DARKSIDE ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

Remember DarksideEvolution ICS ROM? Well, the developer of that ROM XDA user Thederekjay has released another Darkside ICS ROM featuring Android 4.0.4, echo-free, 15 toggles, modified TouchWiz 5x4x5 launcher, and a whole lot more.

Give this ROM a whirl and let me know how it works for you!


Download Darkside ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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  • SCP

    About to test this ROM out. Let you know how it works for me. Thanks again.

  • zach

    Flashed this from last night.I love it. Fast, and smooth. Haven’t ran into any bugs so far. By far my favorite from. great job dev. Very impressed.

  • PirateMikr

    been running7.1 for a week now with touchOcolor mod….bad to the bone and no issues!!

  • Srinivas

    I have rooted to this ROM, last night simply fast, no bugs and issues so far…running perfectly so far….Awesome ROM so far excellent work Team..Kudos!!!

  • SCP

    This ROM is legit!

    Not Included:

    Everything else works! NICE!

    • Peter

      Is there a fix for the wifi calling?

  • Yves

    I Love It, I download the regular TMobile ics, I Give it up for this one with automatically installing all my prior apps + flipboad apps and more and more great J O B.

  • sucio

    Downloaded it and installed it… apps are being updated… i’ll let ya’ll know how it goes….

  • Rigo

    Is this the telus or tmobile rom? The video won’t play for me. Thanks!

  • Jack

    I just pulled T-mobile Official ICS last night. Can I now root and install any of the available ICS ROMS? I wasn’t sure if the ROMS would work with the stock ICS as well as with a ported version of ICS. Sorry…I’m new at this.

  • Dominic

    Where can I get the offical tmo ics I tried kies but it would not connect

  • RayMcc

    I’ve tried quite a few ICS ROMs on this phone, this is definitely the best so far. I haven’t had a chance to test the WiFi or BlueTooth yet, but everything else is pretty smooth.

    – Ray

  • Iain

    Amazing ROM, for me at least it was the most battery efficient ROM. I was on AOKP for a little but there are too many bugs. I’ll be using this for awhile.

  • sWAG

    DOPE ROM. smooth. havent seen any bugs. you are the man thanks a lot!

  • sucio

    Installed perfectly… love it… only thing that sucks is that, when i try to restore my backed up data from KIES, KIES doesn’t recognize it.. There goes my Thousands of pics….. Any help with this?

  • kris

    So before i was useing a different darkside paradox2 ginerbread…. first thing i noticed. this version was based off ATT hence the 4g symbol is different.. the last rom was underclocked to 1.2ghz by thte rom settings. And this doesnt seem faster. it actually seems slower toggeling back and fourth from text service. Some calls seem fuzzy when i connect my tombile with ATT users at times.. Also what i dont like about this one is when im trying to text someone and i try to hit text box for a longer period of time it doesnt allow me to toggle between the input selections. I have to manually switch on settings. I just got it today and these were some of the issues i noticed.

  • Art

    I found a great Darkside Evolution 3 Rom and all available mods here:


    Its based on the recent Official T-Mobile ICS Update for SGSII.

    I think its an excellent rom. Works great for me so far.

    • Alpa

      I do not understand is in the links of “radios” have to download all files and place them in the “sd”? or only one of three available?

      before installing “rom” select radio files but which of the options?

      • barribow

        Just read the instruction on the xda link. It should be good. There are lots of guides in that website too but may need a lot of time to read them. Good luck!

    • barribow

      Thanks for the comment on comparison between AOKP and Darkside. I was looking for an opinion for that.

  • John

    I upgraded (and rooted) to ics when it just came out, will this rom still work?

  • Lorenzo Chavez

    how would i update this from the previous version

  • Danger

    I’ve been using this ROM for a couple of days now, and it hasn’t given me any problems yet. The only annoying things where (1) that the default browser came with about 10 bookmarks that had to be deleted through sqlite, (2) the gmail app didn’t come installed, (3) the google maps app didn’t come installed.

    However, a few minutes of Play and Titanium Backup, and things were fine.


    Anyone know how to get Gesture Search to work with long-pressing the “search” button in ICS?

  • Brandon

    I just tried to install this rom and I when I tried to restore my apps with titanium backup, I got a message saying that “device management” has quit working, When i tried to do a reboot, with a cache wipe, I got stuck in a bootloop. Any suggestions???

    • Max

      You might have backed up a system app and restoring it might be interfering? That’s my guess, try to backup handful of apps at a time and try to pinpoint which app is causing this.

  • Khalid

    Hello All,
    thank you for the ROM, can someone please post steps that need to be taken to install this ROM,
    thank you,

  • Wes

    This rom runs great. You have to reinstall gmail and maps, but its no big deal. I had a freezing issue with text messaging, but it went away after a few minutes. The only thing i would like to see in an updated version is overclock. Everything is great though.

  • kris

    I also didnt get youtube… also the screen capture is gone! and i came to the conclusion that connection if you call someone with ATT is a little off.. anyone else experience this?

    • Mike

      for screen capture, press home and power at the same time

  • Jeremy

    This ROM is pretty cool, but did anybody else find that they don’t get their gmails. I got up in the morning, checked my phone for emails, but there were no new ones, which has NEVER happened. I got all of them fine on my Transformer, but no new gmails on this rom. Anybody else?

  • Jeremy

    Nevermind, fellas. This app turns gmail sync off. Just had to flip it on. Get with it, Jeremy

  • zach

    Says Im data roaming and I lose my 4G. How can I fix this devs. I have to reboot my phone in order to work. Its not a big problem. I was just wondering if there was a quick fix.

  • Brandon

    I retried installation and now, I cannot install apps from the android market. The download will not begin. Help?!?!?

    • Max

      wipe cache in cwm and reboot.

      • John

        Can someone please tel me how should i perform wipe cache in cwm, do you i need to install additional software to install this rom??? thanks

  • cash

    Please Help…I have flashed this rom works great but flash player will not work PLEASE HELP ..ANYBODY

  • Carlos

    This is a request to Thederekjay: Please build a version of this ROM with a higher speaker volume. It really is too low. The last ROM I used, forget the name, had good volume – very loud, which was nice. The ROM works great, but the one issue is the low volume. Can you build some solution / configurability in for the speaker volume? Specifically for media / music playback.


  • HR

    Flashed DarksideEvolution 3, and must say it is a very very nice ROM, however, can not edit contact, and also HDMI is not working.

  • kris

    I agree with carlos sound is low!
    So I changed from gingerbread darkside paradoxII to this att variant rom and then i tried the guys above with the tmobile variant.. and i must say.. i think my paradox which was under clocked felt faster.. and now i have reverted back to that rom. When im texting the screen shakes and then does this little animation like thing that seems a little slower. also when im trying to call someone to get to the call screen takes longer.. overall my experience is not that great. however… the battery life may seem like it lasts longer on the bright side..?? these are all qualitative tests not actually measured in anyway.. but im usually right about things… if something smells fishy .. there might be a fish present in the room

    • kris

      I tried the v4 of the darkside rom i tried off XDA.. and at first i thought it was really good… then… i started crashing after my texts programs frozeup.. idk why.. Im useing CWM they recomended .7 or w/e but i didnt bother.. however i did wike cache and davilk cache. I might have some words wrong…
      However it felt faster than my paradox2 gingerbread…..when it was working. it fet faster fliping though the apps and toggleing with all animation off.. However it think ics has some more animation and graphics crap that actually makes it slower… and when i toggle to make a call i use Google voice so that menu to select GV or regular phone takes a second longer than normal in all the darkside ics roms i tried..
      So i reverted back to my paradox2 darkside ginerbread.. i feel this is alot faster still… im a guy that likes pure performance and i dont like waiting… at all.. i dont play games i just wanna text and make calls as fast as possible while toggleing music and some web.. any suggestions??

  • Peter

    Okay i’ve been reading these posts, and i’ve been using this ROM for two days now, i did reinstall it… long story. but after reinstalling it works wonders the reboot and power off work great, adoble flash player works, volume is fine, everything works idk why some people have a problem. Great rom, cant wait until you post up some new ones really into this rooting thing now.

  • Brandon

    My friend attempted to flash this rom. He says his camera completely failed and now the phone is now seeming to be bricked. What can he do to restore his phone (if possible)????????

  • John

    Really liking this rom. Only trouble is with BT.? Though this was updated, any ideas?

  • Hey

    Mine is stucked on Edge, any suggestions?

  • zeusc01

    I installed the previous version in my galaxy, good and stable room. This new one I having for a day so far so good, doesn’t have a wi-fi calling.

  • Nataka

    GPS has problem. Always Searching for GPS. Even Connected to the Wifi still waiting for location.

  • Eric

    automatic network time is not working, I need to set manually.

  • Alpa

    in the xda forum Darkside Evolution 3 Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1623430
    this version but there are radio links, as used?
    could you post some tutorial to understand it better?


  • Mike

    @MAX, is there a way to screen capture after downloading this rom? Screen capture using (Power+VOLdown or Power+Home) does not seem to work anymore. Can you please help me asap?

    • Mike

      nvm.. i figured it out. It was just HOME+POWER

      • Mike

        only problem i have now is that there is no music player widget. theres only a app to click on to open the app. anyone know what to do?

  • porsucu

    Love the Rom but i wish Swype was integrated like stock os instead of just having Swype beta. Also GPS does not work.

  • Chris

    Hey Max could you make a vid on Darkside Evolution 3 Rom v7 latest release 6/23/12 Looks very promising for those of us who need wifi calling,
    CWM RECOVERY – NON TOUCH , guess id better check and make sure i have v

  • Peter

    I’ve actually already updated to Darkside 3v7 and I have to say that this is the smoothest and best rom ever I literally have no problems with it I’ve actually been running it for a day now maybe it’s to soon to say anything but it’s great. I’m posting this because someone asked max if he could do a review but just wanted to give in my input. OH and the radio was taken out by the developer so you have to download the radio, just flash it before you flash the rom. Yep that’s it

  • Jeremy

    My data stopped working this morning. WI-FI works just fine, but my data is just not there.. I have a feeling it may be the ROM. I unrooted, went back to stock ICS, and it worked again, but after a re-rooted and re-flashed the ROM I got nothing. Anybody?

    • operationmove

      Jeremy, I am having the same problem. I didn’t notice it for a day or two because I was at home over wifi the entire time. I left for work this morning, and received texts and calls, but no other data. Tried flashing a different radio, no dice, tried full wipe and reflash (following instructions perfectly) and still no go on the data. It mentions I am data roaming so I have lost connectivity, even though I have data roaming checked. If you find anything out let me know and I’ll do the same for you, I guess it’s on to Odin now…

      • Jeremy

        Yeah, I still have got nothing. I’m going to try a different ROM. Anything from you?

  • Matthew

    I have been running this rom for about a week now. I love it. The only issue i have is google instant results do nothing when clicked. I use the default browser with the homepage set to google.com. Its not a big problem but it sucks typing out a search. Does anyone have this problem or know how to fix it?

  • tommy

    would the darkside evolution work on the galaxy blaze t769

  • jesus

    i bought my s2 with this rom,, and here are my flaws with it,, when you hit shutdown. the screen turns off correctly and the home back menu search key lights stay on forever unless i pull out the batt.. also. my battery takes forever to charge .. id say like hour and half to charge 30%

  • deontrey crumpton

    hey max i have this darkside on my s2 but i want it off , have any idea how to get it and back to stock or get it back up running , because i think i deleted some files and now it just comes to the dark side load screen and stay there !
    need help asap