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  • carol

    After rooting I see free tethering but not wifi calling. Do you know if and how to get wifi calling,
    Thanks, Carol

    • Alex Gonzalez

      you just need to go to tmobile and upgrade your sim card its free

  • carol

    Is there wifi calling on rooted galaxy s2

  • carol

    Will rooting interfear with update due out Nov 13

    • jeff

      yea i dont think u can get more updates after rooting but just flash a custom rom with wifi calling in it. also if u must and absolutely have to theres an unroot method on here. personally i would never unroot

  • Tom

    i have a t-mobile galaxy s2 …i just installed batista70_3.7.4_by_Snakes Rom after reboot the system the phone wont turn back on again plz help….thank you..

    • androider

      im having the same problem. no one replied…HELLLP!!!

      • Lejojaluel

        The Rom must be corrupt so either use a updated version one or diffrent rom.

  • Patricio

    Instalaste una Rom que no funciona con el Samsung Galaxy S II de T-Mobile, esa rom (batista) es para el i9100…
    Si el teléfono se enciende tenés suerte…

  • Tommy

    I just want to get rid of the tmobile bloatware. Can I just simply uninstall them or delete them after rooting? or do I have to install a rom? Thanks for all your help ^_^

    • Daring_Guy

      Once you root the phone, you can get rid of the bloatware by installing Titanium Backup and Deleting them from there. I rooted my phone last night just so I can remove the Bloatware that TMO puts on the phone. However, I did take a backup of all the apps on the phone (again using Titanium) just to be safe in case I deleted something that should not be 🙂

      I like how the list of currently running apps on my phone has gone down and the phone is much faster than before!

      Good Luck!!

      • joe

        what bloatwear aps can i remove to make it faster??? i removed books and some other junk but it still is not much faster and the battery dies just as quick as it did unrooted, i tried to install a new rom that was recommended and it bricked my phone so i just went back to the unroot i installed.

      • MikeD

        I have the Telus version T989 Galaxy SII X…. is there a safe site to root my phone? I have already loaded ICS 4.0.3 and want to get rid of the annoying bloatware as well

    • Jack

      can I unlock my tmobile galaxy s2 g4 so that I can use it on other carriers around the world.

      • Lejojaluel

        No thats retarted -.-
        Thats pirateing in a way…

  • Tk

    hey hey.
    thnQ 4 this website. it hellped me a lot. however, im still stuck with one issue and couldnt solve it yet. how to take the language support from the international version to the tmobile version (Arabic support)
    hope u can help me with this or give me some advice.

  • Mohamed

    i have T-Mobile SGH T 989 wanna asked about nomination from you for the best kernel in your opinion (which you prefer to use always )

    • Jonathan

      I currently use Paradox Paradise II with Beats theme and I have found that it has the best functionality. Other ROMs including Tuesday New Beginning, SlickMOD, and Juggernaut all have different problems. Most of them don’t support swype and others have google play store download issues and gmail sync issues.

  • DK

    Just wondering if Juggernaut 3.69 ROM is very stable and hows the battery life?

  • Keshaun

    Hi All,
    I am a little concerned about the Carrier Iq on my stock T mobile Galaxy 2 and I was wondering what is the best option for me to remove it.

    I like my touch-wiz interface a lot and would like to keep that intact but I want to remove the CIQ. I see there is a T-mobile Stock ROM that is provided but my question is if I re-install that stock rom if I can remove the CIQ with the superuser permission.

    Thank you in advance!!


  • raghu

    how to unlock without unlock code ? plz help 🙁

  • Rodney

    How do you root a T-mobile galaxy S2 with mac? Thanks.

  • paul

    wer can i download the galaxys2root.zip?
    give me some link boss,,thanks

  • Jerry Angel

    buying a new tmobile galaxy s2 phone – want free internet tethering and if possible wifi ghot spot. Can i pay you and send you my phone to make sure its done correctly? Please advise

    Thank you
    Jerry (727-992-5777)

    • Malcolm Sequeira


      There is a free app called FoxFi that will turn your phone into a hot spot – as far as I know, t-mobile $15 per month charges do not apply.

      I hope this helps.


  • rick

    Hi i updated T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 to androind 2.3.6 with wifi calling and it took out the root after update so how can i Reroot back any idea please help really appritiate

    • Nilson

      Same happened to me and I need to root also

  • william

    can u use the bombaridier kernel on the domination ics rom?

  • Loco

    I want to root the phone so I can use it as a Mobile WiFi without paying the bs newly added outta nowhere $15 fee Tmoblle wants.

    Its a toss up as I still need the WiFi calling capability but I also still want to be able to use this as a free mobile hotspot.

    Anybody gotta rom that can do both?

    • Malcolm Sequeira

      Free app called FoxFi will do this.

  • Rosciae

    Does anybody have a easier way besides Unrooting to be able to update their t mobile galaxy s2? I really enjoy having my phone this way but i really want to update the phone so the stupid update reminder doesn’t keep coming on every time i turn on my phone.

    • ArmyStrong

      See recent comments on another part of this site to anwer your update question:

      Also included are how to uninstall (or freeze) the update “Device Manager 3.0”

    • tmo

      Dont do the update….it unroots your phone, could worsen battery life, and I read that it has more carrier IQ software attached.

      Use Titanium Pro to “clear data” in the Device Management app, then use Titanium to “Freeze” Device Management……There will be no more notifications and the notification icon will be gone. Its what I did…it works.

  • Tak Tak

    I updated to 2.3.6 now lost root access. What can I do to root the phone again?

    • Barmal

      I have similar problem. Waiting very impatiently to root Tmobile galaxy s2 2.3.6. It appears that there is no way yet to root this device.

      • Jay

        I ran through the procedure again using su-3.0.7-efgh-signed.zip and it worked for me.

        • Barmal

          Thanks Jay. Yes that works with super user 3.0.7 after a few tries. Somehow it worked for me when I repeated the whole process at least three times if not more.

  • tmo

    I wouldnt delete apps after rooting, just freeze them with Titanium. Its safer.

    Also, can we please get a guide for removing the Carrier IQ spyware from the Tmobile SGS2.

    I have gotten root, but I am new to this

  • Vanawesome

    How can you root it on OSX lion? Please please please please please do a video on this! I have installed and tried to figure it out using heimdall, but I am totally lost. Thanks!

    • rugar

      you got a freakin android and still have a mac,get serious dude either upgrade to PC or downgrade to iphone

      • Scuba

        Upgrade to a PC, really? Mac is way better, and Android is way better than iphone. Just use virtual box to install a windows virtual machine on your mac and then you can do anything you could do with a PC and still use you fabulous mac.

  • celloman

    So far I’ve tried both the Eagles Blood and ICS Roms on this site, all worked great- except no wifi calling. Are there any custom roms for GS2 that support it? There’s no mention of it on the site. This is something you should include in the rom descriptions.

  • ahmed

    i just want to know if i can install fonts cuz i cant read arabic and this device doesnt support it but sometimes i can read specific arabic font

    • lamy

      install opera mini you willread arabic , then ibrahim arabic keyboard you can type arabic , this is the easiest way , the other way is to root your mobile

  • Marc

    Is there any 2.3.6 Rom for the Tmobile SGS2 that has a stock kernel ?

  • seba laus

    Odin isnt even opening for me.

  • Loco

    any ROMS that have WiFi Calling and FREE (possibly untrackable) WiFi Hotspot???

  • Funsack

    Will someone please let us know how to root T-Mobile gs2 using Mac OSX? I’M the 3rd person to ask. HELP! PLEASE!

    • rugar

      you got a freakin android and still have a mac,get serious dude either upgrade to PC or downgrade to iphone.

    • Rob

      You need to drop the Mac, don’t even try this with a Mac, get a PC so you can join the adults, PC = Android : Mac = Iphone.

  • Anthony

    Hi Evryone,
    Is there anyone knows a link that I can download the Beastmod Rom Ii 3.5v?


  • Joshi

    I am a Linux user (Ubuntu). Can someone please share some instructions on how to root using Linux? I saw instructions on this site for Linux but that is only for AT&T version of galaxy s2. It seemed like all you need to do is to use a different image with heimdall but there was no pointer to appropriate heimdall image for t-mobile.

  • jose aguirre

    i had a question i just install a rom but from the at&t roms to a tmobile s2 but now it dosent want to turn on..what should i do ???? pls help!!!

  • kaybee

    Hey there,

    I recently loaded a custom ROM on my SGS2 SGH-T989 and I forgot to backup the stock ROM, I was wondering if you had the stock ROM and everything stock for the SGS2 SGH-T989?

  • Ben Hulet

    Once the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 is rooted, does the SuperUser Icon remain. How would I remove that and still keep the phone rooted?

  • BBH

    Can you please remove my last comment?

  • Dan Howell

    I went through the root procedures on your video and thought I followed the directions correctly. everything seemed to follow the video. After a final reboot, I downloaded titanium backup and the error message ” sorry, i could not acquire root priveleges. This application will not work. please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes busybox and try again,”

    Can you help me with what I might have done incorrectly and how I can correct it.


    • ledion

      Root it again because ur phone its not rooted

  • omri

    i rooted my t mobile and started erasing stock software with titanium back up but i accidently erased the task monitor file and now i cant view and close running programs.
    what do i need to do to restore it?
    thank you

  • Daniel

    I’m not exactly a newbie but I’m still a bit shy of doing all this. I *HATE* losing data when I do these things… it equates to losing time.

    I have already rooted my phone (Thanks 100% due to the video here on how to do it. It actually worked better for me than on the video! I got NO errors) and I am interested in trying a new ROM. But I don’t want to lose any data. I want to keep my call block list, my contacts with pictures and all that, my angry birds scores, my stupid zombies scores(!!) and everything.

    I would really like to see a comprehensive list of steps that describes everything in detail. We always see “back up your ROM” but I never see anything about data backup and restore. For me, using the phone is more about the data than the operation of the phone. My experience with Vibrant left me reluctant to do ROM upgrades because of the data loss issues when upgrading. I just want to be able to bring my data back.

  • Manuel

    Any roms with vlingo removed?

  • Daniel

    Will the sgh-t989 get ics soon?

    • Gabriel Roman

      samsung is still testing…..were still waiting

  • Lewis

    How do I download tmobilegalaxys2root.zip?

    • Gabriel Roman

      I download alot of files from akaskriller for the Galaxy s2 like the Odin,Root.zip,ext but the best website for Roms will be this one

  • kiet

    do you know how i can increase the speed on the 4g mobile internet? i keep getting 3mb while my friends get 20+mb. thanks!

    • Gabriel Roman

      click menu
      wireless and network
      Mobile Networks
      Network Mode
      choose WCDMA only
      u wont get Edge or 3G any more Enjoy

      • Guy

        Any idea where this setting or its equivilant is in ICS?


      • Ryan

        It wont let me select WCDMA only, keeps it on automatic.
        What is the way around this?

  • John Voss

    I just did that trick and I went from 6mps per sec to 8 accroding to speedtest. what’s the catch?


  • Will

    I have rooted following the video. I flashed clockworkmod and am able to install some roms, but most roms i’m getting bootloops even on the skyrocket port. Someone please help me

    • Ryan

      I have the same problem on the new ICS rom, and the Black rom.
      The only one that passes the boot stage is the Malice rom.
      I would like to try some new ones!

  • Guy

    Anyone find a way/Kernel to OVERCLOCK the T-mobile variant of the Galaxy S2 that has a PORTED ICS ROM on it?

    I have seen many Gingerbread ROMs overclocked and tried many of them myself! However, I have not seen any for the ported ICS ROMs. I am so eager to see how well it does!

    Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  • bob

    So is there a way to root on a Mac or not? I don’t want to hear any ignorant comments about which computer system is better. Android and PC are more customizable, Mac and iPhone are more simplistic. I like simplistic computers and more complex phones. So I will buy accordingly. buy what you like. Don’t be stupid and try to convince people what to like and what to but.

  • Awad

    edomax ,

    I did all what you said,

    1-I rooted the device.

    2- I make a backup using root manager and Titanium

    3- I downloaded both ROMs (SGH-I727-Port-To-SGH-T989 & icsmegamixv1.22)

    4- Both of them does not work , I don’t know why the instillation successful but when I reboot the device it gives me the logo At&t the it repeated many times then it is hanging.

    Please help me to fix it, and I don’t know even how to return to the original one

  • Artur

    i did all the stuff you guy’s said to do the SGH-I727-Port-To-SGH-T989 update, downloaded all the apps and followed all the steps. when i reboot my galaxy s2 in the end off all steps it starts the “intro” of AT&T and started to lop auto reboot, now it dont turn on the screen , but when i plug the usb the odin says that is conect (i had to download the QHSUSB_Drivers_(x64) to do it)
    can you help me?

  • John

    Hi I have a gs2 by T-mobile sgh-t989
    With stock Rom only root and ever since I rooted the phone the Google play store will not work it always says force close when I try to select an app. If anyone can help me please fix this issue I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  • Johan

    Hi my friend:

    I’m new to this of rooting, but I have a doubt, I have already rooted my t989, and I wondered, if I have my phone rooted will I be able to install 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich when is available?? Or I have to unroot and root again???

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Eric

    Tried to download a custom ROM. Was all good until I extracted zip file. Reboot went into loop and phone freaked out. I was lucky enough to do a data wipe and restore with my cwm. Anyone now what went wrong?

  • nick

    Hey guys I have a custom rom on my gs2 and i was wondering could I still get the software update for ics which is comming tomorrow?

  • Gs2Gunzzz

    i crrently have a rooted s2 running the darkevolution ics rom 4.0.3….. kernal 3.0.8-perf-t989uvlc8…
    ive heard the term overclocking, and was wodering if anyone had any thoughts on if this would make a big difference or not. if so… is there any suggestions on particular kernals. iam kind of new to all this, so any help from you guys is greatly appreciated.
    thanks, Gunzzz

    • admin

      There’s no overclocking available for ICS on T989 yet, we have to wait until Samsung releases their kernel source code.

      • Eric

        Update your radio to the UVLDE radio. I was getting forced close all the time and this fixed it and my phone seems faster both wi-fi and data.

      • Gs2Gunzzz

        Ook well I ran quadrant on my device and ended up with about 3350as a total… Would u say that is good or not.

  • Gs2Gunzzz

    When checking into the radio upgrade… Inoticed that it said unknown under baseband type… On my phone. Any ideas?

  • Tom

    I got the unlock code from the third party and did the unlock of my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 and it was successful. However, when I try using my AT&T sim and after rebooting, it identifies the AT&T sim initiall and within few seconds it goes away and it turns into Searching..
    Any idea? What I can do to overcome this?


  • Tom

    I got the unlock code from the third party and did the unlock of my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 and it was successful. However, when I try using my AT&T sim and after rebooting, it identifies the AT&T sim initiall and within few seconds it goes away and it turns into Searching..
    Any idea? What I can do to overcome this?

  • mohammad

    Hi there…
    Im using SGH T989 and i have problem in arabic language..
    So can any body tell me which rom support arabic language ?

  • Frank

    Ill be another person to ask…Mac help please, please! I followed through the Mac/Linux video for the AT&T s2 but I keep getting an error message saying setting interface failed! And yes, im using the tmobile zip file. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • admin

      Sorry, Heimdall doesn’t support T-mobile Galaxy S2. Heimdall supports all other GS2 variants though this is due to the chip change in Tmo version.

  • Explorer

    Hi there .. 1st would like to thank for this awesome website & help u are giving out for gs2 users .. i have a T mobile s2 .. rooted with the help provided on ur website … feels great to have a rooted phone and no bloatware 😀 .. ok .. now after i had rooted had done a update to the gs2 via Kies .. after the phone was updated i had lost root!!! :/ .. had to root again ..(am running gb 2.3.6) …. rumors are now that the T mobile gs2 is gettin ICS by june 11 via kies … not OTA … if i do the update will my phone loose root access again … even if it does .. to root my phone again is the same procedure as for GB 2.3.6 via Odin ?? …
    plzz advice or give us a new way to root T mobile gs2 with ICS ..

    many many thanks

    • admin

      Yes procedure is same as GB for T-Mobile Galaxy S2, just flash recovery then install superuser zip file in recovery.

    • John Voss

      EXPLORER, after the update via kies, I also lost root, but was unable to reestablish it again using the method outlined here. Any ideas?

      • Max

        Just reflash superuser in recovery.

      • Explorer

        Hi … John … yes i went through the same procedure again to root my phone .. it worked like a charm .. as did the 1st time .. no issues 🙂 … lol now i have ICS on my phone which i officially updated it via Kies … lost the darn root again Grrrr !!! its such a damn pain .. root … backup … re install .. duh ! damn every time its updated every time it needs root lol …
        well will do it the 3rd time now .. n post my comment .. hope the process as simple as rooting gingerbread

  • minh

    hello! i am trying to root my samsung galaxy s2 tmobile. i’m using your youtube video and everything was going smoothly until i got to the odin part. so after connecting my phone to the pc and have it under “downloading” i opened odin and the id:com field was blank. i then downloaded samsung kies but the id:com is still blank. please help!! what should i do at this point to get the id:com?????

    • minh

      never mind i figured it out

  • Chris

    i have a problem connecting to tmobiles network. for some reason it says sim not able to connect. have u guys had this problem?

    • Chris

      ohh and i have the tmobile samsung galaxy s2 rooted

  • lamy

    is ics for t mobile sgh 989 will be supporting arabic language , if no what is the best root to support arabic language with the ics ,

  • Gary

    Hi i have a rooted phone with a custom rom installed – juggernaut 5.0. If i want to switch to the official ICS (once tmobile releases it) do i need to get my phone back to stock again before i try to update or can i just plug in to kies and let it do its thing?


    • Max

      You can try unrooting.

    • gabe

      Did u back up your phone before u instal the Rom ?or instal a stock Rom and then you will get the update.but there’s a ICS Rom for the galaxy s2 if I was you I’ll wait ,until someone comes with the T-Mobile stock ICS Rom with some extra s

    • lamy

      i think , if you had the last update with roted mobile then you can update to ics as i noticed that phone has to be with the last update to be able to download the ics throgh Kies ,
      please if any one have an idea if the ics will be supporting arabic language

  • John

    How do I root tmobile galaxy s2 on stock ics rom?
    Please help

    • Max

      You can use the root method for gingerbread it’s the same.

      • Roosevelt

        I have tried that root method and got the superuser guy and all. However the app root checker says that the phone has not been rooted? The phone works and I installed 4.0.3 last night. any suggestions?

        • Jonw

          Roosevelt, i am having the exact same problem as you. When i tried to update superuser, it went all the way to gaining root access step, then it stops.

  • Explorer

    Max .. am in big shit !!! .. i rooted my s2 with ics …. wanted to remove touch wiz launcher … i just did a back up for the touch wiz in titanium backup app .. and uninstalled … after that phone doesn’t work :/ screen doesn’t work .. i tried to go in the recovery mode n restore back to gingerbread ..says md5 mismatch !!! hope i havnt bricked my phone .. kindly do u have any suggestion on this .. how do i get my phone working again ?>

  • Explorer

    max :/ i screwed it up more now !!!! damn i preformed a factory reset .. now my phone wouldnt go past the t mobile logo …

    • Max

      Just unroot not a biggie.

      • Explorer

        unroot ?? max i can go in recovery mode … hmmm ..
        ok unroot like ur video on how to unroot to stock ics ?
        will that work ?

        • Max

          If you can get into recovery just flash a new rom for now.

          • Explorer

            well am doin ur video on *how to unroot/unbrick to ics stock on T-mobile* … hope that works

            • Explorer

              hey max just curious .. i did have the back up for my gingerbread rom ..in recovery mode i try to restore from it .. it didnt work .. said …md5 mismatch!!

              • Explorer

                Max ur such a life saver lol !!!!!! seriously bro … HUGE HUGE THNX …. am on stock ics …. lost my data though :/ … wat if i need to go back stock gb ? any suggestions

  • Frank

    I have rooted Galaxy SII and running android 2.3. How do I install ICS 4.0 on already rooted SII??

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Kalps

    I Have problem with my USB Connection.
    Kernel Version
    Baseband Version T989UVKL1

    How To Update my Mobile to ICS.

    • Max

      You can use Mobile ODIN.

  • Finton

    Help I have a tmobile t989 the phone is not rooted, I recently upgraded the software to tmobiles ICS however i have expericened lots crashes freezes and general failures I would like to install the chicago ICS room to get rid on all the tmobile bloatware and have a bare manageable installation running. I would be pleased if you could provide a step by step guide to my situation.

    thanks in advance.

  • Richard A Chandler

    I tried to follow the instructions you gave in your youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfA1KKzXkFU&feature=relmfu. The result so far looks like an unmitigated disaster. I’ll probably have to get a new phone. Everything went as expected, until I tried to install “clockwork mod recovery” as you described at 3:39 in the video. I tried to install the “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” file, but it failed three times. The phone would not reboot. I left it there for an hour, with a warning sign on it about not disconnecting the target. Not sure what that means, but of course I had to disconnect the USB cable eventuallly. Now I can’t start the phone. The message says “firmware upgrade encountered an issue … Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.” What? All I have in Kies mini (the full Kies doesn’t work on US phones), and there is no recovery mode. My phone is a brick, I have no idea what to do. Help!
    P. S. Am I the only one who couldn’t make this work?

    • Max

      That’s perfectly fine, the Kies error is same as ODIN download mode, just flash the file again in that mode, voila you have it working again.

      • Richard A Chandler

        I’m sorry, but I don’t follow you at all, it’s like you’re speaking Klingon.
        First of all, when you say “the Kies error,” what do you mean? I wish I could send you a graphics file … but when I try to start the phone, I see the message “firmware upgrade encountered an issue … Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.” Is that what you mean by “the Kies error”? Or do you mean something else, some message I’d get when running Kies? If the latter, then I’m really hornswaggled. Last night I did download the full version of Kies, but I can’t do anything with it. I see a little icon on the upper left that whirls around, indicating that it’s trying to connect, but it never connects, nor does it ever say it can’t connect. Connection troubleshooting does not help. Nothing happens when I try to update the firmware.
        So I hope you don’t want me to use Kies. But then what in the Sam Hill do you mean by “flash the file”? What file is that? The “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar”, or something else? And what is “flashing a file”? I’ve heard of opening files and modifying files and executing files, but the phrase “flashing a file” means nothing to me. Is “flashing the file” something I do with the phone connected to my PC, or not connected? I guess it doesn’t matter, because I can’t do anything at all with the phone either way. I can’t even turn it off, except by taking the back off and removing the battery. If I push the on-off button on the left, nothing happens. If I push the volume buttons (up, down or both), nothing happens. If I push both together for about 10 seconds, the screen will go blank for a second or so, then the same message reappears. That’s the only blessed thing I can get the phone to do.
        I did try running Odin again. I got a yellow field “ID:COM” saying “0:[COM7]”, I checked “auto reboot” and “PDA,” pushed the PDA button and chose “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar,” then pushed “start.” I got a message saying ” All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)”. And I’m right back where I started. The phone does not reboot, I can’t install that “clockwork mod recovery,” I’ve never seen a screen that would enable me to do that and I’m not sure I’d recognize it if I did.
        Wait, I tried pushing “start” again, for a second it looked like something was happening … then the square above COM7 lit up red and said “Fail!” (yes, including the exclamation point). Here’s what I read in the message field:

        All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
        All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
        Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
        File analysis..
        Get PIT for mapping..
        Firmware update start..
        NAND Write Start!!

        Complete(Write) operation failed.
        All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

        … and now I’m back where I started. Phone still does not reboot. I just tried pushing “start” again with exactly the same result, that is, the error message above and no other result at all.
        Apparently you understand something that I just don’t see at all. Do you think you can tell me what to do in a way I can understand? If you can, I’ll send you $100, I’m serious, my only alternative is to get another phone. And to think all of this was because I couldn’t get a GPS fix … do other phones have problems like this? Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten this phone anyhow. I notice the battery life isn’t so good.
        I’m rambling on and wasting your time, thanks for your help. Kindly, R

        • Richard A Chandler

          I finally left the phone connected long enough that Kies stopped trying to connect. A message came up saying “device not responding, reboot the device.” If I could do that, I wouldn’t have a problem at all. Kindly, R

        • Max

          Just re-run ODIN in Kies firmware mode, it will work. Make sure Kies program is not ON, turn it OFF.

  • Richard A Chandler

    Thanks but … I still don’t understand. Not to run Kies, that’s simple enough, but run ODIN in Kies firmware mode? There seems to be only one mode of running it.

    I do not see any pull-down menus. All I see on the top is an icon and the words “Odin3 v1.85”. Then there’s a banner reading “Epic 4G.” There are 8 boxes underneath, all empty. Under ID:COM, there’s one yellow field with the label “0:[COM7].”

    Then I see some check boxes grouped together as “options.” They are labeled: Re-partition, Auto reboot, F. Reset Time, and Flash Lock. I checked “auto reboot” as your youtube video indicated, but no others.

    I see a field labeled “Control Panel” with two buttons, “Start” and “Reset.” I pushed start when I started; they are now ghosted out.

    I see a field labeled PIT It’s now ghosted out. I’ve never done anything with that.

    I see a field labeled “Files [Download].” There are 4 checkboxes with buttons and blanks. One says “bootloader” (I didn’t check it), one says “PDA” (I did check that, pushed the button, and opened the file “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar” as your video led me to do). I see one saying “Phone,” but I didn’t check it, and one labeled “CSC,” but I didn’t check that either. Then there is a field labeled “File [Dump]” with a button and a blank, but I have never done anything with that.

    Finally, there is a “message” area. It currently reads:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..

    … and it’s hung up there. It’s been hung up at least 15 minutes and shows no sign of doing anything.

    That’s absolutely all the controls that ODIN offers. I even tried right-clicking everywhere to see if some new menu would come. I don’t know what you can possibly mean by “firmware mode.”

    Do I have to download something else, firmware perhaps?

    Kindly, R

    • Max

      Not sure but I think you are digging too deep, the only things you should touch are “PDA” and “Start” button.

      Try another computer, it could just be some drivers on your computer interfering, fastest solution to your problem, otherwise you will waste more time trying to figure out what’s wrong.

      • Richard A Chandler

        If I understand you, you’re saying that I’m already in “Kies firmware mode,” and I’m doing everything right? My screen says “firmware upgrade encountered an issue,” but you say this is the same as if it said “downloading”? I just tried it again, same result.

        I’m really not sure what, if anything, I’m doing wrong. I’ll try it on another computer.

        Here’s a few things that I don’t think should matter, but maybe you’ll know better:

        1. I took out the SD card that I got from Samsung and started the root process with a different SD card that I’d just formatted. I figured that would protect the data on that other SD card, which includes apps as well as music, books, etc.
        2. I’m using a laptop running Windows XP 64. My wife’s desktop uses Windows 7, maybe that’ll work better.

        Kindly, R

        • Max

          Yes that’s same as Download Mode, try your wife’s it should work fine.

          • Richard A Chandler

            Well, failed again.
            I transferred (by a flash drive) the zip file “tmobilegalaxys2root(1).zip” and extracted it to the desktop of my wife’s computer, which runs Windows 7. I installed ODIN, then attempted to hook up my Samsung phone.
            Windows complained that it needed drivers, so I downloaded Kies mini and got the drivers. When Windows was satisfied, I ran ODIN. It failed exactly as before, except that I’m using COM 3 this time. The message read:
            Complete (write) operation failed
            All threads completed (succeed 0/failed 1)
            What now? Kindly, R

            • Max

              Make sure Kies is not running at the same time as ODIN, maybe that might be why.

  • Richard A Chandler

    Oh, I noticed when I downloaded that ODIN program, I unzipped it, only to find another zip archive inside it. I transferred that zip file to my SD card. Was that the right thing to do? Or should I have unzipped it, discarded it? Just seems odd. Kindly, R

    • Richard A Chandler

      Maybe I should also mention, I removed the SIM card from the Samsung phone and transferred it to an old phone that still works. Should I put it back in the Samsung? R

      • Richard A Chandler

        I tried again. My wife’s computer now fails to recognize my phone. I tried running Kies again and installed the drivers, but windows still doesn’t recognize it. ODIN won’t find a COM for it, either. I can’t do a thing.
        Kindly, R

        • Richard A Chandler

          I’ve tried a bunch of times on both computers, always fails. If you suggest anything else, I’ll try it. Otherwise, tomorrow I’ll try to unbrick it, and if that fails, I’ll cough up several hundred dollars for a brand new phone and count it an expensive lesson learned. What would you recommend, for a new t-Mobile phone? Kindly, R

          • Max

            Hmmm make sure Kies is turned off, kill kies in Task Manager and try again, should work bud.

  • John

    I unrooted my TMobile galaxy s2 to install ICS update.Can I root my phone again,but without a computer. Clockworkmod is still stored on my phone.

  • Chris

    Hi Max Ok so this is off topic, Im trying to find a fix for Wifi useing VM, Wifi calling enabled: VM system does not hear the touch tones and repeats please enter password. VM system can hear one of the dtmf tones “usually the first one” and responds with 5 or what every # is not a valid passwod.anyone know of a fix for this,

  • Xanderoid

    ROM Manager seems to have stopped working. When I try to install a new ROM I get errors at each step using ClockworkMod. When I try to flash clockworkmod recovery it says “an error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!”. It also will not reboot into recovery mode. Any suggestions?

    • Max

      Try flashing manually then use buttons.

      • Xanderoid

        I’m a Nube. How do I flash manually? Thank you for the help.

  • Hugo

    Hello, I’m from Brazil and I have a Galaxy SII sghT989 T-mobile unlocked officially upgraded to 4.0.3 but ICS has the Brazilian Portuguese language, one would like to help a stock room, I had a room with language Portuguese was the room

    somebody has it or if possible even the room like ICS language Portuguese Brazil.

    help me ….

  • Mike

    I rooted my Galaxy S2 T-Mobile phone so I could enable wifi tethering. I currently have Gingerbread on my phone. T-Mobile has sent me an update. I can’t get it to stop reminding me. If I run the update will my phone need to be rerooted? Does it matter if I just don’t update? Can I stop the reminders?

    • Max

      its a tmobile ICS bug, you have to use Titanium Backup app to remove device management app to get rid of notice.

      • Mike

        But what if I do want the update? Can I somehow update and will the phone still be rooted after the update? Thanks for the help!

  • manpreet singh

    hey i really need help please help me

    My samsung galaxy s2 came pre-installed ICS and i hate it, the battery is horrible due to that and many other problems. I need to downgrade it back to gingerbread
    please please help me

    Thank you very much

  • Kevin

    Does anyone know a way to get Cyanogenmod 9 on the T-989… I tried flashing it but it wont boot up the homescreen, it will only stay in the booting screen

  • Ken Juen

    I cannot download this, all I can download is 7zip at the link, what gives? tmobilegalaxys2rootICS.zip

  • Marc

    Does anyone know what ICS rom has the best battery life ?
    I know there are many stable roms out there but after I flash I only get about 8 hours max.

  • Mujik

    I’m looking for the fastest Gingerbread ROM I can find. I’m trying to use it with pdroid mainly for hmm shall we say ” Fun purposes ” I know ICS is a lot better but unfortunately this app does not support ICS yet. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Steven

    i just switched to unlimited 4g with t mobile. Does anyone know if t mobile will know if i use wifi hotspot when i im not suppose to?

    • Mike

      I have unlimited 4g with t-Mobile. No they will not find out. Just a heads up though about “unlimited” . It means unlimited internet and not unlimited 4G. I wasn’t clear on this (maybe you are). I was using the hot spot for my iPad and like watching shows on it when I traveling a lot for work. One day I got a warning text that I had used 4.5 GB of my 5GB of data. Then when I hit 5 GB an auto text told me that I’ve used up all of my 5 GB of high-speed web access. and my speed was being reduced until the next billing cycle. It gave me an option to upgrade to 10GB of data at a much higher rate. SO … If you if you plan to watch a lot of streaming video it will eat up your data limitation before you no longer have 4G speed. The speed goes so slow that I can’t even entertain the idea of even seeing a youtube video on my phone. I could still do emails, Facebook etc.. but slooww…. On months when I used it only for web pages and emails 5GB of data was plenty. Just be warned that if you plan to watch a lot of video you might want to pay for 10GB’s of data.

  • Steven

    any answers to my question before?

    • Max

      they have a script to find you but you can use Agent switcher using Firefox on desktops to get around it.

      • Steven

        what about if u use a xbox or ps3 or a tablet?

        • Steven

          Max any answer to my question above?

          • Max

            Should work fine without the hack?

  • Alex

    My Galaxy S2 T989 for some reason keeps on Freezing what is the cause of this? can anyone help?

  • Robert

    Howdo you Root a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 [SGH-T989] with Linux (ubuntu)?

    • Max

      you cannot at this point, I am working on a workaround though.

      • playasolmar

        Any luck on this?
        Trying to root my T-Mobile GS2 with Linux Mint!!

  • Steven

    Is there any way to Root the galaxy s 2 Sgh-T989 on Mac os x? I do not have access to windows at all.

  • Lee

    my s2 T989 have no IP address…
    Is there anyway i can fix it?

  • Brent

    When I go into odin mode and open odin3 v1.85 nothing appears in com1 and after clicking pda and trying to run hercules.tar, it does nothing and it log it says “all threads completed 0 succeed/0 fail

    please help thanks

    • Max

      0 fail?

      • brent

        yes 0 fail. but it was me that failed.

        I never installed the samsung usb drivers and they are not easy to find for phonetards like myself.

        thanks for all you do

  • Sam

    Can you do a video or tutorial on how to install TWRP.
    thanks bro

  • lee

    i am new to android and just got the t989 s2 and have problems with calls eather they drop out i caint hear the person on the other line they caint hear me or both aparently alot of ppl have this problem but no one has posted a soution from what i have heard and read its a problem with ics would rooting my phone corect this?

    • tom t

      Hi Lee, It is odd that I am having the same problem but only inside my home where T-Mobile service drops to 2G. Same phone behavior that you have. When I move outside where I can pick up 4G, even with 1 bar, call quality is good again. Although I rooted about 2 months ago, this problem showed up about 3 weeks ago. I think this is service related, not a rooted issue. Max, would you agree?

  • June

    HI, I have a problem with screen that has just black, did power reset or hard reset but it is booting just for about 5 sec. and bibrates for every few sec. then it won’t do nothing after, Can you tell me how to recover this issues?

  • Melissa

    I was wondering if anyone else had the problem that since i had ICS and rooted my phone my 2 PC’s no longer recognized my phone to allow me to connect via USB and add files. I disocvered this as i was trying to actually unroot my phone and i couldn’t connect into ODIN mode. I have used multiple PC’s and multiple computers to the same result. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Melissa

      i didnt have this problem when i unrooted back to gingerbread for the official ICS update so i was wondering if this has anything to do with it.

  • Marc

    Hey Max,

    My T-mobile galaxy s2 is currently in a infinite boot loop. Here’s what happened i dropped my phone it was currently running JediMindTrick X2. Entered boot loop, wouldn’t get to main lockscreen. Keeps rebooting every 2 seconds. Now I can’t restore in odin because of that. It enters download mode but it has the Kies Error thing on it. Help?

  • Faryar Prodhan

    Hi, there
    I am having some issues rooting my dad’s Telus T989D,
    When I am in the “Odin” part I keeps saying “FAIL”.
    I am only a 10-year-old who is crazy about this kind of stuff.—

  • Ced

    How do you flash a new kernel? My wifi is acting up sometimes it will turn on normally and sometimes it doesnt want to turn on and gives an error message.

  • Matthew Gonzales


    i installed the CM10.0.0-hercules on my phone, the same way your video on youtube said to; only this was the video where EGALEBLOODSGH was being flashed. However i followed your steps in that video titanium back up and everything and it worked fine I flashed to cm10.0.0-hercules only now I do not have any of my gmail, google play or apps. Please help let me know what i need to do because as all first time users im getting nervous!


    • matthew

      hey have you been helped

  • Matthew Gonzales

    I followed your video on youtube (How To Install ROM on rooted SGH) this is the video where you were installing EGALESBLOODSGH, anyway i used the same exact steps to install CM10.0.0-Hercules and it worked fine only i dont not have access to any of my GMAIL, APPS, GOOGLE PLAY, or TITANIUM BACKUP, CONTACTS. Please help because like all first timers i am getting nervous!



  • John Lawson

    Hi, I just rooted my T989D.
    Now how do I install Jedi Mind Tricks Rom onto my new rooted phone??

  • Javier

    My Galaxy s2 T989 its in reboot loop and I can’t access anything in the phone. Sometimes only i am able to go into recovery mode but as soon as the menu pops up and i press any button on my phone [Vol+/Vol-/Power] The white line appears and it goes back into boot loop and it has a repeated buzz every two seconds with the black screen. How do I fix this? It is driving me crazy. Please someone help…


    • matthew

      have you been helped

  • gus rosas

    hello my name is gus . well to cut to the chase im having a problem rooting my sgs2 from t mobile…i have drivers installed i downloaded tmobilegalaxys2root launched odin …odin recognizes my phone hit pda and attached recovery cmw hercules tar file but it gets stuck on initializing….why?

  • isatel

    This is my first time ever rooting, but my up volume button doesn’t work, will I be stuck if I tried to root it? Is there a way around using that up button?

  • Rakesh

    My samsung galaxy s2 tmobile is bricked and phone is not enter in download mode & recovery mode i am from india plz give proper solution.

  • ben

    I rooted my phone, downloaded liquid smooth then moved it to my phone, installed it but when I tried to boot it up it stayed on the logo, and this is my only rom installed, plz help, Im in trouble!!!!!

    • Mikey

      Looks like you, me, and maybe Rakesh all have the same issue. I didn’t download a different ROM either but I’m stuck like you. Did you find a solution??

      • ben

        Go to the cm10 ROM download dark side super wipe, that ROM. And the gapps 4.2 install darskide first then ROM the gapps and reboot and your done

    • matthew

      has someone helped you

  • Kupal

    How to unbrick galaxy s2 t989 ( hardbrick )

    • matthew

      Has someone helped you?

    • matthew

      Max hire me on to help you bro I know this very well I also know there’s tons of people out there that need help

  • ray,ond

    how does one install odin and other stuff im new i dont how someone help me

  • mike

    i have galaxy hercules t-mobile (T989) and currently on the stock Rom T989UVLH1. However, i found out that there is no chinese language under the language selection. I have tried the Miui Rom or theme as well, and CM10 or 9. they all have Chinese language pack in the system. However, those custom Rom have some issues which i dont really like it at all. error sometimes happens. I also have tried those apps such as locale and morelocale2. they dont give me through chinese especially in the system setting or error message which all are in English language. is it possible you can show me on how to extract the Chinese Language out from other firmware and put just the language into this device? or how to put the chinese language pack into the rom so it will make entire interface to be Chinese in language?

  • rusty

    Does anyone know if having to restore back to factory will unroot. I still need to go back to original but would like to stay rooted. i am okay with ICS just want to delete some bloatware. Then i want to root my other gs2

    • rusty

      I went ahead and reset to factory. everything seemed okay. i did not finsih setting up but i seem to hang on te GOODBYE screen . CWM is still there . Any ideas

  • Gavin t

    Just a note for Canadian tel us users with the sgh t989d…holding down both volume buttons
    Will get you to recovery mode. To get in to download you must hold down the volume down button instead of both

  • Danny L

    I saw something about backing up the IMEI image for the Galaxy S2 with ktool. I didn’t see this until after I’ve rooted my phone and loaded another ROM. I tried to back up the IMEI image from this point but ktool tells me the image is corrupt. Will reloading my original ROM backup restore the image?

  • Danny L

    I’ve checked my IMEI in my phone and physically under the battery. They still match. Not sure why ktool is telling the image is corrupt.

  • batheesha

    I did everything and rooted my phone version is 4.0.4 but when i try to update the superuser binary it says “checking for busybox…not found” and “gaining root access…fail!” And other apps that need root doesn’t work…How can i fix this? Any reply would be appreciated.

  • Sukhi

    I have a Samsung galaxy S2 i9100 on T-Mobile..android 4.0.4
    Baseband i9100BVLPE.

    Is there a step by step guide I can follow to root my phone to jelly bean? Every rooting site I come across is either for T-Mobile t989 or non T-Mobile i9100.

    Your help would be must appreciated

  • Minh Trinh

    Hi Max.is there any way to all apps and games to my external sd card.
    I have rooted samsung galaxy s2(T-mobile) any help.
    thank you in advance.

  • Mark


    I flashed the Pac rom last weekend and got a stable working phone again, something that I didn’t get from the orinigal ICS roms that samsung delivers, dutch versions by the way.
    anyway, I was connecting my MHL adapter yesterday and the result scared me a bit. It does not work.
    now, some google searches found me that at CM10 is working on it, and at XDA there is not a whole lot said about it.
    Do you know, or somebody else, know about future plans on fixing this?

    greets, Mark.

  • matthew

    Thanks for sticking with us I know there’s tons of other phones way better now then the gs2

  • Xavier

    How do I manually Install ClockworkMod Recovery Touch on Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II T989 T-Mobile?

    i’read that you need fastboot. how about a video on this? can it be done using odin?

  • george2362

    I have a galaxy S2 T-Mobile I am in Jamaica it sim lock how can I open it to work on any carriers send me a email Thank.

  • Srikanth


    Its time for updating the FAQs.

    How to install the official JB ROM into a rooted device ?
    How to root the official JB ROM?
    How to unroot the offical JB ROM?

  • Thomas Cole

    What is the difference between the I9100 and the SGH-I777?

    I am trying to find US firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S2. My model number is the I9100. I bought the phone off craigslist. It was initially locked to Bell Mobility. I changed the firmware using Odin to 3K. I was able to unlock the phone. Now I’m trying to get the phone to work but want US firmware. AT&T or T-Mobile.

  • Thomas Cole

    Trying to find Odin file for US Based Carrier, AT&T, Tmobile, Verizon, or Sprint
    So far I have installed Bell Mobility-Canada (Original and had network unlocked), 3K – UK, and TelCel -Mexico.
    Please help. Need file!

  • steven

    i rooted my t_mobile galaxy s2 yesterday an it went great. but today i havent been able to open my keyboard of mu phone is some how vanished and now i cant type or text on my phone at all nothing is working messaging instagram facebook google (to name a few). i also got titanium back up an im thinking i may have deleted it by accident so yeah…..i need help…pleeeeeeeeeeese

    • steven

      if i cant fix it im ganna try taking it to best by seein if a person down ther can help

  • Mohsin Ahmed

    I am planning to buy a SGH-T989. Would you guys recommend?
    And the first and far most thing, how is this phone for gaming? Do the latest high-end games (Modern Combat 4, Vice City, Real Racing 3, Nova 3, etc) run perfectly on this? Even if not perfectly, do they run at a good framerate?
    I wan’t to know this because I’m an android game freak and I use my phone mostly for gaming…



  • Brian J.

    Hey I’ve been a fan for the past year or so and thanks for all your help!

    One quick question I’m using a T-989 4.1.2 Jedi Mind Trick JB 6 rom but it does eat up a lot of battery :/ Which rom out of all of them would you say saves the most battery life?


  • Sheraz

    Hi everybody ! i have Samsung Galaxy s2 T989 & i have a problem that when i connect my cell phone with laptop, mass storage option doesn’t pop up on my cell… i have tried all options on cell phone, have changed usb wire & usb port even laptop bit it doesn’t work.. now i am struck … i have read on many site about different solutions but none of them worked for me.. today i installed Paranoid Rom 3.65 using my memory card but Usb mass storage option doesn’t work on this rom too… Please help me… i ll be grateful to you guys . thanks 🙂

  • karan

    Does broken camcorder works on sgh t989 if I install any camera app on the cm11 rom

    • Xavier

      nope, i tried a few

  • Xavier

    Hello. I have two T989 and one of them has the orientation sensor messed up. Is that sensor part of the screen or is it part of the motherboard? Is there a way that I can fix it?

  • David

    I have a galaxy S2 (T989). I have unlock it then move from T-Mobile to AT&T. Phone works great, no problems.
    I wanting to root, but don’t know which version to install, TM or AT&T?
    or does it matter?
    Great infor in the video!!

  • mahi

    What apps want to install in my Samsung galexy s3 sgh-T989 for read Malayalam font

  • mahi

    Sorry Samsung galaxy s2 T mobile

  • Mikael

    Hello. it is sunday and I have wanted to root my tmobile s2 for some time and went to the s2root site and followed the instructions. So far so good but when I ran an update for super su the program could not run. i downloaded the titanium backup and it also said the phone was not rooted. i thought i would drop you a line later but started messing with the cwm and did a data wipe and reset now the phone just reboots over and over. I can still get into cwm, just need some advice please. actually this is pretty cool getting into this phone like this. I want to try other roms for sure. I have a note 3 that I want to root also but my original s2 is my test phone. Any help would be appreciated. I know this is fixable as I can still use the cwm. I dont care if I put a new ROM on it at this point either but the fact that the phone showed it not to be rooted is of concern. When I downloaded and installed titanium backup i did not open it up from the actual install window so did an uninstall and installed again from the install window on playstore but still would not work. Thanks.


  • Lorena

    Hi, I am totally new here. I need help. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) running 4.1.2 android, with a baseband version T989UVMC6. My phone is not rooted, however I want to root it. I need to know what files I need to use in order to do that. Reason of my rooting is to install android 4.4 (Kit Kat). Thanks for any help!

  • Jason

    Hello there! First off, thanks for all the information and help you have provided on your website. My concern is for my T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, ever since I upgraded from gingerbread 2.3.6 to jelly bean 4.1.2 rooted, the google play store has not work. It says “unfortunately, “google play store has stopped” I switched and installed the unrooted version of jelly bean 4.1.2, same problem. I have done the “force stop” and “clear data/cache” to the downloads and google play store apps, and even reset app preferences, but nothing yet. So how can I fix this, what else can I do?

  • salim

    Zip link is not working

  • Aamer

    Galaxy S2 T989 – Code Unlocked
    SIM carrer AT&T
    Model# SGH-T989
    Android 4.1.2
    Baseband T989UVMC6
    Kernel 3.0.31-JediKernelZ
    Buil# Jedi Mind Trick JB 8

    I really appreciate all your great work.
    I have problem that I tried many Roms. The Data Plan (4G) is not working.
    is that bcz of the ROM or using Att in T989 unlocked ??!!

    Please Can you advise me to get 4G working ??!! I’m paying for it but can’t use it 🙁


    • cee how

      T989 is a Tmobile phone, try changing the apn settings

  • Bivor

    on the official clockworkmod recovery website you can download the latest version of “clockworkmod.img” file. can i just put the .img file in a .tar file with 7-zip and flash it to my sgh-t989 through odin3v1.85???

  • RedHead

    Hello EB, one question: HOW to install a JB rom over a GB one, because flash abort saying modem was too old ?
    I supposed flashing the new rom will do this for me , but no, nothing..

    What steps should i do to install the REVOLT JB 4.3.1 for example.

    My SGH-T989: UVKL1 radio, GB 2.3.6

  • keith

    I’m having problems installing any 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 rom because the installation is aborted due to my (radio?) is it hardware ie chipset, or a kernal thing?

  • pawan

    Hello guys i’m very new here …and recently got a 2 year old t-mobile sgh t989 …and it worked fine for few day..till i trid cm11 as first custom rom on it..it too worked well until i used camera…it rebooted itself …i thought it was because cm11 is nightly ..so i tried carbon rom …it worked quit fine for a while……for some reson it to started rebooting after a while ..lastly i tried cm10.2 stable …it worked quite good i updated with cm updater then after it worked good and affter a while it too strted rebooting …i thaught of power button failure and replaced it too….and finally flashed stock JB 4.1.2 rom …it works quite well even till now..but the problem is that i cant install custom roms on it …any help would be honey in my throught…does any one have the issue…???…………………finally got to tell i’m new to this mobile not for customization of roms ..i tried every thing wipe/data/F.Reset/Delvik/System…and even trie super/dark wipe script too…..hmm the matter is unable to install custom roms///// 🙁

  • Nichole

    Help!!! So, I had upgraded my unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 (SGH-T989) to jellybean. When I was going to give it to my son, I reset it to the factory conditions to wipe it clean (I now know that was a bad idea)…….it it got stuck in a start-up loop. I tried the factory recovery & upgrade and now it won’t even power up. Any thoughts? Can I get into it to restore the firmware if it won’t even power up?

    • cee how

      You need to reload to os system from Odin

  • Diriba

    I’ve a problem of connecting my Samsung ST-T989 (T-Mobile) with my PC using USB. It makes only gives a sound while connected with PC. My pops like Install a driver supporting your device. I installed a driver but still its not workin. Please can anyone help.

  • francisco

    could somebody help me?
    qhsusb_dload galaxy s2 t989

  • Edward Ortiz

    Anyone know how to format system storage?

    • Eugenia Dewi Salim

      Getting rid of the full system storage, go to phone sign Dial *#9900# delete dump/logcat!
      Wait for few seconds and VOILA!! *Hope it helps!

  • Cal T

    Hi, my t989 suddenly went into so called bootloop actually the phone stuck on Samsung logo after it passed t mobile & android screen. Currently the phone is running stock JB.

    Some history, the phone is a little weird when it was running ICS so I decide to update to J JB and it seems the problem is fixed but creates some other minor problem. 2 weeks ago When the phone battery is low, I decided to change to a fully charged backup battery, then soft brick Jay happened.

    What I wanted to do is to preserve the phone data or extract it out before do a clean wipe or use Odin to recover.

    By searching and reading all the forums that I have tried few things. At least I know that
    Phone can boot to
    Download mode

    I can use ADB to reboot the phone but when I try to extract the data by using ADB pull didn’t seem working well? (wing directory, I assume)
    Is there a way to do Nand backup at this state?
    If I use Odin to flash the stock room. What happenedhappened? Data got wiped?

    Send like if I flash the kernel might fix the problem? But what kernel I should be using?

    Thanks for any help, I am out of country right now, desperate to the info out of the phone (the stupid phone die before I board the plane)

    Thanks again

  • Kwesi Forson

    how do i virtually partition my tmobile samsung s2