AOKP ROM MR2 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Android 4.3]

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For those of you with a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, you should be happy to learn that you can install the first AOKP ROM MR2 based on latest Android 4.3.

This isn’t an official build (and we are not sure if there will ever be official builds starting with Android 4.3) but it is fairly-close to the final build and runs pretty smooth.  Also, we saw AOKP ROM Control losing featuring during ICS to Jelly Bean upgrade and taking a long time before some of AOKP core features were added back in.  In the MR2 variation, that is not the case and you will get all of your previous Android 4.2.2 AOKP ROM Control features plus a wee-bit more.

Overall, AOKP ROM MR2 looks pretty solid and impressive, bringing you all of AOKP ROM Control features on top of latest Android 4.3 build.  If you are an AOKP fan and you need a quick “preview” of what’s coming with AOKP, definitely give this unofficial version a shot this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

If you don’t know what AOKP ROM Control is, see our AOKP ROM Control tutorial here.


Download AOKP ROM MR2 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

Download Android 4.3 Gapps (DO NOT USE Android 4.2 Gapps!!!)

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from AOKP ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot!

If Google Now search broken, simply update “Google Search” app on Play Store for fix!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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  • Norm

    So if WiFi calling work? Tethering?

  • Brian

    Hey guys. Anyone use this as a daily yet? Is it stable? Been looking for a stable ROM with good battery life. If this is your daily, what are your exact steps for installing? I don’t want to run into any problems

    • Sravan

      i have been using neat rom from this website. and biftor rom v12 is the best stable with a good battery life rom. i am a andriod developer so i recommend these two rom.
      sorry i know its too late to reply.

      • Mark

        Sravan can you tell me what think would be some stable roms with good battery life for a sgh-t989.


        • Aaron

          Try black liquid from XDA for T989. It is stable, fast, and has good battery life. Also it is 4.2.2 with inverted gapps, DPI, and many more customizations.

          I use it for DD, uber kernel for over clock.

  • royjr

    yea, im still waiting for others reviews on this rom. usually i’d be the first to try it out, but im in school now, and I can’t sacrifice a day without an good rom. so.. awaiting your feedback =)

    • Sravan

      this is really good rom but some gliches here and there.

      • royjr

        What kind of glitches? Something I might run into every hour, or something only if I tinker with it usually?

        My phone is crap in its current state (aokp jb mr1 m2), its very slow, glitchy, and sometimes needs a reboot (not the once in a while reboot, but the reboot me because i cant think right reboot)

        Need some solid reviews on this rom, before I switch to it please. Or at least some other stable rom 4.3/4.3(dont think so) thats fast in terms of speed of phone and in terms of internet speed (good radio), Nothing touchwiz, just a nice and ‘haloeey’ jb rom justlike the nexus. Love you google.

  • Melvin lopez

    I’m at work, but I see no comments for this ROM to sacrifice this day with a stable ROM, but trust in AOKP ROM does best

  • e.Rye

    Hey, All-
    My first 2 attempts at flashing Max’s MR2 file (from MR1) did not work. Going to try the Sept12 file found on XDA :

    All I want is a stable daily that lets me tether w/o tMo knowing and slowing down my service. MR1 does not do that, somehow tMo know (grrr)

    Any recos are greatly appreciated!

  • Xavier

    downloading. can’t go wrong with aokp! I’ll post my thought later!

    • Norm



  • osvald_22

    does the phone takes long to boot after the install?

    • KAMZY

      install the rom without Gapps , it will boot normaly , then reboot in recovery mode , install Gapps , and it will work correctly. 🙂

    • KAMZY

      awaiting your feedback

      • osvald_22

        the phone did not boot :/ im running stock root Rom

      • RJM

        I’m not having any luck either. It’s stuck on the “nexus” logo on the first boot. It’s probably been loading for 10 minutes both times. I tried with and without gapps.

  • Xavier

    got error while installing that says: radio must be newer than UVMC6

    i have radio version T989UVLE1

    How do i backup my radio and install the new one? where do i get the new one?

    • Xavier

      that is without loosing my unlocked status

  • Xavier

    downloaded UVMC6 radio from xda, flashed it, flashed this rom. so far so good

    will see tomorrow

    • royjr

      awaiting your feedback =)

  • Xavier

    last night i downloaded titanium, restored the 51 apps that i’m running, about 10 updated over night. seems to be working smooth so far. I’m using an Airvoice Wireless sim and the internet is working fine as the call quality (i did check mark the noise reduction in call settings). i did not loose my unlock status after updating my radio.

    more coming soon

  • Davi

    How do I remove the google search which is on the home screen and change the number of homescreens. Sorry my english, if I’m wrong lol

    • Xavier

      do a search on youtube. that should help you out.

  • Xavier

    39% of battery after 8 hours and 30 minutes

    calls, text messaging, whatsapp, youtube, facebook, note 3 giveaway from some network internet but mostly on wifi.

    maximum screen brightness the first 2 hours and at half power the rest of the way.

    thats perfect for me

    • Xavier

      swapped batteries afterwards and have

      71% left of battery after 15 hours

      made 2 calls and very light use of internet over wifi within the first 5 hours with the screen brightness set at half power. the phone sat overnight the rest of the hours with just the wifi on. pretty clear that this rom has a good battery life. it all depends on how you use it.

      • royjr

        Thats pretty neat..

        But I have an unexpected problem. I think I had the device encyption on, even though it never asked for passwords on reboot. When I flashed the radio + rom, and rebooted, it was good. But then I had to flash the gapps, and when doing so, the phone boots up to an error screen, saying unable to decrypt, and only has a reset buttonm after pressing it, it loads twrp and into its decypt screen, I have no idea what the password is, and dont care about the storage, because I emptied out everything before the installation of this rom. So right now, I cant access the phone because of encrypted ‘storage’ that I dont have or even need. Anyone help PLEASE, I need my phone for my classes.

        • Xavier

          since you flashed the radio already i would recommend a dark side super wipe and re-install the rom and gapps. i did it all at once without rebooting in between and didn’t have any problems.

          • royjr

            COOL, everything worked now, thanks alot Xavier.

            But heres one thing thats not making me happy about this rom, the animation, has a lag, and is not smooth. =/

            • Xavier

              i have come to understand that i have an old piece of technology called galaxy s2. i’m just glad there is an extensive variety of roms for this old phone. Roms which were made to work with new technology. i can live with some lagging here and there just as long i’m able to run a new and advanced rom. i do know that I’ll have to upgrade to a new and better phone in the near future to be able to enjoy all the new stuff.

              • royjr

                Very Ture, this was actually my first phone, very happy that I was able to get a phone like this this that receives the newest updates within the first month.

                But for my next phone, probably going to wait for the nexus 5 or any other Google based phone (no touchwiz, htc, samsung crappy ui). Thats the only reason why I changed the rom on my phone, I don’t really care much for rom control, I just need a stock android feel in my phone.

  • CesarBelmonte

    everytime I go into gallery, phone reboots 🙁

    • royjr

      My t989’s gallery app is fine. Have you tried flashing superwipe before flashing your rom? I’m not an expert, but that might help.

      • royjr

        Your right, the gallery app reboots my phone sometimes if I load the app directly. I’m prob gonna use carbon 4.3.

        • Jeremy

          Carbon 4.3 has the same problem. that’s why I switched to AOKP, which has the never ending boot time.

  • Truong

    just tried it for the day. Massive battery drain 8am-4pm with light use. Most likely need to do a couple full recharge cycles and it’ll be back to normal. Phone turns off and reboots after I tried launching a couple of apps I restored from Titanium Backup, maybe because they werent 4.3 compatible? Does the same thing when I use gallery app and try loading old pictures, but i prefer quickpik so its not a big deal. Runs pretty smooth no glitches and I love all the aokp goodies after coming from JMT 🙂

  • Xavier

    still working fine for me

  • william

    I can not change the lockscreen wallpaper to make it different from home wallpaper. I tryed doing it under lock screen opt under rom controls but didnt work………love the rom very smooth this is the only prob ive had…….any help on this thanx

  • shinoby

    install the rom as stated in the description and to restart the phone stays in the nexus logo also has two hours and I can start the system that need your help to forgive the English is with translator

    • Xavier

      try to do a darkside super wipe. if that doesn’t work download the rom again. you might of gotten a faulty download.

      • shinoby

        bad and I can not get on the phone or do not know how to download the rom go back and copy the phone

        • Xavier

          download the rom again from this site to your computer.

          place the freshly downloaded rom and gapps in your external sd card.

          boot phone into recovery and install the freshly downloaded rom. (use the volume up and down plus power buttom mode)

          • shinoby

            and as I When cleaning the phone to install the rom apologize so much trouble is that not to do

            • shinoby

              rom down again and clean the gaps did reinstall the rom and gaps and stayed as may be or I’ll have to do in fact I’m trying out another rom and also stays in the logo but I want this rom hopefully can help

      • Ryan Martin

        Darkside superwipe did the trick. Thanks!


        • shinoby

          now if i found in another forum could this zip SGH-T989_DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4 and need to start with the rom and then finally the gaps thanks for the help greetings

  • shinoby

    and as I When cleaning the phone to install the rom apologize so much trouble is that not to do

  • Jim

    The only problem I have with this is my apps can’t read the SD card (32 G Sony-brand new). It read in the settings/storage but in the manage apps it says 393 mb free. Can’t open camera, waze. In the folders it show and sdcard, storage/ sdcard0 and sdcard1. any ideas?

    • Xavier

      let the phone format the sd card

      • Jim

        How would I do that?

        • Xavier

          on this ROM is

          go to

          1 settings

          2 storage

          3 erase sd card

          • Jim

            I don’t have that option. I down loaded the latest Rom from the AOKP site. the only option I have Is USB storage

  • Xavier

    video camera stopped working

    • Xavier

      re installed everything but this time i backed up the gallery and sure enough the video camera stopped working again but this time i just restored the backed up gallery and it worked again. definitely a bug on the camera.

      • Xavier

        video camera not working again so i went with the carbon rom. lets see how it works

  • Mikael

    I left some comments on the other page which is the FAQ. but want to see if I can get some help here. I tried to root my Tmobile S2 but would not root now it just reboots. I know this can be fixed just need a helping hand. Thanks in advanced to whoever helps me. The phone was working fine just the rooting failed as titanium backup would not work. I performed a “wipe data/factory reset” and now i cannot boot completely.
    In CWM I went to advanced/show log and I did see this: cat: can’t open’/data/system/packages.xml’ : no such file or directory. Oh well, waiting for some help. Thanks. guess I will put off rooting my note 3. lol