AOKP ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Android 4.0.4]

AOKP ICS ROM is here finally for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. This awesome ICS ROM comes loaded with Android 4.0.4, everything working flawlessly out of the box, and ROM Control to allow you to tweak your UI, performance, voltages, and a whole lot more.

If you didn’t like previous leaked ICS ROMs or ported ROMs, try this one and I guarantee you will like it a lot.

Download ROM:


Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, please see AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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107 Responses

  1. Blake says:

    This Rom has to many bugs!! Wait till they get it fixed and it will be great! Till then I recommend Shostock2 v 1.3 or Phone Bricker v 2.2. Both of these are flawless!! You cant go wrong with either!! Personally I like Shostock2!!

    • Used2HvATreo says:

      OMG!!! Exclamation points!!! I’m assuming you got told to “SEARCH OR GTFO” and now you are writing reviews about a rom you didn’t even use because you couldn’t follow instructions or read the thread to get information!!! Ahhhh!!!! Since you didn’t bother to name a single bug, the assumption would be you are just trolling because your butt hurts!!! SEARCH OR GTFO!!!

      • John says:

        Other than the fact that the bugs are exactly the reason why I’m not using it and am about to try Shostock2 as soon as the download finishes.
        His post was constructive and informative even if he didn’t go into specifics. He mentioned that it’s a great rom but is currently only being held back by its bugs. He then suggested two other options to try in the meantime while waiting for a bug free version to come out.

    • markbc says:

      No No this ROM has virtually NO BUGS. It is the best ICS ROM I have used on my SGH-i777 and I have tried both Phone Bricker and Shostock. Firstoff the link that MAX included is (unfortunately) an older version.

      Go to the original AOKP thread by Task360 at at XDA.

      Please go to the original post(OP) -the first post in the thread and you and you will see the latest version (I think it is three versions removed since Max’s link) there. He also has the link for GAPPs and the instructions on how to flash it, and ALSO, there is Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post right below the OP. That FAQ has solutions for any of the common “bugs” or problems (like USB connecting to a computer and scrolling (that was fixed in one recent revision).

      This version is the best I have seen of any ICS ROM yet –there are a ton of options that were not covered in the review and it is stable and fast. Battery life is not any better for me (sorry) it is about like the UnNamed –perhaps a bit less good, but I can’t stop playing with it so perhaps it is just my high use and it is has to settle /gain battery memory.

      Anyway This is the ROM I will keep using on my phone -won’t bother with the Samsung ICS upgrade since I have everything ICS offers and more flexibility than the Sammy version will provide.

      I am happy!

    • Lex says:

      First i have yet to try this actual 4.04 rom, altho it looooks amazing, im runing the 4.0.3 ultimatum and it too is amazing 🙂 , if your haveing any problems at all, first go back to default kernal (this is a must), then reroot your phone (easy as pie), use cwm to do a fulll wipe and clear your cashe, then and only then try to upgrade to the 4.0.3 or 4.0.4, i have had very little issues when done this way 🙂 ive tried about a dozen roms for ICS and most of them work fine when you take these steps i know its a long process but itll work for you in the end. hope this helps,


  2. KS says:

    It connects to 2.4GHz for me but yeah, it doesn’t see 5GHz band. I haven’t seen many ROMs recognize 5GHz : /
    Other than that, I’m not able to put any widgets on the homescreen. The only option I get is to change the wallpaper.

  3. mzaur says:

    What bugs? I’ve been running AOKP for the last week and have not had any issues. It’s a great ROM, very stable and smooth. I connect to WiFi just fine.

    BTW, nice review but you didn’t give any credit to the dev (task650) who put a lot of work into this ROM. That’s not cool.

    • usman khan says:

      I have had a lot of problem.with this.rom I switched back to ultimatum rom . Issues I had was mainly music erroring out and stopping unexpectedly specially when I search for music and play it it quits working and then.I have to relaunch it. Other problem.was my skype video worked but no voice 🙁 but overall rom is great. I am a big time listener of music so this didn’t work out for me

  4. task650 says:

    this is hilarious.

    • Steve says:

      Don’t let it discourage you.

      Not everyone has the ability to read/understand basic instructions and then follow them. Sadly it is typically those who probably should not even bother flashing their phone who cry the loudest when they screw it up.

      Many of us truly appreciate the fact that you spent a ton of time putting these together for us. I’ve played with a lot of ROMs lately so I have a bit of insight in to how much work this really is to pull off.

      I know you don’t hear it enough but thank you for your hard work.

    • dipesh says:

      Its a great rom.only concern for me in this rom was that it didnot show any contents in my sd card.means i cant access it…the only bug!!!!can anyone help me out…i dont know anything about command……so guys help me out…..

  5. task650 says:

    hey zedomax. could you just link to my thread instead of mirroring and old release of my rom? that way people don’t download the old versions and can keep up with the thread and stay updated. thanks. 🙂

    • markbc says:

      Go to the original AOKP thread by Task360 at at XDA.

      (I think it is three versions removed since Max’s link) there.
      He also has the link for GAPPs and
      Instructions on how to flash it, and ALSO,
      A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post right below the OP.with solutions for any of the common “bugs” or problems (like USB connecting to a computer and scrolling (that was fixed in one recent revision).

      This version is the best I have seen of any ICS ROM yet.

  6. dipesh says:

    Its a great rom.only concern for me in this rom was that it didnot show any contents in my sd card.means i cant access it…the only bug!!!!can anyone help me out…i dont know anything about command……so guys help me out…..task 650….help me out!!!

    • markbc says:

      Your Post actually is a bit ambiguous. When you said you can’t access your SD card, were you referring to accessing it via the phone, or on a computer.
      –the APPs should have no problem accessing the SD card. Photos placed on it should pop up in Galary and music should play via music (although you may see some old ghost play lists).
      – IF YOU USE A FILE BROWSER like ES or Root Explorer, you need to NOT/NOT look at
      the location sdcard/ext_sdcard since that is gone in ICS. The SD card is now mounted as /mNt/Emmc What that means is that when you open a program like ES or Root Explorer look on your file system for the directory named mnt (“mount”)and then look for the subdirectory named Emmc (I have no idea why they call the external card “emmc”). Get into THAT directory and you will see your card.
      However, if your problem is that you can’t see your external card when you plug into your computer, well, you can read the FAQ at the website that posts this rom ( but the short version is you can download a program named “UMS1.0.apk ” and after you run it your computer will see your SDCARD. I needed to do that, and it worked perfectly.

      hope this helps

  7. dism says:

    When I make a call it says unfortunately the process com android phone has stopped.

    • markbc says:

      did you clear your data /factory reset when you loaded the rom? if not try that –there may be parts of some old apk still there

  8. devoidzer0 says:

    After installing this ROM, the Google Play store is missing! If I go to Applications, it is not there at all. So, I can’t install Titanium Backup to restore my apps. Any ideas how I can get it back? The rest looks great.

    • devoidzer0 says:

      Nevermind, I figured out I had to install the 2nd ROM (gapps-ics-20120317-signed), now I’ve got Google Play back!

  9. erik muller says:

    hey it’s been on the “team Kang” unicorn screen for 5 minutes now. something wrong with it?

  10. Romeo says:

    Any way to get ‘My Files’ folder back?

  11. Junior says:

    Anyway to get google to sync contacts etc? Nothing under accounts and sync.. For those having problems with google play, open the browser and search out google play apk and side load it. Make sure to check unknown sources under settings / security first. Flawless from IMO except I have no contacts…

    • fadhli says:

      let say.. you sign in with google account. you have to go back to google account, click it and enable calender, contact, etc manually to synchronize.

  12. rick says:

    this may sound noobish but how do you install the 2 zip files? do you install task650 zip rom first then install rom gapps-ics-20120317-signed?

  13. KS says:

    Yes. The order is specified in the XDA link

  14. fadhli says:

    I flash this room 2 times, and the GPS does not work. Yes, I go to setting and enable, reboot, but no luck. I also don’t like the strong vibration every time you touch the screen. It get annoying as you typing a message. Other than that, I like this ROM, but for now I stay with Ultimatum.

    • Jabber1 says:

      You can disable this in settings>language and input>keyboard & input methods go to your default keyboard untick vibrate on key-press if your not using the Samsung keyboard you may need to look for haptic feedback untick this should sort out the vibrate.

  15. JK says:

    I dont like, i have some issues in camera sounds a connection

  16. Asrar Ahmed says:

    The only bug I’ve found with this ROM is that when you do Settings>Device Settings>Sensors>Enable keys backlight>”checked”, you expect the touch sensitive keys to be lighten up all the time. But once you sleep the phone, and then wake up, the keys won’t light up. I have to do Settings>Device Settings>Sensors>Enable keys backlight>”uncheck” then “check’ for the keys to light up. This has to be done everytime the phone sleeps.

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      One more bug is GPS location. Google Maps can locate you, even the Navigation can, but the system thinks it can’t locate the GPS, therefore rendering Navigation unusable. Same problem for apps needing the GPS location.

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      I thought Titanium backs up your contacts too, but darn it didn’t. Any suggestions of how I can restore my contacts? I didn’t sync with Google, I know it was stupid, but any help would be great. Thanks.

  17. gogo says:

    I thought this ROM was horrible. Startup animation is a pink unicorn. ROM is slow and found it FULL of bugs. Thanks, but I would recommend not wasting your time.

  18. Erik says:

    Been following this ROM for a while on xda. Task has done an awesome job. I don’t know how people in the comments here find so many bugs that no one on xda finds…probably because they don’t exist. This ROM is stable, fast, and bug free. I’ve had no issues with any of the bugs listed in these comments. Not one. Definitely worth a try for everyone at least. Thanks again Task!

  19. vash543 says:

    ok i like this rom but it seems to drain may battery fast is there a way to fix this & how do i get the market place i try the gapp way like u do with CyanogenMod 7 but it doesn’t work please keep in mind im relativly new to this

  20. nexxous says:

    Awesome rom! running smooth as butter, props task please keep up the good work!!

  21. man says:

    It is buggy. If you use your phone as an important tool, I’d suggest you to get to something more reliable. Maybe staying at gingerbread to make sure. It’s a work in progress of course, and it’ll be great soon, and its really cool if you don’t depend on your phone as it was your office.

  22. chowmayn says:

    I really like this mod, the best mod so far, although I was wondering if you can change the path to where picture being taken are being stored for example, I was my picture stored into my SD car not my phone just in case something happens

  23. says:

    The ROM looks good. I’m currently using ICS’d out V9 by task650.. Can I directly flash this ROM (coming from gingerbread) or is there anything I’m missing? Also, Guys who are using this rom, any feedback on the battery life? I love ICS’d out by task.. Its the best GB ROM i’ve used.. Thanks!

  24. robbie says:

    This is my 4th ICS rom and hands down the best. No bugs right out of the box. None of the problems others talk about.

  25. robbie says:

    The more I play with this rom, the better I like it. The rom control feature is just great!

  26. Anthony says:

    This is a awesome rom loving it so far, tho it is the first rom I have ever used and it was also the reason for me finally rooting my phone. Despite what some are saying I have had some minor glitchs and bugs (no more than any unrooted phone tho) but usually closing and reopening the app or simply rebooting the phone and they clear up. Seems like it happens mostly when I am playing with custom ringtones. Still learning everything I can do with my phone now so who knows could be something I caused myself. Either way awesome rom!

  27. Kirk says:

    How do you take screen shots with this rom?

    • Tiyseer says:

      if you go to settings -> ROM Control -> Power menu options
      mark “show screenshot”

      then if you hold the power button for a a couple of seconds, you will get an option of take a screen shot.

    • Manuel says:

      Vol down and power button 2 secs

  28. Tiyseer says:

    Apps usually have access to mnt/sdcard directory, but the sd card directory is mnt/emmc which is not accessible by normal apps.
    is there a way to change the directory of the sd card from mnt/emmc to mnt/sdcard/external_sd ?

  29. nazarscrubs says:

    This is a wonderful ROM. Anyone have issues with the bluetooth and the web browser? Since installing this ROM my bluetooth can be enabled but I can’t seem to find other devices nor pair with devices that I have already paired with. Suggestions? thanks.

  30. pal says:

    This ROM is great, but I have one single problem with it. With my stock ROM, my data connection used to show H+ all the time. Now with this ROM it sometimes shows H, and sometimes shows 3G, but never H+.

    Is this a bug? Am I actually connected to an H+ network? Or does it not allow H+? How can I find out?

    Thanks a lot!

  31. terry mcdonald says:

    love the rom but on several occasions the phone has just shut down with over 75% battery charge, gotten hot. Have to do a battery pull to restart, when I do, the battery has dropped below 50% I have reflashed after wiping EVERYTHING, still sparatically does it. Also having an odd issue with handcent, not all the group contacts show up in the handcent group list that ARE in the google contacts group. I have reinstalled handcent multiple times. to no avail, and of course the annoying echo the caller hears.

  32. do0ks says:

    How long does this take to boot up for the first time?

    • markbc says:

      Good Question!
      You should see the weird pink unicorn for about 3-4 minutes, tops is 5 minutes.
      After that, subsequent boots are pretty quick. (But after that, if you use a different shell, it also may be slow to load -for example, my SPB 3D takes another 30 seconds or a minute to load ;-(

      OK, so if you are taking longer that 3-4 minutes to load after flashing and never get past the start up animation, then get back into recovery, clear you caches again (cache, data cache/factory reset, and in advanced menu clear the dalvik cache) and then re-flash the rom twice in a row without leaving recovery.

      Also please don’t use the version that Max provided -it is good but out of date. Use the latest and best version found at the developer’s (task360) XDA post at 1. flash the latest version of this ROM. find it at:

      Oh, by the way, you will need to flash Google apps separately in this rom. So after flashing the latest version (twice) then flash GAAPS (the google stuff), the GAAPS link is at the same OP. Also see the FAQ in case your USB-PC connection does not work…

      hope this helps

  33. lingaraju says:

    uploaded this rom, found out several bugs.
    1. You cannot see contents of your MicroSD card in file manager or explorer on phone even after SD is mounted or it does not even show on the windows pc when connected and ofcourse as a result you cannot import/copy anything from Micro SD card.
    2. While trying to import contacts this time from phone’s memory it cannot import and just displays like 10-15 downloading arrows in the statusbar like it is trying to download contacts but nothing happens and the phone hangs up, did everything to check out but same problem gaian.
    3. ROM control is pretty cool but does not have kernel to increase processor frequency.
    4. i cannot understand why there is no CONTACTS tab in Phone icon, i know ICS was made like that but someone should have edited phone app.
    5. Like ATT SGS2 has a cool feature in phone app where silde left opens message and rt slide calls the contact, this ROM does not have it.
    6. There is no built in task manager widget like an ATT phone has.
    With these small unnoticeble bugs, ROM is still pretty good to use but does not have the looks other ROM’s have. Hope they will fix them issues.

    • cadoo says:

      you said it perfect man!! I hate that my external SDcard does not show up. cant mount it or see it. So cant restore ANYTHING from Titanium backup. And the enable keys blacklight is checked but they still turn off. I just hope my SDcard is not erased!!

    • markbc says:

      #0. Don’t use MAX’s version –it is old by now and the newest versions fix some of the issues.
      #1. For the SD Card, please forget about the “old” SDCARD location (which was sdcard/ext_sdcard). In ICS the SDCARD is now mounted as /mNt/Emmc. So your SD CARD is now mounted and located in a directory named mnt/Emmc. Get into THAT directory and you will see your card. (if you also have the USB-pc issue please see my above reply to dispesh)
      #2. Did you flash GAAPS? google should automatically import all your contacts from google to your contact app. –reflash gapps and see if that helps. (gapps for ICS link is also in the above link)
      #3 right! the only thing is the voltage (which I won’t mess with !)
      #4 Not sure what you mean by phone icon -when I enter the phone app I get three icons on top -a phone (for the dialer) a clock (for call log) and an wierd head icon(for contacts) . The contacts in ICS are funky – the top row are only your “favorites,” but scroll down and you will see all your contacts and you adjust them to all with phone # or not.
      #5. yeah this is correct too –you don’t have that neat choice. If you press a contact it dials and if you see the log have to press the darn call option.
      #6. It’s there! a “long press” on the home key will show the recent programs including those running. The new ICS “flick away” programs option. (you can also activate the soft keys with the “box” button/recent programs on screen if you want (MAX -YOU SHOULD HAVE DEMO’D THIS ONE -IT IS REALLY A COOL ICS FEATURE!) . For either option: SETTINGS/ROM CONTROL/NAVIGATION BAR/ENABLE (FOR SOFT KEYS); **OR**
      SETTINGS/ ROM CONTROL/ NAVIGATION BAR/ LONG PRESS HOME ACTION {AND THEN CHOSE “SHOW RECENT” that’s pretty good for a task manager -not quite the old style one I admit.

      My comment: the app for measuring data usage is really nice (I used 3G watchdog –which is great, but this internal app is nice as well): also the customizations -from face unlock (too slow) to the fonts to the new voice and the snappy gps, all make this a really nice rom. It is a generation or two advanced from the other ICS roms we have been trying out for the past three or four months!

  34. Mark Turner says:

    I am ready to try this AOPK ICS 1.2 ROM! I am so psyched!
    I have a question though.
    At the download I saw two other files listed there: and
    navigation button
    As these are not ROMS I was wondering what the procedure for instsalling these are and are they supplimental to the AOPK ICS ROM?

    I am old DOS guru and pretty good with windows, but just getting started with linux. Thanks for all your guidance!

    • markbc says:

      you don’t need the Siyah file unless you want to try it . I think it is an alternative kernel. The ROM kernel is fine and while some like Siyah, it is not needed (I did not…yet). The navigation buttons are redundant. Early ICS roms for our phone could not access the hard buttons. But this rom can. HOWEVER this rom also has the “soft buttons” built in and you can activate them (if you want redundant or flashy ICS buttons on your screen). So you DONT need this file either.
      YOU **DO** NEED To flash GAAPS which is (are?) all the Google programs like google market/play/ gmail maps etc… so when you flash the rom also flash gaaps. –it is on the same OP for the link
      hope this helps

      • markbc says:

        P.S. Android is a lot like DOS, or at least early DOS was. If you know the commands and processes and you use the right programs/files, you get a really good result.

        Perhaps Android (Linux) (or should we say Java/Linux since there is a trial going on;-) requires less fiddling with the specific file contents/line unless you are developing. Anyway it’s a lot of fun and very customizable. 😉

  35. maurice says:

    I can’t get my apn settings to save. When I click save
    Nothing is there….any idea of how I can fix this

    • markbc says:

      1. flash the latest version of this ROM. find it at:
      2. BEFORE you flash it, clear your cache, do a factory reset in recovery (clear all user data) and the clear the dalvik cache (in recovery advanced menu)

      3. after flashing the latest version (twice) AND then flashing GAAPS (the google stuff), you should be ok as long as you don’t use Titanium Backup to load back any system data. (reload apps, but not data if you can -and don’t restore anything system using Titanium on the new rom….)

      hope this helps

  36. cadoo says:

    OK I have tried tons of roms and I am no noob. After installing this there were 3 or 4 bugs but no big deal. after a reboot it would not read my micro sd card. I tried everything!! even taking it back to stock. no change. took it back to best buy and got a new phone. lucky i am a silver member and can take back anything b4 45 days not 30. be careful with this rom.

    • markbc says:

      I understand how frustrating that can be.
      I actually had a problem with a ROM that made me swap my phone out with my seller. It made me pause before even rooting again! However, I did and tried this rom (not the version max posted -sorry, but a newer, better version). And it is works nicely.

      My Google Music is playing songs from my SD Card
      My Google Gallery displays pictures and videos from my SD Card
      I can connect my phone to my PC and see my SD Card.

      The ROM is great. It works.

      You may have to install a special app that ensures the external sdcard is visible to everything -including your computer. That app is called “UMS1.0.apk ”

      that app is located (or findable) from the FAQ for this rom. the latest and best version of this rom is located at:

      hope this helps

  37. Jay Enrique Park says:

    it does’t read my sd card !!
    is there any way to fix this i really like this rom!!!!!!

    • markbc says:


      #1. make sure you are working on the latest version.
      please go to the Developer’s post on XDA and flash the latest. best version
      #2. You also may have to install a special app that ensures the external sdcard is visible to everything -including your computer. That app is called “UMS1.0.apk. ” That app is located (or findable) from the FAQ for this rom. the FAQ is right below the original post and instructions for flashing the rom.

      hope this helps

  38. Eerian says:

    Where are the Google Play and Files apps?

    • markbc says:

      no PROBLEM
      you just need to flash the Google applications file separately.
      Why? well, Cyanogenmod and AOKP don’t bundle all the normal the Google stuff inside their ROMS (I think for copyright issues).
      So, you need to load them –to FLASH THEM later. (This includes Google market/play and all the other stuff)..
      So, while you are STILL in the RECOVERY MODE on your phone AFTER flashing the AOKP ROM (twice) then go ahead and flash the gaaps file.
      if you don’t have the GAAPS file, you can get the gaaps file (GAAPs = google applications) at the link for the most recent version of this great rom
      The right version of GAAPs is march 2012.

      For this ROM please DONT FLASH Max’s version –it was good but now iIT IS OUT OF DATE —
      PLEASE go to the above link and get the latest/greatest version plus the GAAPS file and also see the instructions and FAQ in case you can’t access your PC via USB/. . . The GAAPS thing is a weird and everyone forgets to flash it (I did 😉 (P.S. you can’t add all the Google stuff via install apks, you need to flash it!)

      hope this helps

  39. dean says:

    Having trouble with data it won’t work data not working anybody have suggestion to fix this problem tried every setting .love the app just need data to work

  40. Aaron says:

    How do i install the apps?

  41. Aaron says:

    How do you install the app pack?

    • cadoo says:

      You flash it threw clockwork mod just like you flash a rom. Just point to the zip. File in clockwork. And flash it!

  42. Jordan says:

    This ROM for some reason freezes up my SGS2 after only a few minutes. Have to do a reset to get phone back, and freezes again after a few minutes.

  43. krystofe83 says:

    Hi guys form this site I hope you can help me with this..
    So i was iphone guy before, so I lost my iphone and I decide to buy an S.galaxy s2 (At&t 1777) from a guy that need the money, and so I was needed the phone as well !! so here is the facts: the phone starts and work good wifi, and everything else, and he told me that the phone is unlock and I can use any sim, so I google it, and I have and superuser app, that it means my phone is rooted So ! i notice when the phone starts is with the logo of “samsung galaxy s 2 19100″ it apears at the bottom a yellow triangle with the sing of warning, So i have no idea if this is right ! I haven’t try yet the phone with my old sim, because I want try now a t-mobile ! because I wanted to try the beautiful ICS and have unlock my new phone as well ! So I visit this site and this leak of ICS above seems so cool ! I try to installed but was unsuccessful ..anyway I install tha rom manager from clockworkmod ” I dont know if this is the wrong or right app to do this! it seems when I turn off the phone and start the clockworkmod I try it, but nothing happend is like the phone freeze when I try to wipe data…I dont know how long it takes, and when I try to install from internal sd nothing happen too. so I turn off the phone again to start the normal way I get it !

    samsung galaxy s2 (att 1777):
    -android 2.3.4
    -1777UCKH7 (baseband)
    - (kernel)

    So my phone is not fully rooted ? how i can try ICS and have rooted my phone ? I need a special kernel to have my phone unlock???

    I see you’re the best guys in this !!! it looks like you have made a wonderful ICS 4.0 for at&t 1777 1 so hope you help me ! thanks !

    • Victory Cross says:

      it means your phone is rooted. Scary to see the first time but nothing to worry about. Seems Samsung is attempting to crack down on ROM’ers that may be bricking their phones and trying to get them replaced by warranty.

  44. Chris says:

    I really don’t see the point of upgrading to ICS at the moment. I am currently still on the unnamed rom 1.3.2 and it is PERFECT flawless. I just don’t understand the big hype over ics …just my two cents : )

    • Selw0nk says:

      I know right. I will wait for ICS. How is the battery life on UnNamed? And does the swipe to clear notifications really work on it.

      • Chris says:

        Battery life for smart phones in general you have to accept they suck lol. But it’s definitely a huge improvement over stock AT&T rom. I Can get up to a full day with some tweaking but I’m a heavy user. Others claim longer battery life. No I do not have swipe to clear notifications.

  45. Aaron says:

    I cant watch videos i take with my camera. I can upload them and watch them but i cannot watch them on my actual phone.

  46. Scattered Showes says:

    When I click on my message icon:
    Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped.
    Any Help?

    • Steve says:

      I had a similar problem. If you go into settings then into Applications then into Running services, look for messaging. Clear Cache and then try it again. should work. Also hold down the messaging icon and click edit. Then go find the messaging app listed in the “apps” list and select it. Sometimes the target needs to be re-associated with the icon.

  47. Dan says:

    i downloaded this rom and rebooted the phone and its been on the team kang logo with the unicorn for over 10 min now…did i do something wrong?

  48. Steve says:

    I rooted then installed this ROM. At first I had an issue but once I stopped a few services on the phone it worked just fine. HOWEVER, I DO NOT have the ROM Options in my Options menu as you show above. Any reason why? Also how can I get it?

  49. Suhas K says:

    I rooted my AT&T SGHi777 and loaded this ROM, Thank you!!
    The process went smoothly, so far so no major issues, Battery also good. The only one issue; my external SD card is not visible to my computer. I can see in settings/storage, I saw a thread saying the ICS mounts it as /mnt/something, that’s not there too, I also saw a thread to install UMS1.0.apk, that too did not help. I’ve also turned off USB debugging, i see my internal storage but not the external card on PC.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you again for a wonderful experience on ICS with this ROM

  50. Scott says:

    Is there a way to unistall the AOPK ROM?

    • Used2hvatreo says:

      What are you trying to accomplish? Just flash over it with a different ROM, following the installation instructions for that ROM.

      Otherwise, come to XDA and read up on going back to stock/switching to a different ROM

  51. markbc says:

    This Rom is now at version 40! It is Stable, fully functional,
    even more features than the Samsung/att ICS, which is just
    being pushed now. I am using this Rom
    with “Fluxii “kernel that allows my capacitive keys to work
    perfectly, and speeds the Rom up too… right now I think this
    is the best possible combo for the Galaxy S2 Sgh-i777

    • snipe2nite says:

      @markbc From reading back over all your comments, it is very cool of you to share your knowledge and help these people out!! It is very sad what zedomax does by mirroring the downloads and NOT linking to tasks XDA thread… I was searching for the menu buttons staying lite when screen was on I found the setting to turn them off but then there off all the time? What do you know about that? What did you mean about this”my capacitive keys to work” see you on XDA

      • markbc says:

        @snipe2nite Hi and thank you for the kind words –I just want everyone to enjoy their phone as much as I do. I am not an expert but have some experience that may help.

        I read what you said about Zedomax and while it is frustrating that he put the link only to an old version, I understand why. Task360 puts out so many versions, so quickly that it is impossible to keep up with him! But I think Zedomax should put a line in there like “if you want to find out more, or keep up with this.. then go to XDA and look for the thread named …[XYZ].

        Also we should recognize that Zedomax really does a lot of good info sharing for our phone and keeps it at a level that is less intimidating than on XDA. He has good reviews and provides most of the latest info on our phone and there is not that “if you’re not an expert, get lost” attitude that sometimes seems to linger in XDA. So I really do respect and rely on Zedomax, even when I recognize that I also need to check or follow up elsewhere after he gives us the “first page news.”

        As to XDA. well heck, I read it all the time and use the tips and ideas there too. But I don’t even have 10 postings on XDA using my current username (on XDA) so I can’t even post on the development threads where the roms pop out!

        Getting back to your capacitive keys. You seem to have something like the issue I had. When I flashed one of the recent Task AOKP ROMs, my capacitive keys were not working at all –but then I did a full wipe and reinstalled the Rom and the capacitive keys suddenly worked correctly.

        “Correctly” is a loaded term however, since under Gingerbread the keys had a more reliable lighting sequence, but under ICS they seem more fickle -perhaps since the emphasis is now on the soft keys.

        For example, I use “night clock” app and under gingerbread the capacitive keys turned off a few seconds after I stopped touching the clock – but under all ICS roms those capacitive keys stayed lit all night –at first that bothered me. However, once time when I updated to a newer Task AOKP ROM and then also flashed the Fluxii kernel –then the capacitive keys acted “normal” and shut off after a few seconds in my “night clock” app (provided that I did not adjust the nightclock brightness!).

        OK, that seemed to work, but now that I am using the latest versions of both Task’s AOKP and ktoonsez’s Fluxxii, the capacitive lights once again stay on during my use of night clock. Yikes! not a big deal but just goes to show that capcitive key lights area bit touching (no pun) in ICS.

        In general my capcitive key lights now come on and turn off correctly in the main phone interface -after a few seconds of a touch, but are a bit stubborn inside some apps like “night clock.”

        So my recommendation is to do a full wipe and reflash and see if the capacitive keys get back to normal –also switch kernels since they DO seem to affect the capacitive keys . . . hope this can help a bit!


  52. Phillip says:

    my Bluetooth + Back button + Camera + WiFi + USB cannnot even recognize in windows 7 desktop – DO NOT WORK.

    I have i777 galaxy S2 from Nashville TN. After updated to 4.04 with Kies all the problems above started. Then I got 5.01 Siyah from Max site .. the back button and camera did not work then… and then used the 3.5.2 and that was the same. What else can I do?? What must I do to get Wifi to work as well?? I am so tired to this phone. Should have got the iPhone 4 then…. wife has hers for about 2yrs with no problems still.

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