NeatROM Lite for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!

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If you are looking for a very good, stock-based ROM with great battery life and no bloatware, check out NeatROM Lite.

Based on latest XXMS1, the NeatROM offers you a ton of languages, camera shutter sound option, multi-window with all apps enabled, and some more.

Check it out for this week’s ROM of the week and do let me know what you think!


Download NeatROM Lite

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM, thanks!

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  • benjy

    thanks gonna try i right now(: !!!!!!!

  • Mars

    Dont i need to wipe data before installing ths rom??

    • astralbee

      Best advice is to always wipe. Every time. If the ROM you are switching to is a different version of Android (ie you are on 4.1 and you are going up to 4.2) then wiping is essential. But most support forums wont entertain you asking for help in any scenario if you installed without a wipe. So just wipe every time. If you have Titanium backup set up properly then you should be able to restore all your apps in a few minutes after flashing anyway, it’s really not a hassle.

  • benjy

    When im in the gallary it says that there is no internal/external storage in the device

    • Vivek

      remove the .nomedia file from the sd card 🙂

  • Titus

    So have anyone tried this rom yet? I have been looking for a stock base android 4.1 rom for s2 for quite some time. Hope this is good and without bugs. Also hope it has good battery life.

    • Fahad

      Have you found any rom with these Conditions ?

  • Mars

    thank for the reply…but rite nw my phne is on note2mini(4.1.2) rom v 5.1..i read bout neat rom on xda n it sayz it does nt require wipe..n ur rite..titanium bckup is no hasle bt i wz jus wnderin hw easy it cud be for me to jump from one rom to other..without the process of wiping up the data..

    • Sammy’s s2

      u need to root before installing this rom?

    • slasher

      you need to root before installing. use mobile odin pro to install it 🙂

  • Andre

    Hay Max from the Netherlands
    try this rom , i think this is a good and stable rom but it is like the note 2 mini witch is also a good and stable rom i prefere this rom the mini
    Keep up the good work

  • sudipto

    LION ROM IS D BEST…..only vid in camera 4.2 doesnt wrk…it hs d default camera app wic is fully functional…so u sudnt hv any prob…apart 4m dis…dis rom doesnt hv any othr bugs…v stable…battery life also decent…..highly recommended…..multi window bar is transparent unlike in othr roms(wic hv a blue semicircular icon wic blocks d view)….every1 sud try….

  • Abhishek

    Will you be able to use mobile data after installing this ROM?

    • gunsh0t

      Hi abishek..are you indian..??

  • Philip

    Abhishek yes data works!
    The Best ROM on S2 by far, been using it for over a year.
    The support from the NeatROM “family” on xda is amazing.
    Many, many mods to personalise it too.
    Do yourself a favour and try it, you won’t be dissapointed.
    Everything, and i mean everything works, its fast, smooth and has great battery.

  • Philip

    NeatROM xda thread and battery guide too.
    Go to 1st post for ROM downloads and info

  • Abhishek

    Thanks a lot, Philip. Had been looking for stable ROM with mobile data, cause with most custom ROMs which i have tried until now, in none mobile data worked. So, thanks again!

  • Lion Wrecker

    Does it have the gesture funcion like the stock rom?

  • slasher

    this rom has bean avaliable for a wile and I have used it for just as long and I have to say it is very good and it is the most reliable rom out there and would recommend it to anyone! also try omega rom!

  • Wachicamo

    Do I have to install XXMS1 to use this Rom, or I can install it with any firmware with 4.1.2?

  • manu

    I have problem- E:signature verification failed how can i solve this

  • slasher

    use mobile odin pro (Wachicamo) it will install first time

  • Bhargav

    I think battery life not so good.
    i have issues with it. it suddenly drops it battery levels why it happens i don’t know.

  • Koolsparq

    Hey guys.. my mobile data is nt working…
    Plz help… plz

  • Nishil

    This is the best rom i have every used so far. Keep up the good work guys, really appreciate it.

  • Abhishek

    The Rom is really good, but my mobile data ain’t working. Please help people?

    • Don Javierito

      Have you tried to configure the APN settings? They are on the networks settings and depends of your phone company. Ask google for it. For example: ‘vodafone’ apn settings.

  • George

    Tried this ROM for 2 months, and it is very good. This might be due to some missteps on my part, or because the ROM was based on stock Jelly Bean, but it is in my experience more stable than CM9.1. Very few bugs that I’ve seen other than the occasional freezing, but this seems to be more the fault of the unstable cell network where I live/work. Going to try the new pure AOKP Build 5 now. I will probably miss some of the software features of TouchWiz like the ability to filter any kind of calls or text messages without using any extra apps.

  • Arsalan

    Does it support RTL?

  • max

    Ive had this rom for like a month now and its awesome… but i have one problem with it
    When i enable screen rotation, once it rotates an app or a web page, even if i rotate the device back to its first position it doesnt come back… i can only flip it right or left but not back to original…

    If anyone could help me it would be great… its so annoying

  • Adriel

    will this work on samsung galaxy s2 i9100g ?

  • Koray

    Hi Max. I tried NeatRom and GalaxyNote2Mini. But everytime there will be a problem: the lockscreen and power menu do not work. I wipe partion and cache several times but it does’nt change. do you have any idea about these problems?? take care, have nice days…

  • Hon

    Hi .
    after i flash this rom . 1 month ago
    my phone gallery is can’t open .
    then i go setting>storage then usb storage total space 11.50GB.
    but that had 1 calling miscellaneous files that using 166GB
    thn i go pc deleted it but that say
    the storage is write-protection .
    remove the write-protection and try again .
    it is some problem in my phone storage ?.
    pls help . Thanks

  • xyz

    Im using Rooted S2 GT I9100 Currently on ICS 4.0.3 and cf root kernel installed. i would like to know the exact procedure to flash the above rom on my device as different sites shows different way of installing it so im really confused what to follow.
    do i need to flash any specific kernel before installing this rom or cf root will work ??

    Please reply

  • xyz

    what is the difference between lite and full version of it ?
    Playstore will come along with this rom or i have to get g app installed for it ?

    please reply

  • xyz

    which way is more safe to flash this rom by transferring the rom file to External SD Card or by transferring it to the Phone Memory

    Please help

  • nathalie

    at first it didnot work now i used jeboo_kernel_i9100_v1-2a.tar with odin again and it did it

  • Xyz


    Would like to inform that I’m using this rom lite version from last few days . It is a very solid n stable room and smooth like butter no issues so far

    Thanks hope this might help others

  • Dev

    Can i know how to uninstall this rom and bring back with old stock rom.

  • Ddinor

    which is better Lite or FULL Version. I’m already using Full Version.

  • jimbob

    Awsome rom. I’ve used every all kinds of different roms cm9, cm 10, supernexus 20. They worked okay and I like to look of pure jelly bean and ics but Netflix didn’t work as well as many other features. With this ROM everything works. It’s going to take some time getting used to the touch wiz but its a phenomenal ROM great job and thank you.