How to Root Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1/4.1.2!

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For those of you who want to root your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 on Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 or Android 4.1.2, here’s how to do it easily using a custom kernel.

This rooting process is pretty safe to do, does not erase anything on your phone, it just installs a custom kernel (which comes with a custom recovery) and we root the phone using SU binary and Superuser app.  That’s it!

Step 1. Turn your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 off.  Then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 3 seconds until you see the warning screen.

Step 2. Hit Volume Up (you will be in ODIN Download mode) then connect a micro-USB cable from your Galaxy S2 to your computer.

Step 3. Download Jeboo Kernel and ODIN package.  Leave the kernel file in .tar format but unzip (Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip.) the ODIN zip files.
Download kernel:

Download Jeboo Kernel for GT-i9100 (thanks to Jeboo!)

Download ODIN:
Download ODIN

Step 4. Run ODIN3v1.85.exe by double-clicking on it.  If you don’t see a yellow highlighted box with a random COM number, download and install Samsung USB Drivers.

Next, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit the “PDA” button.

Step 5. Choose the Jeboo kernel .tar file you downloaded earlier.

Step 6. Hit the “Start” button and this will start flashing the kernel.  Once it says “PASS!” your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 should reboot.

Step 7. Once rebooted, download Superuser zip file straight to your phone or you can also copy it over from your computer.

Step 8. Turn your phone again then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 20 seconds until your phone reboots into CWM Recovery.


Step 9. Choose “Install Zip”.

Step 10. Choose “Choose zip from Internal sdcard” or “Choose zip from sdcard”. (Depending on where the Superuser zip file is)

Step 11. Find the Superuser zip file, it’s most likely in your download folder. if your super user zip file.

Step 12. Installing this file installs su binary and Superuser app to your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, giving you full root access.

Reboot and you should find yourself with a SuperSU super user app.

You can download rooted apps like Titanium Backup app and get a super user pop up window when you try to run it for the first time.  Congratulations!  You’ve rooted your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!!!

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  • ajmo

    how can i check will it work on my galaxy s2
    its android GT I9100 Ver 4.1.2 I900XXLS6
    Kernel Version: 3.0.31-462349
    SMP PREEMPT Tue Nov6
    KST 2012

    • Martin

      THANKS for the instructions, worked a treat. One issue though. I think using link2sd has somehow removed my SU icon and I can’t seem to get out back.Can I reinstall the super user zip or will that cause problems?


  • duke86

    can I use this one even if i already have a rooted s2? (ics)

    • KraXarN

      “How to Root Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1/4.1.2!” Read the title and u have the answer…



    • Feras

      Not complete download files I think cuz happend to me and noticed its not a complete files

  • Gray Fox

    Yeah, Hi.
    I just followed your guide, and after installing the .zip file i tried to reboot.
    The usual startupscreen appears but with that triangle and !.
    So in other words, it doesnt start up again.
    The installation of the .zip went just fine, no problems reported.
    I hope you can help me with this.

    • Jay

      me too……disaster

      • Al

        Me 3! I think maybe i forgot to check the jelly bean version. can’t use my phone now. trying to figure out how to get her back to factory stock.

    • Nandan

      Hey gray fox i seem to have landed at the same exact problem as yours.
      Did you find a solution?
      Thanks in advance.

  • Senju27


    I think we have the same problem like “Gray Fox” here. I’ve also done just what the steps said and unfortunately..
    I guess that my Galaxy s2 just got bricked. I hope you could help us with our concerns.

    Thanks and Regards.

  • Roar

    Same problem as Grayfox!!!

  • deude

    I have too same problem than Grayfox!! Help ME!!

    • simon

      Put you r phone in to download mode again and install the stock ICS again GT-I9100_XEU_I9100XWLP7_I9100XXLPS_I9100XEULP5.tar.md5:

      • deude

        have i do the same progres that earlier???

      • Baruse

        Where can I get this?

  • deude

    What is ICS?? idont know

    • Raoul

      ICS is an abbreviation for Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0

  • deude

    OH i’m sorry, i mean that my phone doesnt reboot when i was donloaded that odin thing?? what i have to do?

  • deude

    Please chck this picture: in your video you don’t have that yellow box there anymore?

  • Edin

    When i download the .zip file these’s only 1 file in it. A file named zImage…So what i have to do now?

    • JL

      same problem as me, i only have a zimage but when i download straight from jeboo still the same but with 2 files extra?

      • Lee

        Download and install Cygwin, navigate to where the zImage file is stored using the cd command and run the following:

        tar -H ustar -c zImage >> jeboo_kernel.tar

        This will create a .tar file that can be flashed with Odin. Hope that helps 🙂

  • mateo

    how to overckloking this phone with android 4.1.2

  • sergio

    will work on sgh-i777?

  • abdullah Zahir

    thanx from the bottom of my heart.

  • Hello

    Can i root my ICS galaxy s2 with this , so that i will get jelly bean , as kies is not letting me to upgrade my phone to JB

    • kalle

      You dont need to root your phone for that task, you can flash Jb with Odin.

  • Pierre

    Hi man,
    I download Jelly Bean for SG2 I9100 and my phone is stack with a window asking me to set a network code.
    I call my provider to unlock it, but nothing happened, could you please support a poor french guy.
    Ver 4.1.2
    kernel 3.0.31 6Jeboo_Kenel_v1.2a+none unbuntu#26 SMP PREEMPT Mon <jan 28 22:48:56 EST 2013

    number version JZO54K!.I9100XXLSJ
    Thanks for support

    • Menosferato

      Tried to reinstall JB?
      Wiped your user data, cache, Dalvik cache before starting up?

    • Bernard

      salut pierre,
      as-tu trouvé la solution à ton problème? j’ai exactement le même et mon téléphone vient d’un opérateur canadien, donc pas moyen d’avoir ce code.

  • Menosferato

    Guys, just wanted to let you know that this method worked perfectly on my GS2.
    I was desparate to finally move from ICS 4.0.3 to JB 4.1.2 (XWLSD), but I had to backup all my apps data using Tytanium Backup.
    I watched several other methods that involves installing multiple untrustful apps, backing up lots of stuff, etc, etc, etc. But your method is clean and safe.
    My GS2 running JB says thank you from Brazil! 🙂

  • noobie

    same boat as a grayfox.
    tried clearing user cache / delvik cache and no luck

    i’m downloading original s2 stock firmware through sammobile to then flash with ODIN, would this be ok?

  • Omer

    The phone that I have is the SGS2 i9100G.. The ‘G’ version.. So, can I flash my phone using the i9100 Jelly bean firmware available in Samsung-Updates???

    Another thing is, can I flash i9100 roms to a i9100G??

    Thanks 🙂

  • HON

    Hi ,
    my s2 running jelly beam and it rooted .
    when i finish flash Jeboo kernel .tar .
    my phone just stop at start up screen ,
    that show model number and downside got yellow triangle.
    that just stop on there ….

  • Ole tu

    El método queda claro, pero…en lugar de usar FOTOS de la pantalla, haced capturas por Dios que duele a la vista.

  • Phil


    I have they some problem as a few other put I see that noone replied to their comments. When I download the kernel I only get the zimage file and not a .tar file.


  • Jacob

    Hy . I have update my galaxy s2 on 4.1.2 official rom . and I have a problem with battery is discharged much faster than other ROMs . I had a custom rom before ( cyanogen mod 9 ) and i don’t have that problem . Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Michael

    Hello, i dont know how to root my phone. i dont understand anything.
    I have an locked t-mobile S2 GT-I9100 on 4.0.4 android version and baseband I9100BVLPE
    Can i use your video ‘’ to root and get 4.1 jelly bean on my s2?
    What errors can show up and how to counter them?

    and is that the link which i can use to root my s2 I9100 and get the latest jelly bean

  • Jabran

    My phone is dead..
    Nothing works…

    Just the Caution.! appears..

    plz fix this

    • fakename

      try unroot ur phone?

  • mani

    First of all thanks!!!! i followed this simple tutorial to root my s2 which is already updated with latest jellybean 4.1.2, to solve the network pin unlock problem.. now i solved those problem with the help of galaxy s2 repair app which i downloaded from google app store.. since my problem is solved,now i want to unroot my s2,uninstall custom kernel, back to official kernel.. please guide me to do this… Thanks in advance

  • nickc

    This worked perfectly on my i-9100M.
    Is there a way to restore the stock kernel zImage after installing the zip file?
    I have the I9100MUGMA5_I9100OYCMA5_I9100MUGMA5_HOME.tar.md5 stock ROM (extracted from KIES), and the kernel is embedded there.
    Is there a way to use ODIN to restore this kernel (without re-flashing the entire ROM, because doing so removes SU)?

  • Midhun

    My Samsung galaxy is GT I9100P
    Version 4.0.4
    Baseband version I9100PBVLPB
    Kernel Version 3.0.15-I9100PBVLPC-CL1020445dapi@DELL153#3
    SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 13
    KST 2012

    how can I update it into Jelly bean…..?
    also I need original kernel that I currently using. plz help me……….

  • Ken Tackett

    I have been trying to download Download Jeboo Kernel for GT-i9100 and when i download it the kernel file is zImage and odin is not reading it. I also tried other sites by searching for Jeboo kernel and all I can find is zlmage.
    Do i need to convert it myself? I have read that CMW will convert it on a SD card but I still am trying to do a root

  • Midhun

    My Samsung galaxy is GT I9100P
    Version 4.0.4
    Baseband version I9100PBVLPB
    Kernel Version 3.0.15-I9100PBVLPC-CL1020445dapi@DELL153#3
    SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 13
    KST 2012

    I need original kernel that I currently using. plz help me……….

  • suju

    thanzzz….I feel the difference

  • wayne hines

    cheers worked a treat & the Rainbox rom is superb……..thanks for your help much appreciated 🙂

  • jim

    i need help rooting my Samsung Galaxy S2 hd lte> SHV-E120K

    • jim

      Thank you! in advance!!


    Im from Asia and I guess Samsung s2 int’l version has different features. I already updated my firmware to JB 4.1.2 (leaked) and since I am not satisfied with it,I rooted it and installed siyah as well as cm10 + gapps from XDA links. I followed everything according to the posts and vids.The problem is that after rebooting and CM start up showed up,the next prompt was UNFORTUNATELY,SET UP WIZARD HAS STOPPED WORKING. What’s wrong? I have tried 6x times and no one worked correctly. HELP me!

  • mithun

    Hi I have performed all the steps .. instead of getting last screen i can see screen as on step 8.
    please help

  • Johny

    I successfully did all this, had my phone up and running. And then I updated my phone and have a “nand rw corruption” on it now, I can’t boot it up…

  • Vesso

    I’ve got Jeboo Kernel for my GT-i9100 Baseband I9100XXLS8, Jelly Bean 4.1.2 but turns out the SIM is locked. Rooted it and tried a few apps from Google Play store, but none of the could unlock it! Please help!

    • bernard

      Try GalaxSim Unlock.
      Just used it after rooting my phone.
      One click and my sim was unlocked

      • Vesso

        thanks! worked just fine for me too!

  • danz

    i have 4.1.2 official update from kies 6 days back but since then my phone is showin for ‘sim network unlock pin’ can sum one help wether rooting will help or not. plzzz thanks in advance

    • mani

      i encountered a same problem, root ur device by following the instruction posted in the above post, try Galaxy_s unlock & GSII_repair from google play store, either one of the software will unlock ur phone

      • danz

        thankz i rooted my s2 using the above methods but i could not unlock my phone by it. PLZZ can u send me a little detail method for it as i really have no idea about these stuff. help is greatly appreciated …

  • Michael

    worked great for me thx for the tutorial

  • janga

    hello frined..

    can you help me…

    How to root my samsung galaxy GT-I9105……

    plzzz any idea ….

  • Giovanni

    :-s… nice dicription.. but i lost my SD after installing Jeboo.1.2 Tar…

    See others have the same problem… but is there a solution?!?!
    Please help..

  • Sunny

    Thank u very much,its very helpfull

  • Nathan Drake

    Thank you very much man! You’re a genius! This is very helpful. Good thing you put up this wonderful tutorial. Godbless!

  • Arsalan

    What CWM recovery version it installs?

  • Mark

    It just worked flawlessly to me.
    After installing the kernel I was able to set up custom roms using the CWM. =D

  • Harsha

    After step7, My Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 is not rebooting. It is always stuck at the screen showing an exclamatory mark inside a triangle 🙁 . By the way, before this I had Icecream sandwich. Much appreciate your help…

  • Habib Jiwan

    Thank you so much! Finally after long long searching on why my phone is not being read by Odin until I got the samsung drivers from you! You rock. God bless.

  • Jovi

    Same problem with Harsha

  • Gilmer

    After I did this all, I can’t open my SD card anymore. it doesnt see it. please help!

  • Renato

    Hi well, after the Jeboo kernel mi terminal can’t make acces to the internalSD and can’t get detected by the PC after that moment, (when it’s normally on, in data storage mode) so i’m stuck can’t download the zip file to the internal SD or copy the file directly from PC to the Terminal either… any clue?

    Thanks for the help 🙂
    by the way mi phone keeps working, but without internal sd acces i can’t make any change at all on it… plop…the phone is not so smart now…

  • Saxon

    hey, after i rooted my phone it turned off and turned back on but it froze on the screen saying samsung galaxy s2 GTI9100, so i took the battery out and turn it back on but it wouldn’t turn on. i really need help with this because i dot have a phone now.

  • Schpitz

    Really dissappointing,
    It’s easy to make such a long document, but no one can upload a TAR file?
    i don’t want to download more softwares of linux developers and to create it myself.

  • FightZ

    How to remove the root?

  • FightZ

    How to remove root?

  • Elmo

    Download link for jeboo_kernel etc is fucked.

  • sandeep

    HI Im a galaxy s2 user, running rainbow rom 4.1.2, suddenly my phone says lost root access, I checked root checker and it says root failed, but im running a custom firmware, and now I cant unroot nor I can use a new custom rom…. please help me … im stuck

  • johnny

    I had the same problem as a lot of you. Flashing a new kernel – Siyah-s2-v6.0b4 solved the problem 🙂

    • AB

      Thanks for posting johnny…I used these instructions with the Siyah-s2-v6.0b4 kernel as well and everything worked perfectly!

    • Mark

      This is the answer for anyone experiencing the yellow triangle of doom!

  • sat

    hi , am block on step 7… where must i download the super user … because ive downloaded it on my computer but i cant access using cwm recovery. please help

  • Gonzalo

    Oh my God! oh my God! oh my God!

  • Ash

    To whoever stuck in the black screen!!

    Go watch this video. I fixed mine!

  • djs

    Help me.. I stuck at the second step where I have to touch down volume button plus home button plus power up button. Everytime I click all of this three instead of showing the warning one, my phone turned on instead. Help?

  • Loppy

    I have installed up too the end where I install superuser then according to the tutorial I reboot. I tried this but I get a yellow warning sign (triangle )Help guys any ideas.

  • Catarina Martinho

    I still got problems after follow all the steps.Frist doesn’t reboot and show the famous triangle.
    How do i fix it!?

  • Loppy

    As you can see I get the same problem.

  • Mr & Mrs. Dingle


    We both thank you for these kind of post in rooting. Me and my wife followed your steps and now our phones are successfully rooted. Thank you so much.

  • Mr & Mrs. Dingle

    BTW the instruction above is for jellybean only!!

  • SeRoXaT

    Thank you very much! i’ve rooted my galaxy s2 🙂 i was having batter issues like my phone was always shutting down even battery shows %15 now i can calibrate my battery.

  • Payas

    I have Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-9100G, version 2.3.6
    will rooting steps for GT-9100 and GT-9100G be same..?I wanted Jelly Bean on my S2

  • yash sharma

    worked perfectly for me..! thnx a lot..! 😀

  • Matthias Simon

    The kernel didn’t work for me. After installing it my phone didn’t reboot. I triey another kernel pointed out somewhere else and my phone rebooted. phew!

    • Matthias Simon

      Btw, I got S2 GT-I9100 with last Samsung android version 4.1.2.

  • Dorin

    Worked perfectly for me. Thx!

  • Qarraet

    Is it the same way to root a samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9105 ?

  • reza

    My set ics 4.0.4.i flow this step but didn’t work for me. After installing it my phone didn’t reboot. my phn is dad . plz hlp me…………………..

    • sochai

      This method is for galaxy s2 run on 4.1.1/4.1.2 (jellybean) not for 4.0.* (ics)…

  • Mark Durant

    I followed your instructions but the phone keeps cycling through the 4G part of the start up system. How do I fix that?

  • Lucas

    I have this little question. I have just installed Jelly Bean on my SGS2 via Kies. But I have phone in Orange network(Poland) and this update was full of programs I don’t need. I want to root my Phone to get rid of this stuff. Is this will be possible after root?? And second question is this method good 4 my phone??

  • david

    please uploud sense 4.0 for galaxy s2

  • david

    please uploud the sense 4.0 for galaxy s2

  • Hugo

    Hi, not sure if this will be replied or not, but here we go.
    Since I rooted my samsung galaxy s2, I have had problems with my headset. Other headset apps won’t work and upon pressing the button on the headset, it gives the wrong command (skipping to next track instead of stopping/playing). Has anyone encountered a problem on this and can help?

  • Robert

    Is there a way to do this with the Virgin Mobile version of the Galaxy S2? would I use the Sprint version, since Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint system?

  • sochai

    I have done it.Thanks Max for shared this method.Now i’m going to install custom rom.

  • Shyam

    Hi Max…
    Does this work for i777 latest firmware UCMD8 android 4.1.2 released few days back? can you update the links with updated root methods if it does not work? also let us know which kernel goes best with the UCMD8 . Thanks 🙂

  • dante

    I rooted my device: i9100 . everything worked fine, but when i open SU, i was asked to upgrade the binary file or something and i proceeded with it. Right after that my device got rebooted and now am stuck with a yellow triangle warning. can’t get rid off it. am not even able to get to the CWM recovery mode. Is there anything that i can do to make my device boot ?

  • taller


  • David

    i777 ??? android 4.1.2

  • SleeperG

    After spending time at xda-developers site I was guided to the answer (thanks, brandonarev). You can download framaroot, which works on I777, no matter what Android you are on. Would suggest you download ROM Manager afterward and grant yourself SuperUser privileges. I downloaded the AJK kernel for I777 running 4.1.2

    Installation is easy:
    1. Download ROM Manager from Google store
    2. Download to your phone
    3. Pull down the notification bar and press it to let it install. When it comes up, select Superusersu, Aragorn, and let it install
    4. Start ROM Manager and let it install (also installs Clockworkmanager recovery, now that you are rooted.

    New Kernel
    3. Download the AJK zip file to your phone and confirm its location
    4. In ROM Manager, set Reboot to Recovery Mode
    5. Reboot. Enter ROM Manager, wipe cache partition, backup, hit advanced and wipe Dalvic (sic?) cache
    6. Back to top menu, Install zip file, and then it lets you navigate to where you have stored it.
    7. Select the AJK zip file and install it.

    You are now rooted and running the AJK kernel.

  • kevin

    Anyone know the time?

  • haider

    hello max are died

  • Bone Crusher

    I have the T-Mobile SGH-T989 but I unlocked for Claro (International carrier from Puerto Rico) I was successful with the root and all but I cant get to work the Mobile Hotspot or Tethering. I Uninstalled Tethering provisions with the Titanium backup as viewed in tutorials but when I re open Mobile Hotspot phone crashes with a message “unfortunately, Settings has stopped”
    Can I get some help please ???

  • LastLifeLost

    Does anyone know if this works for the i727 (SII Skyrocket on AT&T)?

  • HT

    It works great, buddy. Thanks a bunch!


    HI can u help me im wanting to updata SGs2 ICS to JB i have 4.0.3 XXLPQ im wanting to updata to 4.1.2 JB will this brick my S2 if i root it PLZ REPLY

    • STEVEN

      can some REPLY plz

  • Jon

    SGH-i777 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Danielle Ackerman

    I was able to install superuser but when I check to make sure its rooted via root checker it says that its not root how do I fix this

  • bhawan

    overclock module is not working of tegrak app

  • Varun

    Thank you so much! You’re a life saver! Wasted a lot of time searching the whole damn internet. This was just perfect.

  • Mr.Thank you!

    THANK YOU!!!
    Brilliant. So much crappy rooting guides, but this was awesome!

  • Nithin

    Thanx alot for your help,
    Perfect explanation for rooting the s2.
    worked perfectly for me,no problems.

  • vicky

    Do you have tutoriak root for Galaxy S2 HD Lte Shv-e120s?
    Please help me…. i need root my device

  • lasers

    hey. anyone who did this with an i9100 and it got stuck in a boot loop after flashing the superSU zip, boot it up into recovery and do a factory reset from the menu, i did this and then it booted up, and to my surprise i had superSU in my app drawer 😀 backup data files first!

  • zelda

    I followed this awesome tutorial/ video and my sgs2 is now sucessfully rooted ;D Works as a charm, thanx a lot ;D

  • lark2004

    worked first go for me 🙂 thank you very much 🙂 🙂

  • Vikas

    i have installed android 4.1.2 jelly bean to my samsung galaxy s2 I1900 but i am facing sim network unlock pin 🙁

  • yakuza

    can u help slove my problem??
    i follow your step until step 6 and my hp stuck..
    cannot continue 4 the next step..only word samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100g
    on my me please..

  • Romario

    I have a rooted galaxy s2 most recent Android version and I got in Download mode, but I forgot how to out of Download mode.. 🙁
    I tried to root it again via Odin just to get it rebooted, but the procedure failed.
    I tried different Kernels and some were successful but it didn’t appeared the messaged PASS! and it also haven’t rebooted.
    How can I get off download mode or restart my phone?
    I guess I’ve done stupid stuff… 😛

  • Romario

    I just switched it off from Power bottom and worked nicely. I was not sure whether I could do it this way. 😉
    thanks anyways

  • Randy

    I have an AT&t SGH i777 which I used Samsung Kies to update to Jellybean 4.1.2 beginning of August 2013. is there a way to busy box it, or Clockwork Mod it or do something with a new kernel to just root it so that it is unlocked and I can take it from USA, buy a new SIM and not have it AT&t locked, so I can buy data and a new number and pay as I go?

    Thanks Max!

  • Fares78

    Thanks a lot it’s working.
    Plz advice if I can do factory reset to my phone since I want to clean up my phone.
    Please list the steps to unroot & get back to the original state.

  • Glenn

    I have Jelly Bean on my i9100 I flashed Jeboo everything works fine but now I was wanting to flash my stock kernel back I made a tar file of the original kernel but it seems to fail on Odin when attempting to flash it I also tried making a zip and flashing it in cm recovery but that failed too? help would be appreciated

  • pandu

    Hi Admin,

    I own a Samsung Galaxy GT-I9100 mobile with android 4.1.2 and build I9100XWLST. I am interested in rooting my phone. Please guide me through the rooting process. There are lot of links for rooting process, i am confused please give me the exact one.
    I did not find the un-root guide for GT-I9100 android 4.1.2 in the total site. Please provide me the same.

  • Jesper Milton

    Hey M4x..

    im trying to fix my wife galaxy s2 cause it has the battery draining problem.

    but the home botton is dead, is there another way to root the phone?

  • known to all

    does this root allows to install new roms?

  • Rafmil

    how can root i777 with jelly bean 4.1.2 stock official ??????

  • rejiraj

    Really Gr8 works fine Thanks

  • shakalaka

    hi, why my odin can’t read my phone when it’s in download mode?
    but if the phone is in normal mode, odin able to read it..
    #never root before this

  • Kike

    Max can you post how root the s2 i777 with JB

  • Karthik

    i’m using galaxy s2 I9100G i follow all the steps
    1) downloaded jeboo….
    2) odin
    flashed it
    it also passed the test after that phone reboots but it is struck in the main home screen
    galaxy s2
    what can i do bro.
    pls tell
    thanks in adavnce

  • macnifico

    Very clear instructions. I followed them as they are written and in a few minutes my Galaxy S II GT-i9100 with Android 4.1.2 was rooted with no problems whatsoever. Thank you!

    • Muhammad Asif

      hey dear. i also rooted successfully. but when restart my phone every time it shows warning icon on start screen. is this same happening with u. reply me thanks.

  • abdou

    I follow the instructions but when I get the PASS , the phone don’t reboot and when I try to turn it on, the window of step 8 appear 🙁

    anyone could help me ?

  • Shane D. Croos

    WoooW this is great. itz work fine in my i9100p.

  • Muhammad Asif

    i have rooted my galaxy s2 gt-i9100. its rooted successfully. but when restart the phone it shows warning icon every time on start screen. is its normal thing or anything is wrong here tell me.

  • Mattias Jansson

    Muhammad,, yes it’s normal and shows up on every rooted device.
    There is a program called “triangel away” wich will remove the triangel but usw it with care and read carefully hos it works for your device. I don’t use it myself and it does not bother me at all 😉

  • kyaw thu ya

    I want to root S2 4G GT-I9210T
    thanks regards;

  • Davor

    Hi Max, i wroteted u here because i am not sure if we can contact you via mail even though I’m a subscriber. So i finally decided to flash custom kernel and i encountered problems. I am on a stock 4.1.2 but i have rooted my phone, i have stock recovery (didn’t need CWM because i just wanted to install viper and titanium) and i tried flashing DorimanX kernel 8.43 with odin 1.85 and when phone rebooted after DorimanX boot animation my screen turns black, i waited for a while a nothing happened. So i tried to find solution on xda and someone mentioned to wipe cache,wipe dalvik cache and fix permissions, but then i got boot loop. Then i tried GS2KernelWipeV2.09 script from xda (i maybe shoud mention that i can enter CWM and go to download mode) i tried flashig again and still won’t pass DorimanX animation. I tried with 8.42 version and still the same problem. Then i tried Siyah-s2-v6.0b5 kernel, won’t pass Siyah logo, then PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSD-OXX-4.93.6 and still won’t pass screen with triangle. After that i tried your way (because it had jeboo kernel and people on xda say that DorimanX and Siyah are better), followed all the way but it won’t pass screen with triangle (like the pic below step 8). Every time i flashed odin said pass, phone reboots and nothing. I see a lot off people ask if the usb debbuging should be turned on? Is that my problem? Finally I flashed stock rom and everything is working now but i would like to flash a custom rom in the future so if u could help me I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
    P.S. sorry for my spelling english is not my native language and i also posted this primarily on the wrong topic (hot to root sgs2 ICS)

    • Davor

      It works but with odin 3.07!!!

  • Muhammad Asif

    Hello friends i have updated my samsung galaxy s2 9100 to jellybam android version 4.2.2, but i am facing some problems 1st one is there is no option for sim tolkit, 2nd when i turn of my wifi connection the sim signals also disappears and the 3rd one is how to move , send , or copy files in sdcard or internal storage because i have tried to share a file via bluetooth from internal storage but there is no option to send via bluetooth except upload to google account. please can anyone help me how can i overcome to these problems.

  • Goldi


    I followed all the steps and loaded the kernel as well, but while rebooting my phone is stuck at the samsung s2 boot logo page. Can anyone help me with this, and tell me how to recover ?


  • Harjoshi

    hi i have andorid 4.1.1 and i m trying to upgrade android 4.3 but while extracting zip file in safe mode it shows a error about signature verification so what should i do now pls. help me about this thanks

  • dillon

    wanted to try this but i dont know anymore i have a sgh i727 cant find it help plz

  • gestigma

    Hi !
    He work with ?
    android 4.1.2

  • Nightvave


    How to UNROOT from 4.1.2 to Stock ROM for i9100…. pls HELP

  • xxvxx

    Hey max
    It is necesasary to Enable the USB Debugging mode on our phone.

    Plz rply

    • xxvxx

      During rooted the mob

  • Grant

    Worked a treat. I’m a complete newbie to all things android so did quite a bit of digging before taking the plunge. Followed this tutorial to the letter and hey presto I’m now rooted and ready to start playing.

    Thank you Max

  • CDL

    Updated the USB Drivers but still no yellow box in Odin. Doesn’t seem to be able to find my phone? Any thoughts?


  • Siddhartha

    Works great for me, I tried this on a Korean s2 (shw-250s) which I later flashed to i9100p(with NFC) stock rom, after this the start screen does not show i9100p instead it shows i9100, apart from this really trivial issue, there is no problem with this as of now, I’ll keep this posted if any issue creeps up.

  • Zeyad

    Please Help!! My mobile gt-i9100 me i was making root after i open ODIN and choose PDA and use kernel After that it tell me pass and my mobile stuck on a yellow triangle and didn’t open i try to open it but it stuck on yellow triangle and didnt open Help me What should i do ????

  • viktor


    I have just subscribe to Your news about S2. I have s2 i9100 and I’m about to root it and I saw 2 of your posts with steps how to but I noticed they are different so I wonder which one to choose. One is inside mail which I got as new subscriber (pdf file) where it’s needed to turn on debbuging and to return original kernel.
    On this other post how to ( (i have 4.1.2)
    You don’t mention either debbuging or returning to original kernel and there is a link to download jeebo kernel version 1-2a but on xda site I have found that there is new version, latest is 2-3a. Should I use that one? Should I look for newer version of CWM SuperSU also? (your link is to CWM SuperSU 0.99)

  • vishal

    is this process work on sg s2 gt i9100g plzzz anybody rply

  • Aaron

    I am using Samsung galaxy S2 GT-I9100T In Aussie Vodafone. I would like to now how to root and install cm 11 on it. I search every site, i didn’t got any perfect method.

    Please help…. I been searching for this for long time.


    KERNEL VERSION: 3.0.31-889696
    SMP PREEMPT Tue May 7
    KST 2013

  • Saadan

    when a yellow sign indicates bottom of screen. My phone doesn’t boot it held on this screen. please tell me what i am do right now

  • shivam

    my sgs2 details..

    Model no.- GT-I9100

    Android version.-2.3.6

    Baseband version.-I9100DDKE4

    Kernel Version.- #2

    Build number.-GINGERBREAD.XWKL1

    i m a tell me is i am ready for rooting my phone by using this method to upgrade to jellybean?

  • Daniel

    Great, guide. Worked with no problems.

  • zee

    after “PASS” appears on the pc my phone displays “samsung galaxy s2” only and then nothing happens. no reboot nothing else. am i in big trouble? plz suggest best solution for me as fast as you can.

  • xDark Knight

    Has this Jeboo Kernel been updated with a fully stable update? It’s been a year and a half since this post and I’m finally going to take the root plunge.
    I thought I read somewhere that there’s a version 2.3, but this download is v1-2a.
    Any help would be awesome!

  • xDark Knight

    I’m still particularly skittish about finally pressing the “start” button to root my phone. I solely use Ubuntu, therefore Heimdall rather than Odin. Heimdall-Frontend doesn’t have nearly enough photo documentation/instruction for me to use it without being afraid that I’m putting something in the wrong place.

    I know you’ve done a walk-through for flashing a Samsung Note 2 in Ubuntu using Heimdall in the Terminal, but that may or may not pertain to me with my Galaxy s2.
    PLEASE consider making a Heimdall Frontend or Terminal root walkthrough. (Even though the S2 is ageing, it’s still one of the most popular phones for ages, so it’s still good for posterity!)

    Also, I’m still unsure that I’ve got the right jeboo version for my phone.

  • marshallmather

    I can root my S2 i9100 int jellybean 4.1.2 no problem there. I can flash cwm to and flash custom roms
    but i want to know how to flash a oc kernel that has cwm or above so i can flash a kitkat rom with overclocking.

  • Paul

    I can root the phone as described in the guide. However afterwards I am left with an unusable phone, i.e. I have no network access.
    I can restore the phone functionality by re-flashing with a stock ROM but then loose my root access.

    Does anyone no of a solution as I really would like to have a fully functioning rooted phone.

  • Jaysonzhin09

    Thanks for this wonderful guide !!!

  • Successjana

    (Yeah, Hi.
    I just followed your guide, and after installing the .zip file i tried to reboot.
    The usual startupscreen appears but with that triangle and !.
    So in other words, it doesnt start up again.
    The installation of the .zip went just fine, no problems reported.
    I hope you can help me with this.)

    I had same problem Gray Fox. Now my phone is dead. Wont turn on. How to fix it. Pls Help me

  • nuXNub

    Hi Max,
    Thanks to your tutorial, my first attempt at rooting was smooth sailing.
    Followed your very easy for a noob guide and it went like a charm.
    Appreciate your work. Thanks again. 🙂

  • Seth

    My phone s2 wont stop on the welcome part? what can I do? plsss!!!

  • JayR

    is this work and safe to install for those who has a faulty chips in samsung galaxy s2?

  • upul

    Nice…. Working perfect…

  • Eff EL

    So. I did this already. But SU did not show up. And I checked rootchecker. It’s not rooted. Clockworkmod Recovery specifically told me (twice) that I had successfully rooted my phone. So. Why?

  • johemo77

    I did all the steps you mentioned above exactly as you said.
    BUT…. I also did something stupid and I need your help if possible. At the screenshot before the very last you show the icon of the supersu and you said: “Reboot and you should find yourself with a SuperSU super user app”
    I did reboot and I found myself with that icon. I chose it and asked me to update SuperSU and after a pop up window came up gave me two options.. and of course I chose the wrong one. Which was: update from CWM. Well after that supidity the phone turned off and tried to reboot but since then it always stops at the very first screen where it shows the “Samsung GALAXY SII GT-I9100” logo and the yellow triangle at the bottom.
    I tried to do all the steps from the beginning (ODIN 3.07 first showed RESET and after a while PASS) but when the REBOOT time arrived in order to proceed and Install Zip then the phone tried to reboot and ever since came back to the screen with the yellow triangle.
    Is it possible to help me and fix that stupidity of mine?
    Any help would be very much appreciated!!!!!!
    Thank you in advance!!

    • Some Guy

      Just Try to access the recovery menu and do a reset?

  • Smoochies

    Nice tutorial man! thanks man i got my S2 rooted now. Those who are having problems just follow step by step in his video:P

  • sopheak

    that good i can do it

  • nanda

    I’m mobile phone is don’t wifi and internet connetion.How to do?

  • stiff

    thanks a lot mate it worked !!!!!

  • DK

    Is it not possible to root 4.4.4 KitKat? I have rooted before using your method but I flashed new kernel and upgrade to 4.4.4 and my root is gone. Now I can find no tutorials for rooing kitkat on galaxy S2.

  • Lord Yenehc

    Tried MANY times w/out rooting my phone to no avail; when i rooted my Galaxy S2 it worked first time with little hiccups afterwards, though i suspect this is my phones performance related perhaps. At any rate; i needed to be rooted to do this.

    • Lord Yenehc

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! sorry, replied to wrong thread. ^_______^”

      • Lord Yenehc

        No worries mate; just try not to make a fool of yourself in the future…

  • ray

    This method works fine but there is no reason to change the kernel, a simpler solution is to Google “framaroot”, the first hit should take you to the xda-developers forum where you can download the app.

  • s2_user


    I tried this post. And after installing the jeeboo kernel, my phone does not start. It keeps displaying the Samsung Galaxy S2 screen (the first screen when one starts the phone) and stays there.
    How can I recover my phone? Any hints?

  • tiago

    you only said cheat shit .l.

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  • matty52

    waste of time it roots your s2 great but u cant install any roms with the clockworkmod as it cant read the roms is there a fix all i get is” warning no file_contextsdetected filesystem ext 4 for /dev/block/mmcbik0p9 failed to mount”

  • Hussein Alkahli

    After I root I get no sound . can you hlpe

  • Hussein Alkahli


  • Ajiviji

    Pokemon go gps hack works great with all smartphones. Thanks mate!

  • apps spy

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