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Leaked Official Android 4.1.2 ROM with ROOT for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!

Click on Play button above or Click Here to Download High-Quality HD video to your Smartphone or Computer.

For those of you who want to try the leaked official Samsung Android 4.1.2 ROM, here’s a root-injected TAR firmware you can install in ODIN or Mobile ODIN PRO. The leaked Android 4.1.2 clearly shows that the official 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware will come with goodies like Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX launcher, widgets, camera that allows stop and go, and some more.

There should be a ton of custom ROMs later this week with this leak but for those of you who can’t wait, here’s a TAR file you can use:


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Download leaked official Android 4.1.2 with root for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, Mirror

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Rating: 8.2/10 (25 votes cast)
Leaked Official Android 4.1.2 ROM with ROOT for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!, 8.2 out of 10 based on 25 ratings
Categories: Galaxy S2 ROMs.

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260 Responses to Leaked Official Android 4.1.2 ROM with ROOT for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!

  1. Tony says:

    I have already installed the leaked 4.1.2 unrooted version. Can I use Odin to reflash your rooted version or do I have to flash back to 4.0.4 stock, root and then flash your 4.1.2 rooted version?

    • iZel says:

      same here! too bad for us, i think we need to flash it again using this rooted ROM.. tsk! tsk!

    • Max says:

      You can just flash over fine.

      • nick says:

        If i will just flash over, what file would i flash and where? thanks.

        I have flashed the unrooted version but cant do anything without titanium backup cos i cant recover any app. thanks zedomax! high on android..

        • nick says:

          Im rooted!! Read the forums. PDA>> file that youve downloaded. Thanks again zedomax!! Its 3am and I cant sleep til my phone is rooted!! Haha.

          • ram says:

            you can create an package, all you have to do is open titanium back up and click on the left soft-key, in that find option save in a place where you know. once after flashing your new rom, you just flash this zip by locating the place where you created the or, at the same time using Clockwork recovery mode, the same way you do for flashing the rom. it will install titanium back up application.

            hope this helps… :-)

      • Djnr says:

        hey max….need some help here. ive installed da rom nd its working fine bt I want to inject some app in da system app folder but it seems der is not enough space…..ive deleted sme app from da system app folder bt da memory doesnt seem to free up space….wat can I do to free some space in da system app memory. …plssss help

      • Djnr says:

        hey max….need some help here. ive installed da rom nd its working fine bt I want to inject some app in da system app folder but it seems der is not enough space…..ive deleted sme app from da system app folder bt da memory doesnt seem to free up space….wat can I do to free some space in da system app memory. thanks

      • Miron says:

        Hi Max and Happy New Year!!!
        Do you have any idea what should be done so the version of SMASUNG Kies (Kies_2.5.0.12114_1_17) I have on my PC will recognize my devise with this ROM? (Leaked Official Android 4.1.2 ROM with ROOT for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!)

        Thanks in advance!

    • galaxy says:

      If you are using unroot version you can root it without computer:
      In recovery flash super su 0.9 .zip. search on google for it download sighned version only..thankx

    • Kamal says:

      You can flash with cvm via phone recovery. It is easy

  2. ryan says:

    hi could you plzzz tell me how i flash this 4.1.2 rom with odin cos im not 100% shaw on how to do it thanks

  3. kenneth says:

    how to flash this leaked rom via odin?

  4. Gaurav says:

    After installing this rom
    Is it I lost root in my phone

  5. zorba says:

    Can you please record an updated video guide for all the steps needed to install this rom ?
    root>backup>IMEI and important system folders backup>rom installation>restore

  6. kibo says:

    I got sim network locked after install :/ Can anyone help me please?

  7. Ismael says:

    The Rom is very nice and very similar to SGS3, but i hate that water drop sound of the touch screen sound ,, can any one help changing it.

  8. ken says:

    if my galaxy s2 got g can use this rom????

  9. Rahul says:

    Hey max i follow ur website a lot and i am on ressurection remix with dorimanx kernel so how do i get back to official firmware ? cant i just flash this rom in recovery like the others ? sorry, i know its noob question just to be sure :P

    • nick says:

      If you download this file you have to flash it via odin, but zedo is working on the cwm version so we can flash it through recovery mode. :D:D

  10. Tom says:

    Hi, I flashed this rom on my sgs2, having resurrection remix installed before flashing. After flashing I got a strange query for unlocking my sim card. It appears after entering pin, but it doesn’t accept pin, so I click ‘skip’. Then there I get a notification ‘No service’ and network doesn’t work at all. Choosing network manually in network settings didn’t work :( please, help

  11. alexcustodia says:

    I just installed this version. It’s ok. No errors messages when I installed. It’s a very responsive and smooth version I tested till now. Thank you!

    • Muli says:

      thank you for the briefing review!
      let us know if it have any bugs…

      Im preety new in all this buisness and searching for stable and comfortable rom… :)

  12. Kenji says:

    Guys just download the firmware. After its downloaded open odin then hit “pda” then select the firmware you downloaded, then put your phone in download mode (volume down+center button+lock button) then plug your phone in your computer via usb and hit “start” then thats it :D!!

  13. Ben says:

    Is this for the international sg2

  14. pratik chirkute says:

    Flashed it. Working very satisfactorily. When I was using the custom roms I actually missed some previlages by samsung like direct share. This rom is nice only issue is the memory. Takes lots of memory so I uninstalled some of the system apps which I dont think I require like video hub etc.

    All in all the rom looks good and if we can manage the RAM memory properly I think it should be the rom with which we can stick for a while

  15. harshal says:

    can u make another tutorial on only how to root this coz i have already installed the leaked version from sammobile…

    • pratik chirkute says:

      1.Download the tar File
      2.Start phone into download mode odin
      4.connect mobile with cable
      5. Click on PDA and select tar file on start

      For more information Google how to flash tar through odin:-)

    • Serge says:

      I believe it could be easier using Odin Mobile, you don’t need to link you Galaxy to the PC. Odin Mobile is doing everything, wiping and so on… Just transfer the Rom file on the Galaxy and start the program. When it starts again, you’re under the new Rom…
      Could anyone confirm ?

  16. Metadavid says:

    Thanks for this. Just installed on S2 and is working fine, no worries!!

  17. ahmad says:

    I have ICS on S2 rooted with the CF-Root kernel. i have backed up the current system with CWM (clockworkmod manager). Also i have backup the applications with titanium backup. after i install this rom, can i switch back to the ICS with CWM? please post the guides if possible

  18. Jure Lakner says:

    I have a question.
    Can I instal this ram just by flashing it on my phone, like other rams?? Not to go in to download mode just by instaling just by ur phone and not eith cp??:)
    Help pls

  19. tendo says:

    When i go to flash using odin, do i extract the files from the zip folder or do i load the zip folder into odin?

  20. Ashley says:

    After flashing this rom it says to unlock sim lock. and after entering pin, but it doesn’t accept pin, so I click ‘skip’. Then there I get a notification ‘No service’ and network doesn’t work at all. its like my sgs2 is not sim free anymore. please help

  21. udara says:

    Visit–> for detailed instructions to install.

  22. caring person says:

    hey brother is your thumb ok?

  23. caring person says:

    hey brother is your thumb ok ? what happend

  24. Ashley says:

    i got sim unlock when i installed this rom…,it doesn’t accept the pin, so I click ‘skip’. Then there I get a notification ‘No service’ and network doesn’t work at all…..can someone help please!!

    • Parma says:

      I just found that you can unlock your sim by using “galaxsim unlock” from Play Store.
      I haven’t tried it yet but can you try it & reply me later bro.
      You download the app from play store,run the app & re-boot your mobile.
      Give it a try bro.

  25. udara says:

    Jellybam rom updated.. with 4.2Google Apps .. visit—->

  26. Fang says:

    does it work on at&t i7777?

  27. Tyson says:

    I installed the ROM last night, in 4 hours it drained my battery 75% from a full charge,its a leaked version so I knew there would be some bugs but man that’s just nuts lol. I reinstalled 4.0.4 again til the official version is out, now I am itching for Jelly Bean more then ever!!!

    • Rahul says:

      how to do u go back to an older version? flash ics in odin again ?

      • Tyson says:

        yes flash via odin again, this drained my battery quick lol

        • Tommy says:

          I thought i was the only one with battery problems. This sucker is great but the battery bug or whatever it is, it’s just a pain. 5 hrs and i have to charge my phone. I like the Rom but i’m thinking of going back to 4.1.1 but well i don’t know this thing is pretty darn sweet so i may just suck up the battery issue and crack on.

          • Noki says:

            Had same problem with battery thought I was the only one. A day it was chewing up 3 batteries when 1used to be enough for normal daily use. But with 4.1.2 7 hours standby and 30min of screen use. So I had to downgrade to 4.0.4

  28. jure says:

    I hav a problem. my cp does not recognized my phone. what to do pls helpppp.)

  29. jure says:

    I cant connect my phone to cp. pls help im nurves:(

  30. Rahul says:

    ok works great got 50 GB free dropbox space with the rom awesome :D

  31. jure says:

    when im in odin it only get to Pls help!

    • nick says:

      I had the same problem when i created a shortcut of odin in my desktop.
      Ive read the forums and they said thats a bad idea. open odin.exe that you have downloaded. not the shortcut.

  32. Behman says:

    My phone got SIM locked after this… what should i do?
    I have tried to Unlock it using Galaxy S Unlock, but did not work…

    • Parma says:

      Try installing “galaxsim unlock” from google play store.After installing & running app it’ll tell you to pay a meagre fee of $2.56
      But it works great I’ve tried it bro.Worth every penny :-)
      Dont 4get to shut down and start your mobile after unlocking has been done by app.

      Give it a try bro.

  33. sabu says:

    Sim network locked….!!! what i do now….help meee….

  34. ben holland says:

    Thanks max for the lovely work

  35. Arber Hyseni says:

    I installed succesfully this rom but every time i swipe through homescreens it says with sound : Page 1 , Page 2 ,Page 3 and so on


  36. adiflo says:

    Do I use just this file only or do I use it with the other CSC and MODEM .tar files I have downloaded with the unrooted version?

  37. djnr says:

    hey max i downloadded da sgs2 4.1.2 jb leak but wen i use da odin it gets stuck up at the settingconnection and then i hav to strt all over again….nw my sgs2 has ended up network locked and im really confused…im very worried too….pllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssssssssss i need help…plssssssssssssssssss

  38. bkr says:

    how to transfer tar file to zip file ???

  39. voveris says:

    Great ROM! looks exactly like Galaxy S3, just dont forget to backup contacts, sms messages etc..

  40. Maryus says:

    Please! anyone knows a kernel that can do dual boot with this ROM and ICS? Syah Kernel 5.0.1 doesn’t support this leaked official JB version, only CM and AOKP JB versions! by the way, if anyone gets network locked, contact me, i am gonna help u for free because i got locked too and i suffered so much a couple of days until an app saved me! the Galaxy s unlock app unloked it just for once, if i would restart my phone, it got locked again. Please help with the kernel!!!

  41. Pieter says:

    I was running Ressurection Remix with a Siyah kernal (maybe not the latest, but close). This is what I did and it worked.
    1. Backup up everything (incl. titanium backup all apps)
    2. Switched off phone and booted into Recovery (vol down + menu + power buttons)
    3. Made sure samsung usb drivers were installed.
    4. Ran Odin then plugged in the phone (waited for odin to recognize the phone)
    5. Clicked on the “PDA” button and selected the ROM and hit start.

    After the fresh install I downloaded titanium backup from the play store and directed it to where my backups were and reloaded all my apps (note, not any system apps.) Three out of the 90 something apps had some issues, but I will just re-download them from the play store.

    Worked like a charm. Didn’t worry about a kernal or anything. Jelly Bean is awesome!! And still have root.

  42. Pierre says:

    Great ROM! Buttery smooth and works like a charm! Injecting root is like icing AND cherry on top!

    2nd day since i flashed this and haven’t found a single issue, not even FCs (crossing fingers that i

    Note: Flashing this ROM will wipe your device. Make sure you backup contacts, messages, accounts settings and the likes.

  43. kool says:

    can’t open the gallery. memory full even if i delete some of my files.

    file explorer is not working…

  44. philip says:

    I can’t download sgs2 JB4.1.2 tar file please help me ty

  45. philipms says:

    I can’t download sgs2 tar file please help me ty

  46. Ivan says:

    PLEASE HELP ME, in odin i just got to the factoryfs, what should i do?

  47. gilbert says:

    i cant install this Tar file it keeps saying Network Error :( please help me

  48. phlipms says:

    Max please help network error problam please solve the error.

  49. Mhenni_b says:

    I have tried to unlock sim on this rom but it doesnt work :( the only solution i have found is to be back on 4.0.3 with odin; root it and finally unlock sim freely through installing:
    1- titanium backup
    2- busybox
    3- galaxy S unlock
    do the three steps on galaxy S unlock and your network will work again
    R: You can install custom rom again :)

  50. arshad says:

    if i upgrade to this rom using odin , how do i get back to my previous rom if i want to?

  51. arshad says:

    i mean i dont have cwm in this rom so how do i get back to my previous rom???

    • sercour says:

      First thing to do : get a copy of you actual ROM,
      Then flash the new one with Odin
      When and if you want to come back to the previous one, do the same but with the “copy” you had downloaded before..
      That’s all Folks…

  52. Massa says:

    This is beautiful and good rom, but batterylife is poor :/

  53. Gabo Carreón says:

    Hey Max, is there anyway to install CMW on this Leaked Version yet?

  54. Martynas says:

    I have an issue using my GPS with this rom.
    It says ‘your current location is temporarily unavailable’ all the time.

    GPS worked fine with other roms. Anyone knows how to solve this issue?

  55. Shashank Hegde says:

    Flashed the ROM using Odin 1.85 .
    Wonderful ROM.. Loving the small features it included inside.
    After loading my back up apps found that its getting laggy.. The battery life is also not like expected.
    Got the Quadrant score of 2890 which is quite good..

  56. Arun says:


    Jus intalled this Rom on my I9100P. Was on CM10 earlier and really missed the MHL capability.
    Can someone let me know how I can install the NFC patch for JB now that there’s CWM in this Rooted Leak.


  57. sathit says:

    have to languages ​​Thailand

  58. philip says:

    yes finely download and install the leaked jellybean rom with root every thing is ok thank you Max.

  59. saif says:

    if i install this will it wipe my files and apps
    im now on stock ics rooted

    • Doc Bob says:

      Hi saif.
      Yes, the tar file will wipe everything inc contacts & apps. I updated from ics to 4.1.2 yesteday and had the exact same problem. Also, my camera dont work since installing 4.1.2.


      Doc Bob.

  60. Michael says:

    Anyone face battery drain with this rom ?

    mine is not performing well .

  61. Doc Bob says:

    Fantastic help your giving out.
    I have already installed the leaked 4.1.2 version using Odin and found no probs installing, However, since installing I cant use my camera. ?? I get error message “Camera Failed”. Can anyone please advise what I can do about it.
    SGS2 GT-i9100 version 4.1.2
    Thanks in advance.

  62. Halil says:

    i cant sim card unlock. My network austria orange service. But working with other network sim card. Only not working with my sim card

  63. johnb says:

    I’m in Canada (Vancouver) and am on Fido. Installed this and now APs listed are Fido LTE, LTE Tethering and chatr-Internet. What happened to the “normal” Fido APs? I don’t have data any more.

    I got the same SIM lock issue as others, but solved it with the Galaxsim Unlock that was mentioned earlier in this thread.


  64. Doc Bob says:

    I also have sim lock problems but as mentioned earlier Galaxsim unlock did the trick for me.
    I also had camera problems but re-installed the other version ROM and it sorted itself out.

    Doc Bob.

  65. Taariq says:


    Is anyone getting a problem with this ROM when you want to swipe the screen but the phone freezes for a few seconds then unlocks?

    Please assist if you got this problem

  66. Taariq says:


    Is anyone getting a problem with this ROM when you want to swipe the screen but the phone freezes for a few seconds then unlocks?

    Please assist if you got this problem


  67. CraKen says:

    Has anybody flashed a custom kernel that can do BLN (Back Light Notification)? If yes, which one?

  68. Ed says:

    [WARNING] – this rom cause soft brick to the phone!

    I’ve loved this website so much. BUT recently i installed this leaked version rom and few days later my samsung galaxy s2 unable to start and stuck in bootloader. i realised my recovery mod was gone since i installed this rom. i tried to flash using ODIN but every else failed. I couldn’t use my phone for the moment.

    I’m very much troubled by now. Hope someone can help me.

    • Ben says:

      I had this type of your problem before but not with this leaked 4.1.2 rom. I solved the problem by flashing my phone with 2.3.3 (I9100XWKE1_I9100XXKDJ_I9100XEUKD1) stock rom, Hope this will help you too

      • Ed says:

        the thing is i had tried to flash many original ICS firmwares and non succeed. all stops at “NAND rewrites”. and the worst has happened, my phone couldn’t turn it on and is dead. totally dead.

  69. LIJO says:

    ED does ur download mode works???

    • Ed says:

      Hi LIJO,
      now nothing works. not recovery nor download mode. computer can’t even detect the dead phone. any idea?

      i’ve send to a professional repair. it took 3 days and he gave up too and couldn’t do anything.

      • LIJO says:

        ED :dnt loose hope ,
        one last thing u can do is
        Buy USB JIG,

        1) Switch off your phone. Wait for 15-20 Seconds till the phone vibrates.
        2) Plug in the USB Jig into the Micro USB port and wait for a few seconds.
        3) The phone will automatically boot into download mode.
        4) Once you are in Download Mode, Unplug the USB JIG from the mobile.
        5) Connect your phone to PC using the USB data cable.
        6) You can then install your favourite Custom/Stock ROM of your choice using ODIN

  70. guy says:

    i installed yesterday
    i am very pleased

  71. sean says:

    I have a i9100TGSMH and tried to install this rom,


    Installing: /emmc/
    Finding update pakage…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update”’
    Installation aborted……\

    BUT WHY,,, is this ROM not compatible, I have tried from Internal and External SD.

    I have opened the RAR and then zipped into ZIP.

    Please help


  72. Maryus says:

    Hi all! Sorry for the late response…all the people who wants the applications that unlocks the network write down your e-mails in order to receive it by e-mail!

  73. Emanuel says:

    Very Nice but I need a latin america modem is there any one?

  74. pratik chirkute says:

    I am missing Polaris office for GSII. can someone upload it?

    • Serge says:

      hi Pratik,
      did you get what you expected, if not give me your mail, I’ll send it to you …
      Waiting you answer

  75. Ruayly says:

    Hey Max is there a leaked 4.1.2 for the SGH-T989

  76. Rohana says:

    Love the rom. But battery drains whole a lot faster.
    Hope it will be fixed prior to official release.

  77. V10Palooza says:

    is there any way i can install the sphere cam on this rom? i always get the signature verification failed. any sphere cam zip that is already singed ? any help on this will be appreciated.

  78. hapydroid says:

    This is the most stable rom i ever used. No bugs with this rom. Sometimes i get crash reports. But i dont think it is about this rom. Whenever I messed up my phone i downloaded this rom and saved my phone.
    Thanks too much.

  79. ABXS2 says:

    this rom is awsomely superb…. buh it … it locks my sim and now iam unlocking my sim with (ROOT) galaxy s2 sim unlock..

  80. John says:

    Hey Max,
    Where have you been ?? You haven’t reviewed a ROM for a while ?? Did you stop reviewing ROMs for the S2 ?? PLEASE SAY NO !!!

  81. Amith says:

    Why is there 300MB size difference between the rom file here n that leaked on xda. The file size here is more than 800 Mbs while on xda and other places it is around 550 MBs ?

    • Kyle Galicia says:

      There are two versions of this rom. The unrooted and the root injected. The unrooted has the smaller size.

      • Dharmarth says:

        Can you please help me in understanding why would rooted ROM would take 300 MB extra? If I am rooting using other applications/tools, that is hardly few MBs in size.
        The huge size of this ROM holding me from using it.

        I would very thankful, if someone can give me idea about why rooted ROM taking so much extra? Is it the case of not optimized compilation?

  82. udara says:

    visit for daily updating roms…….!!!!

  83. Kyle Galicia says:

    Hey max. My sgs2 is running this rom and I want to install gapps 4.2. Ive downloaded the file, switched to recovery mode, factory reset and wipe cache, then install zip. Then it says e: signature verification failed. Pls help. Thanks.

  84. Shouvik says:

    I have installed this leaked ROM (4.1.2) via mobile-Odin pro and got it rooted automatically while flashing.All features are nice except the ripple effect which is not working(doesn’t matter though). But the battery life is terribly poor. Hope this will be ironed out in the official release.If it’s taken care of, it will be one of the best upgrades for S2.
    “Smart stay”, “floating video player” etc are really nice features to have inbuilt.

  85. Tashbeeb says:

    Works like an absolute charm!

  86. george05 says:

    I have update my galaxy s2 GT-9100 and in the menu (about device) it saying:

    Baseband Version :i9100BVLPE
    kernel version :3.0.31-462349
    SMP PREEMPT Tue Nov 6 02:42:23
    KST 2012
    Build Number :JZO54K.I9100XXLSJ
    I had previously installed the BVLPE Rom but after the new ROM it’s keep saying it.
    I have one more problem,in the contacts when the names appears there is a bar in the right with the alphabet and some letters are missing and been replaced by dots.

  87. allyghee says:

    I have a GS2 i9100

    PDA : i9100XWLP7
    Phone : i9100XXLPS
    CSC : i9100XEULP5

    Can I just flash with this and still have my root previleges or i need a different CSC and Phone.

    Please Help!

  88. Ben says:

    Great rom. but I can’t access my INTERNAL SD only the EXTERNAL SD that can be seen in RECOVERY MODE. how do I make it work.
    Is there any other kernel for this ROM

    • Ben says:

      Everything is ok now as I reflashed my kernel with (

      • Shouvik says:

        Please let me know about battery life. I am not getting more than 12 hrs

        • serge says:

          Do like me Majn, I have changed the battery for a 2000mAh one, let’s say the device is looking a little bit like a beluga, but I won a double life… and since the change, “no problemo”. I can use it fully more than 2 days…

  89. Haider says:

    will i lose all my data and installed apps?

  90. Gil Perez says:

    This is running great on my S2 nice job

  91. udara says:

    Try out CM 10.1 (4.2.1) —>

  92. Alfredo says:

    How can I take a screenshot with this ROM? Thanks!

  93. Alfredo says:

    How can I take a screenshot with this ROM? Thanks!
    (I didn´t check the mail notification box)

  94. mike says:

    SGS2 problem with leaked jellybean rom I have instaled it and forgot to make a backup of the previous rom/ firmware for my I9100P. I tried to instal other versions of rom’s but after instaling them i get always boot lop and i’m forced to instal back the leaked version of jellybean an it always locks my sims after instaling it back… PLEASEE HELP MEEE (

  95. wan says:

    Hi, I flashed this rom on my sgs2, having resurrection remix installed before flashing. After flashing I got a strange query for unlocking my sim card. It appears after entering pin, but it doesn’t accept pin, so I click ‘skip’. Then there I get a notification ‘No service’ and network doesn’t work at all. Choosing network manually in network settings didn’t work please, help

    • muli says:

      Use Galaxsim Unlock from the market!
      Worked for me!

    • wouter says:

      tried to install the new rom RainboxV7.
      finding update package
      opening update package
      Verifying update package
      e:signature verification fialed
      My S2 was installed with rom i9100XXLSJ .
      info: Version:4.1.2 / kernel:3.031-462349
      What i’m doing wrong??

  96. muli says:

    I just love this rom.
    everything is working smooth and flawless…
    just one great problem…after I flashed it it locked my phone so had to pay and use the “Galaxsim Unlock” application to unlock it.

  97. Johan says:

    Using it and so far its looking great. Just 1 thing after using ODIN, CWM has disappeared but it looks like phone is still rooted. Any comments or help would be great.

  98. ramiz says:

    Can i install 4.1.2 official in my i9100g (galaxy s2) plzzz tel me ok….

  99. Major kumar says:

    I got sim locked …terrible battery …hangs lot of
    Times ….think once before install …you don’t need all the
    Crap to waste your valuable time … roms after at least
    80%sure ….at least

    • Kamelman says:

      That`s what you get when you buy a previously network locked S2 (also know as second-hand or maybe stolen and unlocked).Haven`t had issues with this ROM at all,no sim lock when i installed`it…battery holds up pretty well (12-14 hours,and i use my phone a lot) does not freeze or crashes.I flashed`it with Mobile Odin,kept the root and SU.I`ve had my phone for more than a year now,went through all kind of custom ROM`s (got most of them from this website) and i can say hand`s down that none compared to this one (i got better signal,faster internet…even the screen looks somewhat ..brighter\better).And i`m willing to bet that it will be one of the most used ROM`s once Siyah will release a kernel for it (haven`t seen one so far …though i haven`t even looked for one).It`s bug-free (unlike most custom roms) ..and pretty much flawless imo

  100. wouter says:

    tried to install the new rom RainboxV7.
    finding update package
    opening update package
    Verifying update package
    e:signature verification fialed
    My S2 was installed with rom i9100XXLSJ .
    info: Version:4.1.2 / kernel:3.031-462349
    What i’m doing wrong??

  101. manoj says:

    i fix my sim unlock problem with galaxy s unlock….but the problem is
    after reebooting phone again same sim lock prob….how to fix…?

    • Prabaz says:

      @Manoj – Just email me – I’ll give u the link of unlocking APK. (

    • John says:

      Use GalaxSim Unlock …its the only app that works at the moment for the new update

      You can get the free version XDA….Spocky’s forum ….just don’t update it or you will need to pay 2 bucks to unlock …..but making a donation to Spocky is proper for all his hard work ….so its probably better to pay 2 bucks …..its unlimited unlocks !!!

  102. Prabaz says:

    Just got an additional 48GB of free Dropbox space by going for this Rom….

  103. best ever everything is ok I love this jellybean firmware, anyone want to install than don’t hesitate this is original

  104. Lovish TiNuu says:

    it’s amazing dude and I hv never seen any rom lyk this and amazing battery backup also charging fastly, thnx thnx thnx . . . . . I never leave any feedback for any other apps or rom but I can’t able to stop my hands now thnx thnx so many times

  105. alabanza says:

    on official rom i have problem with sms whan i send a sms the receptor see my sms like ‘ ??? ???? ??? ??? ??’ so in this rom do u fix it

  106. Dan says:

    wow 1st time rooting my fone.. super hyped, heart pumping !
    Thanks Max for making it simple for us noob :D

  107. ibrahim Ahmed says:

    could i use this package with samsung galaxy s2 running on android 2.3.5 baseband xxki4 ??????

  108. Miron says:

    Hi all and Happy New Year!!!
    Any of you have an idea what should be done so the version of SMASUNG Kies (Kies_2.5.0.12114_1_17) I have on my PC will recognize my devise with this ROM? (Leaked Official Android 4.1.2 ROM with ROOT for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!)

    Thanks in advance!

  109. Chris Callaghan says:

    Have we established if we can use a kernal with a dual boot option and if so which one?…

    • John says:

      Gokhanmoral creator of Siyah kernel is developing a dual boot kernel as we speak for GS2 …..he just completed for GS3

      • John says:

        Siyah kernel is ready for the GS2 on JB …version 6.0 beta …but its not dual boot yet & has many bugs ….so some patients ! ;-)

  110. Allen says:

    One q, why is my status bar grey, and not black like meant to be?

  111. bannipal says:

    Dear frnd, after updating my s2 with 4.1.2, my mobile battery backup time too less
    Pls help me…

    • Serge says:

      A long time before upgrading the version, I have changed the battery for a 2600 One.
      And since that, I have no problem…

  112. Rohana says:

    I have been running this rom for a while and the battery life has been terrible. Now I would like to install a different custom rom. But CWM is missing after this rom is installed even though it’s rooted.

    How can I install CWM or is there any other method to install another rom?

    • John says:

      Hi ….i think have an earlier version of Rainbox Rom …so would you need to factory wipe & install another Rom …..then flash Siyah kernel & you will have CWM back

      Or you can flash the newest version of Rain Box that has Siyah kernel support …then you should get CWM back

      • Rohana says:

        Thx for the reply.
        But how to flash another rom without CWM? I am having the stock boot loader.
        Do you mean using ODIN?

        • serge says:

          Yes, you can use Odin or MobileOdin,
          and better Rom Manager can be used to flash your CWM…
          or try to directly download and install

  113. Richard Smith says:

    I have a new AT&T Samsung SII GT-I9100 and sure don’t like that after I had got this, a lot that’s on this phone is in a another language that I do not understand (Read) I have like MSNGR, Portal Movil for the internet, ( yes right spelling), ideas, iapps, Plugger, and it goes on, connecting on the internet brings me up a web site I can’t read nor change to my Language Like (Envia un SMS al 9798 con tu nombre y tu) no clue.. what I would like to do is reinstall from the very start and put the new Android 4.1 on, Can anyone help me Pleaseeeee, I am disabled and trying to make this phone work for English the good USA. I have Kies on my computer and Kies air on my cell, this is the info Kies has,
    Latest firmware version : PDA:LPO / PHONE:LPG / CSC:LP3 (CRC)
    Please Help, Thanks

  114. Anar says:

    After flashing this rom i had pic code problem. I try to write pin code several times but it didn’t work. What can I do please help me

  115. timos says:

    hi thanks for the update
    i have problem with my network signal sometimes low , high or nothing give me advice
    s2 Gt-i9100 4.1.2 xxls6

  116. riyad amor says:

    hi i have installed this rom without root and i want to root my phone
    help me please

  117. sujay says:

    how to get out of this rom.. i want to try new Rom’s…. how…reply..pls

  118. sujay says:

    How to get out of this Rom… pls Reply

    • serge says:

      What do you really mean by “get out of this rom” ??? What do you want to do ?
      The solution could be in flashing another one, or to come back to the previous you had.
      In the second case, or you flash the back-up of the previous one (if you did it – I wish it), or you download the previous stock version and flash it…

    • John says:

      fatory reset ..etc …flash Dorimanx kernel v7.38 has dualboot support

    • Kyle says:

      Get temporary cwm. Search xda. Then flash new rom. Simple.

  119. ip5 says:

    you guys need to read the tutorial very well,
    it say you need a ROOTED gs2 from the start before you guys install this rom.
    its no wonder your sim networks locks up.

  120. alexcustodia says:

    Very impresive and very good ROM. It works very smootly!

  121. inder says:

    my s2 gti9100 is nt responding at all… nthing happens, screeen remains blank when i try to get it into downlding or recovery mode…DIS IS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED WHEN I WAS FLASHING MY PHONE..

    1-i got into dwnloading mode
    2-tried flashing it with odin
    3-odin stopped with message that choose the PIT file again.
    4- i realised dat i choose the wrong PIT file..
    5-i jst simply unplugged the phone from usb n my pc, thought i would repeat d process again wid d correct PIT file
    6-but when i tried again my phn didnt respond at all …

    what should i do??it doesnt go into downloading n recovery mode…..plese help …

    anyone wid any solution,,,,PLEASE HELP..

  122. John says:

    Go to Tsar3000 website …there they have all the stock firmwares ..ect
    Get all the files needed & flash everything with Odin

  123. Kuechi says:

    How do i set my vibrate when silent when i receive messages?

    I want to turn off the vibrate when i set it to sound, calling works well but on messages it doesn’t turn off.

  124. Abraham says:

    Hey I cant find the exsdcard…. its not working, and when I open it it closes the file

    • serge says:

      Yes, that’s the only bug found (until now)
      The external SDcard seems not to be found, but one can see it with Windows Explorer and all the files when one use Kies…
      I have found a solution :
      - to copy all the files on my PC respecting directory names
      - reformat the external card
      - to start the apps using the external card in order to create new dedicated directories
      - to copy all the files back on the card in the new directories
      if anyone has a better idea ????

  125. Baddy says:

    how to install clockworkmod recovery on gt i9100???

    reply anyone soon…………..

  126. Joe says:

    i had some problem about rooting s2 to upgrade android 4.1.2 i had unplug usb cable while the process of rooting rom in odin was running so it automatically hang for along time then my s2 got problem it cannot start anymore and when i try to plugin the usb back then suddenly there was a warning at my black screen said the usb it’s not connected no matter how much i try to plugin the usb it still show the same massage i think my phone got big problem how do i solve it ?

  127. Joe says:

    anyone can please help me, are these means my s2 software are totally damage

  128. hunter says:

    do this rom has multi windows?

  129. goutham says:

    hey i am using this rom dude…. when i tried installing new rom E: signature verification failed… what should i do now to install a new custom rom???????

  130. pratik says:


    I am not able to connect my phone via kies after installing this ROM. Can you please help?

    Thanks & Regards,

  131. It’s in point of fact a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  132. Sundar says:


    I have upgraded my Galaxy s2 thru Samsung Kies by yesterday with the following version

    Android Version – 4.1.2
    Baseband : I9100XXLS8
    Kernel – 3.0.31-889555
    Build No. JZO54K0I9100XWLSD

    After 100% full charged by this morning, i have never made a single call from this mobile and my battery got down to 25% with over heating on device.

    Before i was using gingerbread 2.3.6 and it was so excellent and i get the battery backup of 24-30 hours with full of usage.

    Please advise me and let me know the best firmware where to download.

    Sundar Polos

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