BeastMod ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989] [Great Battery Life]

Looking for a ROM that gives you a TON of battery life on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 series?

Try the BeastMod ROM, which has gotten me a good 2 days of battery life, much better over stock.

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  • levelfamily

    damn.. already tried this Rom and so far there is no problem with it.. and a really good battery life.. just what i need.. thanks. for posting. and thanks to the developer.. keep it up..

    • Sean John

      i installed this rom and there was no real change in battery life, i might as well go back to tmobile stock

      • Mickey

        make sure the rom is properly installed. The first time is tried, i thought it was installed but it wasn’t, you can confirm at setting, build number. It should say BeastMOD II v2.5. or something in that nature. This rom is great. and works perfectly (with the exception of the screen brightness set to auto). NICE WORK!

  • Nasty

    I see that there’s 2 files ;;;;2.1 and 2.5 which one should i flash?

    • levelfamily

      You have to use the 2.5 wich is the latest.

  • Bill Chambers

    I installed this rom and my 4G stopped working.
    I wasted a lot of time on this.
    Trying to restore to stock rom now.

    • levelfamily

      Remember this rom is for the tmobile galaxy s2 4g. NOT FOR THE GALAXY 4G.

    • James Griffin

      Bill do you live in Kansas City? If so I believe I know you!

  • Dave

    Great website btw.

    Have you tried the Juggernaut V3.0 rom? How do you think it compares with this??


    • levelfamily

      Juggernaut V3.0 is sure a good rom too. But beastmod is major thing is the battery life while giving you some fancy tweaks. Like if you looking for battery life beastmod is your bet. Juggernaut V3.0 is 100% better looking.

      • Dave

        Juggernaut 3.1 + bullet kernel 2.2b is absolutely the best I’ve tried. I’m still at 70% battery life after 10h 12m 46s and I’m quite a heavy user

        • Alex

          How do you get the bullet 2.2b? I just recently got this phone and am trying all the combinations

  • Ed

    gtalk still force closes on the SGS2 :/

    • levelfamily

      Uninstall gtalk and reset the phone ans install back in. That should fix it.. I tried gtalk and is working perfectly.

      • Ed

        I have BeastMod installed… what does resetting the phone do specifically? Does it reset back to factory setting with all that bloatware or does it reset back to when i first installed the rom.

        • levelfamily

          Im sorry i mean. Reboot..

          • Ed

            I solved the gtalk problem by installing Juggernaut V3.0… not bad at all

  • levelfamily

    Ed.. Let me know how the battery life goes with juggernaut v3.0..

    • Ed

      Battery life could be better… I guess I was spoiled because I had the BeastMod rom previously. Battery lasted approximately 24 hours, but it really depends on the user.

  • Nilson Flores

    The only problem I have with this rom is that when I lock the phone and then unlock it again the screen is bright. I have it set for auto brightness. But when the phone is unlocked it goes to the stock brightness so I have to unchecked and check auto brightness in order to fix

  • Scott

    The link is wrong. To download v3.0 go to:

    This is the link Melvin provides on his thread found at

    Hope this helps.

  • John Kite

    please give instructions on how to install the beastmod rom on sgs2 tmo

  • v

    Highly Recommend to stay away…My Skype Camera did not work for video chat..very slow download speed…I decided to go back to stock…

    • levelfamily

      Idk friend. But to me is working really well..

  • Eric medina

    Keyboard input settings change itself from Samsung Keypad to Swype

  • Eddie

    What is the best ROM in your experience for great battery life with the international version GT-I9100. I bought mine in Thailand at Samsung and the thing has got horrible battery life. With moderate usage I am lucky to get through half the day.

    What are some viable options in your opinion? You seem very knowledgable in regards to the GS2 and some other guys out there are inconsistent with their information.

    Thanks a ton!

  • Chun

    This ROM is great but it has Bluetooth issue.
    Bluetooth won’t work on my phone

  • Lon1

    Why does the use data packet keep getting auto checked after screen gets locked and unlocked

  • Guri

    Iam having galaxy s2 (indian) model. I am using cyanogenmod 7.1 on it. And now i want my orignal stock rom back.
    Plz tell me the proper instructions for doing this. I am having a Backup of my orignal factory rom made through CWM. Now my phone is running insecure kernal and rooted. How can i made my SGI9100 back to stock factory setting with stock kernal, no CWM and not rooted anymore. After this (factory reset)… m i able to use samsung kies and download new offical updates(kernals) from kies.

  • Mickey

    Beastmod is GREAT! Everything works great with one exception .. read below.
    I applied the Beastmod about a month ago. Initially, I hesitated, contemplating on whether to wait for the ICS. But the battery life was a huge issue on this phone, I was lucky if it lasted 8 hours.
    After Beastmod was applied, the battery now lasts about 20 hours – great improvement. All the apps work properly.
    I have one issue though, the screen backlight (brightness) resets to ±40% when it’s set to auto.
    Great work to you and the developers. What is the ETA on the ICS?

    • Jeff

      I spoke w/ someone I know at T-Mobile a few days ago {16 Feb 2012} and he told me that ICS may not be out for another 4-6 months. Which puts us into June-August! I can’t believe it’s going to be that long, but that’s the info I received.

  • jason

    Hey I’ve installed this the newest 4.2 of this rom to my t moble galaxy s2 t989 but i always have a problem of connecting to wifi, every time it tries to connect it always disconnects how do i fix this? thank you

  • solaf

    i downloaded it but there is no arabic in it!!!!!!!!! i need any rom does support arabic,,please help me

  • Eric medina

    Just a question? Tmobile sent a software update to my phone, Can install this software and would not affect the Beastmod rom?

  • antonio carranza

    I installed this rom and want to go back to stock rom……..

    I tryed restoring the back up of the rom but MD5 mismatch. can u help????

  • nyal

    Installed this ROM for battery efficiency. I have gone just over 24hrs since taking it off the charger and I have 30% left on it. I used it normally; browsed, watch videos, call and text. This ROM far exceed my expectations of it and I highly recommend this to everyone. I installed Beastmod II v4.0. WOW!

    • Kelly

      I installed the MOD last night, everything is working properly, but I don’t really see a change in the battery life. I charged it fully overnight and I took it off the juice at 5am. It’s noon now and I have 47 percent. I haven’t been using it much as I get no service at work, so it’s just sitting in my pocket. Do you have any settings that you changed manually to get the full effect or do you have any tips for things to turn off or not use to keep the battery savings at their optimal level?


  • jman

    runs really smooth, happy with the rom, battery is ok till u turn on wifi then it goes like crazy

  • leo

    love the designed. i like it a lot.
    i hope its better than the Bombarider rom. on battery life

  • Zav

    Their seems to be available BeastMod II v4.2. Is it a big difference to v2.5???

  • Ben

    I can’t adjust the in-call volume while the phone is against my ear. If I move the phone away, so that the screen turns on, then I can adjust the in-call volume. Is there a fix for this?


  • OndaWire

    I tried BeastMod v4.2 and it was buggy!! After searching through the forums the majority vote for best working ones are Version 3.5 and 4.0

    • OndaWire

      Beast mod 4.2 is great. I unfortunately did not follow my own rom changing methods and thats why 4.2 was buggy. I am using it now and hands down it is the best ROM for T-Mobile out there.

  • Ondawire

    WOW it is amazing… Melvin just released BeastMod Extreme v5.0…………….. It is the bomb. Melvin is the best out there when it comes to writing these roms.. BeastMod Extreme 5.0 is hands down the best out there..

  • Yoal

    I installed beastmod from the link above and everything went smoothly, but now my phone says that the market quit unexpectedly (process, it wont let me uninstall or anything. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

  • Ghaznavi

    I installed the ROM last night but observed no noticeable change in battery usage. I also notice that some fronds are quite satisfied with the battery usage on the ROM. Is there a fix? Kindly convey.