Space And Time ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Multi-Window][Dorimanx]

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Looking for a simple ROM that’s fast and brings you the latest TouchWiz features like multi-window and Note 2 Gallery app? Well, check out Space and Time ROM, exactly that, it’s one of the faster yet simple ROMs I’ve tried so far that has multi-window working nearly flawless.

Also with an AROMA graphical installer, you do have options to customize your ROM, my favorite being the Siyah Dorimanx kernel which runs fast out of the box without any overclocking. Also there are many performance tweaks done on the ROM to make it even faster.

Try it out for this week and do let me know what you think of this ROM!


Download Space and Time ROM

Credits – XDA

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  • Eran

    Where can I get a clear installation guide?

    • serge

      Calm down, fellow,
      Look at this link, you’ll get everything you need.

      • serge

        Well, I mean this one :

        Bye again

      • Eran

        Did I sound nervous?
        I can’t text in other language than English it says that the message will be corrupted on the recipient device, any clue?

        • serge

          No, I was only kidding…
          awkward message, isn’t
          For the language, it should not change : \settings\language & input…
          What’s your country ?

        • serge

          no,no just kidding (me)
          for the language, shouldn’t change : \settings\ language & input
          awkward message
          What are you own language and country ?

          • Eran

            I agree it’s awkward, never got it before.
            The language is Hebrew. During installation there were 1 keyboards to choose from, I’ve chosen the non Samsung keyboard.
            The thong is that the message on the recipient is question marks when I send Hebrew letters. Maybe something with the encoding.

          • Eran

            Fixed. Need to change input method in the messages settings to Automatic. Great ROM. Thanks.

  • SJamaly

    Is this for ICS?

    • SJamaly

      Got my answer to this (for 4.1.2)

  • Dragos

    I get “Unfortunately,Video player stopped” any fix for this?

  • razi

    what about the battery life ??

  • Lawrence

    I like this ROM, but is this available for the G variant also? or any other 4.2.1 ROM with multi window option out there please let me know.


  • amos

    this rom is pretty cool especially the inverted,white on black,contacts and messages which is a big plus for keeping this one thats for sure cheers.

  • kyle

    does this support dual boot?

  • kokoweakwak

    has anyone tried USB tethering? i can’t seem to make it work..

    • kokoweakwak

      oh finally make it to work.. forgot to install permissions.. thanks probably the best rom i have had for a while..

  • khpatwa

    Hi,max,hope u r fine.
    Pls help me for my gt-i9100g, which roms i can use from above roms? Thanks in advance.

  • Serge

    If you allow me to write about the subject, I found for the 9100G three Roms that seem to be ready for use :
    – Avatar Rom
    – CM 10.1
    – AOKP build 4
    And sure many more

  • Jerry Guan

    Hi, I installed it and it rebooted itself and now it is stuck on the samsung logo with purple and blue colours moving thorugh,
    Help Please.

    • Nishant

      you have to factory reset it……..
      then it wont stuck on boot logo
      and dont worry internal memory wont be formatted
      only apps will be removed

      • Ashish

        Tried resetting… wiping data… clearing cache… but it never worked.

  • Dave

    Jerry Guan… you need to re flash it ..

  • sandeep

    Hi max,

    Can i dual boot this ROM with resurrection remix multi user ROM ….will it work ?

    • John

      No you can’t ….its based on Samsung Leak …GokhanMoral ‘Siyah’…hasn’t developed dual boot support yet

      • sandeep

        Hey John, thank u very much for the reply.

        Is there any two jelly bean ROMs to dual boot that is present in this forum?

  • Xatanik

    Battery life sucks !!!!

    • francis

      how bad is the battery life?????

  • Sasa

    Rom is great BUT battery life must be better, this is pretty bad ๐Ÿ™
    rom is fast, fluid, nice features, eye tracking for smart rotation and screen background light, please fix battery life!

    • francis

      how bad is the battery life?

      • Sasa

        Very bad, I have standard battery, looking features, tried camera and test one time with antutu, all about 15 minutes and 10% of battery is gone, my phone was warm all the time, too bad because this is awesome rom, backup apps and try if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

        • zuhair

          Very slick rom and nice features but unfortunately battery life is terrible (atleast from my use). Listening to audio, a bit of texting and email, and accessing offline apps, the battery lasted like 4 – 6 hrs even on full charge.

  • DeveRasta

    hi, i’ve installed the leak time ago.. but i haven’t rooted so i wonder if shuold i root before i try to flash this rom… waiting for your reply

    Greetings from Chile!!

  • Jerry Guan

    Has anyone else noticed that when you play a song on any music player whether it is Google Music or Rocket or any other such as winamp, the music stutters when you lock the screen or put it to sleep. Like all audio and songs will work fine and sound perfect until you lock the phone and it will stutter a lot

    • Mike Harrison

      @ Jerry Guan, I installed this ROM today and also noticed the same problem as yours. Music seems to stutter when your screen is locked. so I assume its a bug.

      • janro

        Same problem here.. please fix this problem..

  • janro

    Can anyone help me.. i installed this ROM successfully but when booted it and played my music after pressing the lock button after a few seconds it started bleeping and the sound lags alot. Ive tried other players but its still the same.. please help!

    • Josuhu

      Flash Philz 3.99 kernel and you will have zero problems.

      • kunal

        thank you i have zero problem

  • nice

    Hello, room is great i just have one question. How to use overclocking,Stweaks, how to set cpu freq to have high perfomance ๐Ÿ™‚ do u have any turtorial. Bye

  • pallav

    dude this Rom sucks …….

    it has got a lot of problems like music player,, all apps not working, video player,, performance issue such that even asphalt 7 stops in between even after overclocking,, battery life sucks,.

    dude do try to improve it

  • Mubarak

    Bro…I can’t use portable hotspot! when i turn it on…it turns off by itself.. Please help! Thanks

    • DenveRasta

      Same thing!! It was an amazing ROM for me… just great!! Everything went right until i tried a few minutes ago the hotspot… Please fix this one because i don’t want to change this ROM!!


  • JellyWobbles

    I have had an SG2 for well over a year – tried just about every ROM from XDA & without doubt NEATRom Lite is the best – its Jellybean – (based on the leaked JB Sammy ROM) rock solid – everything works!

    Why on earth Max hasn’t reviewed is a mystery ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Link is here:-


  • Allan

    Any one know how this preform compared to the Lion rom?

  • bond

    I successfully flasheed this rom..But later the home button is not working..Please help

  • Mitchel

    Awesome ROM , I will use this ROM for a while!

    Thanks Max !

  • Zeeshan

    How do I “Fix the Root”?
    There are no details about it in xda…

    • Zeeshan

      Oooh Found it…

  • Zeeshan

    Google Search doesn’t work. Force closes as soon as you speak something. Anybody with the same problem?

  • guddu

    thanks for this rom… appreciate good work …used for few hours every thing seem to work….but when i tried to open all share it says ”unable to fetch the samsung account authentication infor. try again later if problem continue ,delete the samsung account and then sign again (code01)….can you help…lots of love …will give more feed back after using it for few days..

  • Hafiz

    Can I install the rom using CWM or do I have to load the kernal/CF-Root using Odin?


  • rayno

    So I rooted my phone and installed rom yesterday morning – everyting worked great – loving this build – plugged the phone in on charge last night and this morning it is not switching on at all!??


    • Rayno

      Model: i9100GSMH

  • bond

    DONT install this ROM ..It eat your battery pretty fast..
    Can anybody tell me a jellybean rom with good battery life ??

    • Bratboy

      Try SuperNexus 2.0 for GT-I9100 and there is a guide in youtube to install Pie control separately for any rooted phone. Clean Rom, Excellent battery life (with wifi on all time, 3 hours of phone calls, close to an hour of video watching with regular apps usage like FB, Twitter, Flipboard, etc it lasted for 11 hours for me).

  • Preetham

    WHILE u are playing a music and wen the screen goes to lock mode …..the music will not play smoothly and that is a annoying BUG present in this rom …..except that evrything is perfectly awesome for an ideal 4.1.2 jellybean ROM for s2 ,,it transforms into a virtual note 2 basically

    • Preetham

      ok ….the Philz 3.99 kernel DID it …..thanks (best rom ever)

    • eran

      I have the same problem with music

  • cio

    best rom better then original 4.1.2I 9100XWLS8_I9100XXLS8_I9100FOPLS3_HOME.tar.spain

    • serge

      And if you flash it with Mobile Odin, you’ll get it rooted… Genious ! isn’t ?

    • bond

      Have you ever tried Lion JB rom…?? For me it was better than this rom

  • Jan

    So please tell us how to fix the music player bug. I still can’t see the solution anywhere, except for installing the PhilZ 3.99 kernel. And I don’t even know which one to pick from the list I found here:

  • Eran

    The phone sometimes stalls and needs to reboot. TouchWiz sometimes crashes.

    • eran

      Also problems with playing music.

  • cio

    i try and the lion rom is very stable but the contur of literes and numbers no have the pigment

  • praagna

    This ROM is not smooth and lags a lot. The Video Player is not working. No S-VOICE , there is the old Vlingo. If all of these are fixed then this will be the best ROM available .

  • kunal

    best room i ever use..n thanks Preethamย for the best Philz 3.99 kernel.that solved standby music problem… ๐Ÿ™‚ install 3rd kernal of the room n see..

  • Eran

    After 2 frustrating weeks of usage I urge you not to install this ROM.
    It lags a lot and I need to restart the phone every 30 min. and the music sound is distorted when the screen is off.
    I’ll try installing Phillz kernel and if that does not help…
    Uninstalling this ROM.

  • Eran

    Installed Philz kernel and home button not working

    • serge

      And if you simply install the official Samsung Rom, the one that has just been delivered last week in Spain. Rom available in Spain, France, UK, Germany, Belgium ans Switzerland…
      Maybe without multiwindows, but working fine…
      Flash it with MobiOdin if you are root.
      No problem since one week. That’s perfect

  • Ben

    Hi, max. Can you help me with my s2? After I install the Space and Time ROM, my s2 got stuck at the Samsung screen. Thanks in advance

    • Girish

      Reboot into recovery. Wipe data, cache etc and reboot. This should solve your problem. Also dont forget to “fix permissions” before rebooting.

  • Subhash

    Rom is rocking & battery backup is also good i like this rom very much just have a lil prob When i go to Setting –> Security –> & Click on SIM Change Alert the screen get freeze and get notification “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” I am not able to use this feature can u tell me what to do…. can u mail me the solution

  • cuenca

    sorry for the inconvenience, but I guess it supports the sim?
    I say this because the video shows “no sim”


    • Subhash Pansare

      I have used this service on my stock rom also and on some other custom rom also I didn’t remember the names of those Roms….

  • Subhash

    Can anyone tell me whats the issue with the Setting โ€“> Security โ€“> & Click on SIM Change Alert option how can i solve this issue

  • slasher

    good ROM just force closes apps alot

  • Clifford Chavez

    For those with stuttering music just update your doramanx kernel from the source…….

  • Subhash

    Battery drain issue…. at night 12.00 am my battery was 33% n in morning 6.00 am my battery was dead….???
    is there any fix for BATTERY DRAIN ISSUE ??

  • serge

    For the battery problems, try “Battery Saver Pro”, you’ll get some results…

  • zue

    hi.. i already install space and time but it is a bit laggy.. people said just change the kernel to jeboo kernel? can i just change kernel without changing other? i mean just change the kernel but space and time still the same..