Malice ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

For this week, check out Malice ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989. This ROM comes with pretty awfully awesome boot animation of “malice”, custom UI tweaks, Darkside kernel with 1.728Ghz OC, and should give you better battery life/performance over stock ROM.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

Download Malice ROM

Credits – XDA

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  • mnewman

    I installed this on my phone yesterday, and love it so far. Really good performance, and battery life.

    • mnewman

      Update. On wifi, 4G and Edge, 11 1/2 hours, and I’m still at 45% battery. This is playing games, web, office and database. 🙂

  • Matt Martin

    Guys, need your help. First time ever trying to re-flash my t-mobile galaxy s2. Do I need to revert back to the original stock rom before I can update to this rom? I heard that if you don’t flash your phone back to the original stock rom before flashing to another new rom, your phone might get bricked. Is that true?

    Please advise. Thank you!

    Great site and great job to those developers that keep making new rom. 🙂

    • Josh

      I’ve flashed my Tmobile SGS2 from multiple custom roms back and forth three or four times on the same day, and have never put the stock rom back on the phone (other than holding a copy on my external SD, just in case). I’ve yet to brick my phone, although I obviously can’t say it’s impossible.

      Just make sure to back up your current rom using ClockworkMod and back up your apps and settings using Titanium Backup. That way, if you like the new rom, you can get your apps and settings, and if you don’t like it, you can just flash right back to the way your phone was when you backed it up. See the links in the webpage here for more info.

      Hope this helps.

    • daddyhall

      Back up you stock rom completely, follow the leaders instructions and you will be fine. He shows you how to so everything here, don’t rush take you time. Even if you have to right everything down step by step and then do it. There is no rush bro and the people here are really cool the will try to help you as much as possible.

  • Mike

    I flashed to this ROM with no issues. Only problem is I don’t get 4G on T-Mobile anymore. Any reason for that?

    • mnewman

      Actually, some of the roms show an ‘H’ for 3/4G. That’s what mine shows, and my wife’s first tmo 4G also displayed it that way.

      • daddyhall

        Your settings might be off, there is a area damn it, I can’t remember. I found it with Juggernaut where you can set it to 3g – 4g – or H, H is 4g so don’t worry. I will look around again and see if I can find the answer to that one.

        • Mike

          Hey guys, I ran the speed test and I’m seeing 3G/4G speeds. I appreciate the info that H is still 3G/4G. If you guys find the settings that were previously mentioned so I can make sure, I would appreciate it. This ROM is awesome! I didn’t want to have to go back to the original and now I won’t have to.

  • LAKE

    hi , i just wanted to know that if i installed this rom , will i still be able to update my phone for ics ? or do i have to unroot it and blabla ? ^^

  • spark

    Ive played with almost of of these and so far this one is my favorite.

  • tushar bulsara

    installed this ROM and love it.. it is extremely fast, and it will say H instead of 4G but you are still getting 4G speeds,
    I ran a test and still get my usual 20-25MB Down.

  • nathan

    how do we install this rom?

  • peter

    I like this a lot. Ive been using Juggernaut until this came out. Only minor issues (for me) The clear bar on the notification bar is hard to read but works like normal. I might add that after the animation it the screen goes black for a little bit longer then most roms. It works extremely well and thats the only thing ive seem to notice which are not at all a bad thing by any means. Ive got 17 hours on the battery after listening to music searching web on wifi and running standard quadrant a couple times. Thanks for the roms max doing a great job with the videos

  • Mario

    Flashed this ROM last night, very impressive! Re-installed my Apps with Titanium Backup PRO without any problems but I did freeze “SetCPU” since this ROM has “FauxClock” just in case not to have any issues. Battery is at 75% after 4 hours and 10 minutes of use.

  • Robby

    I have s2 still in the stock rom, excuse my noobness but I never flashed, however my phone is rooted and i have the full titanium pro, what happens to my purchased apps and settings? Does it boot up with all my stuff gone?

    • mnewman

      All the rom developers suggest you wipe your system before installing the new rom. That is why it is important to backup your current rom first. Max has videos for all that. Before you do that, you want to backup using titanium (also instructional videos on this site). The wipe formats the system area, so yes, your apps will be gone. HOWEVER, once you install the new rom, and re-input your google account info, all you need from the market is titanium. Once you get that, simply restore all your apps, and you should be good to go. You don’t lose purchased apps… google knows even more than big brother.

      wipe data
      wipe cache
      wipe dalvik (under advanced)
      flash malice
      fix permissions (under advanced)
      wait 10 minuets and reboot again before use

  • masterich

    Nice ROM, i have been using it for awhile now and the battery life is great.

  • Dante

    Hey just wanted to let everyone know what i think about this rom. I personally love it! It has great battery life, awesome customizations especially for the boot up. Everything runs smooth, however the signal does not display as 4g. The signal displays as H, but no worries the speed is not affected! The internet and download speed is still fast. All in all this is my favorite rom installed for the sgs2 yet…Hope everyone enjoys is as much as I do!

    • zacs

      I think the “H” is soposed to stand for “HSPA+” It looks weird to me tho too

      • Greg M.

        Yes. That is more correct than 4G, which technically doesn’t exist yet as a standard.

  • Wayne

    I’ve flashed Tuesday, Juggernaut 5.0 (which I thought was the BOMB and still do, but Malice is great. Everything I need is in this ROM.

  • Paul

    Mostly functioning ICS ROM has been posted for the T989 on XDA…

  • lake

    Hum … Am i the only one you cant see the copy and paste button when you write a text …above the rest everyting is aok ^^

  • Henry

    love the rom so far pls let me know when ics is available

  • mike Agnew

    Can you please put a copy of the update to the malice rom ( he posted it today on xda) with a review so we can check it out before we flash if so thanks in advance if not thanks for all you do anyways.

  • Zed

    I love this rom!! I installed Juggernaut, beastmod, paradox and revenge of the mancut, but i think this one is the best. I love the startup screen. Love the layout of the screens, the themes. It’s a pretty quick rom too. I have not noticed much with my battery life: it seems to be the same as stock even though I underclocked the processor to 1.1ghz and even undervolted the processor by -.35v. I think I will use this rom happily for a while before I go and change. Thank you for creating the best rom for this phone yet ………

  • Jason

    Does WiFi calling work on this Rom?

  • Kimberley

    I like this ROM for the most part however they’re some things I dont. I’m having a sound problem just with this ROM (so its not hardware) my sound when I have an equalizer on is very quiet like if I have the volume up all the way it sounds like it is on the minimum setting, if I dont have an equalizer on its just buggy but will fix itself. Does anyone else have a similar problem? and is there possibly a fix?

  • James

    I tried the skyrocket ROM, sucked, installed Malice.. in heaven this ROM is the sh*Tz
    Malice you a rockstar!

  • zacs

    So i just switched from juggernaut rom. This rom looks alot better, it hasnt rebooted or or froze once,(with juggs it was like 6X a day,) and preformance is close but only one of my cores will go online? Ive tried “tegrak 2 core” app, ove gone through all the settings including power save and what not. Any suggestions? Even if i cant get the other core online ill still keep this rom!

  • Thuan Nguyen

    If I add apk file to the rom (the zip file) using winzip and flash the rom, will it still works.

  • chester

    is this compatible with instagram app?

    • Huy

      Yes, it is compatible with Instagram.

  • Huy

    This ROM is awesome. I switched over from Juggernaut (which is also another awesome ROM). I’m going to see if this ROM can preserve my battery better than Juggernaut.

  • Juan

    I would like to put the city background instead of a public I put as a screensaver but can’t figureout how! Thanks in Advance!

  • mohamed atty

    guys I need any rom for Galaxy S II T989 Have Arabic language >>>>> Pls Any one can help me ?

    • silent lips

      try juggernaut 5.0 support arabic, farsi & urdu language.

      • mohamed atty

        i installed it but i have little problem , No any kind of screen lock work with me >..< i dont know why it didnt work

  • andrew

    Whenever I tried to install fr zip it gives me this error that it can’t open the ROM and it puts (bad) next to the ROM name

  • andrew

    Whenever I tried to install the zip it gives me this error that it can’t open the ROM and it puts (bad) next to the ROM name

  • Evan Guaynt

    Hey everybody. So I am a total noob at all this ROM info and feel like a complete idiot about asking questions. Downloading the Malice ROM right now and have watched the videos and read the instructions on installing the ROM and backing up the stock ROM. I am still lost as hell and confused (boo, I hate being confused with shit) can somebody help explain the process a little better or break it down barney style for me.. thanks, looking forward to having malice on my S2. will do everything tomorrow morning when i get time

  • Darren

    Well first thing I noticed was that the Wi-Fi signal icon is crappy.. it looks pixelated! N when I go and select a word n pop-up icons are too big to fit,therefore the words dont fit.. I didn’t read anything about those bein a problem for people so I’m not sure if it’s just me.. so any advise would b appreciated thanks..

  • Juan

    Everything works fine Except I can’t sync my facebook with my contacts and can’t not receive any pics when texting!! Any ideas???

  • spark669

    There is a new malice “lotus” its my favorite Rom yet. The ics’s are fun but still have slight issues. This is a true daily user rom

  • mohamed atty

    is that rom support Arabic Language ? pls answer if, not i need any good ICS rom Support Arabic pls give me link !

  • MyGalaxyIsTheBest

    Im still debating on downloading it :/ … Im down to my last gb on my data plan, and this is the only way for me to download it. Im running Juggernaut and I love it. Help!!!

  • figgy

    love all your roms…trying a few today. I wanted to also add my e-mail for updates is there a place for me to sign up for that?

  • Karl A

    After I installed the ROM, my bluetooth stopped working. Any ideas? Can I install a BT driver from somewhere else? Thanks.

    • player90247

      Bluetooth had slight connection issues every once in a while. I would go to settings, bluetooth, turn off the connection, then turn it back on. This was the only issue I had with Malice but it was a quick fix.

  • Ryan

    i want this Rom real bad but ever time i download from link on his site it says unsuccessful download please. help

    • player90247

      I had posted a link to where you may download Malice but I think posting for other forums are not permitted. Send Max an email, I’m sure he may email you the ROM directly. He is great at replying to his emails promptly.