Salman ICS ROM v4 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Galaxy S3 ROM]

Here’s a quick update on the Salman ICS ROM we featured couple weeks back. With version 4, it’s better than ever, with lots of things like Jelly Bean Google Play app, GS3-like dialer, lock screen with center date, time and weather, and lots more. Salman ICS ROM is definitely one of my daily drivers (with dual-boot Siyah kernel) and the new version runs even faster, snatching near 4500 on Quadrant at just 1.4Ghz overclocking.

Give this latest version a try and let me know how it goes for you!

Download ROM
Download Extras

To install extras, unzip and copy the folder to your phone then use File Manager app to install apps like Floating Video player app and etc….

Credits – XDA

Also previous video review:

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  • Deepanshu

    can you tell me at what frequency should I overclock my cpu to get battery l I fe

    • Max

      try 1Ghz or 800Mhz.

      • Harish

        do we have to wipe data for updating to v4 ??

        • Max

          No need.

  • geet

    Heii.. Max.. My Google Play Store is not working.. Help me please.

    • Max

      Clear cache in cwm and reboot.

  • Hidayet

    which one is the best rom?

  • Hidayet

    and how to install extras?

  • ali

    it’s always hanging when switching between home screens and the launcher stops..

    • ali

      it happens every time i try to use some widgets on the home screen such as calender or mail widgets

  • Scott Coley

    Lots of bugs from what i can see. Hangs when i unlock. Freezes very often. Is there an uodated version of salman rom?? Please could you email me on greqtly appreciate it

  • Aidan

    Dose all the “S3 Extras” come in a seperate zip? Cuz I was hoping to use touchwiz ux on the stock ics rom.

  • brett poole

    Try removing the voice search app this should remove the voice command app also. once you have done that reboot your phone, then install svoice.apk , then reboot again and you should be good to go. Please not max was correct as i also get the network type error when i use svoice. I am loking into this to try and find a resolution at the moment.

  • pats

    has anybody tried making a phone call ?
    has the phone app/ dailer app fixed from force closing ..
    the earlier version of this ROM had a big issue resulting in phone freezing…
    thanks …

  • Noah Seibel

    Is there a similar from like this for the T-Mobile galaxy s2?

    • Max

      not yet but I will post it as soon as it’s available!

      • Noah Seibel

        Sounds good, Thanks for all you’re hard work Max

  • pats

    hey max… has the phone app’s been fixed ?

  • Wifi

    Is the battery life in this version improved? I tried the previous version but battery life wasn’t that good

  • Shyguy23

    Tried this ROM and an absolute disaster. My Galaxy S2 froze from the time it restarted. Did a backup and cleared everything and re-installed this ROM, but it still froze. I re-installed previous ROM (AOKP Resurrection Remix ICS v2.4.1) and all OK. Anybody else experiencing this constant freezing ?

  • John

    By far the best looking ROM out there !!!! Can’t wait for the 4.2 update due out July 18th

  • Justin Bradbury

    For some reason this ROM will not recognize my root I have wiped completely clean and re flashed. I also tried to re root and still no luck any suggestions?

  • Midknight5000

    My Sgh-i777 said “could not open zip file installation aborted” while I was trying to flash to my second rom on siyah kernal.

    • Max

      Please do not install this ROM. If you are downloading ROMs directly on your phone that might be why, try using Dolphin HD browser for fix.

      • Midknight5000

        So this won’t work for sgh-i777? Is there an alternative I can try? I downloaded the rom on my pc and transferred it via usb.

  • Laula

    LOL found something. press home key 4 times to change screen into negative πŸ˜€

    • Laula

      ok sorry, just tried on stock rom and the same πŸ˜€ but still great thing

  • Jamil

    No offence to the RR users but when i first flashed and rooted my phone it was with Galaxy nexus f1 rom and that was a complete waste, but now my phone was dead and i needed software and i luckily added salman v3 and when i flashed it worked, perfectly just few startup errors but phone was running nicely… Then tried RR and it didnt work it was too slow and laggy. But this v4 is great, no errors on start up and phone is super fast……. Go salman!!

    • Jamil

      oh and for svoice use the hacked version, there is a link on the v3 posts of salman, that worked for me. I have not yet tested the downloan from google play which i was having serious problems with

  • Jamil

    Day two, loving this rom. No start up errors, nothing about has stopped pop ups. Really neat, fluid and smooth. And i did a full format via CWM and flashed from there. Triangle away app did its job, the yellow triangle is gone. I have been able to download using my Galaxy tabs internet via wifi on google play will try data direct from phone and see if there is an issue like before. And STILL having a proble with wallpapers not fitting when set they just zoom a section of the picture and not the cropped image i selected πŸ™ meaning i had to opt fot generic image over photo. New issue/downtweak- cannot set live wallpaper as lock screen image, and that cool effect when locking the phone is gone. Face unlock is working and i can live with the current errors for this neat smooth easy rom with no errors, well done Salman and thanks Max for posting it. Now waiting for the new version, hopefully wont have to format for error free use. Well done. Flippin awesome.

  • Johnkor

    I have downloaded this and install in my SII i9100T is running perfectly but than after sometime the phone suddently restarts without telling me @@

    • Max

      Try another ROM if this isn’t working for you. Did you overclock it by any chance?

  • Nitish

    Hey max.. Your work has alyz been a life saver..
    I installed salaman gs3 v4 rom
    Thn i installed triangle away app..

    Now i wanna go to nexus rom as i heard it has btr batry life…
    When i enter recovery mode select install from sd nd choose d rom screen flashes nd i m back to home.. I tried intaling other rom tooo but no gain..
    Plz help to install m tooo desprate to try tht… plzzz

  • Dummy41

    What about the announced Salman rom v4.2 an XDA? Will there be any new development after the developer was banned an XDA? Does anyone know more?

  • CaptainOfMoo

    Has there been the 4.2 update for Salman ROM its a great ROM ive done a lot of look around avoiding XDA Bull
    in search for the update but came up with nothing has it been released or is it another great ROM that’s gone down the drain?

  • RAV3N

    How do i install siyah kernel on this rom..nd how much overclocking do u suggest to be ideal???

    • CaptainOfMoo

      Just flash via clockwork mod

  • Lucky Kobla Ahiable

    Am using the version 4 and have realized the following widgets dont work: Rebot and Recovery. Also how do I install S Voice?

    • CaptainOfMoo

      s voice should be installed press home button twice

  • geoff

    why do i keep getting routed to advertisements and promotional webste when looking to download?

  • Mour

    The rom works really well thx for your effort, but I lost my ability to stream videos from browsers like before , i got redirected to a video player to load the video instead.. how can i fix that ?

  • azhar

    hey max there’s been a huge problem i hav been using this rom for past 1 month but yesterday suddenly my phone got switched off….and its not gettin power ON….plz help me out a faster reply would be really helpful and appriciated….and yur suggestions …plz wht should i do……… me out man

  • tamer

    hi max the s-voice dont work please help me…

  • Amar

    It says that the ROMs on this site are for Verizon Galaxy S II, but in the title it says that it’s for the GT-I9100 which is the international version. So which is correct?

  • mhk

    When i try install it in clockworkmod, i get message ”E:signature verification failed”. Plz can someone help.

    • Max

      That’s probably stock recovery, did you root your phone?

  • Faisal

    Does this work on i9100P

    • Max


  • Alex

    is there an extras file to make the camera like the s3 one? mine still looks like the ice cream sandwich camera . thanks

  • jhay29

    is this compatible to ics 4.0.4

  • mattheuw

    can i port this rom to another phone? and my question is, to port rom, we must have same base right? like 4.0.3 to 4.0.3 not 4.1.1 to 4.0.3

  • Juha

    Hi. How i can update this into Jellybean? “look for updates”-button does nothing. I know this is an old thread but i try my luck here πŸ™‚