BlackEdition ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [UPDATE – RC7]

Here’s an update on the BlackEdition ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989. (See original review of BlackEdition ICS ROM here)

Since my last review (which was RC2), there’s been a ton of changes on the RC7.

The BlackEdition ICS ROM RC7 has been updated to the latest ICS ROM leak, Netflix working, Bloatware removed, AOSP keyboard, custom dictionary over Touchwiz, Bootanimation, fixed Exchange Mail servers, and a whole lot more.

You should expect near-perfect stock ICS performance from this ROM without all the bloatware. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

Download ROM:

Download BlackEdition ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, please see T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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  • Vega

    My callers hear an echo every time they call me, I tried 3 different people and I’m having the same problem. I removed the cover, I checked the noise reduction, the speaker phone and all that. It doesn’t do that with Juggernut 5.0 and others, only with the ICS roms. I hope you can help me, thanks.

    • DiZy

      Your not the only one with this issue, the devs are workin on fixin this issue with the new ICS roms bein put out. The Darkside ICS rom has removed it however its only in its alpha stages, be on the look out for a fix soon..

    • AlcaloidE

      During the call press the settings button and select noise reduction off.

  • BobbyPhoenix

    I’ve been using this since RC1. RC7 is awesome. Very stable. To help some early posts: No wi-fi calling, and no swipe. The call echo is hit and miss for some as I never had it once, but there is a fix for it in the XDA forums.

  • BobbyPhoenix

    EDIT – The link I gave is for a loose speaker, but there are other “fixes” for it if it’s a software bug. Just do a search for “echo fix”, and you should find what you need.

  • Jeff

    I’m booting off of the ROM now, but it is stuck at a screen that says Google with gears rotating under it. Any ideas?

    • Jeff

      Nevermind it’s working.

  • steven


    • DiZy

      Flash a different ICS radio. or go in and reflash the whole rom followin the instructions carefully not to miss anything.

  • artem

    the face recognition won’t work

    • RooTattoo

      in the settings for the lock screen scroll down and make sure it is set to sleep immediately after time-out if thats not selected, it automatically takes 30 seconds to activate each time. hope that helps.

  • Frank

    The mobile hot spot is not working and the reception sucks going back to Juggernaut 5.0 so far the best rom for t mobile galaxy s 2.

    • Paul

      I’m loving Malice and see no reason to “upgrade” to these ICS roms.

    • MyGalaxyIsTheBest

      I agree with you bro. Juggernaut works just perfect with the Darkside kernel.

      • Frank

        What darkside kernel are you running and where did you download it from ?

    • Jay

      Juggernaut 5.0 is a good rom, but its slow compared to the other ones.

  • kevin nguyen

    google and internet browser do not work!!

  • Castro

    This rom drains my battery. It looks awesome but the battery suxs. Is there anything i can do have better battery performance

    • dick_Luvr

      Ya go back to stock rom lolol 😛

      • DiZy

        Wait for new release or kernel

  • Kelvin

    Not sure if this is a bug or something with app compatibility; but, I’m having trouble updating Adobe Flash Player 11, Gmail, Google Play Music, and Maps via Google Play Store.

    Also, When I hold down the power button and try to use shut down or restart, it ends up freezing and then I just have to pull the battery out to get it to turn off.

    • Kelvin

      Sorry for the double post but going off of my previuos post-since I can’t restart the phone, I couldn’t successfully restore some things like contacts and messages.

    • BIg Dawg

      having same power down issues.

  • Matthew

    I installed this rom and now my phone is stuck in a boot loop. Any help?

    • DiZy

      Do a Darkside Wipe and fix permissions after flashing the rom

    • DiZy

      sorry should ahve been more specific. do a darkside wipe then flash the rom.. after its finished fix permissions and reboot =]

  • Kelvin

    Also when i go to the address book it looks for AT&T address book.

  • ThoreauHD
  • iveliz

    Its realy nice da update but i been watting for cyanogemod for dis phone went you guys going to have da rom?

  • kevin nguyen

    it swallow my battery so fast

  • J_Preston

    quick question and btw the roms are awesome but my question is, is there going to be a fix for the swype keyboard on any of the roms???

  • andy

    i have a problem with my phone please help! i fallowed all your instructiosn and my phone keeps restarting to the samsung and will not load! what do i do?!!?:

  • Tim

    after i installed the rom my phone went to some screen where it flashes back between the samsung screen and a google screen with mecanic things underneath and it wont leave it. can somebody help me get out of this

  • Dustin

    I can’t seem to get music to play when my phone is in a dock. I take it out the dock and it plays just fine. Yes I have the audio output mode checked in dock settings.

  • ralph

    is this ROM better than de megamix?

  • Thoreau

    This is the updated, and works better:

    I would post a link, but homer keeps deleting my posts.

  • Nard Parker

    Am I the only one having trouble using instagram on every version of pics including this one… is this because instagram hasn’t updated their app and made it available to 4.x users??

  • Jophiel

    this is BS. mine crashes whenever it reboot. man none of these ROM work PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen

    Are you guys having any problems with your contacts getting all messed up and not showing up or either being glitched and saying there is no number?

  • MouAX

    I flashed the latest BETA2 edition of this ROM and so far everything seems to work. It has been giving me great battery life in the past two days comparing to Juggernaut 5.0. The minor issues I’m having with Darkside Evolution are not that significant/major cause of headaches or annoyance to me so I’m not complaining.

    • MouAX

      Sorry, wrong page. Please delete.

  • MouAX

    Sorry, wrong page. I didn’t mean to post on BlackEdition ROM page. Please delete my post.

  • travis

    I would like to recommend those guy who root all the galaxy s2 phone…. in all the web you published just galaxy s2 european, american version…but where’s the JAPANESE NTTDOCOMO version… but please
    there’s alot of japanese people n rest who also has galaxy s2 docomo and they want to root their phone n want to enjoy the same flavour europe n american version.
    Please do something for us…try to work on some best rom and kernel.
    We beg you people

  • Tyler

    How do i install? I can only get to the hercules folder, it wont do anything else.

  • MikeNeedsHelp

    People are complaining of hearing themselves echo in my phone. Is this a rom issue, tmobile issue, or galaxy s2 issue? Anybody had this problem?

  • Brian

    When I power down my phone, it freezes! I also can’t hear anyone in my calls

  • andy

    I flashed darkside super wipe, and the only issue I had was the call echo, otherwise the rom seemed to be fine. No other issues, text was good. Trying another readio would probably fix this issue.

  • jaexkidd

    instagram wont let me upload photos and it freezes my phone afterwards, any fix?

  • Heeram

    is there screen capture command
    or do i have to install an app for it?

    • Max

      Most ics roms either have power plus center or volume buttons try those.