SlimBean ROM for Galaxy S2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-i9100]

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 ROM of the week, check out the latest SlimBean ROM Build 3 for your rooted Galaxy S2 Android smartphone, available for AT&T SGH-i777, T-Mobile SGH-T989, and international GT-i9100.

SlimBean ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) built off Android 4.2.2 sources with its own custom modifications.

Similar to AOKP ROM Control Settings, SlimBean ROM offers its own settings with some settings that you haven’t seen before such as RAM bar customization and Quiet hours settings (for keeping your phone quiet when you want to).

I have been flashing this ROM off and on for awhile now but glad to say that the latest version indeed is pretty darn stable and offers many more features than ever before. If you are looking for a good Android 4.2.2 AOSP ROM, definitely check out SlimBean ROM out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download SlimBean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777

Download SlimBean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

Download SlimBean ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from SlimBean ROM), install ROM, and reboot.

If missing Play Store after booting, reboot into recovery and install Gapps.

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-i9100

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  • sherif gamal

    Nice Rom ., but i would ask about the Rom’s Kernal feature (MMC_CAP_ERASE removed for safe wipes ) ?

  • James

    I am kinda surprised by the file size…ROM is 85MB and gApps is 90MB!!
    Anyway installing it right now….fingers crossed 🙂

    • Christina

      how exactly to you install this rom. i just rooted my phone and im new to this. and i dont see any videos showing how to install the SlimBean rom. Please help.

      • Christina

        my phone is the t989 by the way.

        • Aaron


          1) Download the rom you want and gapps and save it to you sd card
          2) reboot into recovery
          4) Wipe phone (I use darkside superwipe – but i have seen people have issue with certian recoveries) (research this)
          5) flash rom zip
          6) flash gapps
          7) clear cache – dalvik cache – fix permissions (I use darkside cachewipe for this) (again do some research)
          8) reboot device and wait for it to start up

          do some research before you start doing this and make sure you are ready to give it a try. beware that all custom roms are going to have some issues, so don’t expect them to be perfect (samsung doesn’t make them perfect).


          I recommend that you use titanium to back up apps so you don’t have to red-download them and you will not loss your app data. Do not try to restore system apps.

  • James

    By default Exchange Active sync, picasa, Play store and some other features will not work (I guess that’s why this is just 80MB and rightly called ‘Slim’). To get all those missing stuff just install ‘Addons’ using the following link.
    or use AIO Addons (my favourite)

    Max, you should have mentioned it 😉


  • adi

    dude the Google play store wont update and it says many of my apps are not compatible with this rom.. any solution??

    • James

      After installing the AIO-Addons, it sharted working for me.


    • schorsch

      you can download the IO, extras and slim_gapps. AVG didn’t worked. i installed the one for tablet. it said its not compatible and gave me a link to the AVG free. with this link you can install it.
      then delete the one for tablet and this is

  • Salvin Rodrigues

    My phone is not booting after i intalled the ROM, its just keeps on flashing the Slim bean logo after rebooting, i am not sure what went wrong…please can you help me with this?

    • James

      From my experience, it is always better to wipe the data and dalvick before installing ROM – even if nobody says so!
      …and don’t forget GApps.

  • Sean Grier

    I have just switched from iPhone to android and face never rooted a phone.I gave a Prof experience in jailbreaking iPhones but idk where to start w my Galaxy S2…any suggestions on where to go to learn

  • Allan

    Right here is a good start. You find everything you need on this page!

  • Kodi

    This ROM disabled the network unlock of my i777. Now I have to unlock it using an app after every reboot 🙁

  • hamed

    My phone is not booting after i intalled the ROM, its just keeps on flashing the Slim bean logo after rebooting, i am not sure what went wrong

  • yR

    Can u give me one good reason that why should i use this room instead of AOKP build 6 ????

    • Emma

      I had AOKP build 6 and got little or no phone signal and kept getting a warning that the memory was almost full. I have had absolutely no problems with this ROM, it is fantastic!

  • John

    Hello… I am having the same issue like the others above me about the slim bean logo just flashing after installing the ROM. I am going to go test it out on my other s2 and see if it works.

  • CJ

    Im going to go ahead and say that if you are planning on flashing this rom on the Tmobile hercules(sgh-t989) that it may very well not work. isnt even supporting the hercules anymore. ie you cant find it as a supported model. This is merely just a port from the version made for the att version. If you do try it, BACK IT UP!

    I use Slim bean 3.0(the last one designed for the tmo variant) which is 4.1.2. Its great but id love some of the newer features 4.2 offers. Hopefully it works for me.

    • Eric

      Any updates on how it runs for you? My friend just installed this rom on his S3 and I’m kinda jealous of it, but I’m fairly happy with my AOKP mr1 build 6, and like the stability.

  • amit ash

    absolutely rocking ROM…smooth & light on the resources. Ive yet to try out all the options, will post more comments on my experiene.

  • Eric

    I installed this rom and had no internet access. Installed the aio zip and got web access. However I could make calls but no one could hear me. I re-flashed the original stock Vodafone Ireland Rom from samfirmware and I still have no mic when I make calls. Loud speaker works as does headphones. Any ideas?

    • schorsch

      full-wipe. or 3 part frimware with odin.

      • Eric

        I tried multiple roms and could not get the microphone to work.
        So I got the mic from a broken S2 and it worked perfectly. I don’t believe in consequences. The mic was working right up to the time I flashed the rom. I wonder is there some firmware or rom on the board that the microphone is soldered onto?

  • Bradf

    Instructions straight from the source – Follow These Alongside the usual instructions on here:

    The usual stuff, Flash at your own risk. I am not responsible if you brick your device, burn your device etc. This ROM might be most suitable for experienced users but everybody is welcome to use it.

    Upgrading Slim Bean
    Unless we specify otherwise in changelog
    Reboot to recovery, wipe cache, dalvik cache then just flash your device zip.

    From Froyo/GB Rom to SlimBean
    Get yourself booted with cm9 or cm10. then follow the steps “From another JB or ICS ROM”

    From another JB or ICS Rom to SlimBean
    Enter CWM, wipe data, format system ( in mounts and storage)
    Flash***, then MUST flash (other files optional)
    *** – If the flash is too quick ( < 5 seconds or so), reflash device before flashing common or other zip files.
    Haven't tested this out yet myself been running the latest "Captivating" or Xperia Z rom, my GS2 seems to have a little issues running it all the time, but my oh my how I love everything else about it.

  • Sunil

    Does it support Video calling ?

  • HR

    Any one tried if the navigation’s turn by turn voice guidance works?.

  • raghavendar

    i am using galaxy s2 GT-I9100, yesterday i tried with this ROM after installing this rom it is asking network unlock pin, then i restored to my previous (cyanogemMod)ROM again i am getting the same problem, pls help me.

  • Emma

    Hi There,

    Since installing this ROM I have a storage warning come up on my phone. I have emptied the cache but 2 days ago I had 1GB of memory. Today I have 19MB?? I haven’t added any more apps or taken photos or even downloaded anything. Has this happened to anyone else? I am sure many of you have much more technical knowledge thank me so could anyone explain why this is happening please?

    Best wishes, Em

  • JM

    Smooth ROM and very responsive. The only issue is that my battery life has gotten a little worse with this ROM. I also noticed that the notification sounds a little quieter than usual. It would be nice if some of these Roms had full control of the hardware button light. Other then that, one of my favs.

  • Sammie

    This rom is the best ever, am facing no problem at all. I just need fm radio apk to make me complete
    Anyone with the idea where i can get fm radio apk???

    • poppiesgdd

      Try Google Play . They have a few digital radio apps .
      I would suggest one , but I think that comes under the heading of spamming ?!.
      Not sure !.

  • jackson oglow

    my phone will not start up it just keeps loading the slim start up symbol. helpppppp

    • schorsch

      did you full wipe befor installing the rom? did you install the gapps after rom?

    • sudhan

      me too having that….

  • schorsch


  • Manuel

    i would like to change the font.. is it possible?
    for me its a MUST!

    • poppiesgdd

      The Rom may not be able to have the font changed internally , but there are font changing apps on Google Play !. I hope this helps ?. Glenn.

      • Manuel

        yeah.. not what i expected..
        but it works.. thanks

        • poppiesgdd

          No worries mate !.

  • pete

    My only problem with this rom is that playstore is not working at all. I followed the instructions, after flashing the rom I also flash gapps but no luck. can anyone help?