in Settings/Display menu).
    (3) Random resets.

    I suppose I can live with (3) but (1) and (2) are a bit annoying. Does anyone know of a fix?


    • DrJonNZ

      Out of curiosity I just did a wipe data / factory reset, wipe cache partition, and wipe Dalvik cache, then rebooted the system. Had to rebuild all my apps, but (1) and (2) started working again. Strange because I did all of this before installing the ROM, anyway it’s working now.

  • erwin albano

    i can’t enable the 3g network even the 2g was unchecked. please help me guys

  • Ameya

    Followed all the steps and did a reboot…….Phone won’t start…….Any suggestions? Cannot go in recovery mode as well……Phone is completely dead 🙁

  • Ram Wagle

    Just flashed with this rom for SGH-i777.
    Everything looks good, but the fond seems off – it looks like a flicker and the texture is not solid making it difficult to read. It is consistent throughout the text all over.

    Anyone know how to fix this issue?


  • mano

    Best ROM ever! you have a lot of control over it, the interface is amazing , there are a lot of animations, and nevertheless it’s pretty fast.. the battery life is good too! it has some minor bugs (when choosing themes or uninstalling apps) but overall i definitely think its totally worth it

  • Alvin

    Lovely rom guys but Please I really need FM radio…..

  • puneet

    i had installed this rom(illusion) with the dorimax kernel.i was using CM9 before this.
    after a couple of days,i started facing a problem. i charged my phone to 100% and then disconnected the charger and started using it normally and it suddenly switched off by itself. since then i am experiencing random shutdowns even with a full batterty charge.
    i think that my phone’s battery is not getting charged to the full even though it’s displaying a 100% on the screen.
    plzz help asap

  • Leonard McIntosh

    Fix battery charging issue

  • Samantha Reed

    I have question, my sprint phone has 4g service but I have no service. And it not connected to wifi. Anyone know how this can be? And its not rooted. I have been without service for 3 months. Anyone know how this can be?