S3Mods ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [For Noobs]

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Nervous about custom ROMs? Β Well, I know many of you are hesitant about installing custom ROMs but here’s a good solid ICS ROM I recommend for those of you just getting your feet wet with rooting and custom ROMs, the S3Mods ICS ROM.

S3Mods ICS ROM comes with standard stock features/apps plus Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX launcher and apps. Β It’s a simple ROM that can help you make your Galaxy S2 i9100 better while keeping more advanced features at bay.

For example, the S3Mods come with High-Quality Camera MOD, that allows you to take videos in 1080P or 720P at higher video/audio bitrate. Β For those of you looking for just a bit better quality, this camera MOD can be helpful.

S3Mods ICS ROM also comes with bunch of Galaxy S3 stuff including Galaxy S3 Music player and widget (as shown above).

Also comes with a file browser (off MIUI) that you can easily turn your SD card into a simple FTP server.

And for those of you with Samsung TVs and/or want to connect other computers in your home wirelessly, it comes with AllShare app.

Also, there’s two gallery apps, one from Galaxy S3, and the other one from vanilla Android, both of which will sync all your Picasa web photos/videos.

Lastly but not least, the 14-toggles help and my favorite is the Flash button of course.

If you are still hesitant, give this S3Mods ICS ROM a go and let me know how your first custom ROM goes.


Download S3Mods ICS ROM
Credits – XDA

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  • Dennis

    I give it a Twirl today at Night.

  • Anup Dcruz

    i have samsung galaxy s2. i’ve been tryin to use multiple firmwares but couldnt find a firmware which dramatically increses the battery life of ma mobile.. the average backup i get is usually 12- 14 hours.. in your opinion hav u come across any firmwares which increases the backup of samsung galaxy S2??? waiting for your reply

    • Paul Days

      I have used just about every S3 ROM for S2. This one, is great on battery life. Along with the built in stock power management. I can give it a FULL days load of work: Calls, Navigate, Msgs, and have power left over. Also the features are great. This is the one I come back to. Just put in a Kernel of you choice….and find tune the voltages.

      • Anup Dcruz

        HI Paul could you plz let us know which kernal hav u used with this firmware and the voltage tuning you did u for getting a better battery life???

      • Osama Alsaqqaf

        i would like to ask you if this rom supports arabic language and if its not what should i do ?

    • William

      I have SGS2 !900 and this was my first custom rom. I was under the impression that this rom would automatically upgrade my camera to the S3 camera. All the other features mentioned above were activated however my camera was still the same stock camera it came with when I first bought it.

      Do I have to seperately find a hack to be able to have the S3 camera installed?

      Please help ! ive been trolling the net for ages trying to find out what is supposed to happen,..


  • udara

    Greatest s3 rom ever used.. Thankyou Max for informing & giving details about these awsome roms..

    • Anup Dcruz

      hi udara… how about the battery backup??

      • udara

        battery backup is normal. not superb..

        • Anup Dcruz

          how did u flash it .. did u install from the zip using clokmodrecovery coz i tried tat but its not installing…

          • udara

            1.copy ZIP file to sd card
            2.go to cwm
            3.select ClockWorkMod(this will restart ur device)
            4.select install zip from sd card
            (if u copied in to internal card –> select chhose zip from internal sdcard)
            5.then select zip file(now it begins to install)
            6.after install clear cache & reset factory settings
            7.then select reboot ur device
            8. it will take 2-5 mins to start

            • Hassan

              Does it have the support of Arabic language ???

              • udara

                no it doesn’t πŸ™

            • Anup Dcruz

              Thanks a ton Udara.. now its working perfectly for me .. really appreciate your help..

            • Muli

              can I flash it with odin?

  • Moiz

    One Important question is this Rom rooted ?? can i install TB on it after this room ??

    • udara

      yeah its rooted.. & yes u can

      • Ravi

        Hei udara i cought not install this rom,
        my phone is doesn’t show the zip file on micro sd card….

      • Nick

        Hey udara,

        If i install this ROM, would i be able to Upgrade my android version to 4.0.4 from a ROM after? my current android version is 4.0.3 and i had it to 4.0.4 the other night but i reverted back to stock and i want it back?

  • Param

    How abt blue tooth?

    • udara

      its working perfectly.. everything working perfect for me.. (for now)

      • Param

        Thanks Udara, appreciate your feedback. Looks like it’s time give this ROM a shot. Thanks again!

        • Param

          KERNEL PANIC!!!
          Tried multiple times & clearing cache + factory reset post installing the zip ain’t working either. Any ideas?

          Switching back to the stock ROM for now (haven’t been to find a stable & fast custom ROM with BT & good battery life).

  • udara

    u this file to modify notification bar.. (very beautiful)
    copy to sd card
    go to cwm
    select ClockWorkMod(this will restart ur device)
    select install zip from sd card
    (if u copied in to internal card –> select chhose zip from internal sdcard)
    then select zip file
    reboot ur device

    • Filip

      any screen shots?

  • arun

    how about the battery backup pls tell me people πŸ™‚
    thanks u guys

  • Alex Bolton

    Google play store won’t work for me, keeps crashing when I try to open it, I’ve re-installed the rom and it still won’t work, everything else works fine, any ideas?

  • Filip

    ok i installed it and it wont let me past the lock screen it let me put in the pin code for sim and then when i press the bar to write my pw to open the phone it freezes and stay like that and then restarts after a minute or so.. how do i revert this i didn’t really back anything up >.<

    • udara

      reset ur phone . go to Settings–>backup and reset–> Factory data reset

  • Filip

    btw i didn’t do the cache and factory reset cause he said in the vid u didn’t need to O.o?

  • Filip

    says like android.process.core. has stopped the hole shit have stopped!

  • Filip

    nvm i got it working with factory resets =3

  • 私はかわいいです

    guys the dam equalizer isn’t working in the music player and 75% of the use of my phone is to listen to music!!! is there any updates to install and how do u even revert to stock rom cause i haven’t really made a back up -. ?

    • Anup Dcruz

      better use poweramp u can download from the google store.. its reallly awesome.. stock ics music player actually sucks..

      • 私はかわいいです

        can u get the cool 5.1/7.1 3D Sound in it ?

  • Anup Dcruz

    u cant expect the 5.1 sound while listening in an earpiece which is 2.1 coz it will distort the original signal.. i hav tried it myself with the 5.1 effect of the samsung stock video player but its effect sound so good while listening in an earpiece.

  • 私はかわいいです

    where do i find a good video for restoring to stock rom on the gt-i9100? can’t find one -.-. and is there anyway to install a other language cause it suck that i can’t write my swedish words ”Γ…,Γ„,Γ–” when i am sending messages or searching on swedish …

  • 私はかわいいです

    Guys my sd card can’t be read whats the problem?

  • max

    doesn’t work

    it doesn’t strat up its hanging on the galaxy s2 on startup

    please help?

    • 私はかわいいです

      had same prob try going in the clockwork thing and format cache and factory settings worked for me

      • Lahiru

        It doesn’t start. Hanging on thesgalaxy s2 on startup

  • Dragon

    i have a xxlph firmware is it ok to have this rom, my s2 is rooted

    • Max


  • Prajesh Solanki

    This looks like a highly polished ROM.
    The voice controls, camera and UI all behave S3 like
    The only thing I seem to be unable to add are widgets (i think I may not be doing something right)
    When holding my finger on the screen i can change wallpaper for lock and home screens but can’t add widgets

  • Prajesh Solanki

    oops I think I didnt look properly!!! just noticed widgets in screenshots.
    n00b mistake

  • andy

    sd card not working

    • 私はかわいいです

      ye this rom i pretty sucky Imo, Your sd card doesn’t work (and that’s just 1 reason to not get this unless u don’t need a sd card) the Eq in the media player ain’t working. It’s Shitty release if they update to get these to work i’ll re-think on downloading it again though i changed back to stock rom…

      • Muli

        I have noticed that you are the only two who had this problem…
        is it in your SD card or is it a rom failure?

  • Anish Franklyn

    1.copy ZIP file to sd card
    2.go to cwm
    3.select ClockWorkMod(this will restart ur device)
    4.select install zip from sd card
    (if u copied in to internal card –> select chhose zip from internal sdcard)
    5.then select zip file(now it begins to install)
    6.after install clear cache & reset factory settings
    7.then select reboot ur device

    After this step , it went to CWM- recovery again, but earlier it was in orange colour mode & now its like sky blue colour mode. i wiped cache & done factory reset too. but not working… still it again comes to the CWM recoverymode (sly blue colur) pls help….

  • feden

    Is FM radio working? Thanks

  • Orlando R.

    is anybody having issues with the touchWiz UIX on this ROM? it suddenly stopped working, it lets me go to menu and stay in the main homescreen panel, but if i scroll to another one it freezes and then FC :/ so i have to use another launcher meanwhile and i really like this touchwiz UIX.

    please help!

    if anyone has a solution to this please be so kind of posting it here or send me and email to orlando.ramirez.tejada@gmail.com i’ll woild really apreciatte it πŸ™‚

  • Daniel

    Does it have the support of German language ???

  • Paulo Silva

    Very good rom, simply the best so far.
    can you add portuguese language, please?


  • Vivek

    does it work mon siyah kernel….? when i try to install it says installation aborted :(…. plz help

  • Asaf

    Does not support Hebrew! πŸ™

    • Muli

      גם לא ΧžΧ§ΧœΧ“Χͺ Χ’Χ‘Χ¨Χ™Χͺ? Χ™Χ’Χ Χ™ Χ”ΧžΧ•Χ‘Χ Χ™Χͺ של Χ‘ΧžΧ‘Χ•Χ Χ’…

  • Chains

    Hello, I’m kinda confuse regarding kernels. Before I was in GingerBread 2.3.5 and updated to S3Mod ICS ROM. My question is, what if I want to change my ROM to JB, DO I NEED to change my Kernel to Siyah to install or I can just go direct to CWM and install JB?
    Your answer will surely help!

    • anup

      Just install via cmw

      • Chains

        anup, thanks for quick the reply! I’ll try it later Ü

  • Udara

    Checkβ€”>s2roms.blogspot.com for day to day updating roms

  • Muli

    is it true that this rom causes the phone not to recgonize the sd card??!?!?!

  • Ahmed

    Guys wat about battery time I used many roms but battery sucks..:(

  • benjy

    in the video it says that you have a system update should i do it?????