AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2! [Android 4.1.2][11/20/2012]

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For this week, check out the latest AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 by XDA users Ktoonsez and Task650.  The latest version comes with Android 4.1.2 and everything working flawless out of the box.  Unlike previous version, the camera/camcorder on the new version works flawlessly without the workaround.

Other than that, you will find the same AOKP ROM Control settings plus couple more options with the new version.  I think this ROM has vastly improved since its inception and there’s no better time to install it then now.  So, what are you waiting for?  Try out this ROM and let us know what you think!

11/20/2012 – Changes since 10/31/2012

Added alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings
Updated kernel to 3.0.38
Updates to “Lefty Mode”
Updated Circle Battery Icon
Added “Soft Keyboard Type” Selection (Look in Mms App/Menu)
A2DP Updates and Patches
NavRing Long press actions updates
There’s probably a lot more but I just can’t remember
Camera is fixed
Circles Lockscreen Updates (Clock looks better. When selected in Settings/Security it shows it.)
No sound on install is fixed (No need to toggle volumes anymore)
Added NavRing Long Press Actions
Added Lefty Mode (Rom Control/General UI)
New Circle Battery
Added option to show connected WiFi Network (ROM Control/General UI/Show WiFi Network Name)
Added ability to Copy & Paste in Gtalk
Added ability for track skip control with 3rd party music applications
Switched back to AOKP Mms.apk (Adds themes support to Mms)
Telephony Updates Neighboring cells are now handled properly

10/31/2012 – Changes since 10/17/2012

Updates to Optimus 4x Lockscreen (Looks way better. And works for this device now. Still a WIP!)
Weather updates. Added options to hide Weather Panel and Long click/Short click actions. (Rom Control/Weather)
Updated Kill App option (It won’t kill the default Launcher now.)
Fixed aspect ratio for notification wallpaper
Clock and Date Long click/Short click Options Updated
NavRing Updates
Added Optimus 4x Lockscreen (Rom Control/Lockscreen then scroll down to the bottom to find it. THIS IS A WIP!!!)
Re-enabled bluetooth dock settings
Added clickable actions for clock and date (Rom Control)
Added Save to External SD to Camera
Moved Lockscreen Vibration Settings to a more appropriate place (Settings/Security)
Added Haptic Feedback Options to Toggles (Rom Control)
Torch fixes (Works just as it should now.)
NavBar updates
Lockscreen Target updates
Updated (Should make things in Settings, MMS app, ect.. a little faster)
Tablet UI has it’s own section now
More Lockscreen Target updates and fixes
Lots of Lockscreen Target Updates (Make separate targets for Unlock and Homescreen, 6 Target fix for Phones in Landscape, etc…) You will need to reset the Lockscreen Targets after you flash this update!!!
Updated Rom Control Icons
Added Recents RamBar (Look in Rom Control/General UI)
Added Landscape while in call
Updated NavBar Widgets
Updated Nova Launcher
Add Ring/Vib/Silent & Homescreen toggles to the lockscreen


Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM (Latest version is dated 10/20/2012)

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into CWM Recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless you are coming from another Jelly Bean ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot.  That’s it!

Credits – XDA <—– Donate to the developers if you like this ROM, thx!

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78 Responses

  1. Lafayette says:

    has some form of a file explorer been included yet?

  2. Joseph says:

    Last time I used AOKP Jellybean my ram would decrease throughout the day and even though I end processes it would still never go up. Will this ROM do the same? How is the RAM usage

  3. gbug24 says:

    I like this ROM, A LOT and use it as a daily driver…However, I can’t use siyah 4.1.5 mswap as I get the black screen after the siyah boot page. Soooo, I’m stuck with using the stock kernel that comes with this rom and can’t overclock or dual-boot. Anyone know what kernel I should use? There is a siyah 5.0 cwm out which allows me to overclock and dual-boot but the return button doesn’t work (only home, search and menu button works). The siyah 4.1.5 mswap worked with build 1 and build 2 of AOKP JB 4.1.1 but not AOKP’s JB 4.1.2 version…Need advice for a kernel that can function properly on this new build.

    Other than this this ROM is faster and nearly flawless!

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 i777
    ROM: I777 JB Build 10.17.2012 by Task650&Ktoonsez

    • gbug24 says:

      edit: for the Siyah 5.0 cwm, the mic doesn’t work either which is the main reason why I went back to using the stock rom…

      • Wilman says:

        Hi there this ROM is intended to be used with CWM v6.0.1.5 if you use anything different it will cause you problems…

        I’llquote what i wrote before…

        “Just make sure you have your AT&T S2 Rooted. Delete cache, user Data and Dalvik Before you install. And then after you Install Flash Gapps (google apps) for JellyBean so you can have Google Play. Ant thats it.”

  4. kman94 says:

    I will try this out soon and come back to tell you guys how it works. My phone has been messed up for a week and I think it is finally working again. I miss JB, but no one can ever make a ROM that runs smooth and stable with JB. I have been on ShoStock2 and I love it. Can’t wait to try this!

    • Luis says:

      I’m using it now. So far so good!

    • markbc says:

      ShoStock was a very nice and smooth rom, and this JB AOKP rom by Task is more full featured and the customizations are very alluring!

      However right now, if you were looking for a great JB rom for our phone I actually would try the SuperNexus JB ROM (also on MAx’s site, and in XDA development pages).

      SuperNexus does not have all the bells and whistles that Task’s rom has, but it is very smooth, it is very complete and the battery life -at least for me, is better than what I get out of Task AOKP. I have used both -supported both– and currently I find this “other” rom i.e. ver5 of SuperNexus, to be more stable overall and have better battery life.

      By the way, one way to recover the phone if it is acting up is either to wipe the phone and go back to the stock rom (you can find it here on Max’s site) and then start all over again with different roms; or, factory reset and reload UnNamed ROM which is an old but fantastic GB rom for our phone. That was a rock solid ROM and it is a great place to check and ensure that all your hardware is working. UnNamed is a Samsung based rom (like Shostock) and while it has the GB limitations, if you are frustrated with some of the ICS or JB roms not working on your phone, it is a good “re-starting place.”

      I am not sure I ever had one best ICS ROM like that — went through a bucket load of them and finally felt that the “safest” or most stable ICS rom was Aberration.

  5. Ryan says:

    I am a big fan of the AOKP. Was using build 4 for 2 weeks now. Had some trouble with calling, where people couldn’t hear me. So I will test to see if that is the case for this latest build. But overall one of the best ROMs out there right now for gS2 tmobile. So fast and clean.

    • Ricardo says:

      please help !!! how do i disable that annoying crt tvout effect when i hit the power button ??? and how do hide the msg preview in the status bar ?? cause when i’m using my phone, i don’t wanna see a preview of a txt i just got ???

  6. Kausang says:

    works really well, except browser keep closing “unfortunately browser has stopped working” also music player same error only once, but browser error every time…cannot use stock browser opera browser only one that’s works properly. Google chrome, Firefox, boat browser, puffin, dolphin ,stick ICS browser downloaded from app store all do not work …only opera browser working.

  7. kman94 says:

    Works really well. Wish it was over clocked or at least had more steps. So far so good.

  8. nate says:

    when i use this, it force quits my exchange servies and email sometimes. it’s very annoying and the volume is capped at like 6/9 bars. 6-9 are all the same. is this a known problem? i fixed the permissions many times and it still does it. It also happens on other roms too. im redoing it now so hopefully it works

  9. nelson says:

    The ROM refuses to install XD, after wiping (cache, factory/reset and Nalvik) i try to install it but says: E: Error in /emmc/

    Any thoughts?

  10. markbc says:

    @nelson, only two things I can think of 1. make sure you are highlighting the ROM and not the dot file with a similar name (i.e. not and 2. you may have a bad download -redownload and start again (a pain in the neck since you already cleared out data). Good Luck!

    • markbc says:

      also, sometimes in this Task rom there is an error (I think it is system 7 error) in which it can’t install. There are two ways to beat this error, one is a a simple “tweak” of the zip file itself (described in the Task thread on XDA, although good luck finding it since that thread is encyclopedia in size) and the other fix is easier -install an older version of that rom, wipe the two caches (and maybe factory reset) and then flash the new rom. Under those conditions, the rom should load! good luck

  11. marlon says:

    this rom is good but for some reason sense ive been on this new jelly bean phone battery always keeps dying and it wont really charge it would even shutdown and the whole day my phone would be off even tough its sitting on the charger smh help me please with some type of info.

    • markbc says:

      sounds like you need to reflash. . CLEAR CACHE, CLEAR DALVIK CACHE and also FACTORY RESET, then reflash the ROM and reflash GAAPs.

  12. Ben says:

    This was my first rom installed and I actually got it to work but lost all contacts. Does anyone know how to get them back?

    • markbc says:

      Just sync with Google contacts when you log in. . . it’s actually kind of hard NOT to sync your contacts.
      (when you first signed in on the rom you had to sign in –that would automatically get your contacts sync’ed. If you skipped that sign in step -you can still sign in later and the contacts will sync then. . .
      Not sure it that is what is going on, but. . .

  13. Marcelo says:

    Kies is not working anymore? Any tips?

    • markbc says:

      I think I read somewhere that Kies only works with (Samsung) Touchwiz based ROMS and does not work with AOKP based ROMS. . .I may not be correct, but I think that’s the case.

      • markbc says:

        Use AIR SYNC, it does the Kies thing for files and the like very well.

        • asystec says:

          I’m using NEAK ICS 2.0.6x for my i777 and dying to try AOKP. BUT I have to be able to sync the phone with ALL of my outlook several times a day. So my newbie question is whether AIR SYNC does that and if anybody else has tried it with OL 2003?

          • asystec says:

            All of my outlook means Calendar reminders, Contacts, Notes mostly. Been using Kies over NEAK flawlessly but read that’s stops working with AOKP. Haven’t found a thread about setting up the outlook sync in AOKP and I am so hoping it’s possible.

    • asystec says:

      Did you try the app and pc software at You may have to buy the software for $30 to get full functionality. I know… but they offer full refund, no questions asked if it doesn’t work. Let me know if you find something. I can’t afford to try AOKP until I find a replacement for Kies.

  14. Luis G. says:

    Saludos!. Solo quisiera saber si en esta Rom funciona WIFI DIRECT, gracias

  15. Beerdroid says:

    3 days on the rom. Fluid. Excellent build and daily driver. Came from super nexus rom (also great) and love the control this AOKP build brings

  16. Deepakprasad says:

    More battery life please…. 10/22 build was having great battery life than this release 10/31 I meant…

    • Ne0 says:

      Hey Deepak how is the battery life on this ROM .. on the latest build 11/9 …. and is there any issues or anything not working or broken ?????

  17. Russ says:

    Has anyone wake had the problem of no screen shot?
    I’ve tried power/home menu/power power/search power/back volume/all of the above nothing seems to work and i use screenshot all the time. I like this Tom and do t like the screenshot apps so i may have to go back if i can’t find a solution. Anyone know one?

  18. jesus says:

    this rom has high ram intake, who else in your phone presenat

  19. camilo guzman says:

    good I wanted to ask you a few things and installed any version of android 4.1 cm10 or aokp or super nexus and always feels a little late I realize account appearing in the section on hardware in RAM only 730 0 750 MB that is normal or if I cel i777 this failing?

  20. CarlosM103 says:

    is there going to be any for the AT&T Sky rocket SGH-I727?

  21. Ne0 says:

    Hi guys,

    How is this ROM .. I tried this ROM like 2 months back and it had real bad Battery drain issues … Can you guys please tell me how is this ROM doing now …. any major issues or any issues at all .. anything broken ?? Thanks

  22. Martin says:

    How does this compare to Resurrection Remix?

  23. marcusmichelsen says:

    HEY so i to was having poor battery life. under battery stats i was showing over 40% on android os for battery usage.. ugh .. i have been using a rom called turkbey v12 and it looks a lot like the omega rom series great battery life good daily driver. and it can be found on xda..

  24. Jonny says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you know if this rom has MHL feature, where I am display the phone screen out on my TV with the HDMI cable? If not do you know any rom that does have the feature enable?
    Thank you!

  25. Ricky says:

    Everything is good except a few things. No more file explorer or music player. needed to download from app market. also with music, the sound quality is lower. i have to raise the volume on my car higher to hear things. is this a overall issue or just headphone jack issue.

  26. ddz23 says:

    Samsung kies does not work

  27. jdivince says:

    I have been using this ROM for a week and a half, and I am really happy with JB, the performance overall, and all the customization & features. Battery life is fine, and much better than I was getting with the stock touchwiz ICS ROM. I’m using google play music for music player and that seems fine. Only weirdness is that there are a couple games that don’t seem to work the same — Akinator the Genie skips over the conclusion, and I can’t get Skies of Glory to even open. Also I miss having 7 home screens a bit and being able to zip across, but I’m already pretty used to the layout with 5. Overall I definitely prefer this ROM vs stock and am I keeping it as my daily driver. Hats off to AOKP team as well as to Max! This is the first time I’ve rooted and customized a phone, and with the great instructions and tips it was really straightforward. I was about to buy an HTC OX+, and now I feel like I have a whole new hi-performing phone instead.

  28. lcbarahona says:

    This Rom was awesome but it has one major flaw Google navigation refuse to find my location. I use Google navigation for work if anybody knows any fix please post one. I have already tried reflashing the rom, reinstalling Gapps and clearing app info.

  29. Felixecoga says:

    The rom is really great , but it just wont connect to my network data … it only works with my wifi … i have tried everything on my hands ( reinstall, wiping to factory and re install again and nothing works) .. please help. thanks

  30. Derrick says:

    Just wondering if anyone experienced slower data speeds with this. Mine have dropped tremendously. Download speeds have went from 3-5mbps to under .3mpbs

    • Ricardo Garcia says:

      you ever found a fix for this problem ?

      • asystec says:

        Last time I had a similar issue, I added my own apn, copied everything BUT left the proxy and port fields blank (not the mms ones). It brought me from .3 to 6.5 mb/s down.
        Unless you’ve been throttled down by you carrier. Keep in mind that each speedtest uses about 6MB+

  31. Jofeysat says:

    Good evening, first of all my biggest congratulations, I have a question and sorry for my ignorance but when I go to Jelly Bean Download AOKP ROM (latest version dated 20.10.2012) are 3 files and not if I have to download 3 or only the most recent, I mean the 20th November?
    Again I appreciate any kind of help and congratulations on this page.
    Pdta: apologize for my English is not very good, and greetings from Bogota, Colombia.

  32. Daniel says:

    no conect to internet, only wifi. no understand this

  33. Luis says:

    I’ve been using this ROM for a few months and was fine. A little crashes (normal) and chrome never worked really smoothly. (Crashed sometimes). But now, I was clicking around AOKP update and BOOM… I updated via Updater and after reboot: Many APPs disapered, Google Play and Gmail won’t start at all, Contacts won’t be backed up if I create new contact. (Real mess). Any chance to SAVE it ? Not in the MOOD to re-install everything (ROM).
    THanks in advance.

  34. Nicholas says:

    I’ve recently installed this rom and like it quite well, however it says I’m only getting 3G service from AT&T now and I’ve always had 4G full signal where I am located. Any way to fix this?

    thanks in advance

  35. saul says:

    Hi , i want to install this rom but honestly dont know how, can somebody help me? what are the steps to follow to install the rom and Gapps? .. thanks ¡¡

  36. hrmf says:

    Hello Max,

    Install this “ROM” but now the phone can not connect to the PC via USB.
    When I connect it only starts charging mode, but the PC does not detect the phone.

    Are looking at all options and can not get to connect via USB, I have to install another program or activate some option?


  37. hrmf says:


    Install this “ROM” but now the phone can not connect to the PC via USB.
    When I connect it only starts charging mode, but the PC does not detect the phone.

    Are looking at all options and can not get to connect via USB, I have to install another program or activate some option?


    • vkaidan says:

      Try plugging the usb cable into different usb ports on your computer (for some reason the phone is selective lol) If that doesn’t work, try to use a different usb cable. Another thing to try is to download the drivers for the phone again. I have had this problem before with an infuse 4g and got it to work by trying it over and over. Best of luck! XD

  38. Kike says:

    Hello friends, could you tell me some JB custom rom for galaxy s2 i777 without sim lock problems?? This rom AOKP JB allows the use of different sim cards???

  39. lolsababa says:

    can’t find my files on the internal sd or external sd card , how can i reach them …. plz help , cuz i need to install apps from the sd card … pls help

  40. Tommy says:

    I’m confused about the gapps. There is a gapps zip file provided here, but during the install of the ROM, it goes through a step called “Installing jb gapps”. So do I need to install this other gapps file?

  41. Ricardo says:

    can some one please help !!! how do i disable that annoying crt tvout effect when i hit the power button ??? and how do hide the msg preview in the status bar ?? cause when i’m using my phone, i don’t wanna see a preview of a txt i just got ???

  42. Tommy says:

    I installed this ROM, and I’m not seeing “4g” service indicated in the bars anymore. It seems to cycle among no-text, “3g”, and “H+”. This is an AT&T i777. The modem I chose at ROM install time was I777UCKH7. I recall there were 2 other options… one with a “3” and one with a “5”. Should I try a different modem? If so, I’ve seen people refer to modem files, but I can’t seem to locate anything like that, so point me in the right direction please? Thanks.

  43. Favio says:

    Hi. I am using this ROM and it’s AWESOME. the only issue I have, is that when someone calls me, it only rings once and then it stops ringing. I tried changing Settings on Sound settings, but I have no clue on how to change it, I want it to ring more than once. Could anybody help me out with this? Thanks in advance!!

  44. bloodhoundfang says:

    How do you fix the flashlight not working??

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