DarksideEvolution ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2! [SGH-T989]

For this week, ROM of the week for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 is the DarksideEvolution ICS ROM.

The DarksideEvolution ICS ROM comes with two launchers to choose from, Apex and TouchWiz.

Some of notable features include fixed rotation (from leaked ICS), 5x4x5 TouchWiz Modified Launcher, Scrolling Wallpaper support, Customizable 15 toggle quick panel, Enabled Internet Calling over WiFi and 3g/4g, MMS Enhancements, and smoothness hack for framework.

Give it a try and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

Download DarksideEvolution ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, please see T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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  • Huy

    Looks good! I’m going to test it out

    • Huy

      I got bootloop D: But I’m going try and get it to work

      • Huy

        Ok I may be wrong, I’m testing out my theory

      • Huy

        Ok it works, and is there anyway to delete comments? lol

    • Camau68

      I installed it and now my superuser is not working. It won’t update, Please help.

  • Olias

    I’m excited, I have tried almost every ROM avail for this model and have been running darkside digital warfare for several months despite new updates to popular ROMs. I found darkside just has a better design. Looking forward to see what has been done with new ICS ROM as others I have tried have had some issue or another causing me to have to trash it and restore back after a day or two. I will keep ya updated on what the dealio is

  • Robert

    Best Rom for Tmobile S2 yet! Unlike the other Roms, this one has great call clarity. I tried all the others and this was the only thing holding me back from adopting an ICS port permanently. So far, this Rom is great and I think I’ve finally left Gingerbread in the past. Now… about Jelly Bean…

  • tushar bulsara

    love this rom. instagram is working for me!!

    • jesuisd3

      Can you post pics?……..my just restarted when i tried to post a pic

      • tushar bulsara

        yup i can post pics.

        • uchihaMadara

          So where are the pics?

          • tushar bulsara

            He was asking if i could post pics to instagram. not here!!!

  • CJ

    process.acore continuously crashes non-stop, even after tons of cache clearing and dalvik wiping as well… unusable for me… any ideas?

    • Jonathan

      I had the same issue for a while but the same developer on XDA also put out a cache wipe code that wipes the cache partition, the Dalvik Cache as well as fixes permissions and that worked for me.

    • vzqsmooth56

      easy fix that i was having and this always works

      system settings>applications>all>contact storage and clear data

      should be fixed now:)

  • lorenzo

    My Wi-Fi is not working properly. Won’t connect.

  • MouAX

    I flashed the latest BETA2 edition of this ROM and so far everything seems to work. It has been giving me great battery life in the past two days comparing to Juggernaut 5.0. The minor issues I’m having with Darkside Evolution are not that significant/major cause of headaches or annoyance to me so I’m not complaining.

  • Josh

    Do you have to do all of the stuff they say to do over at XDA, or can you just wipe and flash like it says here on this website? What did everyone else do whose already installed?


    • Ray

      Do everything the OP says at XDA if you want a trouble free rom.

    • Mike

      Defiantly do exactly what the XDA says, I thank Max for the ROMs and links but he leaves out a lot of technical details which causes a lot of problems. Basically I come to this site to see what ROMs are around then go to the development site to get the latest downloads and exact instructions on how to flash. Also, you will get all known bugs and such… BTW, I use Kernel Cleanser right after the Super Wipe, it seems to work great for me.

  • tushar bulsara

    i did the darkside super wipe.
    then installed the radio and then the rom. let it sit for about 10 mins and then you are good to go

    • Jonathan

      You did it backwards… you are supposed to do the wipe, then install the ROM… then install the radio. But if it isn’t giving you and problems then It really doesn’t matter. If it does however, you might have to start over again.

      • tushar bulsara

        According to the XDA website:
        FLASH ONLY USING – ClockworkMod Recovery – NON Touch Recovery

        01. Download ROM (Link is Below)
        02. BACKUP ALL APPS with preferred method (ie: Rom Toolbox, Titanium, My Backup, etc..)
        03. Place ROM on ROOT of your SD card.
        04. Boot into Recovery Mode
        05. Do a NAND BACKUP!!!
        06. Flash DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE
        07. Flash UVLC8 Radio (Link is below)
        08. Flash ROM.
        09. After flashing is complete, Reboot…
        10. Let device sit for 10min without touching, then reboot.
        11. Done!

        • john

          dont wanna sound like a noob but whats radio??

        • Mike

          LMAO, Johnathan was totally wrong, I don’t think he should be giving advice when he can’t read the install procedures from XDA. I think the guys that made the ROM know a little more about how to install it then he does LOL. What to go tushar, you did it exactly right 🙂

  • Jeff

    Best ROM yet for t-mobile. Installed smooth and everything functions. Wifi took a bit to hook up to my home network the first time, but no problems since.

  • Josh

    Ok, so I went ahead and installed it the way they say on this website, and it worked alright, but there seem to be two issues that I’m aware of.

    First, the wifi keeps dropping and picking back up. It never did that before.

    Second, the screen does not time out correctly. It does eventually time out, but it stays on for a lot longer than the minute I have it set for. It’s killing my battery life. I’m downloading darkside superwipe and the radio now ….

    I’ll report back.

    • Josh

      I flashed darkside superwipe, the radio in the xda post, and the rom, and I’m still having wifi issues. It’s connecting and then dropping, and reconnecting. It’s killing my battery. I used to have a stable wifi signal with juggernaut 5.0.


      • Jonathan

        Download the Darkside Cache wipe from the OP. Flash it in recovery and you shouldn’t have that problem anymore.

        • Josh

          Do I simply flash it the one time and reboot, or do I need to do the whole thing again, darkside superwide, cache wipe, radio, and rom?

        • Mike

          JONATHAN, read the XDA install for this ROM before you give bad advice. You are correct about the Cache wipe but you need to read the ROM install procedure again. “Radio comes before ROM”.

  • james

    It works well to me just have to enable root helper for some apps to work but instagram still don’t find the server

  • Mustafa

    everything was good till today when i woke up. kept freezing and not loading messges. i guess ill flash darkside super wipe again and see what happens. anyone have the same issue?

  • y371

    This is the most stable ICS ROM I’ve tried for the T989, certainly better than the Skyrocket port. Several problems noone seems to be fixing: the that appears when you long-press an entry in the Call Log does absolutely nothing: it’s broken. Every once in a while something will break and you won’t be able to launch an app anymore. Spotify has the bad habbit of crashing a lot on this, but after reboot of the phone it works. Last but not least, for some reason my phone suddenly thinks I am roaming, when I am not.

    Your mileage may vary.

  • ahmed elkady

    I’m getting extremely slow data speeds, any thoughts for a fix. I tried flashing a few different modems.

  • Miguel Rios Deleon

    Does anyone have a problem using playmarket freakin sign in my account but stays at signing in also whats with the dialer why doesnt it look all cool blue like the others i thought once u switched to ics u get the blue dialer

    • Jonathan

      It’s coming soon…. The rom is only in it’s second version of BETA testing… there is more to come.

  • Paul

    Everything seems great and stable. Just did a 4G speedtest and got 9 mbps. What I don’t really understand is that I was expecting ICS to have much more updated features, like email, web and calendar. Those three features, especially, see identical to those i had with Gingerbread. I don’t see anything updated.

  • Mrchris100

    Im getting 11 Mbps LOL!!! Im liking this app . most stable ICS Ive seen Yet to come to the T989

    • Tyler

      I hit about 15 Mbps if not more every day. My data speeds are faster then my GFs we have gone to Chicago lots of times and tested our phones using speed test and she has LTE to my HSPA+ and i still beat her every time she can get to about 11Mbps give or take.

  • Martin

    hey I still hear an echo anything to fix it ?

    • Jonathan

      Reading through XDA if you still have the echo after you have flashed the Darkside Cache Wipe then you did something wrong or skipped a step in the isalling of the ROM. I had the same issue, so I went back, Performed a Darkside Superwipe and followed the installation instructions to a T, and I no longer had an echo. Hopefully that works for you.

  • Adham

    Does face unlock work?

    • Jonathan

      Yeah. Only catch is that you have to be in a decently lit area otherwise it won’t recognize your face.

  • Will

    Hey I love the ROM but my phone is getting pretty hot randomly and today I had a meeting that was an hour n 30 min ….when I got there I had 83% battery when I was leaving I had 2% ….any suggestions ?

    • Brandon

      I’ve noticed if I get any notification, the screen lights up – similar to hitting the unlock button. Still researching this.

  • Huy

    Hmm my standby time is excellent, however if I start using my phone for anything the battery drops quite quickly.

    • Huy

      Does anyone get this problem? I used the Malice II ROM and my battery was great both on standby and on usage. However, this ROM only gets 1/2 of that, which is great standby time only.

  • Blaket918

    The only issue im having is… I CANT DELETE CALLS AND MESSAGES IN CALL LOG…

    any suggestions?

  • Alex

    I downloaded the ROM but when it comes to moving it to the SD card i dont know which file to move over. theres META-INF, setup, and system. which one do i copy over? thanks!

    • Huy

      You do not unzip it. You leave it in its .zip file and move it into the SD card.

  • Huy

    Well apparently the first time I did the battery calibration, it didn’t seem to have helped. But I redid it and it appears to be much better.

  • Jeff

    Every time I start to think of downloading one of these and installing it, I read the comments and reconsider.

    • tushar bulsara

      but this one is a really good stable ROM. I have been using it since the day it came out as a daily driver.
      the Best most stable ICS ROM out there for the T989!!

    • Huy

      Are some of them mine? Don’t worry about those, because those are just very minor annoyances lol

    • Mike

      Jeff, don’t pay much attention to what you read here. Remember a lot of people here are new to ROM flashing. Go to the XDA & make sure you get the latest version & look over the bugs list. If you can live with the known bugs then go for it. I am using this ROM for the first time & I already know it has a couple of very minor bugs that I can live with. You can’t delete your call log for example but that is no problem because there are other ways to clear the log. Anyway, check out the XDA & read the posts from the site so you can see what other people with the latest build are saying. If I find fixes for any on the know bugs I will be sure to LYK.

  • Kevin

    This ROM looks good and works well except for sending mail on Exchange. There is a 4.04 apk fix out but I cannot get Root to work in a file explorer in order to overwrite the 4.03 version. Anyone been able to fix email?

  • joe

    how do i upgrade to ICS with the CWM touch? i read on the XDA that you need the CWM touchless and not sure what to do now.

    • Hector

      Download rom manager and flash touchless simple as that

  • tushar bulsara

    BETA 3 is out… has more bug fixes!!

  • Jay

    I’m like this rom. My first time ever rooting and installing a rom. Only problem is my 9mm HD game is not working properly. D-pad missing and compass. Can’t move or shoot ! Help l

  • Scott

    I Had no Problem flashing this rom Instagram works fine for me the only ProblemI’m having is that My 1080p Camera won’t record Videos it takes Pics fine but no Video. Any Suggestions?

  • Kevin

    Anyone know if sending mail through Exchange has been fixed in Beta 3?

  • Lee

    Installed this and all i have to say is WOW! everything works – instagram, wifi, wifi tethering, call quality is 100%, wifi calling is 100% Darkside did a fantastic job with this rom!

  • Lee

    Oh i forgot to mention – i just installed the rom as is and its 100%

  • andy

    So, I can’t install any updates from Play Market. Anybody have this issue? error (491)

    • tushar bulsara

      wipe cache in recovery

  • @be

    Just curious if there’s a way to do a screen shot without having to get an app for that . Use to do it with a slight hold of the home button then the power button. Doesn’t do that anymore.

  • chris

    Is there any custom themes for this one its so stock and.ugle

  • Mustafa

    i have the beta 3 and everything works execept the messaging. it takes forever to load the messages and then when it does it doesnt show the contact name for a few seconds. and then when go to text someone the screen goes black for like 5 seconds before it loads up the messages any idea on how to fix this? oh and it takes forever to load the contacts too.

    • andy

      I had an issue with messaging, as well. Mine wouldn’t display any contact info, everyone was “Anonymous”, and I couldn’t send messages, either. I’m a noob at this, so I switched back to Malice without trying anything.

      • Mustafa

        yeah, thats the problem i had. and it would take forever to load the messages. its actually working fine now it just randomly stops working idk ill give it more time i guess. i had malice before this too so we’ll see

  • BatsySpidey

    This is working perfectly! No bugs except one minor relating to the search bar, which didn’t bother me. I can’t wait for the AOKP ICS ROM for the T989 and hope that it has all the functions as those running on the I777

  • Ken

    Installed the ROM , works great but my GPS location is 8 miles off now, How to fix the GPS driver?

  • Ken

    Never mind by using wi-fi , now corrected the problem

  • Mustafa

    none of you have any problems with your messaging? takes forever to load and wont shot contact info at all

  • Ken

    oops without Wi-Fi . GPS location remains 8 miles off.

    Any solution?

  • djintrigue

    Anyone tried a different kernel with this ROM?

  • HR

    I have installed Beta3 and every thing works pretty smooth, except can not edit any contact. Also I tried several app freezer and none was found to work, therefore, can not freeze any app. Any idea how to freeze apps?.

  • Ken

    I have installed Beta3 and every thing works pretty smooth, except can not edit any contact.

    I installed Beta3 and it works like champ and it warrants Beta to be removed now

    Thank you so much, my GPS problem fixed with Beta3 too

  • chris`

    man this thing losses signal eveyr other second any fix?

  • Rob

    Great daily driver if you follow these instructions exactly:

    1. Go to website “link below” :


    Download the following:


    Next go to the following site scroll down and download the following
    two files.:
    1. TDJs Super Wipe
    2. The Kernel Cleanser
    The Link is below:

    I know the link is for Tuesday ROM but you need to go there to get the two above
    listed files. You will want to keep the (Super Wipe & Kernel Cleanser) ; always use them
    before flashing ROMs.


    The DEV says you need ClockworkMod Recovery – NON Touch Recovery. I am using – NON Touch Recovery and it works just fine. The dev is mostly just saying don’t use a recovery that uses Touch. If you rooted your phone using the galaxsys2root.com way then you are fine.

    When you flash any ROM other than this ROM please do it in this order:
    1. Flash Super Wipe.
    2. Flash Kernel Cleanser.
    3. Flash ROM

    Remember The ROM we are flashing right now uses a RADIO (Modem) for noobs LOL. When you flash
    This ROM you will need to do it in this order.

    1. Flash Super Wipe.
    2. Flash Kernel Cleanser.
    3. Flash RADIO
    4. Flash ROM.
    5. Reboot phone, enter the usual Welcome stuff & once at desktop
    Don’t forget to flash RADIO before ROM.

    A known bug is the call log will not clear on this ROM, you can’t long press and remove either. A fix for this is to do the following: Settings > Applications > All > “Scroll down to LogsProvider & clear data”. That will clear your call log. To clear your messages just long press on message & select delete.

    DARKSIDE.CACHE.WIPE: (You downloaded this under MODS)

    USE THIS IF YOU NEED TO WIPE CACHE’S OR FIX PERMISSIONS IN RECOVERY. THIS IS TO BE FLASHED IN RECOVERY! This replaces the need for using built in recovery functions. The DARKSIDE.CACHE.WIPE script will wipe both the /cache partition and the dalvik cache. After its has completed the wipe, it will then fix permissions (the correct way). This should hopefully fix that damn ICS reboot hang issue once and for all.

    Well, I hope this helps, this is exactly what I did and my ROM is working perfectly.

  • Rob

    I posted exact instructions how to get this bad boy perfect but my post has not shown up yet. I even included links to everything you will need. I love this ROM, I hope my post shows up, it is very thorough.

  • Rob



    • Rob


      • admin

        Okay, thanks for getting back to me though. *facepalm 🙂

  • BatsySpidey

    Btw, Darkside Beta 04 has been out for a few days and it is so much better! I recommend finding it on XDA and flashing it 😀

  • Irtiza Haider

    Did anyone figure out how to take screenshots?

    • BatsySpidey

      Home and power button hold for a second.

  • andy
  • Kevin

    Been running Beta 5 for a day and have seen no issues. I loaded the Telus Radio and all is great. Exchange sync is 100%.

    Great build.

    • Paul

      What’s the deal with these “radios”? Do you flash them separately?

      • andy

        Boot into recovery
        Make a Nandroid backup
        flash superwipe
        flash radio (i used blaze 4g, and I have good reception and no echo)
        flash rom
        reboot and let sit for 10 minutes (it’s gotta cook, lol)

  • Yash

    Hey my phone stucked while rebooting…
    It said have patience but it took too much of time… How much average time does it take??? Please help me as soon as possible!!:(

  • Vernon Bent

    Hi everyone: Great Rom. Unfortunately I cannot download swype, i select English and hot get swype and get “parse error”. Any idea why it is happening?

    • BatsySpidey

      Happened to me as well. I just restarted the whole process. Most likely a download error. Did you try installing Swype through Titanium back up? If so, it may caused errors. best thing to do is uninstall, download Swype from the website and try again. If not, restart t process of reflashing. Beta 06 is out running Touchwiz from Galaxy S3. It runs great with no bugs yet. Try it out while you’re at it.

      • Vernon

        I repeated the process about 6 times and still cannot load swype ob beta 05 or beta 06. The error i get is “parse error” There is a problem parsing the package”. This is the one ive downloaded myself from the swyper website and nothing..

        any thoughts

  • ellon

    i flashed beta 2 and it works great… but I want beta 6 now. I always do as much reading as possible before opening this can of worms and one question I have, which doesn’t seem to be addressed anywhere is: what is the difference between the 4 different radio options? which is best for me? any input would be greatly appreciated.

    • BatsySpidey

      There is a lot that has been improved. LB7 and LDE worked great for me. I haven’t tried the other radios.

  • Vernon

    I repeated the process about 6 times and still cannot load swype ob beta 05 or beta 06. The error i get is “parse error” There is a problem parsing the package”. This is the one ive downloaded myself from the swyper website and nothing..

    any thoughts

    • BatsySpidey

      Are you doing the correct flash order? Superwipe, flash radio, flash Beta0X? If you are using SGH-T989_DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4, use DARKSIDE.CACHE.WIPE after to fix permissions. To me, it isn’t mandatory to let the device to sit for 10 minutes after boot up, but it is best to follow the Dev’s instructions.Also, if it seems like it is giving you problems trying to install through the preinstalled Swype app, go to applications, clear data if any, install and download again through Swype.com

      • Vernon

        What Radio am I supposed to flash? I did T989_DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4. and then flashed beta06. Cleared the pre-installed swype and installed the new one from swype.com and still getting parse error. What radio should I flash and can you get send me the link for it?

        Thanks so much

        • BatsySpidey

          Oh yeah, don’t use Team Win Recovery. Just use the latest version of non touch Clockworkmod. You can degrade to non touch CWM by downloading ROM Manager on Google Play.

  • BatsySpidey

    Don’t think it is necessary but flash Darkside.cache.wipe, after T989_Darkside.Super.Wipe_ext4. Here is the original thread by TDJ

    • Vernon

      Which radio do you recommend Flashing?

      • BatsySpidey

        From what I read, all work just as good. It might just depends on your location. I used LB7 on both 04-06 and got same results as when I was running stock GB. Currently on LDE and works flawlessly as well. I’d say flip a coin or randomly choose one lol.

  • admin

    You just have to try each one and find the one that gives you best signal.

    • Danl

      Hey, they are pushing currant binary from T-mobile to my phone, says Samsung official.
      Also says downloading, don’t turn off target. I was at work working on a printer when I went to use my phone it was frozen so I held the power button down and shut, when it turned back on it was in a downloading mode. Can you please leave e-mail for me and tell me what to do. I don’t know if I should turn it off it might brick my phone.

  • Rpunya

    Downloaded Darkside last night on my Samsung Galaxy SII and I have to say I was loving it every single second. The UI is great, the only problem I have right now is sometimes calls won’t go through, there’s no dial tone, and the delays from my end to the other person are about 4 seconds.

    Sometimes the Wi-Fi calling works fine, and then sometimes the regular cellphone data doesn’t make calls. Can’t find anything wrong other than that!

    Any ideas?

  • Alex

    I’ve Been Using the Darkside Evolution UCLE2 Beta 7.1 and it is by far the best rom i have seen. It works perfect no bugs absolutely flawless Great Battery Life Reduced bloat Easy to flash and Constantly getting improved thanks to TDJ. Definitely Flash that version of the ROM. Can’t wait to see whats in store with ROMs of the Official ICS update coming June 11th.

  • ray

    Instagram works yet ? And lately my phone begins to lag or freezes for a bit when I am trying to dial.

  • Tim

    Thank you DEV!!!! I had android version 2.3.5, and my wifi would always cut off when the screen locked. This rom fixed it! It feels so good to download something and not have to touch the screen every 30 seconds.

  • Tim

    Download this rom, if you have wifi problems. Trust me!

  • Tom

    Hey this an amazing rom but i can someone help me?
    I did everything the direction said to do and everything works but my camera doesnt. When i open up the camera app, it says camera failed.

    Any advice?

    Thanks i really appreciate it

  • Tom

    Hey this an amazing rom but can someone help me?*

    • trevor

      Had the same thing happen to me. I was able to put it to sleep and wake it back up and it worked again. I think it’s wonky. I’m going to try out the latest Darkside beta based on the tmo official ICS now. Maybe there is a fix…

  • trevor

    I’m having trouble with Wifi Calling – there is a huge lag in the time from when I speak to when the other person hears. It’s bad enough to not use wifi calling at all (which is a pain cuz I don’t get service at work). ALSO! More importantly, I can’t seem to get any 4G service anymore. Sometimes I can connect, sometimes it just takes a while, and sometimes it simply does not come back. I am going to try the latest Darkside based on the official tmo ICS build and hope there is a fix (also upgrade the radio).

    My only other qualm is that there are still a few apps that hang when opening or go to a black screen. I really love this ROM and I hope the next one is better still!

    • trevor

      PS- Have been using it since Day 1, so I have had a lot of time with it.

  • Ricky


    Can I know the difference between the Tmobile version vs this darkside version? I am very interest to know the benefit of using a rooted version. It seems the current Tmobile version works fine….if there are some nice benefits of using the rooted versino, such as battery life…I definitely go for it. Thanks.

  • mazhar

    Hi, I downloaded this about a week and half ago and I have to say I am truly amazed! First thing I noticed was better battery life and also very smooth transition! It’s definitely worth the download!

    • mazhar

      I noticed that the telenav app was missing but i downloaded from the market and it was no problem after that.

  • EiviJK

    How do i change the applictions icon on the dock cuz mine is on the side and i want it in the middle.