AOKP ICS ROM v7.1 for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Best ROM]

Here’s a quick update on the AOKP ICS ROM version 7.1 for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, is better than ever.

The previous version was really “beta” but with recent 7.1 update, the AOKP ICS ROM for SGH-i777 is super solid, I haven’t found any bugs with it.  I really think this is the best ICS ROM you can run on the SGH-i777 right now.

I still have some call echo-issues with Siyah, but you can try both versions of Siyah and see if one of them fixes the problem.

Give this new version a go and let me know what you think!

Download ROM
Download Gapps

Download Siyah Kernel Version 1

Download Siyah Kernel Version 2

To install, wipe, then install ROM and Gapps.

If you want dual-booting/overclocking, then install Siyah after installing Gapps. Try both Siyah kernels if you have trouble with call echo.

Credits – XDA

See previous review:

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89 Responses

  1. Nitesh says:

    I am on AOKP and its eating my battery when I see the usage of battery its says more then 50% used by Android OS. please let me know do I need to try another kernel ?

    • RatusNatus says:

      Most used with this rom is Fluxi.

    • Travis says:

      Go to System Settings > Rom Control > Performance > Scaling Governor > and set to Conservative.

      I can get a few days worth of battery and no slow down of performance. I recommend all to use this setting.

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    Which Kernel is coming with this Rom.???Enter on XDA forum and ask the best way tofing ba attery perfomance?? I am not a Developer but as I read, sometime is a mix of good Kernel+ prper modrrm.

  3. Goutham says:


    this one is more stable than the previous version, but still I see some problems.
    I wiped the data and cache, the installation was smooth and quick and the installation also wiped the dalvik cache by itself

    most of the features work fine, but
    I dont see the cwm icon, I can sure get into the recovery mode manually
    I dont see myfiles folder
    in the rom manager-> performance
    the max cpu I can see is 1200 MHz, in the video above I see Max using 1400
    for the scaling governor, I cant see the samrtassv2, actually not all governors are present

    does anyone else have these issues ?
    did my installation go wrong or is there can thing that has to be enabled ?

  4. RatusNatus says:

    This is the best rom for I777.
    Great with Fluxi kernel.

    The default kernel is also very good.

  5. Glenn says:

    The rom works really good…the only thing that is not up to par is the contacts app. It is really archaic. I can’t even merge contacts. Max do you know of a good replacement? The stock contacts app from samsung and att blows this away. This is a hard one to get past!

  6. Alyssa says:

    I have an older version of this ROM, if i want this new version, when i install, do i have to do all the wiping?
    Please and Thank-You.

    • markbc says:

      First: TO get the latest version of Task’s/Ktoonsez AOKP go to this XDA thread –the latest version is always located on post one (original post) for the thread -in fact almost all Dev’s put their updates on links found in the original posts on XDA.

      Now, if you already are running an older version of Task’s AOKP you should be able to flash the last version with only flashing the cache and Dalvik cache -your apps and data will be good. Sometimes that creates a problem however and you wind up with problem apps or system problems -sometimes not.

      SO if you flash the new version and you have an app problem -then go to system/apps/ and find that app and clear its data and cache (if it has one). YOu will have to re-enter any personal data on the app, but it should work. IF that does not work then you should “go the whole way” and do this.
      #3 stay in recovery and clear the cache, clear the Dalvik cache and do a factory reset -all three!
      #4 stay in recovery and then flash the newest version of Task/Ktoonsez ROm
      #5 stay in recovery and flash that same ROM again (this is extra. but I always take this extra step -it used to be needed in old CM7/CM8 early builds for our phone!)
      #6 stay in recovery and flash GAAPS
      #7 stay in recovery and flash your special kernel or modem (if you are using/loading them)
      #8 reboot (wait wait wait wait wait)
      #9 if you can’t start then take battery out and restart -should now boot.
      #10 start up your phone -it should be a vanilla instal!
      #11 go to market /play and download tintanium backup (and pro if you paid)
      #12 run titanium backup and restore all APPs and DATA (do NOT restore System -no no!)
      #13 before doing this, Titanium may note that your phone ID # has changed -do you want to restore it? (this may only be for pro -but the answer is YES YES!
      #14 it reboots your phone and then start titanium backup and restore all apps and data (for real 😉
      #15 wait the five-10 minutes that might take
      #16 your phone will be identical to before only with the newest version and should be running smoothly. For me sometimes the email accounts need to be reloaded sometimes not -I don’t know why. . .
      whew! this seems like a lot of steps, but the whole process takes less than 20 minutes -but remember to have your phone plugged in or have more than 50% battery since in my experience this drill will eat your battery down to zero pretty quickly!

      Hope that helps!

  7. moriex says:

    Hi, great works, very good Rom, Anyone know why can’t make video calls over 3g , the icon does exist in the contacts options, any ideas??? Thanks

  8. nelson says:

    Everything perfect with this ROM, thanks max for your great work keep it up!

  9. Juan Carlos says:

    Hey Max..It’s important that you mention that this Rom is an Update of the AOKP Rom that you presented before. It;s a 201220701 version that you desxcribe as a V7.1.
    Excellent Rom from Task and better analize from you guy,

  10. Jaycee says:

    Max, I was just trying to check your new uploads on my youtube subscription but it seems your account has been terminated which is why i checked back here on the website to see if you have news why.. been following your updates since last year when i got my galaxy s2 and has been really thankful for info on mods about my i777.. will try this rom today, currently running dual boot with siyah kernel, previous aokp and stock ics

  11. Carl Derline says:

    I love this ROM, however I’m having a problem with it. Calling does not work whatsoever. I can dial somebody, but they cant hear me and i cant hear them. Its very frustrating. Does anyone know whats wrong?

  12. J Jones says:

    Hey Max I’m really new to rooting and custom roms. in fact I just rooted my i777 for the first time tonight (using your guide btw) anyway I want to install aokp and I was going through your walk through on how to install a rom. In the walk through you state to “download the rom zip file and copy to the root folder in phones internal storage”. Thing is, like I said I’m new to all this and was hoping you could tell me how to do that?

    You don’t mention plugging my device into a pc , so do I download it straight onto my device from the link you gave or does the transfer have to take place on a pc? Thanks for the help and the great guides.

  13. richard says:

    I flashed this rom last night. Its smooth as is expected but my Google contacts are missing so that makes it useless as my daily rom thankfully I am running siyah kernel so I have dual booRan the update but that didn’t help. Any advice?

    • Devon says:

      Backup contacts to SD Card. In Contacts, go to settings, import/export, export to SD Card. Also, Sync them with Google Account.

  14. Shaun says:

    This ROM is awesome! I am having one small issue though. For some reason my dialer is buggy. It is sometimes double tapping for number pressed and will not work on 800# customer service menus. I also hate the contacts format. Is there anything I can do to adjust these two things? Thanks for any help 🙂

  15. jose says:

    hello, help me please, can´t install this ROM, say can´t open file… installation aborted, any ideas??? thanks

  16. Midknight5000 says:

    This Rom is amazing, think of anything to customize and you can do it with this rom. No complaints so far.

  17. avi says:

    hebrew language (menu – not just keyboard) included?

  18. Preston says:

    My galaxy s2 i777 won’t turn on after installing this.The android keyboard kept force closing so I decided to go back to shostock ics rom and it kept force closing and when I turned it off it wouldn’t turn back on did I brick it?

    • Preston says:

      My galaxy s2 i777 won’t turn on after installing this.The android keyboard kept force closing so I decided to go back to shostock ics rom and it kept force closing and when I turned it off it wouldn’t turn back on did I brick it?Oh I should also say it powers on and it says galaxy s2 GT-I9100 but doesn’t make it any farther before it just shuts down.

      • Dvn says:

        I would say try to boot into recovery again and re-flash. make sure you wipe to factory settings and clear data/cache

      • markbc says:

        Hi Preston

        I thought I saw a post like this in the Task AOKP thread –are you sure your phone is the original ATT Galaxy S2 SGH-i777? and NOT/NOT an at&t samsung galaxy s2 ii SKYROCKET sgh-i727?

        Just checking because the two phones are really different even if they share the same galaxy s2 name. You can only use this rom with the “old” original ATT GS2

  19. mr.g says:

    Max i need Help mi 3g internet connection is not working, im using fluxy kernel..! Do you thinks that maybe its forma that?

    • J Jones says:

      My cellular data was off after flashing too. I went in settings > sgsII settings> under radio you can enable hspa. That will fix it.

  20. Ragu says:

    I installed this ROM using CWM and I am running on Siyah kernel. I am struck at boot load animation.
    Any idea on how to overcome this issue ?

    • markbc says:

      I can’t say for sure, but usually the stuck at boot animation is due to some old system data conflicting with the new ROM. The best thing to try is to wipe ALL data (don’t worry -this does not erase your pictures or data files/notes etc.) and then reflash the ROM. Actually I would flask the ROM two times in a row -without re-booting, that is while you are still in the Recovery screen. So my advice is:
      1. Go into recovery (Hold vol up and vol down buttons while pressing power -keep holding through a “false boot” and wait until you get to the recovery screen).
      2. WIPE THE CACHE (it is a menu option)
      3. WIPE THE DALVIK CACHE (this is in the advanced menu in some recoveries like CWM)
      4. WIPE ALL DATA —DO FACTORY RESET (this is on the first menu in CWM)
      5. INSTALL the ROM (it will install and put you back to the same recovery menu
      6. REINSTALL the ROM (yeah, I know you just did this, but I am superstitious and it works for me!)
      8. INSTALL YOUR Kernal (Siyah?) (I like Fluxxi , but there really is a Siyah user base out there!)
      9. REBOOT
      10. If the reboot hangs -take out the battery and then put it in again and then reboot.
      I think that should do it -another approach is to redownload the ROM but if it installed ok in recovery, chances are it is not corrupted. So if that does not work, then restore from your nano backup, and then go back into cwm and fix permissions and start all over (but I would still download a newer version of the ROM –are you using the 7-3-12 version?

      Good Luck!

  21. Sac says:

    Hey.. flashed AOKP ROM with siyah kernel.. .
    Dual boot with rooted stock ICS..
    I am having problem with calls.. the microphone volume seems to be too low (i think)..
    The other person is not able to hear me loud enough…
    I booted on stock ICS, works fine.. no problems there…
    Tried AOKP with fluxi.. seems to be ok as well.. (at least better than its with siyah)
    But i need siyah for double boot…
    Any fix for this?..

    • Sac says:

      on to above issue, the first siyah kernal (nomswap) gives me echo problem…
      second one (mswap) gives the low mic volume … wierd enough if i enable loud speaker on the call, the low mic volume issue disappears and the other person can hear me well as long as the call is on speaker..

      • markbc says:

        That’s kind of wierd –I checked and for the Siyah kernel our rom should use the non-swap one. So you should be ok. Try flashing another kernel -like the Fluxxi which I have been using (great!) and see if the call quality improves!

        • Sac says:

          Hi.. thanks for the reply..
          Both versions of the siyah kernal seems to be giving me mic problems.. dunno why…
          and yes…Fluxxi gives much better call quality..
          Wish it had dual boot though.
          I am using AOKP + Fluxxi for now.

  22. broken phone says:

    I tried this one from Unnamed gingerbread stock ROM and I think this one is worse. It is more customizable but:
    1. my google voice app stopped syncing automatically (major negative)
    2. the contacts app is worse. It no longer has the swipe left/right for call/txt feature. not to mention it’s uglier
    3. missing basic apps such as task manager, file explorer, to do list, and memo pad
    4. it no longer plays my .avi movie files. probably missing a codec

    Not worth it. I’m going back to gingerbread

    • Devon says:

      I had the same problem with your number 1. I uninstalled from Titanium Backup and redownloaded from Google Play.

      As far as everything else, I agree. The swipe to call/text was extremely convenient and the new layout of the contacts, message center is worse. Overall the other aspects of this rom do outweigh the cons. just my 2¢

    • markbc says:

      UnNamed Gingerbread was the best ROM I used on this phone since I rooted it. Until this AOKP.
      After doing a full wipe and install it runs a bit faster than UnNamed. Uses the battery about 20% faster than UnNamed as well. That GB contacts was hard to beat and a very clean interface. The file structure was a bit easier to follow too.

      But the small things of ICS are also nice -the fonts, the crisp screens seem better. I do have more control over the features on the phone -and I have used that to customize the look and feel in a nice way. Also the ICS apps like the built-in panoramic pix taking (which pano could give you in GB, but it’s built in here) and even the launchers seem more versatile and robust. I really really Like UnNamed, but I am sticking to ICS.

      As to G Voice –clear the data cache and see if that does not fix it. Or uninstall that app and reinstal that worked for me.

  23. Rommel says:

    Found this site last night and have been thankful all the information about anything I need about rooting is all here. Rooted my phone for the first time, and loaded this ROM, and its loads better than the stock. The only problem I’m having is Google Play seems to force close on me.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  24. Midknight5000 says:

    everything is great except my mhl adapter isn’t working, the phone recognizes thats its plugged in because it go to landscape mode but it won’t output and video.

  25. Dvn says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get the “Driving Mode” on this? Before I flashed the rom if I double tapped the Home Button, a menu would appear for Driving mode, GPS, Phone Call, Message…with the “hello galaxy–“—pretty much exactly what Vlingo is.

    Anyone know if it is an app or something that came with the phone’s stock rom. I was running Gingerbread when I had it I believe.

    Thanks for the help.

  26. David B. says:

    I would recommend using Fluxxi kernel and xxTweaks with with this rom over Siyah kernel. Iv’e had a few problems with siyah including front face camera force closing, haptic feedback problems and some others.

  27. Goutham says:


    I have been using this rom for a few weeks now. This is very good and stable, I like the customizations, rom control and everything in this. The battery life hasn’t changed though, its almost the same as the stock, may be a little better but nothing significant. I use smartassv2 as the governor.

    One problem I noticed is, when I get a message or a notification, it keeps ringing continuously until I open the notifications, if it is in the vibrate mode, its just fine, it vibrates and stops, is there any setting to disable this, I still want to get the notification sound but not continuously.

    I have recently tried the mystic glory rom and had the same problem, I like AOKP better, mystic glory is more like the stock.


  28. kelly says:

    hello, i saw this Rom when he first posted it and i have the older version i haven’t install this one because i am not sure how to do it, can someone help me please!!

  29. Kamil says:

    Hey, the ROM works fine, a few glitches here and there. BUT my main problem is that when I listen to music and I receive a text message the music is silenced and doesn’t come back to regular volume until I touch the volume rocker.

    Very Very annoying. Please help. Thank you in advance

  30. peter says:

    Installed this and love it so far. Only issue is NFC. I have wanted to play with this for a long time and this finally gave me the option. I have tried multiple apps and have made sure that NFC is enabled in the settings, but cannot get it to read a tag. I cannot seem to find any info on this. The same tag is picked up instantly with nexus 7.

  31. Justin says:

    On AOKP with Siyah Kernal, I get stuck on “obtaining IP address” when it tries to connect to wi-fi. My signal strength is excellent but as soon as I try to connect, the bars drop and I get stuck on “obtaining IP address.”

    I reflashed Rom, reset the router but the problem continues. Any idea?

    Didn’t have the problem at all on Unnamed ROM on GB.

  32. marcusmichelsen says:

    @dvn this rom is shaved.. the version of voice your after wont be on these roms if you look on this site you can find a ics 4.03 that has the pretty much stock files needed to get voice back or if you did backup and restore you can go into cwm and go back in time to get back to where you were. that version of voice is a stock app on the s2 from vlingo that isn’t… offered on the market..
    here is the name of the file i used when coming from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3
    this file needs to be unzipped and ran in odin using download mode..
    hope this helps..

  33. walter says:

    why cant i accuse my play store i cant find anywhere,,,,, everything else works great thanks

  34. Abhi says:

    Need help with AOKP install.

    Switching from Cyanogen mod 9 to AOKP.
    Installed AOKP and Siyah kernel.
    Now the phone does not boot. It shows the yellow triangle, but does not go any further.
    Tried to go to recovery mode using power and volume up + down switch. Does not go into recovery either.

    Any ideas? Please help.

    This is Galaxy S2 from ATT

    Thank you

  35. Miguel says:

    Great rom, but it won’t read my SD card, is there a fix for that?

    • Rednine says:

      I really wish I knew too. I’ve tried a few roms now (noob) and every one is the same. I open Astro go to external SD and it says empty. I have everything on it. I can’t use a rom till I find one that does, or someone explains what I’m doing wrong.

  36. Ashley says:

    i tried this and my phone wont go past the aokp unicorn boot animation. its been like this for about 10 minutes. did i brick it 🙁

  37. Josse says:

    ola a todos esta rom esta en español y me podrian dar un tutotial para instalarle en mi sgh-i777 graxias soy nuevo en esto…

  38. dylan says:

    I just installed this an everything is working except for the mobile data, its not turning on. Any suggestions?

    • Rednine says:

      I had to go into settings and under mobile networks hit search for networks. Then at&t became available to select.

  39. FiKsTyLeR says:


    i just tried this rom and its awesome.
    but i have a problem with this rom, which is i cant send any text messages with it
    my SGH i777 is unlocked and i live in indonesia,
    other roms provide me with options to change smscenter number, this one i cant find them.

    any help is highly apreciated

  40. sandeep says:

    Hi I have flased this rom yesterday i am using siyah 2.1 kernel…everything is working great but I have found one serious issue …i am able to make and recieve calls but i am not able to hear any sound …its very frustrating…please help if anyone has fixed this problem.

    • marcusmichelsen says:

      its because the kernel does not match.. here is what you need

      [KERNEL][AOSP/AOKP][07/6/2012] Fluxi XX Kernel ICS

  41. leon says:

    Hey Max!

    Thanks very much for the tutorials and S2 files. Everything worked out fine and smooth.

    I was just wondering .. when SGH-I777 ICS rooted at AOKP v7.1 or this ROM. how do i restore my files, messages, photos, music, etc back to my phone?

    • Max says:

      For SMS messages, you will need to use SMS backup app, photos/music should still be there.

      • leon says:

        so does that mean i won’t be able to use Kies to backup my files, SMS messages, photo/videos, references anymore while using the AOKP ICS ROM v7.1?

        if yes, can u recommend some apps? or links for me to use for backing up my files.
        im using a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 right now.
        thanks very much!

  42. leon says:

    so does that mean i wont be able to use Kies to backup my files, SMS messages, photo/videos, references anymore while using the AOKP ICS ROM v7.1?

    if yes, can u recommend some apps? or links for me to use for backing up my files.

    thanks very much!

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