Android 5.1.1 ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Validus ROM]


It’s been a quite awhile since my last update on the T-Mobile Galaxy S2, particularly because every Android Lollipop I’ve tried have been very buggy and not recommended as daily driver and also development has slowed down.

But, this week I decided to take the plunge and try out several different ROMs.   To my surprise, I have finally found a good stable Android 5.1.1 custom ROM I can recommend, and thus I am writing this post.

For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the Validus ROM for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989.

Based on the latest Android 5.1.1, the Validus ROM brings you the best and latest Android 5.1.1 with everything basic working out of the box including camera, bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, etc…etc…  The only minor issue I found was glitchy display but you can easily fix this by tapping Build Number in Settings->About 5 times, then you will be able to access Developer Options, where you can check ON “Disable HW overlays”.  If you don’t know how to do this, just watch the above video overview.

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  • Francisco Macías

    I tried this ROM recently, as it was said is almost perfect, but one problem raises: Both microphones doesn’t works! Tried to make calls, the counter person can’t listen my voice, Tried to make a Whatsapp voice message, didn’t recorded anything.

  • Roy S

    Hi max My elderly T989 galaxy s2 bootlooped after following your instructions reboored into CWM recovery following your instructions via Mount wiped everything again(except Dalvik?) agaon bootlooped only this time fails to boot into recovery or factory reset. Research via Google suggests this model galaxy has battery problems. So tried a fresh battery without success.
    All and any Suggestionswlcome

  • dcon9999

    Installed and it works great….EXCEPT..It takes FOREVER to install a single app. I’m talking 10-20 minutes. I’m having a real hard time getting google play services to update on it despite trying multiple gapp apks. So I have zero functioning google apps.

    • Mauricio Tobar

      Same here, i use APToide instead, but Facebook & Facebook Messenger are not working

    • Artie Albano

      I have the same issue.Also Google services doesn’t run sometimes and I get a message to download Google play services!

  • Ronhelio

    Thanks for doing these Max. I hope this is better than the crappy CM12, that was never stable on my T-Mobile S2. Anyway, reinstalling and will try recovery again. DON’T use restore or you’ll restore your old ROM. hopefully I’ll get it figured out with “advanced restore”…

  • Kyle Allen

    Everything seems to work. Had to wipe and reinstall a dozen times to get it to work right. Had issues with play store not working, uninstalled updates then installed updates. It has been working since. Now the only major issue I have is that unless my phone’s plugged in when it goes to sleep it powers down. Checked the site said they know and are working on it as of 9/26/15. Hope this is patched asap. My experience level with this stuff beginner so I appreciate the easy instructions. Very user friendly. I’m using a grey-beard sg2 was using jellybean originally.

  • Saurav Bengani

    I am not able to install Google Services app after the ROM update hence other Google Apps like Maps, YouTube are not working, please advise.

  • Madhukar Das

    I chose the Validus zip file from the root directory of the sdcard and the installation process started. But now it has been stuck on “Patching system image unconditionally…” for over 15 hours (see picture attached). I plugged the phone into the wall so that my battery doesn’t go out. It doesn’t normally take this long, does it? What should I do now?

  • Hello

    every time i try to flash gapps erors come up and it fails

  • michael

    i just installed validus on my sgh t989 and it says i am low on space. what should i do

  • donjuanelguapo

    Has anyone had any luck loading a google apps rom?