Shadow ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Minimalistic]

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For this week’s T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 ROM of the week, check out Shadow ROM.

Based on latest T-Mobile official firmware on Android 4.1.2, Shadow ROM brings you total minimalistic experience with zero bloatware while giving you some great performance tweaks and battery life.

Since this ROM is based on official firmware, you will certainly get Wifi-Calling working out of the box with optimized file system for Jelly Bean so you will have more space for your system resources. According to the developer:

Very light and even somewhat future proofed… How, you ask?

Well I simply didn’t include apps that were in the /system or /preload tray that are easy to update on PlayStore.

So what ends up happening is our device has an old version in system/apps and a newer version is in /data using space and resources in both folders.
Gnow for instance will have two copies [one old one new] as soon as we update if its included in the system/app.

Don’t include it and it goes to /data only and works like a charm.

That being said I made excellent use of these folders we have on 4.1.2 .

Also some notable features include wifi hotspot working out of the box, custom boot animation, startup/shutdown sounds, and Nexus AOKP touch sounds.

Overall, you will find this ROM super fast with speed tweaks and absolutely no bloatware whatsoever.

If this is something that interests you, check it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Shadow ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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  • Carlos

    I been using this babe for 3 days now and its works awesome, the best TW Rom have ever used….

  • Jerry

    New to rooting and not sure how to install a custom rom like this. How exactly do you install it? Thanks in advance

    • Johnny

      Google is your best friend use it!

  • Ken

    Hey Max… Don’t you think you should explain how the download of this ROM should be prepared for installation?
    Some people don’t really know that the ROMs to be installed must be in a .zip format before they can be put on to the internal memory for installation.

    • docta

      come on man. are you that lazy to google how to do it. or even search this site a little. pretty sure i got my info from this site to begin with.

      • bc

        Better than Google… YouTube, that’s how I learned…

  • Ray

    This ROM need another brush into the GAPPS?

  • BuggyBumper

    This is the only ROM that works on my T Mobile S2 SGH T989. Thanks Guys! At least its something Everything else just hangs at boot logo.

    • B

      Not sure what you are doing wrong but every ROM that I have tried from this site has worked on my sgh t989..

  • Johnny

    Gps doesn’t work for me. It locks on but doesn’t follow me when I start driving.

    • B

      GPS works for me

  • Johnny

    Btw it’s the best rom out there, I’ve tried almost all of them and found this one to be just perfect! Try flashing another kernel for an extra boost 😉

  • Hermin

    Hello Max been watching your videos I was wondering if you could help me with tethering by bypassing the T mobile page also I don’t have Tether manager. When I open Titanium I look for it it’s not there so I was thinking maybe you might have another step I could follow.

    Thanks and have a great day

  • mario

    Running the rom now , everything works great but my data is on Edge network for some weird reason, and wont switch to 4G and thought ?

  • Josh

    I can’t seem to be able to upload photos to twitter (including profile pics and header pics) for some reason. Is that an issue with the ROM because my twitter app is fully updated.

  • Jerry

    Hey Max, great job on your videos they sure do help. One small question, do I save this .zip onto my computer then copy over or can I just dl and save onto phone and install? Thanks again

    • Johnny

      You can just download it to your phone and look for it in whatever recovery you have:)

  • nelson

    it’s loop on boot logo. i did reset the data after flash it.

    please help to fix it


    • Johnny

      Start from scratch. Make sure to use super dark wipe:)

  • Jerry

    Went into cwm and I get a warning at the bottom saying “No file_contexts” How do I fix this or is it not an issue?

    • Johnny

      Are you choosing the right file??

      • Jerry

        I get this warning as soon as I recover into cwn at the bottom of my screen, decided to wait on installing the rom until I knew if this would affect the install in anyway.

      • Jerry

        Did a little google search on file_contexts, xda forums had few posts saying to just ignore it and won’t interfere with flashing a new rom. Thanks Johnny for all your help, appreciate it. Going to flash this rom and try it this weekend sometime.

        • bc

          I was about to say it… For me the best ROM is milestone 6… That’s just the best

  • Johnny

    You guys should try this rom with jedi mind trick kernel! It’s fast and has awesome battery tweaks!

  • Liang

    Several issues I found so far
    -Battery percentage not displayed
    -In Google map, no voice search
    -In Navigation, it exits itself when I tried to do voice search

    • Johnny

      you are doing something wrong because that doesnt happen to me!

      • Liang

        Basically the “voice search” function doesn’t work at all in my case. I followed the exact instruction to load the ROM.

    • DMan

      Update google search in play now.check voice settings…

  • Chris

    I seem to be getting a bootloop whenever I try to flash any Touchwiz rom. It started to do that when i had Jedi Mind Trick v2 and tried to update to v3. So now idk why i can’t flash any Touchwiz roms anymore.

    • Johnny

      explain your process you do while flashing a rom……..

  • MikeL

    This ROM is awesome. Added from the goodyBag too ( Just one question.
    How do I disable the boot/shutdown sounds? I fly every couple days and that will become quite annoying ;).
    Thanks for great work.

    • AP

      From the dev site, “[…] just change PowerOff.ogg and PowerOn.ogg or remove them for silence in system/media/audio/ui “.

  • Mars

    Can you wifi hotspot through this rom?

    • Liang

      It works for me.

  • Kane

    The voice search wont work help

    • Liang

      Same issue for me. All voice related search not working, including google map, voice search, voice dictation…

      • B

        My voice search works in scout and google search, but missing in samsung keyboard.

  • Jerry

    Awesome ROM, only thing I’ve noticed is my user dictionary doesn’t save words I’ve added after I restart phone. Also when I restart, the contacts icon at bottom keeps being deleted from the bottom locked icons, anyway to fix that?

  • ToeKnee

    Great ROM but I have one wierd thing happening. When my phone and the callers phone are both on WiFi, my voice mail doesn’t pick up. I have tried Google Voice and TMO’s Visual Voice mail. It doesn’t matter. If I take one of the phones off WiFi, the voice mail app picks up. I have a Samsung GS2. I just rooted and installed this ROM about a month ago. I didn’t notice it happening before, but I never checked that closely. When calling with both phones on WiFi, (and I test this side by side with my wifes phone which is an un rooted GS2), the receiving phone eventually times out and sleeps. The calling phone continues to ring. When the receiving phone has timed out, the voice mail seems to be recording. I know this becaue I can hear my kids screaming in the back ground as I’m waiting for the calling phone to time out. You can leave a message but it is very garbled. The caller of course wouldn’t know you could leave a message because there is no prompt and their phone continues to ring until it times out. Has anyone else noticed this, or has a fix? I figured if Google Voice and TMO’s VVM app’s react the same all others would.

  • B

    F#^KING EXCELLENT. I misrated with a 9, meant 10. Tried many others, including the new kit-kat. This is by far the best, hands down. Thank you!