Jedi Mind Trick Jelly Bean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [V3]

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One of my all-time favorite Jedi Mind Trick ROM by Ptmr3 (Follow Him On Twitter Here) is now back in Jelly Bean fashion! For those of you having trouble with the official Jelly Bean firmware, try the latest Jedi Mind Trick Jelly Bean ROM as it’s faster, more customization, and better.

UPDATE: Jedi Mind Trick V4 is out, CLICK HERE to see!
UPDATE: 4/16/2013 – Jedi Mind Trick ROM updated with v2.1, now comes with Jedi kernel for overclocking up to 1.836Ghz!
UPDATE: 4/23/2013 – Version 3 out now with fixed flashlight/reboot toggle, UVMC6 radio.

Inside the Jedi Mind Trick Jelly Bean ROM, you will find all the new Jelly Bean features from the official Jelly Bean firmware plus goodies like Sony Bravia Engine 2 (makes your videos/photos better lookin’), Beats Audio, Sony Walkman app for music, volume rocker wake, customizable 23 toggles, and lots of performance/network tweaks to make your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 faster.

Also, navtive wifi tethering works out of the box with T-Mobile APN edited for tethering. I still get re-directed to T-Mobile’s site though but you can use Wifi Tether TrevE method here to fix that easily.

Jedi Mind Trick ROM also comes with Jedi Mind Trick settings, which allow you to further add features like battery bar, LMT PIE Launcher, Xposed App Settings, and change icons.

See full tutorial here for LMT Pie Launcher or watch video below:

See full tutorial here for using Xposed App Settings to run your apps in tablet mode or watch video below:

Definitely, if you want to be on the bleeding edge of Jelly Bean firmware for the T-Mo GS2, try the Jedi Mind Trick Jelly Bean ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Jedi Mind Trick Jelly Bean ROM v3 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

Credits – XDA

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  • Arnon

    The video link to the review doesn’t work properly.. leads to the ROM download

  • jaco

    Woww, this rom is the best!! Thanks Max.

  • Shawn

    Does this rom come overclocked like the previous JMTX4 ICS?

    Can some of you download Quadrant and run a benchmark? Curious to see what results you get?

    Also, I’m surprised to see that that this rom was based on 4.1.2 unlike AOKP Build 6 running 4.2.2?

    • Max

      No overclocking yet but it should be coming soon Shawn.

    • tommy

      download “set CPU” or “voltage control” or one of those. ROM over clocks to 1.8something. v3 available on xda if this on doesn’t.

  • Kap

    I rooted my phone with the first jedi mind trick, now the camera doesn’t work.
    Also, when I make a call, i can hear the person, but they can’t hear me talk.
    What can I do to restore it or what software or ROM will fix it.



    • ibrahim

      I think you should change your kernel version. I had problem like that. Change kernel and fix.

      • Kap

        what kernal should i use to get the camera and the sound to work when i talk to someone

  • Milt

    What should be the proper steps for flashing this rom from a previous JMT. People stating that gets stuck on reboot.

    • Max

      Just a regular install will do, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, if it doesn’t boot for some reason, you can try install DarksideWipe first then reinstall:

      • Douglas

        I tried to install the darksidewipe zip and everytime it goes to the formating cache part it just stays there till the phone turns off. When i tried installing the jedi rom without that darksidewipe and it just did the samg boot logo over and over again.

        • Joseph

          Here The Same Problem, I want to try it but stuck on Samsung Logo Loops.

          • tommy

            once in recovery, go to the “mount and unmount” section. I just mounted everything you can mount, did every freaking wipe or reset possible, a reflashed, and now everything works perfectly. I think my exact process was factory data reset, dark side super wipe, flash ROM, dark side cache wipe, reboot. STUCK IN BOOT LOOP. reboot in recovery, factory data reset, dark side super wipe, dark side cache wipe, mount every thing possible in the “mount/unmount” section, wipe cache, wipe dalvic cache, darkside super wipe, darkside cache wipe, reboot.
            I know it sounds silly, but my ROM works…error free ;P

    • kambo

      me to, i did wipe etc, even one of the comment you respond you said wipe and do darkside wipe i did that too but still, the rom not working at all the i install it on cmw. its say it install complete but when i reboot it just freeze or go in a bootloop

    • Jedi

      Recommend the following
      1. downloading the GOOMANAGE from google play store
      2. Open/Install Recovery
      3. Reboot into Recovery
      4. Follow the steps to wipe and install
      5. VOILA, but I had issues with where programs were being saved and I asked the question below

      Prior I was using CWM and I could not get it to install, the above method worked

  • Robert

    What’s the battery life like?

    • Ola

      GREAT! Better than AOKP

  • Leon

    For some odd reason I don’t have the signal bars on mine. Do you know the reason for that?

    • jaco

      The same here… but it works perfectly, .

      • Leon

        Yea mine works perfectly, just was wondering why the signal bars wont show up.

    • Ken

      Same here. I get the 4G indicator and it’s showing that I’m sending/receiving data but, no signal bars.

      • Ola

        Yuhp, same thing here :/

    • Angelo

      I also don’t see any signal bars.

  • Ola

    Does it have Wifi calling?

    • jaco

      yeahh. it works perfectly!!!!!!!!1

      • ibrahim

        I dont use t-mobile sim card. Still can I use wifi calling? Big problem for me ……

  • Jen

    Does this ROM use the capacitive buttons as alerts? i’m on the LiquidSmooth rom and I love that in lieu of an LED alert, it uses the capacitive buttons. Also, does the lock screen have a camera widget?

  • Kap

    My sound doesn’t work and now the camera doesn’t work.
    Also, when I make a call, i can hear the person, but they can’t hear me talk.

  • Dimitri

    Do you need to download Gapps for this rom or are they already in the rom?

  • dannbee

    is there an “.apk” file or “.zip” file to install the bravia engine by itself on tmo gs2?

  • jmtfan

    I am also having boot loop issues am going to try darkside super wipe. Will report back with results

  • Angel

    Does everything work?

  • jason

    I have this rom installed and it is awesome… no bugs at all. I think it is way better than jedi mind trick even. Nice job… BUT, wifi is not working properly for me. It does work but I have to turn it off when i am not connected to wifi. It will not switch back and forth between network/wifi. Any ideas why this might be happening?

  • kambo

    i did wipe etc, even one of the comment you respond you said wipe and do darkside wipe i did that too but still, the rom not working at all the i install it on cmw. its say it install complete but when i reboot it just freeze or go in a bootloop

  • satchy

    no signal bar.. pls help..

    • Roberto

      I fix the signal problem with two apps Xposed installer and Xposed tweakbox look for at xda developers

      • Leon

        thanks for the help, but for some reason I can install the new 2.1 on my phone. in recovery mode when I go to install it. it says bad and won’t let me install it. someone help ms with this please

      • Rich

        Can you walk me through it I don’t understand how to fix the signal bars.

  • Roberto

    Since I have the first version should I just flash it or wipe first??

    • Max

      Just install over no wipe needed!

      • Roberto

        Ok thanks !! Let see how the update goes

  • Ka

    I rooted my phone with the jedi mind trick , now the camera doesn’t work.
    Also, when I make a call, i can hear the person, but they can’t hear me talk.
    What can I do to restore it or what software or ROM will fix it.



  • Leon

    some reason I can install the new 2.1 on my phone. in recovery mode when I go to install it. it says bad and won’t let me install it. someone help ms with this please

  • Danielle

    I loveee my custom roms and especially on jelly bean! And I’ve been a huge fan of all ptmr3’s work. But overtime the calls get messed up. My friends and family says it sounds like im in the ocean when I talk to them and I cant hear them either. I use this as my work phone too. Is there anyway that I can be sure the calling will be as stable as stock jellybean?

  • Chris

    PTMR3 recommends using TWRP with his rom’s Ive been using twrp 2.2 and love it

  • Leon

    still having the same problem. it won’t let me install 2.1, keep saying bad when I try to install it. I did factory reset I’ve don’t the dark side one. and still nothing. someone help me with this please.

  • Phil N

    Very good Rom. It’s not fast like CM10.x but work perfectly: camera, video, files access, bluetooth wifi calling. Call quality is not that good: I can hear well but other side can’t( I have to talk louder). Battery life is amazing compare to CM. I been using a week and love it.

  • ros

    I installed JMT Jelly Bean ROM a couple of days ago and love it! At first I encountered a boot loop, but then realized it was because I used an old version of CWM to flash the ROM. I updated to the newest version of CWM and it worked! Today, I’m seeing that there is a 2.1 version that has overclocking. 2 questions – 1) how do i know what version of JMT I have? 2) if i want this newest version in order to take advantage of the overclocking, do i need to backup/restore, and wipe and reinstall again? Or is there a simpler way?

  • ibrahim

    Dear Max and friends please tell me I am using t989 4.1.2 offical rom

    my questions is Can I custom kernel with offical rom? If possible how can I change my kernel? According to the my phone model or rom version ??

  • Jedi

    Excellent ROM, it worked, installed, and ran awesome, battery life was great, everything worked except the following:
    crashed when trying the flashlight
    WI-FI calling enabled message keeps coming up until I force closed it
    And for some reason, I have no memory left to install any of my applications
    When I tried to un-install, get message ext/xposed/module not accessible.

    Great system, I wanna stick with it, but I need help getting these minor issues resolved.


  • Lron

    com for some reason every time I use the hotspot it only let me go to 2 websites. someone please help, like it let’s me surf the web for a lil bit then it messes up

  • ibrahim

    Can I install more language (turkish) with this rom ?


    Google Talk is missing! I don’t want a 3rd party app. Is there another way to get it back on my phone?

  • bobby

    no led alert, my power AMP music files dissappear randomly, phone shuts off once in a while. anyone else have similar issues or fixes?
    otherwise, an amazing, fast rom with good battery life.

  • Abner

    Nice ROM I like it. The issue is when charging battery percent is decreaseing. Pls fix

  • sergen

    I install this rom but later when its done i reset phone and this rom every time reseting itself please help me admin i want to use this rom

    helm me plz

    • sergen

      And I don’t know what i need do

  • Gunforhire

    I just installed this rom on my phone and the only issues I’ve found are the charging percentage decreases immediately by 2% when unplugged, and there seems to be no task manager. I am hoping it was renamed and I just haven’t found it yet. Most 3rd party task managers are crap. Any info on either of these issues? Other than that it is outstanding!

  • ben

    hey max, i installed this rom and everything was working just fine but for some reason it turned off, so i restared the phone and now it wont start, it just get stuck at the deveant development part. what do i do ????

    • Dimitri

      Had the exact same problem and had to unroot my phone to get to work again. want to try flashing this rom again because i liked it but i dont want to risk having it getting stuck on boot again. Help please!!

  • Robbie

    when i run speed test it selects a server in indiana but i’m in NJ speed is at max only 2 gig downloads, gps is on is there any solution for this ‘

  • Dan Nedel

    worst rom i ever downloaded. turns off and on when it wants. not sure what to do here. i like the wifi calling

  • tommy

    I’m a really big fan of ptmr3. but, saying that, this one eats up the battery way to fast. And, even with the over clock kernel, it lags when you’re doing anything besides scrolling around on your home screen. I’m a much bigger fan of “Sons of Android”. and the aokp mr1 builds. they are much smoother, and the apex launcher gives many more customizable options. I like the Samsung messaging and contacts setup from this ROM, and I also like the camera that can save pics directly to my SD card. But all in all, I’ll sacrifice those for a much smoother, much more customizable, aokp ROM, which ptmr3 is still instrumental in.

  • bobby

    This Rom is not worth it, due to the fact your phone shuts off randomly, happens to me at least 3 times a day if not more. going back to my previous. the random shut offs are an easy deal breaker.

    • Tracie

      I had the same issue…my phone was shutting down just like that, so i have to unroot and root again but i didn’t install any custom roms. I want something that is stable. This really sucks.

  • MokMan

    Anyone else having an issue with mounting the SD on boot? Should be a script in init.d I assume…

  • Roberto Nandez

    It ask for a password after reboot any idea ????

  • carlos

    Downloaded ROM last night and installed however it won’t boot. Goes to the S screen and then restarts. This keeps repeating.

    Any ideas? Earlier versions of Jedi Mind install just fine.

  • berj

    I just installed this rom and it seems really cool but it won’t recognize my external sd card. I try to mount it and it just says the sd card is ready to remove.

    Any help would be really appreciated. I can’t even flash back to my old setup through CWM!

    • berj

      I just tried a extra micro sd card that i have and it recognizes that one but not the one i was using before i flashed over to JMT. Any ideas?

      • Max

        Could be because microSD card format, try formatting in fat32, best format for mobile phone compatibility on custom ROMs.

  • 540C

    i got to say i flashed jedi jelly,and its a big change from the nightly 10.1 i was useing. i like how the camera works and mms works and how people can here me when i use my fone now.and the multi app window is kool.i think i found a new favorit. use the force!

  • FiveseveN

    Ok- It was a good rom for a while even though it restarts and gets stuck at boot screen which pulling battery resolves but I now notice when it force reboots, it takes a chunk of battery life away

    If its at 90% and reboots its now at 40%

    Going back to AOKP till this is fixed

  • 540C

    Its bin been it for 2 weeks and I haven’t had of those problems.I can say it uses a lot more battery.I installed powermax app.and all is good so far. Stable for me ..t989

  • j.c

    I can’t tether anymore with this rom, it takes me to a tmobile webpage asking to upgrade or something. It used to work on the the jedimind trick ics versions. Any suggestions?

    • Manny

      Get Foxfi in the market. I was sick of wifi tether not working on some of the roms I was using. I downloaded this and paid for the upgrade and have never had to worry about a rom having it since.

  • RobzDragon

    Within this rom: Whats up with this?

    Systems Affected:Android

    Android.Jsmshider is a Trojan horse that opens a back door on Android devices.
    Damage Level: Medium
    Payload: Opens a back door on the device.
    Releases Confidential Info: Sends certain information to a remote location.

    • RobzDragon

      ANDROID/JSmhider .A.25 Is the file

      • RobzDragon

        WRONG ROM SORRY… Meant for the New Awesome Audio AOKP Rom!!

  • Manuel Gutierrez

    Phone is really laggy including my keyboard. Tried overclocking to 1.8 but the highest it will go is 1.2. My games are laggy too.

  • JayPark

    I just rooted my T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 running on 4.0.3.
    A question is: Can i update directly to Jedi Mind Trick Jelly Bean ROM? Or do i have to do anything else before an update?

    • Manuel Gutierrez

      As long as its rooted u can put any ROM in it

  • Michael

    I installed this ROM and I really love it, but it does not show the AM and PM for the time on the status bar. How can I fix this?

  • MikeG

    Is there a 4.2.2 version in the works

  • BigEd

    This is great, Getting about 1.75 days on the battery where I only got less that 1 day on other releases. WiFi calling works which is a must for me where AOKP releases didnt support. Camera works great and even better yet “None of the t-mobile bloat”.

  • JonPete

    I like these ptmr mods for about 2 weeks. after that they start to have problems, on the ICS version it was the not being able to send MMS texts and the jedi touchwiz constantly freezing/locking up my phone. on this jelly bean version im now having problems with data signal. It says I dont even have a connection. it’s a big zero with a line through it. wiped data reset, its fine now. and i’m sure the phone will start locking up here soon as well.

  • Allan Purl

    Ok, I’ve been having some problems with my phone lately, and decided it was time to flash a new rom.

    I have the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2, SGH-T989 Hercules.

    I had been using an older ICS Jelly Bean based rom from JMT, can’t remember which one now. Had a couple of times where my system just refused to boot and had to do a factory reset from within recovery in order to reset my system. Unfortunately, I suffered some data loss because CWM was also giving issues in making nandroid backups.

    In trying to flash JMTJB5, I kept getting the ubiquitous bootloop problem. I tried the infamous wipe scripts by Jamison904 from the XDA forums since this seemed to be due to the 4.1.2 preload issue. The scripts did not help. Everything I tried, I kept getting the bootloop. Even after following the directions posted on XDA for those using CWM, I still kept getting the bootloop. So, I flashed TWRP since pmtr3 specifically recommended TWRP in the instructions.

    Problem solved. This version of twrp recognizes the preload with no problems. I used the infamous scripts anyway. Once I ran the infamous super wipe, I flashed the rom, ran the infamous cache wipe, and it booted without any drama.

    Do not use the original Darkside scripts as they do not properly address the preload issue.

    I’m telling you folks, CWM was the problem for me.

    As an added benefit, TWRP is fully touch and couldn’t get any easier to use.

    You can go to their site to get to the appropriate recovery. Or you can download and flash through goomanager from Google Play in a working android environment similar to Rom Manager by Clockwork Mod. Totally free, but worth donating to their cause.

    You can still use Rom Manager with TWRP, you just have to configure it in the recovery portion of Rom Manager.

    Resources I used
    Infamous super wipe and cache wipe
    Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) on XDA Thread number 28670114
    TWRP main page
    JMTJB5 on XDA thread number 1818305
    GooManager on Google Play

    As always, your mileage may vary, but this is what worked for me.

    Be sure to follow the instructions for JMT as posted on XDA. Read them FIRST before you try to do anything. But, I posted just about every link you may need here.

    Hope this Helps.

    • Allan Purl

      Um, my bad, PTMR3, not PMTR3.

  • 540C

    i was useing jedi jelly for about 2 months,and just started bugging out,reboots icons would go away and come back at randum. it still the only rom that mms pic messager works for me.and then i started haven a big battery life issue,so im looking for another rom that,and my be some of the same kinda fetcuers.i did like it alot but always up for better…does any1 no anything about the darthstalker roms? if so i could use sume help.thanx 540c

  • 540C

    that dont make sence??