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ShoStock3 ROM + Siyah Kernel for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Best ROM/Kernel Combo]


After doing some serious soul-searching on the best ROM for the AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, I’ve finally found a great combination that brings the best of features, speed, and battery life.

Check out the latest ShoStock3 ROM with Siyah kernel. Honestly, I was having some issues with running latest ShoStock3 ROM but after switching the kernel out with the latest Siyah, it runs near flawless with great battery life even with 1.6Ghz overclocking.

I don’t think you can beat this deadly combo on the i777, you get transparent multi-window with all apps enabled

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Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 for i9100 Now Supports Jelly Bean and ICS ROMs! [Dual Boot JB/ICS]

Looking to dual-boot Jelly Bean and ICS custom ROMs on your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100?

Well, the latest stable version 4.0.1 for i9100 supports Jelly Bean and ICS custom ROMs, just tested working flawless!


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Download Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 ZIP for CWM Download Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 TAR for ODIN

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SIV Series ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777]


For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and AT&T SGH-i777 ROM of the week, check out SIV Series ROM.

Built on Android 4.1.2 Samsung firmware, SIV Series ROM aims to bring you the best and latest S4 stuff like S4 multi-window flashbar, apps from S4 such as S Health, S Voice, S Translator, and coupled nicely with Siyah Dorimanx kernel to bring you overclocking near 1.6Ghz.  (Also OC available on SGH-i777.)

Other notable features include AdvanceS app to customize your quick toggles, ink color changer, S4 Glow Light lockscreen, Note 2 Pop-up browser, and STweaks app

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Snapdragon S2 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Galaxy S4 Theme/Apps]


I’ve been getting a ton of requests lately on the best ROM for making your Galaxy S2 into a Galaxy S4.

Well, we’ve featured the ROMS4 ROM couple weeks back and if you want another great ROM like it, check out the Snapdragon S2 ROM.

Snapdragon S2 ROM is another solid performer for turning your Galaxy S2 into a Galaxy S4 with a bunch of Galaxy S4 stuff.,

The Snapdragon S2 ROM comes with Galaxy S4 wallpapers, S4 browser/music player/widget, S Translat

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Alliance ROM V8 + Dorimanx Kernel for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Custom Pull-Down]


For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 ROM/kernel combo of the week, check out latest Alliance ROM version 8 coupled with Siyah Dorimanx kernel.

UPDATE: Alliance ROM V9 is available now, CLICK HERE to see it!

The latest Alliance ROM v8 ships with pull-down menu background in which you can easily set your favorite image as pull-down background. (To do this, place your favorite image file in .jpg file format under /sdcard/Alliance directory and rename i

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Alliance Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Multi-window][Overclocking]


For those of you looking for a solid, stable TouchWiz-based ROM with lots of features added like Multi-window and overclocking, check out the latest Alliance Jelly Bean ROM.

With the Alliance ROM you will get full multi-window (enable for all apps), Siyah Dorimanx kernel with support for up to 1.6Ghz overclocking plus dual-booting, and Alliance custom settings to customize the UI and lockscreen to your likings.

Also the ROM comes with ability to switch between many different lockscreens to satisfy your cravings. I do highly recommend this ROM for stability and those w

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Space And Time ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Multi-Window][Dorimanx]


Looking for a simple ROM that’s fast and brings you the latest TouchWiz features like multi-window and Note 2 Gallery app? Well, check out Space and Time ROM, exactly that, it’s one of the faster yet simple ROMs I’ve tried so far that has multi-window working nearly flawless.

Also with an AROMA graphical installer, you do have options to customize your ROM, my favorite being the Siyah Dorimanx kernel which runs fast out of the box without any overclocking. Also there are many performance tweaks done on the ROM to make it even faster.

Try it out for

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Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100][SGH-i777][V3.1.3][Android 4.2.1][Multi-user]


For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM version 3.1.3, comes with latest Android 4.2.1 and multi-user!

The Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM is available for both GT-i9100 and SGH-i777 users and this is probably one of the best ROMs you can run on your phone.

With the latest version, you will find more options than ever with ROM Control and if you install Siyah kernel, you will be able to tweak a ton with its ExTweaks app including overclocking, undervolting, GPU overclocking, BLN notifications and more.

UPDATES: v3.1.1

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Thunderbolt Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [V5][Android 4.1.2]


Thunderbolt ROM has now been updated to Jelly Bean for your Galaxy S2. This ROM comes with a choice of Apex, Nova, stock Jelly Bean, TouchWiz UX, or Experia launcher. Another very solid ROM by ALHussein Mohammed, you will find full AOKP ROM Control options, Flipboard app, Playstation app, Power saving app, and a whole lot more.

If you are looking for a good ROM with versatility to switch between AOKP and TouchWiz, give this ROM a go and let me know what you think!

V5 now

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Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM v3.0.6 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best Jelly Bean ROM]


Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM version 3.0.6 is HERE for your Galaxy S2 i9100, taking over the “Best Jelly Bean ROM” spot over here at

The latest version comes with more goodies with the latest AOKP ROM Control settings, Bluetooth audio/Netflix/Hulu working, and a whole lot more.

If you aren’t on the latest Resurrection Remix, give it a go today and let me know what you think!

For best battery life, try CM10 kernel over Siyah kernel, available in Aroma installer options.

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