AOKP ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

I’ve been getting a TON of requests for the AOKP ICS ROM for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 for the last whole week. Well, I didn’t review it last week since camera was still not working but since many of you seem to want it anyways, here it is.

The AOKP ICS ROM for your T-Mobile SGH-T989 comes with all the neat AOKP ROM Control features. Still camera actually works but just not video recording.

This is still a great ROM (and will be the best ROM eve when camcorder works) so give it a twirl and let me know what you think.

Download ROM:

Download Gapps


Credits – RootzWiki

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, please see T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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  • zach

    Dev help! Play store will not work at all! Opens for a second then closes. How can I fix this.

    • admin

      Clear cache and dalvik cach in CWM!

    • ivan

      My play store doesn’t even show up.. I need help!!

  • WQF

    does anyone know how to fix the overheating on my t989???????? i am new

    • admin

      let it sit for couple hours, sometimes that’s normal when you install new ROM.

      • Esha

        HI, my s2 overheats/ freezes and turns off or reboots after install AOKP kitkat , pleaseeeeee hellpp !

    • Stchety

      hold it next to your freezers coldest part with battery detached

  • Spade

    My play store isnt showing up either. Any suggestions anyone?

  • djintrigue808

    Did you flash gapps after you flashed the ROM?

  • Spade

    Just did right now.. i was staring at it like that might be the fix. haha

  • karl


    • SCP

      I feel you on that note! The whole reason a camcorder & camera is integrated with the phone is so I won’t have to carry around a camcorder AND a camera aside. This ROM will be legit once those features are fixed. 😉

  • Mindeb

    ‘admin’ or someone else please help:
    “running a rooted version of sgs2 tmobile”

    Today I received a notification from device management saying I have a new software update. I’m assuming it’s the official ICS release from tmobile themselves. I postponed it for a day because I don’t know if it is safe to run this update on a rooted sgs2. Can someone help me with this? And the notification does not disappear and it prolly won’t until I actually run this update and I really don’t want to have it in my notifications indefinitely. Someone please help me out what I should do, I’m running the latest juggernaut ROM, currently.
    Thank you

    • Alex

      I received that update as well its the Android 2.3.6 LDE update. From what i’ve read it is the update necessary before T-mobile releases the official ICS update. I had to reroot my phone after I updated to 2.3.6 LDE but that wasn’t hard just reloaded CWM using odin and then ran a nandroid backup and now i’m good to go. So yes its safe to run you’ll just have to reroot most likely. To get the update to work you may have to follow this guide if the OTA doesn’t run correctly for some reason mine didn’t so i had to use Kies to update.

  • kevin nguyen

    please help!! when i installed this Rom, my phone just stay at logo Team Kang. it does not start at all !!!

  • Kenny

    installed and it is smooth, but have two problem!
    touch key light is not work and can’t switch off input word vibration!
    can fix it?

  • zach

    Cleared cache and dalvik cache in cwm. Still play store wont work. Someone told me to do something with the gapps. Can anyone else me remedy this problem. I really like this rom. And want to continue using it.

    • Ivan

      download gapps from the link he provided on this page.
      If i were you, i would reflash Darkwipe, reflash ROM, then flash the gapps.

      • David lopez

        how you flash? i already have rooted my SAMSUNG GALAXY S II (SGH-T989) and i want to try this ROM but i want it working good! so please let me know how to flash i already have the gapps file!

  • zach

    How do you flash GAPPS???

    • Spade

      Same way you flash a ROM.. Install from SD..

      • zach

        Thanks! I was just making sure.

  • chris

    How come I didn’t get a update I’m so lost ? Help please

  • Ivan

    My Flash player doesn’t seem to be working. It won’t play any videos on the web or the YouTube app.
    Also, Temple run keeps force closing.
    Everything else is great! I can customize everything to exactly how i want it.

    Can someone help me with these problems??? thanks!

    • Adi Dagar

      Me too!! Are you still having these issues? Do let me know if you find a fix!!!

  • Alex

    Just to let everyone know… You cannot just download the Rom and install it. You have to go to the source of where the ROM actually came from. if you scroll up and read, it says “Credits: Rootzwiki” thats where he got the ROM from and there are specific instructions you must follow to install it. It will also tell you whats not working with the ROM so you can stop asking for help becuase thats just the ROM its still in beta. I’m sure this will also help almost everyone who is getting a bootloop, so please people do your research before asking a legitimate question.

  • Jeff

    I haven’t tried this ROM – in fact – I am still using this: Slick_2.4, Darkside Kernel, Kernel Version, Android Version 2.3.6. I D/Led this ROM a while back and just LOVE it. However, I have not received the “Update” notice for the new ICS from T-Mobile. When I click on Menu and Settings and go to Software Update, nothing happens.

    Now, it’s fine w/ me if I don’t have the update, the Slick_2.4 ROM kicks butt for me, but if I were to want this new update, since I already did a backup using CWM, would I then be able to re-flash Slick_2.4??? I am assuming the answer is yes, just thought I would make sure. At this point I don’t really see any need for the new T-Mobile update as this ROM is just wonderful. But… just thought I would ask…

    • Alex

      T-Mobile still hasnt released the update yet. But if they did and you were to update you would lose root thus losing CWM. You would have to reroot to get your from back so your better off not updating. Stock roms suck.. I would suggest this from though. Best from I’ve ever tried.

      • Alex

        From=ROM .

        Stupid auto correct

      • Jeff

        Thanks Alex! I appreciate it!!!

  • Jeremy

    Someone know how to fix the echo issue. I have flashed the ICS Patch and my phone is stuck on the boot screen.

  • Grant

    I really hate ics… But “Rom Control” is so perfect.. What rom options do I have with this “Rom Control” type features running Gingerbread?

  • steven

    sounds like you guys gonna end up bricking your phone

  • Adi Dagar

    Can someone help me fix YouTube playback?! I can’t seem to get the videos to work!!

  • Melissa

    just flashed this rom like an hour ago and it is working awesome so far, you just have click on the link that says credits and it gives you a step by step on the order that you have to flash the zip files

  • reshinov

    I’m having a problem while installing this (and all other roms actually). The install goes smoothly, but when I try to start it gets stuck at the loading screen where the pixels turn into the unicorn and simply reboots over and over again. Is this a documented case, and either way, how do I fix it?

  • WQF

    after i install the rom the youtube cannot play, someone help please

  • Brent

    Posted on facebook by tmobile this morning
    “Samsung Galaxy S II owners: your time is almost here! The Android Ice Cream Sandwich update will be available via Samsung Kies starting June 11. Stay tuned for more details on how to grab the update for your device. — with Kathy Feng and Carlos Mojica.”

  • David lopez


  • sp1ke

    Can’t watch videos like youtube, netflix, or videos on web pages, other than … please update asap. Other then that this is the best of all roms that i have run on my sgs2 t-mobile.

  • Philip Filijan

    When i go to intall certain apps from market or even restore from titanium(apps that recommend wifi because of size)it says that it can’t download to internal storage or sd. It’ll download all the way but when installing it fails…any ideas?? Thanks great rom though I love it!! Too bad this issue is happening 🙁

    • Max

      just clear cache and dalvik cache in cwm to fix the issue.

  • Michael W

    I have the ROM installed and the only issues I have noticed so far is:
    I can’t make WiFi calls.
    All of my phone calls have an echo for the person I’m talking to. (They hear themselves echoing back)
    Anyone know of a fix?

  • James

    Sorry – this is kind of off topic, but does anyone know if I will be able to update my phone if I just rooted it? I haven’t installed any roms or anything but I keep getting the annoying software upgrade every few minutes on my phone. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

    • Alex

      yes you can update but you will have to reroot it

  • Frank

    Love this ROM just need to know how to fix the call echo problem!!! Help

  • Heeram

    Is there no play store for this rom? I can’t backup my apps

    • Max

      make sure u downloaded gapps and install it.

  • B Sabath

    Bummer. I was all excited to root my new SGS2 when I discovered all the roms available for it break the video recording. Considering the unusually high video quality is one of the unique features of this phone, that is a fatal flaw.

    Is this ever going to be fixed or should I return this phone?

    • Alex

      what are you talking about??? thats only the ics ROMS… All the gingerbread ROMS are fully functional along with video recording.

  • Joe

    Developer, what is a good kernal to run with this rom?? i love it, i tried darkside kernal and it would even load to the boot animation it just stayed at a black scree. Thanks!

  • joe

    Also there is an issue with gmail. It will not let me turn on auto sync..when I try gmail does not show up as a option for auto sync..plz help thanks

    • Max

      Try going into settings and turn off other syncs only gmail. After syncing first time turn others back on it should work fine thereafter.

      • joe

        Worked thanks! also, i cannot get notification sounds no matter what i get a ring for calls but no sounds for email or text but it does appear in the notification bar..any ideas?? Thanks

      • WLADIMIR

        HOLA amigo al instalar esta rom el telefono se me quedo como ladrillo no enciende ni hace nada que hago???

  • Anish

    Can you please review this ROM Admin. I always feel more comfortable flashing after I see your reviews!

  • Sal

    i have the rom and everything is fine but how do you screen capture? when i click the power and home button it just shuts off!

    • Max

      Did you try volume N power?

      • Alex

        volume down+power buttons

  • Sal

    wait, it randomly shuts off on me when im on the phone and than just reboots and just keeps doing the bootloader and i have to take out the battery and start it from there. please help!

  • alain

    I need help I install this rom on my phone and I forget to backup the original rom from T-Mobile and now I want to go back to the T-Mobile rom how can I reinstall the T-Mobile rom please help

  • joe

    Worked thanks! also, i cannot get notification sounds no matter what i get a ring for calls but no sounds for email or text but it does appear in the notification bar..any ideas?? Thanks

  • DZ

    how can i screenshot on this rom … i tried power + home
    also how to make led UI blink ???

  • gabbyray

    These may be stupid questions, but I am very been at these processes….

    Rootzwiki says to flash T989UVLC8 Radio and gapps. For this rom, but how do I do that?
    Is it the same exact process that installing the rom itself is? do all I have to do

    • Max

      radio is optional u can just flash rom and gapps.

      • gabbyray

        Okay I just need to know how to flash them both though. The process of it. Do I just install them the same way I install the rom? Are there baby additional steps or information I should know to flash them?

        Im a very new at this and I just want to make sure I don’t ness up my phone.

        • gabbyray

          Any* additional steps, not baby…hah

          • Max

            No just wipe install Rom then install apps. If u end up in a bootloop just reboot into cwm and clear cache reboot voila.

            • gabbyray

              I don’t know what bootloop means or what any of that means after you mentioned bootloop. I am extremely new at this.

              • Alex

                Basically it’s the same as flashing the rom. When you place the necessary files on your sd card boot into recovery mode from there when it says to “flash” radio and gapps you just go to install from sd card> install zip from sd card > choose necessary zip to install which is called “flashing” then it should say install from sd card complete, then you go about the same process to the next process you must flash. To get specific directions on what files to download and the order to flash them refer to the credits link above. There you will get exactly what you need for a clean install. It is very important to follow the developers directions EXACTLY as they know best since they developed the rom. I hope this helps.

                • Alex

                  But of course do a factory reset first or whatever the developers tell you to do 🙂

  • Erwin Navarro

    Does anyone know how to make Youtube work? That is the only thing missing from this ROM.

    • Alex

      Next build homie

  • Erwin

    Thanks Alex ill be going back to my other rom till this gets fixed, I can wait hopefully they also fix the automatic brightness.

    • Alex

      YEAH that’s what I’m doing just playing the waiting game, because this rom is sick. Milestone 6 should be fully functional since the official tmobile ics update is out

  • aaron

    just installed this rom.and it works briefley but then this gay looking pink pissed of looking unicorn animates the words “TEAM KANG” all around it then restarts over and over and over again???????????

    • Max

      Try wiping cache in recovery.

  • sal

    this rom is my everyday rom, and it randomly reboots atleast three times daily
    please help

    • Max

      try another ROM.

  • gabby

    i downloaded all the zip files from the developers site for this rom, i copied all the zip files to my sd card, and followed the directions on how to install a new rom exactly…but everytime i try to flash the zip files it says installation aborted. i have to restore my stock rom everytime. what should i do?

    • Max

      Could be bad download try downloading again.

      • gabby

        Did that… Still didn’t work.

        When I’m rebooting into recovery should I use ROM manager or do it manually with the Vol and power buttons

  • Val

    Great rom. I love the look, it’s fast, and great customizations. I just can’t stay with it. The audio is downright nonexistent for Music. I tried running Pandora and it was like I was listening to it over the phone and not through my speaker.
    I’ll be checking back frequently for the final complete build.

    • jeff

      theres a new build with everything working even camera and camcorder. build 39 6/20

      • sal

        wait when i went to their site, galaxy s2 was not shown as their devices

        • Max

          it’s a ported build not official that’s why

          • jeff

            dude its official right now go check rootzwiki its in the official supported devices aokp section. the one u were using was unnofficial but with ics source code out they made it official. i could be wrong but idk if ports can count as official.

  • Alex E.

    Is this the latest build?

    • jeff

      newest build is 40 right now

  • Haris

    Will there be a fix for Wifi calling? I use an app called Dell Voice, but I am unable to use it since I flashed this ROM. Is there any fix for it? Are you guys working to get it fixed?

    Please include a fix for Wifi calling in the next build. Thank you..

  • Alex E.

    I have some questions bout AOKP.
    1) gapps only comes with play store?
    2) I restored from titanium b.u. and I got error saying unfortunately email closed same for exchange.
    3) I also got a ancore error during first attempt to restore apps using titanium.
    Please help me fix the above ! Thanks by the way!

  • Anish

    Hey guys, milestone 6 is out!!!!!!!!!! Hoping max can review it.

    • jeff

      Yea I know just flashed it last night. Oh and Max this is official bro white hawk said it himself. T989 is an officially supported device XD

  • ruthlessjitt

    how do i flash the gapps

  • ruthlessjitt

    how do you flash the gapps help!!!!

  • anthony

    Does this from support 4g cause I’m using it and all it says is 3g

    • roberto

      thats normal cm9 and aokp dont recognize tmobiles hspa+ to be 4g but you will get the same internet speeds

  • marcel

    My lock screen doesnt work half the time on this rom. I have to restart phone or keep trying for a min. Its very frustrating. Does anyone heard of this or know a fix?

  • AZ Camacho

    Max im running milestone 6 with darkside kernel. it says bln works, but it doesnt seem to work for me. at times it does and it doesnt pulse it just stays on, is that normal?? i cant seem to find anything on the net or xda so i came to you 🙂

  • jackie

    ive used about every rom listed on this site for my Tmobile Galaxy S2, and this rom is by far my absolute favorite. thanks!

  • Mustafa

    I upgraded to this ROM 2 weeks back. Since then I have had numerous problems including:
    1. Frequent shut downs (almost after every call receive)
    2. No Wi-Fi calling – this was very important for me
    3. Drains battery (if used for anything like browsing, listening to music within 2 hours my battery is out of juice)

    Except for the live wall paper and google-now and the new keyboard ( better than swype on ginger bread), i don’t see anything that is better than the stock ROM. At least for my usage.

    P.S: I am going back to stock ROM as I cannot live with the problems mentioned.

    Hope this helps.

  • sidahrth

    will i hav to instal both the zip files

  • henry

    In Odin, when I flash this, it always fails at the modem portion. I can boot into everything fine, but the baseband is unknown in my phone settings. I have a T989D if that helps.

    • henry

      wrong thread =/