Lion Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Multi-Window]

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For this week’s ROM of the week on the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 (or i9100P NFC works), check out the Lion Jelly Bean ROM.

Based off latest XXLSJ build, the Lion Jelly Bean ROM features cool stuff like transparent multi-window mod, Android 4.2 camera, Pop-up browser, Sony Walkman app, AC!D audio app, and some more. This ROM also features the same torch shortcut on older AOKP ICS ROMs where you can hold down the Home button on the lockscreen to enable your flashlight.

Try it out for this week and let me know what you think!


Download Lion Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – XDA

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    GOOD JOB !

    • Atep’s

      help me tutorial to instal this rom step by step..

      Thank before friends…

  • hisbro

    hows the battery life?
    please replie asap

  • salim

    i m downloading this rom after this i can tell u battery performance.
    rainbox multi window v7 rom also having cool feature but battery drinks like thirsty.

    • salim

      battery backup — standby time 4 hr only, If you are using any application its dry within 2 hr
      good job by developer but do some thing about battery please or we have attached car battery for my galaxy s2 :D.

  • Atep S

    please help.. i dont know to install in my sgs2 with rom jelly bean from samsung.



      its the same thing- excepT you MUST WIPE DATA AND CLEAR DALVIC CACHE ETC…

  • Prian

    hows the battery life. and how is it compared to the allinace rom

    • astralbee

      I haven’t tried this rom, but I did try the new alliance rom and didn’t have a good experience. Coming from RR 3.1.2 it was noticeably slower and my widgets kept randomly resizing themselves. Was back on RR within a day. Used to be that roms based on stock were more stable, but my experience has been that recently it seems the opposite is true.

  • Dragos

    The firmware is locked..i can’t use my sim ๐Ÿ™

  • S2FAN

    Hey max
    I’m using rooted jelly bean leak, how do I flash this Rom,
    I’ve tried looking for your 4.04 Rooted which I can use with ODIN ,so I can use clock work mod to flash this, but I can’t find it.
    Nearly bricked my phone with one I thought was in my files.
    Please help

  • Hanis


    • salim

      dry early about 4hr only

  • Allan

    Just try it for your self man!

  • Hanis

    I tried it already. really smooth i have to say but some apps like Zarchiever that was installed with it crashed when opened. my phone froze for a minute during set up. how weird. As for the battery life pretty OK. Better than Rainbox. CONCLUSION: pretty awesome. 3 and a half grace faces.

  • Tagore

    Samsung galaxy s2 I9100
    Device info: Build number:GINGERBREAD.XWKF3 Kernal Version: I9100 XWKF3 Android version 2.3.3 I
    have few questions: 1)Need how to root my device
    Plz plz plz tel me…tsnx in adbance
    i confused lot dis is my first android ..

  • Armands

    How can I change the blockscreen image? I am changing it in settings, but it stays the same !?
    Help !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Allan

    Great job! Best touch wiz rom so far!! Everything works like a charm! I would still like to be able to overklock to 1400 & 1600 Mhz with set cpu. This has only been possible with siyah kernel so far. Is it possible to run siyah with this rom?

    • salim

      no its can’t work

  • Armands

    Now everything works perfectly, except second camera(works only half of it), and Zarchiever not working…. And sad that it dosn’t have allshare in it, mabey you could help me with that I really need it.

  • intogames20

    Can someone tell me if the audio option is greyed out in dock settings?
    I’m using resurrection remix 4.1.2 and the option is grayed out, so I can’t get the phone to use the dock line out instead of the speaker phone.

  • Tagore

    s amsung galaxy s2 I9100
    Device info: Build number:GINGERBREAD.XWKF3 Kernal Version: I9100 XWKF3 Android version 2.3.3 I
    have few questions: 1)Need how to root my device
    Plz plz plz tel meโ€ฆtsnx in adbance
    i confused lot dis is my first android

    i dnt knw whom to ask plz reply

    • Tagore

      plz plz reply me y dnt i reply me plz

  • kaito

    it have no arabic system …. you need to make an update with arabic system asap

  • cio

    finaly a win.its work nice but the zarchiver not work.end in the moment im in galery i open a picture the galery stop end the message is same with litle bit slowly in same moment. before i use 4.1.2 sammobile version.

  • cio

    i root with odin the l9100XXSL-XXSLJrooted.after i instal de lion rom in sd card;instal the kernel philz-cwm6-xxslj-oxx-3.1.tar.md5 with odin.after this the step wipe data, cache and dalvik cache .and instal the zip on sd card.i hope to help.

  • vikas

    dear max i am using rainbox rom v8 and have all appreciation for developing this beautiful rom i also want to try lion jb but unfortunately despite several tries i am not able to download it from the link provided by u. Is there any other link from where i can download. further for its installation do i have to simly select this file in touch whiz philz ie instal from sd option after wiping dalvic etc..
    thanx and mary xmas to all.

  • chandu

    Flashed v1.03.
    1. Google Talk missing
    2. Unable to add cloud account. Settings->Cloud->Add account

  • guy

    why there is no shutter sound of camera?
    how can i enable it?

  • Boban

    Is anyone getting a problem with this ROM when you want to unlock the screen but the phone doesn`t react and then I must to constantly press power key to be able to unlock screen by swiping?

    • guy

      sometimes yes
      do you have a shutter sound in camera ?

  • Boban

    No sound. Exept for the multitasking I’m not very pleased with this rom. Leaked version is much faster.

  • kabz

    This is a great rom. A pure Samsung Touch wiz and multi task experiance. Its like Ive upgraded my phone, without the hardware. Mulit-tasking works great, slight lag on load on the occations. Overall fairly smooth. The samsung keyboard seems to crash at the odd times, therefore ive replaced it with thum-keyboard.

    I prefer this from the Rainbox Rom as it has original themes to the Samsung brand built in and the multi-task tab is transparent (a major inprovement in my eyes).

    I cant complain about the battery life as it lasts over a day with heavy usage (Camera, web, widgets – not gaming). Doesnt beat Ressurection Remix on battery life tho, but it has more “show off” features.

    • guy

      do you have a shutter sound in camera ?

    • Fry

      I don’t know, I’m getting about 50% better battery life with this ROM over RR 3.1.2. Just installing v. 1.3 now, I’m sure it’s made it even more fantastic!

  • soufiane

    great rom thanks but why there is no google talk, and how can we install it ??

  • Armands

    Why do you need the shutter sound…. I always turning it of, but I don’t know, mabey thats just me ๐Ÿ˜€
    Everything about this Rom is working awesom, battery life is longer than from leaked version, It’s working faster, loads of new cool stuff, but still there is only one thing that disapoints me, that it don’t have allshere, mabey you can help me to get it, couse I tried but with no results.
    Thanks a lot for now, the best rom……

  • bk

    all picture and songs in external sd are not showing up in gallery and music app…….. how to solve this????

    • guy

      i deleted all defaults
      then i copied all pics from pc to android with usb cabel
      this helped me

  • Nikhil

    best ROM that I have seen but many apps were crashing
    I wish this could be fixed

  • bk

    Guy so u just delete all defaults and copy back all picture and music back to external sd .?? Will try thanks!!

  • Chandu

    Is there an option to permanently hide picasa pics? Every time, I open the gallery…they are just there.

  • cio

    double click leeomendes copy lion rom JB I9100V1.3 and enjoy

  • s2

    I m trying to install rom on my s2 it says signature verification failed what is the problem plz tell

  • guy

    mms messaging is crashing

  • Lucky

    Nice ROM.. everythings working perfect. The next jellybean ROM you should discuss here is Neat ROM which is pretty famous on XDA. Please do a video on Neat ROM Max. I will be waiting for you. Keep up the good work and stay high on Android!

  • iheb88

    anyone else had his phone locked and if so is there a solution?

    • cio

      must to pay for debloking.its posible and online give the imei and send the cod. in my country ROMANIA its 18 euro

  • Anad

    evrything is ok. Just problem is in weather widget i dont have a skin of weather .. pls fix that

  • Sachin

    which version is this 4.2 or 4.1 ?????? REPLY

  • cio

    the version for this rom is 4.1.2

  • vickyvc

    very nice features but most of apps crashed in 2 days of usage wit tis rom.

  • Joney

    Hello MR.

    thank u for this amazing rom >

    can i use navigation bar in this rom ?

    if not can u help me to find best rom Contains navigation bar please ?

  • Albert

    A few bugs here and there:
    When sending/receiving picture text, messaging app crashes.
    Lock screen sometimes does not sense unlock pattern as it freezes up.

    Other than that, really great ROM.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sachin

    how to install this galaxy GT-I9100 4.1 jelly bean

  • Kabz

    Hi, I’ve just received a notification that Samsung have a new update for the phone and to agree for then to install. I did not accept as I am running lion rom. What should I do? Update or wait for update to lion rom. Thanks

  • Syed

    I want to use this rom in my Galaxy S2.. My previous ROM is Gingerbread 2.3.3.
    I need to ask.. could i able to load JB 4.1.2 directly on rooted Gingerbread 2.3.3 ROM? Please help!

    • Andrew

      you need to flash a new ICS kernel than install the JB ICS rom

      • Syed

        Thanks. I will surely do soon.

  • lance

    i’ve tried this ROM and CM10 JB ROM, and both of them works great. I’m only having issues with the data internet connectivity. CM10 already released a fix for this issue. Anyone knows where to find a fix for Lion JB ROM? Thanks in advance.

  • jure

    where is this v1.3 rom???

    • Andrew

      Scroll up to the top where it says Credits – XDA you click on it and the 1.3 should be linked on that thread thats where i got it form

  • jure

    Can someone tell me when will the V1.6 came out??:)

  • tico300

    Hi Leeomendes,
    was wondering if you or anyone else were having problems with sending or receiving MMS. I have sent MMS but when i try and go to the messaging section of the phone i.e to the person i have sent it to the phone screen goes black then an error message comes up saying something along the lines of Messaging client has unexpectadely shut down. This also happens when i receive an MMS and then i cannot view any text messages as the phone errors everytime…..i have looked at tinkering with the setting but to no avail.

    would appreciate any help from anyone………running V1.3

    • jure

      I have the exactly same problem. Pleas tell that version 1.6 would not have those esuies:)
      And i hope that it will be out soon:)

  • Lee5656

    Camera was hang once zoom, need removed out the battery.

  • Brent

    Hey guys I downloaded this rom but the only thing wrong is that the lock screen freezes is there anyway to fix this I’ve updated the rom other than that is a great rom any help plz guys

  • Brent

    Also does this rom have NFC

    • Andrew

      I think it has capability of NFC but only for the GT-i9100P

  • cio

    update last kernel philz-cwm6-XXLSJ-

  • cio

    mediafire or search google PhilZ-cwm6-XXLSJ-OXX-3.99.tar.md5 with odin

  • jure

    Nowbits working thank u so much. Have fun;)

  • henry

    Pls when is the version 1.6 coming out. Thumbs up for u man

  • Stanley

    The ‘Sync’ option in the notification bar is not showing.
    I already added from Settings – Display – Notification bar but still it doesnt show.
    Is it just me? Or someone else has the same problem?
    Please assist me to fix this.
    For the rest.. I Lovin’ It!!!!!!

  • Vikas

    I downloaded v 1.3 three times from the x
    da link but every time I try to install in philz it gives error ie unable to open file corrupted. any help from where else can I download lion rom v 1.3 or 1.6 if released

  • rahul

    Which Kernal can i use…???

  • ReMix

    is it based on Based on XXLSJ 4.1.2 ? can i use PhilZ-cwm6-XXLSJ-OXX-3.99 kernal………?? please reply

  • ritik

    the mobile data is not working,,… plz help ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maaz

    i cant download any app from the play store…ERROR RETRIEVING INFORMATION FROM THE SERVER…

  • Maaz

    i cant download any app from the play store…ERROR RETRIEVING INFORMATION FROM THE SERVER…
    ANY HELP????

  • tedy

    nice rom. i’m using V1.3 and quite happy to use all phone’s features(video call, wifi direct, mms, etc) but i have problems:
    1. with the data connection. to be more specific, there is no data connection. i’ve tried with the default xxlq6 modem driver and with the bulp8 modem (i’m on vodafone romania). when i activate the mobile data, the icon is green, but there is no connection. i checked the apn settings and there are ok. i tried to delete the apn and create one by hand. no success…
    2. the Sync icon from the notification panel is missing although is selected in the specific settings section. I’ve noticed that the sync option is not present in the settings/accounts section. could that be the problem?
    3. the default sms application has a bug when trying to send a mms. when i attache a photo and try to send, i receive the message :”unfortunately, Messaging has stopped”. i succeded to send mms with the go sms pro.
    Strange thing is that when i send mms with go sms pro, having the mobile data activated (but no connection), when the sending begins, the icon representig data transfer appears and the mms leaves my phone “over the Radio Waves”. so, is there a problem with the reading of the AP?

  • Ihab

    The NFC work in Galaxy s2 i9100 ? the normal model ?

  • sumit sharma

    don’t know about others but i don’t go anywhere after getting this rom…. two camera apps and two gallery apps … its superb………… i must say u can’t find these combinations anywhere………. i m using this rom for more than a month and believe me before this i didn’t use any rom more than a day………. it’s awesome. Thanks Lion

  • funky knuckles

    installed about 2 hours ago all seems good multi window good no force closes see how long battery last will comment tomorow but all in all a very good rom

  • funky knuckles

    i installed version 1 do i need to wipe to install version 1.3? thanks

  • simon

    Hi I have installed the Rom using Odin and it has worked fine but it doesnt have any of the extra features like the side menu bar or the other apps like the 2 cameras etc? I have a Galaxy S2, do I need to do something with the other files that came with the Lion Jelly Bean rom to get them on my S2?

    • tedy

      What version did you installed? V.1.3? The “side menu bar” aka multi window ๐Ÿ˜‰ must be activated from settings -> Display -> Multi window. Applying that will start the service. To view the left app bar, you must long press the back key (after pressing, it is possible to take few seconds until is appears for the first time).
      How is works: drag and drop applications from the vertical bar on the desktop and you will see the splitscreen with the 2 app running simultaneously on your screen. You can switch up/down or down/up.
      + you can move the small vertical bar indicator by long pressing on it and slide it where is confortable for you. About the camera applications, i have both of them includet with the 1.3 version: the one with photosphere and the default one. The only “forgotten” application is the GTalk but you can force install it by downloading the apk, copying it in the system / app folder, check the permisions (RW/R/R) and reboot. And there you have a fully functional SGS2 with all the features with one greate ROM: the LION ROM V1.3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • sfdsd07

    i just cant wait for the ls8 rom cooked for lion rom..ouh lion is still my fav rom to install with ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ameen

    Hey doesnt this have “Google now “..How to Get google now for this rom??

  • crustysurfer

    i am not really tech savvy but i managed to load win7 on a mac air book running lion and successfully flashed my android phone (sgs2).. i am so loving the lion/JB OS.. however.. i can’t seem to find the NFC tab in settings so i am wondering O-o.. what did i do wrong or where did it go? if there’s a patch for it what is the install procedure? and yes, it’s a gt-i9100p..

    10/10 for the vid on how to btw.. many many thanks

    • crustysurfer

      duh,.. found it.. sorry to have bothered you..

  • matevz


    i have samsung galaxy s2. i instaled resurrection remix 1.2 jb. but i can not found the NFC. and how can i instal the samsung allshare.

  • elkid2009

    I have a Galaxy S2 i9100, you install this room but once in a while I freeze the phone, I can recommend you do so I would not freeze over

  • rachit sachdev

    i have been using this rom from a long time. it’s a great rom but recently i found that my navigation is not working. nothing is happening just WAITING FOR LOCATION appears. I need a solution for this asap
    thank you.

  • Jordรฃo Santos

    Uso desde dezembro de 2012, perfeito! Deus abenรงoe este amigo. God bless friend! Perfect, since 12/2012!!!

  • Patel

    Stuck on boot loop