How to Get Free Wifi Tether on ICS T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

For those of you who want to get free wifi tethering on ICS with T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, you can easily do it by freezing or un-installing the Tethering Provisioning app using the Titanium Backup app.

Just freeze (with Pro version) or just un-install (with free version) and voila, you can use the native wifi tethering app on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989.

Remember, all data you use “still count” under your data plan, this just allows you to not have to pay additional tethering fees from T-Mobile, which is ridiculous anyways, why are they charging customers TWICE for the internet they paid for already?


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  • Paul

    This method did not work at all for me. I went through all the steps, I got a Green Pass in Odin, everything seems to have worked, except once I’m booted up and running the OS I don’t have su.

    Any suggestions??


    • Max

      You have to reboot into cwm and flash that file too.

  • Paul

    Sorry, I posted this on the wrong page. I already knew how to get rid of the tethering app from when I did it on Gingerbread.

    thanks anyway.

  • Tommy

    Just wanted to let you guys know that this might not work. My case may be an isolated incident, but I rooted my phone (it tuns stock ICS), froze the “Tethering Provisioning” app via Titanium Backup and tethering worked, but after a while I kept getting the upsell page from T-Mobile requiring me to purchase a tethering plan.

  • Nick Spencer

    I don’t know what else to do. I have rooted my phone…installed titanium and froze my tether I have even installed a custom rom and STILL T-Mobile is catching me and trying to make me pay for tethering. I really think I have been defeated.

    • Dmitri

      the only thing t-mobile can see is the user agent of your browser. Say you are using firefox on your computer via the mobile hotspot, and they notice that and cut you off. Happened to me. Just changed the user agent of your browser (FF has a plug in: to some mobile agent and enjoy free internet.

      • Exynos

        My problem with this is that I use ICS + browser and changed the useragent to desktop. If they get mad at me for that then they can screw off.

  • Ceasar

    That worked GREAT, thanks 🙂

  • TmobileBlockedME

    I followed the instructions and uninstalled the tether provision – now Tmobile has blocked my internet access. I cant access on my mobile and i restored the uninstall in titanium and im still blocked. One of my apps says xml failure…anyone know what to do?

  • TmobileBlockedME

    also, i have stock ICS…

  • Franck

    Y no new posts?

  • Brent

    Anyone know if there are any new rom builds using the tmobile ics?

    • Max

      yes there is, I am posting it today!

  • ben

    I had to use the darkside evolution 3 rom. just doing the steps above didn’t work for me, but once i used the rom, no problem.

  • roeun lan

    the lock screen sumtimes does not lock at all..

  • Jimmy

    Hey, does this work for gingerbread also or is it ics only?

  • John

    This works fine. Also would like the option of using USB with a Cradlepoint Router. Any good ideas for a work around? BTW – I’ve been using FoxFi (prefer it) for wireless. Sometimes have to use a VPN or setup a tunnel to get by the network operators sniffing. Also I have found that using Opera browser works well too. Good Luck…

  • Steven

    Quick Question if ur tethering using ur mobile to play xbox live or PSN will they find you or block you? is there there a way to block them from knowing ur playing? Thanks for time

    • Max

      Not sure on that, I don’t think they can block you, they usually only block your browser. Not sure if there’s a way to block TMo either.

      • Steven

        thanks for the reply

  • Phil

    If tmobile is snooping on your traffic to see if you are tethering, stop the snooping by using a VPN or other method to encrypt all the connections.

  • javiix

    I have tmobile galaxy s2 rooted was thetering to my ps3 now i cant cause tmobile block me for thethering. I go to the browser on my ps3 and it goes to tmibile web page for me to pay for the service. How can i bypass them? To be able to play?

    • Max

      You have to change user agent to android.

      • Chris

        My wifi hotspot works I can browse and do whatever but if I USB tether tmobile blocks it only the tmobile hotspot service notice shows up. It used to work as well now it doesn’t. How can I fix it?

  • usb tether dosen’t work.

    mine is the same as chris’s. any ideas?

  • DJ

    Mine works without rooting. Tethering provisions can be disabled without rooting. Go to settings, applications, all, click on tethering provisions, and click on disable. Using the stock hotspot program.

  • Josh

    I tried everything to get the wifi teethering or hotspot going without the annoiying tmobile pop-up but still no work, is it a new update that not allowing me to connect… (Phone rooted, using titanium backup pro, uninstalled teethering manager) Still a no go, is there any other options for me (tried Foxfi) still no go, desperate any help please!!!

    • i hate mobile

      not sure if this site notifies you when someone replies to ykour post but thought i’d click it in case it does. see my answer below.

  • i hate mobile

    ok people. i’m no techy nerd but i am good at researching tech issues. from what i’ve found, this is what’s gone on over the last couple years – and feel free to correct me. rooting your phone and installing titanium backup app alowed you to bypass the pone restrictions on the galaxy s2 and enable tethering if you weren’t subscribed (and you shouldn’t have to be when you are already paying for their data plan). then the dirtbags at tmobile got smart when they couldn’t control your phone and started monitoring your web traffic. the ‘user agent’ issue is the key here. your laptop/desktop browser idenifies itself as just that – a laptop/desktop. so tmobile sees that and says ‘hey – they’re obviously using their phone’s internet tethered to their laptop/desktop, and hey, they’re not paying our bullsh*t extra charge – so we’re going to cut them off and pop up our ad’. this is why you’ve seen more recent posts mentioning that rooting and titanium backup still aren’t allowing tethering. so, the missing piece of the puzzle is to google around and find available downloads that add a user agent change option to your browser. download it and you will be able to change your user agent to appear as internet explorer mobile for example. there are similar add-ons for other browsers too. once you switch your user id to a mobile browser tmobile won’t know you’re tethering and you will be able to browse freely. note that you will have to change the ua setting every time you open the browser and every time a new window is opened up. also keep in mind that since you’re identifying the browser on your computer as being mobile that the default websites that open will be mobile versions.

  • dan

    Ok, so I was updating my xbox and for about . 10 min, it worked fine. Then I got the TMobile slap on the wrist. You don’t have wifi tethering or hotspot privileges.and now the xbox won’t connect at there a way to change the user agent setting for the xbox system, so I can update and maybe play??

  • John

    I followed all the directions exactly, from rooting, to turning off tethering provisions, and finally switching my chrome agent to android. This last bit seems to have done the trick. I am currently browsing without the t-mobile trying to fuck me for more money. Hopefully this lasts. In any case, thanks Max. I’m glad to have found your site.

  • Mike

    well i dont have T-Moble as a carrier i have the Walmart family moble as my carrier an i have no tethering fees just wondering if changing the rom well that affect the carrier ?

  • Robert

    FYI, This worked for me on ICS, but doesn’t work on stock Jelly Bean ( MC6 ). After app is frozen and I go to the Wifi settings, setup gives a force close. I suspect T-Mob modified the setup menus.


    • Travis Macaraeg

      Hey Robert,

      I have experienced exactly the same problem.

      I am running Jelly Bean 4.1.2, Baseband T989UVMC6, Kernel 3.0.31-1003885, Build JZO54K.T989UVMC6.

      Hopefully, somebody will figure this out.

    • TravisM

      I have used this method,, for a about a month now. I have been able to use the hot spot on my rooted T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 running Jelly Bean 4.1.2, Baseband T989UVMC6, Kernel 3.0.31-1003885, Build JZO54K.T989UVMC6 with my Asus Transformer tablet and Windows 8 laptop. So far everything works great with not problems.

  • Travis Macaraeg

    This info on looks promising.

    I haven’t got a chance to test it completely, yet. I’ve installed the app, set it up per instructions, turned on and off tethering in the app, and checked the log. No errors shown. This is a good sign.

    I will provide an update when I have confirmed if it really is working properly.

  • daniel

    is there new steps to do this with JB 4.1.2 stock ROM/rooted with titanium?
    I try the ICS steps and it crashes Mobile HotSpot when trying to turn ON.

  • Denisse

    I unroot to jelly bean, then root again, uninstall thetering app and when switch on button, the thetering just close and said stop working . Help!