AOKP ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Best ICS ROM]

I’ve been guilty of using my AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 the most this week but the good news is that I think I’ve finally found a great ICS ROM that runs flawless, the AOKP ICS ROM.


I think this is probably the best ICS ROM you can use on your AT&T Galaxy S2 right now and comes with a ton of features. I won’t go into it but you can watch the video above to see all the cool features. Besides that, this ICS ROM runs super fast and great battery life so you can’t beat it.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

Download ROM:


Download GoogleApps

To install, wipe, install ROM, install GoogleApps, reboot! That’s it!

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, please see AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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212 Responses

  1. Christopher Allen says:

    I have no data connection and there is no play store so I can’t download apps even if I had a wifi connection.

    • task650 says:

      thats because you have to flash GApps. If you go to my ROM thread you will figure it out rather quickly. 🙂

      • admin says:

        right make sure to download gapps and install it as said in this blog post!

        • Jacob says:

          I was having problems getting gapps to flash. It would say the flash had succeeded but upon reboot the Google apps weren’t there. I ended up doing a wipe/factory reset AND wipe the cache and dalvik, then flashing AOKP and gapps, after which all was well.

          So, if you have troubles getting gapps to take, you can try that. I had the same trouble trying to flash CM9.

          FYI, I was rooted using the method found here:

          (Highly recommended. It’s easy, works like a charm, and doesn’t trip the flash counter. I used method 2c, as my stock kernel was UCKK6).

          And after that, I had flashed Entropy512’s daily driver which is an UCKK7 kernel w/ CWM recovery (also can be found from the above link). That was what I was running when I flashed AOKP.

          My battery life had increased quite a bit with Entropy512’s daily driver, but has went back down after flashing AOKP. Don’t know why. I can live with it, but I hope to figure out what’s going on and get my battery life back. After all, most people say this rom increased their battery life.

          Everything else works fine, other than a couple very minor glitches which don’t affect anything important. I am really liking this rom now that I have everything set up the way I like it. Love the tweakability.

          Thank you Task.

  2. Pranesh says:

    I installed the AOKP ROM dated 14th from the previous thread, Wiped the data, SD card and then flashed it ROM and the Gapps. The Mic and the speaker when a call in on dont work. I cant hear the person on the other end speak not can they hear me speak. What do I do?

    • task650 says:

      sounds like you flashed an i9100 rom or kernel. go to my XDA thread and you’ll get the help you need.

      • Pranesh says:

        Thats the thread I want to ask you help, Task. I cant post on the development thread yet. You are right. Here is the History of my phone. The first ROM I installed was the Leaked semi official ICS 4.0.3 ATT version. That one did not have the root. I went ahead and used the rooting method in from Zedomax. It did’nt get into CWM, It was stuck in the main screen. So, I went ahead and flashed an i9100 ROM using through ODIN cause I thought that was my only option. Next I had the root and I Flashed the AOKP ROM with Gaaps. This should explain everything. How do I get a clean full install of the AOKP ROM. Im assuming I have to install the right Phone Modem. Please tell me what to do.

        • admin says:

          You just need to reflash an SGH-i777 kernel in ODIN or CWM then do a fresh install of a ROM. Try this kernel:

          • Pranesh says:

            No It does not work. I flashed the kernel through CWM, reinstalled the ROM still the same problem persists. Is there a TAR and/or a PIT file that gets me back to Stock ATT gingerbread 2.3.4 completely?

            • admin says:

              Wait did you say you flashed the AOKP ROM from 14th? Make sure you are installing i777 ROMs. Try another ROM if problem persists for now to make your phone work.

            • Rafael says:

              hi Pranesh, did you solve this? I have the same problem with my mic and charger. This occurred when I flashed CM9. I tried almost everything!!!

              My phone doesnt even shutdown!!!!!!

        • Rafael says:

          Hi pranesh, did you solve this? My sgh-i777 has the same issue, I tried everything without solution.

          I dont know exactly when it happened, I was flashing about 4 roms/day. But I know for sure, all of them was for sgh-i777!

          Now my mic doesnt work, and my cellphone doesnt shutdown.

          I anybody knows what can I do, please tell me.

    • bggopal says:

      @Pranesh, are you able to solve the problem.? am stuck at the same place..? Please tell me how did you recover.

  3. Kevin says:

    I’m also experiencing some problems with the Play Store.

    Also, it isn’t connected to G-Mail so how would I import my contacts from there?

  4. task650 says: this is where you all should be going to flash my rom guys. that way you will get the proper help you need when flashing this or when you ruin into any issues. 🙂

  5. pal says:

    Hi guys, great ROM, I’m still using the IMM76D build and I’m very happy with it so far, so won’t probably upgrade just yet. I do have one question though:

    So if I go to the AOKP website, I can’t find the SGH-i777 device on that list. There is Galaxy S (i9000), and a few different versions of the Galaxy Tab, but that’s it in terms of the galaxy phones. So is this a different version that’s not posted on the AOKP website? Does the thread on the XDA website (linked above) belong to a different version of the build 36 AOKP ROM?

    Thanks in advance for the help! You guys rock the ROM world!

    • admin says:

      This is a ported version by XDA user Task650, a very good ROM developer btw, not an official version. But it is just as good as any official versions, I’ve actually tested this ROM for couple days.

      • pal says:

        I just upgraded to this, and haven’t had any problems with it so far. Everything works fine, Nova launcher is sometimes a bit choppy but it is smoother than Trebuchet I think. Make sure you wipe and flash properly as instructed. For anybody who might be having problems with data connection, do a restart; it fixed mine.

      • task650 says:

        this actually is not a port bro. i built it from source by combining repos from cm9 and aokp in order for it to compile correctly. it was pretty mangled to start off but it has been compiling perfectly for the last 8-10 builds so far.

  6. Dennis says:

    I’ve got the official ICS rom on my s2, installed using he method on his Site. How do I go about rooting and flashing a new rom now? Is there a rooted kernel for i777 ICS?

  7. moorecomp says:

    Not bad rom, but had a lot of fc’s in WWF. Went back to the Shostock2 .5 and then .6. Happy with it.

  8. juiskd says:

    i dont have data connection and i installed gapps but nothing 🙁 help!

  9. Eric says:

    No data connection after wipe,install, flashed gapps. Tried whole process twice. No go. I like a lot about this rom. I wish I could get it to work.

  10. Kyle282 says:

    Everything works flawlessly. However, I don’t have any option higher than 1200 MHz for the cpu. How do I fix that?

  11. Richard says:

    how I can install google market, already installed your rom thanx

  12. dipesh says:

    i have tried aokp rom previously.its a great rom.lots of options.but my only problem is that it does not show my external memory sd card and its shows internal but external for me is important as task 650 please help me out.(

    • Richard says:

      i got the same problem can anybody help us!

      • sentox says:

        You have to set preferences to read root files on file explorer. Then go path \mnt\emmc\. That is the path where this rom mount the external memory. Not like others roms that mount external memory at \mnt\sdcard\external_sd

        • Freida says:

          I still need help. I changed the settings in the file explorer, nothing is there. In my phone settings, I have the option to mount internal SD card. When I select it, it seems like it tries, but then stops. Did I flash wrong?

  13. Ben says:

    I did try using different rom,the AOKP is the BEST 😀
    runs flawless !!!!
    will keep it until find another better rom.

  14. skywalker311 says:

    What is the best kernel to use with AOKP. There is Entropy, N.E.A.K., Siyah V3 kernel. In your opinion what do you think works the best with this firmware.

  15. Eduardo Hernandez says:

    This rom rules! I do just have one question regarding the profile pictures. I go to edit one of my contacts and I like to give each a profile picture. The rom allows me to edit my contact and to select either a gallery picture or to snap one. I’ve tried both ways and no go. I can however assign distinct ringtones to each contact though. Am I missing something?

  16. MeShell says:

    Best ROM out there, had it since day one. 15+ hours battery life, and little to no bugs. Wish I could customize icons and more lock screen options, no biggie tho. Awesome job task, much appreciated.

  17. Tyson says:

    I love this ROM so much. The only two issue/questions are:

    1. The battery life isn’t so spectacular even though I turn several features off. I also use the battery saver in the ROM control. I’ll be down to 50% after 3 hours.

    2. Before installing any kind of ROM I revived some type of data connection whether it’s browsing the web or playing words with friends. I only turned on data when I was downloading something from the playstore, now I have to turn it on for everything. Help?

  18. Spazmonic says:

    Loved this ROM….until Spotify wouldn’t work with it. Deal breaker. Other than that, it is amazing. Good job and thanks for sharing it

  19. Lee says:

    is this rom unrooted?

  20. Mar3z says:

    I was running this from for the day I great in it ways
    But my only problem is some of my music photo aren’t coming up and when I want to play my mp3 through play music app or other media apps they won’t play
    My question why it happen that way and how can’t I fix cause I like this from a lot


  21. Kevin says:

    I can’t seem to be able to find the option to send mass text other than writing each person’s name. I think other ROMs we were able to select multiple recipients. I’m wondering if I’m not seeing it or if it isn’t an option.

  22. spamandroid says:

    ICS is great. When I try to add apps at the lockscreen option it doesn’t let me, it gives me only this option (ss below). Did this happen to anyone?

    • James says:

      this happened to me too. click on custom app # and select what option you want (custom app will get you your list of apps). click on the app you want and it will apear!!

  23. Nic says:

    Just flashed this rom on my 1st rom. I moved my new Omega to the 2nd rom position. Two reasons I went with Omega when I upgraded from GB are the ability to move applications into folders inside the “Drawer” or Applications area. I like to have things organized in a way that I can find them easily. I know I can merge apps on the homescreens, but that area is reserved for most used apps and mainly widgets. The second reason I went with Omega is a widget called “Applications Monitor.” I use this widget to kill applications I forgot to close or navigated away from that I dont want left open. The widget tells me in real time how many apps are still open. I know about holding down the back button to kill applications, but I cant tell which ones are open. Now, I have spent the last 6 hours configuring this AOKP rom… I absolutely love it! This is by far the best rom thus far!!! What would make it perfect in my eyes… are those features or something like it. Unless I am just stuck in the old days of GB and dont know that there are better ways of doing things. Any help with these would be greatly appreciated… I would love to use this rom as my primary rom and get rid of the Omega rom. Thanks!!

  24. Nate Oeung says:

    For some reason it says i don’t have adobe installed.

  25. Alexis Quezada says:

    Great ROM!!!
    Excellente Job “Task 650”
    I have a question, what is the ideal configuration of the CPU between performance – long battery

    max frec???
    min frec???

    Actually I use Siyah Kernel and finally it’s smartassv2 a good governor for my battery???
    Thanks for your help…

  26. Alexis Quezada says:

    Again, great job!!!

  27. richard says:

    I have installed versions of this from on my phone. I think I will be using this for the foreseeable future. It is stable and more importantly every thing works. A million thanks to the developersfor some great work

  28. Jesus says:

    I have installed this ROM and everything seems to be working fine, It’s a nice rom, lot of options, I was hating the security issue with at&t lock of the phone. Just a couple of troubles at the beginning It didn’t recognize movistar venezuela APN setting, Manual settings works. google play store wasn’t letting me install some apps that I had before flashing the stock rom, this because country restrictions by google, I just installed t-mobile sim card and got rid of it, The battery life seems to be the same ;( dropbox is not sending photos taken by the camera to the cloud. and finally my pc is not longer detecting the phone. Any help?

    • admin says:

      Not sure about dropbox you might want to check sync settings and also you can re-installing Samsung Kies if your computer is not detecting your phone.

      • Jesus says:

        Dropbox is working fine! It has the wifi only transfer mode, when i got connected to the wifi sync began, Today I connected the phone to my other computer runnig windows vista and it detects the phone actually can see the internal and external sd cards, but kies prompt a message that you have to disable usb debuging and does not detect the phone, usb debugging is not selected I disabled it on system settings, developer settings! So I’ll try to uninstall and install kies againg and let you know. Thanks to the developer, Task 650 for thise incredible ROM and to you Max for al the videos and the information you give in your site!

  29. krystofe83 says:

    Super great job guys.. nice rom, installation was great.and everything wors fine so far….just I have 1 question:
    it appear folders from other rom like the original att rom official..and my old photos even old trashes
    old app folders.. so If I restart like a fabric reset will have same problem with old folders ???

  30. Ricardo says:

    install this rom, but the phone signal does not work, the phone shows the signal but still does not work! please someone who can help! I installed the gapps

    • admin says:

      It’s you APN settings, go google APN settings for your phone company such as “AT&T APN Settings Android” then enter it in APN settings under Mobile Networks, voila.

  31. daxnal23 says:

    I have been running this ROM for a week now and the only complaint I have is the battery life. My phone now dies after ~3 hours of moderate usage.

  32. SBI says:

    Great ROM. Thank you very much!!

    One ‘tiny’ problem that I have – I can’t find apps that I installed. For example, I installed Titanium Backup PRO – I can’t find it. When I go to Google Play I can Uninstall it and then re-install, but can’t find the damn thing.
    What am I doing wrong?

  33. SBI says:

    Anyone knows why my iGO won’t work with this ROM? It worked fine with UnNamed and when I flashed AOKP ICS I am getting this error when starting iGO:

    User interface resolution [800×480] is not supported or compatible skin can not be found.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. JUan Carlos says:

    Hi guys..
    I installed AOKP´s a great one. Only a couple bugs I feel. I have not access tio a Videos (i.e. You tube.) directly from the links. We can access to the independient apk and works but not from the link. Second one: When I reboot the phone the Apps Menu, shows a small menu with sort list of installed apps. later, a couple minutes , a check again and all the icons appears on the screen. Another one: When I apply the return access on the screen, is suppose to kill the open apps. If I apply is driving trough sms apk, web access, and othres before close.

  35. Chris says:

    So is there a TMobile galaxy s2 variant?

  36. SBI says:

    Is it possible that this ROM doesn’t have speed dial?

  37. Jesus Villalobos says:

    Juan Carlos creo q no seguistes correctamente las instrucciones, yo en mi caso con el modee S2 de at@t vi muchos vídeos en especial los de esta pagina, te recomiendo volver a hacer la instalación en especial muy importante Wipe factory Reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache instala de nuevo el rom incluso ya hoy esta la versión 37, instala la y también desde el mismo CWM instala las aplicaciones de Google y funcionara todo bien

    • JUan Carlos says:

      Gracias Jesus por la recomendacion. Yo aplique todos los wipes antes de instalar el ROM…..en fin probare tus consejos..donde descargo la version 37., La que tengo instalada es la 36 del AOKP

      • Jesus Villalobos says:

        En la pagina de xda developer en esta misma pagina esta un link que coloco task 650

        • JUan Carlos says:

          Gracias nuevamente por asesoria….anoche instale la revision del ROM. Algun detalle que comentar…el Interfase de esta version, no ocupa el area total disponible ya que deja abiertya la posibilidad de crear un su8bmenu o teclado adicional. Esto reduce el area disponible de la pantalla regular de escritura. Me costo eliminarlas ya que por algun juego las active y tuve que reinstalar el ROM nuevamente para poderlas eliminar. (solo alcanzaba a reducer la cantidad de teclas o accesos). Otro detalle que olvide señalar en este punto es el acceso al Samsung Dive. No logro registrar el equipo en la pagina ya que no se me abre la opcion de crear la Cuenta Samsung en mi AT&T G2. Sera limitacion del ROM??

  38. Ben says:

    i wouldn’t connected with samsung kies?
    its normal?

  39. Juan Carlos says:

    I installed the last update of AOKP 37. Still have the problem with the Videos on the sittes. I am forced to open directly from the application like YouTube.

    • JUan Carlos says:

      I selected a desk clock widget and the app not update…cam appreciate two diferent info on the screen. Sometimes, Gmail notifier not working instead have to reboot sometimes. Good work with some issues to solve.

  40. robbie says:

    I have been using this great ROM since is first came out on this site. Today was the first time I have had any kind of issue and that is most likely me. When I go fishing I like to carry a cheap phone instead of my GS2, so I forward all calls to the cheap phone. I can’t figure out how to forward calls with this ROM. Any suggestions.
    Thanks, Robbie

  41. edu says:

    i followed all the process and everything seems run fine except wifi… at the beginning the mobile data didnt work but i restarted and its ok but the wifi appears its on in the settings but doesnt show the icon in the status bar and doesnt work… what should i do?

    • JUan Carlos says:

      If you are in mind that the Wifi is working, enter in the configuration/ROM CONTROL and running across thge options which let the chance to configurate all the item you want to see on the main screen., size, etc.

  42. Andrew says:

    Everyhting worked great except fo one thing…any time I install an app the phone flashes a message saying “no more room on home screen”. Has anyone else run into this bug?

  43. Simon says:

    NO bugs? This is beyond laughable. The email app doesn’t even begin to work. I want my work email to load…. I don’t need to make rap albulms with the phone. I need a freaking working phone.

  44. Tony B. says:

    No audio dock passthrough and no workarounds. Otherwise pretty solid, but I’ll have to find something different until it’s fixed.

    • JUan Carlos says:

      Tony..I had to reinstall the Rom a couple of time to solve some bugs. I addition, I installed by Recovery a Beast Audio application that appear on XDA Forum. It´s pretty cool and iif you use with Headphones, can appreciate the quality. Also install n7player from Google Play and the key from outside friends and enjoy it.

  45. Paco says:

    I have a ATT Galaxy S2 and i tried Phone Bricker ICS first and i like it very much and now i install this ROM but either way it freezes went i connect a usb drive through a usb port. I want to know how i turn back the stock camera interface because i like it, not the one i got with the AOKP ROM. Other issue i got is that the photos i save in sd card don’t show the preview and when i open them it keeps loading indefinitely. Recognizes external sd card but wont read the contents of it.

    • JUan Carlos says:

      Paco a install Phone Bricked last weekend. I have no chance to tested. I did not like the Interfase (Samsung original touchwiz) I came back to AOKP. I think can use Phobe Bricked with other launcher who help to enjoy different enviromental. Talk us your experiences with PB.

      PD. You can install Samsung Touchwiz for ICS posted in XDA a couple days ago.

      • Paco says:

        I like everything about PB, layout, interface, apex launcher, but i think have some bugs with internet and wifi sometimes, wont connect with full wireless signal. The only problem i want to fix is that i want to use my usb drive to play music in my phone but it freezes. I dont know what it is but i have no problems before i rooted. What it could be?

  46. Marcus says:

    Just rooted my phone to flash this rom. I’m loving it.
    One thing, is there a way to adjust the haptic feedback strength?

  47. Camilo Guzman Rios says:

    Panas Juan Carlos, Jesus Villalobos queria saber si me pueden ayudar con la modificacion de mi SG2AT&T soy muy noob en este tema vengo de BB que es muy sencillo la cuestion de actulizaciones de SO.

    Este es mi mail para que por favor me agregen al msn “” o me regalan los de ustedes y poder conversar y les cuentos mis dudas.


  48. Threnody13 says:

    Will this ROM work with the Zedomax Kernel (, or will I need to flash a new Kernel?

  49. Daniel says:

    It seems to be a very nice ROM for ICS,
    I’m using gingerbread 2.3.4, Before flashing this ROM i gotta install the ICS right??
    Do you have the link for the ICS you’re using on your device?? I already downloaded this ROM
    but i need a decent version of the ICS. Last time i installed the ATT “official version”
    and it sucks (at least on my phone)

    Thanks and congrats for this wonderful site.. =)

  50. Jerad says:

    Hi admin,

    first of all thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge here. you are doing a great job here.
    quick question, im new for Galaxy rooting and im using a Galaxy S2 i777 in Sri Lanka. which is a career unlocked.
    just wanted to know if something goes wrong when im rooting and if I unrooted it back, will I lost my career unlock? and is there anyway to backup my stock kernel and restore it?

    Thanks in advance

    • Daniel says:

      I don’t think so Jerad, that’s cause i’m using an unlocked version of the ATT Galaxy S2 i777 in Brazil with another carrier… To unlock i used the IMEI code sytem… I had rooted and unrooted my phone several times and none of them i had problems with my carrier connection, however, i’m can not assure you that nothing is gonna happen.. ;DDD

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Same as Daniel, I bought my AT&T alaxy 2 in my last vacation in US later last year. I unlocked and rooted and unrooted a couple times with no problem. I am using the phone with my local carrier in Venezuela Movistar. It´s not entire open in the carrier net, but it´s working without a problem.

  51. Juan Carlos says:

    Has somebody tried to activate SAMSUNG DIVE with this ROM??? I had intented to activate this option and one of the requirement is to Create a Samsung Account in the phone. That the problem. It´s not appear as an option inthe equipment. I asked Samsung trought Twitter account and they suggest create a Samsung account via web, but nothing possible. If someone can help me, I fully appreciate.

  52. Daniel says:

    Hey Max, I really want to thank you for all the information available on your site and on your youtube channel. You are great! As you said this ROM is the best, everything looks beautiful and works very nice and smooth. The only thing that i’m really missing is the Samsung Contacts, Message and dialer apps, with those i was able to swype left on a contact to message (brilliant), swype right on a contact to call (brilliant) and easily access the contacts app from within the dialer via the tabs at the top… Is it possible to use the Samsung gingerbread versions of the contacts, message and dialer apps on this ICS MOD.. That would be more than perfect!!


  53. Daniel says:

    That was a question, i forgot the interrogation point, sorry.. so Is it possible to use the Samsung gingerbread versions of the contacts, message and dialer apps on this ICS MOD???

  54. Moriex says:

    Hello, great Job.. thanks a lot. I have a galaxy s2 i777, actually gingerbread and custom rom and kernel version, i want this ROM, i need install first a kernel for ICS?

  55. Adam says:

    I have this installed on my i777 and I am loving it. I had one question. What kernel should I use to over-clock it?

    Thanks again for the great site!

  56. ruwan says:

    after the install of ROM in CWM I can’t install GApps for some reason. CWM reports a failure in mounting the SD. Please help. Also….I did use the titanium backup to backup the apps and after the ROM install I do not have titanium too….thanks in advance

  57. moriex says:

    I have a galaxy s2 i777, actually gingerbread and kernel, i want this ROM (AOKP), i need install first a kernel for ICS? Thanks

  58. Juan Carlos says:

    Hey Admin..I just review the video of this Rom And appreciate you have occupied full sceen of your AT&T GS2…..why in my phone I can not scope the full screen???? I like too much this Rom but I tedted others oriented to a Touchwiz.

    • Steve says:

      I had the same problem. I switched from trebuchet to Nova Launcher and it worked fine. Full screen back!

      • Juan Carlos says:

        I suggest not use the theme included with the rom. If you appliy the screen show afditional setting youch control like I9100 not nevesary fit I777. Take vare.

  59. Steve says:

    finally a ROM that works well and it’s VERY WELL designed. Nice job. From the cool phone interface to the totally redone Messaging app, this ROM rules. Other than below average battery life, I plan on keeping this ROM until I get my Galaxy S3

  60. Juan Carlos says:

    All guys who have the intention to install thid Rom AOKP, please v
    visit xda forum to download the latest version of this good ROM

  61. Terry says:

    Hey, what would happen if I used CWM to install this on my SGS I9100 would it work alright. And is there a release that will work thanks.

  62. Steve says:

    Now that I have had this ROM a few weeks I have a few things come up. Overall this ROM works really well and calling it customizeable is a HUGE understatement. It’s awesome in that regard.
    1. As a very heavy talker I noticed a TON of calls that get dropped and when they do, the phone makes no noise or anything so I end up talking to myself. Sucks and might be a dealbreaker.
    2. When on the phone and getting a text there is no audio indicating such.
    3. I have had several services that keep stopping. Periodically a box will pop up indicating xxx Services has Stopped. (xxx in place of whichever service it is)
    4. The flashlight app has turned itself on a few times but no big deal.

    ANY help on ANY of these would be greatly appreciated.

  63. Tony says:

    Has anyone had any trouble with picture messaging? I can send a normal text message just fine, but when I add a picture into it it just says “sending” I have good signal, but the message just never sends

  64. Andrés Tineo says:

    Hi, I’ve installed this ROM and everything is going all right but I’d like to the Samsung account in order to
    Use the Samsung dive .does anyone knows how to do so?

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Hey Andres…Olvidalo..!!! As I undestand, all the Roms based on AOKP/AOSP can not included the options of Samsung Apps, like Dive, Account, etc. I tried soo much to install and all the Forum respond me this aswer… I asked directly to Task650 creator of this Rom at XDA. Take care to update daily this ROM….I don’t know why they update daily….

  65. Luis says:

    My screem auto brightness is surelly not working.

  66. Joe says:

    Hey guys, I am new to this whole rooting and installing roms thing but I was pretty successful at installing the AOKP rom. only problem is I tried copying my SMS texts using Titanium backup and restored it once the ROM was installed but the texting app refuses to open them and I get the message “unfortunately, messaging is not working”. I can send texts but I can’t receive any or open any old ones. Is there any other way of getting my old texts on the new ROM. Please try to dumb your explanations down a little for my sake.

    Also, is the build posted in this article the latest build?

    I’m using the s2 at&t version, i777

  67. Juan Carlos says:

    Luis and Joe…I running for different Rom during the last few days and has no problems. with them. Actually, I return to AOKP ROM after applied the wipes and have no problems to report. I suggest install twice the Rom before exit from the Recovery to prevent these issues.

  68. 122ninjas says:

    I have activated fast torch/hold power key to turn on torch on lock screen but it doesn’t seem to work. With quad lock screen it crashes the UI and on aosp it just turns off. Any help?

  69. Joe says:

    1. I have the same problem as ninjas..

    2. Is there a way to delete multiple contacts at once?

    3. Is there any way to bring over the stock accuweather widget from touchwiz over to this rom? I really like this widget for its look and 5 day weather forecast but titanium backup couldn’t bring it over and I can’t seem to find this app in the play store

    • 122ninjas says:

      You can flash the serendipity mod which is touchwiz ics and that should have he widget

      • Juan Carlos says:

        Most of the actual Roms show this option in their Menus. I don’t know why AOKP creator do not included instead issue a daily update. If someone drive the Entrophy Hellshaiser (sorry if I make a mistake) , I would likee to show you all a good Ron – Hydra H2O – also based on AOKP/AOSP strong Rom better than AOKP950. problem it is for I9100

  70. Joe says:

    hey guys, one last question which is a big one.

    I really like this ROM but how do I update to the newest/latest builds? I don’t want to have to redo everything every time an update comes out… there has to be an easier way, right?

  71. Juan Carlos says:

    Good question….look at the XDA forum….the Creator make a daily Update.!!!!.I do not know is the Guys have in mind, and if the they think we have time to update the phone everyday

  72. Joe says:

    yes, thank you, I won’t update it every day but the question I had was…

    How do you update? do you have to backup, wipe, install rom and gapps again? is it like installing a new rom or do my settings, apps, data, messages get carried over to the new build?

    • James says:

      you should go to the xda forum thread and read the FAQ’s, and how to’s for this rom. there is a lot of good info for how to install and what to do.

      that said; personally i do a “dirty install” for the non-numbered updates and a clean install for the numbered ones. meaning for the updates that come out with a date name inbetween the major updates i will down load the zip to my internal memory, then wipe cache partition, and dalvik, and then install.
      for the clean install (the numbered, or major updates) i will download to internal memory, then full factory wipe, wipe cache, then dalvik then install. making sure all apps are working, i will then restore or back up using titanium back up (for apps) then will do a full back up of the system.
      dirty installs will keep your info for your apps so you dont have to reinstall them all. and a full wipe or clean install will make you reload all of your apps.

      if you decide to do a dirty install, and you start having issues, just do a full wipe: factory reset, cache, and dalvik.then reflash the update. remember to always do a back up before updating.

  73. Juan Carlos says:

    Visit the page on XDA FORUM…I did not read if we may instsll over existing one or has to be install from Cero. If you find, please let us know. Meanwhile, I am testing CM v.9 ROM. Today I had a problem w AOKP ROM which cut my phone calls everytime.

  74. Android d Giant says:

    Using this is probably the 2nd best solution to accessing flashlight (or any app) quickly

  75. cj says:

    The quick torch on the AT&T Galaxy S2 causes my phone to reboot. How did you get around that?

    • James says:

      The quick torch utilizing the power button will reboot your phone. Unfortunately there is no way around this……
      unless you add it as a quick app to your unlock screen. in tasks aokp you can go into system settings > rom contro > lock screen options > and then set a flashlight app (you will need to download one from the market) as a lockscreen target.
      or you can set a toggle to activate your torch in system settings > rom contro > toggles

  76. neo says:

    m havin trouble getting the portable wifi hotspot to work, any solution to dis?

  77. neo says:

    m havin trouble getting the portable wifi hotspot to work, any solution to dis?

  78. Dan says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ICS for my AT&T Galaxy S II. The only problem I am having is I don’t see when I am connected to WiFi on the status bar and can’t seem to find wireless connects or how to manage them. Anyone help out with this? Thanks!

  79. xphile says:

    Went to stock ATT ICS and absolutely hate it. Only reason I did so was because of lack of dock setting in AOKP. has anyone found a workaround?

    • Luis says:

      Why is it so bad (stock ics)? I like this rom, but lots of bugs in my opinion, intending to move to oficial att ics. Thanx

      • xphile says:

        Some are cosmetic: lock screen looks like crap, turning system off doesn’t have the nice tv flash, stupid ATT animation (I hate you guys). Others are customizable options: Don’t like typing my pin and having to press ok, manipulating the clock speed, lack of slew of ringtones like in AOKP, etc…

        • Luis says:

          Thanx xphile for feedback. I believe that the good point is stability of oficial ics rom (if It’s the real one…)

          • Dan says:

            I will take the phone restarting once in a while over not being able to fully customize my phone… AOKP is awesome!

  80. Dan says:

    Ok, I fix my first problem. This one might not be a simple. I have a JABRA CRUISER 2 and my phone finds it with AOPK installed, but it won’t let me connect to it. Keeps telling me invalid PIN or password… I don’t have an option to put in a PIN or password anywhere…. Can you please help me with this?!

    • Dan says:

      Any answers on how to input a PIN or password for Bluetooth devices?

      • Luis says:

        Could not find this option eighther… But I believe your device will be seen only by other devices you previewsly allowed to. Every time some other device try to access your phone, a warning popup will be shown. You can eigther allow or deny access.

      • Max says:

        it’s usually 0000 or 1234. If that doesn’t work reset your bluetooth device.

        • Dan says:

          Yeah Max, I know that the codes are usually that, the problem I am having is it just tells me the PIN or password is incorrect and never gives me an option to put a PIN or Password in. I can’t find any options to input a PIN or password. That’s my problem! If you could help me with that I would appreciate it!

  81. ricktherick says:

    Hey zedomax just wanted to say I think you are doing an awesome job spotlighting Andriod and the entire AOSP in general. Thanks for all your work (you seem like you have a lot of fun doing it!), it has been a great start for me in my journey with Andriod.

  82. JEREMY says:

    I wish this was a good option but every time the time changes the phone turns on for a few seconds. such a bummer.

  83. Alyssa says:

    I have installed this ROM not to long ago, and it is Amazing! Everything works perfectly, no problems so far at least.
    Thank you very much Max!

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Alyssa and Jeremy…now I recomend you visit XDA forum to update almost daily the ROM witl solve bugs and issues. The developer has included an OTA updater in the ROM. Still has to complete the app, due to only download the Update but not install yet. Good work they made with this ROM

  84. anthony says:

    I tried this ROM out for my gs2 and you know, I was pleasantly surprised, I LOVED the customization features that the ROM contained, and it looked great, ran great, but it ATE battery power like nobody’s buisness… it kinda sucks, im going to switch back to stock root ICS… i wish there was just some way to match awesome useability, looks, and customization features, with an awesome battery life.. i even had the power settings on… it was using half of my ram, and only displaying 4 running applications… in my history of having my phone i have NEVER had it running up to half of my RAM at once…. but alas…

  85. Juan Carlos says:

    Anthony: I am surprise with your battery drain. I used this Rom for my two last weeks and its works fine. Personnally I installed Fluxxi Kernel to testing battery drain andscope vclose than a full day long. Its coming with Siyah Kernel, one of the best one in the performance and battery drain. I sugget you, reinstall the Rom and test again.

  86. nelson says:

    I dont have wi fi, i dont know why….i had gingerbread 2.3.6 rooted after i install this ROM and i install some fix path to correct the wifi connection but with this rom i dont know if i have to do it again.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Please I suggest full wipe and reinstall the Rom, google app (gapps) and enjoy

      • nelson says:

        i charge the phone 100% and re install the ROM with wipe data/factory reset and still without wifi x.x. I know i can download another ROM, but this in particular is so cute and elaborated that i really want to give it a try.

        • Juan Carlos says:

          Nelson..I recently feel the same, but as soona I arrivef to my office wifi, the damm phone activate the wifi. Later, I installe
          d the recent update with full wipe (data factory, cache, dalvik twice.

  87. Eric Y says:

    im using a custom ringtone but its just ringing once, how can i make my ringtone loop?

  88. Aayush says:

    i installed aokp on my at&t s2……..i had a minor problem…..has anyone witnessed problems while entering the set alarm page??? most of the time, the screen would go dark until u would press the back button……

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Hey Friend. Do you check the time in Opyions/screen and time to block screen¿ You have to adjust this because is standard power saving issue. In addition I use the stock alarm option without problem. Ths light its are a light decrease by default. Also you have 2 option to turn the screen off. one is using power botton and one is waiting the screen should be soft touch and the light decrease always showing the clock.

  89. Barry says:

    How to get swype working on this rom?

    I did use titanium to back it up but it keeps force closing(swype does)

  90. mohammed says:

    I have try to install this rom and it done but when I turned off the phone and try to turn it on it is not working what should I do please. ):

  91. JUAN CARLOS says:

    Hey friend. I feel you make some wrong during installation. I suggest make all the process again. All wipes and flash Rom and gapps. sorry.

  92. mohammed says:

    actually I can not turn the phone on and I can go to the recovery mode. what should I do ?

  93. himath says:

    plz tel me how to install this ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777…..

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