Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v9.6 for Galaxy S2 i9100![Still Best ICS ROM]

For those of you already on Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v9.4 and you have zero problems, you might be fine until the next big version. But if you are having any minor issues, you can try the new version 9.6 for Ressurection Remix ICS ROM for your Galaxy S2 i9100.

UPDATE: New PRO version is out, click here to check it out.

Personally, I’ve had “zero” problems with the previous version but I will keep updating you on the newer versions. And if you want to ask me which ICS ROM is the best ICS ROM for your Galaxy S2 i9100, I still think it is Resurrection Remix ICS ROM. Of course, I will spend the next whole week trying out other ICS ROMs, so look for that soon!

Installation Video:

Download ROM: (Download 3 files: (not 6 sorry ignore that part in video)

Download Resurrection Remix ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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  • eissa

    EPIC!!!, I’m from Kuwait, Middle asia, I have some questions about the ROM,
    1- I always get the yellow triangle when i start the phone
    2- When I connect my phone to Kies it says “”
    3- How do I capture a screenshot pic?
    4- I cant restore all the apps from Titanium in 1 time, I just can do a specific restore (mark and restore 1 by 1)
    I hope you answer my questions, does it matter where do I live?

    • mizi2054

      Eissa im from kuwait also … lol …
      1. Yellow triangle mean u rooted your mobile
      2. Almost kies no more worked after rooted ( as i know )
      3. To capture screenshot… press volume down + start button ( not home button ) together
      4. restore will selected all but will do installer 1 by 1.. hope its clear

      • steven

        3. screenshot….which 1 is the ”start button” ???

        • ahmed kadous

          the power button

  • eissa

    Sorry about the missing thing >>>
    2- When I connect my phone to Kies it says “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies” -_-

    • Amit

      @eissa Of Course kies will not support the rom, not provided by samsung. You will have to install the stock roms available here
      About Titanium backup, run batch for restoring apps+data and deselect all then all you have to do is click on the apps one by one.
      About the screenshot, doesn’t seem to work on this rom, it workes on my stock rom though. You will have to make a query here
      The yellow triangle is there because of the insecure XXLPH kernel, you will have to go here to download the stock kernel and then use clockwork mod recovery.

  • Nick

    Does this ROM work for the AT&T version? (SGH-I777)

  • jae

    How’s the battery life?

    • Lorenz

      very good! 🙂 the best i’ve ever had 😉

      • trukuntraken

        Do you use some kind of app for battery life? how much time you can use the s2 without recharge?

  • hasisek

    i have one problem whwn i want do setting in calendar calendar always crah. but thanks very much guys everything else works perfect.

  • hasisek

    sorry my english is rubbish

  • Jas

    My email will not work, the gmail icon works, but the other email facility will not.
    Can you help?
    Also installed the circuit live wallpaper and it overheated the phone …. was ok before.



  • Bucegi Omu

    Settings\Language & input crashes – and this is very bad as I cannot configure keyboard that I like.
    Therefore I don’t think that this is the best ROM and I am now back to Spike’s Pure ICS Special Edition (where Settings\Language & input works).
    If the guy fixes the crash of Settings\Language & input, I may give this ROM another try.

  • Philip

    Hi Max!

    Great and helpful site you have here. A few questions on install resurrection rom though.

    On XDA ( they say that these should be the steps to follow when installing the ROM:

    1. Install REMIX main base .zip
    2. Install GAPPS_FOR_REMIX (don`t use GAPPS 10-11, doesn`t work good on v9.6)
    3. Install GAPPSFIXER
    4. Wipe cache partition
    5. Wipe dalvik cache
    6. Fix permission
    7. Reboot

    However on your video, what you did was to wipe data, factory reset and then installed all the zip files.
    Is there any difference between your procedure and what is stated in the thread?

  • Amit

    After trying out 6 different ics & 3 diffferent gingerbread roms, i finally realised……stock roms are way better.

  • louie

    I install the rom yesterday and I cant move my apps to the sd card……..thats the only problem,everything else works fine

  • JBond

    Hi Guys,
    After installing v9.6, my Titanium restore operation hanged on restoring Aldiko reader app.
    I wiped all and tried to manually install Aldiko again-but the instillation failed.
    I tried to install Go Book reader and it failed again.
    Went back to v9.4 and all is working fine.
    Any ideas?

    • eissa

      same here with titanium.. I hope we get an answer.

      • Jose Luis

        Same here, with resurrection 9.6
        I wasn´t able to restore many apps, even with the option to only restore the app without data.

        Also i’m getting about half the battery life i had with my previous ROM.

        • Red

          use my backup pro and backup online. Takes forever but works fine. All my apps plus data restored perfectly.

          • Shay

            Try unmounting SD card, then install.
            After installing you can mount the SD card back.

  • kurt

    Help!!! I followed instructions exactly and got to the part where you pick the resurection file. It’s not there! I copied the 3 folders you explain to. I see only them. When I go into each of those 3 folders the files you say to pick are not there. I cannot get my phone to turn back on. Desperate to get my phone back ASAP!

    • Red

      do a restore via CWM and try again

  • trukuntraken

    i can´t turn on my bluetooth…. what i have to do?

  • Rory

    Australian here. The ROM installed perfectly and everything is as should be apart from my 3G/data network, which is not working at all, even after getting the configuration messages from my carrier. Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

    • Rory

      All fixed. After requesting the data settings twice from the carrier website, the second time round worked after resetting the APN’s. I also went in and out of flight mode before applying the configurations just to be safe.

      • Red

        also in the “mobile networks” setting this can be fixed. For some reason it had turned it off on me.

  • newtoics

    Im new to rooting and followed all instruction on this page and my phone works perfect with ics9.6. Thanks.
    But 1 question. Is it possible to get the gmail app white? Have tried to looked for some option but cant find it. Dont know if the black version is as visual pleasing as the white one. Help please?


    hi, i hav 1 problem… this rom there r 2 gallery….botu of them were working fine…but 2 days from installing this, its not working now…..aaas soon as select set wallpaper as or set as ….it crashes….any fixes

    • hidde

      yesss there is a fix, you have to update to v9.?? v9.7 is out, and it is grafical quite improved, and also under the hood! So I recommend you install this version, sooo few bugs n lags!

  • Kjetil

    Hi, this is gonna be my first ever flahs/rom instalation..and i was wondering, does this work on baseband xxlpq and kernel xxlpq?

    • Kjetil

      and since this is my first time, so im kinda noobish at this, i dont know quite much, but do u gotta put ur phone in debugging for it to work?:)

  • Kjetil

    and also, at the point when ure about to select zip from sd card, when u dont have sd card, u get the option to choose zip from internal sd card, i dont get that option, and i dont have an sd card..any ideas?:) sry 4 all of my questions..

    • Kjetil

      it was my noobish skills, ive figured it out now..and it works perfect!! im so happy, because samsungs official ICS update sucked bigtime! TY!!

  • karloz

    i have problems to conecting via WiFi.. always stay in Conect… Or Obtainning IP adress…

    help please… everithing else works perfectly!

  • Pepelusky

    Does someone knows if HDMI MHL is working in this version?

  • GeorgX

    Everything works great but in Security Settings wanted to enable Remote Wipe and tracking the phone and it crashes.

  • Jonathan C

    Will this ROM work on GT-i9100M (Bell Canada, with the button)?
    Baseband version: I9100MUGKG2
    Kernel version: root@DELL103 #2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.UGKG2

    • hidde

      I don’t think it is fully working, firstly because you run Gingerbread, and secondly because this rom is for GT-I9100 only. I think there is a Cyanogenmod ROM with additional ICS theme, you should try that. Firstly install the Android 4.0.3 before installing the most ICS ROMs, read carefully!

  • Steve

    Installation gets stuck and when i go back i get this ” E:signature verification failed”.
    What am i doing wrong?

    • Steve

      Never mind guys i managed to do it.
      If anyone needs help contact me.

      • Crispin

        I had the same problem. I have stock ICS rooted plus CMW. How did you solve it ?

      • ash

        Hi there,
        i’m having the same prob you had installing the ICS rom. It gets stack and says ” E:signature verification failed”. just like your’s did.
        so what am i doing wrong??
        please help.

  • Darobster911

    Hi there,
    This was my first flash and went perfectly apart from when i try to play Asphalt 6 Adrenaline i constantly steer to the left apart from when i hold the phone in the portrait position, when it starts to steer perfectly straight. This is not good for a landscape game 🙁 so i presume there is a fault with how the gyroscope drivers or have i done something? anyone know how to fix this so i can get back to enjoying my current favourite game please….
    Much love to the devs i am loving everything else so far

  • Jose

    i have problems with the wifi

  • Elliot

    please help me. I did wipe the device in recovery mod but i totally forgot to put the zip files in the internal SD! please what can i do right now!!!

    • Red

      restore previous backup

  • Elliot

    i dont know how to put the files in the internal sd so i can flash it in recoverymod, because when i connect my device on computer the device keeps rebooting. I really need your help guys 🙁

  • Titus

    Hi, I managed to install the rom and google app files with no problem. However, When I insert the usb cable to connect my device to my mac book, it doesn’t appear as a mass storage device. In fact, nothing happens, even after activating usb debugging and downloading android file transfer. Please help me!

  • Ryan

    mine is stuck on first boot 🙁

  • Jeremy

    Can’t use my Wifi Direct function … anybody having this problem? :'(

  • Philip

    I’m on v9.6 now, followed the instructions on the video and everything is working perfectly. I do have one app though that errors out when I try to install it. Keeps on telling me that I ‘can’t install apps on my usb storage or sd card’. Any one else have this problem? Where can I download a version of the insecure LPH kernel?

    • serbanra

      You must unmount the SD Card.

  • ady

    the best rom ics 4.03 for galaxy s2. But the website engine no flash support. and apps can’t move to external SD card

  • Benjamin

    So far so good. Took me a while to get the CWG to start reading on the zip files. They dont seem to be detectable when i place them in the external SD cards, and only shows up when I specifically placed them in the downloads folder. Bit dissappointed about the launcher though, it appears smooth but doesnt feel all that friendly or familiar for me. One more bit is that I think the mouse drivers have been affected? Bcause I often plug in my mouse via an OTG cable for bits of drawing on my S2 but now it cant detect any of them at all. Connecting the pendrive via the same cable works though.

  • abokyi

    I’ve galaxy s2 gt-i9100. I installed the 9.6, I lost the video recorder function. I updated to 9.7 and still video function doesn’t work, which means I can’t record video. Any tweaks to have this function back, guys? Any body have same problem? How wasn’t fix? I need help?

  • abokyi

    hidde, I meant to write How was it fix? I urgently need help, for I followed all the steps when installing. Is there a patch to fix this non-working Video recording function of the Camera of the Galaxy S1 GT-i9100? Help pleases! This is SOS!. Thanks guys.

  • vuk

    Does anyone have any type of VPN connection up&running using this ROM? Mine just doesn’t work, any type…

  • Andrew

    I’ve successfully flashed the rom thanks a lot. Is there any way to get the default pink galaxy thing wallpaper back? I changed it and now can’t set it back… thanks

  • Andrew

    Ignore my last msg. (It’s an osx snow leopard background).

    How can I install apk files? When I try to do and get to the screen where it shows what access the program needs I can’t select the install button (nothing happens) but cancel only (have tried it with 5 apks with no luck). ??

  • jakub hudec

    hi just a question what the Czech language

  • Andrew

    Few noticed “issues”:
    – 2 galleries (1 samsung 1 ics)
    – 2 music players
    – 2 video players
    – the unlock screen is different (the camera function is missing)
    – when I lock the screen, after the lock animation (sometimes) it flashes once.
    – still contains a few touchwiz elements (task manager, video player, gallery)

    Other than these there are no major problems so far. Seems really stable.
    I think now that the official samsung rom is available we’re nearly there 🙂

    • Andrew

      I’ve forgotten to mention that I still can’t install apk files neither from the sd card nor from the internal memory. Don’t really know why this is :/

      • Ageb95

        does this mean that my titanium backup of apps from my previous ROM cannot be installed?

        • Andrew

          Unfortunately I didn’t backup my apps so don’t know… I guess that would work.

    • Raj

      Few of the above mentioned problems have been fixed in version 9.7. You might want to check that out. And I personally feel the Touchwiz gallery to be much more efficient than the stock ICS one. 😀

  • Ageb95

    In your video it does not come up with the yellow triangle to indicate a different ROM on boot, will mine also do that if install this ROM?

    • Andrew

      You can reset the flash counter (thus get rid of the triangle) with a usb jig.

  • Dumizzz

    Will this work on baseband JPKJ2 version??? plz help

  • Henrick
  • Adel

    hi 🙂 does this support Right To Left languages… hebrew, arabic etc,,,, thank!!

  • tom ayres

    ROM is absolutely beautiful and works great except even when debugging is on, partitions dont show in finder on my mac or on the explorer on windows. Any ideas! Thanks alot ahead of time!!!

  • anotheretc

    Any ICS roms out there for the i9100 that have overclocking included in the rom?

  • Gabriel Carreón

    Hello!! Just one comment:
    Camera doesn’t work well. A lot of yellow bands on pictures and ugly quality.
    Please!! fix this problem!!

    Thank’s for everything.

    From México Telcel

  • Raj

    Indeed the best ICS ROM I have tried so far. Just upgraded to the 9.7 version. Lots of noticeable changes. Works like a charm, perfect with almost zero bugs. I would recommend this ROM to all rooted users. 🙂

  • Philip

    For those with SD Card problems, try to install v9.7. And Wipe Dalvik cache after installing rom. Am no longer having SD Card issues now.

  • moussa

    hey nice rom i loved i guess the best available out there.i cant get the home button to doesnt respond at all.please i need help

  • Ron

    Hello I tried to install the rom but got: Installation aborted while in the clockwork mod. Please help!

  • Gabi

    I have a problem with the photo editor – when I try to edit a photo from the gallery I get all kinds of strange colors on the display. Does anybody else have this problem? Is there a solution for it? Thanks

  • Jason

    Hi, Can I install the lightening rom v2.0 straight over this? & will it give me the newer XXLPQ Kernel & baseband version?

  • arun

    its showing E: signature verification failed 🙁

  • obaidah

    What do you say abt the ICS resurrection v9.7…is it better than the 9.6?

  • Steve

    I have tried a few of these ROMs and I always get the same fault where I can’t edit photos.

  • Mike

    To those of you running 9.7, does your web browser support flash? Cos on mine it doesn’t and that is the only problem i have with this ROM, if that was fixed it would be perfection!

  • OzEire

    Anyone who has updated to ICS and now have that stupid click sound back when you use your camera . If you use root explorer and go to \system\ edit build.prop and add in the line at the end . Reboot you phone you should now be able to mute the sound on your camera again when you mute the sound on the phone . Worked for me anyway when I updated to Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v9.6 on an Australian Optus Galaxy S2

  • JK

    hey admin,
    ressurection remix rom has been updated to v1.0 pro, do a review on it…..

    • admin

      uploading right now!

  • Cliff Fredrickson

    Everthing seems to work fine with the ROM but as soon as I try to download anything from the Google Play store the download never starts. The download bar just loops endlessly.

    Please help?

    • [mRg]

      Having the exact same problem. Trying to purchase anything results in an ‘Error connecting’. Downloading previously purchased apps works fine for me. Not sure whats going on.. have cleared out the cache.

      • admin

        Try clearing dalvik cache in CWM.

  • Luis

    when i download the files, they don’t come in .zip, they come in folders! i zipped them and put them in the download folder on my sg2 and found them without any problem, but when i go to install the the 1st zip, resurrection, it fails right off the start, any one able to help?

    • admin

      do not unzip, turn auto unzipping feature off. copy the whole zip files, do not unzip then rezip.

  • Gordon

    This is definitely the best ROM ever for GS2. However, I tried using the Mp3 Downloader Pro (Pre-installed) and when I search for musics, it always says “Network error”. Other features, such as charts, artist, etc. are working well. When I clicked “Please rate 5”, up at the top of “Play Store” it said “Your device isn’t compatible with this item”. I am in Australia. Any ideas on how to fix this? Other functions are perfect!

  • Paul G

    is there away i can install it using odin? as clockworkmod is giving me cant mount this and that with samsung galaxy s2

  • steven

    How to change the animation for screen off….i’m not like the ”tv switch off” effect

  • Leigh L

    i have the same problem as Paul G “clockworkmod is giving me cant mount or access sd card, any help would be much appreciated

  • mYno

    Very good job, but the following apps does not work:
    – TVFavshows, despite it is installed no icon application can be found neither in the home screen nor the app screen.
    – Accuweather doe not allow to configure anything, the application crashes when entering the settings.
    – Google chrome freezes all the time.
    Can this be fixed?

  • Chen

    I have a little problem on this rom.

    Its my first time that I flashed a rom on my SGS 2.
    And my battery over yet fast, All about 4 minutes down the percentage of.
    This is ok? Or not?
    If not how I can fix it?

    • Mizuki

      I’ve installed this rom (Resurrection Pro Remix ICS) on my SGS2 with no apps or whatsoever – I didn’t restore my backups yet to test battery life. Battery dropped 4% after 5 hours which means it’s good. Not sure but maybe it has something to do with your apps?

  • Richard

    i’ve installed Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v9.6 successfully and everything seems to be ok. however, i do notice that the signal bar and the network data indicator at the very top overlap each other. the data indicator seems to be behind the signal bar since i can see the up/down arrows lite up when data is being accessed. is there a fix for that? thanks.

  • Sayed

    Im disappointed about ICS because of Apps 2 SD isn’t working on ICS!!Why??

  • Abel


    • drew

      Hi Max,

      I have the same inquiry. I’ve just rooted my phone, installed clockwork, then i tried the madmack rom. Since i’m currently on gingerbread 2.3.4, could i do the same process i did for the madmack to install this rom? Thanks! Great website by the way.

  • ash

    Hi, I installed this ROM and i’m really enjoying it.
    Now i haven’t seen anyone else with the same problem i have but hope it can be solved.
    Most of the functions are working well apart from my vibration. The phone doesn’t vibrate when i get message notifications. Only vibrates when i’m receiving a call. It’s annoying since sometimes i don’t hear the message tone,and without the vibration its hard to notice I’ve received a text or e-mail
    please help.

    • George

      I’m having the same problem, any idea what’s up with this?

  • bogdiani

    I have an I9100 Galaxy S2
    I used it in Europe and I had 3G connection but when I moved to US my phone only has EDGE on T-MOBILE, will this ROM work with 3G on T-MOBILE ?

  • Omar

    GPS and android beam doesnt work! someone tell me what to do

  • omar70pro

    tengo dos problemas:

    1º Cuando alguien me llama, el icono de colgar o descolgar la llamada casi no se ve.
    – como puedo solucionarlo? si se puede claro.

    2º Cuando conecto el movil a mi coche, al radio, antes conectaba como: conectar almacenamiento masivo. Asi reproducia la musica del movil en el coche. Ahora esa opcion no la tengo.
    -Que puedo hacer? si se puede

    Un saludo, espero pronta respuesta y Gracias por esta tremenda Rom !

  • Ted

    I badly need your help. When I try to instal this rom, from SD card, I get this message: signature veriffication failed. I’ve tryed also with ICS ROM v1.7, it’s the same problem. Can anyone help me? Thank you

  • Ethos

    Cannot update gmail

  • bone

    after insttal this ROM.. i cannot do print screen or screenshot on my phone.. please advise

  • bone

    have bug errors.. cannot move apps to sd card..

    • admin

      Lookin’ into this.

  • Meer

    My email will not work, the gmail icon works, but the other email facility will not.when i try to add email it is say connection failed
    Can you help?

  • mohamad

    hi i downloaded this rom on to my s2 (kernel xwke1) the rom is resurrection remix ics v2.0 ..the problem is kies dosent connect to my fone (kies version is : i need kies to restore the backup i made b4 rooting PLZ PLZ PLZ FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE ME A SOLUTION !!!

    • Max

      You need to restore your old ROM, then use another backup app like Titanium backup app to backup apps.

      • mohamad

        any other ROM wont work ? meaning an official ics or 2.3.5 or something like that wont do the trick ? and if not do u knw where i can find official 2.3.3 for xwke1 ?

        • Max

          Any touchwiz based roms should work.

  • mohamad

    thnx alot man 🙂 samsung kies <3 🙂

  • Abzzolum

    hey man!! love the videos and the ROM loks bad ass im havinga problem with E:signature verification failed
    what im i doing wrong i have 5 files in SD and folllow all… help plz??

    • Max

      Thats obviously stock recovery did u root ur phone?

      • Abzzolum

        yeah that’s what i thought and did

        So guys! for ones having E: signature verification failed,
        phones need to be rooted..

        thanx Max..

  • John

    if this is the best rom, can you guys imagine how’s other roms? can’t understand why would i risk to brick a good phone to install a full of bugs rom? samsung stock ics is just fine. you guys have nothing to offer with this rom but problems. so, again, is this really the best rom? if yes, then i do not want it lol

    • daya

      It depends upon person to person. Stay with stock rom then. all the best.

  • Eli W Seiei

    Hi! I recently flashed this rom for the following thing, but i cannot work it out:
    As i seen in your video there screen unlock is the one that from samsung rom (GT-i9100 ZSLSE), is there any way to make this out?I like this unlock but i love the original ICS style…

  • A

    The bow can i use the backup files to restore my contacts?

    • A

      Then How i can*

    • Max

      which backup files? You should really use a dummy Gmail account and your contacts will automatically get backed up and restored.

  • Ben

    The Keyboard won’t pop up on anything?

  • Igaa Rahman

    how to take screenshot