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How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989]

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For those of you who want to root T-Mobile Galaxy S2, the SGH-T989 model, here’s a simple method to root your Galaxy S2, it’s very safe and works on all versions.

UPDATE: Please see updated root method for GB and ICS!!!

For Mac OSX, you can use Heimdall Frontend to install kernels, see How to Install Kernels using Heimdall video.  Heimdall is NOT COMPATIBLE with T-Mobile Galaxy S2!

Step 1. You will need a micro SD card, insert into your T-Mobile Galaxy S2.

Step 2. Connect your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to your computer via micro USB cable and set it as disk drive mode.

Step 3. Download, unzip(uncompress) the zip file, then copy over the to your micro SD card (not internal storage).

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Step 4. Take the back cover off then pull the battery out and put it back in.  Then while holding down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together, plug in the micro USB cable to your computer.

Step 5. You should get the following warning message, let go of the buttons.

Step 6. Hit Volume Up button and you should be in Download mode.

Step 7. Go back to your computer and run odin3 v1.85.exe.

Step 8. You should get a yellow highlighted box with a COM number.  If you don’t, you need to install Samsung Kies software, which installs the drivers for you. (Download Samsung Kies here)

Step 9. Next click on “PDA”.

Step 10. Select “recovery-cwm-hercules.tar” and hit OK.

Step 11. Your phone should install the recovery and reboot by itself.

Step 12. Once your phone reboots, take the battery out again and put it back in.  Then hold down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.  Then hit the Power button for 2 seconds.


Step 13. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” using Volume buttons then hit the Power button.

Step 14. Choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 15. Choose “Yes”.

Step 16. Don’t worry if you get any errors.

Step 17. Reboot by selecting “reboot system now”.

Step 18. Once your phone reboots, verify you have Superuser app.  If so, you are rooted, go pat yourself on the back and celebrate by having a tri-tip BBQ.

Step 19. You can verify you have full root by opening up a root app such as Titanium Backup app (available free on the Market) and you should get a “Superuser Request”.

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Does this method work on ICS?

Yes, it does, if you are having trouble flashing superuser, try SuperSU zip file here.

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You will need a rooted Galaxy S2 to install all ROM/kernels.

First time to rooting and custom ROMs?

Please see our FAQ for your Galaxy S2 model FIRST!!!:

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How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989], 7.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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277 Responses to How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989]

  1. ken says:

    i followed all the steps…after finish reboot….i did not see any superuser…help…

    • admin says:

      Did you use an external sd card?

      • ken says:

        yes,i did ..i did every steps ,and root my tmobile galaxy s 2 for 2 times..but still same ,did not see superuser.

        • admin says:

          What is the error you get?

          • ken says:

            E:Error in/sdcard/su-3.0.5
            (status 0)
            Installation aborted

          • Nick says:

            got the same error as ken. tried to re-run twice. no dice.

          • kent says:

            I am getting this same error — and no superuser love — after carefully following step by step, twice. Anyone got recommendations??

          • kent says:

            Ok, for those of us having this issue … I just got mine successfully rooted! What I had to do was insert a step 12a (between 12 and 13) …. run a nandroid backup …. I’m a noob, so don’t ask me why that mattered. But the SU successfully completed its run and installed after the Nandroid backup. Super User present, Titanium confirmed. Done.

          • Jay says:

            Followed Kent’s directions for Nandroid backup. Worked!!!

          • Kyle says:

            the nandroid back up worked for me too

          • Phil says:

            The Nandroid backup worked for me as well. Thanks for posting this. First android phone, first time rooting anything. Easy to do with good instruction.

          • Wireball says:

            I concur – in my case the “” was located in “choose zip from internal sdcard” (perhaps I should have used ES file explorer to put it in /mnt/sdcard instead of /sdcard ), and it threw the same error as ken reported (status 0). Now admittedly I didn’t see step 16 (ignore any errors), but I did the Backup & Restore: Backup, and that got rid of the error. I have su!

            I selected +++++Go Back+++++, Backup & Restore, Backup, waited 5-10 minutes for it to back everything up, and then tried to install from internal sdcard again. Everything went fine this time.

          • Alex says:

            Hey, I have a problem. The Odin program is stuck at the “initialization” step and won’t continue. What should I do?

    • Dan says:

      I have try everything, including the nandriod backup. superuser is not on the phone get the same error as the other ones.

      • sunny says:

        what is he nandroid back is bcz i did and is not working plz help thanks

      • smart noob says:

        Ok so i had the same problem…did everything step by step and still no super user showing up in my apps….but it is installed!! even if you dont see it in your apps. go to the google play store, search for “super user” and it’ll show the app as installed!!!

        Thanks for the tut!

  2. OP says:

    Easiest ROOT I’ve done with extremely easy to follow and execute instructions. Great Job. Will be looking for custom T-Mobile Galaxy SII Roms.

  3. silver says:

    how do i get the recovery-cwm-hercules.tar to appear when i open odin then pda it does not show up. Can you help please

  4. nick says:

    thanks for this – i’m excited to root my first android phone (former apple fanboi). what are the step to unroot in case i ever need to take this back to tmob?

  5. jeff says:

    thank u it was so easy and im a noob (have never rooted a phone. just this one woot woot)but ihad an idea on how all this flashing and rooting works but the kies air didnt work so i downloaded the samsung driver from some other place. anyways thanks for this tutorial as i now have a little hands on how this process works and have more of a understanding on how to root and go into the recovery

  6. Pingback: How To:Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy s2 « Droid Guru

  7. Deron says:

    Thanks ton for putting this how-to up. Love the phone, hate the bloat. You’ve helped me free my phone.

    Thanks again!

  8. galaxys2noob says:

    will the root remain rooted after i turn off my phone?

  9. Ali says:

    hey man will this still work if i put the superuser file directly on my phone internal storage rather then on the sd card?

  10. galaxys2noob says:

    will i still be able to get updates from tmobile after rooting?

    • admin says:

      You can if you unroot but I would never do that after rooting, just install a ROM with the update.

      • klem says:

        Okay, newbie question I am sure. I have an opportunity to get a rooted s2 t989. Good. However, Samsung is expected to update the T989s to Android 4 in mid-month. How do I handle this with a rooted phone. Want A4, like root – do I lose the root with the update? Can I get it back? Am I even thinking about this correctly?

  11. GMMMD says:

    Solution for the Superuser error – No Superuser despite all the steps and a nandroid backup at step 12 or using internal and external card memory. What did work was repeated installs (without reboot). It took three efforts and then installed successfully. I simple went back to the menu and repeated the zip install and on third try ii installed. Other blog state it takes up to six – but do not need to reboot inbetween.

  12. juntjoo says:

    is there a way to root it without a computer? I don’t have one and shamefully nor do I have any friends from whom to borrow one.

  13. Sur says:

    I’m new to andoid, was a BB fan… This is the first root i’m going to perform. Will i still have TouchWiz after the root?

    • jeff says:

      yes touchwiz will still be there and if u dont like it u can just replace it. launcher pro, adw, go launcher are some of the popular ones

  14. bobby says:

    I just wanted to thank u i’m a newb to root and all that but this worked flawlessly in only 30 minutes my first time ever trying this only had the phone a wk.

  15. Max says:

    I have the T-Mobile SGH-T989 with this baseband T989UVKID, can i use this metod?

    • slav says:

      Yes u can ur baseband plays very little role since mine is exactly same just like any other persons who bought the gs2 from tmob

  16. Max says:

    I have the T-Mobile SGH-T989 with this baseband T989UVKID, can i use this metod?

  17. TJ says:

    Does root(ing) wipe your phone? Will I have to download and put settings back to the way I just set up my phone?

    I am considering doing this cause my new phone is not updating it’s battery indicator unless I power cycle (shutdown the phone and turn it back on, anyone else?)

    And my GPS says searching when trying to use it for navigation, it gets the directions but does activate the turn-by-turn. Got it working by taking out the sim and battery and putting them back in.

    Would rooting solve these issues, or should I go swap out my new phone?

    Thanks guys

  18. David says:

    How do you root the tmobile samsung galaxy s2 with a mac? Thanks

  19. Kevin says:

    Is there any other way to root without a comp?

  20. Ivan says:

    Hello i messed up on a first part i guess i downloaded a wrong file so now i have a yellow sign and cant turn it on can you please help me

  21. Steve says:

    For those having the issue that superuser did not install.. Please just copy over the “” to the root of your SD Storage card. I had the same issue as you guys only because I created my own subfolder in the SD card. I then gave it another shot by placing the zip file directly to the root of the SD card and retried the steps over and it was successful.



  22. blackseabrew says:

    Do I have to root my T989 to be able to unlock it? I want to be able to use it overseas….ie just buy a prepaid sim card and add some funds to it once in awhile like I do in Ukraine on my sony-ericsson I bought over there in 2009.

    • Daniel says:

      You don’t need to root your phone to unlock it. HOWEVER you should have to do it to get the TETHERING functionality. especially if your phone is from T-Mobile.

  23. Distorted Axis says:

    I Have a T-Mobile SGS2 and followed each step in your video. Unfortunatley I was unsuccesfull each time I tried to flash the Superuser file from CWM Recovery. I tried it multipule times via the EXTERNAL SD card, but I recieved errors each time and the flash was aborted. I ended up with the exact same error displayed in your video each time I atempted. Wierd…

    So to start fresh, here is what I did to get it to work on my phone:
    Note: Since steps 1-11 were already done in the previous failed attempts, they do not need to be repeated.

    I reset the phone to factory defualt (Supposedly not nessesary) then did a Nandroid backup via CWM Recovery which saves the actual backup to the EXTERNAL SD card (Signing & Creating new folders and such).

    After that, I copied the Superuser file ( to the INTERNAL SD instead of the EXTERNAL SD card and flashed from there via CWM Recover. This time it worked without aborting half-way through the install. I reboted my device and confrimed that Superuser works in which I was then able to install TIBackup and remove most of the bloatware.

    Hope this helps those who are still having issues!

    • Greg says:

      exactly “ditto” to what Distorted said – video great – i tried like 5 times with all different SD cards and what not – finally moved the file over to the INTERNAL storage and bang worked like a charm so don’t get it confused guys – put the su*.zip file on INTERNAL storage not your SD card – (2 HD’s will pop-up when you connect your phone, the one with 12GB is your INTERNAL)

  24. kalid says:

    Hello, can some please tell me if i do the root process, currently i have the new Android 2.3.5 i think , will this process will install an older version of Android?
    Also after rooting can i remove T-Mobil mall? i don’t think it is an useful application,

    thank you in advance,

  25. Daniel says:

    I have the same problem that the five first folks on the top.
    The difference between my and yours is that my Odin MESSAGE BOX show me one important alert at the final: “Removed!!” — and the SuperRoot icon does not appear after the reboot.

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

    • Daniel says:

      I got it at the second time. After make an BACKUP.
      I don’t know if this is the answer or maybe just because I made this two times.
      Anyway! WORK’S LIKE A GLUVE! Even with the error on

  26. uli says:

    help! where do i start, i think i bricked my tmo gs2 : (

  27. Tin says:

    I went through and did it, but did not see any superuser apps after rebooting. If I want to try again, should I delete everything and Use odin to PDA my phone again?

    Or just Hold down Volume Up+ Down +Power button to run the superuser file on sd Card?

  28. Denis says:

    I did exactly as the video, I got the same error as on the video except that when I reboot it the Superuser did not appear in my apps. Please help!

  29. Tak Tak says:

    Wow.. super easy to do relatively! I have to repeat step 16 2 times, then reboot! Superuser is there! Thank you so much! I am doing this to get rid of the Tethering manager.

    Many thanks

  30. aleny says:

    This might seem elementary since I didn’t watch the video and just read the instr/saw photos….but here are some steps that helped me since I’m super detailed-steps lady.
    -After you run Odin and see pass! and phone reboots, unplug your phone from computer.
    -Remove and replace battery then press and hold volume up/down together , then press and hold power button for 2 secs while STILL holding volume buttons.
    - Let go of Power button while STILL holding the volume/up down buttons.
    -IGNORE vibrations and keep holding until you see the Recovery screen.
    -Install zip 3 times without reboot until the error msgs you see look just like the ones in the picture. :)

    The rest is great. I added these steps because I wasn’t familiar with the galaxy s2 and when I felt the haptic feedback type vibrations, I freaked and thought I’d screwed something up.

    Happy rooting to all and thank you for the super quick and easy explanations. :)

  31. Jack says:

    I had the same erorr you encountered when you installed the superuser app.
    I carried out the process 4 times but the set didn’t root.
    please help.

  32. Mark says:

    I followed this guide and everything seems to go as planned until step 15~16. I boot into recovery, select “install zip from sdcard”, then “choose zip from sdcard” and then select and let it run. It displays the following:

    Mounting SYSTEM…
    Deleting SYSTEM:bin/su…
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 0)
    Installation aborted.

    I noticed that in the video and the screenshot, it got further than that before showing an error. Could I be missing something?

    When I go back and select reboot system now, I wait for the phone to load up. Then I check my apps and no superuser. :(

    • Jay says:

      Same as Mark. Went through the procedure 5 times always the same message…

      Mounting SYSTEM…
      Deleting SYSTEM:bin/su…
      E:Error in /sdcard/
      (Status 0)
      Installation aborted.

      I noticed that in the video and the screenshot, it got further than that before showing an error. Could I be missing something?

      When I go back and select reboot system now, I wait for the phone to load up. Then I check my apps and no superuser. :(

      • G says:

        Same issue as Mark and Jay. Any help would be appreciated.

        Mounting SYSTEM…
        Deleting SYSTEM:bin/su…
        E:Error in /sdcard/
        (Status 0)
        Installation aborted.

  33. Kevin V says:

    Very easy and Very helpful. Rooted my brothers phone in 1 hour including downloading the files which took 50 minutes. Pointed steps clearly and as needed. Thanks!

  34. Juan says:

    Thanks, rooting was very easy.

  35. Terry says:

    I got mine to Root after trying the multiple install method in the comments. I also paid for the Titanium Backup so that is on. I notice now that my phone will no longer work with my car charger. It actually turns the phone on when I connect, I cannot turn it off but no charging so it runs down my battery. My USB port on the computer and in my car work, but I can’t leave those on to charge when I leave. Any ideas?

  36. ajinkya says:

    will this rooting method work even after updating to latest firmware????

  37. pc says:

    Does this work for the Telus SGH-T989D? Also, do you need a SIM card? I have tried this on a Telus Galaxy SII X without a SIM card and it did not work. Step 4 does not work for me, I don’t get the warning message in step 5.

    “Step 4. Take the back cover off then pull the battery out and put it back in. Then while holding down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together, plug in the micro USB cable to your computer.”

  38. James says:

    Done 2 times repeated ….

  39. pc says:

    Okay, it does work for the Telus Galaxy SII X with no SIM card. I must not have been holding down the volume up and down buttons properly – I eventually asked someone to do that for me while I plugged in the USB cable.

    Unfortunately though, the Galaxy S2 unlocker app did not generate my unlock code.

    On the positive side, phone now rooted.

    Thanks for that!

  40. ArmyStrong says:

    Samsung Hercules rooted on 2nd attempt !

    Had some issues downloading the zip file. One must left click on the link to open new tab. Still took 5 attempts. Could be site overload with everyone getting a new phone for Christmas :-)

    I recommend downloading the Kies software (and associated drivers) before you get started even if its already on your phone (as it was on mine). Download and install the Kies software to your laptop, not phone. The yellow com light didnt appear on mine until I did, but I was able to do so “on the fly” without stopping the process above.

    Sadly, now that I have it rooted, I still cant figure out how to get rid of the bloatware. Only newly downloaded apps show up within the SuperUser Widget. It appears I can few more “files” using the pre-installed “file” app but the pre-loaded Application Manager in Settings still wont let me touch bloatware.

    Looking to add the tethering feature as well. TMobile wants $15 month for this. Seems ridonculous.

    Thanks for the video instructions and all your efforts to make life more accessible. Keep up the great work and have a Merry Christmas.

    • ArmyStrong says:

      In the spirit of answering our own questions, as John W. does below:
      Pay the $6.50 for Titanium Backup Pro (its actually just a license app). Features are great.
      One can easily find the tutorial on this Site for getting free tethering (it’s basically freezing the function using Titanium).

      I uninstalled (or you can freeze if you havent yet gotten an update request) “Device Manager 3.0″ (using TBP) which is responsible for minor updates from T-Mobile/Android. Elsewhere in this site it recommends waiting for new ROMs to do updates. None of should need to do an update until ICS comes out anyway. I definitely wouldnt risk a TMobile update unless you have backed-up everything and have the skill to completely restart/reboot your system from scratch.

      I havent found any use for the “SuperUser Icon”. So many features available with Titanium BP.
      Use TBP to uninstall bloatware (batch back-up everything just in case you go a little crazy like i did)

  41. Dave C says:

    I have root successfully however, I keep getting a message saying there is a new software update from t-mobile to install after rooting.

  42. John W says:

    I have enjoyed my rooted T-989 for several months now. The instructions given here worked perfectly. I echo the question by Dave C, though, with a little amplification. I also received the new software update notification from T-Mobile. It would be nice to have the new version of Android. But, I don’t want to do this at the expense of loosing my root privileges. I can postpone the update for 24 hours. But, it stays in the notification bar and recurs every 24 hours. So, really two questions.

    1 – How to update and not loose root? If you allow it to attempt to install the update and reboot (backed up rooted ROM for safety) it goes to ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.7 screen. I am not clear on where the update is stored and if it can be run in this way, or should be.

    2. How to disable notifications if I don’t want them (now.)

    In the root instructions given here mention was made that this method should also work for Ice Cream Sandwich based on the way the way the rooting was done. Does this mean you can apply updates on only root updated phones?

    Can someone with experience explain what to safely do here? There are going to be a lot of questions about this very soon as T-Mobile is pushing the update. – Thanks!

    • John W says:

      An idea reference Number 2, above – Is there an update task which can be locked with Titanium Backup to stop the update notification without causing other problems?

      • John W says:

        Answered my own question: I used Titanium Backup to wipe the data for the system task: Device Management 3.0. Upon reboot this stopped the update notifications without deleting the task which I think could be risky and possibly preclude future updates if they were desired. Clicking on “System Update” yields “No Firmware” as it did previously. The system seems to be performing normally otherwise.

        There isn’t much information on this. It would be interesting if someone with experience would comment on what other functions this task performs, if any, and if there will likely be any unexpected effects of this. Also, how do you get the update later, if question number 1 above is resolved? I assume restoring the ROM and Data from today’s back-up would put the phone back to the state it was in before the wipe, but am not sure about this.

        The owners of this site are very good sources. When they make a video or give tips they are well researched and all options are explained. I am hopeful they will soon publish a “How To Upgrade a Rooted T989.” I think this is a better solution than experimenting!

        • tmo says:

          I too wanted to stop that annoying notification. I have heard that the OTA update they are pushing has more carrier IQ spyware attached, despite it already being on the phone….although inactive. I presume that the update activates that spyware. I also have heard many complaints that the update worsens battery life, now, for me, the battery life on my SGS2 has been awesome, so I didnt even want to take the chance at making it worse, so I did not want this OTA update.

          One tip for prolonging the update…instead of clicking accept or postpone…just hit the home button to avoid the update….however it will continue to annoy you with notifications…frequently. I, like you, rooted my phone for the explicit purpose of stopping this stupid notification and update push..(to which they give you no choice), so I figured if its something that they are going to force down my throat, I wasnt going to accept it.

          I used Titanium to clear the app data in the device management app, then I froze it..and success….the notification is gone and I am no longer being annoyed with any notifications :)

  43. Leo says:

    Thanks for the tutorials! Planning on rooting my sgs2 right now.

    How do I subscribe to the mailing list?

    • Leo says:

      SGS2 ROOTED! >:D Now off to removing this bloatware and CIQ.

      P.S. Step 16 needs to be updated to say that you need to repeat until it successfully installs. I think it worked fine in the tutorial for him because he already installed it before. For 1st time rooting you should repeat until successful install (do not reboot until it successfully installs). Good luck.

      • tmo says:

        Yep, you are correct. It failed for me the first time..could not find superuser. I freaked out a bit cause I am new at this and thought I had screwed it all up, but I then tried again and it succeeded.

        It takes two attempts on the last step..confirmed by me

  44. James says:

    I just got a new galaxy s2.

    Android Version: 2.3.6
    Baseband version: T989UVKL1

    Will this SU still work on 2.3.6? or do I need to have a 2.3.5 phone? Thanks

  45. Prasad says:

    After i rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2 [SGH-T989] using above steps my USB to computer is not working and the computer nor Phone is recognizing each other. means i am not able to transfer files between computer and phone. please let me now how to resolve this. thanks.

  46. JR says:


  47. Justin says:

    I cannot download When I click on download “”, it takes me to download Free File Viewer. Please help. Thanks.

    • Download says:

      Hit the “Download” in between the banner ads.
      It should then take u to a new window and hit “CLICK HERE to Download” right under “Download Here” which is located on the lower-left side.

      • Justin says:

        Got it. This is awesome. First time rooting an Android phone or for that matter any phone. Works like a charm. Thank you very much for the super easy and informative website.

  48. AndroidsinceG1 says:

    Hey i rooted my sgs2 without a hitch but now i cannot use my wifi. it constantly says obtaining ip address disables and restarts over trying to obtain the ip address… anyone else having this problem? i need a fix

  49. tmo says:

    Thank you so much, I am a newbie with rooting. My first attempt seemed to go fine with the same error message at the end, I rebooted and could NOT find superuser. So I re-tried that final step in CWR and after the reboot…SUCCESS :)

    Now I have root and have frozen that annoying update notification that I did NOT want, but it wouldnt leave me alone or give me an option to opt out. The Tmobile SGS2 has had an OTA update pushed out…and they wont let you say NO… using titanium to freeze the “device management app” has solved the issue.


  50. jenn says:

    trying to get on to but it keeps saying “problem loading page”

  51. peter says:

    pls help when i start pda on odin. the message show Initialzation..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)
    i guess it adds and then it removes superuser. pls how do you fix that error.

  52. hOMER says:

    Thank you SOOOOOO much! Worked like a champ….after doing step 16, 3 times in my case.

  53. says:

    Hhhhheeeelllppppppp! i followed all procedures until i got to the screen where it was supposed to have a yellow ‘com’ in the box. it said if it wasn’t there to download aamsung kies, which i did. Still no ‘com’ – what now? are the drivers associated with kies a separate download? i have the t989 model.

  54. JaeSmizzy says:

    Sure enuff I had to install SU 3x for it to take….

  55. richard chamnes says:

    after connecting the phone to the computer and clicking on (connect usb to storage) i get an orange android that says usb in use with (disconnect storage from pc) to click on.

  56. Stephen says:

    In the video you mention there being a “how to unroot” guide. I don’t see that guide anywhere, does it exist for this root method?

  57. NaijaBoiinLosAngeles says:

    It worked for me on the third attempt. Please update step 16 instructing to repeat the attempts until installation successfull. Thank U so much. Also tried installing a ROM from my HTC Evo 4G but it didnt work. Looking forward to unlocking

  58. Tmouser says:

    Pretty frustrated at this point.

    I have a Stock, Unrooted T989. I installed Kies and when I plug the device in while it’s on, my comp (Win 7 x64) reads it correctly, all is well.

    When I boot into download mode (vol up+down, plug in a samsung USB cable) my comp doesn’t recognize the device (Shows up as an Unknown USB device) and neither does Odin. I cannot continue with the process.
    I made sure Kies was not running (task manager) and USB debugging is Off.

    Any suggestions?

  59. Justin says:

    is this still work on 2.3.6?

  60. So Solid says:

    Followed the instructions and everything worked well for me. Like others had mentioned before I had to repeat step 16 three times before it finally worked. Thanks for a very detailed walk-through.

  61. C-Rex says:

    Like others, I also had to do Step 16 – 3 times – right there, without rebooting in between that is, and then… it works!

    The third time you tell it to install from zip, it completes without an error. That’s what mine did anyway. It works!

  62. Mazyar says:

    I had my phone rooted then I upgraded to T989UVKL1 and now I cannot root my phone anymore (unrooted before upgrade). The odin part works as it should but installing zip ( aborts.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you

  63. Scott says:

    Hey Max, The link that you have on this site to download the Hercules recovery tar is not working. do you have another site?

  64. David says:

    I’m wondering when you root a phone does it also unlock the phone so you can use it on another network???

  65. grabbags says:

    i currently have the $10 Phone First Web Plus with unlimited data. I want to know if the phone is rooted and use “” in APN settings, would t-mobile is able to tell i am using T989 and force me to upgraded to 1 of their metered internet plan? thank you!

    • Richard says:

      they shouldnt force you too. I have change up and down so many times provided them with believable reasons. I am currently upgraded my data plan to the 5gb, try setting your APN to, see if that changes anything without having to go to them, they always want to enforce ppl to conform to their services.

  66. SuperNoob says:

    Is their a Mac version of this tutorial somewhere that I am over looking? Their is one for the AT&T version however I can not find it for T mobile and he says they are different methods. Any help?

  67. Jamie says:

    Can anyone verify this works with Android version 2.3.6 and Baseband version T989UVKL1 ?

  68. Steven Ko says:


  69. jorge says:

    I have tried to do the root and it is not working. I have Kernel version android version 2.3.6 baseband t989UVKL1

    I have done everything step by step.

    but when it reboots there is no super user.

    please advise.

    • Daniel says:

      I have the same basic circumstances as you except mine worked. I wonder what unlucky thing you are encountering that I did not. I wish I could help. But perhaps you just need more attempts? As others have mentioned, it may take 3 or 4 attempts for it to work. Not sure why that would be. But even in the video tutorial, there was a minor error reported in his process. I didn’t even get that error when I did it.

      We learn best (almost exclusively) from mistakes and difficulty. I didn’t learn anything from my experience other than following the directions worked for me. Wish I could be of more help.

  70. technojinn says:

    if it fails, keep trying three to four time. superuser installed on the third time for me.

  71. animusutputo says:

    after going through the steps multiple times. Titanium Backup is not able to gain “root access.” I have Superuser, and I’m even prompted to give permission to Titanium Backup. Not sure what’s going on.

    Any assistance would be appreciated!

  72. Pingback: Rooting Tmobile Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3.6 help, please

  73. RayDar says:

    This requires Windows????? What about us Linux users?

  74. jon says:

    I just rooted. It also took 4 tries, just load file from sd card and keep doing it without rebooting till it works. Aside from that little hiccup it worked great. (Also btw, print instructions dont say to unplug usb the first time you have to take out the battery)

  75. Sasha says:

    Hey guys, I know this is stupid, but I continued to reboot and reinstall the .zip file over and over trying to get Superuser to appear in the app drawer… and hit myself when I found out it was at the BOTTOM of the list of apps the whole time and not in alpha order like all the other apps!

    Just thought I’d share so no one wastes their time like I did not finding the Superuser icon when it was probably there the whole time, just at the bottom of the list. ;-)

  76. Huzah! This worked just as it did in the video. Thank you very much for the great tool and great video.

  77. Daniel says:

    Well it looks like I am in a happy minority. Everything went perfectly in my rooting process. I followed the instructions exactly and I get NO ERRORS and it worked the first time. Perhaps I was just lucky. But I am really happy that it went perfectly.

    My phone is about 3 weeks old so it probably has all the current updates from T-Mobile. It just went well! I can’t wait to try some of the great ROMs out there… though I will. Still looking at what I have now before I move on to more interesting things.

  78. Rookie Rooter1 says:

    Help !!!!!! I get to the part where the phone says Download Mode…do not turn off target. then It say to open up ODIN…well I do so and it does NOT recognize the phone on my system. Yes Kies is installed and updated to latest version. Seems like by doing the first few steps, the phone does not give you the option to put it into usb mode so your computer can recognize its connected to the phone. Can someone help me please. I really want to root the phone !!!!!!!!!

  79. Rookie Rooter1 says:

    well scratch that previous comment above. I finally got all the way to install the zip file for super user and then rebooted and the app did NOT show up in my applications screen. What now ????

  80. Rookie Rooter1 says:

    PLEASE everyone forgive me here for posting so many time..but i figured out the problem. the Superuser zip file that is mentioned in this rooting instructions…mentions the 3.0.5. zip file…which I had problems with my Tmobile t989 SGS2 and it was NOT installing correctly…well i did further research and found an updated file and put that on my sd card. then i started all over again with each step and watched along with the video that he has provided up top. Everything worked great !!!!!!!!!! My phone is working awesome now !!!!!

  81. Zack says:

    Will this work if i’m on stock 2.3.6? I’m sort of new to all this and am very afraid to be honest, this is what I use for business but I loved my HD2 rooted. I haven’t attempted this yet but I would like to know are there any loopholes? any apps I need to buy before trying the process? Also what’s a nandroid backup and how do I do it? is it necessary? any info would be really helpful!!!

    • Tony says:

      yea it will work and this whole process is MUCH easier than what it looks like trust me. I rooted my phone (SGH- t989 (Hercules) running 2.3.6. just a few minutes ago and it worked perfectly fine.

      I’d say install the kies software (download link is given in step 8) before the entire process and instead of using ‘su-3.0.5-efgh-signed’, which is being used in this demo, download ‘su-3.0.7-efgh-signed’ ( and use that instead.

      Also you’ll have to do step 16 2-3 times before it says that installation is complete and reboot ONLY AFTER it installs.

      Very simple and easy to follow instructions, gotta love this guy.

    • Tony says:

      download link for the keis software is in ‘ step eight ‘

      also nandroid backup just backs up ur phone in case something went wrong, just another step explained in step eleven in this forum — >

      I didn’t do the nandroid backup and it worked for me, but thats upto you.

    • Richard says:

      This works fine, you can just root your phone and not install the roms. But its good to over clock and use the max speed that your processor is capable of. I like the different roms and find the one i like and keep it but always back up your stock rom in case you may mess up and you can also restore it.

      • John Voss says:

        So, I can root, intall ti backup freeze out the tethering app and then hotspot? that’s the only thing I would root for. It burns me that tmob wants to charge me $10 a month for something that I was getting for free on my old G2….


  82. Alex S. says:

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I have 3 questions:

    I bought a SGS2 from UAE (unlocked,no plan) it was loaded with the following and has Arabic support by default.
    Model Number: GT-I9100
    Android Version: 2.3.5
    Baseband Version: I9100XXKI4
    Kernel Version: root@DELL143 #2
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.JPKJ2

    After searching xda forum I found the original/insecure kernel to root my phone.

    1. would either the orginal or insecure kernel be any different in terms of “UI look, apps loaded, features” or it is just a permission changes or modifications in the filesystem without affecting the UI itself ?

    2. After flashing the kernel & rooting the phone, If I flashed the original kernel back does that mean I can still receive Samsung updates in the future, or I have to do each future update manually ?

    3. WIll I be losing the “Arabic” support after flashing the kernel (currently I can toggle between english/arabic with the “space bar” button to compose SMS, email ,etc.) ?

    Best regards.

  83. Jay-O says:

    Thanks for posting this, made it extremely easy. Worked perfect the first time, then all I had to do was download Root Browser on the market to delete all the bloatware on my SGSII.

  84. Peregrine says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I couldn’t do backup as suggested by another user to do in his step 12a, because my SD card was too small to fit the backup files. But after about 4 attempts of trying both with 3.0.5 and 3.0.6 I got it rooted. but I have few questions:

    1) Titanium backup is reporting system config warning: It says that system settings may cause problems because the “debugging” option is off. Should that be turned on? This wasn’t mentioned here.

    2) Now that the phone is rooted, can I still allow updates that come from T-mobile?

    3) People here mention installing ROMs. Where can you get them, and what exactly do they give you when installed?


  85. BobMarley says:

    Thanks for the instructions!

  86. Fais says:

    Hey guys, problems at first step. The link to download file is not working. Is there another link where I can download this file?

    Thanks for help

  87. Abdul says:

    Titanuim keeps telling me that i didn’t root my phone even though i have supreuser
    What should I do??

  88. Shoeman says:

    I forgot to say thanks after I did this other day… So, thanks!

  89. Jorge Prado says:

    NO!!! Got stuck at step 7 because i have a Mac!!! What can i do! my phone is at Downloading… Do not tun off target !! and my Mac can’t open odin3!!!

    • Jorge Prado says:

      Not anymore, just rebooted and now i’m fine but without root. maybe i should try it on a windows computer…

  90. clarence says:

    good work keep it up , and i was wondering will rooting my t-mobile gs2 also make it sim free ,and if not how do i make my t-mobile gs2 a sim free phone ..thanks!

  91. xiaolinmonk says:

    Easiest rooting method ever. You will only need to go upto step 11 if you are planning on flashing custom roms– no need to download SU.

    After flashing the recovery you may do a nandroid back up and flash a custom rom found via XDA developers.

  92. Jorge says:

    WOW! its easy!!! I got stuck on INSTALLATION ABORTED and i just went to —- go back – then reboot and superuser was there!!!

  93. It worked for me after repeated Tries.. this is what i did.

    (1) TRIED JUST AS INSTRUCTED: failed 6 times
    (2) TRIED WITH NANDROID BACKUP BETWEEN STEPS 12 & 13: failed 3 times

    Thanks for the help

  94. Kevin says:

    For those of you who are getting the error:

    E:Error in/sdcard/su-3.0.5
    (status 0)
    Installation aborted

    Fix: Just keep on trying to install the file until it gives you a success message. It took me 5 tries.

  95. Mrchris100 says:

    NANDROID BACKUP worked for me too, Heads up to kent !!

  96. Fernando says:

    This tutorial worked perfectly with my new SGS2.
    The only change that I did was using the su-3.0.7-efgh-signed for a more updated SU. It took me 4 tries on steps 13-16 before I hit success. Now All working 100% ROOTED !

    The phone rooted was stock:
    T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989
    Android Version: 2.3.6
    Baseband version: T989UVKL1

  97. johnnymac says:

    Could people PLEASE state the required operating system at the BEGINNING of these articles? PLEASE? Like, “this method requires a WINDOWS computer.” or whatever it is. Thanks.

  98. Joe says:

    Hey so after I downloaded and extracted all the files, the name of the file changed from “” to “su-3.0.5-efgh-signed.” Which file am I supposed to transfer over to my external sd card?

  99. fsnyder24 says:

    This shit is weak. I have tried and retried this shit. I have followed it STEP by STEP, and no Luck

    TMobile Samsung GsII T989, Gingerbread 2.3.6

    Weak site.

    • Joe says:

      if you get the same problem as mentioned above, just keep retrying to install it and it will eventually work. Had to install mine twice.

  100. Phil says:

    I have run it 4 times now on a XP pro version of windows it runs through the process in about 5 minutes it reboots and it is not rooted. Any Ideas? I have the SGS-2 from Tmobile.

  101. LUIS ANTERO says:


  102. Joe says:

    Great instructions. Like others, I had to select the zip file from SD card multiple times (4 times on my phone, and 2 times on my wife’s). But it worked great. Now I can get rid of all this bloatware! Thank you!

  103. danz says:

    Quick question if I root will my USB on the go still work and also my hdmi output thanks for your time.

  104. David Crisford says:

    Please revise step 12.
    If you do not remove the usb cable at this point you cannot load the zip from the sd card.
    OTherwise SuperUser is good.

  105. Eric says:

    Did all the steps, only had to load from sd card 2 times. All rooted and some apps I uninstalled no problem. One question though I moved my Facebook to sd card and now when I reboot my phone my app shortcut is removed from my home screen and I have to go and get it from my apps drawer. And I also have to resync my contacts. Is there a way to fix this? Or should I just put it back on my phone instead of sd card?

  106. electrokid says:

    Am I the only one that got a failure when I ran that Odn program. Now my phone is stuck on “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again.” Is there a way to fix this…so much for a simple way to root..not for me…lol

  107. TWest says:

    Hi guys,
    I’ve just bought a samsung galaxy S2 t989 on Ice Cream Sandwich. I tried 3 times the rooting procedures, everything passes and OK, but I just couldn’t get the loaded on the screen. Please advise or any suggestions.
    Thank you!

  108. TWest says:

    Hi guys,
    I’ve just bought a samsung galaxy S2 t989 on Ice Cream Sandwich. I tried 3 times the rooting procedures, everything passes and OK, but I just couldn’t get the Super-user loaded on the screen. Please advise or any suggestions.
    Thank you!

  109. Chintan says:


    I tried using your method, and after copying the zip file to the sd card, I installed Clockwork recovery using Odin.

    But when I boot into the Clockwork Recovery menu (the blue menu), and try to install zip from sd card, it keeps giving me an error saying that “E:Can’t mount /sdcard/”

    I have tried reinstalling clockwork recovery, formatted the sdcard, recopied the files. But still the same thing.

    Can someone please help?

    Thank you,

  110. Donald says:

    Make sure you don’t have the card.usb mounted

    Make sure the card isn’t corrupted

    • Chintan says:

      Thanks Donald. I figured out the problem. Due to my corporate email account being setup on my phone, the server policy mandated the encryption of my storage, including the sd card. once I decrypted it, I was able to successfully able to mount it and root the phone.

  111. Jake says:

    I have folowed these instructions several months ago when I first got my galaxy S2 and it worked like a charm. All I wanted was to get back my hot spot capabilities that used to have on my G2. Recently however the hot spot stopped working and, although it allows my laptop to connect, it keeps routing me directly to the tmobile page asking me if I want to pay for the service I used to get for free (under the same contract no less). The only websites I can visit are facebook and gmail because I have those apps. I unrooted the phone and tried both methods (Odin and the new easier method). The easier method didn’t work but Odin worked again flawlessy…however I still can’t get past the stupid tmobile website. What am I missing, did I mess with some setting by accident?

    • Bryan Craig says:

      T-Mobile is on to us. They are able to monitor HotSpot use on their end (with GS2 at least). I used the Hotspot feature for a few months for free, but last month, I got booted, kicked and rerouted no matter what I tried (and no modifications to my phone were made in interim).

      To access my free Hotspot, I installed Titanium Back-up and “froze” the app. No longer works after about 15-30 minutes of usage (T-Mobile boots and then you cant get back in for any period of time).

      $15 is just too much to pay for this “feature” which costs T-Mobile nothing.

  112. Shuvendu says:

    The above process needs a little correction.:

    Step 1. You will need a micro SD card, insert into your T-Mobile Galaxy S2.

    Step 2. Connect your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to your computer via micro USB cable and set it as disk drive mode.

    Step 3. Download, unzip(uncompress) the zip file, then copy over the to your micro SD card (not internal storage).
    **********If you are on 2.3.5: Superuser app 3.0.5( If you are on 2.3.6: Superuser app 3.0.7(************

    Step 4. Take the back cover off then pull the battery out and put it back in. Then while holding down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together, plug in the micro USB cable to your computer.

    Step 5. You should get the following warning message, let go of the buttons.

    Step 6. Hit Volume Up button and you should be in Download mode.

    Step 7. Go back to your computer and run odin3 v1.85.exe.

    Step 8. You should get a yellow highlighted box with a COM number. If you don’t, you need to install Samsung Kies software, which installs the drivers for you. (Download Samsung Kies here)

    Step 9. Next click on “PDA”.

    Step 10. Select “recovery-cwm-hercules.tar” and hit OK.

    Step 11. Your phone should install the recovery and reboot by itself.

    Step 12. Once your phone reboots, take the battery out again and put it back in. Then hold down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Then hit the Power button for 2 seconds.

    Select ADVANCED and choose FIX PERMISSIONS. Once this is complete navigate back to main menu
    Step 13. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” using Volume buttons then hit the Power button.

    Step 14. Choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

    Step 15. Choose “Yes”.

    Step 16. Don’t worry if you get any errors.

    Step 17. Reboot by selecting “reboot system now”.

    Step 18. Once your phone reboots, verify you have Superuser app. If so, you are rooted, go pat yourself on the back and celebrate by having a tri-tip BBQ.

    Step 19. You can verify you have full root by opening up a root app such as Titanium Backup app (available free on the Market) and you should get a “Superuser Request”.

    By Following these should be able to root your phone successfully.

  113. CJRichards says:

    This process worked pretty well after I did the backup before continuing to Step 13. After that, everything worked fine.

  114. Jim says:

    I got stuck at step 7… when I launch odin on my Win 7 PC it quickly flashes on the screen the disapears (crashes)?

  115. Lewis Cardy says:

    Help!. I can’t get past step 8.

  116. Lewis Cardy says:

    What does it mean that he only extracted part of the odin zip file?. How do you only extract part of a zip file?

  117. John Voss says:

    HI, tried to reroot after getting the new update. got as far as clockmod recovery and then tells me that theupdate is no good. I’ve tried using both su-3.0.5-efgh-signed and su-3.0.6-efgh-signed. Can someone update this please…

  118. Michael W says:

    I did this and everything is running but when I go to the store and try to download anything it starts and within a second says “package file is invalid” I haven’t found anything I can download now.

  119. David says:

    T-Mobile has been sending me software update messages starting today that tell me it will force install software. I can postpone but only for up to one day. Even with postponing for a day, it has already sent me the same message a few times today. This is not a text message or email message, it is a message that basically takes over the phone. I’ve followed the rooting instructions above and it works great, but now I’m concerned that this update may cause problems.

    Has anyone tried the update?

    I’ve read about Ice Cream Sandwich coming in the next few days, so I’m assuming this is a required update to either prepare for ICS or actually install it.

    Anybody know?



    • Max says:

      try not to update i will have a stock rooted ROM people can install instead to keep root and keep things simpler.

  120. Kevin says:

    When the ICS update comes out today, is the rooting process going to be the same, and do we just use the same files that we have used prior? Or are there new files available to use after the update to re-root the T989?

  121. Jake says:

    SU isn’t working for me with the official ICS update. It installs but doesn’t give me access.

  122. GregG says:

    Just did the TMO ICS update to ICS 4.0.3. Trying to root the mobile. I ran Odin V1.35 which showed COM6. Clicked PDA and selected the hercules.tar file. Hit the START button and waited.
    I then got a FAIL due to com error.

    I am at a loss what to fix.


  123. Johnny says:

    So you can re-root 4.0.3 with this method?.. Any additional steps we need to take to root ICS?

  124. GregG says:

    I got past Odin and tried to install the Superuser 3.07 but it also failed. The header info for the 3.07 file says its for Android 2.03 and nothing about ICS.
    Rebooted and Titanium says no root access.

    Is there a newer Superuser for ICS?


  125. Foto says:

    I am eagerly awaiting instructions for rooting the ICS update.

  126. Michael says:

    I have a question. Tmobile just released ICS and I flashed back to stock so I can get ICS. It’s great, but I miss WiFi tethering. Can I root my phone using this method now that I’m Factory ICS or is there no method for Stock ICS users?

    • Michael says:

      Sorry, I should have read. I see you’re working on it. Very nice, Thank you. I’ll patiently wait for the details. Thanks again for making rooting easy.

  127. tomi says:

    Followed instructions to the T, worked first time itself. Thanks a ton!

  128. i rooted my phone using this method and it worked. i though i was gonna sell it so i followed ur instruction on how to unroot. i eventually never sold it and now i cant get it to root or update to 4.0 and ideas

  129. Leitner says:

    I don’t get the “Superuser Request”. Superuser app was installed sucessfully.
    What can I do?

  130. JFiggs says:

    I was on the fence about rooting and when i found this cite decided to do it, but i i went to get the zip fies couldnt find them.. now im frustrated and am double thinking it. iam tired of not having full control over my phone…can sombody help me out…

  131. Alex says:

    I followed the steps and i see SuperUser but when i install Titanium backup, says my phones not rooted.. help!

  132. Alex says:

    I followed the steps and i see SuperUser but when i install Titanium backup, says my phones not rooted. help!

  133. Aid says:

    Need some help! Trying to root my GS2 and I’m stuck on “step 7″ above. When I run the “odin3 v1.85.exe” my computer cannot open it. There is an ok message that pops up. I click on it, screen flashes but the program does not open. Any suggestion???

  134. Carl says:

    after i have installed superuser and the down load the titanium backup app from play store it doesn’t work it says :
    could not acquire privileges please verify that your rom is rooted and it includes busybox
    this attempt was made using the system/bin/su” command.. thats what i get when i try to run titanium backup

    thanks for any help you can give me.

  135. refurb says:

    Hey Max,
    I’ve done this root for my t989 and worked without flaw but now i have a refurbished one and the recovery is completely different for it. Any solutions?

  136. moni says:

    I can nt go to the download mode,its a brand new device. Please advise. Thanks

  137. G says:

    Hi Max and everyone ? do the files and recovery-from-boot.p on gs3 are the same in Galaxy S2 to delete i have same problem with GS2 i swap the card back and fort and i get up date is generated to phone number and serial number of the phone . please let me know? thanks for all you work and dedication .

  138. Mark says:

    I seem to have hard bricked my tmobile s2. won’t power on. no vibration with holding volume buttons and power button. when connected to a computer just keeps beeping as if recognizing the device but does not recognize. any advice? am i sol? is there any way to salvage the phone? don’t seem to be able to install drivers to get it to recognize in odin. nothing seems to work :(

    • Max says:

      did you try charging your phone for couple hours, then take battery out and in, and hit power button for 3 secs?

      • Louie says:

        Hi Max,
        Will this work on my SG-T989 Android Version 4.1.2?
        Also, will this reset any of my phone’s settings, screens, etc?


  139. ke says:

    it says it installed but still no access to titanium backup

  140. This design is steller! You certainly know how to keep a
    reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos,
    I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.

    ..HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented
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  142. lambdoid says:

    Truly no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of after that its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it happens.

  143. chris says:

    i followed all steps and everything went as described. superuser was present after reboot. try opening titanium backup and it says im not rooted! any ideas anyone?! even tried re rooting and uninstalling and reinstalling titanium and trying again. plz help

  144. Ahmed Mounib says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow it works perfect thnx man :D

  145. nelson says:

    i’m root on 4.0.4, everything work but when i try to restart or shut down it will stop at pink “good bye” icon, i wait 10 min, it’s still there, i try wipe my data, but it still can’t solve the problem, anyone can help?

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  147. Israel says:

    i don’t know what to do …i did everything step by step and i can’t do flash to superus error…
    finding update package….
    opening update package….
    E:can’t open /sdcard/
    installation aborted.
    i download couple superSu including from here and nothing,the same error please somebody

  148. rusty says:

    ThTeems to be an iissue with TMO. Several have had it happen. I did and had to unroot. Or for me I was able to hold the power key and it shut off. Hold it to long the phone reboots. I had to play with it

  149. David Nguyen says:

    Exscuse me. I need help getting it on the sd card, whenever i put it on there it goes to the internal sd card ( the one on the blue menu) and when i try to install it it aborts and no super user request shows, but the app is there

  150. David Nguyen says:

    Excuse me. I need help getting it on the sd card, whenever i put it on there it goes to the internal sd card ( the one on the blue menu) and when i try to install it it aborts and no super user request shows, but the app is there

  151. Vivid farrah abraham comic as a subject be importance.

  152. morestyles12 says:

    re install zip 4 times, worked like a charm.

  153. Cameron says:

    @max Hey, I went through the whole process and installed the zip no problem. I have superuser but when I checked on titanium backup it said I had no root. Help??!!

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  155. Sarah says:

    I followed the instructions, and everything worked. Superuser installed and everything. But titanium backup and the terminal emulator say I don’t have root access. any suggestions?

  156. visit says:

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  157. John says:

    I am stuck at step 12. Odin ran succesfully but I cant get it to boot up on step 13. How do you do a nadroid backup? Im a total beginer here. someone please help?

  158. Jeffrey says:

    Hi, i have the Tmobile samsung galaxy s2 SGH T989, my sister gave it to me as a gift but i live in the dominican republic and we dont have Tmobile here, we have Orange, Claro and VIVA as phone companies. Can i by rooting and then unlocking my phone be able to go to any phone company later to get any plan? otherwise, do you have any suggestions.

  159. DouglasBoyJr says:

    I DId All The Steps Right I Got Super User But When I Installed titanium back up a error came up and said : Sorry, i could not acquire root privileges. This application will *not* work! Please verify that ROM is rooted, and try again. Please Help Me Somebody

  160. jay stokes says:

    Will these roms work on a galaxy s v? if not do you have a page like this dedicated to How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (SGH-T959V)

  161. Louie says:

    Will this work on my SG-T989 Android Version 4.1.2?
    Also, will this reset any of my phone’s settings, screens, etc?


  162. I needed to thank you for this good read!! I certainly loved every bit of
    it. I have got you book-marked to look at new stuff you post…

  163. Baltazar says:

    Hi! Ive done everything step by step. Superuser is installed on my gs2 however I still do not have “proper root access.” What is going on?

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  166. dan says:

    downloaded all the file for Samsung S2 989 tmobile incl recovery hercules, yet there is no ” recovery-cwm-hercules.tar” file in any of these zip files there is “recovery-hercules- and in it “META-INF” folder, “com” folder, “system” folder and “file_context” file” ; none of them have a ” recovery-cwm-hercules.tar” file or any *,tar file


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  168. Tanish says:

    I followed the above steps for My S2 with 2.3.6
    All went far till I tried Step 16 without success. Did not find the super user app.
    Finally as some ppl on this forum suggested is to put the su file on the internal sd card and voila.
    Rebooted and see the super user app….
    Just gave a new life to my phone as a new year gift :)

  169. Audrey says:

    So I am a Mac user and want to root my S2 SGH t989 and haven’t found a solution for us out there yet can someone please help?

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