BlackEdition ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

For this week, check out the BlackEdition ICS ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989. This ROM is very similar to the ported Skyrocket ICS ROM featured last week except is tweaked with 16 toggles, zip-aligned, de-odexed, and should work a lot better. Try it out and let me know how this ROM works for you. In the meanwhile, we will be trying more ICS ROMs so stay tuned!

Download ROM:

Download BlackEdition ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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  • maei15

    good work… download now and test

    • daddyhall

      Is there any fix for the auto rotation, something we can maybe download to make it work because that sucks if it doesn’t rotate. If I back up my current rom do I still have to clear cache and user cache to re-install my backed up current rom?

      • Mike

        New releases of pretty much all the ICS ports have the autoroation hotfix added as of yesterday I believe.

        And yes you should do a super wipe. Using both Darkside’s Superwipe and Kernel Cleanser. Everything is on XDA in the BlackEdition thread.

  • maei15

    some problem’s until now
    – lock screen wallpaper error and phone hang.
    – all car games like Asphalt 6 faild to play, no movement directions are right
    but it is good so far , easy to install .

  • Matt

    Rough on install

    • Matt

      seems to be stuck on horizontal mode after install.

      • CJ

        I kept checking/unchecking auto rotate and fixed that, but every 30-40 seconds or opening an app; “” force closed, and I couldn’t take it after 10 minutes, literally couldn’t do anything, I loved how it looked, but couldn’t test anything out 🙁

      • daddyhall

        does anyone know where the Stock back up is for our phone, I want to make sure I have it, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is coming out. My friend from T-mobile told me and I would like to be ready to sell this one and grab the new one, if it’s worth it.

  • David

    I tried to use this rom and once installed it keeps restarting nonstop. I had to go back since it didn’t work twice. Any input guys?

    • Paul

      Great, my first attempt to install a rom and it’s just looping at startup. What do I do know?

      • Paul

        Ended up restoring stock rom. Seriously Max, everything goes well for you on the videos but then people have tons of problems in the comments.

        • Mike

          You have to wipe before you flash to prevent boot looping.

          • daddyhall

            How did you like it Mike, is it ok or the auto rotate causes a problem?
            I wanted to try it, i thought it would be a fix for auto rotate, that is a standard function.

  • Hector

    how to install?

  • Paul

    After 3 attempts, and 3 fresh installs this ROM will not read my Telus SIM card. I have installed several different ROMs before, always doing a full wipe/clean install using kernel cleanser, and superwipe. Finally giving up and returning to my Nandroid backup of Beastmod Extreme 5.0.

  • chris

    im kinda still new to this but i have an emergency i flashed this rom now its saying md5 mismatch and i cant restore anything and im stuck on bootloop with this rom it only lets me go to clockwork mod someone please help

    • Paul

      save yourself some anguish, once you get back into clockwod mod do a restore choosing the back up you made before…. assuming you did make a back up…. you did, right?

      • Paul

        tried flashing the rom directly from clockword mod, same result…. (loopy startup) any idea why? somebody?

        • georget

          you have got to run…..


          before you flash a new rom you should always do that anyways along with the normal……..

          +Wipe data/factory reset
          +Wipe cache partition
          +under advanced, wipe dalvik cache+wipe battery stats
          +(optional) under mounts and storage, format everything except for SD card,and emmc (internal SD)
          +Install rom (zip) from SD
          +Fix permissions and reboot, allowing 10 mins for the new kernel and ROM to settle in !

          should be good after that

          • Paul

            Fair enough, I found the but not the Can any one provide a link?

          • daddyhall

            that’s cool and everything but I didn’t have to use any of that stuff for mine and I wiped mine clean and I went back to my favorite, Malice, I with this Rom and Juggernaut 5.0 is tight also.

  • Hector

    Was buggy at first then flashed superwipe and reinstalled the rom . Now it works flawless not a lot of bugs like the first one!

    • Paul

      how do you flash superwipe?

      • Robert

        Download Darkside Superwipe and then flash it the same way you flash a rom. Boot into Clockworkmod and then install zip from sdcard.

  • Chris Terrin

    Best ics rom yet thx…

  • James Griffin

    Flashed this rom, got the boot loop. Went back to my working backup of foxstar.
    I agree that everything looks good in the video, but doesnt work after installation. Ive flashed juggernaut 4.1, 5.0, malice(loved it!) and foxstar, the only one that functions completely is foxstar. The other ROMs had the same issue-No MMS, and no gmail. I could not send/receive MMS, I could not send gmail but could receive.

  • Guy

    Yay, this one lets me keep Root! Unlike previous AT&T port. Screen rotation bug still present, sadly, so camera and youtube app worthless as a result. Some dialog boxes kind of white-washed out too (very hard to read). Very nice though! Is this gonna be my new daily driver? Perhaps.

    • Guy

      Really like this rom. Found some issues as well that I can confirm. First there is no way to set lockscreen wallpaper. Trying to crashes settings. Also, and this may be unrelated to the rom, but the screen NEVER turns self off when in Samsung dock. I have to press power button after any notification wakes screen or it stays on forever. Lastly, clicking setting to show weather on lockscreen crashes settings as well. Still my favorite ics rom to date!

      • daddyhall

        So really doesn’t sound like something I want to mess with. AT&T seemed cool but it had some bugs I don’t want to deal with and if this one isn’t too much better it’s not worth it. I wonder if the reason why it’s not out because of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is coming at really soon.

  • James Griffin

    Also flashed paradox, paradox 2 exact same issue. Flashed blue tuesday, and regular tuesday same issue.

  • Guy

    For those who get weird bootloops/freezing and such…I did to on other ROMS. I got rid of them by flashing 2 proggies prior to installing the ROM: and

    This wipes your phone CLEAN and ready for fresh ROM install. Give it a shot.

  • Robert

    Looks good. Some dialogue boxes are hard to read. Orientation bug is annoying, cuts down on the functionality, but it feels good to have a stable ICS Rom. Couldn’t get Swype to work and that’s a must have for me, so I’m heading back to the Malice rom for the time being. Keep up the great work! Love having all these great builds in one place with reviews.

    To those people having problems Guy is right, and and then flash the rom should solve any issues. Don’t forget to make a backup too. Clockworkmod is your best friend.

  • Chris

    Is this ROM still built off of the AT&T skyrocket ROM? Is anyone working on the T-Mobile ROM for the T989? I have yet to see anything. I am a purest and want to wait for the one that is specifically for my phone and my carrier.

    • Robert

      My understanding is that this is still the AT&T Rom stripped down. Don’t know when ICS for Tmobile will come out, but when it does a custom rom will be soon to follow

  • sowrab

    oh well at least i tried it didn’t meet my expectations at all.
    not saying that this is a bad rom, just didn’t like it. going back to tuesday rom.

  • georget

    the last ics rom really wasnt that great especially when it came to super user has anyone tried this out and had any issues with super user… i am running malice right now and love it.

  • boro

    Found on XDA, but where do you get from?

  • zog

    I just got my first android and installed this rom and it was awesome! After my sim wasn’t detected. Reinstaled and it was fine afterwards. Now all I want to do is to tether with my laptop. How can I do that? I can’t tether at both stock and app tethers. Help?

    • Alberto

      On your apps go to the app called UltraCfg open it and then press tethering always on then hit tethering always on again wait 10 seconds then take off the battery off your phone then put it back in then tethering should work now

  • bfloFBR

    Rom runs great until I try to restart or power down, then it gets stuck at the power off screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no luck but if i pull the battery it force closes when i start back up again. Really wanna find a good stable ics rom.

  • xtian07

    This ICS rom is much better than the skyrocket port but still not stable. One out of every 4 times I get stuck in a boot loop until I pull the battery out and reinsert it. Not to mention the Auto Rotate Bug needs to be fixed badly. I just wish Tmo would release the official ICS update for the S2 but apparently they are having problems!

    • Paul hennick

      Seriously!!! When!?

  • Alberto

    This Rom is Way better then the last one it installed flawless

  • darrell

    everything seems to work except my video player and netflix anyone have any suggestions

  • steve

    good rom but u cant use video recored and it frezzes on shut off

  • Tre

    After I flash the rom then restore with Titanium Backup, I constantly get the “Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped” error message. Is anyone else getting this and if so have you figured out what causes it/how to fix it?

  • Paul

    Ok…. so I just got my phone back to it’s stock rom. This rom doesn’t work enough to be a daily rom. The auto rotation, the camera didn’t work properly, Wi-Fi calling was gone, tethering didn’t work, many programs just don’t work correctly with this rom. I think we may need to wait for the actual Qualcom cpu port, this AT&T port just isn’t good enough to keep on my phone.

    And yes, I did all of the wipes, and I re-installed it a few times to see if I could get it to work like so many others are claiming that it does. However, it just never worked well enough.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for the actual T-mobile release and then debloat it!

  • curtis

    after doing darkside cleanser i was able to get it to fully pop up but it has a lot of bugs..gonna wait until the official tmobile rom comes out. until then gonna stick to jugg..

  • thomas guxman

    Someone should just make a site or something lets boycott samsung for doing this to us this is not fair tmobile and all the other companys holding back tmobile wont even say when we will get it not fair we didnt even get 3.0 come on thats b.s im seriously going to call them and cancel my contract because this is just an abuse !!!!!! SAmsung your just as guilty !!!! for not sending a over the air update ! then they wonder why apple is still kicking ass ! of course !