How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Rooted Galaxy S2! [i9100]

For those of you who’ve rooted your Galaxy S2 i9100 using the new method (that doesn’t install ClockworkMod Recovery), you will need to install ClockworkMod Recovery after rooting if you want to install custom ROMs. (If you want to just use your stock rooted ROM, you don’t need to do this.)

Step 1. Put your Galaxy S2 into download mode by holding down Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons together until you see the warning screen like below:

Step 2. Next, hit Volume Up button then connect your phone to your computer via microUSB cable.

Step 3. Next, download and unzip, you should find two files like shown below.


Step 4. Verify you have drivers installed by going to Device Manager, you should get something like below, SAMSUNG Mobile USB CDC Composite Device.

If you don’t, download Samsung Kies software and install it.  Then re-plug your Galaxy S2’s microUSB out and in.

Step 5. Run the Odin program.  You should get a yellow highlighted COM as shown below.  That means you are good to go and drivers are working correctly.

Step 6. Hit the PDA button and choose the GT_I9100_ClockworkMod-Recovery_4.0.1.4.tar.

Step 7. Hit the Start button.  It should flash ClockwrokMod Recovery and reboot your phone.

Step 8. If you want to get rid of the exclamation mark, you can use a USB Jig.

Step 9. To get into ClockworkMod Recovery, hold down Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons together until your see the Recovery menus.

Step 10. To get rid of the exclamation mark, turn off your phone then insert the USB Jig.  It will reset all download counts.

Step 11. Exclamation mark is gone.  You can make your own USB Jig or get one on Amazon.

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  • seVenrider

    I recently got a 2.3.6 update through kies for my I19100. Do i use the files u have provided to flash cwm???
    i used to your old method using odin, where i needed a secure and insecure kernel. The new version dosen’t seem to need insecure kernel. Hence the doubt.. Cheers mate

  • Pedro Caceres

    So if I root the ATT version using the new method, how would I go about flashing CWM?

  • Alfonso Vasquez

    What’s the difference between doing this and flashing CWM from ROM Manager?

  • Rick

    Thanks for your efforts. Rom Manager is totally useless and I searched almost everywhere for CWM recovery and how to install it on I9100

  • zachk shchori

    I need a help , after i already rooted my phone GS2 via the new mothed every thing was fine until i try to install the clockworkmod recovery becuse after flashing via odin my device isn’t rebooted and it remain still with the exclamation mark , i try to enter few times to download mode and flashing again but the deveice sitll no rebooting,
    can anyone help me????

    • Chantelle

      I’m having the same problem… Please help!

      • Najwan

        Yes, I have exactly the same problem as well. Plz HELP!

        • HelpWouldBeAppreciated

          Has anyone figured out how to fix this? I have the same problem.

          • Quinn

            I have the same problem. ANYONE?!

          • Tesso

            Having the same problem!

            i did the root tutorial then this one.. and now im stuck at the exclamation logo

          • Milan

            Please help. I have the same problem. 🙁

          • mnaderi

            in case you didn’t fix it, you can buy a download mode usb jig from ebay and it will put your phone into download mode so you can reflash it, do not worry your phone is not dead 🙂

        • bilal

          dont worry just put ur phone in download mode and flash ur orignal rom

      • fran

        ive just got same problem and nearly sh!t myself. you can get in to download mode still by pressing volume down, home and power button. once there i just tried to re root with CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5 using odin. this worked first time plus cwm was installed when phone restarted and i didnt need to reinstall any apps.

        • usman

          thankyou very muc it worked 😀

        • Siddharth Kumar

          you are a total life saver bro. i nearly felt my heart in my mouth!!


        • S2 User

          Thank, u have just woke up my s2 😀

        • Dave

          thanks so much! shat myself a little bit there

        • dirkfaam

          You saved me!
          (at least: my wallet…)
          Thank you so much!

    • Majkeey

      Any advice here? It is not very funny to be unable to do anything with it, i think you should answer this Q and provide a way to solve this

      • Majkeey

        I have fixed it by uploading ROM without backup, all my settings were in place and i am very pleased with ics on sgs2

  • Syed

    After downloading Clockworkmod recovery file i am unable to find the particular file as shown in the video. After unzipping what i am getting file by name “Zimage” which is not readable by ODIN.
    Any help please.

    • Julian

      Is the zip coming up as If not then thats the wrong zip file. If is coming up but its not working try winRAR program. Its free but it ask you to buy it if you want the full program or you can pirate it @ not recommended

    • Facundo

      You don’t need to uncompress it! Pass the GT-I9100_ClockworkMod-Recovery_4.0.1.4.tar file directly to Odin 😉

  • Julian

    What website do you use to get the mod from? Because my Phone is the SGH-I727 and i don’t know where to go!
    By the way your videos are really funny and fun to watch.
    Thanks Again

  • Manish


    I have Galaxy S2 I9100G is this CMW compatable with I9100G ?

  • tarek

    I downloaded the file but I donot see the proper contents once I unzipped it.

  • nick

    can’t get past through “Zimage” process on ODIN v1.85,can somebody help me plz?

    • Facundo

      You don’t need to uncompress it! Pass the GT-I9100_ClockworkMod-Recovery_4.0.1.4.tar file directly to Odin 😉

  • i9100G user

    I did the step 6 and waited for my phone to boot but it got stuck in the boot screen with the exclamation mark
    Now i cant get to recovery mode or download mode
    Anyone can help me?

    • Chantelle

      Did you fix this? If so, how? I’m having the same problem…

      • Zardo

        hi there , i have the same problem ! after doing the same exact thing my phone doesnt shut off or boot in to the system ! it doesnt go to clockword mode or download mood ! please F1 (help)

  • sarf

    hi, i wanna know about installing cwm on sgs2, is it 100% chance to get the yellow triangle?

    any safer method without encountering the yellow triangle?

    by the way, your review and website is great…

    • Kjetil

      when u root it u get the yellow triangle, but as mentioned above, u can get the yellow triangle away from ur screen

      • Niraj MS Shrestha

        Assuming that you have “Resurrection Remix ICS PRO Edition v1.0” installed, to get the yellow triangle removed you could simply go to CWM and reflash the same ROM once again and again flash the “siyah 3.0 LPJ kernel” which would help CWM fully function.

        Hope it helps.

        Best Regards,

        • Niraj MS Shrestha

          CWMR Touch v5.5.0.4 will be installed instead of the usual CWM.
          I was also one of those to get stuck at startup after flashing GT-I9100_ClockworkMod-Recovery_4.0.1.4.tar through ODIN.
          So to overcome this simply reflash the same ROM once agin and again flash the “siyah 3.0 LPJ kernel” which would help CWM fully function.

          Hope it helps.

          Best Regards,

  • Najwan

    My device model is GT-I9100G does that make any difference? where can I find Kernals?

  • Kjetil

    There is a much easier way to get clockworkmod then doing it as mentioned above, after ur phone is rooted, go android market and download “rom manager” app. From that app u can flash clockworkmod recovery. Very simpel way to get the clockworkmod.

  • scotty

    how you do the download mode for US versions?

  • Daniel

    Where the fuck is the tar file? All there is are the zimage. Nothing else. Please give a valid file man

  • Vishal

    hello friend! I’m from India.I have galaxy s2(gt-i9100g).Before visiting your site i had tried rooting my s2 using old method and i got it bricked.I fixed it(now my baseband version is DXKH5).Then i tried new method as described by you and i have rooted it successfully.Please tell me whether i should go for above method or not?
    I respect this site.Please reply.Thank you.

    • Krish

      Please help me out from the same problem. i dont know what to do.

    • Max

      i9100G, you cannot use this root method, please reflash any i9100G kernel on XDA for fix.

  • jamil

    plz help i have galaxy s2 gt i9100 i have rooted my phone, and install both insecure file and original i want to install clockworkmod to use custom rom.. i try to install via rom maneger premium but it written “file signature fail installation aborted” so tell me can i install clockworkmod via odin is there any risk….plz help and thanks in advance

    • vishal

      I’ll suggest you not to do this.I tried the method described above and bricked my phone now its not going into recovery mode.

      • pmp

        Did you get it fixed then ? I am having the same problem. Cannot enter into recovery mode !!

  • michael

    Hi all, this ics rom is nice but once i start play with the app or phone, it will freeze and will pop out a screen with said – UNFORTUNATELY, THE PROCESS ANDROID.PROCESS.ACORE HAS STOPPED.. wat does it mean or how should i do? plz help… thanks

    • Niraj MS Shrestha

      Please backup you data and try wiping cache, data and Dalvik cache and install the ROM.

      Hope it helps.

      Best Regards,

  • tomo

    brilliant!….. i now have a backup!….i feel much safer now!….many thanks to you and your fantastic site!

  • Babbar187


    I followed your instructions and now i’m stuck at a yellow exclamation mark! Please help. I need my phone for work and cant get past this.

  • irish-sid

    I love you OP.
    Racking my brains for hours then I came across this, job done.

  • abdul

    just wondering, how can i remove clockmod recovery?

  • Amit


    I followed your instructions and now i’m stuck at a yellow exclamation mark! Please help. I need my phone for work and cant get past this.

  • Adam

    Hi Max

    I have huge problem!! Please help!!
    I rooted the phone, installed the CWM, I copied the new rom into external SD card. Then I wiped the factory data, but i didn’t do backup!!
    Then I realized that for I9100 I need to copy new rom in Internal memory.
    Now, the phone keeps rebooting, and in the CWM, I cant access to the new rom in the external SD card.
    What can I do now?
    How can i get access to the internal memory? or how can I copy file into internal memory?

    PLease help!!

  • tom

    how do i install clockwok Mod on my sprint SPH D710 a link or something THANKS

  • tom

    how do i get clockwork mod o my sprint SPH D710 please help

  • Adam

    I had the dreaded exlamation mark problem too but got it working thank christ!!!

    I got into recovery by holding in volume down, home & power for 10 secs. I then did a backup, wiped all the caches, factory resetted etc and tried restoring the backup….no joy there. As I could feel the tears welling up inside me about my ruined phone, I decided to try one last thing….

    Using the original “How to Root” tutorial on here, I booted into download mode, used ODIN and flashed the kernel exactly as shown in that thread and hey presto the phone rebooted as normal.

    Just thought I’d share.


  • David

    My phone stuck at the boot screen with the exclamation mark and i cant enter recovery mode, now i cant even turn off my phone. pls help.

  • Steph

    oooops ! I did it in same time you said this was only for gingerbread… i’m on ics ! Bad move :S Stock wth yellow triangle. Need help too !

  • Steph

    That’s ok… just put it back on download mode than I’ve flashed cf-root. sorry about disturbing

  • Yash

    fucking piece of shit website , my phone is now stuck on boot on the yellow triangle how the fuck do i fix this? and its happened to almost evry1 here ! Give us a proper solution!

    • trusktr

      Figure it out……………………………………………

    • wilson

      dnt worrry just put ur phone into download mode again n reroot ur phone..tihs will fix ur phone

  • trusktr

    Figure it out……………………………………………

  • Ian


    If you have the yellow triangle just go into RECOVERY mode by holding volume UP, power and home buttons. It will boot into clockworkmod recovery, there you can do a nand backup (this takes a while – it is working!!!) once done reboot into DOWLOAD mode ( volume DOWN, power and home buttons) and flash your secure kernel to remove the yellow triangle! your phone will now boot correctly 🙂

  • Dave

    Hii !! IT the same on ICS .. OR Do you have another method to install clockwork recovery ..?

    • Max

      Follow ics root method and cwm is installed automatically.

  • PPT

    Solution: Hit the up button+ center+power to recovery mode

    then use the volume up/down button to select the reboot or any other option and hit the center button to execute

    hope this helps

  • Keith

    Its seems like ever since I updated to the new ICS ROm (The Official) its like my NAND is locked. I can’t do ANYTHING. Nothing odin ever passes now. I’m using the latest odin software. HELP!!!

  • rick

    it just worked on my international gt i9100 rooted

  • Miguel

    Thank you this was extremely useful to me

  • Anupom

    Hay, max… Having one Problem. If i use Rom Manager, it shows CWM installed but it shows errors on Recovery Mode.
    I’ve also installed Siyah Kernel.. If i use installed CWM App…. and gets into recovery mode it shows installed version CWM 5.5 and it works. So, why 2 apps showing 2 Versions Installed?

  • khadem

    I am installed clockware using this tutorial but my S2 is not booting right now :(( it is show a small trangle on the bottom of the screen and do not booting up, I can still put it in the download mode and recovery mod, Can you tell me what I should to fix it????

    • khadem

      still waiting for answer !!!! my device is dead :((

      • tester

        do you know wich kernel you had before you flashed this CWM ?

        • tester

          if not … you must install a complete and new firmware using Odin. but you’re going to lose everythin you had if you did not make a backup before ( ex: contacts, msgs , applications that u’ve downloaded)

          • khadem

            Hi, Thanks for reply, No I do not know the version of kernel 🙁 and unfotunatlly I do not have access to use sd card on the phone right now and I can not install any new OS or make a backup of my data :(( is it any new way to do this?? (backup my data i mean)

            • tester

              Of course you can install a new OS … but your data im afraid not, unless you knew wich ROM you had or kERNEL … coz apparently by falshing this CWM it includes a kernel that might be incompatible with the stock rom … this is why phone is bricked.
              Now i wanna know :
              -if you installed any new rom before the problem.
              -From wich country u bought it, that might help, coz there is specified firmware (or kernel) for each country .. if we found the right kernel you wont lose your data 🙂
              IF we couldnt, i hope not … you must install a new firmware .. thats the only way .. and yes again you can 🙂

              • tester

                and write me any info you know abt you phone like:
                -model number… android version .. ICS or gingerbread..ect ?

                • khadem

                  Tnx for your reply, Here is all info that I have about my phone:

                  – the firmware was 2.2.x
                  – kernel I do not konw 🙁 (how can i fink the version?)
                  – I bought it from Dubai UAE
                  – model of my phone is : GT-I9100
                  – SSN : -I9100GSMH
                  – I installed clockworkmod
                  – cwm can not mound cache and etc…

                  • tester

                    read the following comment

                  • Matt

                    Look up qking77 and look at his unbricked for epic 4g that helped me

  • tester

    i think i found you the right kernel khadem i hope so 🙂 … lets give it a shot … it wont change anything anyway 🙂
    here! download this file :

    extract it, you must see a tar file, flash it to your phone with Odin you can get it from here: )
    if you dont know how to use Odin “GOOGLE IT” is quite easy 🙂 reply back to know if works =)

    • tester

      well infact … using Odin the same way mentioned above 🙂 .. you do the same steps ..

      • khadem

        I did this steps again several times before comment here, but it is not working !! any other solution?

        • tester

          it seems u dont understand … did you flashed the kernel i gave to u ( using Odin ?

  • khadem
  • steve

    Hi, i downloaded cwm and opened it in recovery mode. but it wont let me do anything, as soon as i press anything the screen blinks and thats it. if i go down to install zip from sd card it just flashes and then back to the same screen. How do i get out of recovery mode safely and why is it not working? thank you

  • Daniel

    Just a tip fella, but how about next time you mention something as important as “don’t do this unless your on Gingerbread” at the start of the video, and not after the point where you’ve already shown us how to fucking do it !!! Now my S2 won’t even boot, nice one !!

    • Max

      Just reflash ics kernel to fix not a huge deal. At the time I made this video there was no ics so…

      • Some wierd guy

        please tell me how to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Eng

    Bro Max,
    Can i use abyss kernel for S2 method to flash new rom????
    or can i flash on the stock recovery and get Superuser after that???

    need advice

  • Some wierd guy

    just tried to flash clockworkmod and now all that comes up is the name of my phone and the exclamation mark. what do i do now. i hav tried going to the clockwork mod screen but dont know what to choose. i tried rebooting but the warning screen just comes up. please help. 🙁

    • Matt

      Scroll up i have left a comment to help

  • Some wierd guy

    Should u uninstall clockwork before unrooting/unbricking to ics

  • kyle

    Hi max. Will this method work for the jb leaked update?

    • Matt

      It will brick yor phone

      • KILLER

        lol that what happened to me but i reflashed the leaked update and it worked like a charm

  • Benny

    Hi Max,

    Could you please help me out ?
    Like a fool I casually deleted SuperUser not realising its a vital part of the OS ??
    Now I’m stuck in this boot-loop from my telcos boot screen and samsungs boot screen.
    Some other guy on another website was advised to download superuser.apk and some how install it on the phones memory.

    I’m clueless as to how to do it and where to put it or if thats actually the best way to resolve the problem.
    If you can help me that would be great and thanks in advance anyway for the tutorial on how to Root my S2. 🙂

    Best Regards,


  • gaus

    after step 7 my galaxy s2 do not want to reboot !!! he is never opened please help me !!!!!

  • ateui4avjtj


  • Tony

    I did everything you said and after its restarted, its been there for about 5 minutes already.

  • mazen

    hi, i can’t get to download mod in my s2 bell Canada????

  • Pin2High

    This is exactly what I want to do BUT, you said for Gingerbread only. I need ClockworkMod Recovery on my ICS ver. 4.0.3 , on my Bell SGS2 GT-i9100M. Will this work on my phone, or have I missed a video to do this with IceCream Sandwich.

    Thanks in advance.

  • krisztian

    I do this at version 4.0.4 and my phone does not start it freezed at the screen with the yellow triangle…What i need to do …sorry for my english please help

  • S2User

    Can i know how to uninstall it ?
    My Official Stock Rom Version is 4.1.2 Jellybean.
    Right now i have facing a big problem actually i did it then install stable Cynogen MOD. Now if i flashed with odin with stock rom it stuck at NAND Write Start please help me techies..

    • Max

      For ODIN, turn off Kies in Task Manager and retry if that doesn’t work, try another USB port.

  • David


    I noticed when I flashed new rom that the clockworkmod recovery was also updated. Among other thing it allow to load rom form the external sd, which the version in your tutorial does not support.

    Testing with the JellyBam rom you just posted, it installed CWM-based Recovery v6.0.3.1 (guess the boot loader is part of the rom).

    Would you know where to find it ? Googling for it always bring me back to the which only has version .

    I’m assuming what I want is the touch recovery but I’m not sure as to how to upload it. (do I simply tar the zip file content and upload it via ODIN ?)

    Thanks in advance


  • bryce

    i had a similar problem but luckily i had done nand back up so i restored and voila! everything back to normal but i still don’t have the cwm though:(

  • Hariz Nonis

    I have CWM recovery installed, but the only way to boot into CWM is through ROM manager, I can’t boot into CWM recovery through the three-button method. Any help?

  • miguel

    ***NO SE ESPANTES*** Para los que se les quedo en el logo de samsung con el signo de exlamacion amarillo, tienen dos opciones, flasheen con odin a la rom stock o intalen una rom cocinada desde el recovery y se le quita el semi-brick.

  • osama farooq

    helpful. my phone got soft bricked and even its not going to the recovery mode. your installation helps bit thankyou

  • Ch Faisal

    did this but after installation the phone is stucked at exclamation mark and not starting
    any help