Pure ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2! [i9100]

Want more ICS? Well ICS ROMs are here! Here’s another good ICS ROM you can try, the Pure ICS ROM. Like its name, the Pure ICS brings you “pure” ICS experience that you can get on a Galaxy Nexus.

Although there’s no overclocking yet, everything works out of the box and this is a good ICS ROM to get your Ice Cream Sandwich experience started.

Try out this ICS ROM and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

Download Pure ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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  • Jimmy

    Love this rom. This is my daily driver.

    • luke

      have you found anything wrong with it yet?

  • Lorenz

    Hey max,
    could u please let us know, when there’s an update.
    and could u tell us how to update?

    And Thanks for ur really great work!
    *thumbs up*

  • aamt

    after install this rom my s2 wont boot 🙁

    • Brice

      Same…it gets stuck at the “Samsung galaxy S2 GT-I9100” screen, with the yellow warning sign =(

      • Killjoy

        Same here, guess I will try the Batista

        • comflew

          same here tried rooting my gt-i9100 using odin and now all it shows is a yellow warning triangle then turns itself off again . PLEASE HELP !

      • slack3r08

        Same issue here. Removed it after a few tries.

  • Xtr

    Been using it for a day and I get errors on various tasks such as managing contacts.

    • Syntax

      Same here. Whenever i try to remove a contact it just lags for a long time and then stops the process. It does remove the contact but it’s just annoying that it takes almost a minute before you can use your phone again.

      Also the other annoying bug that i’ve found is whenever i type “l” and something like “o” after L, it just freezes and i have to wait again for a long time before i can use my phone again.

      SGS2 – GT-I9100 – 4.0.3 – XXLPH – Spike.Pure.ICS-v6.1

  • roddney

    Hey dude,

    having a problem with the Data use for this rom – it is activated in terms of phone feature but not able to actually use Data network – doesnt show up at top bar next to battery life.

    I’ve tried double flashing, on the same attempt. Any idea what i can do to avoid this?

  • Rune S

    I can’t get past the boot screen. The screen where it says Samsung Galaxy S2 and so on.. And that bugs me. Cause I really want to try this rom. Getting tired of CheckROM RevoHD V4

  • hidjes

    Hey dudes!
    I use this rom daily, and I love it!
    Soo smooth and beautiful!
    For the people having difficulties with the stuck boot screen, check the XDA? developers sit
    I have not much of that knowledge, but I cou understand it.
    So google sth like spike ics rom xda galaxy s2 and you get it.
    It says the rom is based on a specific firmware (XXLPH), so you have to install that first.
    Don’t be frightened by the amount of work, it is not hard and demanding.
    When you have installed XXLPH(the leaked firmware) you can installthe ics zip WHEN ROOTED THE XXLPH.
    Now I had no bootloop and a ROM I like very much, my friend with the pexus couldn’t see the difference, but there are some minor ones.
    Please remark that there is a new version available, version 6.

    The only thing I had was that some apps couldnt be installed from the market, but this is a small part.

    The only thing I want to know is how to update to v6.1? Could you make a torturial Max, because I think I am not the only one? 🙂

    Sorry for bad typing, I sent this from an iPhone:)

    Keep up the ROM reviews Max! You do a great job:)

    Greets from Holland

  • Jason

    Does the 3G work fine
    and any other issues like the browser issue i had with the previous ROMs?

  • FanDroid

    The best ICS experience so far. If only it had the ICS People app rather than the touchwiz Contacts app.

  • Cormac

    Install using ODIN or CWM recovery?

  • Haider

    how the hell do you install this ???????????????????????????

  • Harnish

    cant log into mobile voip after using this spike rom.
    any clue what to do…..
    rest everything is working.

  • Rob

    Hey! can you review the cyanogen mod/ROM ?

    • Max

      yes will do!